TRON (1982) - full transcript

Hacker/arcade owner Kevin Flynn is digitally broken down into a data stream by a villainous software pirate known as Master Control and reconstituted into the internal, 3-D graphical world of computers. It is there, in the ultimate blazingly colorful, geometrically intense landscapes of cyberspace, that Flynn joins forces with Tron to outmaneuver the Master Control Program that holds them captive in the equivalent of a gigantic, infinitely challenging computer game. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Encoded By Judas
Enjoy the movie!

BOY 1 : All right, give me room.
Here we go.

GIRL: What's this game called?
BOY 2: This is Lightcycle.

MAN: Damn!

You're getting brutal, Sark.

Brutal and needlessly sadistic.

Thank you, Master Control.

We've kidnapped
some military programs.

l can arrange more lethal matches.

Sure. I'd love to go up against
one of those guys.

Make a nice break from those
accounting cream puffs

you keep sending me.

-What branch of the service?
-Strategic Air Command.


Hey, look. This is all a mistake.

I'm just a compound interest program.

I work at a savings and loan.
I can't play these video games.

Sure, you can, pal. You look like
a natural athlete if I ever saw one.

Who me? Are you kidding? No.

I run out to check on T-bill rates,
I get out of breath.

Hey, look, you guys are gonna make
my user, Mr. Henderson, very angry.

-He's a full branch manager.
-Great. Another religious nut.

I'd say, "Welcome, friend,"
but not here, not like this.

I don't even know what I'm doing here.

-Do you believe in the users?
-Yeah, sure.

If I don't have a user,
then who wrote me?

That's what you're doing here.

Master Control Program's
been snapping up

all us programs who believe.

If he thinks you're useful,

he takes over all your functions
so he gets bigger,

and if he can't use you, he sends you
down here to the game grid

to get the bits blasted out of you.

-What's your name?

I'm Ram.

They'll train you for the games, but...


I hope you make it.

Hey, what's been going on
in the other sectors?

You know, I've been stuck here
for 200 microcycles.

It's murder out there. You can't even
travel around your own microcircuits

without permission
from Master Control Program.

I mean, sending me down here
to play games.

Who does he calculate he is?

FLYNN: Okay, Clu, tonight we check
everything in the right-hand column.

Come on. Come on.

Where are you?

-There you are. Clu.
-CLU: Yes, sir?

Clu, we don't have much time left
to find that file.

-This is top priority.
-Yes, sir. I know, sir.

This isn't just correcting
my bank statement

or phone bill problem again.
This is a must.

-I understand, sir. Yes, sir.
-Now, I wrote you.

I taught you everything
I know about the system.

Thank you, sir.

-But I'm not sure...
-No "buts," Clu. That's for users.

Now you're the best program
that's ever been written.

You're dogged and relentless,

-Let me at 'em.
-That's the spirit.

Now keep that tank rolling.

I'll try to cover you from this end. Go.

Do you think we can merge
with this memory, Bit?

BIT: Yes.


Now Flynn is saying
to look over in here,

but I don't see what we're looking for.

Come on, you scuzzy data. Be in there.
Come on.

Uh-oh! We've got company.

I don't believe this.

-A Recognizer.
-Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!


There's too many of them!

What is this?



Damn it!

-Get out of here!
-Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Busted again.

God. And that was my best program.


Got a pirate program here.
Says his name's Clu.

MASTER CONTROL: What did he pull?

Came into the system
with a stolen password

and we caught him trying to raid
a high-clearance memory.

No. I must've gotten in there
by mistake. I was...

Who programmed you?

I was...


You're in trouble, program.

Make it easy on yourself.

Who's your user?

Forget it,
mister high-and-mighty Master Control!

You aren't making me talk.

Suit yourself.



Get me Dillinger.


-Good evening, Mr. Dillinger.
-Thank you, Peter. You can go now.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Mr. Dillinger.

Thanks for coming back early.

No problem, Master C.

If you've seen one consumer electronic
show, you've seen them all. What's up?

It's your friend, the boy detective.
He's nosing around again.


