Taekwondo (2016) - full transcript

A man invites another guy he trains with to spend some time in his country house among other male friends.

That's Juancho.

The house is huge.

Yeah, it wasn't this big
when I was a kid.

The last things they built
were the rooms upstairs

and in the back,
the sauna, Jacuzzi

the massage room.

- Wow! That's great!
- It's amazing. Very relaxing.

At one point my dad set up a spa

and a rehabilitation center
for smokers.

That's great.

Yeah, a group of people would
come here and stay for a week

and they'd stop smoking.

- A tennis court and pool.
- That's great!

Two of them came
on Saturday night...

Maxi, the blond, and Tomi.
They're sleeping there.

And there's Diego.

Fede! Is everything alright?

- What's up?
- I'm Germ?n. Nice to meet you.

How are you? Did you sleep well?

Yeah, but I went to sleep late.
We stayed up late.

I was really stoned.

Lucho and Maxi were wasted.
We were laughing our heads off.

We ended up in the pool.

And Juan, who was wasted too,

threw Diego into the pool.

- No! He must've been pissed.
- Yeah, with his clothes on.

I think he even had
his cell phone on him.

No way!

Yeah, I think he did,
because of how pissed off he was.

Yeah, he was furious.
I went away.

I didn't want any trouble.

That's a typical day here.

Yeah, that's true.

Do you want mate or coffee?

I'm going to show him the room
and then we'll come downstairs.


Hey, man, put on
some swim trunks or something.

This guy goes around naked all day.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, what's up?

- Hi, Germ?n.
- How are you? Diego.

Is everything alright?

I went to take a dump upstairs because
the other bathroom's full of puke.

There too?

Lucho threw up before going to sleep
and it's still there...

pieces of carrot and everything.

And I told you to come here
to relax for a few days,

but that doesn't seem to be the plan
for this weekend.

Did you come by train?

Yeah, the trip was amazing.
I loved it.

- Yeah, I came on that train too.
- I never came on that train.

- They say it's great.
- Yeah.

- Did you guys have breakfast?
- No, but Fede's making some mate.

I'm going to show him his room

and then we'll come down
for breakfast.

Okay? 'Okay, great?


- What are you eating, Fatso?
- An egg. I was hungry.

What's up?

I just had an awesome lucid dream.


- What does "lucid" mean?
- That it's real. It's very real.

What did you dream?

I was in Tigre, at my sister's house,

next to the river.

I don't know what I was doing,
or who I was with, but I was there.


Everything was the same,
the house, the grill in the backyard.

I don't know why I went inside
and went up the stairs.

I went up three floors.

But I think
it's a one-story house.

- What?
- I think it's a one-story house.

And when I got to the terrace,

the water was at the level
of the balcony.

There was a lot of water.

It was as if there were a waterfall
a hundred yards away.


But I had gone up two floors

so there couldn't be water
on both levels,

So then I realized it was a dream.

And whenever I realize that,
I feel like having sex...

so I started walking,
knowing I could wake up any minute.

I passed a bridge.

I went inside this place with bars,
like a nightclub.

And I started making out
with the first chick I saw.

I took off her clothes,

I started sucking her tits
and her pussy really hard.

And the chick just stood there.

You know like in dreams when
the characters suddenly stop moving?

- Yeah, that's weird.
- Yeah.

And at one point,
her pussy started getting sandy...

and... bam! I got up.

I opened my eyes and looked at
the ceiling. I thought "Damn it!"

But it was cool while it lasted.

The part about the sand
freaked me out.


But it was so real
that I can still taste her pussy.

- Sweet!
- It was really pink and delicious!

- We have to call some girls over.
- We need it, huh?



- Mario Bros isn't a cartoon, man.
- Yeah it is.

No, man, that's what
you didn't get yesterday.

Mario Bros isn't a cartoon.

You guys said it was
and I said it wasn't.

That's why I think I didn't lose.

Did you used to watch
Mario Bros cartoons?

It's the same thing.
It's like a cartoon.

You just can't admit that you lost
because you couldn't guess

and now you're saying that if we
had told you it wasn't a cartoon,

you would've guessed,

and then you would've said
that it's a kind of cartoon.

Come on, Diego. I know you!

See how competitive you are?

I couldn't care less!
You're the one who's competitive!

I hate it when people mix up
the actors, the people,

with characters.

One time Fatso got Jack Sparrow

and when he asked if it was an actor,
you said yes.

No! The actor's Johnny Depp.

Jack Sparrow worked as a pirate.

- "Worked as a pirate"?
- Yeah!

Now being a pirate's a job.

I hate it when you don't understand
the example. It pisses me off.

You're so competitive.

Come on, Diego!

Hey, Fatso, have you seen Fer?


