Tada's Do-It-All House (2011) - full transcript

mahoro city is stuck between tokyo and kanaga city

it's not a metropolitan but i wouldn't
call it countryside either.

it's far from the sea, but it's
not mountainous either.

on the whole, it's kind of out there

everything here is out of fashion

people born here rarely
leave this place

if by chance they do leave,
they all tend to come back

from the moment of our birth til we die...

we live out their lives here

as for me, i have a handyman shop
in front of the rail station

quite seriously...

1 minute if you run from the station...

3 minutes if you walk...

- tada's do it all house
in front of mahoro station -

then... jan 4th at noon


this is the last time,
taking care of live things...

here you go!

a dog?!

tada-san, shouldn't a girl be priority?

i'm fine being alone

- unlike you...

that guy...
right? what's he thinking?

this year was a year of restoration

as such, there were many changes

a bright and peaceful new year...

can't be...

- yes, hello
- fujimi veterinary hospital?

yes it is

the chihuahua is shaking

they're a timid breed

i know, but the shaking is severe

- like i said, it's a timid breed
- "it"? i know that...

what i'm saying is that the shaking
is very severe

give me a break. do you know what time it is?

- january -

this is okada from yamashiro town

can you work from 6:30am til 8:30pm?

what kind of work?

cleaning around the yard...
but it's only a cover

i want you to oversee the town bus movement

that bus company isn't running the buses
on schedule

that's no good... here, eat this

they're not cheating on their shifts

they were late once or twice
but overall everything checks out

that's strange... did you do it right?

yes. i watched the road continously
while eating the rice ball your wife gave

i even peed... i urinated into a bottle
to keep my eyes on the road

would you like to see proof?

yeah, let's

well, good evening

please call, if you need me again

who pees in a bottle?


give me a smoke?

"Lucky Strike"

this dog with you?


it doesn't fit you

you don't remember me?

no, i remember


gyoten haruhiko


mahoro junior high...

hey gyoten,
we made a bet

we bet a hundred bucks
that i can make you talk

don't ignore me!

what'cha you doin' here?

and you?

i was visiting my folks

- no more buses
- i know

i missed the last bus taking
care of your dog

you've changed, gyoten

not as much as you

i'll drive you to the station

hmm, ramen shop

you see it as a ramen shop?

won't people think "tada"
will mean "free"?

don't you hear people say,
"mr handyman please do this for free"

why not "tada's do it all center"?

people will read it as "free do it all center"

- gyoten
- what?

shut up til we reach the station

yeah, but before that

- can i ask a favor?
- what is it?

put me up for tonight

i refuse


on cold nights like this

the scar on my finger hurts more

i was just kidding about the finger
it doesn't hurt anymore

you're a good guy
i didn't think you'd come back

only for tonight

hey, gyoten. get up

we need to get out in the next 20 seconds

- where to?
- to return the dog

it isn't yours?

that's right. hurry up


i told her at noon...

- smoke?
- i have mine

you being a handyman is a surprise

barely graduate from college,
work at an ok company...

marry young to a girl
who can cook...

come home from work exhausted

settle down with a family

die surrounded by the wife, kids
and 4 grandkids...

leave them a good inheritance

was how i figured you...

i barely got into college
and barely got a job

but the girl i married

was never a good cook
until the day we separated


you sure talk a lot

opposite of junior high

i was married too
even have a kid

2 years old?
was it a girl...?

you don't remember?

never met her

hey, don't!

- take a look
- what're you doing?

it's alright, look

she's cleared out...

she got me

what're you thinking?

thinking what to do with the dog

it's small, so just kill it and toss it

you serious?

owner probably expects you to

give it


do you know this dog?