-It felt like Flynn.
-He's still looking for that old file.

-Can't you just appropriate it?
-I have.

I put it in my memory,
which he hasn't located.

-But he might find it.
-I'm afraid so.

I spotted him this time
and kept him out.

But he's getting trickier all the time.

I think we should shut down all access
until we find that Flynn, just to be safe.

There's a 68.71% chance you're right.

-End of line.

"Your access suspended"?
"Report to Dillinger"? Come on.

Hey, Alan? You think I could
have some of your popcorn?

Yeah, sure.

I don't know what he'd want
to see me for. What did I do?

-Sit down.
-Thank you.


We've had to shut down all Group 7
personnel, just briefly. Security.

Someone with that access
has been tampering.

Well, I hope you don't think it's me.

I don't even balance my checkbook
on downtime.

I have an abacus at home for that.

Yes, I'm sure. You understand.
It should only be a couple of days.

What's the project you're working on?

Well, it's called Tron.

It's a security program itself, actually.

It monitors all contacts
between our system and other systems.

Finds anything going on that's
not scheduled, it shuts it down.

-I sent you a memo on it.
-Part of the Master Control Program?

No. No, it'll... It'll run independently

and watchdog the MCP as well.

Sounds good.

Well, we should have you running
again in a couple of days, I hope.



Oh, boy.

MASTER CONTROL: Mr. Dillinger,
I'm so very disappointed in you.

-I'm sorry.
-I can't afford

to have an independent programmer
monitoring me.

Do you realize how many
outside systems I've gone into?

How many programs
I've appropriated?

Come on.

Couple of days!

-Well, here goes nothing.
-Yeah. Interesting. Interesting.

Did you hear what you just said?
"Here goes nothing."

-Well, what I meant was...
-Actually, what we propose to do

is to change something
into nothing and back again.

Then you might just as well
have said, "Here goes something.

-"Here comes nothing."
-Right. Mmm-hmm.

MAN: Let's clear the area.

This is the big moment.

LORA: I know this'll nail down your
theory that the scanned UV beam

is superior to that
single-pulse exposure.

Laser activity will exist in 30 seconds.

Put on your goggles.

Leave the bank in your own...

Let's see if we got the green light.

MAN 1 :
Is the target area sufficiently shielded?

-MAN 2: Yeah, they verified the safety...
-WOMAN ON PA: Twenty seconds.

-Looks good.
-Let her rip.

-Fifteen seconds.
-This is what we've been waiting for.

Ten seconds.

Five seconds.




-MAN: Congratulations.

WALTER: Hi, Alan.
ALAN: You two having fun

-disintegrating things down here?
-WALTER: Not disintegrating, Alan.

Digitizing. A laser dismantles
the molecular structure of the object,

and molecules remain
suspended in the laser beam.

Then, when the computer
plays out the model,

the molecules fall back
into place and voilà!

Great. Can it send me to Hawaii?

Yeah, but you gotta purchase
your program 30 days in advance.

How's it going upstairs?


I had Tron almost ready
when Dillinger cut everyone

with Group 7 access out of the system.

I tell you, ever since he got
that Master Control Program,

system's got more bugs
than a bait store.

Gotta expect some static.
After all, computers are just machines.

They can't think.

Some programs'll be thinking soon.


Won't that be grand?
Computers and the programs

will start thinking
and the people will stop.

Well, I'm gonna stay around,
put some data through.

-See you tomorrow.

-Come on.
-Did you say Group 7 access?

ALAN: Yeah. What a hassle.

-I was all set.
-Did he say why?

ALAN: It was something
about tampering.

Tampering. You know,
Flynn has been thinking about

breaking into the system
ever since Dillinger canned him,

and he had Group 7 access.

Flynn had access to you, too.

LORA: I wanna go to Flynn's place.
ALAN: What for?

-To warn him.
-Of what?

That Dillinger's on to him.

I don't see why
I have to do that guy any favors.

I don't know what you
ever saw in that guy anyway.

LORA: I loved him for his brains.


