Take Care of My Mom (2022) - full transcript

"Take Care of Mom" is all about the struggles and heartaches of an old woman and her relationship with strangers whom she treats as her family.

Take Care of My Mom


Hi, mom. It's me.

When will you come see me?

I'll come by today actually.

Can I get you anything?
Something to eat?

What about Yui? Did she eat?

She's at home.

Do you need anything, mom?

Yui needs a little brother.
It'll be lonely on her own.

And you need a son, too.


Why did you hang up?

Weren't we done talking?

I said I'm coming to visit today.

There will be a lot of traffic.

Don't trouble yourself.
Just call me once in a while.

I'm fine, you know.

Tell me if you need any...

Will you let me talk?

Go on.

I said I was coming. Why
are you telling me not to?

I heard you alright.

You said you were coming, so come!

Instead of calling me again and again.

Okay. You sure you don't need...

What's the matter with him?

Heavy pots will crack the concrete.

You're sweeping the stairs?
Your son must be coming.

I don't know why he insists
on coming all the time...

Alright, I'll put this away.

No, just leave it.

The traffic's not bad?
How far do you have left?

About two hours.

These fell off the line.

You shouldn't have troubled yourself.

Thank you.

There are more.

How kind! You have a heart
as beautiful as your looks.

Who are you calling beautiful?

Come and sit with us.

Please have some.

What have you got?

Your kids must be good-looking
if they take after you.

Her son is handsome
and a good son, too.

Is that right?

We should set him up with my daughter.

She works at Samsung.
When is he coming to visit?

He's coming today but he's married.

Just my luck!

Is the roadside assistance there yet?

I think they can't find me.

Did you tell your mother
you're being delayed?

She wouldn't pick up the phone.

Did you book the flights?

And hotel, too.

Mom's so excited. She's
shopping for new swimsuits.

It's the first long vacation
we're taking in a long while.

We should take your mom on a trip, too.

No. She can't handle a long flight.

Are you gonna sleep over?

No. I'm gonna fix anything
broken and drive back home.

I don't care how sorry you
are. Get your manager!

Gotta go. It's my shift.

What is it?

I want the manager, now!

I'm gonna write about this
on your bulletin board.

Sir, let me assist you with that.

Mom, I'm here.



What's the point...

What the...?!


Did you have dinner?

She hasn't come home yet?

She never takes her phone with her.

She can't have gone far.
Should be home soon.

You must be tired.

No, you must be.

Get some sleep, okay?

She's gotta be kidding me.


There you are.

I kept asking for your number
but she wouldn't tell me

saying you'd worry. This way.

She only broke her
arm but she's a little...

Come here you, little bitch!

- Mom!
- I'll shred you to pieces.

- Mom? Mom!
- I'm gonna kill you all!

Please calm down. Mom!

You're her son? Do something.

That bitch was trying to kill me,

threw me in a cage,
bound my arms and legs...

and tried to shove me in a fire pit.

She was gonna kill me!

It's delirium.

What's that?

Seeing things. Imagining!
That old woman is nuts.

Where am I?


What are you doing here?

Surgery Consent Form

It's been a week already.

She can have the surgery
tomorrow or wait a whole week.

When older people have accidents,

they can suffer from delirium
and the memory can deteriorate.

You should brace yourself.

I heard general anesthetic can worsen
the problem. Will she be okay?

There's always risk but
we have no other options

but to hope for the best.


You should get going.

I'm staying the night.

What for?

Mom, do you have anything
you wanna say to me?

It's what I tell you all the time...

save your money, don't trust people,

cherish your wife and
child... that sort of things.

Mrs. Park, don't you have anything to
say to your son before the surgery?

Anything you've been
meaning to say but haven't?

What, you're scared I might die?

Don't say that.

When we were living in Busan,
I got pregnant before I had you.

I begged your father to let me
keep it but he didn't allow it.

We were so busy at that time.

I had no choice but to obey him.

I hate your father for that even now.

If you had a sibling, you wouldn't
be put through all this by yourself.

It breaks my heart to think that.

I was never a capable mother.

Yui is a darling little thing
but you need a son, too.

Let's not talk about that.

You said anything I want to say.

Alright, alright. Continue.

I'll listen to it all night.

Careful... Easy.

You should've stayed
until the bones heal up.

They do nothing for you there.

The doctors are only after
my money, those thieves...

Don't you know that?

And everyone is stupid?

What's all my stuff doing out here?

- Come on, mom.
- Those are my stuff.

Be careful on the stairs.