- it's so cute
- she was so nice to it

- really, who?
- mari


yeah, got it!

this the place?
aren't you going in?

how do i get mari to come out

mari, we brought your chihuahua...

lend me your shoes


just hurry up

excuse me


i'm mari's homeroom teacher
at her new school

i was passing by and wanted to say hello

i see, you're her new teacher

thank you for helping her

mari, say hello to the teacher at
your new school

good to meet you, i'm okazaki

there's a lot of traffic here in the morning

so i'll show you around here
to avoid it

- i'll show her the safe crosswalks
- ok, thank you


here comes the princess

what did your mom tell you about hana?

that we couldn't take her to the new apartment...

that she gave hana away...

she said she'll buy me another dog
but i only want hana!

you can't have dogs here

your mom lied and dumped the dog on us

your mom left the dog for me to deal with

but you're hana's real owner, right?

i want to know what you want to do

if you want to raise her, i'll
talk to your mom about it

please find a nice new owner for hana

can i ask one more thing?

hana... does she always shake so much?

she shakes...

because she's small and she's trying her
best to survive, is what my mom said

call me, if you come by mahoro again

i'll find her a good new owner

thank you

-tada, what about this bike?
- that's my bike!

- it looked brand new, so i brought it to you
- thank you

you can tell you mom the truth about
the dog and the bike

sorry, hana...

i'll find the chihuahua a new owner...

then, you're next

alright, let's go!

where? why?

are you going to abandon me?

i'll drive going back

my shoes...

give back my shoes!

what happened?

all of a sudden

i've adopted a bum and a chihuahua

you have a license?

- march -

- yes, tada's do it all house
- i want a chihuahua... a thousand of 'em... so funny!

- yes?
- woof woof! hello? can you hear? woof woof! hello~

[call for a chihuahua]

hey... did you get a call?

calls? yeah, got a bunch of 'em

- that guy wanted one...
- what're you doin'?

there're ways to do things
i can ask around first

don't do things on your own
i've been getting cranks calls all day

then, why don't you do it?

it's your dog

tell them off and just
get rid of the dog

it won't bother anyone

i have it!

but, it's expired...

get a good sleep in and
all's better, is what mom used to say

here's lulu all the way from colombia

i saw the chihuahua sign at the station

wow, how cute, come here~

wow, bonita ~

- what's that?
- don't mind him

- are you from colombia?
- yeah, that's right

passing through mahoro but
they deported all us colombians

quietly colombians are popular and trendy

that why you're colombian?

there's another person who wants the dog as well

can we give you an answer after
we meet the other party?

i see

too bad

mr handyman, do you fix doors?


- how much?
- $20 per hour

then... can you come over?

- when is it good for you?
- tomorrow, around 3pm

are you the handyman?


- the chihuahua?
- who are you?

i'm hi-c, lulu's roommate

- i see
- the chihuahua?

sorry, but the dog went to another home

why? what for?

idiot!! we didn't have a chance, did we?!

- yes~
- tada's do it all house

welcome, come in come in

- thank you
- sure

- we just met a person named hi-c outside
- she's on her way to work

i told hi-c as well, but the chihuahua...

bad news?
some things can't be helped~

i apologize

was she mad?
she's young... forgive her

gyoten, help me with the door

before that, can i use the bathroom?



- he's a strange one~ your friend?
- no way

it's done...

sorry, don't worry~
everything done? nice

- who're you? hey!?
- shin-chan!

you got a new guy already?!

shin-chan, he's...

what've you two been doin'!!

please calm down, i'm a handyman
i'm here to fix a door

you're a guy, aren't ya!!

- gyoten!!
- yeah~

it's hot, hot

- who's the stiff?
- my man

that's enough! that's enough gyoten

what took you?

the toilet was stuck

- hey
- yeah?

how's this...

break up with this guy

if you do, you can have the cute dog

isn't this what you want?

give it!!

what'cha wanna do?

i'll break it off... for the chihuahua!

- don't mess with me!
- you're the one who's messing with us!

you bother us again and i'll rub it in your eyes, for sure

ok... it's hot

i'll get you back~!

