Szirmok, virágok, koszorúk (1984) - full transcript

Mail for translation. A film tortenete az 1848-as szabadsagharcot lezaro vilagosi fegyverletetel s a kiegyezes kozotti idoszakban jatszodik. A magyar kozepnemesseg, a volt katonatisztek 48-as eszmeket felejteni, feladni nemtudo retegenek politikai, emberi tragediaja. A jozan szamvetes es illuzio, a rendszer feltetlen szolgalata es a forradalmi remeny kettossege, a mukodo hatalom fojtogato legkore, gazdag szepsegu, torok- szorito filmben fogalmazodik meg.

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Too bad about the horse, son.

Thanks the heavens colonel,
that this pistol is out of bullets.

Thank the heavens lieutenant,
that the army doesn't exist anymore.

Otherwise you would
be court-martialed.

Lieutenant, I can hear the cannons!

Kossuth's approaching
with the support groups!

he's nowhere to be found.

He's far and away. Saving his hide.


Lieutenant, life or money?

Written by


Directed by

Lajos Kossuth sent word to us

that he ran out of manpower;

If he sends another word to us,

we all need to enter the war;

Long live Hungarian liberty,
long live the homeland...

Rain is pouring down
on Lajos Kossuth's hat;

As many drops pour on him,
as many blessings on him;

Long live Hungarian liberty,
long live the homeland!

As many drops pour on him,
as many blessings on him;

Long live Hungarian liberty,
long live the homeland!

Hey, musician!

So how do you decide, lieutenant?

There is no time.

They'll hand us over to
the Austrians tomorrow.

There's no escaping from there.

My God, grant me to
forget this dishonour!

My God, grant me never to forget it.

Let us swear that
we'll go to the frontline

again once our country calls us back.

Lajos Kossuth sent word to us

that he ran out of manpower;

If he sends another word to us,

we all need to enter the war;

Long live Hungarian liberty,
long live the homeland...

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!


- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

- Tauglich!
- Weiter!

I don't understand you.

I simply fail to
see why did you choose

him of all people as the godfather.

What else could I do?

Anything but this.


Do you have a better idea?

And who'll be the godmother?

You. We discussed that, didn't we?


I won't be a godmother
on uncle Heinrich's side.

What were you thinking?!

The wife of a parliamentary
representative, a rebel,

an usurper should
pose besides the chief

secretary of
the Interior Ministry?

Interesting, uncle
Heinrich said the same.

That wherever you act as a godmother,

the godfather can be none
other than your husband.

And what did you reply to him?

What could I have replied?

He won't ever leave his little lair,

especially not for my baby child!

Quit yelling...

If my poor dead
sister would hear us now,

she'd fail to understand
the cause of our altercation!

The child needs to be baptised.

He cannot remain a pagan.

So what?

As if my intentions
were any different.

Do you think that's
not what I want too?


What do you want?

We need to talk.

Is that why you came?



What do you have
a problem with, the past?

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

Is that what you think?

Or do you have a problem with me?

I can thank a police
chief for my freedom.

How long will you
accuse me because of that?

Either I come to peace
with that or hang myself.

Well, that makes the wait
for your return worthwhile!

So you hang yourself, huh?

That would probably
help you in the end.

If only my memory
would linger at home.

And where would you be meanwhile?!

Not here.

The politician of a failed revolution

should be either in prison, in
exile, executed or in emigration.

What do you want from me? I'm at home.

If you intend to hold
the baptism in your

uncle's house, you
shouldn't count on me.

Your own children were baptised
in there, if my memory serves well.

Important events have
occurred since then.

For instance,
a revolution was crushed

and that was in part
uncle Heinrich's doing.

It would be a pity for
you to skip meeting him,

you'd have a chance to
thank him for arranging

your setting free.

I didn't ask him to do it.

It was our common intention.

Our thinking was that it would
be crucial that you came home.

And now that you're here,
you come up with conditions

and even blackmail us...