Who are these women?

Welcome back, Mal-im.

Yui, grandma's here.

Grandma, I made this drawing.

Oh, did you? Have you
eaten? You gotta eat a lot.

Oh, Haru! My darling.

Did you miss me?

Did you...

And what's that?

That's a CCTV.

Now I can see what
you're doing from Seoul.

Like this.

Why would you do that?

To see you, mom.

Bring all my stuff back in!

Mom, listen to us for once.

Mal-im, this house is
roaming with cockroaches.

You have to clean up if you want
me to bring Yui more often.

Don't come then. Who asked you?

Save yourselves the trouble!

But you can't even get up on your own.

What am I, a cripple?
Why can't I get up?

If you can get up on your own,

I'll put everything back as they were.

Alright. I'll show you.

If I turn like this, and hold...

Look... like this.

See? Can you do that?


You requested for a carer, right?

You requested for a carer, right?

Hello. How are you?


Who is she?

It's not coming off.

What? To help me?

Help me with what? I
don't need it. You can go.

So, her broken arm
didn't break her spirit.

Just how old are these stuff?

They're frozen. They're fine.

You did a good job.

Would you like a bite to eat?

If you want to eat
something, just ask her.

You're worried I can't fix my own meal?

I told you to leave! Make her go away.

So annoying.

She will cook and do your laundry.

Do you give bath, too?

I'll come at 8:30 in the morning
and leave at 2:30pm.

I'll fix breakfast and lunch,
and prepare dinner before I go.

And go to the bathhouse
with her twice a month.

Thank you.

Mom. Can I take this home?

No. Put it back where you found it.

Hey, did you hear what I said?

I said I'm good. Go.

Okay, I'm going. I'm going.

You know, they say a long illness
wears out even a good son.

I've seen marriages break up
after the old folks get sick.

Isn't it your duty as a
mother to help your child?



So, what do you think?

It'll help me tremendously.
Let's try it out for a month.

We'll be going then.

See you later, Mal-im.

Hello, Mrs. Park!


See you later, sweetheart.

Bye, dad. I love you.

Love you, too! Bye.

What are you watching? Any good?

Oh, I love that show.

Come here, Haru. Good dog.

He's good, isn't he?

What are you doing?

I'm waiting for you finish your meal.

For what?

Did you clean up the rooftop?

That's not my job.


What is your job then?

I fix your meals and tidy up your room.

I fix my own meal. You watch TV with me

and get paid for that? What a thief!

My work is what they
call emotional labor.

It's a work of heart as much
as it is a physical work.

Your heart, huh? Let me see it.

Mr. Park. You seems be
absent from work for a year.

At that time, my wife was having
a hard time looking after our child.

So I thought it was a good time
to study for a year and help her.

You cancelled your interview last
time. You had another appointment.

I had to stay with my mother.

She was getting surgery
and she lives alone.

Is she doing OK now?


Pissing all over the place!

I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Did you bring in the laundry?

They're not dry so I left them hanging.

Fine. I'll do it free of charge.

Free of charge? That's doing your work.

I've never sat down for a second
when I got paid to work.

No one works like that
for 1,500 a month.


Mr. Park, would you consider
working in a branch overseas?

Yes, that could work for me.


And would you accept 10%
less salary than you asked for?

Mr. Park. You can answer
that. It seems to be important.


What is it, Mom?

Tell that woman not to
come from tomorrow.

But why?

She stole my bankbook.
I put it under the blankets

and it's gone.

Mom, you're not making sense.

Beside, she can't withdraw
money without the passcode.

I'm telling you, she's
an outright thief!

She took my sweet dumplings,
and pollack roe you sent me.

And she stole my spoon, too.

Just tell the bitch to stop coming in.

Mom, please. Why would
she take your spoons?

Just tell her not to come.

No more, you hear me?


Hello? You okay, mom?

Why did you have to come
and got my arm broken?

I was doing fine on my own
until you stirred up this trouble.

Mom, what are you talking
about? Something wrong?

I can't even go the bathroom
like a damn cripple.

Anyway, tell her not to come!

Just one more.

Why make me open this?

Oh come on!

You know how pricy this thing is?

It costs more than my meal.

What a waste!

Oh, my pretty mom.

Who is it?

It's me. Open the door, please.


I don't need you. So
don't come anymore.

Why are you so cross?

Let me in, please.

You leave me with no
choice but to call your son.

I told him I don't want you anymore.

Go away.

Oh, so cute.


What's her name?

- Haru.
- How old is she?


