TQM (2021) - full transcript


Yeah, right?

What happened here?

Call the lawyers.

What lawyers?

They told us to come to Miami,
so they must know something.

How long ago did you talk to mom?

A few weeks ago.

- What about you?
- Me too.

Don't post that on Instagram.

Don't be paranoid.

What do you think would happen
if everyone finds out

that the owner of the most important
mental hospital in Mexico

is living like this?

They'll think that the crazy ones
escaped from the madhouse.

- Lollipop…
- Okay, Fine.

I won't post anything,
but it makes me depressed.

And don't call it a madhouse.
Mom doesn't like it.

Is she even here?

At least there's wi-fi.

When was the last time you came here?

When I came for the vacations.

Two months. And was it like this?


Where will mom be?

April 5, today I turned 21.

And like all my birthdays
I can't stop thinking about my legacy.

I wonder what Hendrix, Cobain,

Joplin and Morrison would do
if they were here.

It's funny how things happen.

In the morning when I heard
"private plane" and "Miami,"

I felt the creativity of leaving my body.

When I entered the house, I was inspired.

I'm glad I can do this on my birthday.

This is the perfect place.

Did you call the lawyers?

Yeah, but they don't answer.

Call them again.

You wouldn't believe what I found here.

Look what I found.

It's dad's chess.

Marco, I don't think I'm staying here.

Then go to a hotel.

I'll call you when the lawyers call.

Look, it's rush hour.

If the lawyers don't answer in one hour,
we'll go to the office to find them.

I'm the whites.




You can't confuse me.

No, but I can eat your queen.

Attack, attack, attack…

That's all you do.

Sometimes you must let things happen.

Why? Because God's times are perfect?

You lost your rook.

He always has a plan.




The Lord is good
to those whose hope is in him.

Oh, no. Don't start with that bullshit.

- Hey.
- Mm?

There's some weirdo at the door.


Hi. I'm Miguel Ángel.

Can I help you with something?

Today's Friday and it's 5:30.

What do you need?

Hi, Miguel Ángel.
What can we help you with?

Dr. Elizabeth asked me
to come today at 5:30.

Dr. Elizabeth is unwell right now.

They told me to come.

It's an email from the lawyers.

Come in.

I don't want to marry or have kids.

I'm not looking for fame
or my family's wealth.

I'm only passionate about my pictures.
That will be my biggest legacy.

My pictures and my death.

I'm Marco.

She's my sister, Danae,

and the spoiled one who left
is the youngest.

We call her Lollipop.

Do you want something to drink?

No, thanks.

That's my favorite book.

Why would an intelligent woman
like Dr. Elizabeth

waste her time on this book?

You don't believe in God?

If God existed,
broccoli would taste like Nutella.

But there are events,
miracles, so to speak,

that are more important
than the flavor of a vegetable.

Like your dad?

I wouldn't call that a miracle.

Matter of perspective.

And what's your perspective?

My perspective in this matter
is as irrelevant as my opinion

about God's existence.

Do you think God's existence
is irrelevant?

God's existence is highly important.

My perspective is irrelevant.

So irrelevant as it was my existence
for you a few minutes ago.

Luckily, his goodness is so powerful
that He takes care of everyone.

Including non-believers.

If God exists,
I wouldn't have become an orphan at 17.

We all go through difficult times.

It's difficult to know there's someone
called Gregorio and lives peacefully.

Some things are beyond our comprehension.

It's difficult to know
that no one cares that Gregorio

stabbed two people until they bled out.


Every time I hear his name's like…

I can't believe he's still on my mind.

Your pain doesn't deny his existence.

Ten years.

That was the age of Gregorio
when he stabbed them.

Now explain to me
who would have so much hate

at such a young age?

I'm so sorry about what happened.

You're right,

my pain doesn't deny his existence.

But if He really exists,
it says a lot about him.

All problems began
because Dinah made friends with

people who didn't follow
the laws of God.

I don't make those mistakes.

The lawyers should be arriving soon.

I think Lollipop should be here.


You're an idiot! Why are you doing this?

Are you serious?

You're a piece of shit!

You're crazy! What's this?

They're amazing.
They came out really good.

Don't you think?

That's definitely the best one.

You're insane.

The lawyers should be arriving soon,
and that crazy one is driving me mad.

I told you he was a crazy one.
I have a keen eye for that.

Crazy ones understand each other.

Dry well.

