Taggart (1964) - full transcript

Newly arrived settlers are attacked by local ranch owner Ben Blazer and his men. Kent Taggart sees his parents killed by Blazer's son, whom he tracks home. Taggart kills the boy in front of Blazer, himself dying of a wound, who then puts a price of $5,000 on Taggart's head, an offer enthusiastically taken up by ruthless killer Jason. Taggart has no option but to head out into hostile Apache country followed by Jason and other no-goods.

Coffee's ready.

Now, how about it, Maudie?
Ain't ya...
just a little bit excited?

Oh, a little excited,
a little happy.

Oh, and tired too.

It's just the way
you described it, Ralph.

Where we gonna
put the house?

That's gonna be
just up to you,

but there is a pretty spot
just over that hill there.

There's a brook just a-curvin'
and a-turnin' through it,

with thick green grass,
pretty shade trees...

and soil so rich
you could grow all
the flowers and vegetables...

you had a mind to.

Here comes our boy.
Didn't take him long,
did it?

How'd it go, Son? Fine.

The barbed wire'll
be delivered
in the morning.

The lumber's gonna take
about three more days.That's all right.

- Ma, how about
some coffee?
- Oh. Comin' up.

How'd you like
that little town?

Well, I learned
a lot of things
you forgot to mention.

Like, for instance?

Like, for instance,
a man by the name
of Ben Blazer.

Ben Blazer?
I believe I met him.
What about him?

Well, he's the biggest man
in Gunsight,

and right now
he's the maddest.

They say he's boiling
because we're moving
into this range.

Well, he's got no call
to be mad. This range
is all government land.

I filed my papers.
I paid my money.
It's mine. That's the law.

I know, but they--
they say Blazer
thinks he's the law.

And he hires a lot of men--
men who carry these things.

You tryin'
to say something?

I'm trying to say
we need more men.
Men with guns.

Earl, will you put this
back on the fire?

Yes, ma'am.

Put that thing away.

Here you are.

I'm gonna have
another cup of that too,
Maudie, if it's all right.

Best coffee
in the territory.

There they are--
all those cattle...

belonging to a squatter
who needs a lesson.

He's gonna get spanked hard,
or my name's not Ben Blazer.

I got my paddle, Dad.

All right, men.


Let's go!


What have you done?

You murderer!

You murderer!
You murderer!

You murderer!

Pa? Pa?

I'm hit bad, Son.

Hang on, Pa.
I'll get you
to the doctor.

what do you think, Doc?

Well, your father's
still alive,
but I don't know how.

I also don't know
how he survived
the ride into town.

I want to talk to you.

Anything you got
to say to me,

say it when Dad
can hear.

It can't wait.
You're comin' over
to the office with me...

and tell me what happened
this morning.

I heard that, badge man.

I don't like it.

You... wanna keep your job?

You leave my boy alone.

You made
a little mistake.

Only an inch,

but a mistake.

Bob! Son!

- Read it for me, Doc.
- Stranger challenged.
He went for his gun.

What we call
around here a fair fight.

All right, you.
Come with me.

You-- What's your name?


Do I get hanged
or shot in the back?

Taggart, huh?

I heard what happened
to your father.

Did you hear
what happened
to my mother?

And an old man?

Did you hear that they were
killed by that thing
I shot in there?

No, I didn't know
about that.

a nice little town.

If your name is Blazer,
you kill who you want,

when you want,
how you want.

Gunsight's a town
run by one man--

Ben Blazer.

If he lives
and you're here,

you'll hang
or get shot in the back.

You, Taggart--
You get outta town.

Now, get beyond all maps
and stay there.

Don't thank me.
Don't say anything.

The longer you talk,
the longer you're in town.


Send all three telegrams,

The one to Jay Jason,

that's the most important.

I just did
something decent, Blazer.

Time for me to retire.

Mornin', stranger.

My name's Jay Jason.

Nice day, huh?

Hadn't thought about it.