Hi, Haru, I'm older than you.

10 in dog's age is 60 in human's.

That's why she's my friend.

- Here, have some sweets.
- Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Let's go.

Why did you turn off the CCTV?


The electricity doesn't pay for itself.

Why brings you here again?

I've got somewhere to go with you.

Do you want to learn to read?

Whatever for?

It's never too late to learn.
I wonder if it's any good.

Forget it. Why would I want that?

It's nice to make new friends
instead of staying home all day.

I meet people whenever
I take my dog out.

The girls from nearby school love Haru.

Let me go home! I want my son!

She gets moody time to time.

Medicine helps her calm down.

This is a physiotherapy room.

We have fitness equipment, too.

Take a good look around.

I'm done looking.

Come on, mom.

Take your time, ma'am.

Leave it, mom.

Take a seat.

Mom, this is a gift from
my mother-in-law.

Try it on.

It's pretty! You should
give it to your wife.

But her mother got it for you.

I have tons of clothes.

Just try it on. I'll change
it if it doesn't fit.

Okay, fine. I'll put it on.

It's very nice.

Who's looking after Yui?

Father-in-law is watching her.

Be good to him.

You had no luck with your parents
but you have luck with the in-laws.

It's fortunate that they're
young and healthy.

Why do you say I have
no luck with my parents?

Don't give her human food.

It could kill her.

I don't. Just when she refuses to eat.

And she won't, even if I feed her.

What did you think
of the care facility?

You want me to go there?

It's up to you.

If you tell me to go?

I'm worried about you being alone.

I'm not thrilled about it either.

You don't want to go there, do you?

Then come live with us in Seoul.

I can't stand apartments.
Besides, I have my own place.

If you're not happy with that
lady, we'll find someone else.

You have money to burn?
Why keep doing this?

What do you want then?

Us living together, just you and me?

I'll get divorced, Yui will live with
her mom. Is that what you want?

When did I ask you to look after me?

Why are you doing this
to me? Go home already.

I'll be fine on my own.


I came because I was worried about you.

What was I thinking?! Do as you please.

You're upset because your
old mother said a few things?

How are you raising a family
when you're so small-minded?

I'm fine on my own. Go away!

I'm on a diet, 365 days of the year.

Can you look after my dog
for a couple of hours?

Going somewhere, Mrs. Park?

To get the cast off.

It's too soon. You should
keep it on for a little longer.

What if you break it again?
Your son will worry.

You're going to Daesung
Hospital? I can go with you.

I'm on my way there.

I shouldn't trouble you.

It's better to go with
me than on your own.

I don't know how to thank you.

It's no trouble.

Come here, come here.

Thank you so much.

You gotta keep massaging it.

Let's get some crispy pork. My treat.

You can talk to me like your daughter.

Actually, do you want
to go somewhere fun?


It's this way.


Come on, Mrs. Park.

Good to see you, District chief!

Good to see you, too.


It's nice, right?

It's good.

I have one at home, too.

It completely changes your morning.

This jade mat is a wonder
cure for osteoporosis.

It'll help your arm heal faster.

Really? How much is it?

It's 2,000 originally
but now, only 1,000.

There's only a few left.
Have some boiled eggs.



Hello, it's me.

Is everything alright?

I heard he upset you the other day.

It's just a mother-son row.

He keeps sending that
woman when I tell him not to.

Actually, that carer lady called me

and apologized for upsetting
you. She has no other work.

Or would you rather stay
with us until your arm heals?

That's not necessary.

Jong-wook will go back to work
soon and Yui really needs him.

Can't you help me out
and get on with the carer?

Alright, fine.

Thank you!

Hi! I heard my mother-in-law upset you.

I just spoke to her.

You're back on tomorrow.

It's getting cold.

We should apply for care
insurance to government.

We're broke as it is, and have
to cancel savings account.

But it hasn't been 3 months,
so she won't qualify.

Let's try anyway, okay?


Dad wants to cancel this
trip. He's not feeling well.

I'm sorry, honey.

I'll make it up to him. I promise.

Mrs. Park?

Hello? Anybody home?

Is that her?

Where did she go?

She's gone, she's gone.

That's her, right?

I saw a tray of eggs.
From that promotion event?

I said I didn't want them
but she kept on insisting.

Nothing wrong in taking
what's offered for free.

Be careful though.

I know this old lady who ended
up spending over 10 grand.

I don't have that kind of money.

Lift your right arm.

I hurt it a few years ago.
I can only lift so much.

What about your left arm?

