Tadakha (2013) - full transcript

Siva (Sunil) and Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) are brothers. Elder brother Siva is a timid and shy. He fears for everything. Karthik is a dynamic guy who is very protective of his elder brother. Siva gets the job of a cop when his cop father dies. Siva is transferred to a seashore town where crime rate is high. Karthik goes in the guise of Siva and combat with anti-social elements whenever such situation arises. The crime rate goes down and people start respecting Siva as their savior. The rest of the story is all about what happens when the villains come to know that Siva is a fearing man and he is protected by his brother.

Because I felt like cutting it!
Now get lost.

Why are you glaring? Get lost!

You hit me!

Wait here, I will bring my
younger brother.

How dare you raise your hand
on my brother!

If you have the guts then come on
let's see you hit me!

Yes, I beat him!
What can you do?!

What will I do?!

You hit my brother!

Spare him! Spare my brother!
Don't hit him!

Didn't I tell you not to do that?
Now tell me!

Spare him! Father, Stop!

Spare him! -I have to teach
him a lesson!

We won't fight again father!

I will kill you if I find you
fighting with anyone again!

Idiot! -Sorry Kartik!

It's Okay.

What is the use of beating
him like this?

Your elder son is very emotional.

What's wrong with you?

I have beaten the younger one,
not the elder one.

Did you see how shameless he is!

Even after such a beating,
there wasn't even a moan!

I am fed of these everyday fights.

I got a beating,
why are you crying?

Is it paining?

No, it's fun!

It was a leather belt.

Now stop crying
and wipe your tears.

Come on, let's go and play.

You should never be afraid, because
there is success beyond that.

Shiva, set the rocket off.

You shouldn't be so scared son.

Setting it off father!

By the time he sets it off,
next Diwali will be here!

I want to tell you something. I am
very worried about my elder son.

The younger one
is courageous like me.

He is very simple.

Absolutely innocent
like his mother!

I don't know what
he will do in the future.

Don't be afraid.

When he got back from work,
he went and lay down.

He never got up again!

I am so worried about my elder son.

Absolutely innocent
like his mother!

I don't know what
he will do in the future.

If a policeman dies while on duty,
his son gets his job.

Why don't you do it.

Ask uncle, if I can get it,
I am ready to do it.

He cannot get this job. There are
4 cases against him.

4 cases? When?

These are those cases where I got
blamed for trying to save you.

..I want to stay far away from these
goons, police station, court etc.

I will look for another job.

You are not afraid of anything!

People will be scared of you
if wear that policeman's uniform.

Father was a policeman,
grandfather was a policeman..

How can we break the chain?

Shiva, you father was always
worried about you.

His soul will be at peace if you
take up this job.

Don't think too much!
Just say yes.

Okay, brother has said yes.

Give me a day to think about this!

Uncle, you get the formalities
done, I will arrange to shift.

Okay, son.

Greetings Sir.

Vilas Shinde's son is willing
to accept his post.

Yes, sir.
I will complete the formalities.

I will arrange to send him there.

I will have to catch criminals!

I haven't even caught
a mosquito until now!

There is only one name for
terror in this city.

Bagga! The uncrowned
king of the sea!

His reign is so strong, that..

..he can pick up
anyone at any time..

No policeman can
look him in the eye.

After that the hero
beat up the goon.

The goon fell down. -Yeah!

What is the moral of the story?

Good people win after every fight.

Why are you teaching
him wrong things?

It's the powerful who always win.

Good and bad has
nothing to do with it.

Tell me out of the simple deer and
the lion, who will be the winner?

The lion! -Well done!

You called and we turned up!

Give some fish to sir.

What do you mean by giving fish
to someone who lives in the sea?

Sir, fish is always
in freshwater..

..But we still add salt while
cooking it.

This is also similar..

..if I put that same salt on your
wounds, how would you feel?

I have nothing to do with what
you have done until now.

But now if you do anything wrong,
I will have you upside down!

Until I am here, if you so much as
come close to the sea..

..then your plight will be
like this dead fish!


Alright sir. Until you are here,
I will only do what you want me to.


Sir, take this fish!


This idiot is going to keep me,
Bagga, away from the sea!

This sea is mine!

This sea is mine!

This sea is mine!

God, please keep my family
always happy.

Shield my grand daughters
from the evil eye.

This puja is for
my grand daughters'.

Puja in your name?!

Why mine? I can manage my life!

Make it in my
daughter's name. -Okay.

Please send a message up there
that I have come!

God, I want my grand daughters
to get boys like pure gold.

Did you hear what aunty just said?

She says that her grand daughters
should get boys like pure gold!

If she stands here any longer..

..she will be asking for
a boy like a diamond for herself!

There is nothing
like that in my life.

I have only one daughter.

I pray that she gets a boy
like 24 carat gold.

..devotees have been
waiting for so long.

I cannot find the matches, teacher.

There is fire in front of you and
you are looking for the matches!

Can both of you come closer.

I burn and can also burn.

Whether the matchstick
touches the matchbox..

..or the matchbox
touches the matchstick..

..it is the matchstick
that will burn!

Your grand daughters cannot be seen
anywhere? Have they run away?

Today is the eighth day
dedicated to Lord Krishna..

..so they have gone
to play the Krishna game.

How dare you ask me that!

We are respected people.

Women from our lineage
don't jump around.

Really? -Yes, really!

My daughter does not do all this!

What is this? Why are you in
such a state?

Then why have you come here?

If you had broken it,
you should have gone home.

Was it necessary to come here and
make me feel like a fool? Go home!

Don't be angry. There is a ring
in the mud pot.

She must have gone for that.

A ring in the mud pot!



Come on, the ring will be yours.

A ring of flowers!

What did you think?
It would be a diamond ring?

Do respectable people pick up
things like this?

I knew the ring
would be of flowers.

I had vowed to pick it up and that's
why I came here to pick it up.

Now go! -Yes, I'm going!

So old and still has no shame!

Who's going to have any shame
in front of you!

Put a flower ring in the mud pot and
make a fool and donkey of everybody!

Is there anybody here?
Somebody who will

Your elder daughter is very proud!

Who will she marry!?

he won't be an ordinary boy!
He will be a very courageous man.

It's been so many days,
when will you give the money?

Wait! Why are you
meddling in this?

God, today is my first day
at work. I have a request.

I have no problem
catching criminals.

Why are people afraid of me!?

Move! Wait!
-Come on to the police station.

Sir, this is the
first trip of the day..

..and you have come
to take weekly money!

Oh! this is the result of this
khakhi uniform!

Listen! -Yes, Sir!