I'm not blackmailing anyone.

We can't afford to be ungrateful.

You know exactly that
everything has a price.

When they let you go, your
freedom came with a price tag too.

And as an adult man
you understood what

can you be granted in
exchange of your signature.

Your brother is
informed very well indeed.

They made me sign a declaration

bidding me never to interfere
with politics in the future.

And that I should forget
everything that is worthy

of remembrance at all.

You shouldn't harbor illusions!

I was assigned as an Austrian soldier

even against the
Italian revolutionaries.

That is not true.

Yes, it is true.

I wasn't happy to sign
the German language

declaration of loyalty either

and I assumed the office
to support my family.

In the police force...

Yes, since the press office is
part of the Interior Ministry.

We cannot allow
ourselves to walk around

with our heads hung in shame.

But if you'd dare
to ponder how you grew

from a liberal
journalist of the revolution

to become an imperial censor,

you'd have a reason
to hang your head in shame.

We have already lost the past,

let us struggle not
to lose our future.

I'm fleeing anyone
who mentions the past.

Yet I do live in the past.

And they can make me sign
a hundred declarations

of loyalty, I won't forget anything.

My memories shield me
from having to be grateful

to colonel Heinrich,
or as you refer to him

endearingly, uncle Heinrich.

A mountain of corpses divide us two.

What if...
What if you folks

would finally concern
yourself with the living?

You take revenge on
an innocent child.

I can't see why a
family couldn't gather

in a chapel, putting aside
differences for a while.

Why are you blowing this up so much?

I really can't understand it.

I really cannot.

Sandor, ego te
baptiso in nomine Patris

et Filii,
et Spiritus Sancti.

Deus omnipotens, Pater Domini nostri
Jesu Christi, quite regenereratit

ex aqua et Spiritus
Sancto, quique dedit tibi

remissianes omnium peccatorum,

ipse te liniat
Chrismate salutis in aodem

Christo Jesu Domino nostro
in at habeas vitam aternam.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Pax tibim.

Vadeete in pace,
et Dominus sit vobiscum.

Thank you very much.

Come on, laugh for me a bit.

Run off to play.

Let's empty our glasses
and wish that our little

Sandor, the freshest
bud on our family tree,

will be granted
blessing and happiness.

Long live the youngest Tarnoczy!

Grow mature and grow smart...

Bring us joy and offer
some solace in our sadness

that was caused by the
tragic loss of your dear mother.

You have no idea how
overjoyed I am to see

all of you gather in
my house, my dearests.

Well, will you walk
to your father? Go ahead.

Come outside!

Stop that, you shouldn't
fo it! Come back here!

Come, come quick, back, back!

Come on, you'll catch a cold.

All right.

Are you satisfied with me?

You'll overcome.

Congratulations, an
excellent choice for a godfather.

I heard you're writing some book.

Well yes, but I didn't
accept their offer yet.

But you did take
the advance sum.

Why don't you come to me
when in dire straits?

Do you really need
a book like that

which offers excuses for
statarial procedures?

It will be but a simple
explanation of laws for the masses...

Still, you should be more careful

about throwing your
name around like that.

The weather turned out
to be great, you see?

Why don't we take a walk before lunch?

- Would you hold him?
- Sure, give him to me.

Meanwhile, I'll have
a few words with Ferenc.


Don't you wish to tell me something?


After all you're right,
the important thing

is that you came home.

And thank God, your hands
and legs are intact...

Your family got you
back in good health.

Indeed, I've become
an emotional old man.

But I'm happy that
you're back here, Ferenc.

Let's not play this.

We both had to endure
discomfort about one another:

for you the rebel relative,
for me the Austrian uniform.

Well, I'm not about to deny that.

They make me
accountable for my family,

and as distressing
this responsibility is,

I've never tried to avoid it.

You're one lucky
man... uncle Heinrich.

You're only accountable
to your higher-ups.

You think so? Hm.