This is the arm that I broke.

I can lift it but it hurts.

Why take off the cast so soon?

And why are you here again? Keep going.

Pretend I'm the inspector.

Can you go to the bathroom by yourself?

I can hold here and get up like this.


No, mom! You can't do that.

We need you to act a bit.

Exaggerate your symptoms.

Tell them you can't do anything,
and don't know anything, okay?

But why?

What's today's date?

Let's see... the 17th.

No, mom! You gotta say you don't know.

Why should I lie?

So that we can get welfare
support for the carer lady.

We can hire her for free.

I told you over and over.

Help me out a little.

Alright, stop yelling at me.

Let me try again.

I'll drink soap for 1,000 per month.

You gotta remember, okay?

You don't know your address,
or what day of the month it is.

If you can't do it,
just shake your head.

Why have the lights turned off?

Pull your pants up, mom.

This is my own home.
Who cares about the pants?

And flush after use. It'll
stink up the bathroom.

You talk too much for a boy.

I'll flush when it's needed.

Go away if you'll keep nagging.

Who's there?

It's me.


Can I sleep here?


Don't let the dog sleep in
your bed. She might pee.

She won't. She's a clever girl.

She urinates all over the place.

That's what dogs do.

Like you weren't a bed-wetter.

You soiled your pants once in college.

That's because you cooked
fatty eel all the time.

It gave me diarrhea.

But you loved it so much.

So you grilled eel for whole month?

I didn't know how to
cook anything else.

You should come home with me
after the assessment tomorrow.

They'll call me a bad son
if I leave you on your own.

Who care about others? I only
care about your happiness.

Just go to sleep, mom.

And how could I be happy?

Why wouldn't you be?

Everyone dies eventually. That's life.

During the war, my mom used to say,

"Mal-im, once the war is over,
live your life as you want."

I never got to take her to nice places

and I became an old hag like this.

Why did I go on the roof
and put you through trouble?

It brings tears to my
eyes to think that.

Don't be so hard on me.

I don't have long to live.

What are you doing,
mom? For God's sake!

How's the bed?

It's good. It's really good.


Come on up.


Thanks for coming.

You applied for a care
insurance assessment?

Yes. Come in.

Are you the son?



No, I'm the carer.

- I see.
- She's in here.

Good afternoon, ma'am.

How did you hurt yourself?

I went up on the roof to
take the towels off the line,

then I dropped some,
bent down to pick them up

then, slipped and fell forward.

Mom, don't strain yourself.

She seems to remember
exactly how she fell.

But she was confused when
she was taken to the hospital.

It's common for people her age to
be temporarily confused from trauma.

She had signs of delirium, too.

Describe it to me.

She said some strange people
took her away and locked her up.

But that happened for real.

They put a knife to my
neck and threatened...

Where was that?


She kept saying that at the hospital.

Okay. Can you give us a room?

You, too.

Eun-young, close the door.

You have such a good son coming
all the way from Seoul for you.

It must cost him tons, too.

It's admirable how you're
managing on your own.

My mom can't be alone when she's ill.

I tell him not to send the
carer but he wouldn't listen.

Do you know what date it is?



See that calendar?
What day of the week is it?

I don't know.

Can you tell me your address?

I'm not sure. I never use it.

I want you to think carefully.
You've been living here for 40 years.

I really can't remember.

Okay. That'll be all.

Can you arrange the gift?

Ma'am, you've done well.
We'll wrap it up here.

I'll send you a gift for your
effort. Give me your address.

It's Daemyung-dong 1109... dash 20.

So you work for a foreign company?

You must've travelled a
lot. Where have you been?

I'm sure Mrs. Park would
love warm places like Guam.

Maybe she can't go because of Haru.

Can you fix me a meal with
the pollack roe I sent you?

Oh, she's eaten it all. She
wouldn't touch anything else.

All of it? Already?

I told her it's salty but
she wouldn't listen.

What should I have then?

Let's see.

We'll get going.

Mrs. Park, why did you get up?

She got up fine by herself.

I have perfectly good arms and legs.

Her mind is clear. She's
very healthy overall.

But you gotta be careful until
the bones heal up, okay?

Especially in the bathroom.

Sure, of course. Thank
you so much for coming.

Here. This is for you.

Oh, I shouldn't really...

I'll take a couple.

You can take the whole lot.

I'm fine.

You'll get the results in 2 weeks.

We really need this, ma'am.

I live in Seoul. She lives by herself.

She needs a carer.

It's not up to me, sir.