Other things on your mind.
I know how that is.

What's the matter,
cut your head?

Did you fall
and hit a rock?

Or maybe
a bullet crease, huh?

I'll take a look
at it for you.

I'll take care of it.

You're a man
of few words, mister.

Now, me,
I'm just the opposite.

I talk too large
and think too small.

You better watch that cut.
It might infect.

What do you want?

Mister, you are a man
who minds his own business.

Opposite of me again.

All I wanna know is,
is that the right road
to Gunsight?

- You're on the right road.
- Well, thanks.

I'm obliged.

When you do talk,
you say the words
a man wants to hear.

Now, you take care
of that head of yours,
the only one you got.

If it starts to infect,

How long, Doc?

Hard to say, Ben.

If you rest
and don't get excited,

there might be a miracle.

I don't believe
in miracles.

Howdy, men.

I'm lookin'
for a Mr. Ben Blazer.

I'm Blazer.

You Jay Jason?

Most of the time,

on the circumstances.

Glad I didn't stop
for a short beer.

Might have been too late.

These two men
be workin' with you.

Big one's Vince August.

Other's Cal Dodge.

Well, you two purely ain't
the gentle kind.

Three of us, Mr. Blazer.

You got wholesale slaughter
in mind, huh?

Name's... Taggart.

Killed my son.

I want him dead.

Only one man?

Mr. Blazer, you hollered me
and these two...

to terminate just one man?

Now, that ain't good business.
My time is valuable.
I don't work for whiskey money.

Five thousand dollars...

for the three of you.

You mind repeatin' that, sir?

Five thousand.

Well, now, Mr. Blazer,

you're clearly
a man of substance,

and I withdraw
what I said before
about, uh--

But we've still got
a little problem here.

Now, a fact's a fact,

And your, uh--

tenure on this planet
is just about ended.

How are we
gonna collect
our proper pay...

once the job is done?

I thought of that.

I told the banker.

Show him proof,
any evidence
of Taggart's death,

he'll give you the money.

This-- This here's a warrant
for Taggart's arrest.

It says "dead or alive."

You can stop readin'...

when you get to "dead."

Now, you men get out.
Now, Ben, I told you--

Talk quick, Mr. Blazer.
You're dyin' fast.

Where'll we find him?
I don't know.

- Well, what's he look like?
- Young.

Tall. Black hair.

Black hair.

Did he maybe--
now, just maybe--

have a cut on his head...
right here?

That's him. Kill him!

Kill him. Kill him!

You can die contented,
Mr. Blazer.

Some days are just better
than others.

No question about it.

Tell me something,

Is he wearin' his boots?

Get out!


Where you two been?
I been waitin'
and waitin' for you.

You're a liar.

Of course. Of course!

But not where money's

Now, I ran into Taggart
right here.

Didn't know who he was then,
of course.

But between the three of us,
we ought to be able...

to run him down
like a stumblin' steer.

you go that way.

And, Augie,
you go that way.

I'll, uh--
I'll try the road
up here.


Between the two of you,
there ain't one ounce of faith
in your fellow man.

You should not even be
inside a place like this.

You are--
Well, you are a lady,
Mrs. Manners.

No lady's as desperate
for work as I am.

Listen to me sing.
In high school they said
I had the prettiest voice--

No. No, please.
For the last time, please.

I haven't got a job for you
because I haven't got
any customers.

Look. Look.

If I had some customers,
I'd giveyou the money.

All of your dancing girls
have left town.

You couldn't keep
any customers if you had them.

And I'm supposed to have
pretty limbs-- legs.

No. No. Please!

Look, Mr. Guiness.

A good day to you, senor.
What is your pleasure?


This, uh, town
is nailed tighter
than a strongbox.

Where can I get
some food supplies?

Oh, I can sell you
a little coffee, jerky--
things like that.

Thanks. What hit
this town anyway,
an epidemic?

The same thing-- Apaches.