Is the seat cover new?
Yes, it's new.

Have you put water or petrol
in the tank?

Is the tank full or half?

It's CNG sir! Ok, then let's go to
the police station!

Sir, I won't carry so many
passengers next time.


You thought I would not be
able to do anything?

Sir, please take 100 rupees
and get off.

What did you say?
-Ok, take 50 more.

You bribing me!

Look in front or I will
beat you up! -Sorry sir.

Oh my gosh, brother, who are you
showing off to?

On the auto driver!

Why have you stopped the auto?
-The station is here!

I don't want to go to the
railway station!

You wanted to go to the police
station. -Oh it has come so soon!

I thought the police station
was far away!

Here take this.

Sir! Being a policeman why are
you giving me money?

Now what happened?

You just proved that all policemen
are not roughs!

Can I go now? -I will go now sir!

I'm going to tell everyone that
good times are coming.

I don't know whether good days
are coming or bad day!

Oh God, take care of me.

Kill him! Shoot him!

After you shoot him, cook him and
send him to the police station..

..I cannot digest raw chicken!

Who are you?

Sir, I am Shiv Prasad Murli Prasad
Badri Prasad, alias Shiva.

Why have you come in the
sub-inspector's uniform?

Sir, I am a newly appointed

Go and sign the register..

..and take a salary every month.
-Thank you sir.


Please sign here.

Sign means, just write your name,
not your entire bio-data!

My name is long sir!

No use of having a long name!

We will only know how good you are
when we see what you can and cannot do!

I will prove..

Aye small fellow! -Sir!
-Bring one cup of strong tea.

Put less sugar!

He thought he would be saved
if he went to the police station!

I burnt him in front of the
police station!

Listen, Bhikhu burnt him in front
of the police station!

This guy is screaming too loud,
I cannot hear anything.

I'll call later.

Aye, what is the matter? Somebody
is screaming loudly outside.

He was fed up of his wife
and burnt himself.

If you write anything else
in the complaint..

..then I will burn you guys too!

Oh my God, they burnt that poor
fellow in broad daylight!

Who were they?

Whatever he says and does,
becomes a rule here.

Nobody lifts a finger on him and
nobody complains either! -Really?

The guy who died,
was he a big leader?

Sir, you ask too many questions!
He wasn't a leader.

He was Kashi's man.

Now who is Kashi?

Another eclipse on our
peace and happiness!

One bigger than the other! One's
business is smuggling and drugs..

..the other's business is
kidnapping and asking for ransoms!

If anybody interferes in their
business they kill them mercilessly!

First they were
both in the same gang.

Then they separated and
made their own gangs.

Whether people bear losses or
lose their lives because of them..

..there is nobody to hear
their pleas!

Shouldn't your police department
do something?

I mean, our police department
should do something!

You remember an old police constable
got you to sign? -Yes, I remember.

That man hasn't smiled
in ages! -But why sir?

One day he was chasing
Kashi to catch him..


Spare my daughter!
-Don't come forward!

Spare her!

He slit his daughter's throat
right in front of his eyes!

Even though he was a policeman,
he couldn't do anything!

The police here
is only for the name!

All the law and order is in
their hands.

We need a police officer..

..who will make them remember their
maternal and paternal grandmothers!

That day will definitely come!

It will come? But nobody takes
a posting at this police station!

How did you come here?

I will die of tension before
I die of a gunshot!

What is this?

Aye police! -What wood is this?

It's teak wood!

Do you have a nail left?
-Yes, I have a nail. Do you want it?

Where should I put it?

Straight into my heart,
so that I can die right away!

No, the board size is okay,
it will fit into the bag as well!

Hurry up and pack,
we have to leave now!

Karthik, there is too much of
hooliganism in this town!

People are killed
in broad daylight!

Hooliganism is everywhere!

That's why police
stations are made!

Yes, but a man was burnt alive
right in front of the police station!

Were you there alone that time?

No, my seniors and
constables were there.

If they are not bothered,
then why are you?

Do you change your school
if you don't understand maths?

Whichever school you go to,
maths will be there!

You will have to change.

You have just joined,
nobody will mess with you.

You catch the ones who
drive without a licence..

..or sell movie tickets in black.

Is that what I have to do?

Of course, brother! No need to be
tense about small matters!

Be strong.

..then why is this
case lodged here?

The school where this girl
studies is in our area!

That is why the
case was given to us.

I understood sir! Everybody knows
that Kashi has kidnapped this girl.

If we poke our finger in this
matter, then he will cut it off!

That's why they have
given this case to us!

Sir, we should not take any action.

I know! But he has kidnapped
a customs officer's daughter.

There is a lot of pressure
from above.

We have to take a decision on this.

What should I do?

This star! That star!

Come Shiva. Kashi has kidnapped
a customs officer's daughter.

We have all decided that
you will take care of this case.

What did you say sir? Me?

Yes, I have recommended your name.

You are only one who will carry out
your police duties very well.

The policeman wears a cap,
just as God wears a crown!

You got posted yesterday, got a
case today and promotion tomorrow!

I have to go sir.


Listen, you said enjoy!

You know what my
first assignment is?!

I have to find a school girl.

I told you! You will be
given such tasks!

Drop the kids, pick them up
from school, take them home!

The girl has to be brought back
from the kidnapper! Not from school!

Do you know who has
kidnapped her? Kashi!

The same guy who
slits peoples' throats!

Take the case!

I should take the case?

Tell them you will go alone!

One man show!

Father! Where are you?
Come and save me father!

Father! -Listen officer!
Quietly sign those papers.

So that I can release the goods
that the customs have confiscated.

You can do this much
for your daughter!

Who are you?

James Bond!

Go and see what noise is that.

Brother! It's a policeman!

Go and look for him!

Have you found him?

Have you found him Kalpesh?

Why are you hiding and attacking?
Come in front if you have the guts!

Come in front!

Who is it?

Who are you? What is your name?

Thanks uncle.

A policeman beat up our men and
took the girl away with him.

Are you listening?


We have to admit sir..

..there is fire within you!

How did you manage this
in such a short while?

Look, there isn't a single crease
on his shirt!

Call them.

Call the customs officer
and tell him his daughter is safe.

What are you looking at?
Salute him!

Where? Where is he?

Who is it?
Where is he? -Jai Hind sir!

Shiva! Is it you?

Where do you get so much
courage from?

You saved that girl.

I haven't seen anybody as brave as
you until now!

I found out everything!

It's a policeman's blood
in your veins.

Your grandfather and
father were policemen!

You entire family has worked
for the police.

That's why you roared like a lion
in enemy territory!