The findings will be assessed
by 3 professionals.

Please. You can be a little lenient.

Sir, please...

What are you begging like that?

I can take care of myself. When
did I ask you to look after me?

I never relied on anyone until
now, except for this woman.

I canceled your savings
account and wired the money.


You're only 2 months from maturity.

- The little girl run after ginger bread man.
- Yui! Mommy's home.


What were you studying? English?

I was reading this.

- Mom.
- Yes?

Today I'm very boring.

What did you do today?

I'm reading this book.

Good girl. Go on.

You're home?

No one can get me, said
the ginger bread man.

No one can get me, said
the ginger bread man.

The little boy ran after
the ginger bread man.

The little boy ran after
the ginger bread man.

- Jong-wook?
- Yes?

You shouldn't be so picky
and wait for the perfect job.

Yui will be starting school soon.
You don't want her get picked on.

Keep reading, sweetheart.

Let's read up to here.

I canceled the savings account.

Can we pay for the carer out
of your mother's account?

She is better off than us. We
have a mortgage to pay off.

Let's cover it ourselves. She's
not living with us, right?

You're right.

She helped us get this place.
I'm sorry honey, I forgot.

Keep going. Mommy'll take a shower.

You were fair when you were young.

Your son gets his good looks from you.

Fair? This ugly face?

My son takes after his father.

We ran a rice shop in Busan
during the Korean war.

The shop did so well, we
barely had time to eat.

It was the good times. We
were scooping in money.

I envy your son.


You're not dependent on him.

You make your own money.

My mom never worked her whole life.

They say parents' hard work
pays for children's bright future.

It explains why my life is this way.

You must get your looks from your mom.

She must've been a pretty woman.

You're the only person
that called me pretty.

Going already?

It's time.


That's a beautiful coat.

Allongé, hold the bar...

Plié, two, three, four, stretch.


Don't you have 30 more
minutes on the clock?

Mrs. Park asked me to get
something from the shop.

Have you been watching on camera?

No, I just happened to look.

You know, you gotta pay
extra if you have CCTVs.

But I won't charge you. Can
I make a copy of the key?

She sometimes doesn't answer the door.

That's right.

It'll make life easier for both of us.

See you later.

Food must've got in her airway.
It had to be suctioned.

We managed to bring up
the oxygen saturation level.

What took you so long?

What good is my being here?

She's a champion, isn't she?

We were lucky this time but it's
dangerous to mouth feed her.

It could lead to pneumonia.
We want to watch her in the ICU.

No. This isn't the first time.

Just take her back to her bed, please.

Call me if there's any problem.

My colleague will see you out.

Come on, Mrs. Park.

Look who's here!

I missed you so much.

Go inside and have fun.

This way.


How are you?

This is for you.

I'll pay the rest by next week.

I'm never behind on payment.

Thank you, ma'am.
That's so sweet of you.

You want to withdraw
1,000 from your account?


Such a large sum of money.

It's for keepsake. She won't spend it.

Okay... You sure you
want to withdraw all of it?

Why? Something wrong?

No. Nothing.

Mom? Mom? Mom?

Where are you?

I'm in my room.

The receiver's not placed right.

It's a prison.

They all have one these days.

It's nice, right?

It's good.

I'm happy that you're happy.

You'll save tons on heating,
and it uses only little electricity.

Mrs. Park, I'm here.


- Hello.
- Yeah.

Did you buy this?

I have a bad back.

They say it works wonders
and will help my arm, too.

I'll save on heating
and electricity, too.

Is that what that woman said?
It's good that you bought it.

It looks nice. So warm.

Don't tell my son though.
He'll raise hell about it.

But he should know.

I paid my own money for
it. It doesn't concern him.


Go away. Shoo.

I feel bad about turning a blind
eye. I think she got ripped off.

But it's a good product. You
don't have to fuss about it.

Besides, she's happy.

But if you have to, can you
pretend you found out by yourself?

They'll give a refund, right?

That's gonna depend on you.

But that woman looked tough.

Did you tell my wife about this?

Why would I?

Are you taking food from mom?

Not that it matters...

Why would I do that? I have
no time to eat my own.

Okay. Thank you.


Instead of buying your mother gifts,
you want refund for what she bought.

What a son you are!

If not, I'm taking this to the police.

I'll bring you in, then bring the
rest of your gang as accessories

for scamming old people. I'll tell
everyone in the neighborhood

and take the story to local paper.

The police, did you say?

They arrest people that break the law,

not good people like us doing
perfectly legal business.

