Tadare (1962) - full transcript

Based on the original novel by Tokuda Shusei, adaptation by Kaneto Shindo, Masumura Yasuzo directs. A battle of woman competing for the same man. Masuko (Ayako Wakao) is the number one hostess at a cabaret, living with her lover, but finds out that he has a wife.

The difference in height is 11cm so

If he is careless, as you can see

It's like it's coming from above

He lost his balance

In that case, you know

It's his best chance to attack

His right hand struck cleanly


Are you in?

I'm here

We're missing a member

What do you think?

He is coming here later

Until then, okay?

I haven't done that in a while

Take it for me

Hey master,Another sucker has arrived from Osaka

Tong! Here is it!

I don't know if you're a sucker or a wolf

You're terrible. You're playing with him


Hey you, If you lost,you pay on your won

Oh dear,Don't be so heartless

You can't just do that

That's how you fooled me the other day

In the world of competition, husband and wife are irrelevant

But you all have one wallet


Let me join in

You saw our card right?

Hey Misaki!

Hello guest

I will play mah-jongg game



Takei-san's father got bald head

But He's been nagging me all day

For what?

You should learn a little from him

I wonder it works or not

Welcome us

We are playing mahjong

Get it!

I've got good cards

You're very strong


Wanna play?

You play,Mai

Can you change seat, Asai-san

I'll make coffee

I'll make coffee for you, so you carry on playing

I'm sorry but It's all in the kitchen

How is your business, Asai-san?

Not so bad

This is Maruyama trading company

Is Kitagawa section chief in?

I'm Asai

Oh, Are you Kitagawa-san?
I'm Asai

What's the executive director's thinking?



You think it's too early?
Can you do it now? You have the authority

You're using a lot of those now, aren't you?

So, Thank you in advance

See you then

Hey you


You have a wife, and you cheated on me

Who said that to you?

I know all now

Did you talk to the people down there?

A woman has come to see you from Kyoto

You cheated me well

I didn't mean to that

Everyone was laughing downstairs. They said I was stupid.

You can't live in this day and age if you worry about what people say about you

Come here

What is your wife like?

Don't worry, We will divorce

Since when you are being with her?

She's the daughter of the family that took care of me when I was in school

She'd been to music school

You can't simply leave a woman like that.

The daughter of a benefactor...

I've repaid him well

I helped him out of a failed business venture

Where is she living?

She lives in Kasaoka where is outside of Okayama

You are also from there

I will leave her

I feel bad that you're splitting up for me

Because you said you are cheated

I don't want to be that wife


Are you Kojima?

I guess we work well with Maruyama trading company

Chief's urging me to do it

I will go there later

You go back?

I must go for our business

Give me my shirt

You come here to sleep with me

Car salesmen are

to find an opening for them

When the new car sells, I'll buy you the one you like

You worry about your wife as I thought

How long are you saying

Your wife is very jealous

I will be back day after tomorrow

Hi Yuki

It's late

You're very easygoing, aren't you?

When did you come?

Just now

Hey you

Get up,Maki is here

You don't have to wake him up

He is sleeping all day

Oh, welcome

I'm sorry to disturb you

Please come in


How are you going with?

I'm thinking of separete with Asai

Why is that?

I don't want to live like that

I will go out

Make yourself at home

I'm sorry to bother you

Never mind

He goes in and out of sleep

There are no good jobs around here at all

There is no work?

He sells this, you know what is this?

This seems good

It's a fake painting of a famous person

This looks real

He's a fall guy, selling fakes

He is idiot

But you are with him long

What do you like about him?

There is no good or bad. No choice

That's about it

I envy you

You live in a big house and don't have to worry about money

Kind of

It's all thanks to him.
You should be thanking him

It's boring to be bored every day waiting for a man

My body becomes loose

I feel enjoyble when I was working

Hey master

Good evening

It's been a whole

You are with Yuki

How's your business going?

Not so bad

I'm having trouble with our most popular one quitting the store

No customers at all

Hi Master, Look this


There is a stain like this.
Is this going to cost me 3,000 yen?