Well done! Give me a hug!

All of us should learn from
this brave officer.

I have been praising him..

..I haven't done this sir,
somebody else has!

That is the expression
on his face!

That's what we should
learn from him.

I am giving you this sword for
your bravery! Catch it!

Catch this too!

Do you know where I got
these swords from?

From the rubbish shop! -Don't poke
your nose in between!

If I start talking about myself..

..but the story won't finish!

I cannot control..

Bring the car here!

Who are these people?

Sir, it's a case of sound pollution.
-But where is the sound?

Play it! Play it loud!

Haven't you heard?
Who are you waiting for?

Sir! Control!

Bring the car. -Yes, bringing it.

This sword is very long.

You keep it.

Where are you? I came
to the market 15 minutes earlier.

I am here, where are you?

I am standing in front of a
music shop. Come soon.

Which music shop?

There is only one run down music shop
in this market. I am standing there.

Oh, that's where you are!
Coming in 2 minutes.

Come soon! I don't even
talk to a girl for so long!

What are you doing?

How does it concern you?
Go and do your work!

This is mine!

Sorry! I was just doing this!

I am new to this town.

I made a mistake.

So! what do you mean so?!

You touch something without thinking?
Don't you have any brains?

There is no need to shout.

Only a wire has broken,
it can be fixed.

If you talk rudely to me, then I..

..what will you do?
Tell me, what will you do?

Don't think my friend is alone..

..because I am the
one who is alone in life!

If you are fed up
of your loneliness..

..then I will take care of that!

Was there an earthquake?
-No, nothing happened!

She is shouting at me because
the wire of the Veena broke!

Oh! the wire broke! Listen!

He is my school friend. He works for
MTNL. He will fix the wire and go.

People here are very dangerous.
Sort this matter out.

Give me 10 rupees to do compromise.

10 is too little!

Here take 40 rupees,
put a new wire.

Think of it as a Diwali offer.
The repair shop is just behind.

You can walk and
save the auto fare.

If there is still a problem,
take my number and talk to Karim.

Broke it into pieces!

I bought this phone with
my first earning!

I made your job easy! -How?

He will give you the money.

Your idea got me into trouble!

Who are these people?
What happened?

You've come after
the movie has finished.

She broke my mobile because
the wire of her guitar broke!

Who is she to you?
-She is my grand daughter!

Am I a guitar that
you are playing me?!

Because that is not a guitar,
it's a Veena!

Come on let's go.

If you say one more word,
I will beat you with the Veena!

No need to beat us with the Veena.

Just take and start singing,
everybody will die!

Stupid man! Insulting my music!

It's fallen!
Come on hurry up, let's go!

Stupid, sinner! Hitting my Veena
with your feet!

You will burn in hell!

It's so dangerous to step out
of the house in this city! -Why?

The girls in this
city are more difficult..

..than the goons in other cities!

Is that what he said to you!?

Does he not know who you are?

Only difference was she had a Veena
in her hand instead of the trishul!

Earlier women used
to be in veils..

But now she weighs heavy
on everybody!

She weighed heavy on me!?
-I broke her pride!

I broke the second wire of the
Veena too!

He broke the second wire also!

Let me meet him again!
I will murder him!

Murder! If I see her again in
this city, there will be murder!

But before that give me a chance
to beat her with this cob.

All the work is done?
-Yes, everything is done.

Come here.

What is the name of this fish?

Apollo fish!

Be quiet! It's a panda frog.

How is it to eat?

It is salty.
If you taste it once..

..you will forget
about all other fish.

Will you let me taste it tonight?
-Eh? -The panda frog!

When Gyan left he said he would do
something very big!

What did you manage to do?
Still cutting grass!

A SI went to his den and
showed him his place!

Thank goodness he left out gang!

The fish stays alive as long as
it is in the water!

When it is brought out of the water
it will die!

You are that same fish!


Saw! Can tell that he is
jealous of us!

Are you satisfied now?

Don't worry, the SI has put
his hand into the serpent's mouth!

He played his turn,
now we'll play ours!

Hello uncle! How are you?

I am fine son. Have you decided
anything about marriage?

What? Your brother
never told you?

Tell your brother to
go and the see the girl once.

Ok uncle. I will speak to him.

Stop worrying about me.
You get married!

I won't get married.

Brother, uncle was saying
it's a good match.

Now you have a job, so you should
get married and settle down.


you don't know how to cook.

I make 4 to 5 dishes a day
and you still complain!

4 to 5 dishes!

Pickle! From the village,
given by aunty!

Curd from Saleem's shop.

Is this rice or water? You cannot
eat it, you have to drink it!

What's in this?
-I won't tell you!

Brother! Cross your heart and
tell if this is edible?

If the village dogs even
smell this, they will run away!

Dogs won't even smell it!
But he is eating it!

He is not calling you dog!

I feel very shy to go to somebody's
house to see the girl!

..and chosen the girl
and I would have married her.

Why don't you see her?
If you like her, I'll marry her.

What is this?


It's like a palace.


I heard someone saying that
the boy's job is very good.

The job is good, but
his looks are better!

Be shy later! Go and impress him.

Come soon!

Bharti! Bharti!
Here take these 10 rupees.

Grandma gave a 100 rupee note and
said I should not tell you anything.

Here take this 1000 rupee note
and tell me everything.

A boy is coming to see grandma's
elder granddaughter.

The boy is an inspector
and I have heard.. -Wait! Wait!

Now I'll take care!

Daughter! Yes father!

A boy is coming to see your friend,
go and help out.

You stopped me!
-Now I am telling you to go.

Now go!

Listen! That boy is an inspector.
You give him tea or coffee yourself.

With your own hands. -Okay father!

Listen! That is not the boy.
He is the boy's brother.

If he likes you then
the boy will marry you.

I am not interested.

Come on. -You go, I am coming.

Look at her! She is dancing as
though it is her own wedding!


Have the parents agreed?

I am their neighbour.

Just like family.

What are you doing?
You're disgracing me!

I have been here for a long time!
Come on, now ask me who I am!

Who are you?
-I am their neighbour.

Tea for you uncle.

Why did you bring it?
Where is my daughter?

She's inside. -I too
have a pretty daughter.

She is of marriageable age.

Absolutely right for you.

Is this tea? -I liked it!

If you say something terrible
is good, then your future is gone!

Listen! There is
no man in this house.

So there is no one
to watch over them.

Nobody knows where the girl goes
and with whom!

The world is very bad!

Is the girl also bad? -Shut up!

The girl is very nice. It's the
grandmother who is problematic!

Now keep the glass down.