Don't put any change in the meter.
We're gonna need it for the games.

Boy, haven't been here in a long time.

GIRL: Hey, Barbie, up here!



BOY 1 : Let's go.
GIRL 1 : Don't pull me.

-Where is he?
-I don't know. Somewhere in here,

lost in one of his games.

BOY 2: Use the buzz bomb, ya idiot.

Excuse me, champ.

-Do you know where Flynn is?
-Yeah, he's over there on his machine.

Hey, look. Somebody's got 300,000.

BOY 3: He's really on a roll tonight.
One more Reco to go, and he ties it,

but then another Reco,
and he gets the world's record.

You better watch out
for this machine, man.

-GIRL 3: Yes!
-All right!

BOY 3: The all-time record coming up!

BOY 4: This is it.
BOY 3: It's all over.


BOY 3: All right!

Way to go!

-BOY 5: Hey, Flynn, how'd you do it?
-It is all in the wrist.

BOY 5: Nine hundred and ninety-nine
thousand points!


Hey, good to see you guys.
Nothing classes up the joint

like a clean-cut young couple.

We gotta talk.

Well, you can't even hear
yourself think in here. Come on.

-Hey, come on, Flynn.
-All right, I'll be with you...

I'll be down in a minute.

So, how's the world of
serious science, huh? Go on up.

Go up. Make yourselves at home.
Be right up.

(CHUCKLES) Geez. The best
programmer ENCOM ever saw,

and he winds up playing
space cowboy in some back room.

Okay, let me handle this.

Go right ahead.

Have you been sneaking
into the ENCOM system?

God. You never were much
for small talk, were ya?

She still leave her clothes
all over the floor?

LORA: Flynn.

-No. Well, I mean, not that often.
-LORA: Alan!

Now you can see why all
of his friends are 14 years old.

Touché. Touché.

I have been doing a little hacking
in here, as a matter of fact.

-You did break in.
-Tried to.

Can't seem to quite get the connection
with that sucker, though.

-Now if I had a direct terminal...
-Flynn, are you embezzling?


Embezzling is such
an ugly word, Mr. Bradley.

No, actually, I'm trying to get
some solid evidence together.

I don't get it.

Okay. Sherman, set the way-back
machine for three years ago.

Kevin Flynn,

one of ENCOM's brightest
young software engineers.

He's so bright, as a matter of fact,
that he starts going in at night,

sets up his own private memory file,
and begins writing a program

for a video game he's invented
called Space Paranoids.

-You invented Space Paranoids?
-Paranoids. Matrix Blaster.

Vice Squad. A whole slew of them.

I was this close to starting
my own little enterprise, man.

But enter another software engineer.

Not so young, not so bright,
but very, very sneaky.

Ed Dillinger.

So one night our boy Flynn,

he's goes to his terminal,
tries to read up his file.

I get nothing on there.
There's a big blank.

All right, now we take you
three months later.

Dillinger presents ENCOM with
five video games that he's invented.

The slime didn't even
change the names, man.

He gets a big, fat promotion.

And thus begins his meteoric rise to...
What is he now? Executive V.P.?

Senior Exec.

Senior Exec?

Meanwhile, the kids are putting

eight million quarters a week
into Paranoid machines.

I don't see a dime,
except what I squeeze outta here.

I still don't understand
why you wanna break into the system.

Because, man, somewhere in
one of these memories is the evidence.

If I got in far enough,
I could reconstruct it.

My password, Dillinger's
instructions to divert the data.

-The whole shot, man.
-It's too late for that.

Dillinger's cut off everybody
with Group 7 access.

Wait a... Wait, wait, wait.
What are you...

What are you saying now?

The guy knows what you're up to.

Oh, great. You're kidding me.


Well, now there is nothing to stop him.

Now it's just Dillinger and the MCP
running things from on high in there.

Not if my Tron program is running.

That'd shut the system down.

-You know, if your file was in there...
-Hey, wait a minute.

If we can get in there,
I can forge us a Group 6 access.

Well, shall we dance?

DILLINGER: I shut down Group 7
for a very good reason.

