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Claude is a middle-class French-Canadian filmmaker in his thirties from a good family and with a number of accomplishments. Uncertain about his life and the choices he has made, his family, his career, and his relationships are always under scrutiny by the the group of narcissistic intellectual friends and acquaintances he mingles with. His life is further complicated when he meets Johanne, a black fashion model. He falls in love with her and they build a relationship together, but Claude continues to sleep with other women. When Johanne makes two discoveries simultaneously and tells Claude about them - that she is pregnant and that Claude is gay - Claude is unable to handle the responsibility and the implications and decides to escape from his problems in any way that he can...

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Take it all

Going to the party tonight?

I should say not.

It'll be fun.

Anyhow, I'm going.



Quiet everybody. Johanne
is going to sing.

The song is in creole, so
don't try to understand it.

What's her name?

A drop?

No, a fall...

Hey, there's somebody here.

Hey, Victor...

I came here to sleep.

I am Johanne...

They're painting my place.
That's why I came.

I'll get out of your way now.

French cigarettes...

They make me cough,
but I don't mind.

Caviar and champagne, please.

Let's celebrate.

Cheer up...

No more caviar.

He's trying to impress me.

He usually has some.

One? Two?

One lump.

Milk? How many lumps?

You're sloppy.

You're drunker than I am.

You're very enterprising...

I'm leaving now.

It's late.


I'm going home.

What's that?

A band.

I am the muse of the regiment.

Your fingers are white.

True. They're white.

I'll be right back.

Is the little woman home?

And now,
the great Juju will perform...

Have a drink, my friend.

What's the matter with me?

I want to DO something.

I want to FEEL something.

Pain. Hunger. Anything.

Never been hungry.

Between two meals, there's
no time to be hungry.

So I go to Paris now and then...

I come back saying
"I've met so and so..."

Nobody's impressed.

You have a 16mm vision of things.

16mm makes me sick.

Curtain! I'm going to bed.

Been waiting a half hour.
He hasn't come yet.

Come with me.

I can't



We'll work it out.



I'm scared.

What are YOU doing here?

I live here.

This is a beautiful specimen...

A beautiful piece...

May I see Johanne's ring?

Were you unfaithful?

How could I be? I never
promised to be faithful.

Did you see anyone?

Only my husband.

He senses something.
He's not the same with me.

Is he angry?

Happy, or unhappy,
he keeps it to himself.

You never know.

Apart from me, should he worry?

You mean: apart from him,
should YOU worry?

I'm not at all keen on

Theys ay there is no love
without jealousy.

Are you jealous?

It's stupid to generalize.

Then you've just been stupid.

I love you.

Tell me everything about yourself.

When you were a little girl.

Do you remember your island?


I can see them still...

the plantation boys...

cutting the grass...

to the sound of music...

Enjoying yourself?


And you?

You are beautiful tonight.


You like it here.

You don't look happy.

Sure I am.

I want to dance all night...
May I?

All right.

May I have this dance?

If monsieur is willing.

Of course.

I have something to tell you.
Never told anyone before.

I must be sure you love me.

I must tell you because I love you.

You think I come from Haiti...

Don't you?

I'm not Haitian at all...

I had to say I was...

I was born here.

I'm an orphan...

More or less...

Brought up in an orphanage.

Being dark...

it was hard to find negro
parents who had money...

and wanted children.

The adoption bureau was furious...

They said: "We can't
place you anywhere..."

So I went from hand to hand...

People would say:

"Too many children on our hands..."

What could I do?

I knew nothing about the world...

Then they said: "Pretend
that you're Haitian..."

I didn't know the country.

So I studied it...

It was far from Canada...

Therefore I could say to the world:

"You never saw me before because
I'm from Haiti. That's all."

I don't know why I'm telling you
all this... Because...

Because what...?

You'll be disappointed...
Just like the others...

You love me because you
think I'm different...

Exotic, or something...

I love you because you are you.

I'm not asking for pity.

I'm tired.

There are times when I ask myself:
"How long will it last?"

"When will I settle down?"

"Have something of my own...?
Know who I am...?

But I love you...

Kiss me.

I'm so silly...

Do "the flea in agony".

I love you madly...

Like a flea...
In agony...

You're doing a lot of work.

I have to.

It's frightening
what this house costs.

It's half empty now.

If I didn't take care of it,

who would?

These bills are a chore.

By the way, did you take
out any insurance?

Insurance... what for?

For the Vespa, at least.

Fortunately, I did it for you.

The risk you're taking...

If you ever had an accident, you
could spend your life paying for it.

You couldn't kill
anyone with a Vespa.

So you think.

Look at my latest...

A little negress...

What do you think?

A pretty girl...


What did you eat?

Italian salad...



What did you do last night?

Last night?

I was at home.