Take it off if you don't like


Take it off if you don't like


She doesn't do her job, and all she does is complain

Excuse me

I hate this place. I think I'd rather live in Nio-san

I'm back

You are late.Asai-san is here

I see

This is suvenior for you

Thank you

I'm back

Where have you been?

I thought you have left from me


You're going to spill beer

I won't let you go home tonight


Hey stop it

What wrong with you?


I see. I'm surprised

How could you sleep with him for 16 hours?

Whenever I see my husband , it makes me want a drink.

I guess I feel like into Asai step by step

I guess that's fine

But It's the crime of having driven his wife away.

Hi, come in

Hello, I'm Asai's wife

Hello, How are you? Sorry I am dressed down

You leave


It's been a whole, Please come in

My husband comes here often?

He did come in half a month ago, but not at all recently

Oh..She's a neighbor. Don't worry about it

Excuse me

Well, you want to leave some massages for Asai-san?

No, that's ok. Sorry to disturb you

Oh I see

I saw your wife's face clearly

She must not know you're here

Women are animalistic

Her sixth sense

It maybe so

You are away from your home for 4 days. You should go home sometime

You're so selfish.
Because you won't let go

I would consider you and your wife together

We should move out here

The people downstairs are noisy and the environment is bad


The only woman who isn't your true love

Drive carefully. It's for sale

I know

Good night

Good night

Welcome back home

I'm so tired

The bath is ready

I won't take, I feel I got cold

It seems you are very busy

Make a tea for me

What are you doing hiding from me?

I did nothing, I was away for work in Nagoya

How can you tell such a story?

Well then, that is ok

You don't need to escape

I'll take a bath

You just told me you won't take a bath

I've changed my mind

I've put up with poverty for too long

I've been trying so hard to help you

You're going to say that until you die

I think I've paid my debt to your house well

Well....Don't be self-serving in your logic.
You gave it back or you didn't give it back

You're going to shirk your responsibility

You told my father you wanted me

You asked for it seriously

You're a human being, and you've done this to me

Stop it

You took me away from our home and you married him

I hate that attitude of yours

All is your falut

You are so mean

Where are you going?

Do not be crazy

You are the crazy

Where are you going?

I will chase you forever

Let go! I will go home

You don't have to go home

You can go wherever you want

I will get after you

Your wife is hysterical

She act crazy, she is like that whenever I go home

Men are selfish. You made her that way

You made her that way

I know a lawyer, and I'll get him to intervene

Who is it?

Oh Ayako, Welcome here

Hey you ,Ayako who is our cousin is here

He is Asai


Please come in

You have grown a lot

Did you finish high school?

I graduated high school last year

Come in

So both of you are fine?


Your yonger brother and sister too?


I have six siblings

My brother has been nagging me lately

I heard your grandmother had a bent back


She is fine

Hey you, our grandmom is 68 years old

She has a long life

Wanna eat toast?

You haven't had breakfast yet, right?

No, I had breakfast on train

I will go to Urawa today.
My errands will be over soon

Let's go to an eel restaurant

That sounds good

Shall we bring her too?

No problem

I thought I will treat you a meal

I like these springs

It's a car that only the president class can drive

It's a great privilege for a salesman to be able to drive a car like this

Here is good.
Here's in the middle of a rice field

I feel like I'm back in the country

She wants to learn dressmaking

Is it right?

Sorry for keeing you wait

It's good to learn dressmaking

When you leave school in Tokyo, you can get a job in the country

She'll work and go to school, but I wonder
if she has a job anywhere

I have no idea

It's hard to work and go to school at the same time

Can we let her live in my house?


You should ask him too


It's nice to have someone to talk to, too


I thought you got married

Do not call me old woman.
I'm still 25 years old

I'm so tired.
I ate a lot of eel

So you are mistress

We will get married later

Our family thinks you get married

Because you ordered a copy of the family register

Don't just stand there, make some tea

You said you will get married

so you will kick Asai's wife out?