If the roots are rotten,
the fruit will obviously be bad.

Really? -Yes!

It's up to you.

What rubbish is he talking?

Every house has a problem and
he is the problem of this house.

Don't worry, I will see to him.

But my daughter is very different.
She is a good girl.

If you tell her to bow her head,
she won't even pick it up.

She is a cow!

Better leave now before
you get beaten with shoes!

Let's go, otherwise they will
beat us with the Veena!

Oh my gosh!

I hope it's not paining?

Just think this is a wound
of happiness!

God had sent us
there to get beaten!

Good that they ran away!

I am not interested in becoming
his sister-in-law.

What are you talking?

Do you behave like this when
someone comes to see you.

Do you give up a new husband
for an old Veena?!

That girl is perfect
for you brother.

Perfect? You said she was Kaali!

Brother, Kaali is the form
of a Goddess!

You are such a scarecrow.

The way she fought with me that day,
you need a lot of courage to do that!

Listen to me and say yes!

Say yes!

Listen! The boy's people liked
Nandu very much.


Now you watch, the matchstick
will burn out.

Is that it? -Yes!

Did she not give
you money to keep quiet?

Yes, she gave me
money to tell you this.

What will happen to the wound
that I bore for my daughter?

Give me money!
-Shut up and get lost!

Grandma, I am going for a bath.

She has gone for a bath,
call later.

When did you come?

I'll call grandma. -No, it's okay.

We have fixed everything.
The date and time.

Now what else would
we want to know?

Both brothers are very nice.
-Never mind!

Should I believe that everything
is agreed now? -Hmm!

Listen! Thank you so much.

Thanks for what?

You forgot about the fight and
agreed to the wedding.

That's nothing.
Such things happen!

I should be the one thanking you.
-For what?

What happened? Why are screaming
for grandma?

Come behind me.

Now go forward.

What has happened?
-What is the matter?

I have given him everything.

Grandma, can you wrap that towel.

Wrap it.

Now open it.

What should I do now?

The auspicious time for the wedding is
12.18 hrs on the 25th of this month.

Grandma, I will make your bed here.

Not here, make it on the terrace.

I'm sorry. I didn't know
you were here.

Where are you going?

I don't want to disturb you.

Did I say that I
was being disturbed?

We can sleep together.

I mean,
you one side and me one side.

You're sure? Yes, I'm sure!

There is nothing to think about.
Come here and make the bed.

Keep it down.

Make it here.

"The moon is half and
the night is half gone."

What happened?

Go! -I've come to sleep!

Now go! Go!

There is something there.
I'm coming to take a look.

Now go!

Make it that side.

Slowly! What's the hurry?

You can move a little closer.

Never mind. The entire village
doesn't have to sleep here!

I hope you don't mind snores.

I can't sleep if he doesn't snore!

You wouldn't mind if someone puts
their leg on you? -Yes! Yes!

Now what can I say?

I can't sleep soundly if there is
no snoring and someone's leg on me!

These stairs will
be the death of me!

Pallavi, give me some water.

Where did this bone come from?

Why did you come to the
terrace for water grandma?

What a good boy?
-But I had to come.

Your water is kept beside your bed.

And I have made
your bed next to his.

That means the bed is for grandma!

Won't he be disturbed if I sleep
near him.

No disturbance grandma. I have told
him everything. -Then it's okay.

The snoring will
start in five minutes.

I'm the one who should be shy,
but you are the one who is shy!

No! It's not like that.

It's the first marriage,
that's why!

Thank God! I am not shy!

I do whatever I feel like.

You said yes without even seeing
me. Suppose I wasn't pretty?

Kartik had told me everything.

Did he tell you how rude he was
to me in the market?

I apologise for that.

I am not as brave as you.

All the hooligans shake with fear
when they hear your name.

Wait! Why are you
turning off the lights?

From the time you have been
posted here..

..crime and hooliganism has
disappeared from this city.

Did you know that?

No, I just got know.

Now come, I have to do some

Ok, inspector, carry out your

Hello! SI Shiv Prasad speaking.

Sir, I am the same guy
whose men you beat up.

If you have the guts
do the same thing with Bagga.

His trucks with smuggled goods
are passing through the city!

If you drank your mother's milk,
then go and stop those trucks!

Best of luck, sir!

You got a tip on smuggling?

These calls have been coming in
since morning. It's about Bagga right?

Everybody gets alert as soon as
the phone rings.

But you picked up
the phone fearlessly!

You are the right
man for this case.

This is not an ordinary kidnapping
or locating a dog.

It's about Bagga.

That man who slit throats
for 100 rupees.

Never mind! Who's going?

Best of luck,
sub-inspector Shiv Prasad Rathore!

This time too, go alone,
catch the goons and fly the flag!

Who has parked their car
in the middle of the street?

Go and take a look.

Who are you?

Paper! Newspaper!

Paper! Newspaper! -Paper!


He is a new sub-inspector.

Do you know the
price of those goods?

I want my goods back.

Otherwise all of us will have to
sell papers!


Who are the members of his family?

He has a younger brother.

If we catch him,
then he will toe the line.

Catch him!

Bring him to the factory.


Oh my God! You're the only one
who thinks of me.

Sister-in-law said
she would give a box.

Then why are you roaming around
the whole house?

Do you want to see
something special?

I wanted to see
the same thing again.

Oh, you will see it again?

Don't come close to me.
I will kiss you.

Do it!

You done it!

Is that the way you kiss?

I done it the way
I know how to do it.

If you don't know,
should I teach you?

Keep your hand..

Brother! We are waiting
outside the SI's house.

His brother is home too.

Meddling in the
affairs of two people!

He will definitely
be beaten by the police!

Your sister-in-law is very worried
about Pallavi's wedding.

Both the horoscopes are matching.

I am just ensuring
that there is no problem.

When sister-in-law has said yes..

..then why are you being
a detective? Just say yes!

There is disturbance in the
horoscopes because of Mars.

When the bride
and groom are ready..

..then what can the priest do?
Just say yes!

We will be a couple like
Lord Ram and Sita!

What is the use of telling him?

Both of us have made a decision
and that is enough!

The boy's horoscope is very good.

How can a man already in India
come to India?

She is not saying
what you are thinking!

The boy is coming from America
and is a software engineer.

Oh! Be careful brother.

There is no need
to be afraid of Ram.

He is not the Ram from Ayodhya,
he the Ram from America!

Who knows what he turns out to be.

He is a childhood friend.
He is a very good boy.

There is no problem at all.
Just leave it to me.

Listen, give me the list of goods.

Bring the goods first and
then loiter around.


