Szpital (1962) - full transcript


Okay, okay. We'll see.



Let me see.



The skull doesn't hurt when tapped,
the pupils react with contraction.


Pulse 80, good tension, steady rhythm.

Heart works steadily,
sound is clean and resonant.

- Normally accented.
- Lungs?

Percussion sound is resonant,
respiratory sound...



Open your mouth.


Do not stick your tongue out.

- Say 'a'.
- A.

One more time. A!


Additional tests done?

Yes, professor.


Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 4 to 8.

Hemoglobin 91%.

Index 0.91, leukocytes 7200.


How much?

Well, how much?

4 420 000.

The rest is normal.


In principle he's healthy.

Let him rest one more day
and tomorrow...

Tomorrow we'll see.


If he can't fall asleep,
give him Gardenal.

- Yes, professor.
- Let's go to number 4.


How? How did...?

- What? What is this?
- Ah, yes.

I'm sorry.
It's understandable.



Hello, my dear.

- Hello, young fellow.
- You're feeling better, aren't you?

You're fine, aren't you?
Tell me, how are you?

Not bad. Not at all.

Doctor said
you're absolutely healthy.

And that tomorrow
you can go home.

We'll pick you up
in the afternoon.

You'll see that
you'll be fine at home.

I prepared your room.

You'll see how it will
be clean, warm and nice.

I've put the curtains you love
and the sun will shine on you.

It'll be cosy and nice,
you'll see.

You're already fine, yes?
Absolutely fine.

Cheer up, young fellow!

Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Just fine!

Just fine...

Remember when you were small,
I sang you lullabies.

You remember?

Now I'll sing them again and
everything will be like it used to be.

Same as before...

I am leaving forever

This is the end, you know

Goodbye forever

It's just what you want

Why these tears of departure?

Take it!
You never know.

It can always be useful.
Take it!

Where is it now?

I had it here...

There you are, brother!

Take it!

Take it!
Take it!

This is all I've got.
Better save it.

It's really hard to get ammunition.

Goodbye forever

It's just what you want

Why these tears of departure?

Will you play with that train of yours?
If not, I'll burn it.

No, no... How come?

What are you saying, my dear?
It's not his train.

No, no, no!
You're no longer Lisette!

No, no, no!
Forget that name!

That's true.

I am leaving forever

This is the end, you know

Goodbye forever

It's just what you want

Why these tears of departure?

Give me your hand and go away

Off we go!

When it has to be like that

I sing for you every night
those few banal words

Always the same refrain
I'll sing it again today

But it will sound different

Because from today my heart knows...

Listen, my dear. Stop it.

You see how sad he is
and you have to bring up memories.

You know what?
We have to cheer him up.

- Let's dance.
- Get lost, I'll break my legs.

Very well, very well...

Hop! Hop!

Chin up!

Chin up!

Enjoy life!

Hey, why are you so rude?
Come out.

I brought you something nice,
come out!

Give it to me!



Come here.
Come to grandma.

We're leaving.

I'm coming, grandma!
Just a minute!

Are you coming to grandma or not,
you rotten little brat?

I'll break your bones,

Coming, grandpa!


Did you call me?

No, no.

My love...

My love, you came at last.

I was waiting for you,
yearning for you.

You won't go anywhere now.

We'll be together forever.

Don't be afraid, I'm here with you.

Don't be afraid.
I'll hide you, save you.

Get up, mate!
We are waiting for you!

We need you right away!

We can't make a move without you.
You must come.

We'll start working again.
I have great new plans.

Look. Perfect, isn't it?

Or this.
Fantastic, right?

See here.
Excellent, isn't it?

And this?
What a farsighted plan!

Ingenious, right?

Let's get this started!
Right now, mate!

- Temperature 36,6.
- Blood?

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 4 to 8.
Hemoglobin 91%.

Erythrocytes 4 420 000.

Index 0.91, leukocytes 7200.


He's still a little weak, but...

He's getting better.

Let him stay for a day or two
and then...

- He can go home.
- Yes, professor.

- Let's go to number 4 now.
- Yes.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

I wanted to ask you...


Bring me an armchair
and put it by the window.

And open the window.
I want to see the train.