Rural areas and Tokyo are different environments

You don't understand what I think of

Hey you, why you plan to go to dressmaking school?

I thought you will get married

I'm not at ease, so I left the home

In your btother's letter

The house of the other person, Mr. Muro

They run a large orchard

Where is the tea?

You can look for them there

You will work with us from now

Why you don't marry him?

I don't like the life in country side

And he's the president of the youth association,
even though he's young, and he's very serious

He is good man. It is hard to find serious man

I'm not into serious man

I want to fall in love and get married

Someone come


Is Masuko in?

I'm here

Hey Yuki

I though I visited wrong house.
Who is she?

She is a daugher of my brother, Eiko

She didn't want to get married, so she left her home

She wants to learn dressmaking

Asai-san is coming here tonight?

I don't know

What's wrong?

Actually, Aoyagi is going to work

So I want you to let me stay here

I see. What kind of work he will do?

He will cheat a woman

While he was selling fake paintings.

He'd met the daughter of a rich politician

I see

So he will take money from her

Kind of

He's terrible

Finally we will be worst

What are you doing there, Eiko?

You should go to bed

It's ok if you stay here tonight

It's hard to live alone, isn't it?

It's ok if I get used to it

My wide die 5 years ago

Since then, I'm having single life

Don't you get married again?

I enjoy my single life

My father got married 4 times

Current wife is still 23 years old

She is just like my older sister

It's good that your father is being young

My father may be filthy, but I also have a lot of sympathy for him

A man is lonely when he's alone

Me too

I feel lonely

Do I make you feel less lonely?

I didn't mean that

It's ok if I kiss you

Kiss me

You are good at kissing

You can't do more


Because I won't be able to marry into a good place

A woman still has to get married

I will keep my virgin then

What's wrong with you?

Are you upset?

Can you kiss me again?

Can you?

I am a friend of Asai

As a lawyer, I'm objective

If you want to avoid talking and file a lawsuit,
I'll do that job

I asked her brother to come to Tokyo

You both wanted a clean resolution

There is no clean solution

Close your mouth

There is no need to file a lawsuit

Asai-san has no motivation to live with her

There is divorce paperwork.
Let's talk it out

It's just a matter of alimony

I want 10 million yen

Close your mouth

Then I made this kind of paper

Asai said he will pay 1500000yen

He'd like it to be in monthly installments for three years

I am not goods

We want 3 million yen at least

Asai said he can pay 1500000yen at most

I wonder what is the main reason for divorce

Because their personalities don't match


Here is nice apartment

How much is for a month?

Ah..let's go outside

To where?

Let's go to Yoshiko's place

To that old man?

It's been a long time to see him,
so Let's go

I'm back

I will go out so Please look after home

If Asai call

tell him I went to Yoshiko's place in Akasaka

I saw a magazin

One couple divorces every seven minutes in Japan

I see...One couple divorces every seven minutes

We will be one of them soon

Now for the first installment of 50,000 yen

Please affix your seal to the receipt

You can put the seal on it

I'll give you all the stuff from my house. You can take it home

Ah.. here it is

Well..that's all for now

Then see you

Hey you

Thank you for taking care of me for a age


Stop crying

As I get older, the only thing I enjoy is looking at beautiful women

That's more of a retreat than anything else

You've come to see me, and I'd like to invite you to dinner but

I'm out of money, and this house is my only asset

I have to be stingy now

If my money runs out, my wife runs away


Hey Yoshiko


We have 50 year old wine


Can you serve it to them?


Hey Yoshiko


The way I'm dressed is disrespectful to my guests

Bring Kimono to me


Excuse me a minute?

She is a very beautiful woman

She's the most beautiful thing in the world

She is more beautiful than any


He is crazy for Yoshiko

You did a good job.
I ended up being the poor one

There is a call for you

Are you Masuko?

I've finished the work

I see

You had a hard time, hadn't you?