The chick flirts with me
when we're all working...

and then she plays hard-to-get.

- I mean...
- Like how?

We were going to Pablo's house.
You know the guy with long hair?


Okay, Pablo, Agus, the chick and me.

Pablo and Agus went
to buy some beer

and the girl and I were alone.

I sat next to her because
she wanted to show me a message

and the girl gave me
the cold shoulder.

She was cold as ice.
She went to the bathroom.

She always act like that,

The next day at work,
in front of everyone,

she walked in, kissed me here
and gave me a neck massage.

She always does the same thing.

She's crazy.

Forget about her.


- Have you guys seen Fer?
- No.


Are you sure the girl doesn't
know you're in a relationship?

No, man, I'm sure.

Girls find out about those things.

There's no way she could know.
And I don't think the guys told her,

because they know
I want to screw her...


- It's okay.
- Yeah.

But you have a girlfriend.

To each his own.

- I found this one.
- Yeah.

But it's almost empty.

The mosquitoes are killing me.

Here you go...

As soon as I came in
they started to bite me too.

They bit you all over!

Look here...

No way, man!

They bit me all over!



And here too.

As I was saying...

Diego and Juan the longest.

I've them since we were
in kindergarten.

But we're all very good friends.

We met the rest later on.

In primary school, we met Lucho,
Leo and Tomi.

And Maxi used to go out
with Tomi's sister.

He used to play soccer with us
all the time,

so we started getting along
really well with him.

And we met Fatso in eleventh grade.

I think he had failed five
or six times. We lost track.

Yeah, you can tell he's older.

And you're not going to meet
Santiago today,

because he moved to Spain
when he met a Spanish girl here.

He used to come back
every two or three months,

but then he started coming here
less frequently.

I don't think he'd come back now,

if he didn't come back
two years ago.



Well, I'm going to the pool.

You do karate with Fer, right?

It's not karate, you idiot.

- It's the same thing.
- It's not the same thing.

Yeah, I used to do karate,
but when I moved to Adrogu?,

I started doing taekwondo,
because that's all they had there.

I did it to do some kind of sport.

I don't like it that much.
I don't have a belt or anything.

I don't know if I'm going to
get different color belts.

You work at the pool bar
at San Martin Square, right?


We saw you there one day
with Fer, right?

Yeah, actually,
that's where we met.

We started talking a lot

and he told me
to try out the club,

so we became friends.

Are you studying anything?

I used to study architecture
and I dropped out.

- Where?
- In La Plata.

- Nice!
- Yeah, I liked it...

I like to draw,

but I'd rather draw things
like comic book illustrations...

Real drawings.

So anyway...
I'd love to draw for a living.

But it's very hard
to find the right connections.

- Fer has a big comic book collection.
- Yeah.

Have you guys seen it?
It's huge!


- Should I roll a blunt?
- Please.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, what's up?
Is everything alright?



Are you enjoying it?

It's awesome.

He's a great writer.

Yeah, he is.

What are you doing, man?

Lucho, you were a total chicken!

I'd be scared of Fatso too.

Yeah, man, stop overdoing it.
It's not a World Cup.

You kick too hard.

I said I'm not gonna beat you up
because you're weak,

but if you keep bothering me,
I'll beat the crap outta you.

So are your friends coming here
on Saturday or not?

You always act like you're faithful,

but you're dying
to meet those girls. What the hell?

You're So 93V!

Shut up!

Don't be gay!

I just want some eye candy,
that's all.

But are they coming?

When they saw there were
eight of us, they left early.

Well, Maca said
she wasn't coming,

but if we throw a party,
she'll come with more friends.

The other day,
it was eight of us against four.

There can't be two of us for each.

It's not like
we're going to make porn.

- But Juan screwed one of them.
- Yeah.

They're no prudes.

I didn't screw the other one
because she knows I have a girlfriend,

otherwise, I would've done it.


- Did you buy chocolate milk?
- Yeah.

Hey, Germ?n,
are you in a relationship?

He's Fer's boyfriend.

Are you jealous,
you cocksucking pussy?

No, I'm single.

If I looked like Brad Pitt

and girls hit on me
like they probably hit on this guy,

I wouldn't stop fooling around
until I'm in my forties

and then I'd start thinking
about a relationship.

You always want a girlfriend
to cheat on her with sluts.

The only faithful guy here
is Tom?s.

I'm pretty faithful too, man.

Yeah, right.

It's not like girls are
faithful either.

I don't believe that at all.

Of course not.
They're just like us, or worse.

They're just really sly.

They get away with it
and you never find out.

I don't know what's up with the guy.

What I do know is that
he doesn't have a girlfriend.

I'm not making it up, man.

Why did he invite me?

I don't know.

Your head would explode
if you were here.