Ed, all I'm saying
is that if our own people

can't get access to their programs...

Well, you know how frustrating it is

when you're working
on a piece of research.

Walter, I sympathize,

but I have data coming from
the Master Control Program

telling me there's something
screwy going on around here.

That MCP.
That's half our problem right there.

The MCP is the most efficient way
of handling what we do.

I can't sit here and worry about
every little user request that comes in.

User requests are what
computers are for.

Doing our business
is what computers are for.

ENCOM isn't the business
you started in your garage anymore.

We're billing accounts
in 30 different countries.

New defense systems.

We have one of the most sophisticated
pieces of equipment in existence.

Oh, I know all that.

Sometimes I wish
I were back in that garage.

That can be arranged, Walter.

That was uncalled for.

You know, you can remove men
like Alan and me from the system,

but we helped create it,

and our spirit remains in every program
we designed for this computer.

Walter, it's getting late.
I've got better things to do

than to have
religious discussions with you.

Don't worry about ENCOM anymore.

It's out of your hands now.

I don't think I'm cleared for this.

Well, I'm certainly not.

You wanna move aside?
Give the kid a little room?

Will you shush?

This guy's a little like Santa Claus.

Make these myself. You want one?


FLYNN: They never should have
gotten rid of me.

-Now, that is a big door.
-ALAN: Shut up.

DILLINGER: It's my fault.
I programmed you to want too much.

MASTER CONTROL: l was planning to
hit the Pentagon next week.

The Pentagon?

It shouldn't be any harder
than any other big company.

But now this is what I get
for using humans.

Now wait a minute. I wrote you.

I've gotten 2,415 times
smarter since then.

What do you want with the Pentagon?

The same thing I want
with the Kremlin.

I'm bored with corporations.
With the information I can access,

I can run things 900 to 1200 times
better than any human.

If you think you're superior to us...

You wouldn't want me to dig up
Flynn's file

and read it up on a VDT at The Times,
would you?

You wouldn't dare.


-Working late?

Okay, come here.
I'm gonna put him at my terminal.

I'm gonna meet you
in your office upstairs.

Don't fall asleep.

If and when I activate
your Tron program,

you're only gonna have
a few minutes to use it

before Dillinger catches
the break in security, all right?

As long as we stay off the top floor,

Dillinger will never know
we've been in here.

ALAN: Good luck, hot shot.


After you.

programmers out of the system,

and get me that Chinese
language file I asked for.

End of line.

FLYNN: You are gonna stay with me,
aren't you?

LORA: What for? You're the one
who never needed help, remember?

FLYNN: Hey, come on.
I'm scared of the dark.

All this technology scares me.
Come on, babe.

This way.

-FLYNN: When did they put this in?
-This is where I work now.

I've got a direct terminal
in the laser target area.

You can stay there all night
if you have to.

Like the man says,
there's no problems, only solutions.

Okay, remember,
this laser is my life's work.

Don't spill anything, huh?

Have fun, sweetheart.

You shouldn't have come back, Flynn.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's the big Master Control Program
everybody's been talking about.

Sit right back.
Make yourself comfortable.

Remember the time we used
to spend playing chess together?

That isn't going to do you
any good, Flynn. I'm afraid...

Stop. Please.

You realize I can't allow this.

Now how are you gonna
run the universe

if you can't even answer
a few unsolvable problems, huh?

Come on, big fella.
Let's see what you got.

I'd like to go against you
and see what you're made of.

FLYNN: You know, you don't look
a thing like your pictures.

MASTER CONTROL: l'm warning you.

You're entering a big error, Flynn.

I'm gonna have to put you
on the game grid.

Games? You want games?

I'll give you games.

Oh, man, this isn't happening.
It only thinks it's happening.

GUARD: Vacate entryport, program.

-I said move!


Look, if this is about those parking
tickets, I can explain everything, okay?

Zero programs with war games.

I've got a little challenge for you, Sark.

A new recruit.

He's a tough case, but I want him
treated in the usual manner.

Train him for the games, let him hope
for a while and blow him away.