That I know.

How do you mean?

I got the message.

Oh... on the door.

Is she nice?

You don't seem very

Do I know her?

Does one ever know anyone?


There are degrees.


"That which we call reality

is a certain rapport between the
sensations and the memories

which seize us simultaneously.

A rapport abused by a mere
filmic reproduction

which is as remote from the truth

as it claims to be near it".

What do you think?

It's fine.

Is she blonde?

You're getting tiresome.

She has one head, two arms,
two legs, etc...


How about that?

Do you know her husband?

What bothers me is that...

He is a friend?

Not a friend, but...

He seems like a nice guy.
That bothers me.

I'm afraid...

Of what?

Don't think of tomorrow.

You go in now...


Let's take it again...

...come up and see my etchings.

I'm afraid...

Here we are.

...give me a scotch?

None left.

I'll get a bottle next door.

Victor... It's nine o'clock.
You should be on stage.

9 o'clock... Look!

The play has begun. Hurry.

Call me a taxi.

Put on your shoes.

This is terrible...

You're sure this is no joke?
Five to nine?


Here comes my husband.

Here's to you.

Here's to you.

What are you thinking about?

Same thing as you.

I've got to be at the studio
at nine thirty!

Do you mind if I stay here?

No, you can stay.

Shall I answer the phone?

No, let it ring...

See you later.

Nobody there.

You wanted to know...
Now you know.

What are you doing here?

What are YOU doing here?

Is that a way to come in?

You put me in a dreadful position.

What do you want?


Take them.

You're a funny one.

May I have my coffee?

Make yourself at home.

An apple?

So you eat apples now.

Is it symbolic?

That depends.

May I take these?

They're not mine.

Are they Johanne's?

Why do you say that?

You know her?

I respect people's privacy.

Don't I respect yours?

You wanted to know who was here.

I knew from the start.

You didn't.

You know?

Your perfume.

How flattering.

And the other day, on the Vespa...

Was it you?

I like you, but...

You like Olga better.

Yes. It's Olga.

She's beautiful.

Think so?

A little blonder than you.

Yes, but cold...

Have any cigarettes?

Yes, but no filter tips.

You really have a good memory.

Keep them.


Bye! ... Good music.

Say hello to Claude.

Shall I tell him?


About what happened.

Anyhow, we're old gossips, us two.

Do you like boys?

Do you like boys?

You did not love me but an
image which you created...

No, it was you, because you
freed me from all images.

Not bad... Looks good from up here.

Let's try the kiss again.

Monique, don't you know
how to kiss a boy?

You did not love me but an
image which you created.

No, it was you, because you
freed me from all images.


No kidding... we got there...

Today's work... Was it any good?

That's not important.

What is important?

What's on your mind?

Our love must be perfect...

no tricks, no calculations,
no suspicion.

Between the two of us
absolute confidence.

Our love must be perfect.

Where are you going?

I'm cold.

Why did you leave me all alone?

Where were you?

Let's go home.

I've been at a party.

I have something to tell you.



Mineral, or vegetable?


There are two...

Two what?

You and one other.

You have a lover?

I'm pregnant.

Don't worry.

God or something will
take care of it.

It's wonderful... While it lasts...

It will last a while...

Nine months...

Are you anxious to see it?

That's just the start. And then...

Red hair and black skin.
What will that make?


It won't be hard.

I don't feel sad about it...

Or really happy...



I'm doing a double portrait.

I think I know what you mean.

Do you?

Listen to me.

Yesterday I met Nicolas.

Someone I knew.

Who loved me once.

He still does, I think.

I talked to him about our problem.

He'd like to meet you,
and give you some advice.


Will you?

If you insist.

Hand me the bottle.

Are you crying?

Not at all.

I thought you were.

Will you turn off the radio?
It's getting on my nerves.


Glad to meet you.

Johanne says you have
something to tell me.

I was anxious to meet you.

I was Johanne's lover, once.

A rather extraordinary
period in my life.

I can imagine.

And I love her still.

Not that we could live together again,

but we've remained friends

and friendship is important.

If I can use the term,
you're a kind of successor.

You love her

and that's fine.

I sincerely hope

that it all goes well.

But I can't help hoping

that whoever is with her

takes care.

I started off on the streets.

And I am still there.

You're different.

And a woman appreciates
the difference.

An easy childhood...

Brillant marks...

Trips abroad paid by Papa...


She doesn't love you
for your position,

but she can't help taking
it into account...

Leave us not tergiversate.

What was that?

Very funny...

You're not a bad guy.

You sleep with her:

Do it well.


No, I'm smoking.

How are you?

Fine. You?


I have something to tell you.

No doubt.

I'm going to marry Johanne.

I thought she was married.

Who will pay for the divorce?

Does her husband still love her?