- gyoten
- yeah?

you think she'll break up with shin-chan?

i doubt it...

if the dog lives there the white powder
will get in its food

tada... about dogs...

they're happiest when people pay
attention to them

is that what the dog told you?


the chihuahua was a burden for you

but not to that colombian girl

the chihuahua is hope for her

being needed is like being a hope for that person

the last treat is on me...
top of the line canned food

that's not bad

i found it in a funny box

hey tada... maybe we should get serious about work?

i've been thinking...
you're really laid back

normally shouldn't we be expanding the business
putting out advertising,

or at least pass out flyers?

who're you to say!
all you do is sleep all day!

watch it, there's a shampoo bottle in there...

next day, lulu and hi-c was happy to come
pick up the chihuahua

but gyoten...

how long is this living arrangement going to go on...

- June -

Please bring my son home from his
after school cram classes.

- that's fine
- yura

Please greet this gentleman who'll pick
you up after cram classes starting tomorrow

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you
I'm tada and this guy is gyoten

I'm jealous~ do you like this animation?


I'm wondering how it'll end

- you'll cry...
- let's go gyoten

... tryin' to act all good...
hey! you listening to me!?

you tryin' to act like my mom pisses me off!!
hand over the money!

don't play games and just hand over the money
you bitch...

it's been bothering me...

we don't talk as much as we use to

that so? let's talk

stop watching dvds with kids while
we're on the job

- but nero is...
- shut up

maybe he's already taken off?

is it the other side?


- found him
- get off!

came out the back door

can you not give us a hard time?

i didn't ask you to do this

let's go, yura kid

what's with the yura kid?!

let's go

in this thing? no way

- why not?
- cause it sucks

you don't know how cool this car runs
you're just a kid

it must be hard studying so late

do you take the bus here?


what do you want to be after
studying so much? yura-kid

at the least, i won't be a handyman

not cute at all, kid!

what is it?

a scar? cool!

don't bring up his pinky story

you don't have to take it out on the kid

the finger is fine now

- got him!
- good! got him!

i can go home by myself!

i'll tell my mom you guys took me home

let's go

your mom's just worried about yura-kid
don't want you to be taken by bad guys

she's not worried about me
she doesn't even care about me

the reason she's doing this is...

she has a lot of money...
she's just showing off to the neighbors

you shouldn't smoke in front of kids
don't you have common sense?


even the most considerate gesture
can be dirtied by smoke

that's life

that's stupid!

how far have you seen the dog movie?

the grandpa died

it'll end soon

which part did you like?

the part where nero doesn't have parents

didn't you say you haven't seen your childs face yet?

yeah, just gave my seed

you're horrible, man

i haven't even thought about it

watching that anime

not having parents
why did i think it was so great

they even die in front of ruben's painting

that's a happy ending

- don't make me laugh...
- i wasn't trying...

why is the kid's death a happy ending?

you and even yura's mom
give me a rest

all kids need their parents love


there are kids that grow up
without that kind of love

it's broken

- shin-chan hasn't been around lately?
- no, not at all

i don't think business has been good for him...
he sells dope, right?

a rival of his is causing him trouble lately


serves him right~ right?

excuse me, i left something behind

go ahead

thank you


i think you have a fever

i'll be outside so call if you need me

don't turn it off

- did he take the medicine?
- yeah

fast forwarded to the end?

please excuse us

yura seemed to have a fever
and we didn't want to leave him alone...

is that so? sorry for the trouble

his fever seems serious
maybe you should take a look...

let me make you some tea first...

look, i think he likes sweets

he'll catch diabetes

don't worry... it's not sugar

yeah, i know
you think it ok to leave it like this?

don't need to worry over
a stupid kids problems


... it's you

i see...


we're kind of busy...
so today's no good

we longer take on jobs dealing with kids

huh? she hung up

which part of today are we busy?

you said you didn't want to worry
over others problems

once we take on a job we finish it

that's what tada's do it all house is about

she says he still has a fever

and he's still taking the bus

please leave a message

what happened yesterday?