Those Apaches are raiding,
burning, killing,

and they are supposed
to be coming this way.

You would not like to buy
a cantina real cheap, huh?

I'm afraid to make
an offer.

You'd take it.I would. Oh, I would.

Senor, I got no bartenders,
no girls, no customers.

Things are so bad--

My, you're tall
and handsome.

Only you look like
all your puppies
got distemper.

Buy me a drink
and I'll listen
to your troubles.

If I buy a drink,
maybe I'll forget them.

What's your name? Mrs.--
I mean, Lola.

Just call me Lola.

What's your name?

Thank you, sir.

You're not exactly an old,
hardened drinker, are you?

It was my first ever.

But I'll learn.

Um, you said "missus."

Mrs. what?

Mrs. John Manners.

My husband's dead.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Manners.

We had a ranch
south of here.

Then the Apaches came.

They killed John.

He hid me first.
They never even saw me.

And that's
why you're working here?

I just started,

as if you couldn't tell.

Mr. Guiness over there
doesn't want me,

but I need money
something awful.

How much money?
Thirty-two dollars.

That's what it costs
to take the stage north
to the first town.

That should be enough
for your fare...

and a couple of days'

Give you time to find
a job you can handle.

Oh, please, mister.
I can't take your money.

I can't--

I can't be obligated to--

to go through with--

All you're obligated to do
is to smile pretty...

and say thank you nicely.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Call it a loan
or a gift.

Anything you like.

Barkeep, we're lookin'
for a man named Taggart--

a tall young man.

I think I recognized
his horse over in front
of the store.

Could you manage
to point him out...

in this crowd
of roisterous merrymakers?

Why, I declare.

I don't know when I've seen
two more handsome men.


And I declare I can't remember
when I'veseen two
more handsome--

Hold it.

Let's hear those guns
bounce off the floor.

Do what the man says,

Some days are worse than others,
and there's lots of tomorrows.

Back away from those guns.Yes, sir.

At your service, sir.
Want me to stand
on my head?

Anything to oblige.

I hate to involve you,
Mr. Guiness,

but could you
sit on these guns
for a couple of minutes?

Give me time
to turn my back
and ride out of town?

My pleasure.
A couple of minutes?

Take 10. Take 20.

Taggart, I'm not a petty man.

Besides, I want a drink.

Get out of here, Mrs. Manners.
You are fired.

Oh, thank you,
Mr. Guiness.

Hold him right there.

He's headin' south.

What's in
that direction?



That Taggart.

He sure makes it hard
to earn a living.

Go get our horses.


Check that.

Hot, huh?

That means Taggart
can't be too far away.

Ah, he rode out that way.

Still headed south,
like geese in the fall.

And still headed
for them Apaches,
who'll kill him for free.

Us too.

Oh, well.
Get back on your horse.

Welcome, stranger--
and that's sincere.

If we're lucky,
they'll kill him for us.

What we do, Augie,
we wait and see.

Forget wait and see.

Taggart, I'm just
as embarrassed as you are,
us being on the same side.

Just keep your gun
shooting in the right direction.

Ma'am, I've purely
got to congratulate you
on the way you handle a gun.

Why I never saw such--Jason! Drop your gun.

Drop it.

Wh-Why-- Why sure, Taggart.

That's the way
you feel about it.

Changed my mind, Taggart.

We'll do things
just like you said,
only backwards.

Or do you want
to see a woman killed?
You let her go!

- Let her go.
- Do as he says,
or he'll kill her.

Drop it.

There now.

Taggart, you're too close.
Move off a bit.

That's far enough.

You people
got someplace to go?

We were heading
for Fort Wetherbee.

Fort Wetherbee?
Best place for you.

On your way, both of you.

What about our guns?
Suppose we meet
more Indians?

Maybe you won't.
Maybe you'll be lucky.

Come on, Jed.

I told you, Augie.

Some days are better
than others.

I still don't know
what you're going to get
out of killing me.


We're businessmen,
Augie and me.