And you're only accountable
to your conscience, am I right?

Well, yes.

Let me give you something to read.

What's that?

The log of your
speeches in the Parliament.

This is what they label
forbidden literature.

Radical reform thoughts against
which I used to fight adamantly.

Just read them,
it's worth the time.

You can get to know
the real Ferenc Majlath.

Sane economical arguments
lacking hollow moralisation:

that is exactly what we need now.

Who does?

Write down everything
just the way you believe,

without self-censorship.

And I give you my word that

it will reach
the authorities in charge.

May we eat now?

- Give me some too.
- I'll have some of it.

I wish I had the same possibilities...

The best university in all Europe.

They won't even acknowledge
you without a correct cover letter.

Well, I honestly pity you, Miklos.

What for?

For being sent to Vienna to study.

Why are you trying to bemuse him?

Back then it was you
who was nudging him,

saying that he needs to study,
he needs to attend a university.

My Maria, I was
mistaken, you understand?

I was mistaken.

We're talking nonsense,
confusing him in the end.

Well, let the ones who crushed
our liberty war educate him then.

The fate of our future
is not in the hands

of politicians, but professionals.

Let him find out about
industry, agriculture,

then he'll make up his
mind about what to do about

them, what shall he become.

And make him promptly
forget that he's Hungarian.

He's not supposed to forget that,

but he needs to realise
that he's a citizen

of an empire and can be
Hungarian within that frame.

If we're unable to think
as parts of an imperial

economy and foreign policy,

we won't do our
homeland any good that way.

If there will be a homeland...

Ferenc, these
sentiments need to be soothed:

the land should be
nurtured with dung, not blood.

If your kind wasn't so stubborn,

if you people wouldn't
hold on to the obsolete

notion of a homeland so tightly,

a constitutional order
of law would be a reality.


the time of sovereign
monarchs is soon over,

in ten years not a single
emperor will grace Europe.

Make sure to remember my words then.

We need a Parliament,
political parties,

elections, an opposition!

Did I hear you right?

We need one.

And did you already submit
these bold suggestions

to the authorities in charge?

Do you mean... the emperor?

I do.
Whose time is soon over.

What's over is the time of rebellions,
the time of making peace has come.

And our family is one that
was granted an imperial pardon...

I'll have none of that.

But I'll never pardon the emperor.


Don't throw it around, it's mine.

Oh, this is ruined.

- Good night, mom.
- Good night.

Go to bed now.

Gergo, Dani. Good night.

Go to sleep.

Good night.

No more playing for the night.

Good night...

Good night, dad...

No, I don't want to! Leave me.

Kernel, leave him!
Leave that kid alone.

You're drunk.

Lie down.

Go in, help the gentleman.

Come on, advisor,
sir... please lie down.

Close the door.

Colonel, sir...

Iran out of hope of
ever seeing you again.

We were beginners.

We thought that our
enthusiasm could substitute

for a lack of military expertise.

That with speeches, little poems,

longhaired poets we
could make up for a lack

of ammunition, cannons, horses,

all the things one
needs to win battles.

We were fools.

And I did tell Kossuth
in Turkey when I had

a chance to talk to him:

I masqueraded as a portrait
painter in order to get close to him,

since he was surrounded by bodyguards.

Governor, I hereby present
myself for duty once again!

My willpower is just
as strong as yours,

it's only my talent that is lacking.

Why, once a donkey, always a donkey!

But whatever you can
expect from a Hungarian

donkey, you can
expect from me too...


My lady...

We've set a simple task
for the nation to achieve:

make sure they're ready
on the rebellion's day.

- Will that day come?
- There is one.

There is, lieutenant.

The invisible government
has already set a day

for the rebellion
and the nation is ready

to conjure the spirit of '48.

A single date will do and
the people shall leave their lairs.

The movement is still
invisible at this time.

The crucial thing is that they
believe in it and whoever fails

to believe should be
forced with violence

or else betrayal will reign free

and we'll not move an inch!