One can choose where to go on vacation,
where to work or what ice cream to eat,

but a few can choose when and how to die.

A few years ago I decided
I won't be those kinds of people.

Like them, I want to die at 27.

And like Cobain,
I'm planning to do it on April 5.

What happened?

I'll go.

And do you like to live in Miami?

I live in Mexico.


I could call it that way.

It's from the lawyers.

Let me show you the guest room.
You'll be comfortable there.

I'm good, thanks.

That's the elegant way
to tell you we want privacy.

Oh. Sorry.

A pen drive.

It's a video of mom.

If you're watching this,
it means I'm not in a good condition

or that maybe I'm not even here.

First of all, I want you to know
you're my biggest legacy.

That's why I'm putting my second legacy
in your hands.

During all my life, I've been looking
for the unification of our family,

but I haven't succeeded.

In my final effort, I've decided to leave
three envelopes in my safe box:

a green, yellow and red one.

Each one has different instructions
on how to divide my inheritance.

It's up to you to choose
which envelope you're going to open.

To make that decision,

I've enlisted the help
of three of my patients.

Each of them
knows the content of the envelopes.

It'll depend exclusively on them

to reveal the partial or complete
information of that content.

You have 12 hours to choose
one of the three envelopes

and communicate that to the lawyers.

Once you made the decision,

the other two envelopes
will be destroyed.

The chosen one will be immediately read
and executed.

The decision is solely and exclusively
up to you three,

and it should be unanimous.

Choose wisely.

The future of this family depends on you.

Mom's dead?

No, the lawyers would've told me.

What if she had an accident?

Don't worry. God will take care of her.

The important thing
is to find those patients

and know about the content
of the envelopes.

I think the first one is already here.

Fuck! And we treated him like shit.


What about you?

You couldn't see his face.
Your face almost said, "You make me sick."

And you treated him as he was a heretic.

You almost blamed him
of being Satan's son.

We need to do damage control.

Not necessarily.

Let's choose one of the envelopes.
We open it…

And we divide the content
among all of us as we agree right now.

And how do we know you'll keep your word?

Do you think I would screw you
for some dollars?

Not for some dollars,

but for the houses,
the book publishing rights

and the bank accounts in Switzerland…

- …totally.
- Hey! We're not the problem.

What makes you think
we're the only ones in the inheritance?

The crazy ones are keeping our fortune?

It's an option.

And not to mention
the future of the madhouse.

Don't call it that.

Madhouse, mental hospital, whatever.

Well, I'm sure a big part of the money
will end up there.

Do you think that's what mom meant
about the second inheritance?

Your middle name should be Sherlock.

Of course, she meant the madhouse.

Whatever that video says
that place is very important for her,

and we're not.

We need to find out about those documents.

And where's mom?

Who do you think would be
the other two crazy ones?


Very good, huh?

My turn, you'll see.

- Hey, that's three.
- You're good.

Hey! Do you want to play?

Who wants mezcal?

- Me!
- Me!

No, thanks.

No, you won't deny a drink in my house.

And you're playing with me. I never lose.


Shot! Shot! Shot!


Don't worry. Just throw it.

- Yes!
- Yeah!

What happened?

Ladies and gentlemen,
the champions, Miguel Ángel and Lollipop.

One round.

- What do you want for a price?
- Okay, me and you.


A winner, right?

So? How was I?

You deserve an Oscar.

Do you think it worked?

We'll see.

Let's go for the knockout.

Cheers for that.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Miguel Ángel, can I ask you
a personal question?

You can ask,
but I can't promise I'll answer it.

Are you my mom's patient?

If it wasn't for Dr. Elizabeth,
I don't know where I'd be.

What did you have?

After my parent's death,
I found it hard to accept my life.

We feel the same way now.

We need you to help us with something.

About the green envelope?

All this show was for the green envelope?

Our future depends
on the content of that envelope.

Not only yours.

For one minute I bought it.

It wasn't a show.

"It wasn't a show."

Never in my life has a woman
looked at me the way you did.

It's sad you only did it
because you needed something from me.

Do you know how hard
you need to hit someone to stay like this?

That pain can't compare
to the way people see me.

The same way you did
when I walked through that door.

An immediate rejection…

Because I'm different.

And because I don't look like you.

The lawyers.

Tell me what the documents say.


Tell me what the documents say.

Marco, let him go.

Tell me what the documents say
or I kill you!

Marco, let him go, please!

Mom's arriving now.

Your 15 minutes of fame are over.