They walk around naked all the time.

Hey, today they asked me
if I was in a relationship...

and I said no.

No, man. I didn't lie.

They didn't ask me
if I had a girlfriend.

No, I didn't lie.

And Fer was just listening.

Are you stupid?

Fer's the guy.

If some chicks come here
and he screws one of them,

I'll just die.


I don't know.
I'm just going to stay here.

I'm going to play dumb for a while
and see what he does.

I don't know.

You're so stupid.

Okay, bye. We-



- How are you?
- Fine.


Sorry to bother you,
but I'm about to make a barbecue

and we don't have any newspapers.

- Do you have any?
- Yeah, I'm sure we have some.

- I'll bring you some.
- Thanks.

- Hi.
- Hi.



- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- There are so many of you.
- Yeah.

- Nice weather, huh?
- Yeah.

How are the girls?


You should make them wear
sunscreen. The sun's really burning.

Yeah, I know.
But they're inside right now,

otherwise they can't
get to sleep at night.

There he is.

- Is this enough?
- Yeah, this is great.

- Yeah?
- Thanks.

If you need more,
just let us know.

- Okay, thanks.
- Bye.

'BYE, guys! 'BYE-bye.

She was cute!

Really cute!

You voted for the wrong guy,
admit it.

I don't know.
I have no idea about politics.

I shouldn't have even told you.

If you have no idea,
you should go and ask.

I'm not saying you have
to understand,

but you're old enough
to not vote for just anyone.

You're not choosing
where you're going to go on vacation.


There's a whole bunch
of stuff at play.

You should've asked me about it,
or your dad.

Well, not your dad...

But you should've asked around
a little,

so at least you know
what you're voting for.

Or would you screw a girl
without a condom

just because she says
she's on the pill?

It depends how hot she is.

- But that's a bad example.
- Why?

Because you supposedly
trust the girl.

You don't think
she's gonna lie to you.

But if you vote for the wrong person,

you end up taking it up the butt.

They say they're gonna give you
a back massage

and they end up sticking it
up your butt.

If they stick it up your butt,
at least it should be

because you want to feel it inside.

Hey, you really look Argentinian.

What do you mean?

- What do you look like?
- Spanish.

And me?

French. All you need
is a beret and a paintbrush.

What about me?


Fatso looks Russian.

Tom?s looks Arabian.

Leo looks German
and Diego looks Swedish.

What do I look like?

You look English.

You look like
an English soccer player.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

eleven, twelve, thirteen,
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,

seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,
twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two,

twenty-three, twenty-four,

twenty-six, twenty-seven,

twenty-nine, thirty!

What's the matter with you?
You're always cheating!

- What happened?
- Did you hear that?

You're always cheating, man!

You can't play like that!


Stop it, Leo!

You moron!

Who are you calling a moron?

He's an idiot! He keeps cheating!
I can't play like this!

- Stop it, Leo.
- Relax...

Stop it!

Stop, Leo!

It's not a championship.
You get too worked up.

They why are we playing?

Take it easy! And you too!

I'm gonna score.

Pass the blunt, man.
You're smoking it all by yourself.

Don't get upset, man.

We were just playing
and you got really pissed off!

But if we're playing and you cheat,
it sucks. You can't do that!

- Stop being such a pussy!
- What are you talking about, asshole?

We were just fooling around
for a while!

- You're a jerk, man.
- Go fuck yourself!

Let me have some.

Mother fucker...

Milo Manara.

Milo Manara?

Don't you know him?

He's an Italian...

A genius. My dad had
a bunch of his comic books.

I know the classic ones more,
the American ones.

- Like this one.
- Yeah.

My dad had all of Manara's
comic books and Fierro's.

That's cool.

I used to take them from my dad
when I was a kid, because...

there were naked people in them.
They would really turn me on.

At first I thought Milo Manara
was the name of the main character,

but when I was older I realized
it was the name of the artist.

Actually, "Click"
is his most well-known comic...

Well the one I know the best.

It was about a guy who had put
a device in a girl...

and he'd click a remote control
that would make her have orgasms.

He'd click it
and she'd have an orgasm.

And he'd spy on her. It was amazing.

It blew your mind.

Actually, I should ask my dad for it
and read it again,

It's crazy... crazy.

When I was in school,
I used to draw a lot of superheroes.

One day, some friends of mine
made a magazine.

It was a school magazine...

It was a magazine for the school,
like an alternative magazine.


And one day they asked me to do
a two-page comic.

I had to do everything...

The drawings, the dialogs...

The whole comic, you know?

- And did they publish it?
- Yeah.

- That's cool!
- Yeah, really cool.

To see your work published.

Yeah. And what I would do was...

I used to use
other people's material a little...