You got it.

I've been hoping you'd send me
somebody with a little bit of guts.

What kind of program is he?

He's not any kind of program, Sark.
He's a user.

-A user?
-That's right.

He pushed me in the real world.

Somebody pushes me, I push back.

So, I brought him down here.

What's the matter, Sark?
You look nervous.

Well, I...

It's just...

I don't know. A user. I mean...

Users wrote us.

-A user even wrote you!
-No one user wrote me.

I'm worth millions of their man-years.

What if I can't...

You rather take your chances with me?

Want me to slow down
your power cycles for you?

Wait! I need that!

Then pull yourself together.
Get this clown trained.

I want him in the games
until he dies playing. Acknowledge.

Acknowledged, Master Control.

End of line.

-GUARD: Video game unit 18.
-In here, program.

FLYNN: Hey, who you
calling program, program?


New guy.

Another free program offline.

You really think
the users are still there?

They'd better be.

I don't wanna bust out of here
and find nothing

but a lot of cold circuits waiting for me.


-Who are you guys?
-RAM: Hold it.

Wanna watch those force fields.

You'll be having plenty of chances
to get hurt. Don't worry about that.

Look, just so I can tell my friends
what this dream is about, okay?

-Where am I?
-You're a

guest of the Master Control Program.

-Oh, great.
-Gonna make you play video games.

Okay. No sweat.
I play video games better than anybody.


GUARD 1 : Move out! This way!

GUARD 2: You. You come this way.

Hey, there's been a mistake.
I gotta see the guy in charge.

You will.

Look, operative. Command program
Sark's carrier is approaching.

He will explain the training procedures.


The Master Control Program
has chosen you

to serve your system on the game grid.

Those of you who continue
to profess a belief in the users

will receive the standard
substandard training,

which will result
in your eventual elimination.

Those of you who renounce

this superstitious and hysterical belief

will be eligible to join the warrior elite

of the MCP.

You will each receive an identity disk.

Everything you do or learn
will be imprinted on this disk.

If you lose your disk
or fail to follow commands,

you will be subject
to immediate de-resolution.

That will be all.

GUARD: Move out.

Hey. Who's that guy?

-That's Tron. He fights for the users.

FLYNN: That's pretty good.
RAM: Watch this.

RAM: You gotta be good
if you wanna survive.

FLYNN: What's your name?

My name's Ram.

Hey, Ram.
What were you, you know, before?

I was an actuarial program.

Worked for a big insurance company.

Really gives you a great feeling helping
folks plan for their future needs.

And, of course, if you think of the
payments as an annuity over the years,

the cost is really quite minimal.

Yeah. That's great.

Actuarial program. Nice.

How about yourself?

I don't remember too much.
Name's Flynn.

Sure. A little disorientation.
That's normal in transport.

It'll come back to you.


RAM: This is it. Good luck, Flynn.

Sir, conscript being moved
from pit cell to ring game.

FLYNN: You know... Hey!

You guys sure are friendly, aren't you?


Let him fight one of his own kind.


You think you're gonna
wipe me right out, don't you?

No, I...

Hey, I... I... I...



New guy was asking about you.

It's too bad he's in a match now.

-I'll probably never meet him.
-You might.

There's something different about him.


That was a very fancy shot.


Okay, here's an easy one.

-Finish the game!

Kill him.


You'll regret this.



MASTER CONTROL: l want him
in the games until he dies playing.

GUARD: This is the holding area
for the Lightcycles.

Hey, Flynn. You made it!

-Wait here.
-You won!

-Where did you hear that name?

-Well, that's your name, isn't it?
-The name of my user.

How did you know?

I'm a program from a user
that knows Alan.

He was disoriented in transport, Tron.

Yeah, but I'm remembering
all kinds of stuff.

Like my user wants me
to go after the MCP.

-My user wants that, too.
-I know.

Prepare to transport to Lightcycle grid.

-We have transport.

This is blue leader to blue bikes.

Run these guys into yourjet walls.