Why this sudden decision?

She's pregnant?

And do you think it's you?

Isn't she still with her

Does she see other men?

Perhaps... But in matters of love
one should be free.

I see other girls. If she sees other
men, that's her concern.

I'm not jealous.

This marriage will upset your life.

You'll have to face
new responsibilities.

Maybe change your work...

your way of life...

You can no longer be the

and the traveler that
you have always been...

You'll have to settle down.

Accept responsibilities that are new
and very difficult.

Have you spoken to your father?

You should.

He could advise you.

He has his word to say.

This is serious.

As for me...

I have nothing against it.

It's your own life.

But I was just thinking:

4 or 5 years ago

you met a remarkable priest.

Why don't you ask his advice

before taking a final decision?

All right.

I don't want to keep you up.

Goodnight, Mother.

Goodnight, darling.

I'm glad to see you.

So am I.

Let me look at you.
How you've changed!

Let's have a glass
of cherry brandy.

It's been a long time.

We're alone,

and I'm listening, just
like in the old days.

It's simple...

I love a girl...

I came to ask your advice.

Tell me about her.

Is she pretty?

I don't want to whet your
appetite. She's great.

We get along very well.

From a moral point of view,

how does she take life?

She doesn't conform to

...or catholic standards.

Her moral attitude
is close to mine.

That's why we get along so well.

Man to man - if I may say so -

Had she had other affairs?

Certainly. She's a free woman.
Besides, she's married.

And in spite of this you are
convinced the child is yours?

Yes. Because she says so.

Is she faithful?

Tell me...

If this girl left her first husband,

won't she leave you too?

Don't you think this whole
thing might be a trap?

Might she be interested in entering
your social or artistic milieu?

I only want you to be happy...

to make no mistakes...

You need happiness to be

I'm a priest, but I've got
my ideas about women.

Cunning and covetous...
That's a woman.

You must keep in mind
what a woman is.

That's one of the important
things in life.

Do you agree?

It's interesting.

It's very serious.

I want you to be happy...


and straight
with your conscience.

Come and see me anytime.

Come! A toast like in the old days.

Back to our earthly vices.

We better make a decision.

On what subject?

Our subject.

We're too crowded here.

We have to move.

There's a lot to do before that.

If we stay together,
I want to keep my freedom...

a large part of my freedom.

I don't see why you shouldn't.

I want to be able to disappear
2 or 3 days, when I want.

Whatever you want.

You won't ask me questions?

I never do.

You agree, then?

Of course.

We have to see a lawyer
about the divorce

and the adoption of the child...

It's expensive.

I'll borrow...

It won't be so easy...

We'll get by.

Do you mind what I'm asking?

Good to see you.


You didn't even
kiss me good-night.

Let me sleep.

You can sleep alone.

What are you doing?

I'm going.


Come back.

What's all this about?

I won't go back.

This is childish...

You only think of yourself...

You and your good deeds...

Really, you understand nothing.

It's all over.

What do you mean?

Between us.

Can I see you again?



It wouldn't mean anything.

Goodbye, Johanne.

Still upset over a guy like

I told you so...

Couldn't be otherwise.

Even if you don't belong to
me anymore...

I never belonged to you... What
is all this about belonging...?

I hate to see a guy destroy a girl...

How kind...

You're too much of a woman...

Leave me alone.

Take it easy.

Take your hands off me.

You're crying?

Come in.

Isn't Claude there?

He won't let me in.

I don't get it, but...

Something to drink?

Good strong coffee?

Apple juice?

Mineral water?

Should I turn on the radio?

Want to hear a record?

Don't have T.V.

Sorry to see you like this.

I believe you!

I don't know what's wrong
with me...

I have heart-burn.
No. Heart-ache.

No. I'm in love.

The phone is out of order.

Pour me another glass...

It's out of order.

You'll never see me again.

I took all those pills
you gave me.

What are you doing?

Tell Claude he won't see me again.

Claude won't speak to me.

Did you get the call?

So you got one too.

What will you do?

Dramatic, isn't it?

So it's a joke for you!

She's willing about suicide.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Do you know why I've come?

No. Why?

I have something for you.

And don't be a hole.

It's about time you do something.

This is serious.

I declare solemnly...

I declare solemnly...

that all love

sincere and mutual

is a sorrowful illusion.

How are you?

Fine. You?

May I?

Do you realize that you are
destroying this girl?

It's fine to be a slob,
but there are limits.

I like you, actually.

You have an appointment?
Something urgent?

Or my stupidities bore you?

Let the gentleman go
to his appointment.

Make it fast.


It's clever to play with girls...
when you've got the dough.

I said filth.

Do something.

You limp rag...

Let him pay his bill.

The last one that you pay here...

And will you please
throw him out...


Any news of Claude?

No, you?

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