The recruiting officers of the
army scout the country like I do,

building the
organisation from cell to cell:

we divide the people to months,
weeks, days, hours and minutes.

Our arms come from West,
250 thousand rifles.

Our holiest goal:
a national rebellion.


I do hope that the invisible
army can count on you, lieutenant.

If it needs to be, we'll march to the
frontlines again when our nation calls.


: p.

- Speak your name.
- Miklos Tarnoczy.

...pledge my most vigilant loyalty...

...pledge my most vigilant loyalty...

...and total obedience...

...and total obedience... the Hungarian nation... the Hungarian nation...

...its independence and liberty...

...its independence and liberty...

...and the orders of...

...and the orders of...

...its rightful
governor, Lajos Kossuth...

...its rightful
governor, Lajos Kossuth... motto is... motto is...

...independence and liberty...

...independence and liberty...

- ...or death.
- ...or death.

There are too few of us, lieutenant.

This... invisible army is still weak.

Many are cowards.

But we still need soldiers even if

mere fear holds them
back from betraying us.

Where are the March
Youths, lieutenant?

They grew old, nice and quiet.

Yes, I don't hold a high
opinion of these men!

They can't wait to become
parts of the establishment.

I swear a stint in
prison would do them good.

They deserve to be
reported anonymously.

To let them get some
training in their cells,

or else they'll never
fight their way up to become

enemies of the establishment!

I assume responsibility for this boy.

Using what?

- Your soldier's honour, lieutenant?
- Yes.

Those times are over.

The invisible army doesn't
care about soldier's honour.

Here, you answer with
your life for everything.

On the terror list of the invisible
army deserters and traitors are

listed along with
Franz Joseph and Tzar Nicholas!

I'm telling you, be
proud of this man here...

...and love him very much.

A woman who loves both her
husband and country has a hard time.

Listen to me, my lady, and remember:

petals, flowers, wreaths, bouquets...

The petals constitute the flowers,
flowers create bouquets and wreaths:

that is the organisation.

The women's secret group
works as a sleeping cell,

injecting itself into
the invisible army

and awaits the signal vigilantly.

Thousands of fires will
indicate over the country

that the time has come,
the moment of action has arrived.

And in the firelight the members
of the invisible army shall become


new and new fires will be lit,

new and new armies will be born.

And the flames shall
consume everything,

the entire world.



Hungarians! Whoever
denies to give due support

from our cause in
the present circumstances,

or fails to give shelter
to a true Hungarian or

betrays or already
betrayed a true Hungarian,

I shall hurl his wretched
body in front of dogs.

Did he dictate this?


- Isn't there more?
- There isn't.

This is punished by execution...

meaning all of us.

Perhaps we risk
execution, but we must do it!

Taking the risk?

For an invisible government?!

The invisible government exists,
but only we can make it visible!

Both the government and the army...

I've already surrendered
once as a member of a visible army!

What are these folks thinking?"

To command

a rebellion from the outside,
with orders written on paper?

This country...

is frightened.

The people are complacent.

The paper orders are
merely to spread the spirit

of the revolution,
to alert and organise...

The colonel is correct!

The colonel...

He's disappeared into thin air.

Your brother is right,
he did the right thing!

He skipped all this business.

- Ferenc Majlath?
- Yes.

Take him to his room!

- Is this your room?
- Yes.

Take him in!

And you?

- What's your name?
- Miklos Tarnoczy...

The young man also comes with us.

Fetch him.

- Who are you?
- Yes?..

I asked you for your name!

Kornel Tarnéczy.

Get dressed, you're coming with us!

What's going on?

Mrs Majlath?


- Let him go, please!
- What's going on here?

Take him outside.

- Mommy, I'm scared.
- Don't be scared.

Take her!
Take her already!

- Leave me be!
- Take her, take her.

Leave me alone!

Get dressed, madam,
you're coming with us!

To the attic as well!

Who are you?