Lollipop, call an Uber so he can leave.

The lawyers asked all to be present
when mom's here.

Including you.

Fuck! You scared me.


You were horrible to me.

Have you ever seen a hummingbird?

Silent treatment, huh?

Can I play?

Do you think you deserve it?

Come on, let me play.

I promise I ate all the food,

and I promise I won't have
nightmares at night anymore.

My hand is numb.

Do you like it?

It's my favorite level.

- Did you lose?
- Yeah.

- My turn.
- No, please. One more.

You can't tell anyone you let me play.

Or he'll get mad.

If you keep my secret, I'll keep yours.

A secret?

This is my weak point.

Do you like it?

Now the two of us have a secret.

I also have a secret.

Are you going to tell me?


But you can't tell anyone.

Promise me. Especially him.

Who's him?

Miguel Ángel.

Are you going to tell Miguel Ángel
about this?


If you don't tell, I won't either.

My name's María Gabriela.

I'm Gregorio.

He's waking up.


The hand.

I told you it was asleep.

I know what's on the list.

What list?

The list on the yellow envelope.

You mean the green one.

No, the list on the yellow envelope
that has all the secrets of Dr. Elizabeth.

There were words for older people.

Try to remember, okay?

For me?

The list looks like
the one for Santa Claus.

Were there any presents for me?


Were there any presents for you?


Miguel Ángel won't let me have any.

He thinks I did something wrong,
but it wasn't me.

What did you do?


I promise I didn't do anything.

It was Francesco. Francesco is bad.

What about the presents? What were they?

I don't remember.

But I know where you can get them.

In the safe box.

Someone's coming.

The box in the room of Dr. Elizabeth?

Yeah, you can get the list there.
I know how to open it.

He's here.

I must go,
but please don't say anything, okay?

Yeah, I promise.

Miguel Ángel!

Miguel Ángel?

Danae, Miguel Ángel fainted.

- What did you do to him?
- Nothing.

We were roleplaying and I don't know
what had happened to him.

Playing what?

When you fake to be someone else.

He was faking being a kid.

Don't tell me you like him now.

I was following your plan.

I did everything you asked,
and he suddenly fainted.

- And the documents?
- That's all you care about?

Did he say something or not?

- He knows what's in the yellow envelope.
- Anything else?

We must call an ambulance.

And tell them what?

Mom's crazy patient fainted
while we were playing inheritance?

Marco. He knows what to do.

He's not here.
He went looking for information.


Some things are better left unknown.

Well, call him. We must do something.

It's Marco.

Did you find out something?

Things are worse than we thought.

We haven't been able
to make progress either.

We'll have to wait
for the other two crazies to arrive.

There's the story's twist.

Now what?

Miguel Ángel suffers from a dissociative
identity disorder.

Apparently, he has three identities
and each one acts in different ways.

Is he still confined
in the mental hospital?

Yeah, apparently mom's been
treating him for ten years.

What would a Mexican patient do in Miami?

I don't know. They arrived together
on the plane two weeks ago,

and she's been treating him from home.

Do you know if one of the identities
is a little kid?

Yeah, how do you know that?

Because I just met his second identity.

His name is Gregorio.


The same one who killed his parents?

I'm 15 minutes away from home.
I'm going as fast as I can.

Did you find out something about mom?

Fuck! I just passed a police car
and they turned on their lights.

I must go. Whatever you do,
be very careful with him.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

I hope you like mojitos.

Are you okay?

My nose started bleeding.

The last thing you need is a stranger
messing up your house with blood.

What? Do you want a picture?

No, it's just you're very beautiful.

You must be Danae.

And you, Lollipop.

And you are…?


Dr. Elizabeth's patient for a long time.

When was the last time
you were with Dr. Elizabeth?

Which of you two
is going to be my next victim?

I just learned how to prepare mojitos.

They might be bitter,
but I promise they taste good.

Do you want some?

No? To Dr. Elizabeth.

Let's get to the point, ladies.

I know exactly what's on the red envelope,
and if you want that information,

it'll cost you some money.

Finally, a version I like.

And the package isn't so bad.

Business first.

In exchange for helping you,
I want 50% of the inheritance.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'd rather lose it all instead
of giving you half of my inheritance.

Two percent and I'm not suing you
for being an extortionist.

You think I'm here to negotiate, but no.

No, you're not understanding.
No crazy one is going to screw me.

Oh, you're really got some ovaries.