Sits around aimlessly all day.
At least he will do some work!

To get married you want a boy from
America. For work, it is Kartik!

Come, I will drop you to the market.
-No need!

I was thinking you should also
settle down.

Will you and Pallavi run away
and get married?

There are dark cloud hovering
over your wedding.

It is very difficult to make your
sister-in-law agree!

But we will have to do something.

We are following the younger brother.
The policeman is also with him.

He is a terrorist. Catch him
as soon as he gets off.

I'll go brother. -Okay, bye.

Careful! Careful!

Sir, please give me a lift.

Please wait one minute.

The poor animal is wounded.
He is in bad shape.

Can you drop me to the hospital?
-Okay, get in.

Thank you.

Brother! -Have you picked him up?

He is sitting with us in the jeep.

What should we do with him now?

Bring him to the factory.

Take a right turn from here.

Go straight from this junction.

Take a right turn at the circle.

Oh, it was this right turn.

We have to go right.

Take him straight to the factory.

Which perfume is this?


Which one do you use?

I use soap! -You use soap!

Did you see?

Nobody knows the difference
between perfume and soap!

I have spent lakhs to take care
of such illiterate people.

And your brother confiscated goods
worth crores in one shot!

Do you think he won't
be punished for this?

Call the SI!

Hello! SI Shiv Prasad speaking.

You have a brother SI,
who is missing at the moment.

He is my guest now.

Here talk to him. -Brother, I..

I don't care about your brother.

I don't want a single penny
in exchange for him.

Just return my goods.

Look how cool he is even after
hearing about his brother's kidnapping.

His duty is more important.

Sir, he is a gangster,
your brother can lose his life!

Should I call SP's office and
ask him to send a special force?

No! No! Go!

Made a fool of yourself!

He is force himself!
Why would he need a force?

Not a storm! This is going to
become a Tsunami

Just watch!

He is not willing to listen!
We have to sacrifice this guy.

Beat him! -No, please don't do
that. I will speak to my brother.

He will definitely listen to me.

Please, let me speak to him once.

Please, brother!

This is the fear I want to see
in your brother.

Should I let him speak to
his brother?

Let him speak!

Tell him get here fast.

If brother loses his mind then
there will be a very bad accident!

Inspector Shiv Prasad speaking.

Brother, please listen to me.

I am surrounded by goons and
I am so scared.

What did you say?

Okay brother.

Okay, I have understood.

What did he say? -Brother said
he will not return the goods.

If the dogs bark,
just let them bark.

What do you mean bark?

Because, dogs who bark don't bite.

Dog! He doesn't know painful
it is when a wild dog bites!


Aye! -Brother!

Cut off his fingers and send them
to his brother. -No! No! Brother.

The same blood
flows in their veins.

The fingers will be cut here
and the pain will be felt there.

Brother, please, listen to me.

You saw! Brother has lost it now.
Give your thumb and go home.

Brother, please listen to me.

Keep your hand here.

Come here!

Keep it here! -Brother!

Don't do that!

Don't you understand once
when I said no?

Remember, not a single blow
should go waste.

Hey Bagga, I have heard that
the SI confiscated your goods..

..and you picked
up his brother? -Yes!

Now the elder brother will bring
the goods to me himself!

What an idea!

Why don't you watch a small film
before your goods arrive?

Show him the video.

He beat up my men and
confiscated your goods!

Come to the den!

Get down! -No, I won't get down.

Where will you go?
-You will beat me up!

Sir, I am calling from HSBC bank.
Will you open an account in our bank?

At the moment, I am trying to
close an account.

Please call later. -Okay, sir!

Are you blind?

I was running after the false one
all this time!

Now the false one will take me
to the real one.

He changed the rules!

I will change the game!

Hurry up, the boy should be
here anytime. -Bharti!

Bharti! -Now listen to me.

Why do you keep peeping
into my house like a thief!

What do you want to know?

Why should I peep into your house?

Why should I bother about
who is coming or going!

I am just enjoying
the cool breeze!

Son-in-law is coming today!

Should I dance if your
son-in-law is coming?

Caught that poor policeman!

Not the elder one. The younger one
is coming from abroad!

Abroad? You mean Nepal?

No! America! -America?

Oh! he works at
a petrol pump right?

'English rap song'

'English rap song'


I will catch him!

Hey Ganesh!
-Hey Nandini, how are you?

You're looking very smart!
-Of course!

I've been in the
USA for a long time.

What's happening?
-Making dollars! What else!

Ganesh! He is my husband Shiva.

He is a police inspector.

Oh! Pandu Maama! I like it!

How are you son?

Ganesh! Do you recognise her?

I saw you when I was a child!

When you were a child or
when she was one?

Hi! I'm Kartik! -I'm Ganesh!

Now he is in America and
has a green card.

Do you know what his income is?
10 lakhs a month!

Nandu! That's long back!

Now it's 15 lakhs!

Did you hear that? -Yes!

Your sister is very lucky.
-Of course!

Are you ready?

Ganesh! Pallavi!

I know! She's feeling shy.

I like it. -How is she?

She's gorgeous. One in a million.

Really! Then we should begin
arrangements for the wedding.

Why are you in such a hurry?

You have to speak to my parents
about the wedding.

Then they will book a ticket.

No hurry in matters like this.

Marriage is not child's play.

I will not waste the leave I got
by buttering my boss!

I will make the most of it.

I want to know Pallavi closely.

What should be done Ganesh?

You know, I have to meet and date
her first.

Then we will get
to know each other.

Only if you don't
have any problems Nandu.

What do you say? -Yes, good.

Very good.

There is a new restaurant
at the beach, go there.

Not there brother. -There is
no need for any advice from you!

Do what your brother says.

Tell him where you want to go and
he will take you there.

Ok! -He doesn't
have anything to do.

Keeps sitting idle!

Idle! You mean idle!
What kind of feeling is this?

I never experienced it.

When we roam around together
you will understand.

Give me two coconut water.

Brother, he is a coward.

He is here at the right time.
Should we get rid of him?

Bajrangi! -Yes sir.

Take the car out.

Move aside.

Come sir.

Start the car.

It's started. -Then let's go!

Brother, he is responsible
for huge losses.

Why did you let him go?

We could have buried him here!

Our goods are not going
anywhere Phenkoo.

The issue is not about the goods
anymore, it's about his death!

Because of him, a lowly constable
raised his hand on Bagga!

The public thinks he is a lion.

We have to expose this jackal in
the lions' skin in front of the public.

He will definitely die!

Let the public see how
we killed this lion.

After he dies, any policeman will
be scared to come to this city.