WARRIOR 2: Copy, blue leader.
WARRIOR 3: Copy, blue leader.

TRON: This is gold one to gold two
and three. Split up.

Take them one on one.

WARRIOR 1 : Watch it! Watch it!


FLYNN: I'm taking him into the maze.

This is it. Come on.

Gold three to gold two and one.

I'm getting out of here right now,
and you guys are invited.

RAM: Got it.


FLYNN: So long, sucker.


Greetings, programs.

warriors escaping game grid.

This is an illegal exit.
You must return immediately.

Repeat, this is an illegal exit.

-You must return to the grid.
-RAM: Gold two to gold three.

Those demons are coming down.

Get them.

Send out every game tank in the grid.

Get them!

FLYNN: I should never have written
all those tank programs.

Targets leaving protective field.


All units exiting game arena!

Target units accelerating!

Pursuit force minus one tank.
Close ranks.

Oh, man.

On the other side of the screen,
it all looked so easy.

They must've gone right past us.

We made it...this far.

GUARD: Pursuit force reporting.

We lost visual contact
with escaped units.

Awaiting further orders.

SARK: Get the pursuit forces
back into the canyons.

Those programs never
made it out of there.

We'll have them back in no time, sir,
long before the interrupt interface.

We'd better, Null Unit.

I'll be lucky if the MCP doesn't
blast me into a dead zone.

I want those conscripts!


FLYNN: What is it? What do you see?

Watch it. Watch it.

Come on, you little bugger. Come on.

RAM: Look at that.

When do we pay our visit
to the old Master Control, huh?


There's just three of us.

Well, you know anybody who's
got an army for rent, that's fine.

But my user told me
to go take that sucker out,

or I'm never getting outta here.

We can't get to the MCP
without the help of my user.

I have to get to that input/output tower

and communicate with him.

Well, good. Check in with Alan.
Maybe he knows what's...

What's that?

That is just what I need right now.

Oh, it's nice.




Boy, you forget
how good the power feels

until you get to a pure source.


My friends, my fellow conscripts,
we have scored.

I feel so much better.

Pursuit force reporting.
No sign of escaped units.

Moving into next sector.

-Thank you.
-I can feel it.

Feel what? You okay?

Alan One.

Let's move out!

-Come on, Flynn. Put a cork in it.
-One second.


Range: nine. Mark: 45, 48 degrees.

Hold it. Hold it. Fire!

TRON: Ram! Flynn! Do you read me?

Pursuit force reporting.
Two escaped units de-rezzed.


Tron unit heading into next sector.

Ram. Ram!

Come on! We gotta get outta here.

GUARD: No sign of life.
Looks like we got them.

Continue pursuit
of remaining conscript.

GUARD: Acknowledged.
Proceeding toward sector frontier.

We're gonna make it, Ram.
I just gotta find you a place to rest.

Hang in there, Ram.

This looks like a good spot.

Those tanks won't find us here.



I thought this was supposed to be easy.



What's going on?

You see this?

You shouldn't be able to do that.

Now for some real user power.

Hey, this looks promising.

This is just like the old arcade grips.

All right, let's get this show on the road.

Now we're smoking.

How can you steal a Recognizer?

Hey, you okay? You don't look so good.

We'll get you fixed up. Hang on.

Come here.

Oh, my user. Users are users. They...

Are you a user?



Help Tron.



Damn Recognizer.

Why won't the thing just go straight?

I gotta get to that I/O tower.


Request additional information
for Sector 2.

Prepare hangar for
game simulation transport.

Attention, aII units.
Lock onto matrix code.

Prepare for digital beam transport.

Activate hangar doors.

What's the progress on the simulation?

Thirty, 56. Ninety-nine are correct.

Limited four and eight are missing.

Don't scream.


Thirty, 56. Ninety-nine are correct.

-Limited four and eight are missing.
-No, I...




I knew you'd escape.

They haven't built a circuit
that could hold you.

Listen, Yori. We have to make plans.

Where can we go?

This way. Quickly.


Hold it right there!

-What do you mean "yes"?

-Is that all you can say?