Actually, I mostly adapted
story lines from short stories,

like Cort?zafls.


It was cool, because
they were superheroes,

but with a more surrealist style...

Like the characters' background.

Yeah, it was like a dream.
It was cool.


Do you want to go to sleep?

Yeah... Okay.

Hey, Leo...


Come on, Leo. Go to your bed.

Come on, Leo.

This guy always does the same thing.

Okay, I'll go sleep downstairs.

- See you tomorrow.
- Alright.


- Yeah.
- What's the matter?

She wants me to go with her
to the party,

But that's not it. I know her.

She's jealous.

She asked me if there were
any girls here.

She doesn't believe me when
I say that no girls came over,

none of your friends.

We spent two great weeks
in Ostende,

but now she doesn't understand
that I want to be with you guys.

It's not that I don't want
to be with her.

She's great. You know her.
She's really sweet,

but she can be really insecure

and it gets on my nerves.

I know I have my flaws,

but I don't get jealous.

You shouldn't pay attention to her.

It's her problem, man.

Let her figure it out,
even if it hurts.

What are you going to do?
Go back to Buenos Aires?

You're going to get upset
and you won't be able to relax.

Because you're fine here with us.

So you're going to be pissed off
and you guys are going to fight.


Forget it.

Don't forget that you met her
when you were with Lucia.

So it's natural
that she'd be scared and insecure.

Yeah, I know that, but...

I really love her.

I'd die if I couldn't be with her.

Hey, man...

Germ?n's pretty weird.

I just went into Fer's room
and he was going through his bag.

I can't believe you, man.
You're always making things up.

Fernando and that guy have been
training together all year.

Fer told me he really trusts him.

You're just a cocksucker,
that's the problem.

So you make things up.
I know you.

Look at Diego
going through my bag.

Is this your bag?

Hey, what T-shirts did you bring?

Can I borrow one?

But give it back to me later.

The other day you were wearing
a sweatshirt of mine

that I had been looking for
for a long time.

Yeah, laugh all you want.
It's true.

I just love your clothes.

Okay, stop looking through
my stuff. I'll show you.

- Alright, alright!
- Don't go through everything.

- Alright...
- I don't like it.

There you go.


It's really hard for me
not to get upset.

No one's faster than him, man!

The guy's effective.

He doesn't have to make
any fancy moves.

They guy's straightforward.
He's simple.

That's why he's the best.

Yeah, but you used to say
that Maradona was the best

and now because you read
a couple of interviews...

Yeah, I did read a couple
of interviews,

but I've also watched him

and he doesn't put on a show
for the cameras like the rest.

He's simple and quick

and it's also a generational thing.

Times have changed.

And I don't agree with the idiots
who say he scores goals abroad

- and here he sucks.
- Yeah, well.

People who say that are idiots.

Don't you think?

- The guys are here with pastries.
- Awesome!

- How are you guys?
- Cool!

What's up, guys?

You wouldn't believe the accident
there was around the corner.

- It's awful.
- Really?

Yeah, yeah.

- What happened?
- A crash.

Hey, Fer,
where are we going tomorrow?

I don't know.
Wherever you guys want?

We could go to that nightclub
with the pool in the middle

that the guy fell into
with all his clothes on.

we can go to the capital

and come back at night.

Are you crazy? You want us
to go to the capital?

Let's go somewhere nearer,

otherwise Fer and Leo
won't be able to drive,

they won't be able
to drink anything.

Do you want us to come back
wasted like the other day,

when we almost
got ourselves killed?

Hey, I'm not dangerous.

I don't drink anymore.

Yeah, right.

Hey, man,
this meat's like butter.

Don't you think?

The other day, Diego and I
bought meat at the supermarket

and it wasn't like this at all.

This is totally different.


And you ate three sausages,
you cocksucker. You must be full.

That butt sure imports
a lot of meat.

He gave it to me, you idiot.

You're the weirdest
vegetarian I know.

You never eat meat;
You're always really fussy,

but you eat barbecue.

But I never say I don't eat meat.

I don't go around telling people
that I'm vegetarian.

But it's true.
I hardly ever eat meat.

Only when there's barbecue.

The other day, Redo and X
went to a restaurant

and we ordered meat.

But you bother me so much about it.

I can eat meat
wheneverl feel like it.

So does you girlfriend
eat your meat?

Of course she does.

She eats it whole.

What about you? You should
probably get a girlfriend too.

How long has it been
since this guy had sex?

Like four months.

You can't get a girl
to save your life.

You don't have to be so mean.

Today's December 6,
my mom's birthday.

I have to call her.

Lucho's always teasing Leo,
you know?

Do you think Leo's really gay?

I don't know.


The guy's weird.
He's always been weird.

The two girlfriends he had were
the only chicks he's ever screwed.