You make me want to take you to the room
and have a roll in the hay.

Poor you.

You won't even handle me for two minutes.

Your commission just decreased to 1%.

I know who you are.

Gregorio told me.

So, you already met that snuffy one.

And I'm sure all those works of art…

I can imagine my epitaph:

"Murdered by some Lollipop
while her sister was grabbing his balls."

And what do you prefer?

"Buried for screwing the wrong person"?

Here's where you put the ice pick.


Five percent.


You stay with the houses in Mexico City,
the American bank accounts and the boat.

A consortium of doctors
gets exclusive rights to the books

that will only go to finance them.

What about Marco?

He gets nothing.

The other envelopes must have something
similar but excluding us.

So, you don't know what's
on the other envelopes?

You need me more than you think.



You must be Francesco.

And you must be Marco.

Let her go if you don't want
things to get worse.

She smells really nice.

Come here.

See who it is.

It's Oscar and mom.

Let go of the ice pick and get rid of it.

And you stay calm.


What happened to mom?

I don't have that information.

Your lawyers told me to bring her.

Do you want me to leave her in her room?

No, it's okay. You can leave now. Thanks.

Bye. Bye, Elizabeth.

- Mom!
- Mom!

Are you okay?

- What happened to you, mom?
- Mom?


We have homework to do.

We know what's in the red envelope.

Check the documents.

I'm overdue for a chat
with our guest of honor.


Hey, Miguel Ángel?


Where did Marco get so much information?

You always wanted to control us.

According to these records, Francesco's
last appearance was almost five years ago.

Apparently, he only appeared
in high-stress and dangerous situations.

And for some reason,
he always had a nosebleed.

That only happened to Francesco.

Much better.

What do you want?


Everyone wants something.

Why would I help you instead
of the patients?

Oh, so that's what you want. Vengeance.


Bankrupting us seems like justice to you?

Better you than the mental hospital.

So, you do want something.

Let's negotiate.

We've been negotiating
since I walked through that door,

but you didn't know about it.

Look, if you want power and vengeance,

I'll be your best ally.

What about your sisters?

My "God is perfect"
and "twerking's queen"?

Please, don't tell me you believed
she was making you horny.

What do you suggest?


In advance.

What about the hospital?

I'll guarantee you the funding,
but I must have control over all of this.

I can help you keep control.

But I'll need you to do some things
that maybe your sisters won't agree to.

Physical abuse from his parents,
psychological abuse at school,

acute psychological trauma
because of the toxic environment.

An unlucky guy.

The hospital's totally bankrupted.

The only income comes exclusively
from the books' selling.

How can that be?

Misappropriation of funds,
several negligence lawsuits,

and one from an inappropriate relationship
with a patient.

Someone's been misbehaving.

Dr. Elizabeth,

what would your friends think
if they found out about this?

If we choose the wrong envelope,
we'll get thrown out onto the streets.

No, don't say that.

The books mom wrote
are the only source of income.

If we only inherit the hospital…

We'll inherit the debts.

In months we could have nothing.

We must find out
what's on the other envelopes.


Please go and see if you're luckier
with Miguel Ángel.

Any news?

Now we're going to bet your inheritance?

I'm done talking to you,
but I must be here.

So, I'm going to have fun.


I don't do this on a whim.

You have to believe me.

Everything will be okay.

In a few hours, everything will be solved.


Why him?

Because she can control him.

Control is her specialty.

Then abuse is.

Maybe she feel sorry for him?

More than sorry,
to have gone through the same.

What are you talking about?

People think the deepest connections
are through happy moments,

but suffering is the most powerful magnet.

Screams, hits…

You're basically describing
her relationship with dad.

You're hallucinating.

Are you saying dad used to hit her?

You never realized after dad's death
she never fell from the shower ever again?

That her make-up became lighter?

That's why Miguel Ángel
said his death was a miracle.

How's it that he knows so much about us?

What did you do, mom?

For many years I felt guilty
for everything she went through.

We were just kids.

What could we do?

But now that I see her sitting,
a part of me is happy that she can't move.

Okay, two out of three.

A dangerous move.

One who doesn't risk,
neither wins nor loses.

Oh, no.

Just where I wanted.

Oh, no.


No one beats the champion!

Calm down, we're one to one.

Of course not.

- You haven't beaten me.
- Stop playing.

One to one and no cheating.

What are you talking about?

Okay, one-nil in your favor.

Should we heat up this game?