We get $5,000
for sending you up
to rattle St. Peter's gate.

That Taggart.

He acts like
he wants to live
to be a dirty old man,

full of rheumatism
and false teeth.

But he's got no gun,
and he's gotta be
around here someplace.


Missed him.

But he can't get far.
No horse, no gun,
no nothin'.

Jason, I'm hurtin'.That's 5,000 markers
down there.

Augie, you're a boil
on the heel of progress.

You can't afford to
drag behind and hurt,
not now.

- Who are you?
- Give me my gun back.

- What are you gonna
do with it? Shoot me?
- I don't know. I just might.

Let me know
when you make up your mind.

- What are you doing here?
- Well, I-I-- I was just--

Listen, mind your own business.
What are youdoing here?

Apaches. I'm trying
to stay out of their way.

Hey, keep your hands
off me.

You've got no horse
with you.

And you were perched up there
like an army sentry
guarding something.

What's up here?

Listen, mister.

Why don't you just
saunter on back
to where you came from?

I told you. Apaches.

I'll take a look myself.
Drop that rifle.

Go on. Drop it.

Pick it up,
will you, Miriam,

When I saw him
comin', Dad, I--

I was gonna shoot
to scare him,
but I-I thought that--

I know.
You were afraid
you were gonna hit him.

All right, mister,
what brought you up here?

Apaches-- Down there.

They're out there.
I saw them.

You, with no horse,
no gun?

No. If he has,
I didn't see them.

What are we
gonna do with you?

Put that rifle down,
and I'll answer you.

Your answer
would be wrong.

Walk, mister.
Come on.

Miriam, stay
behind him, please.

Hold it. Hold--

That's my fault.
I should have
stopped you sooner.

Put it back,
will you, Miriam?
Yes, Dad.

Step across that brush.

Looks like you
didn't intend to have
any unexpected guests.

We weren't expecting

You're the first person
that's blundered up here.

Give me a horse and a gun,
and I'll blunder out again.

How did you know
we were up here?
I didn't.

What makes you think
there's a horse and a gun
up here?

When you're running
from Apaches,
you don't stop to think.

You just hide.

I wish I could believe you.
Move on.

Who is he?
What does he want here?

I'm not sure.


An old mission?

Yes. Abandoned
and long forgotten.


- What's your name?
- Taggart.

Doesn't that thing
ever get heavy?

I'm Consuela.
This is my husband,
Adam Stark.

And Miriam.
She is my step-daughter.

Well, Dad,
whether you like it or not
or whether he likes it or not,

Mr. Taggart's our guest,
and it's time to eat.

Of course.
Will you fix something,
please, Miriam?

Yeah, that's the problem.
You see, you keep a prisoner,
you gotta feed him.

Well, we'll eat
in a few minutes.

Thanks for offering
to help.

Wish I knew what I was
gonna do with you, Taggart.

Any woman would know
what to do with him.

Jason. Jason.

Help me.

Help-- Help me, Jason.

Look at you now.

$5,000 runnin'
around here someplace,
and what do you do?

No, Jason. No.

Augie, be reasonable.

You're no help.
You're a hindrance.

If I just left you there,
you'd probably die,
but then I'd never be sure.

I'd spend the rest of my days
wondering if you
were still alive...

and lookin' for me
with a gun in your hand. No, Jason.

- Uh, no.
- Right?

Mr. Taggart?

I wish to talk to you.

I can help you to leave
this place tonight.

- With a horse and a gun?
- Yes.

If you will
take me with you.


Because I'm afraid.

I'm afraid
of the Apaches.

I'm afraid
of the Apaches too, but, uh,

I'm sure your husband
will protect you.

He's too old.
But you--

You are young
and strong and brave.

A woman
knows such a thing.

He's not that old,

not the way he handled me.

I would be good for you.

Good to you.

You don't
think me desirable?

Desirable you are,
Mrs. Stark.