- what?
- don't act dumb

i know about the sugar being
hidden under the bus seat

you'll regret it when this catches
up with you

what happened yesterday?

none of your business

what the hell is this!?!?!?!?

who're you impersonating?
that was awful

i was just expressing my true feeling...

hey yura-kid! you alright?

he's crying...

it's ready


- i don't need it
- bon appetit

????, ???
hey yura-kid

just what have you gotten into?
just let it all out

just say, "please help me"

tada will help you
he's a nosy guy


tell me

a guy talked to me at the park

what guy?

i don't remember... but he's young


he asked if i wanted a part-time job

he wanted me to hide the sugar in the
bus seat once a day

he gave me 50 bags...
and $50...

can i eat... the dumpling?


really... it's totally delicious...

- another plate please
- ok~

hey~ stop by at our place~

- do you know lulu and hi-c?
- no~


come spend time with us~

- wow! you guys came!?!
- i'm so happy! we'll give you guys extra service~

no no, it's not that
do you have shin-chan's numbers?

i deleted it~


- sorry to bother you
- what~ you're going already?

i think shin-chan... he hangs around the back streets
of the shopping mall



you scared me... what?

i'm not seeing lulu anymore
leave me alone!

i hear you have a new rival and he's
causing you some trouble. you have his contact?

no, why're you asking me...

i do~ got it here~

he's an arrogant one
i don't know his handle yet

i'll soften him up for you
let me have his name and number

i heard he's called hoshi but
don't know if it's his real name

but... you're really gonna rough him up?

leave it to us
it's his specialty

go now

hello, hoshi san?

i need some advice about medicine
for my diabetes...

i was just messing with you

no, it's not a joke

i heard you've been pushing the
sweets on my client

what the? he hung up?

i have your sugars

of course

if you leave the kid alone
i'll see to it you get everything back

or i could just call the cops

what? the bastard hung up again

where're you goin?

just going for a drive


i like to



if you look in front of the station,
do you know the place called irolia?

tomorrow morning buy 10 nori-ben
and 23 sha-ke-ben lunch specials there

- why so much?
- i'll give you the stuff there

i got it

let's be good friends from now on,

let's do that, goodbye

we may be saving the kid...
but what about the other kids?

how can we save them all

i guess you're not made to be a staff of justice

doesn't matter

i'm a handyman...

10 nori-ben and
23 sha-ke-ben please!

yeah... yeah!!

-thank you


what the hell is this town becoming?

what do i do...!!?

you haven't replaced the windshield yet?

don't have the money
it's summer so it's cool

it stinks

yura-kid, today's the last time?
i heard from your mom

last time for this stinky car too

shut up

are you putting a child in that car?

listen, please don't smoke if front of the cram school

my child told me he's scared of the
weird men in front of the school

i don't mind if they smoke or whatever

the car stinks, but it's a ride...

- let's go!
- let go!

5th floor

are you thinking of something
nice to say to us?

not at all

going up

i was thinking of the dog in the anime

which part?

what a smoke?

are you dumb?

not having parent or
being ignored by parents

which is worse?...


do you think that anime had a happy ending?

i didn't think about that
they die anyway

i don't think it's a happy end either
it's the end when you die

are you trying to say that as long as
your alive you can start over?


that's just fantasy

no matter how much you hope...

your mom...

will never live up to your expectations


listen carefully, yura

but you can always give love

all the love you never got,
you can give that much to someone

as long as you're alive,
as long as you live

you understand?


i told you this, but

it's hard for me too

i don't seem to be able...

to give anything to anyone

- august -

- he's dehydrated
- wake up, handyman!

are you awake?
you've had enough today, go home!

excuse me

isn't there a big and old house around here?

the owners are the gyoten family
did they move?

the bus is here~!

that couple moved last december

i heard they went to a warmer climate

don't know where though

is that so...

thank you. let's go


gyoten haruhiko


hana is the chihuahua's name
i'm mari


we kept the name hana


- have some watermelon~
- watermelon! let's eat

we don't have any ice cream!