- I'm the nanny...
- The nanny.

Well, nothing?

Let me go.

- I don't understand what's going on...
- Leave me alone!

- Why are you ransacking the house?
- Madam, I'm acting on orders.

- You can't do this to us!
- Take her downstairs!

- What do you want?
- Take her down!

Let me go, let me go!

Not there?

Take him down!

- What happened here?!
- Shut your mouth!

Me, I'm working in
the Interior Ministry...

...I'm a public servant of...

That's all the better
reason to shut up, sir!

Let me go!

Madam, I'm giving you
one minute to get dressed!

Hey! Take him!

Take him too!

- No!
- Hey, take her!

Hey now, stop crying, my dearest...

- Leave me alone!
- Get a move on!


Onto the carriage!

Off you go.

I made the arrangements.

They'll be here shortly.

Thank you.

I set you free due
to a higher command.

From now on, the
colonel vouches for you.

And Ferenc?

I regret to say that he needs
to stay here for a couple of days.

Higher-ups will decide his verdict.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere without Ferenc!

Do you object if we leave
the premises right now?

No, it's alright...
you may leave, colonel.

Let's go.

Come on now.

I'm not going!

We have no need for a scandal.

Stop jesting around!

I'm already as
flexible as I will get...

I'm not going anywhere without Ferenc!

Keep quiet!

Knock some sense into him already!


Don't hurt him!
Don't touch him!

Let him go!
You bastards...

- When will daddy come home?
- Kindly go to sleep.

Poor little kids,
they're getting some too.

You were asking for this trouble.

Come on, my girl.

Show me your little face.

This house search may go on for weeks,

for the time you will
make your home at mine.

And we may pray that they
won't find anything at home,

because if they intend
to, they will, right?

What on earth was
the lieutenant thinking?

That these mysterious visitors
would not be tailed by the police?

What could have he done?

Should he have locked out
his former comrade at arms?

That would've taken real courage.

Now he's just where he desired to be!

Cut that out!

You're so lowly...

What happened?

They sent word from the prison.

I hope they don't
intend to prosecute him.

No, it's worse than that.

They want you to pay him a visit.

I don't get it, they were the
ones who didn't allow me to do that.

It seems there's a shift
in their communication.

The note says that Ferenc...

...fell into a depression.

Supposedly loneliness
has disturbed him so.

It appears that he's
overestimated his strength.

Please, be careful.

They'll watch every one of your moves.

Don't take any secret
notes he might give you,

you'd only cause him further trouble.

Tell him to confess
everything in honesty.

The smartest thing is for him
to cooperate with the authorities.


I won't suggest
any of that to him.

Are you still having trouble
seeing that I'm not your enemy?

Maria, don't you realise
that I'm trying to help?

Go in there and make
him understand that

the fate of the entire
family is in his hands.

Calm him down and encourage him!

Reassure him that
the children are all right.

And you're all right yourself.


I'm not all right at all,
and neither are the kids.

How could they be,
when he's not with us?

What if you sympathise with
other people for a change?

Once those folks send
notes, trouble is brewing.

Do you know, my dear, that
I'm haunted by horrible images?

All I'm seeing is you
dead, day and night.

With crushed extremities.

I can see clearly as
you're being hurled down

from the third story corridor,

and there you're lying
on the prison yard soaked in blood.

what are you talking about?

I'm very afraid.
My senses are failing me.

They hold magnetic mirrors
in front of me to drive me mad.

I can see you falling
down from the third floor.

From the prison window...
from the third story.

Calm down now.


you are pale, your hands so cold...

Are you ill?
Are you even alive yet?

Talk to me.
I'll believe you.

Here I am with you, can't you see?

Then why are you dying
every day in front of me?

Talk louder there!

We don't intend to watch you, but
to understand your conversation.

What do these folks want?

Ferenc Majlath, rise!

Madam, please come over here.

Mrs Ferenc Majlath!

Do you declare that you
have met with your husband,

the felon Ferenc Majlath, this day?