But if I'm gonna get
into trouble with a woman,

at least
she won't be married.

With me you would
not be in trouble.

With me you would
find happiness--

and great wealth.


Tell me the rest of it--
the real reason
you wanna leave here.

It is that a woman
like me deserves more
than a snoring old man.

I deserve a young man--
strong, like you.

We can have riches
beyond count together,

because I know
where to find it.

Sleepwalking, Consuela?

Perhaps you
are jealous, angry...

that I was the first
to visit Mr. Taggart
in the night.


Not little Miriam.

So cool
and so cautious.

And how very tempted
you must be...

to tell your father
where you found me tonight.

But you would not,

because you would
do nothing to hurt him.

We know each other
too well.

Good night.Good night, Mr. Taggart.

Did I interrupt
something tender?

Is that
what you had in mind?


My father
loves Consuela.

God knows why,
but he does.

And I won't let her
near you again.

A horse and a gun
will solve that problem.

Make you happy,
make me happy.

I'm not Consuela.

I didn't come here
to please you...

or me. I'm just trying to help.

You know, there's something
I can't quite believe
about you.

Oh, is there?

I can't believe
that you're as...
cold and cautious...

as Consuela
says you are.

Are you?

Good night.


I couldn't shoot.
I was afraid
of hitting you.

How did you get out?

The window.

I'm glad I didn't
think about that.

Taggart, I guess
I was wrong about you.

All I can say is thanks.

Can I have a horse
and a gun now?

Mister, if I had 'em,
you could have
an artillery piece...

and a team of thoroughbreds
to pull it.

Come on. I'll show you
what I'm doing up here.


The Los Padres Mine.

Been abandoned for years.

And that ought
to crush out
at almost 50% pure gold.

It's the richest
I ever heard of.

So this is why you didn't
want anybody up here.

Can you blame me? No.

You're gonna be a rich man.

Oh, it's not for me.

I just wanna make
Consuela happy.

She's beautiful,
vital and young,

and, well, she hasn't
had much happiness being
married to an older man.

No excitement
or thrills.

Hardly a romantic life.

But now I'll be able
to give her everything
that money can buy.

I know maybe money
isn't everything,

but it's the best
I have to offer.

And I don't know
what I'd do if I lost her.

It's time to quit,
get far away from here.

Why? Well, that Indian
probably had friends.

Maybe a lot of them.

When he's missed, they're
gonna come prowling around.

Miriam and Consuela
are alone.

We better get back.

Hold it right there.

Stab me
if it ain't you, Taggart.

When I heard
that tin bucket
a-bangin' and a-clatterin',

I knew that somebody
someplace would be
waitin' for me.

But who would ever
expect to find you here?
You would.

Who's he?

Jay Jason
at your service.


Kind of reminds me
of Romeo and Juliet, Miss,

with me down here
and you up there.

I'll wager you're
even prettier
when you smile.

You see? I was right.

Inside, Jason.

Oh. Do I detect
a note of jealousy
in your tone, Taggart?

Oh, I tell you,
I wouldn't--

All right.

Am I actually meeting
another beautiful
young woman...

away out here
where nothing grows
but tumbleweeds and Apaches?

Shut my mealy mouth.

It's missus, not miss.

If she's your wife,

all I got to say
is you're a man
of large luck.

Consuela, go upstairs,
if you please.

What's he want?

He's a professional

He gets $5,000
for killing me.

Mister, what Taggart
just said
is half the truth.

There's no denying it.

But the other half--
the part I didn't
hear him mention--

is that he's wanted
for murder,

and I'm hired
to get him.

Now, you look to me
like a reasonable,
law-abiding man.

And I'm not asking you
to take my word
against his.

Here is proof.

Here's a warrant
empowering me
to get him dead or alive.

You saved my life
this morning.

Still, this looks legal.

Looks legal?


I do not approve
of any instrument...

that encourages a man
to kill for profit.

Therefore, I'm not
gonna permit you
to enforce your warrant.