-Anything else?


Positive and negative, huh?
You're a bit.


Well, where's your program?
Isn't he gonna miss ya?

-I'm your program?

-Another mouth to feed.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Watch out for nested macros.

TRON: Who are all these weirdos?
YORI: Inoperative data pushers.

TRON: Control programs. Come on.

MALE VOICE: These tendencies
must be discouraged.

Pretty good driving, huh?

-BIT: No.
-Who asked you?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


This baby doesn't handle
so good in town.


-What's this do? How about this one?
-No. No, no.

Here comes a headache.

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

-We gotta stop this thing!

I'm glad you agree!


-I'm fine. No problem.
-WOMAN: I hope they hurry.

My next assignment is in Quadrant 4.

Oh, this town is full of live ones.


This is where Tron said he was going.


Losing Flynn.

I don't believe this.

GUARD: Halt!

More guards.

YORI: They don't see us. I'll go first.

-Are you all right?
-Yeah. Let's do that some more.

Yeah. I think the guard saw me.

Come on.


I can't stand all this commotion.
What do you want?

I've come to communicate with my user.

Difficult proposition.
Difficult proposition at best.

Why, I could be de-rezzed
just for letting you in here.

They hate this tower.

They'd close it down if they dared.

They keep me around
just in case one of them

wants to deal with
the other world once in a while.


My user has information that could,

well, could make this
a free system again.

-No, really.

Why, you'd have programs lined up
just to use this place.

And no MCP looking
over your shoulder.

When you've been in the system
as long as I have,

you hear many promises,
many reassurances,


many brave plans.

Please, Dumont.
The guards are coming.

There they are, with the guardian.

All right, Yori. All right.

Who is your user, program?

Alan One. He calls me. May I pass?

All that is visible
must grow beyond itself

and extend into the realm
of the invisible.

You may pass, my friend.

The tower guardian is helping him.

He thinks.

Bring in the logic probe!

More power!

It's begun.

ALAN: Tron, location query. Confirm.

Confirmed, Alan One.

I am creating the information
on your disk

that will erase the MCP
and change the system.

Dedicate yourself to getting
the disk into the heart of the MCP.

This interface is located at its base.

We will not be able
to communicate again

unless you succeed.


This is the key to a new order.

This code disk means freedom.

I think they're breaking in.

-Thank you, Dumont.
-Hurry. The users are waiting.

SARK: Dumont!

Where's the program?

What program?

Take him!

Stay close.

If I can just get us on
the scanning transport beam,

this Solar Sailer simulation

will take us across the game sea,
out of this domain,

back into the central computer.

TRON: Look out!


Commander, you've enjoyed
all the power you've been given,

haven't you?

I wonder how you'd take to
working in a pocket calculator.

We did take care of
that user you sent us.

You incompetent zero.

Now you've got
two renegade programs

flying all over the system
in a stolen simulation.

We'll get them.
It's only a matter of time.

You've almost reached
your decision gate,

and I can't spare you any more time.

End of line.

Hey, it's me! Flynn!

-Yeah. Greetings, program.

Flynn, you're alive.

FLYNN: Barely.

Yeah, I...



Where's Ram?

He didn't make it.

Well, come on.


This is Flynn,
the one who busted me out.

-Well, then, I owe him some thanks.

No, it's no big deal.

I ought to know my way
around a Lightcycle routine.

I wrote the program for it.

-You wrote the program?
-It's time I level with you.

I'm what you guys call a user.

-You're a user?
-I took a wrong turn somewhere.

If you are a user,

then everything you've done
has been according to a plan, right?


You wish.

Well, you guys know what it's like.
You just keep doing what it looks like

you're supposed to be doing,
no matter how crazy it seems.

Well, that's the way it is
for programs, yes.

I hate to disappoint you, pal,
but most of the time,

that's the way it is for users, too.

Stranger and stranger.

So, nice-looking ship you got here.

Sir, what do you want done
with the tower guardian, Dumont?

Put him with the others?

No, bit brain.
Prepare him for inquisition.