Did you talk to him,
did he recognise you,

do you declare this?


Ferenc Majlath,
do you declare that

you've met with your wife
on this day, talked to her...

You declare that you've
accused your captors

with bearing false witness
with you claiming that

your wife is no longer alive.

In fact, they caused her death.

Do you declare thus?

- Do you declare?!
- Stop it already!

Can't you see that he's a sick man?

Madam, please let us
carry on with our work!

We're not here
because we feel like it!

We have plenty of other things to do.

Your husband has trampled our honour,

we gave him pen and
paper to confess his crime,

and all he did was filling
the sheets with the same line:

,,You killed my wife!”

He wrote down that
line at least 200 times.

Madam, please sign the logbook here.

- Good day.
- Good day.

- Maria?
- I'll notify her.


Maria, are you asleep?

Come on, he's here.

I wouldn't wish this
day for any of you.

I was foolish to listen to you.

I was lectured like a snotty urchin.

Why did I fail to look after my
family - that's what they asked.

The Minister of
Interior Affairs...

...has told me that he's disappointed
in me: Heinrich, he told me,

what do you think, if their
revolution wins and we end up

in their hands, will
they show mercy with us?

Just because we have
families and children?

And Ferenc?
What'll happen to him?

Regarding his state...

...the procedure against
him won't carry on further,

and he'll be transported from
the prison to a mental health asylum.

How come?

He is not a madman!

They intend to lock him
up with the deranged?!

Do you still fail to realise
that he needs this just to survive?

There, I've even caught a cold!

Would you prefer if they subjected
him to a political prosecution?

Who the heck guarantees
then that he won't be executed?!

The minister
promised me that...

...Ferenc will stay alive.

But at what price?!

We've already paid a very high price,
and it's bound to increase further!

We all need to take that into account.

Including you!

And including me...

But it's a good thing that we're
still in a position to be paying.


And you just learn to stay quiet!

That awkward fit you
had last time is only

explicable because that
was your first time in prison!

I do hope that the 24 hours
you spent there will suffice.

Was there no other solution?



For God's sake,
what else did you think?

You were the one to undersign
that your husband is a mental case!

All I undersigned was that I'm alive.

Contrary to Ferenc,
who wrote on the sheet

pushed under his nose
that Maria was killed!

He made an attack with the
only weapon still left to him!

Of course you never understood this!

You are deranged.

Was I supposed to
undersign that I'm dead?

You should have denied it.

Yes, naturally...

lam the one to blame
for everything now.

But Ferenc also abandoned me!

He kept talking like a madman!

I was waiting for him to give
me a sign, but he wouldn't!

He would not?

Did you expect him to just explain
you in front of the guards how he

became an accuser from being an
accused, how he managed to arrange

seeing you once again?

Don't you realise that you've become

an accomplice to the
uncle and the minister?

Leave me alone...

Do you know the difference
between a political prisoner

and a state-owned mental patient?"

That is the true death sentence!


Believe me, madam, that our institute
acts as a hospital for curable cases,

and as a true shelter
for uncurable cases...


Good day to you, director.

Regretfully we don't merely
cure our patients here,

but we're compelled
to confine them as well.

- Good day.
- Good day.

Good day.

These days he is
very calm and balanced.

lam very much satisfied with him.

lam sure he'll be joyful to see you.


Do you have the patience to read?

Well, yes...

In the newspapers...
there are intriguing news.

In Dorottya street...
in a mirror depot...

...likely out of carelessness,
a fire broke out, which caused...

...up to 300 mirror
plates to be shattered... tiny pieces, little shards...


...did you know that mirror can burn?


We're amongst ourselves here.

No one hears us.

Is there anything
you want to tell me?

Are you just acting?

You're just playing
the way you are, right?

Do you aim to fool everyone?

Tell me something...

Give me a sign that
everything is the way it used to be.

I'm begging you, give me some sign.