And then the fear of Bagga's terror
will be twice as much!


I love Indian culture very much.

Especially the girls.

Look traditional!
Cook professional!

Serve their husbands sincerely.

Eat this, eat that,
wear this, wear that!

She uses ji and makes a
vegetable of him!

A journey to a man's heart
is through the stomach.

That means,
if you want to impress a boy..

..Don't knock on his heart.
Knock on his stomach.

Yes! What do you think?

What would I know?
You say something.

I am the one who's been
talking all this time!

Are you hurt?

Won't I be hurt?
Am I right Pallavi?

All men are the same!

Pallavi! I am not like other men!
I am different.

What does that mean? Your
intentions don't seem to be good!

Whether they are good or not
is not your concern!

Pallavi and me will decide what
has to be done. You just drive!

What do you want to understand?

You want to kiss,
but not interested in marriage!

Kiss? You mean kiss?

When it comes to marriage,
then it should be an American!

What did you say? Kiss?
Where did he kiss you?

Who called this donkey?
Me or your sister?

My sister hasn't done anything?
It's not her fault!

Leave that aside and tell me
where did he kiss you?

But this donkey is not too bad!
Marry him! -What do you mean?

What happened between
us was a lie?!

I thought you have
just been kissing!

You cheated me!

India is way ahead of America!
I was under the wrong impression!

Okay, I will tell Nandu about this.

You wait! Stop it!


Please don't give me stress!
What has happened?

If it was the US, the police
would have been here by now!

How did they come so soon?

You're gone now!

Who done this?
-Sir, he was driving!

You done this? Charge him with code
203. -Sir, this was an accident!

He came under the car himself!
Ask this guy. -How would I know?

We had work in progress.

What progress? I should have been
doing that! -Wait I will tell you.

What are you waiting for?
Take him along.

It's not your fault,
it's my fault!

I told you it wasn't my fault!

It's not your fault,
it's my fault!

It's not your fault,
it's my fault!

Have you understood?
He has lost his mind!

This is a big criminal case!

I will call the entire force!

Constable Bajrangi speaking.

Yes, Bajrangi, what is the matter?

Scientist! At such a young age!

That's why he's got a gold medal!

Gold means - not real gold,
only coated with gold water!

Absolutely hollow inside!

He is mentally dead sir!

Who knocked him down?
-Some NRI sir.

Wait a minute!
Here's his passport.

Yes, an NRI.

Seize his passport and visa and
bring him to the police station.

Yes sir!

Come to the police station tomorrow
morning without having any breakfast.

You're gone! But have your
breakfast before you come.

Don't worry! My brother is a very
strict police officer.

I will have the case cancelled and
get your passport back.

Thanks bro. I will take
the first flight out.

No, that is not possible.

If you do want to go, then wait
until the wedding day.


Come closer.

Somebody will see us!

Yes, I have seen you.

What a life!

What is it?

My name is Raja Rao. I live here
and am a good man.

That boy and girl were up
to something behind your back!

This is nothing uncle,
in America, the girl and boy..

It's normal in America!

I wouldn't say anything if
it was just any other girl.

She is your wife to be! Only a few
days left for the wedding!

This doesn't look nice!

Let them whatever they want
before the wedding.

I have many illegal children
in America.

Really? -Yes!

Oh! Daughter! -Yes! -Come here.

Why have you called me father?

This is my daughter. -Hello!

Thank you.

Keep your hand down.

Suppose she was going around
with someone else..

..What? Marrying someone else and
having an affair with another person!?

Are you a father or a pimp?
And telling the whole city!

Do you have any brains? Your
father's head is full of straw!

Are you not ashamed?

Being the father of a pretty
girl you're speaking like this!

Explain to him! -Oh goodness,
I spoke too much!

This donkey did not understand
what I wanted to say!

But there is a fire in him!

Instead of talking, I will show him
a live movie.

Sorry father.

Why is she saying sorry to me?

Don't take him seriously!

He has lived all his life
in America, he will be smart!

You do like him, right?

Yes, I do.

You called me Nandu? -Come Ganesh.

You have to choose a nice saree
for Pallavi.

How is this one?

Why are you asking him?

His choice is horrible!
-Yes, sister!

You tell me Ganesh,
how is this one?

It's horrible.
-It's absolutely horrible.

This one? -Doesn't suit you.

Yes, doesn't suit you. Not at all.

How is this one Ganesh?

Just like my face.

Just like my face.
-Your face is very nice.

Pallu, go and wear this saree.

Oh God! I'm gone!

I said the right thing, if your
choice is horrid, I can't do anything.

My taste is horrid!

Remember you passport, licence,
police case!

Yes, I get it!

Please give me my passport.

Pallavi is looking very hot
in this saree.

I have come to call Suman.
-She is upstairs.

But where is he?

Where is my goat? -Where did this
unlucky fellow come from?

Has he gone?

Come here. -But why?

Come here,
I will show you something.

Come on!

Where should I come?

Come and see!

This is the reaction
I wanted to see!

It's disastrous!
-Please don't say thank you.

A father is quiet even after
seeing all this!

True, I am a father,
but I am a human being first!

You are great sir!

That's why you
should marry my daughter.

You have another daughter?!

What do you mean one more?
I have only one daughter.

The same one I introduced to you
that day. -This one? No, No!

Look here.

This drunk is wooing my daughter!

Run! Run! -Yes!

Let's get rid of this nuisance!

What is this father?

You jumped off such a high wall!
Anything could have happened.

When a young girl raises
her father's blood pressure..

..then this wall becomes too small!

Stop playing wall-wall!
Go inside and cook the food.

Useless fellow! -Mother!

From today you have become the
head of the crime branch!

All the best! Come here!

Keep catching the
criminals like this!

Take care of the house,
I will be back soon.

Greetings Madam.

My name is Bagga.

I have come to salute sir.

Keep it near the cannon.

Apologies, I sat down
without asking you.

Your husband received a medal
because of me.

He has confiscated goods worth
50 crores. Never mind!

I felt good that
he got a promotion.

But, the more famous the
policeman the shorter his life!

That's why I brought along
some fruits.

So that your husband can
stay healthy. Fruits!

Come on get up!
Hurry up and get up!

Talk politely! Didn't your parents
teach you anything?

How else should I speak?

Nobody talks politely
to a hooligan!

Now listen! Pick up your fruits
and get lost!

You have no idea about
my husband's power.

If he comes here now, you won't
leave alive.

It is in your and your puppies'
interest to leave right now!

Come on get up! -She is so proud!

There will be pride!

One must be proud of
her husband's bravery!