I need a little bit of relaxation.
But first, rez up the carrier for pursuit.

One other thing, don't think anymore.

I do the thinking around here.

YORI: This isn't gonna be easy.
If those grid bugs get us, we've had it.

-Had enough?
-What do you want? I'm busy.

Busy dying, you worn-out excuse
for an old program?

Yes, I'm old.

Old enough to remember the MCP
when it was just a chess program.

He started small, and he'll end small.

Very funny, Dumont.

Maybe I should keep you around
just to make me laugh.


-What's happening?
-Power surge from the MCP.

-We have to get off this beam.
-I can't.

There isn't anotherjunction
for seven or eight nanoseconds.

-There's another beam!
-It's too far.

He's creating a junction.

Did we make it?

-Hooray for our side.

YORI: Is he de-rezzing?

But I couldn't tell you why not.

I'm all in one piece.

I guess I'm still with ya.


Tell the guy with the jackhammer
to lay off, will ya?

How did you do that?

Elementary physics: a beam of energy
can always be diverted.

Are we there yet, Mommy?




Tron's dead.

-DUMONT: Who's that?
-That is a user, Dumont.

He came here to help us.

Tron believed in him.

If the users can no longer help us,
we're lost.

So, we have erased that program...

No. You were de-rezzed. I saw you.

-Not me, Sark.
-There's nothing special about you.

-You're just an ordinary program.
-So are you.

-One that should've been erased.
-You're nothing!

Take that program to the holding pit!

Please, don't take him...

SARK: We're taking our friend here

and some other religious fanatics
to Master Control.

When I disembark,

this ship and everything
that remains on board

will automatically de-rez.

This means you.

Move out!

-Intermediate vectors detached.
-Route us to the MCP.

I want to get rid of this dead weight

and catch a transport beam
to the game domain.

These walls. Yori.
Something's happening.



I still have power.
Sark doesn't know that.

-Leave me alone. We've failed.
-We're only gonna fail if we give up!

Now come on! Look! The wall!


You brought me back. How?

Why did you bring me back?

I need your help. Come on.


Do something with these controls!

-I'm on it.
-It's the MCP.

It's the heart of the whole system.


I feel a presence.
Another warrior is on the mesa.

TRON: Sark!

We're getting closer.

I don't know how you survived, slave.

It doesn't matter. Prepare to terminate.

MASTER CONTROL: All programs
have a desire to be useful.

But in moments, you will no longer
seek communication with each other

or your superfluous users.

You will each be part of me,
and together, we will be complete.

You should've joined me.
We'd have made a great team.

-You're very persistent, Tron.
-I'm also better than you.


All my functions are now yours.

Take them.


Look at that.

can't help you now, my little program.

I got it. Steer us over by the beam.

-Right next to it.
-What good'll that do?

I'm gonna jump.

-It's the only way to help Tron.
-Don't. You'll be de-rezzed.

Don't worry.

Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!

TRON: We did it!


-That's nice.
-We thought you were dead.


Where's Flynn?

It was incredible.
He threw himself into the beam

and distracted the MCP just
long enough for you to get the disk in.

He saved us. He really did it.

Video warriors, look at the I/O towers.

Every tower is lighting up.


Priority one!






Try to look official.
Here comes the boss.

Pick me up in an hour. Thanks.

Greetings, programs.



(SINGING) In the jungle I run tonight

Find no peace to logical life

No confusion, just wrong or right

Oh, yeah

Faces, numbers I recognize

You don't fool me with cynical lies

No problems, no compromise

Oh, yeah

Only solutions

Don't pull me down
I just wanna hear

Only solutions

It won't be long
It won't take too long

Modern times drive me insane

Explanations I can't explain

Leave me standing in the rain

Oh, yeah

Solving mysteries with nothing to lose

Magic leaves you without any clues

There's only so much one man can do

Oh, yeah

Only solutions

Don't pull me down
I just wanna hear

Only solutions

It won't be long
It won't take too long

Only solutions

Don't pull me down
I just wanna hear

Logical solutions

Clear visions, clear visions