For taking illicit gains from mats
that only cost 200 dollars.

And these experience centers
are in breach of medical law.

I assume you have permits?

Give him the refund.


It was me that took your
poor mother to the hospital.

You'll be punished for repaying
my good deeds like this.

I'll take my punishment
and take the refund, too.

Can't do it. Who takes
back a used product?

Just give him the damn money!
Get that madman out of here.

Where are you taking my mat?

Hey, can you make him stop?

I paid for it in full.

Why are they taking my mat?

Ask your fabulous son.

What about him?

I paid for it.

Don't listen to him.
Give me my mat back.



He said you're nuts, that
we shouldn't listen to you.

He came to the center and
threatened to report us to the police.

Don't lie. He's a busy man.

Wanna see what crazy looks like?

Good god! You forgot about him coming?

You are indeed senile.


Forget it.

I'm not selling you anything.


Come here, you! What did you call me?


What? Am I wrong?

You're losing your mind.

You're right I'm nuts! So what?

Lady, you're creating
a scene. Just get out.

This place is mine.
I'm not going anywhere.

How is it yours when
she is paying rent?

Mrs. Park, you better go home.

Don't be like that.


This cunning witch came to my
house with all her trickeries

wanting to steal from me! You thief!

Did you call me a thief?

Pay me back for the eggs you took.

You were happy to take free eggs,
and now you're calling me a thief?

How dare you call me names?!

Come on, please...

This is what I get for taking
pity on the old and lonely?!

You bitch!

Let go of me, crazy old hag!

What's wrong with you?

Let me go already!

Mrs. Park! No!

Hey! Let her go.

You okay?

Somebody help her. Can you get up?

Are you hurt?

Woman, are you crazy?

And who the hell are you?

What are you gonna do, huh?

You know she has a broken arm.

If there's anything wrong with
her, I'll report you to the police.

Let's go to the hospital.

You can't treat her like this.

She broke her arm trying to help you.

She was taking the towels
off the line for you.

You heartless people...

Let's get out of here.

Can you walk?

Thank you... Thank you, dear.

You're the only one that took my side.

I'm sorry.

What for? What did you do?



You're so faint-hearted.

Don't worry. I'll protect you.

You'll protect me?

Forget it. I'm fine on my own.

That's 950.

I told her son, I have
to charge for delivery.

Okay then.

Tell you what.

Don't meddle with other's business.

She tells me you get paid
for watching TV with her.

Do your job right or you'll be sorry.

Don't accuse me.

Her son found out from spying on CCTV.

Come on in. Yui!

Are you all packed?

Su-jin only just got up.

- Aunt Su-jin!
- Hello, cupcake!

Give me a hug, Aunt Su-jin.

You're not even dressed.

Count me out.

Then, you can travel in one car.


I'd like to pay the outstanding
balance for my mother.

Your daughter came!

Going somewhere nice?

We're going home for the new year.

Aren't you?

She's barely conscious.

Do you have any other family?

I had a sister who died young...

Stop prying. Let's go.

Where's dad?

It's better to stay
home during holidays.

Why didn't you say something?

Thank you for your cooperation!

Why didn't you go to your
mother's for the new year?

Dad, we decided to alternate.

That's nice. Very modern.

Besides, my mother told
us not to come this year.

She must be lonely though.

Let us do the new year's bow.

- No, that's fine.
- Don't bother with that.

Dad, get dressed.

You, too, Su-jin.

I'm not going.

What's wrong with you all?

Oh, let them stay if they
will! I'll go with you.


Hi, mom. Is everything okay?

I was about to go to the grocer's
but all my money's gone.

I had 200 dollars
but not a penny's left.

It's that thieving bitch!

She took all my money.

Mom, come on. Why
would she take your money?

You were getting on with her.
You have stuff to eat at home?

I have rice and bean
paste. I can eat that.

It's fine. Don't worry about me.

Don't tell that woman to
look in on me. You hear?

Do you fancy some holiday food? Mom?

Will you be at the office today?

I'm at my folks' in the country
coming back tomorrow. Why?


Have a good new year's day.


Caregiver Lee Mi-sun


Hello, Mr. Park.

Yes, hello.

My mom says there's no money at home.

Can you drop by today?


It's a bit difficult.

Mom says there's nothing to
eat. What's the matter with you?

Didn't you make some food
for her for the holidays?

I thought you were coming
home for the new year.

Fine. I'll drop by now.

Yes, thank you.

Jong-wook, let's go on our own.

What's wrong?