- oh my god!
- oh my god!!

i'll go buy some!

i'll go with you

my name is mitsumine nagiko

i was gyoten haruhiko's wife

gyoten is

looking after an elementary kid right now

he's changed... haru-chan

- haru-chan?
- is that strange?


haru-chan used to hate little kids...

i think he still does

he's afraid of children

- it's hot
- it's really hot

he was scarred when he was young...

he can't seem to get over
the scars of his youth

do you have a handyman business?
it's surprising

do i look like a ramen shop owner?

i have a simple request

please let haru-chan know that
he doesn't need to send money anymore...

he's been sending you money?

$30 or $50 at a time

he even sent $9 once

he has a payment system from his account...

and he's been sending money ever since

when i called his work place
they told me he'd quit

what did he do?

he use to work for a pharmaceutical company

he was in charge of attaining consent from
patients to gather their blood at hospitals

i worked at one of the hospitals
and met him one day

sometime afterwards, we married

tada san

i'm not sure what a ramen shop owner
should look like

what is it?

a stalker is looking this way

i know that face

- let's irritate him
- don't

he's really creepy!

wanna spend the day together?

wanna get hitched?

i wanted to have a child

i wasn't getting younger

i wasn't too busy...

i thought this is my last chance

tada san

this child was conceived thru
artificial insemination


kuma kuma

the rabbits name is kuma

i've been living with and have a relationship
with a woman partner

you mean a lesbian partner?


haru-chan accepted and
agreed to help me

[hana and mari went on a walk
- lulu]

make some sound


say ah~~~

what~? no way~

it's ok, just do as i say


- for sure?
- for sure


haru-chan married me
and donated his sperm

and during his time off he
divorced me as planned

don't make me laugh!?!
hi-c is my girl!!!

i haven't seen him since
but, he's been sending money every month

who's whose girl?
say it again

i phoned telling him he needn't bother

but he just laughed it off


tell me how much you want hi-c

i'll always be around mahoro

let's have a date~

one day, i don't know how they found out
but haru-chan's parents called me

they told me they wanted to take care of haru

haru is this childs name too

she's haru-chan's haru


pretty flowers

i like them

i was distraught and told haru-chan about the call

"i understand, i'll go talk to them
so don't you worry, nagiko san"

... was what he said last

but i began to think

what if this turns into a bigger mess...

haru-chan often told me

"lots of children die from abusive parents

but why do so few children kill their abusive parents?"
was what he said

when you met haru-chan

haru-chan may've been trying
to kill his parents

because of haru-chan
i have this child

please tell haru-chan to call me
when he's in the mood


i think i've gotten to know him a little

one more thing

please tell him not to go to a scary place...

you should be somewhere besides mahoro
for a short time

how about you?
yamashita is really dangerous

if he gets caught for doing something
at least you'll be safe


why're you doing this?

if something happens to you,
the chihuahua will be alone with lulu

if that happens, shin-chans white powder
may get into the dogs food

then i'll get in trouble with tada

here, shumai lunch box


come with me

handyman, where's your friend?

who are you?

are you hoshi san?


it's a serious situation

call your friend on his cell phone now

he doesn't have one

really? there're people like that?

what's going on?

yamashita is a crazy kid

i've been thinking of getting rid of
that headache


i don't want the cops to get involved

if it gets noisy, i'll get rid of yamashita

your friend too

i got it
next to the station?


let go


you're desperate... handyman

i'll go find gyoten!

we won't talk to the cop, no way!

where is he?

near the bus terminal

who'll get to him first?



this way


- october -


smoke's coming out of your stomach

i owe you another one

that's true

can i leave?

you have a place to go?

let's go, we have work

the finger~ you bit~

the pinky~ hurts so much~

i didn't bite!!

tada san!

i'm hayasaka from mahoro precinct

the mother of yamashita muneyuki
says he's missing

- who's that?
- don't fuck with us!!

you don't say...

