Tabu: The Soul Is a Stranger on Earth (2011) - full transcript

The Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl was in love with her sister. And she loved him back. Their relationship became sexual and caused quite a stir in the local society. But when his sister asked him to flee with her to Australia where no one knew them and they could live as husband and wife, he refuse for he could not live without the beauty of the German language. Torn between his love for words and his love for Grete, Georg turned to drugs and entered a downward spiral. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Georg Trakl)

(Grete Trakl)

(Albert Brückner)

(Mother Trakl)

(Distant children's voices)

(Distant children's voices)

(Children's voices, locomotive sounds)

(The door is locked.)

(The conductor whistles.)


You do not have to look.
He is not there.

Maybe in the next train. Hm?
My girl!

(Grete cries.)

"Since I found you ..."

"... in a lonely clearing
of the woods ..."

"... and lunch was ..."

"... and big the silence
of the animal ... "

(A woman moans relish.)

"Great dying."

"The singing flame in the heart."

"Hour of grief."

"It is the soul a stranger
on earth."

"It is the soul a stranger
on earth."

"Under dark firs ..."

"... two wolves mixed
her blood ... "

"... in a stone hug."
(The woman moans softly.)

"Dark love of one
wild sex, ... "

"... on golden wheels ..."

"... the day rushes away."

"Silent Night."
(She laughs.)

Come over! Let's do that,
what you pay me for! Hm?

At least I can.

I can do that today
can not afford anymore. Then go!

Hey! You forgot something!

(A woman laughs.)

(Different voices)

Frau von Schwarzenstein! Nice,
that you came! Thank you!

Good evening! ... Mrs. Hader!

Do not worry! It will start soon.

Professor Brückner!
Good evening!

(The empty bottle falls down.)

(The hand bones crack.)

You can naked from me
play. But you play!

Only when he comes!

He is writing exams next week.

Since when was that important?
Since he gets no more Apanage.

Do not just stand me now
in front of the people!

You do not do that to me.


He is here in Salzburg?

He conducts the commissioned concert.

Oh! All refusals ...

That I could not pretend
that you have caused!

Stay in Salzburg, Grete!
Secretly! And give in, -

- if there is no other way.
Just like you!

That's enough!


(Classical music)

(He hears the piano music.)

Hi Papa!

She does not let you in. Ne?

(Beautiful, quiet piano music)



Your technique is brilliant.
But ...

That's nothing special.

It is the heart,

- that raises you above others.
Be careful!

Yes and?

From September in Vienna.

You did not expect anything else!
Oh thank you!

Thank you! That means a lot to me.

They do not just have a gift.
This is an order!

Take this seriously!

Her brother.

I thought,
you are not coming.

Almost half a year and
not a single letter, Georg!

I wrote a hundred.

And no one clever.
... Be happy!

I'm coming to Vienna.

To Brückner in the master class.

From September already.

It's all set, Georg.

It is settled!

You do not do this!

(Fast steps)

To the academy!

Lord God! How could you
allow that? You're drunk.

Alone in Vienna! In your age!
She was the youngest in the boarding school.

Vienna is not a boarding school, mother!
And she is not a child!

You do not want that?
... Very well!

Then tell her!
She listens to you.

I sent you texts.
A while ago.

Your father has your undergraduate degree

And now? You saw him.

(He cries.)

It is never right. Hm?

No matter what I do!

Your laudanum.

Without prescription. As always!

(She takes a deep breath.)

"Over the white pond -"

"- are the wild birds
gone away. "

"Dreaming among white willows, -"

"- cheek our cheeks
yellowed stars, - "

"- bows her forehead
in past nights. "

"Over our graves bends
the broken forehead of the night. "

"Our faces are always staring
to our white graves. "

"The bare walls are ringing
the city."

"The white walls always sound
the city."

"Oh, my brother!"

That ... That's what you write.

But then ... Then you want
not me.

We were kids. ...
We were lonely.

God, Gretl!

Look! We are
but got away.

"Stepping out of blue mirror
the slim figure of the sister. "

Give it to me!
"He fell dead in the dark."

Give it right away!

"It's ringing the night in the warehouse
our kisses. "

"It whispers where:"

"Who blames you?"
Be quiet!

"Still shaking of
wicked lust ... "

Be quiet now! No more word!

"Under the dark bow
our melancholy, ... "

"... play the shadows in the evening
deceased angel. "

"Under the dark bow
our melancholy, ... "

"... play the shadows in the evening
deceased angel. "

"Dreaming among white willows, ..."

"... cheek our cheeks
yellowed stars. "

Where is the ointment for the Hofrat?
He sends now for the second time!

In progress. Everything in work.
Jesus, Mary!

I have the store full!

Are you crazy?

"Just a suggestion."

"For the music with words.
... Do not be angry!"


That she dares!

"The white walls always sound
the city."

"Under the arch of thorns, ..."

"... Oh, my brother, we'll do it
blind hands at midnight. "

"The white walls always sound
the city."

"Yes! ... Yes, they sound."

"The blades,
the white walls. "

Over the white pond ...

... are the wild birds ...

... pulled away.

"Are over the white pond
the wild birds have moved away. "

"In the evening, blowing from our stars
an icy wind. "

"Over our graves bends
the broken forehead of the night. "

"Under Oaks -"

"- we rock up
a silver boat. "

"The white walls always sound
the city."

"Under a thorn arch,
oh my brother, ... "

"... we clip blind pointers
at midnight. "

Nice, not?

(Children's voices)

(The church bell rings.)

(She hears several instruments.)

(Various string instruments)

(Classical music with strings)

(Classical music with strings)

(A door is closed loudly.)