Plus, sometimes he just stares
at you. It's weird.

And you don't know
if he's looking at you, at him...

or if he likes you.
I don't know. That's what I think.

Yeah, yeah. I agree.

I don't know. It's also weird
that his two girlfriends

are the only girls
he's ever screwed.

Now he's with this chick, Rocio...

but Rocio used to go out
with Mono

and Mono says
she never wanted to have sex.

So I don't know.

- I have an aunt who's a lesbian.
- Yeah.

She says that
if you're really bisexual,

you have no trouble
repressing yourself,

because since you like
girls and guys,

if you meet a guy,
it doesn't matter,

you can be with him and then go
satisfy your needs with a chick.

It's no big deal.
It's easy to repress.

So you just leave him there
and that's it.

He's going to be the first
to get married,

- whether he's gay or not.
- Yeah, maybe.

And we're going to be there
celebrating it with presents,

dancing at his wedding.

It's true.

You know I love Romi...

but I can't say no to girls
who call me for sex.

The other day, Romi had to
get some paperwork done.

She went to sleep at her house

because it was closer
to where she had to go the next day.

It's like she's a witch.

I don't know if this girl
is psychic or what...

Natalia texted me.
Remember Natalia, the skinny girl?

Remember? The skinny girl?

You wouldn't believe
what she looks like now.

She's got a lot more meat
on her bones and a great rack.

Man! I took a cab
and went to her house

and we fucked for nine hours.

Of course.
What was I supposed to do?

It's natural.

Then I got home
and took a shower...

and I felt like shit.

I felt really guilty.

It sucks.

The important thing
is that Romi doesn't catch you,

because then
you'll want to kill yourself.

Hey, I think Germ?n is kind of gay.

You'd know if he was for sure.
It takes one to know one.

Stop it, man. Hey...

You keep calling me "cocksucker"
all day long.

"Cocksucker, cocksucker,

You don't realize it,
but it gets annoying.

I'm sick of it.

Plus, I have a girlfriend.

You don't realize
I'm just kidding around.

Hey, stop! I was here first!

Diego, I'm gonna use your shampoo;
It's great!


Fer, I'm going to take a shower here,

because Lucho's using the shower
downstairs and he takes an hour.


What are you reading?


It's Norwegian.

I'm going in now.
Are you gonna take much longer?

No, come in if you want.

Son of a bitch!

I'm gonna kick your ass!

Come on, man!

We were in tenth or eleventh grade
and we were really stoned.

It was one of the first times
we all smoked together.

We were in...

Fatso's grandma's house...

in the yard. At one point
I went to his grandma's room.

She had died recently...

And I saw Leo there...

and Fer, making out in the room.

We were just kids
and we were stoned.

Besides, we had to experiment
a little, right?

No, but I don't think
we were making out, man.

No, I totally remember.
We were making out.

It was my bisexual phase.

Now I'm totally gay.

No, wait a minute.
I really don't remember that.

I think we must've been
so stoned that we imagined it,

but that's all, man.

Well, everyone should be able
to do whatever they want.

It's like Juan says,
the more gay guys there are,

the more girls there are for us.

The other day,
Fatso and I were at Serrano

and he was totally freaking out.

"This place is full of gay people!

and Juan said "Take it easy, Fatso."

The more gay guys there are,

"the more chicks there are for us
to choose from."

That's how it is.

Last time we were...

I don't get people who think
that if you go to a gay bar

all the guys are going
to hit on you.

It's not true.

Gays play hard-to-get
more than girls.

I swear it's true.

The other day Her and X
went to a parky

full of gay Peronists...
You know she's an activist there?

And I looked like the gayest guy in
there, with the shirt I was wearing.

I'm serious.
No one gave me the time of day.

They don't even look at you.
That's how it is.


Okay, but where are you guys now?

Yeah, obviously, man.

Yeah. But stay there
at the gas station.

I'll be there in half an hour.


Yeah... Alright, man. Alright!


Maxi, come with me
to pick Fatso up.

He's with Juan.
The girls left him there.

They went to another party.


What? Did they have sex?

Fatso said he did.
He screwed her in a bathroom.

But Juan didn't. He just
made out with her in the yard.

Come on, man. Let's go.

- I'm exhausted, man.
- Come on! Don't be inconsiderate!

Stop bothering me, man.

- Come on, man! Come on!
- Alright!

Let's go.

Listen, now you guys
go out and play soccer

and let Andrea clean up, please.

Okay, but Fede's lying down
because he doesn't feel well.

But he won't get in the way.

In any case, she can just
not clean that room.

Of course, that's no problem.

Who? The boy with the blue eyes?

Germ?n, a friend of mine
from Taekwondo.

He came to our house several
times. You've seen him, right?