I didn't want to stay home, so I came outside

Then I will be waiting here

I heard her brother works for the prefectural government

He is very serious

He took me 2 million yen

2 million yen is cheap

She has been with you for 7 years

I have been patient for 7 years

Hey, What are you doing so late

I'm picking up Asai's stuff

Just leave it

Just pack it up and mail it to him

You can throw away what you don't need over there

I can't do that

I don't want to look at his stuff, even his socks

I'll leave them all , then I go home

You should get some rest

Asai is so stupid

He'd been duped by a water girl

Let's toast,Ms

Thank you for your work


But I'll make it clear

It's your turn next

What are you talking about?

Is that so?

Let's get married right away

I will move to your place from tonight

I guess your ex wife's got a grudge against me

I think so. She looked very scary

I feel very fresh now

I couldn't focus on my work

That taught me

Are you sure?

(Station Announcements)


Wait a minute



This is Asai

Well..Can I talk to his wife?

Who is it?

She says nothing


This is Asai

Nice to talk with you

I'm his ex-wife Yuko

Who is it?

I will go home from now

I don't begrudge anyone but

You're the only one I hate

Hey, stop it

From Yuko?

Hey Yuko!

Hey Yuko!


She is so nasty

She's sarcastic until right before she leaves

I feel scary

Don't worry

Shall we go to hot spring for a change?

That's good idea

Let's get rid of the bad memories

Shall we bring her too?

She have to go to school

I dont have to go shool today,
Just as well, since tomorrow is Sunday

I want to go

What's wrong? You don't eat?

You are good dancer,Eiko

Anyone can do this

You're good for a country girl

How dare you!

What's wrong?

Give me a beer

Let's dance

Hey Let's dance

It's been a long time to dance with you

It's like a honeymoon

I'm glad We could come here

Good night

Good night

You should go to bed early

Tomorrow we'll go around Izu and return to Tokyo



It's good to travel sometime

We can go for traverl sometime

Only us?


So we go to bed


It's warm tonight

Wait wait!

Why you turn off the light?

Because...I'm shy

Are you shy?

I don't think so

It's like we're on our honeymoon

Do you drink whisky?

It's daytime, but I think I'll have a little drink

This is foreign one

This is Britsh too

I see. It must be expensive

I will give you one, Take it home

It's too expensive and I can't taste it


Doesn't Eiko hate the man with a blind date?

I don't know why Eiko hate him

His family runs a large orchard

He has a reputation for being serious

I think Eiko hate too serious guy

People laugh at you in the country when you say that

It would be convenient for Eiko to marry into Muro's family

I've been thinking about planting pears in the thicket behind my house

You've been thinking about it

They said they will give us 500,000 yen for the deposit

So you're more dedicated than she is

That's good for her too

They've got 50, 60 million in assets

So you got married?

We've been planning to do that from the beginning,
we just extended it a bit

That's good for you anyway

I'd heard you lived in an apartment,
so I figured it was no big deal

But this place is gorgeous

The rent must be high

It costs 55000yen



How much you spend money in a month?

I spend 100000yen for eating

We spend 15000yen for 7 people

That's a luxury

Rural Fukushima and Tokyo are different

Mr.Asai earn money a lot?

He is not only working as car sells man but also do stock exchange

So brother, when you return him money?

You are already $400,000 in debt.

If the orchard goes well, I'll pay him back

Can I borrow another 100000yen ?

You're brazen

How can you ask for a loan without giving it back?

When Eiko will return from school?

Hey brother

Oh Eiko

What's wrong? Your father is here to pick you up

I don't feel like going home

But your father has come to bring you back



From your wife


Yes she just came here



I will tell her but..

Ok I get it

He will go home by train in the late evening

He said you have to go back right away

I don't like it

You don't go home easily so

Your father might think we're holding you back

I will be back in Tokyo if I return to home

I hear Mr. Muro is a good man

You'd better marry him

You're not responsible for me

I didn't mean that

I'm a distraction

Don't be so backward

Never mind.
I will go home

What the hell is wrong with your life?