I think we'll have to go to mom's.

She says there's no money
at home, with nothing to eat.

Did you give the carer a call?

She said she'd look in on her but...

Good. It's taken care of then.

Would you say that if it were your mom?

My mom wouldn't be like that.

What's the matter with everyone?

Doing as they please!

If you're gonna fight, go home.

This is no way to
celebrate the new year.

I'll be right back.

I'll just make some food and come back.


There's groceries!

Mrs. Park, what's all this?

What's there?

Where did this come from?

I brought some for you.


How does it taste?

It's good.

Get some wine from the shops.

Shall we? Have a drink?

Sure. We have all this food.

But I have no money at all.

I have some on me.

My son never gave me back
my money for the mat.


He'll give it back eventually.

What more would I wish for?

♪ Under the clear sky ♪
♪ and the bright moon ♪

Mom, grandma is drinking.

What are you doing here?

She's just fine.

Of course, I'm fine.

House to keep me warm, food to eat.

She made all this for
me. I'm fine, alright.

We came because you said
there was no money or food.

She had stocked up the
fridge with meat and fish.

So I made some pancakes.
Please have some.

I'll get going then.


You cooked all this. You
should stay for dinner.

She's right.

We shouldn't let this go to waste.

Go on. Stay. Have some.

Please stay.

You have to stay.

What are you doing, mom?

We should make offerings.

Alright, let's do it.
Let's make offerings.

Mr. Park...


Can I ask you a favor?

Can I pay respect, too?

Why would you do that?

I've never had the chance to
make offerings to my father.

Can I just change the spoon,
and make offerings to my father?

Because of my circumstances,
I never had the chance

to pay respect until now.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you so much.

Grandma told her granddaughter,

"Your name will suit you perfectly
when you grow up, Crystelle."

Sorry for troubling
you over the holidays.

You can go now.

I'll take it from here.

And I'll pay you extra for today.

That's okay. I only came by
because I was worried about her.

Are you staying the night?

No, we'll head home soon.


You told me not to come
but you're happy to see us?

Of course.

What makes one happier
than seeing son's face?

Mal-im, why don't you come to
Seoul with us until it gets warm?

This house is too cold.

If only you didn't refund the mat.

And what would I do there?

If I get the code wrong,
I have to wait outside.

And when I'm staying home,
you follow me around

telling me not to touch
this, not to do that

as if I'm at a stranger's house.

Only because I don't want you to work.

Not because I'm filthy?

Then, stay the night.

You can't, can you?

Don't give her human food.

Stop telling me what to do.

Mal-im, you're scaring Yui.

It's okay. Keep reading.

I can't yell in my own house?

- Mom!
- You should all go now.


- That's enough, Jong-wook.
- You okay, Mrs. Park?

You should go, if you're done.

Don't talk to her like that.

We were doing fine, me and her.

- Are you taking her side over...
- Just stop!

Yui is here.

Fine. We'll go.

Come on, Mr. Park.

Don't meddle with other's business.

Get your stuff, Yu-jin.
We're going home.

It will solve nothing.
Stop acting like that.

Okay. Go.

Before you go, I want my money.

What money?

The refund for the jade mat.
You took that money.

Why are you keeping my money?

You couldn't help being so petty!

Because of you, I can't hang
out in the hair shop anymore.

Give me my money. I want my money.

Why are you saying that?
Didn't you give it her?

I... gave it to Mrs. Park right away.

Don't you remember?
I gave it back to you.

What are you talking about?


Oh dear... she really doesn't remember.

You're driving me nuts.

Are you telling me you
gave me my 1,000?


Didn't I tell you she steals from me?

She's a damn thief!

Mom, you must've forgotten
where you put it.

You believe her words, not mine?

Think where you might have put it.

But I never got that money from her.

Yu-jin, help me look.

So, we canceled our savings account
and are cutting back so much,

while she spends on jade mats?

Did you know about this?

Yes, I bought the mat.

With my money. Is that so wrong?

No, it's your money.

You should spend it as you want.

I'm taking Yui home.

Jong-wook, stay here with your mother.

Come on, Yui. Get your toys!

How dare you...


What did you say to me?

How dare you talk to me like that?

Don't hit my mommy!

Why did you hit me?
What gives you the right?

My parents never laid a finger on me.

How dare you hit me?

I can't live with him anymore.

I can't stand this grubby house!

And who paid for your fancy house?

Give me all my money back.

With that, I can live in a castle.

Give me all my money back.

I will. I'll pay you all back!