Yeah, but I didn't know
he was everyone else's friend too.

No, he's my friend.
But I told him to come along.

Because he was going to go to
the South with a couple of friends

and they started dating.

They told him
they wanted to go alone,

so he had nowhere to go
on vacation.

Text me when you finish, okay?

I left you your pay
for last week and today.


- Are you alright, Andrea?
- Yeah, everything's fine.

- You got my number, right?
- Yeah.


You can send me a missed call
if you want, so...

I'll call you later.

I have two kids, you know?

I'm separated,
but I've got two kids.

I can be a good dad
if you give me a chance.

What are their names?

Lucas and Manuel.

- Six and four.
- Nice names.



Damn it!


- Juan...
- What?

Roll another one.

But there's only enough
for one more.


Didn't you have a friend
who's staying near here

who had weed?


He's near here...

Twenty minutes away.

Tell him to bring some
and we'll buy some from him.

No, he'll bring me some.
It's no problem.

He has a bunch of plants.

He's really cool.

And he's totally out of his mind.

HEY, guys...

Let's go buy meat early tomorrow,

because the other day we got there
late and there was none left.

Hey, Fer! Do you want to go?

- Yeah, alright.
- Okay.

Hey, Lucho fell asleep.

Let's take some pictures of him
and post them for the group.

What kind of group?

A whatsapp QFOUP?

Yeah. We always take pictures
of Lucho.

Hey... Fer...

I'm serious.

I'm going to wake you up early

Don't stay up too late.

Well, do whatever you want.

But I'm waking you up early

Okay, you can come jump on me
if I don't wake up.

Okay. We-


They're always playing pranks
on Lucho, huh?


But he's the worst of them all.

One summer,
Juan got pictures of him

taking a dump in Fatso's bag.

He didn't care.

Fede got his cell phone
and started taking pictures.

And one year later,
Fede found the pics

and he wanted to kill him.

They always pull pranks
like that, though.

Sometimes they cross the line.

Did you put some clothes
in the wash today too?


I don't have any
clean underwear left.

It doesn't matter.

I'll just go to bed like this.

I saw you reading "Demian."

You read a lot.

I do quite a lot
of reading myself,

but I think you beat me.

No, only when I'm on vacation.

During the year...

I don't have time
to read anything.

It's really hard.

You know what I started doing?

It's great. I go out
without a backpack

and with a book.

So since I don't have a backpack,
I carry them around in my hand.

When I'm on the subway,
the bus, or getting paperwork done,

I read them and that's how
I finish them quickly.

So anyway...

What about "Demian"?

Had you read it before?


but I started looking into it
and I found out

that it's Hesse's story.

It's his story.

Actually, you know what he did?

He published the book with the name
of the main character: Sinclair.

And then he said it was about him,

so they started
to publish it as "Hesse."

I had already read Steppenwolf


the one about Buddha...


Siddhartha, yeah.

Besides, I read it
when I was fourteen.

A long time ago.

So I felt like reading it again.

When I...

When I read it,

I thought he was in love
with Demian.

Yeah, it's a bit like that.

I'm totally in love with her.

I want to marry her.

I don't really mind
her fits of jealousy.

I can handle it.

As long as I don't give her reasons
to be suspicious

and start imagining things,

I think she'll get over it.

- Yeah, I know you like her.
- Yeah, I love her!

But she keeps asking me
if there are women here,

if any girls
are going to come over.

She said she's going to
drop by unexpectedly.

- You don't know when.
- I don't know.

She can come.
What's the problem?

I don't know...

But anyway...

She's not dumb.

She knows that there are going
to be women here sometimes,

friends of yours.


But I think that if I don't give her
any reason to be suspicious,

she'll start to relax.
I don't know.

But I totally understand her.


Because her ex boyfriend
cheated on her with her friend.


- What a jerk!
- No wonder!

- Now she's traumatized.
- Of course.

She's paranoid that the person
she's with will cheat on her.

That's why she asks me all the time
and calls me.

- But the guy's an asshole.
- Yeah, he's an asshole.

And so is her friend.

Her too.

What a bitch!

- I think you shouldn't play along.
- Yeah.


I'd just want to have a girlfriend
so I don't get the blowfish anymore.

That's was a good one.

That's a good one.


The blowfish!

You're terrible.
You love to cum inside, man.

I'm serious, man. Stop it.

One day someone's gonna
go to your house

late at night, ring the doorbell

and say "Juan, this is your kid."

Kid, this is your dad.
You have to take care of him."

You'll want to kill yourself!

Knock on wood, man.
What are you talking about?

I will, but you have to
take care of yourself.

He's right.

Yeah, man. Wear a condom.

I'm going to wake Fer up.

Alright, alright.
Do you want some coffee?