Living in a $55,000 apartment is too extravagant

Why don't you move into a 15,000yen room and save up 40,000yen

I don't know how people can live like this

That's normal human life

I don't understand people who save all the time and live in poverty

It's living like that that makes you a bad woman

Hey Dad,You're always borrowing money from him,
and you can't talk shit like that?

I'll be doing a sales play with Mr. Aoyagi

We are not only go around Kyushu

I heard we'll be going as far as southern Kyushu

Go on like it's your honeymoon

So When you depart?

It's tomorrow

So I have a favor of you

20000yen is enough?

I'm sorry I always borrow money from you

Never mind

Here it is

Being woman is boring

Women can be happy or unhappy depending on the man

You are so lucky

You have much luck with men


From Kasaoka


Asai's ex

Hello? Asai is out now



Oh right

OK OK I will tell him



I send her money every month

I heard your ex wife is kind of dangerous. Why don't you go and help her?

She says so, but she's going to use me

Anyway, I'm out of her life

She might think I don't let you go

So Please go

Why I have to go to help her for you?

That's easy for you to say

Put yourself in my shoes

In her last letter,It says she were so mad

They're putting her in the attic

Hello? Hello?


About your ex wife?

She is about to die

She said she wants to see me

I don't know why she is over me

I've talked to the Shokuta company

Oh good

At times like this, business is going the other way


Men are heartless

There is no choice

A relationship between a man and a woman begins with likes and dislikes

Once you hate him, you can't love him again

That's about it?

Is Asai coming?


What did he say?


You made a call for me

To Tokyo

Is Asai coming?


Did you call him?


I want to meet Asai


I believe Asai will come

Please take a rest

That woman...

That woman don't let him come here



What are you doing?


What happend about Asai?

Let go




She is like mad


Are you OK, Yuko?






Shall we send incense after all?

We should send

They contacted us by telegram

I have no idea.
It's up to you

We'll be able to settle this

We can send 10000yen

You are idiot.
Who can send 10000yen as a incense?

2000yen is enough.
They laugh at us

Who laugh at us.
I think they glad to recieve it

Your ex wife is dead. We have to do that much

Why you are on their side?

I feel bad somehow

You're not as small-minded as you think

Oh, what happend?

I'm back

Anyway come in

What happend?

I have escaped from them

I had a blind date for no choice

My father was wearing a kimono and was very excited

I thought about running away on the way

You're a difficult person

I told him from the start I didn't want to


If you're going to marry, you'd better be serious

I don't want to farm in the country for the rest of my life

Life in the city is hard enough

It looks good, but...

You're living happily ever after

Not as good as you think

So Please let me stay here again

But your brother may angry

Where is grandfater?

He went to Meiji Shrine

I knew Singapore would win

He's at the Meiji Shrine right now


God's Will


having a baby




What do you mean by Oh

It's 3 month

Grandpa is 64, right?

His ability is 55,6

Are you sure it's Grandpa's?

You are excuse

It's really his baby

I can only date one of him

I can't cheat him

You did it good

If anything should happen to Grandpa...

Of course people are going to kick me out

I was so serious

I can have a baby and live there

So I did my best

I wonder if I make a baby


The only way to make a living here is to have baby

This is the best way

But you're no longer able to bear children

Yes true

I don't know if I can do that once

I will talk about it to my doctor

You might be able to manage

Leave it to you

Serve me a beer


Good taste

Wanna have a drink?

I can't drink

Are you drinking?

Yes, You want to drink?

I want

I think I'm thinking of having a baby

It's good right?

It's ok but can you?

I talked with Yoshiko

I went there because there's a good doctor

Oh right

I've heard that once you can't have a baby, it's impossible

According to the doctor

She said if I stay in the hospital for half a month, I'll be able to give birth

So I begged her

It works well?

You can use bath, Eiko

Sorry to bother you so late at night

Is this Asai's residence?

Yes we are

I'm Muro from Fukushima

Sorry for the sudden visit

Is Eiko Yoshioka here?

Who was it?