- What do you wanna
do with him?
- I'd like to shoot him.

- We'll tie him up for now.
- Tie me up?

it's a true fact.

There's an awful lot
of awful mad Apaches
paddin' around.

If they ain't
sniffed you out here yet,

they will tonight
or tomorrow,

and you're gonna need
anybody who can shoot,
including me.

We'll have to get
that warning bucket
back on the rocks.

I'll stand guard tonight.

Both of us.
We'll try to leave
early in the morning.

Keep him covered
while I get a rope.

Anything out there?
Nothing so far.

Apaches aren't supposed
to attack at night,

but I'm not sure
they know that.

Well, it'll be light
in a half hour.

I'm gettin' the horses
ready to leave.

Hot coffee.
I want my guards
to stay awake.

Thanks, Miss Stark.

Why don't you learn
to say Miriam?

While he's learning,
why don't you get anything ready
that you wanna take with you.

Oh, I am ready.


Um, about that warrant--
I guess I owe you
an explanation.

Oh, don't say anything.

I believe more in a man
than I do a piece of paper.

- Good night.
- Good night, Miriam.

Taggart, you married,
engaged, anything like that?

No. Nothing like that.

I'll be out front.


We do not want
the others to hear.

I'll be as quiet
as a church mouse.

A mission mouse.

But what is it
we don't want
the others to hear?

Private, secret things.

Now, there's nothin' better
than coo-talkin'
with a lovely woman,

but it's kind of a handicap
being tied down.

I want to hear
what do you have to say
without a handicap.

Let's save the talkin'
for dessert.

You can have me...

and own me...

and take me away...

with more gold
than a man can dream.

You're talkin'
about paradise,

you gorgeous, beautiful--


How much gold?

Very much gold.

Five thousand dollars
many times over
and over again.


I will tell you
where there is
everything we need--

horses, guns and the gold.


And you promise
that we share the gold together?

Of course, my darling.

Of course.

The gold would be
worth nothing without you.


The stable, in the back.

Come quickly and quietly.

Let me look first.
Adam was out there
a few minutes ago.

Look in there.

Now, tell me about my beauty.

There's never been a beauty
like yours, Consuela,

and never a woman
with such grace, such charm.

Consuela, what
are you doing out here?
Looking for you, Adam.

I couldn't see you
in the front,
and I was worried.

I'm all right,
but you better
get back inside.

I do not wish you
to worry about me.

Get inside
and blow out the lights
and stay there.

Those Apaches--

They got a solid sense
of the right time
and the right place.

I'm frightened.

- Can you see 'em?
- Not a thing.

Maybe they willhit us tonight.


Everything's so quiet.
Do you think we ought
to take a chance and leave?

Well, not seeing Apaches
doesn't mean they're
not around.

Yeah. I know--

Get inside.

Go on. Get inside.

Now's our chance.


We beat 'em off,
didn't we?

Let's get him inside.

Get some clean cloth,
Miriam, some alcohol.

Or whiskey'll do.



Is Consuela in there?
Here, Dad.

Take a good swallow
of this.

Where is she?

Answer me, Miriam.
Where is she?

I don't know
where she is, Dad.

The bullet passed
straight through.

It left an ugly slice

Well, it'll really hurt,
but I think that's all.

You two know something
that I don't?

She's gone.
Jason's gone too.
So is the gold.

Jason forced her
to go with him.

I'm going after them.

Oh, easy. Easy, Dad.
I'll have to bandage you first.

You'll help me,
won't you, Taggart?

We're going
to Fort Wetherbee,
all of us.

I gotta go after them.

Where do you think
he's taking her?

With Apaches running around,

Fort Wetherbee's
the only place he can go.

No one in sight.

It's a terrible thing,

but I'm afraid that your
gallant husband's wounds
were fatal.

I'm afraid
that you are a widow.

A wealthy widow.

I shall have
closets bursting
with silks and satins.