Yeah, okay. I'll be right down.




Hey! Wake up.

Let's go buy some meat. Come on!

Hey! Fer!

Come on, dude! Wake up!

Come on, you cocksucker!
Wake up! Come on!

Come on! I'm going to jump on you!
Come on!

Come on, cocksucker!

Come on! Hey! Fer!


Okay, alright.

I'll be waiting for you downstairs.

Come on, cocksucker!

Ger, are you in there?


- Diego woke you up, right?
- Yes.

Okay, I'm going
to go shopping with him

and I'll see you later, okay?




How are you?

How was your trip?

Hi. What are you doing here,

You look beautiful.
Did you come here by yourself?

No, I came with Carla.

With Carla?

You're not mad, are you?

I don't know, honey.
I'm really sleepy. Just let me sleep.

You're so beautiful.

Are you happy I came?

I'm really sleepy, honey.
Stop asking me that.

Pass it to me!

Under the bridge...

It's great.

I can tell you what I think...

Hey, Fer...

What's up with Germ?n?

What do you mean "what's up"?

I don't know. You tell me.

I think you guys look like
you make a good karate duo.

We always look like the ones
who are desperate to have kids,

but that's because you guys can have
kids your whole lives and we can't.

For example, my cousin and my sister
are always making calculations.

You take one year to meet someone,

two years to get along well

and three years
to move in together.

But if things don't work,
you're back where you started,

and then you've wasted
three years of your life.

I don't know.

The reality is that you guys
can have kids

with the first woman you meet
at whatever age.

You can have a kid at 50
if you're with a young woman.

Tom?s' face talking about kids.

No, I ask her about it
more than she says.

I say we should have them now
when we're young.

But she wants to go to school
and all that, right?

It's true.

If it were up to me,
I'd have kids right now.


Last year, my boyfriend and I
went backpacking to the south,

to Rinc?n del Azul.
Do you know it?

- Yeah.
- It's great!

Because there are refuges
in that area where you can stay

for as many days as you want.

The water there is turquoise.
That place is amazing.

You know where you really
have to go?

To the North,
the whole Northern area...

Purmamarca, Humahuaca...

I have a bunch of contacts
at the hostels there.

If you want,
I'll give you my whatsapp number

- and send you all the information.
- Okay, yeah.

What I really want to see,
even though it's more expensive,

is Chile. I'm dying to go there.

I want to go to Puc?n,

and then go down to Valdivia.

I went there when I was a kid,
with my parents.

But I don't remember anything.

I remember a fish market

and the sea lions
that were there, lying in the sun.

People would feed them.

Do you want me to give you
my whatsapp number now

so we don't forget?

- Okay.
- Yeah?


What are you guys doing?

No, come over here.
We're having a blast!

Okay, go get Luli
and all of you come over.

The house is great.

Fer said we can all stay
in his mom's room.

Yeah... We're with Fede,
Diego, Maxi...


They're the guys you met
at Centenario Park. Remember?

They're not annoying at all.
I'm here with Carla...

and we're having the best time.

The best time.

Come on. It's a lot more fun.

Really, the house is huge
and they'll leave us

two or three bedrooms.

Stop it!



Shut up!

Alright, bye.

Well? Well?

They're not coming.

I know them.
They're not gonna come.

Why did you have to whisper
all the time, Fatso?

I just said we have
a tennis court and a pool!

They heard you, Fatso!


I'm taking the toothbrush, okay?

Sleep well.

Do you want to go to sleep?

Okay, yeah.

Are you still in a relationship?


- You too, right?
- Yeah.

We're actually thinking
about moving in together.


So are we.

But we're just starting
to talk about it.

But it's a big step.


It's kind of like getting married.

- I don't know...
- But it's cool.

I don't know if it's cool
to think about it like that.

But yeah, I don't know.

So are you faithful?

As much as possible.

I'm gonna wake him up.

No, no, no! Don't do that.

- Come on!
- No! He won't wake up.

- Yeah!
- Okay, do whatever you want.

They always take your bed.

What do we do?

We can sleep in your bed.


You sleep on the side of the wall,

Should I turn off the lights?



- Hey, man...
- What's the matter?

Come with me to get some pastries.

Lucho took my car to take
Guada's friend to the capital.

Just go on foot.

Come on, man! Take me in your car.

Just go on foot.
It's really nearby.

I'm not going to go on foot.
Come on, get up!

I always go.
You guys are so lazy!

I'll go with you.

What happened?

The chick's amazing!

We were making out
next to the tennis court.

At one point, she looks at the shed
and says "What's in there?"

And that was it.

She pulled down my pants
and started sucking my cock...

It was awesome!

Then I went to the bedroom
to get the condoms

and this idiot
didn't want to give me any.