Eiko's marriage partner

Why he visited us so late at night

He came directly from Fukushima.
He wanted to see Eiko

Tell him she is not here

I can't do that

He talked my brother then came here

There is no choice.
It's not my business

I'm in trouble too

You can refuse politely

Eiko also does not like him

Mr Muro visit us

Tell him I'm not here

He knows that's a lie

I don't care if it's a lie

I don't want to see him

It's rude to visit a place like this

Sorry to bother you so late at night

I'm planning on taking the last train home tonight

I know it's rude of me, but I had to visit

Is Eiko here?

I'm sorry but

She is absent now

She said she stays at classmate's home tonight

I see

She is not here

I'm sorry that I couldn't help you, even though you took the time to come


I'm sorry to have to say this

I"m thinking of getting married with her

Your father gave me permission to do so

Do you know about that?

Yes I have heard about that

When she came home

We had a blind date

She came here before I heard back from her

I can't give up

so I have come here

When she back home tomorrow, I will tell her about that

Please go home tonight


I will tell her to write a letter for you

Well...not a letter but I want to see her in real

Please come back another day

Well...Would you ask her about our mariage?

It depends on how she feels



Who is it?

I got you some sherbet

Every day I do this, I feel like a sick person


Melon too

When I visited Asai's shop just before

He was just in Kanda

He bought this at Sudacho


He goes home every night?

Yes he leaves home in the early morning

Umm...I feel very pain

I don't want to see the doctor every day

They're going to make it possible for you to have a baby,
so you have to be patient

Yes that's right but...

Mr.Muro has asked you again?

I got a letter from him

I feel very weird

It was like a love letter

He is really loving you

People like that will take care of you very well

I don't like

Shall I cut the melon?

I'll have it later so don't worry


Then I'll make it cool

I hate the sound of this crow

Hey you, how long will it take for?

I guess 4 or 5 days more

I miss home day by day

I put the curtains in the wash

I'll clean up your room until you get back



You're all tense. What's wrong?

You think so?

Asai always carries a dirty handkerchief in his pocket

You need to take care of it

Ok I will

Thank you

I will see you again

I'm home

Welcome back

I had a dinner already

Would you like coffee or tea?

I'll have a beer after shower

Was Masuko ok?

She said she returns in 4 or 5 days

Come here with me

Hey, come on

Stop it

Never mind

You said you'd only do it once

It's same once or twice

You are very cute

I feel bad for my sister

This is bad

You're a thief

How can you do this

What do you mean by that?

I'll kill you

I'll kill you

Stop it! You are crazy

You made me crazy

You're a thief cat

Hey you

What do you want from me?

I don't know what I can..

Not a particularly close relationship

If you want to just play

find another girl

It's bad you slept with Eiko

I'm sorry

I apologize for that

I didn't think you were

When she came to the hospital,
she was acting strange

When I returned home, then..


What you willo do?

By the looks of it, she's not going anywhere

I was very sorry, Sis

Sorry doesn't cut it

Because Asai-san forced me

You were into that

If you really don't like it, bite your tongue off and die

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry

Leave our home tomorrow

Find a boarding house nearby

Move there

I didn't think she'd do something like that

I can't trust anyone now

She is cute girl so

A man like Asai tend to like her

I had bad luck

I took him from ex wife, now other girl took him

Hey, that man called Muro

The Youth Chairman who love Eiko

You shoud match make them

But Eiko hate him

You should manage it

If you blackmail her into marrying him

If you don't, she'll take Asai-san

You think so?

Pull yourself together

Between a man and a woman,
the one who is vague loses

Be positive for everything

I dont feel like doing it

How is your health now?

Can you have baby now?

The doctor says I'm ok

Look, I am like this now

Sometime he moves

This is good

Eiko does not like you so much

How can I say...I remeber that

She's been afraid of marriage since she was a child

But she can feel calm and rediscover herself now

I think she is ready for marrige now

Thank you for everything

Please talk with her about something

Yes, I get it

Oh my god

She saw us doing flirting

Hahahaha but

Having sex with your wife's niece is indiscreet

You are right but

She teased me when we were at home

Hey, she has come

Can you serve me a juice?