Please calm down.

Shall I get you some water?

I'll get going then.

I'll leave you guys to it.

Hey, you forgot your coat.

Isn't this your coat?

What the hell?

Jong-wook, I think she actually took...

Have you been stealing from her?

Why are you raising your voice?

Call the police, Yu-jin.

No, listen...

You're not going anywhere!

No one's making police
come into my house.

Shut up, mom.

Listen to your son for once!

I'll sort this out.

Now, speak.

You took my mom's money, didn't you?

- What happened was...
- Hello?

Stop... Stop, for fuck's sake!

Yeah, I took that money.
I took that 1,000 dollars!

To pay for my mom's hospital bills.

I'll pay it all back with labor.

1,000 is worth shit.

Would you look after your mom for that?

You leave everything to me,
only call once in a while,

send some food, watch spy cam
and call yourself a good son?

Fuck you all!

You're a fucking joke of a son
who treats his mom like shit!

Watch your mouth!

How dare you talk to my son like that?

You can't do this to me.

I really tried to be good to you,
even if you're such a bitch.

Get out of my house.


What did I do so wrong?!

Let go of me. This is my mom's coat!

Jong-wook, grab her!

- That's enough.
- But Mal-im!

Enough. I said it's enough.

If I don't wear it, it'll
go to waste anyway.

You didn't want it either.

As for the money, I'll pretend
I lost it. It's mine after all.

You said you'd manage on your
own. How is this managing?

You can't do anything on
your own anymore, okay?

So what?

Just leave me alone.

Leave me in peace.

And don't be so harsh on others.
You'll get punished for it.

Who would look after me like her?

I would. I've been telling you.

I don't want you to.

I don't have long to live.

So please... Let's not see
each other ever again.

Come when I die, so
my house doesn't stink.

And don't make yearly offerings.

Just go.

How am I supposed to
live? With you here alone?

Believe me you will.

Away you go.

Filial Funeral Home

Have a bite.

Other carers all chipped.

I don't know what to say. Thank you.

Let her rest in peace.

You had it bad looking after her.

I'm sure she went to a good place.

Maybe she left knowing
that I can't work anymore.

I'll see if I can recommend
you for another job.

Because of the incident,
it'll be hard to find a carer job.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

I don't know how I'll go
on on my own from now.

The living must go on.

How's Mrs. Park doing?

I need to return her keys.

Are you crazy? You can't go back there.

We're closing up soon.

Mrs. Park? Are you in there?

No... no.

Oh my god! What happened?

Can you get up? Come on.

Oh, no! Mrs. Park, look at me.

How long have you been like this?

I fell off the bed...

My god... Wait...

- My son...
- Yeah, I'm calling him.

Don't call him.

Is she a carer?

It gotta be the daughter.
They look alike.

Do we really?


You're so fair.

Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?

How is she? Is it Alzheimer's?

What Alzheimer's?
This is a waste of money.

It's Alzheimer's, alright.

There's nothing we can do.

Consider it a natural process of aging.

And she had a stroke.


It came and went.

You get dizzy some times?

Time to time.

My only wish to die in sleep
without burdening my child.

I'll give you a diagnosis.

It'll entitle you for care insurance.

That's fortunate.

Make sure she eats
well. Plenty of meat.

Are you a daughter
or a daughter-in-law?

Did they say I have Alzheimer's?

That's what the doctor said.

But it's not serious.

I could've died if it wasn't for you.

Thank you for looking me up.

Do you remember me?

Of course, I know you.

But can you stay out like
this? Where do you live?

I don't have a place.

How come?

I lived with mom in the hospital
but she passed away recently.

Oh dear...

It's okay.

Get in the car.

What is it? You okay?

I've been thinking... Since I'll be
getting support for a caregiver,

will you come live with me in
my house and look after me?


Mrs. Park, I...

thank you so much.

I never hear that from my own son.

If only you'd give him
the chance to say that.

Why do you refuse when
he offers to help you?

I'm such a poorly person...

I feel bad when people are nice to me.



You still can't reach her?

It's been a few days.

Did you check the CCTV?

It's been like this for days.
I don't see anything.

You should go look her up.

It could be years before
we see her again.

We good to go?


Hello, Mr. Park.

Mrs. Park wanted some air.

Do you want me to put her on?

She's okay, right?

Take Care of My Mom

I said I'd do it.

You have to go to work. Let's eat.

Looks delicious.

Here. Have some.


And this too.

This one's nice.

It looks good.

Have some.


You want one, too, Haru?