But I thought the girl
was really faithful,

or at least
that's what Guada says.

Maybe since both of them are
in a relationship, she didn't care.

But if Lucho hadn't told me
that he saw it,

I wouldn't have believed it.

Why were you spying on us,
you cocksucker?

If I had seen you, I would've
beaten the crap outta you.

I'm serious.

That's not right.

You screwed the girl I'd been
flirting with all afternoon,

with my condoms...

The least I could do
was watch her in action a little.

You always say Leo's a cocksucker,

but you were watching her
suck on my cock.

Yeah... Yeah right, you cocksucker.

You perverted voyeur.

What's the matter with you?

I'm pissing myself.

Are you coming with me?

Hey, Fer's a good fighter,

We don't fight.

We just train.

But Fer's the best.
Everyone loves him.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.

When we were kids
and we went out dancing,

a couple of times
we got into fights with people.

But he was always there for us.

He'd always defend us...

Anyone. He was always the first one
to defend anyone.

It's too bad...

he's head over heels in love
with a friend of my girlfriend's.

It's been ages,
but he's still in love with her.

The four of us used to double date.

We went on vacation together once.

But since the girl left him,
he hasn't been with anyone else.

It's crazy.

- Didn't he tell you?
- No.

No, I didn't know.

Yeah, he's head-over-heels in love.

He doesn't even talk
about the girl though, you know?

He didn't tell you, but I know.

I've known Fer for a long time

and I know he's in love.

Even though he doesn't mention her.

He's crazy about her.

If the girl wanted to get back
together with him,

he wouldn't think twice.

I'm sure he wouldn't.

Hey, your friend,
the one with the weed, is here.

- Seba?
- Yeah.

He looks like a real bum.

- Did he tell you anything?
- No.

Thanks, Seba.


I came in, he opened the door...

And when I saw all those
straight guys in the pool,

I almost died.

One of them, the big blond guy,
was in his underwear.

He took it off
and put on his bathing suit.

I went crazy.

They said "Get in the pool."

I thought if I got in the pool,
I'd turn into a mermaid

and I'd be exposed.

I'm dying to have sex
with all of them.

So what's up with that guy?
Fernando, right?


I don't know what's up with him.

I'm kind of confused.

I don't get it.
We're together all the time

and he keeps looking at me.

He laughs a lot.

Last night we slept together
and in the middle of the night,

I felt his hard cock
against my leg.

But I don't know,
because we were sleeping.

You're slow. I would've gone down
to drink from the hose.

No, no, no. I don't know.

I was just talking to Leo,
the guy we came with,

and he confused me even more.

That Leo guy stares a lot.

I think he's gay.

I don't know.
That's the impression I got.

I think he's gay too.

You suck, Fatso!

There's the fucking ball,
you idiot!

- Take it easy!
- He said I suck!

Relax, Diego!

Who do you think you are? Messi?

Milky butt.

Here you go, Meathead.

There you go, you idiot!

He's been cheating all day!

And you guys don't say anything.
You play dumb too.

Shut up, man!

Don't tell me to shut up!

Forget it.


- How are you, Piojo?
- What's up?

Everything's fine.

(How are you guy's WW?)?

The cops took our bags
like they were going to check them.

I wasn't worried, because
I didn't have anything at the time.

But at one point, someone
started talking louder

in another language.
That made us more nervous

because we couldn't understand
what they were saying.

I turn around and I see
a huge blonde woman

with my jean jacket in her hand...

She was holding it
as if it were dirty.

And in the other hand,
she was wearing a blue glove

and holding some shrooms,
like evidence.

When I saw that I realized
that I had something...

But when I saw the jacket,

I realized that I had had
that jacket for five years

and I hadn't washed it,

so those shrooms had been in there
for a long time.

They were all old and dry,

so they weren't effective anymore.

They analyzed them

and realized there was no problem.

They had us there for a while...

In the end we even laughed
about it together

and that was it. They let us go.

So luckily I'm here
and I can tell about it.

I'm free.

So I brought you a couple of...

a couple of interesting things
for you to have fun tonight.

So enjoy it.

We can get in the pool later,
if you want.

Do you want to go to the pool?

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- Is my eye red?
- Let me see.


- Did you guys get some rest?
- Yeah.

The guys already left.

They didn't want to wake you up.

Leo got up early
and started getting on our nerves.

He took everyone, Maxi, Fede...

We're going to go back
in a van later.

You have to leave the car
to your Mom, right?

Yeah, because she needs it.

We'll help you clean up later.

Are you staying till tomorrow?


I'll clean up with him.

We'll be back in a while.

See ya.

- Do you wanna go?
- Let's go.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, three.

Did you have a good time?

Yeah... I had a great time.

Can I kiss you?