How's the boarding house?

Mr. Muro came to see me today

Your wife invited him

I see. He came

I'm sure you know that

You talked with her then invited him

Masuko really wanted to invite him

I'm already a distraction

I didn't mean that,Eiko

Why you don't see me at boarding house?

I will be in big trouble if she knows

She put me out of her way

From now

Your wife and Mr.Muro and I are supposed to meet at Ginza

I see

Then I will take you there

Don't worry, I will catch a cab

By cab?

We are over...

Bill please

Recently, rural areas have been modernized

We are willing to adopt new methods

Especially orchard management

requires scientific cultivation methods

Our young farmers form study group

I see. You have a hard time

I'm thinking of going to California next year for a field trip

He is good man,Eiko

You can go with him

Shall we go together?

I here it is dry weather there

Yes,It's a good climate for growing oranges

It's very humid here, so cultivation requires a lot of skill

Anyway please drink

Thank you

What you will do?

You should reply him

I still don't like

I don't want to marry with him

He is very good and serious man

It's not every day you meet someone that nice

I decide my life on my own

I'm telling you straight, just for your benefit

just for your benefit

Because I'm in the way, right?

You plan to take Asai from me



You want to rob Asai from me

You too

You robbed Asai from ex his wife

I didn't rob!

He came to love me

Me too

He came to love me

What the hell!



I'm not like a doll

I won't obey you

I'll do whatever I want

Are you going to be my love rival?

Yes I will

Let go

I'm gonna strangle you

I can't breath!

Let go!

Kill you!

Remember what I say, Eiko

If you took Asai from me

I will kill you

You marry him!

You understand?

If you do not follow me

Don’t you dare!

You understand?

You get it?

I was finally relieved

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders

I was relieved to save face

How about holding their wedding in Tokyo?

That's good.
Let's do it in a fancy place like the Imperial Hotel

That's a good idea!

I'm sure she will be glad

It's more presentable and easier to manage

Leaving from Tokyo Station on their honeymoon is also a good way to make theirself presentable to people in the countryside

Try to find a good wedding venue

Yes I will do it right away

The earlier the better?

Yes Let's get this done while she's still in the mood

Mr. Muro is easily available

It's all thanks to you

Local sales is tough

I once slept in a farmer's shack

But you earned it, right?

We only made enough money to buy a ticket from Kagoshima to Tokyo

That's the way it is

How is Aoyagi doing?

He said we go to sell in Hokkaido

There's no point in struggling to stay in business
if you can't make money

You should separate from him

I've thought about leaving him many times before

But I couldn't

I like to be with such a man

Woman can't live alone

You think so?

You should keep Asai-san firmly

It's hard to keep man more than I thought

He has no relationship with Eiko?

I have no idea

Five more days to clean up.
I don't care if a few things go wrong

Hello? It's Eiko speaking

I want to see you for a short time

I'm in Shibuya now

Can you come to see me?

Just a little bit is enough

Hey, can you take me to somewhere for saying goodbye?

I'm on work, I can't travel far

I will get married soon

I want to say good bye to you

I will follow as everyone say

So can you do that?

You are bad girl

You seduced me

Follow me

Look.She's a great bride

You can't do that in a country beauty parlor

It's so wonderful

You are amazing.
You're magnificent

So Shall we go?

Are you going to go straight to the venue?

I don't want to keep them waiting. Let's get a move on

(The special express train for Nagoya will be departing from platform 15 shortly)

(Please stay back outside the white line)


Then see you

You want to eat something?

I don't want

I'm so tired

Shall I prepare a bath?

Don't worry

Shall will go to bed?

I will make a cup of hot tea for you

Hi,Your tea is ready

We've had our problems,
but she's going to be a good wife

It might be so

It's good to hold wedding

Shall we hold a wedding too?

That's sound good

It might be a good idea for us to prepare each other

Hey, what's wrong with you?