- we'll be going
- wait a second

it's must be tough just having gotten
out of the hospital, gyoten san

are you investigating us, mr. police?

this is.... a nice place

nothing but throwaways

tada san

you lost a child early

i have been researching

yamashita has a mother whose blood
is completely different from his

i have nothing to do with it

his mother passed soon after birth

the father remarried but
this time he died

so, he lived with a mother whose blood
he doesn't share

tada san!

with no kin...

a hopeless helpless son

i wonder how she felt requesting a search for him?

see you later

hey tada

yamashita... you think he's alive?

if yamashita is alive...

you think he'll be able to live with his mother?

don't make me laugh

it's not that...

you're so noble...

you're worried about the punk who
tried to kill you... don't make me laugh!!

do you know nagiko san's contact info?

she's concerned about you!

you don't even call her once and
you're talking shit about yamashita!?!

say something!

i'll tell you

you pretend you don't have anything
but that's not true!

you pretend you don't have anything
but you have it all!!

people who worry about you!

a child who shares your blood!

but you just pretend to be alone
you're just an insensitive and arrogant punk!

you may be right

like you said

but you know...

i want to know

how far does a person have to go
to be able to start again?

why'd you come out?

i'm just going for cigarettes

you've already heard...
but i had a kid

i'm thirsty

do we still have some sake left?

after i got married

it was good for awhile

she wasn't a good cook though

one day, a friend told me
the wife was cheating on me

i laughed it off, thinking he was joking

she got pregnant soon afterward

how horrible is that?

she said the kid was mine... to believe her...

isn't it funny?

how could i know for sure
she could've been lying all along

but, i believed her

am i an idiot?


forget the kid...

break up with her...

just thinking it made my heart explode

i felt betrayed...
but i decided to try to make it work

i love her alot

the newborn was innocent!
was what i kept saying to myself...

but you know what

as her tummy got big,
my bitterness began to go away

when the child was born...
i was so really happy

i even thought the baby looked like me

i forgave everything
even found myself thanking god...


she told me lying in bed

that she wanted to have a DNA test

what the fuck?? it messed with my mind!

she said it was my child

even if it wasn't,
i was fine with it

thinking that way...
i really began to think it was my child

so, i refused the test

if by chance... the child wasn't mine...

really, if that was the case
what the hell was i suppose to do?


i loved the newborn without any conditions

this child is mine

i'm fine with it

i prayed my feelings wouldn't change


the baby died suddenly

a fever started one night

i was looking after the baby...

i didn't mean to fall asleep...

when i woke
the baby was cold...

after six month, we separated

you must've heard it many times...
but i'll say it again

it wasn't your fault

touch my pinky

it's all better now, isn't it?

it's cold now, but if you touch it
it warms up

you told that yura-kid

as long as you're alive
you always have another chance

as for me...

i want to be forgiven

i want to forgive and forget

but it's hard


please leave in the morning

- december -

tada san


we found yamashita

he's alive
missing a pinky though

he's been released

no evidence, no confessions...

he's a stubborn one

tada san

tell me what you know

i get angry when i look at you

doing odd jobs and being
a good boyscott...

you think you're doing something great?

you're flattering yourself

tada san

no matter how many people you help,
you can't save yourself

i've been around this too long

to know helping someone isn't easy

it's too big a task

that's why...

when you can't save anyone anymore...
think about how to survive yourself

yamashita's mother was crying happy

even though they don't even share the blood

even scums like him have
someone to look over them

in each region crowds gather to celebrate the new year...

there's only 10 minutes left of this year

cold winds of winter times is headed for tokyo...

they're not cheating on the numbers...

well then

hey handyman

why do you look lifeless?


smiling brings good luck


there's no more bus

i know

let's go gyoten


tada's do it all house
is recruiting now


let's go

enjoy the music and wait for the still cut