I shall have
diamonds, furs,

a shining black carriage
with matched black horses--

stallions prancing
with their heads high.

Your crystal ball
must be cracked.

What happened to me
in your future?

But my future is yours.

My heart is yours.

You will have
all the luxuries
you desire too.

But most of all,
we will have each other.

Till death do us part?


Now we seal
the bargain?

Sealed, signed
and delivered.

We better keep movin'.


I don't believe
that Jason forced Consuela
to go with him, do you?

I know he didn't.

And you know
that when we get
to Fort Wetherbee...

that Jason
will probably be there?

You don't sound so...
cold and cautious anymore.

But it's true.
He'll kill you if he can.

Miriam, when a man
knows something's wrong,

he usually backs away,
leaves it alone.

Now, that's what
I've done with Jason.

But I'm not doing that anymore.

Not now.

Get your father,
and I'll meet you out front.

I'll scout on ahead
and make sure there
are no more Apaches.

Watch for my signal.

Some days are better
than others, Consuela.

And today's
one of the very best
in recorded history.

That there is the U.S. Calvary,
herdin' settlers
into Fort Wetherbee.

We'll join 'em
and ride in safety.

Your thoughts are
many miles from here.

You're lookin'
into that closet full
of silks and satins?


We are safe now, true?

Stop fretting
and frowning,
my lovely.

We've got a lot of guns
on our side now.

Start smiling again...

and dreaming about
all that jewelry
you're gonna buy.

Later. Now I'm thinking
about my future.

Our future.

Remember? My future.

And I don't see you in it.

You've forgotten
our bargain...

and how we sealed it.

I'll purely enjoy
reminding you.

When we reach the fort,
we will say good-bye.

You're so long
on beauty...

and so short on memory.

"But most of all,
we will have each other."

Do you remember
saying that?

I changed my mind.
That's all.

We made a promise.

Till death do us part.

My pretty one,

you'll keep
that promise.



Lieutenant, Apaches.

There's hundreds of 'em
right over that hill.

And they're headin'
this way.

Look to the other side.

Take 'em ahead!

Form a circle!

Caravan, ho!

Get down! Get down!

Help me!
Please help me!

Get back.
Get back in the wagon.

Help me!

Did you find her?

You found something.

I saw some Apache sign.
We'll ride that way
to avoid them.

Tell me the truth.

She's dead.

- How?
- You don't wanna know.

- What about Jason?
- No sign of him.

Can't you see anything
at all, Sergeant?

Nothing, sir.
Nothing at all.

Here comes one man, sir--
a civilian.
He's ridin' fast.

What have you seen?
A lot more than
any man's supposed to see.

Well, what? Indians, everywhere,
all headed this way...

like they were starved
and the dinner gong rang.

Will you give me
a couple of fresh
horses fast?

I want distance
between me and here
when they arrive.

Did you see
any cavalry patrols
or soldiers with wagons?

No patrols, but I saw
soldiers and wagons
along with civilians,

all being slaughtered.

You've gotta give me
fresh horses.

You ain't got
enough soldiers
to protect this place.

No horses.
You'll stay and fight
like the rest of us.

Here come
three more civilians, sir!
One of them's a woman!

You'd better
get him inside.I'll be all right.

I'm well enough
to shoot a gun.

Colonel, I'm--
I'm looking for my wife.

Beautiful, young,

There'd be
a man with her.

I'm sorry, sir.
I haven't seen her.

All right, soldier.

What did you see out there? Dead soldiers
and dead civilians--

What's left
of some burned wagons.

His wife is dead,
only he doesn't know it yet.

See a cavalry patrol? No, sir. No patrol.

- Here come the Indians, sir!
- Close the gates!

Women and children inside!

Miriam, you better
go inside, honey.

I'll do what I can
to help out here.

Where's Consuela?

Where is she?




take care of Consuela.

Promise me.

Take care of her.I promise.

Troop "B" comin' up
to the back gate, sir!

Open the rear gate!