(Dance music)

(He hears the dance music.)

(Still dance music)

(Quiet piano music

Hey! You owe me a dance!

Now dance with her!

Yes exactly! Once!
(Some applaud.)

(Dance music)

You always have to win. Huh?

So then ...

Ha! ... Shushi!

I wanted ...

I have to tell you something.

Yes, then say it!

Oh! I can not. (Sighs)
I can not say anything.

Is that the possibility?

Can you sometimes
to think of something else?


And you have me
withheld for so long?

(Children sing away :)
"A little man stands in the forest -"

"- very quiet and mute
pure purple a cloak. "

"Say who likes -"

"- be the little man ..."
Watch out here!

(Different voices)


Take care that you do not slip!


Do you think that's it
is a sin?

I dont know.

I do not care.

"It's ringing the night in the warehouse
our kisses. "

"It whispers where:"

"Who blames you?"

"Still shuddering from wicked
Sweetness sweetie. "

"We pray:'Forgive us, Mary,
in your favor! '"

"Climb out of flower bowls
greedy scents. "

"Caress our foreheads -"

"- pale with guilt."

"Dulling under the breath
the sultry airs. "

"We dream:'Forgive us, Mary,
in your favor! '"

(Accordion music)

"But the spring is noisier
the sirens. "

"And the Sphinx sticks out darker
in our debt, ... "

"... that our hearts
sound sinful again. "

(There's thunder.)
"We sob:"

"Forgive us, Mary,
in your favor! '"

You're doing it all right.

My whole life.
You're upset.

(He breathes heavily and heavily.)


(She screams :) Georg!


(She tries to scream.)

(She is gasping.) Where are you?

(Sounds of pills)

You do not know what I mean for
a longing for you.

Even now, where I have you
always can have.

You have no idea.

It does not stop, Gretl.

On the contrary. It is getting more and more.

I want to be a whole.

A whole,
instead of two halves.

I want that, ...

... since I can think.

What are you doing? Two exams.
Yesterday Today!

Want to throw the semester?

(He sniffs cocaine.)

I thought that was over.

Then it starts again!
(He sniffles)

I do not know what you have.

They are good. Quite well!
"Quite well"?

They are no good.
My whole life is no good.

I have too much ballast.
Look at me!

Am I a pharmacist?
Not in life!

Nobody gets tired of words.
Not if they are no good.

That does not stay that way. Have faith!
It pisses me off.

I need a place in the
World. Otherwise I will go under.

(He coughs heavily.)
That makes you ready!

The poison, that bullshit!
That's the ballast in your life.

Oh come, Ludwig! Get lost!

(He plays some notes.)

Again tomorrow!
Professor Brückner!

Forgiveness! Grete Trakl.

Of course that's different.
Miss Trakl!

For you tomorrow is not
and not the day after tomorrow.

For the winter semester then.
... Perhaps!

But because of the few days.
Three weeks!

I just did not have time.

Oh, that happens! Naturally!

But now you are here!

I wish you success!

Please do not!
My course is full.

Try it in finger technique
or auditory exercise!

Everyone wants to compose.
But not everybody does it!

I can not wait
wait for winter.

Nobody has seen it yet.
Take a look!

You're welcome!
Your work?

(Fast, melodic piano music)

(Calm melody)

(He sniffs.)

Well rested?

(Fast Piano Music)

(Quiet piano music)
Now it is enough!

Get together!
Ten minutes and back out!

(She ends the game.)

You were in America?

Yes. ... It was a concert.

Negro music!

I have to go!

Do not you hear it?
I can do it. I feel it.

I write it down. Very easily.
But it is still missing

- too much and ...
They lack discipline.

And a little modesty.

Tuesday Wednesday,
Thursday ten o'clock!

I had hoped,
that they come!

Where do you want to go, miss?

To Mr. Trakl.

No ladies visit!
I am his sister.

There is not just one publisher!

I'm coming to nothing more.
If you are not there, -

- and when you are gone.
Not a line in 3 weeks.

Why all this?
The main thing, somebody's to blame.

I'm too much and too much away.
What should I -

- first apologize?
It is too much.

I can not breathe.

Too much now?

You stay there!

What did you think?

Did you think you came here
and everything will be fine?

As in a fairy tale?

As in a dream?
Like in a nice dream?

This is not a dream, Gretl!

Yes. Not for me.
There is not only you!

There is also what I want.
You do not know what you want!

I do not hide a life
long. Not even for you!

(He sniffs.)
And that should help, yes?


Ow! Please do not!

No! You're welcome!

Excuse me!

Sorry, Gretl!

I am sorry!

Do not touch it, yes?

You're welcome! ... never touch it again!

Promise me!

Let me go!

What? ... I ... you?

You can not let go of me.
That's how it is!

What happens to us, Georg?

I can not do that
invite me, Gretl.

Not always more and more.

So ... not a word!



No, Gretl! No!

Make room for me now!
... I'll contact you.

No, not so!

So you do not get away from me!

So! And now we try it
in my own way.

A cognac!

Oh! Already closing time?

No way! Two hours to go.
Tomorrow is toll.

Shut up, Ludwig!
So you thank me?

Exception for good leadership!

(Man :) Hey, Kokoschka! It's your turn.
You are still missing.

Hm? ... It seems to be good for you.

Whoever she is, she gets percent.

You're a real pig, Schubeck.

Do you know that?

Thank you, Ludwig!

Licking my ass,
you bigots philistine!

Your reactionary bastard!
Hey, Kokoschka! Slowly, yes?

Hands off! Shut up!
Leave me, you bastards!

You've all been rotten by now.

There you are. You live
no more. Damn it!