If I win, you kiss me.

Oh, so naughty.

- And if I win?
- I kiss you.

Such a clever boy.

If I win, you show me a magic trick.



She looks like a rag doll.

We're running out of options.

I have an idea, but it's a risky one.

Would you be willing to use some violence?

Only as a last option.

They have a special connection,

and I think we can use that against them.

Oh, no.

You got me trapped.

Ha! I won.

Hey, calm down.

It was just a kiss.


So you don't say I'm bad,
I'll show you a magic trick.

Where are we going?

Show me how this opens.

I can't be here.

Don't worry, we're here alone.

I won't tell anyone.


Please, Gregorio, help me.

All the answers are in the Bible.

There's no time for praying.

"And his soul was drawn to Dinah
the daughter of Jacob…"

Stop praying.

"…and spoke tenderly to her."

Please, help me.

"…defiled his daughter Dinah…"

Open the box, Gregorio.

"…because he was in love with Dinah."

Gregorio, if you don't open the box,
I won't be your friend anymore.

He's here.

Please don't say anything to him.

Identities can't communicate between them.

We must take advantage of that weakness.

He fainted again.
I need you to help me move him.

I tried with her birthday,
passport number, lucky numbers…

Nothing worked.


Mom's diaries.

January 12, the patient arrived.

There was an energy
of emotions among all doctors.

It was our first case of dissociative
identity disorder.

July 5, the identity changes
occur more often.

Until now, we've detected three.

After constant abuse from his parents
and his inability to defend himself,

Francesco arises.

December 15,
we managed to lock Francesco up.

He hasn't appeared in several months.

There's an optimistic air
among all doctors.

"March 18, Gregorio kept arising,
but he stopped talking to all doctors.

If I can't talk to him,
the doctors will give up the case.

I keep fighting to rescue him."

We're running out of time.

Lollipop, we have an idea,
but we all must agree to it.


Blood will push him to remember the trauma
of his parent's death.

That should make him
susceptible to telling us the truth.

We don't have time for more games.

Miguel Ángel.
Miguel Ángel.

Miguel Ángel, we need to know
what's in the envelopes.

Don't make me use this.

If you don't do this for yourself,
do it for her.

Do you see the suffering
you're causing to her?

And for what?

We know you're not a hero.

Stop pretending.

You never learned to defend yourself.

That's why you had Francesco.

But we got rid of him.

Soon or later, we'll find your weak point.

Miguel Ángel.

Miguel Ángel.

Enough. We ran out of time.

I'm sorry, Lollipop.


- Please, say something!
- How long do you think she'll last?

You're going to kill her!

If you can't handle this,
there's the door!

No money deserves this.

I swear by Dinah, I'll kill you.

Dinah? Who's Dinah?

That happens when you don't go to mass.

So, now all the answers are in the Bible?

We have them where we wanted.

Now you can begin to talk.







"But the Lord is faithful,
and he will strengthen you

and protect you from the evil one."

"The devil prowls around
like a roaring lion

looking for someone to devour."

"Resist the devil,
and he will flee from you."

What the fuck are you doing? Speak now.

He's bleeding.


You still don't have the information.

When are the lawyers arriving?

They're close.

If you don't have a unanimous decision
as soon as you open the safe box,

a protection clause will be activated.

What does the clause say?

You lose all the goods,
and they go to the hospital.

"A house divided against itself
cannot stand upright"?


He knows nothing.

I managed to open the safe box.

There was only one picture.

All of this was mom's games?


I swear I know nothing.

You're not my mom.


No, I'm not your mom.

I'm Dr. Elizabeth.

Do you remember me?

I need you…

To be quiet.

Keep it down.

Outside there are very bad people.

What do those bad people want?

Hurt us.

I don't want to be here.

I know.

I know you don't want to be here.

But I'm going to need you
to call Francesco.

No. No, Francesco's evil.

I know he's evil.

I'm going to help you,
but I need you to call Francesco.

But I'm scared of Francesco.

Call Francesco.



I'm a failure as a doctor
and as a mother.

But I'm alive because of you.

My biggest fears have come true.

I need you to do me a favor.

Whatever you need.

Protect me from my children.

Whatever it takes.


God… what a disappointment.

You raised us.


maybe that's why
I'm partly to blame, right?

Now what?

"Now what"?

That's what I've been thinking
since you slapped me downstairs.

Do you blame me?

Inheriting so much money and power
is a huge responsibility.