And you remember..

..that your dirty feet should not
step into this house every again.

Brother, she dishonoured you!
I did not like that.

He got a promotion today!

But, nobody knows what
my real intention was.

To give him a demotion in life!

There will be a boom
in a short while!

Wait! wait! Stop the car!

Didn't we leave the basket
of fruits in their house?

Then how was it in the car?

Brother, our work wasn't done, so I
brought back the basket of fruits.

You stupid man!

We just narrowly escaped death!

we just missed a little bit!

Otherwise that Bagga would
have been blown to pieces!

He went to place a bomb at a
policeman's house!

It went off in his jeep only!

Why are you jumping so high?

If he loses, we have to win.

If we lose and our
enemy also loses..

..we have to do something.


Why did you burn Bagga's goods?

There are no goods in the lorry,
I have moved them to the train.

How was it?

We will give the news channels
some breaking news!

His death should be so terrible..

..that any police man should shiver
in fear before uttering Bagga's name!

Ok! You still haven't understood?

You were playing games with us!

Both of you will go to
heaven together.


Catch him!


Catch him!

We won't spare you,
we'll cut you into pieces!


Wait! Where are you running?

We won't spare you today.

Cut you into pieces!

How much can you run?

Pick him up and place him
on the tracks.


Don't worry, he is out of danger.

My men have told me that your
brother has lost a lot of blood.

Tell me what is his blood group?

I have a blood bank.

He is very lucky, he got saved!

Poor fellow! I have heard that he
cannot join the police force again!

It cost him dear to mess with me!

I will finish the game you have
started and I will win!

Go! Go and take
care of your brother.

Take so far away that
I never see him again.


Go! Are you threatening me or
are you begging from me?

When you were hitting him,
nobody must have thought..

..that the one you are beating
is not only a policeman..

..he is my brother.

I agree that one
of us has lost blood..

..but both of
us have been wounded.

There is wound on one body..

..but the fire
of revenge is in both.

He is not the one who is lucky
because he got saved..

..you're the one who is lucky
that he is alive.

Otherwise I would have buried
all of you together.

Not now!

You have to live until my brother
gets well.

Until then,
live as much as you want.

Those of you who have
given blood, save it.

It will come in handy later on.

Sir, they will not let an honest
officer like you stay on.

What can they do?

When a hunter goes out to hunt..

The hunter is also wounded.

Then not a single animal
will be lose in the city.

You stay with him
and encourage him.

Won't you do that today?
He needs you.

The doctors say that I won't
be able to walk properly again.

I felt relieved
when I heard that..

..because I don't have to work
for the police anymore.

They called me a false policeman
while beating me!

It's good, from tomorrow I don't
have to worry about my life.

This time my life was saved.

Who knows whether
it will be saved again.

Enough of this police drama.

You are right brother.

Your wife things you are a
courageous police officer.

The department is proud that a real
man has joined the police force.

How does it matter?
You forget about it.

They dragged you and beat you up..

..and they are partying right now.
Let them party!

But you forget about it.

I thought that if I pushed
you into water..

..you would move your hands
and legs and learn how swim!

But you still have the same fear!

Do you know why I spared them?

Because I don't want to beat them.
I want to beat their way of thinking.

And to do that, it's you
who have to beat them up!

If I beat them,
they will only feel pain..

..but if you beat them,
they will learn a lesson!

Do you know when
a human being dies?

Not when his life leaves him..

..but when his courage dies!

You said you have a new birth..

..now it's up to you how
want to live this new birth.

..they felt you cannot do
anything to them.

Running away like a coward i
s not the answer to this question!

The answer is to destroy them

If you feel that your uniform
has the power..

..then every blow will hit them
like lightening!

Show them the power of the police.

How is your boss Bajrangi?

Is he still in this world or
has he left it?

He got saved this time!
Next time we will kill him!

Oh do you really get angry?

You two penny goons!

You think the police is a joke!

The real game is going
to start now! He is coming.

He will take of all your clothes and
drag you through the town naked!

Then you will realise the
power of the police!

Big goons!

What are you looking at?
-Put that idiot in the car!

After the beating that SI got..

..these guys' pants should have
been wet as soon as they see us!

But did you see him! So daring!

Isn't it?

He is coming.

None of you will be alive.
You're gone!

Nobody will be left!

We can only give
two things to people.

One is fear and
the second is death!

I can't see the first
thing in his eyes.

So give him the second one.

Start counting backwards!

The post mortem report sir!

You're here again
to be beaten up?!

Before dying that constable kept
saying that his sir would come!

But I thought he was boasting!

Sir is really here!

Get up!

You do know where
you're standing?!

People like you come here
of their own will..

..but go by my will!

Leave me!

What happened?

You want to fight?

Do you know who my brother is?

He is the SI here.
He will put you in jail.

You still want to fight?

Handcuff him and
put him in the jeep.

But he is your brother.

Everybody is equal in the eyes
of the law. Go!

He picked my pocket.

I haven't done anything. -Come on!

Sit in the car. -Leave me!

You don't know who I am!

What is this drama? Handcuff
him and put him in the jeep.

Come on!

He is a goon, why have you
handcuffed me with him?

Wait! Don't run!

Where are you taking me?


Wait you stupid!

Sir, he is running.


He will run away sir!

Hurry up! -Wait!

What should a police man do when a
criminal runs away from police custody?

Encounter sir!

Kill him sir!

Brother! Kashi was killed in an
encounter. I just saw it myself.

What? -Yes,
near the traffic signal.

Murder, smuggling,
cheating, land mafia!

There are thousands
of case inside this!

But there are no
witnesses nor any proof.

FIR is his personal diary where he
writes whatever he wants!

I also want to fight
against injustice.

I was quiet all this time because I did
not have the confidence to face him!

But you have that confidence.

Looking at you, I have gained
that confidence.

If there is even one fearless man
like you in the department..

..then the entire department
can face anybody!

The story has not
finished by killing Kashi.

The story will finish when
Bagga is killed.

We have one proof against him.

If he has the courage,
let's see him touch you.

Come with me. Get up.


Brother, that SI is taking Bhikhoo
with him in the car.

How did he take him when
all of you were there?

Do anything, but get him back!

Follow him where ever he goes.

Okay brother.

Brother, they are going towards
the police station.

No they haven't gone
to the police station..

Brother, they are just driving
around the city!

I just cannot understand anything!

Just follow them
where ever they go.

I am his right hand.

If brother comes to know,
you're gone!

Looks like rain today brother.

No, I don't think so,
the sun is shining.

She goes to the beauty parlour
every day!