That's why I needed to know
if you were ready.

All of this was one of your games?

What about the documents?

The documents don't exist.

The plan was for you
to work together with Miguel Ángel

so you could all benefit.

So, we didn't lose the inheritance.

Oh, son.

You were always
the slowest one of the three.

All this was a test to see how we treated
Miguel Ángel and his identities.

Very good.

What else?

We have the type of personality
that connects

with his two secondary identities.

Me with Francesco,

and you with Gregorio.

And Miguel Ángel?


Each of you connected
with your lowest instincts

and revealed the worst inside you.

Which leads us to the initial question.

"Now what?"

When the lawyers arrive,
I'll write my real will.

What about us?

My responsibility as a mother
is to take care of you

and teach you the best I can.

But that will only last
until the day I die.

So, pray that it doesn't happen so soon.

Now, if you excuse me,
I'll take this shit out of me.

You didn't keep your end of the deal.

Were you looking for this?

All of this?

My mom tricked you.

She manipulated you!

You can't help me anymore.

Danae, you scared me.

We know we made a mistake,
but you can't do this to us.

A mistake?

All that happened there was…

A mistake?

What did you want us to do?
You put us in an impossible situation.

Not torturing me.

Just an example, I don't know.

The lawyers will arrive soon.

If I let that happen, we lose everything.

Danae, put down that gun.

You put us all in danger.

Francesco was controlled.

I didn't mean him.

Over and over,
you saw how he entered my room

and knew what he was doing perfectly.

Your father paid for all his actions.

Do you remember the night
you entered the room and saw him?

It was the worst night of my life.


You looked at me in my eyes

and I thought everything
will be finally over.

And what did you do?

I closed the door and…

I left.

Lollipop sleeping in the next bed.

Thank God she was just a kid.

Can you even imagine
what he would do to her?

That was the night where I decided it.

Lollipop asked me every night,
"Why daddy doesn't play with me?"

What do you think?

What happened to your father
was a miracle?

It wasn't God who did it.

It was me who did it! It was me!

What did you do?

I couldn't let her kill you.

I need you to do me a favor.

Another one?

I need to talk to Miguel Ángel.

I'll lock him up.

We cannot leave any loose ends.

Like the doctors did with me?


I love you, Elizabeth.

And I love you.

Are you okay?

Do you remember
when we locked Francesco up?

We can't do that again.

Close your eyes.

I need you to look for the key.

I got it.

Very good.

Now go to the secret room.

No, don't be scared.

I'm here with you.
Nothing bad will happen to you.

I'm there.

Close the door.

Give me the key.

That's right.

I'm very proud of you.

Now, get out of there.

How many fingers do you see?


Where are we?

Miami's house.

What's your name?

Miguel Ángel.

That's right.

Now leave me alone so I can wash my face.

The mental hospital is the only place
where they treat me as a human being.

Give me some minutes
to grab all of this, please.

All these years I've felt disgusted
with what we are.

But you taught us to overcome our fears.


I won't let you destroy him.

Where's Miguel Ángel?

Miguel Ángel won't be able to help you.

No, you must release him.

It's very dangerous
to lock the primary identity.


After all these years
you still treat me as an idiot?

You must believe me.

Miguel Ángel isn't locked up.

While you were distracted
playing with us as guinea pigs,

we learned how to accept ourselves.

And most importantly,

we learned how to communicate
with each other.

We thank you very much.

From me,

Miguel Ángel and Gregorio.

We love you so much.

But you must die.

Three now.

One left.

Hi, María Gabriela.

Hi, Gregorio.

Miguel Ángel.

Are you going to help
me to celebrate my 27?

Weren't you 21?

Francesco killed your parents, right?

How did you do it to forgive him?

More than forgiveness…

I understood that if it wasn't for him,
I wouldn't be here.

I don't know how I'm going
to forgive my family.

Lollipop, you must go now.

I'm perfect here.

Call Francesco, please.
I must talk to him.

I think you should've listened
to Miguel Ángel.

I need you to do me a favor.

Do you want me to sing you
"Las Mañanitas"?

If I wanted to celebrate it,
I would've called Gregorio.

He's the funniest one of you three.

How did you know we communicated?

Because Miguel Ángel
called me María Gabriela,

and I only used that name with Gregorio.

So what?

Are you going to help me?

What are those marks?

Only your imagination.

I want to look exactly like the pictures.


You took my family away from me.

I won't let you
take my dreams away from me.