Give her less pocket money,
then she will toe the line.

You're right!

Kartik, I want to have some tea.

Where can we get good tea
in your area?

He is asking you if there is any
good tea available in your area?

Yes, it is available. -Come on.

Come on!

Three teas.

Here you also have some.

..then he will say he knows the SI
and use your name for wrong things.

No, I don't think he will do that!
He doesn't look like that kind of person.

Will you do that?

What are you talking?
How can he drink tea with him?!

I am telling you the truth.

The tea was very good.

Thank you. -Now that policeman
shook hands with him and left.

Looks like Bhikhoo has told him

Looks like he has given all our
information to the police.

He is walking as though
he hasn't done anything at all!

Why are you looking at me like that
? I haven't told them anything.

They never asked anything!
-He is lying!

He is cheating me! Me!

Kill him!


They will kill me! Open the door.

I was as loyal as a dog to him all
my life and he wanted to kill me!

I know all their black deeds!

I will tell you whatever
you want to know.

Sir, I think Bagga got
scared of you and has run away.

I don't want him to get scared
and run away..

..I want to catch him.

I want to finish him and his story
in this very sea!

Nandu! -Do you remember that
there is a wedding at home?!

All the relatives have arrived.

Do you know how worried I am?

Come home soon.

Coming. -Sir, you leave, we will
take care here.

You have been away
for so many days.

Excuse me, have you seen Kartik?
-No, we haven't seen him.

Did you see Kartik?
-No, I haven't seen him.

Where could he have gone?

Where should I look for him?

Have you seen Kartik? -No.

What should I tell you?

The wedding is in 2 hour's time
and he hasn't given me any clarity.

Should I give you a smack
below your ear?

Is he coconut water, that you will
put him in a glass and get clarity!

I have told you so many times,
but you still do the same thing..

..I will give you a slap!

I am so angry that I'll beat you.

Great! That's the
fire you should run with!

Stay awake all night. You go
that side, I will go this side.

Let's look for him.

Stupid! What did I tell you?
You go that side!


Now go!


Body has grown up but
the mind is still a child!

What happened? You look
very relaxed? -Relaxed?

I am so tense and I look
relaxed to you?!

What are you tense about?
-What can I say?

First they put the saffron..

..then the sandalwood
and then rubbed it off!

I couldn't even have a bath, when an
old woman ran behind me with some oil!

Your wedding and
I am the scapegoat!

You were going to give me
passport today?

Always in a hurry!

Here take it. But there is one
condition. -What is that?

You will make all the arrangements
for my honeymoon.

Ok, I will do everything.

Give me my passport. -Here take it.

Both of you go and bring Baldev,
in the meantime..

Ganesh has gone somewhere.

Where can he go?
He must be somewhere around.

I cannot find him.

I'll be back.

What happened grandma?
Have you lost something?

No, nothing is lost.
Go and do your work.

Tell me what is the matter,
I will help you.

I don't want any favours from you.

Okay! -Hell of a guy!

These have withered!
Go get some fresh ones. -Listen!

He cannot be found anywhere!

Where could he have gone?
-I don't know!


You are enjoying sweets here!

Should I eat something with chilli
on an auspicious occasion!

Do you know we cannot find
Ganesh anywhere!

What are you talking?
He must be somewhere around!

I thought the same thing.

We have looked everywhere,
but cannot find him.

Please call the police station and
ask them to find him.

You think my police
department is a magician..

..that they can bring
back disappeared people!

What are you talking?
It's a matter of family honour.

People will make up different stories
if the wedding gets cancelled.

Brother, the priest is here.

I arranged for an
English speaking priest.

The groom is from America, so he
should also understand the prayers.

Right sister-in-law?

Yes! -No, we need a Mercedess car.

Look how hard he is working!

He doesn't know the wedding
is going to be cancelled. -What!?

As soon as I saw him I knew
there was something fishy!

You said he was your childhood
friend, so I did not say anything.

You were praising him a lot!

15 lakhs income! -Brother.

Never mind!

I don't what will happen
if he comes to know.

But no! You send them on a date!

Now what?

Brother that boy.. -Ran away!

Ran away? -Don't you know?
The groom has run away!

Ran away!

Now what will I say
to the flower guy?

And the English priest will
abuse us in English!

It won't matter to me because I
don't understand too much English!

But when that innocent Pallavi..

..gets to know,
how will she feel?

Tell me what should I do to
save the family's honour?

There is only one solution
to this problem.

We will have to
get Pallavi married.

At this auspicious time and in this
canopy, but with another groom.

How about your brother?

Where can he find
a boy at this time?

That's not what I meant.

Ask your brother
to marry my sister.

My brother Kartik?
-Yes, I am saying the right thing.

Both of you are brothers and
both of us are sisters.

We will all live together.

Two sisters on one side and
two brothers on the other. -Hmm.

What an idea! -Isn't it?!

Then talk to Kartik.
-No, no, I won't do that.

Okay, then I will talk to him,
but you support me. -Hmm. -Kartik!

Now the goat has
come under the hill!

Take your money. -Kartik!
-Yes, sister-in-law.

You don't worry sister-in-law.

I will find that Ganesh,
today or tomorrow!

Forget about him.
You are there Kartik.

I cannot understand
what you are saying.

You always listen to your brother.

He listens to me,
so you also listen to me.

Please marry my sister Pallavi.

Please don't say no.

Our family honour
lies in your hands.

But sister-in-law.. -Just agree!

Brother! -Hmm.


As you wish.

Now what is this?

Until now you were giving me away
to that American Ganesh..

..and now you getting me married
to this useless guy!?

Who are you calling useless?

All this time,
we misunderstood him.

You know, when your brother-in-law
met with that accident..

..then Kartik took care of him
even more than I did!

He will give you
a lot of happiness.


I cannot find the groom anywhere.

No need to look here and there
grandma, the groom is standing here.

If you stay so quiet, then
what will happen to the business?

The sea is calm
when a storm is approaching.

The storm will come and
destroy everything.

I have come to know where
Bagga is hiding.

If you give permission,
we can arrest him.

You shouldn't go there alone,
I will come along.

Aye inspector!

You have come here to arrest me.

All your men are finished and
your business is destroyed.

Now you're the only one alive.

Did you ever think that you
would be caught like this?

I have not been caught Inspector.

You have been caught.

Because, you have not
made this plan, I have!

No sir, don't do that.

Brother, that day I said
many things about you.

So he thought I had changed.

But he didn't get the actual fact.

People like him should not
be in this world.

He got Kashi encountered
in the street.

Now I want to have him encountered.

Come on, run!

Hurry up