For God's sake,
open your mouth already!

Don't you hear me, Ferenc?
Why are you doing this?

Mariska, take great care, all of you.

The newspapers are full
of horrible news, fires.

The entire country is on fire...

The nights are aflame,
they won't let me rest.

All of you be very careful.


What is it?

An article, advisor, sir.

It was published by the
Neuer Zilrcher Zeitung.

And what does it say?

I put a frame around it.

I didn't want to send it
further until you haven't read it,

due to the name under it.

Why, what's his name?

F. Majlath.


Yes, and if I'm correct, your
brother-in-law is called the same, sir.

You are correct. So what?

This article was written
from a mental asylum.

An open letter to His Majes...

Do you think I'm not able to read?

How long have you been here with us?

One month.

And before that?

The letter censorship department...

That's nothing to be
ashamed of, it's quite a school!

Am I not right?

Well, thank you for
your consideration.


I do hope that you know that
you're holding Ferenc's death

sentence in your hand.

An open letter from the mental asylum,
addressed straight to the emperor.

You see, he did heed
my advice after all.

He forwarded his message
to the authority in charge.

No, no, my dearest ones.

This is not a jest, I happen to sit on
the tree that is being sawed right now.

Our head is on
the line at this point,

the head of this
entire honorable family.

You were the one
who kept visiting him!

Did he make you
believe that he's a madman?

He must be a great actor...

And so far his
tactic worked out fine,

but this time he's
targeted too big a player.

I made it clear that you
should be wary with him!

I swear on my childrens'
lives, I know nothing!

Then who wrote this

and who sent it
out of the country?

I don't know!

I don't know!

I just swore on it!

I had my best
experts examine the text.

In their opinion all of it point
to Ferenc, even if written in German.

I share the opinion
that he wrote it.

Whether he wrote it or not... ahh!

I'll visit him and try to
convince him to renounce the article.

Ferenc could not have written it...

He could not have, understand me!

He is a sick man, very sick!

I wish you were right, Maria, I wish
Ferenc had nothing to do with this.

But do you realise
what would that mean?

In that case there exists
an organisation in Hungary

that reaches all places...
including mental asylums.

- And our system of
checkpoints doesn't wash! - Yes.

But it's even worse if the
article wasn't written by Ferenc,

but those who share his principles.

Then they already gave up
on him, think he's dead.

Then they're
exploiting Ferenc's name,

abusing it for their own ends.

To these revolutionaries...

life doesn't mean a
thing, only a single thing

is sacred and important:
the myth and illusion of revolution!

At least these folks
do believe in something...

And perhaps they are right.

Only madmen believe in nonexistent
things, it is called obsession.

Oh you, what do you
know about... madmen?

Go ahead then, pay him a visit.

But I'm oblivious of
all this, remember that.

I'm resting my case on him.

Or perhaps he's
the one who wrote it?..

When did you arrive?
Did you talk to Ferenc?

They told me that
he doesn't want to see me.

But I hope you didn't believe them.

Do you think he wrote it?

He wrote it or not,
it doesn't make a difference.

There's nothing else left,
we'll send word to Ferenc

that he may commence
his hunger strike.

Are you bent on driving
him into mortal danger?..

I mean to help Ferenc,

and heed my words:
no one will stop me in that!

You have no right for
this. Ferenc is sick.

Don't you get it? He's sick!

At first, I thought that he's
acting, that he's playing a role.

But no:

they really drove him insane.

I shall resurrect his spirit then,

I'll word the letter
of prosecution for him,

addressed straight to his majesty.

And I shall write everything in it

that only a madman would
dare to write in this country!

You can write whatever
you want on my account.

But in your own name!

It's not you who's in
danger of being executed!

Don't you understand that it's the
article itself that could save Ferenc?

They'll need to account for it
in front of the international public,

and whatever might happen,
Ferenc won't be abandoned

by the invisible army!

Dreams! Unreal dreams!

Petals, flowers, bouquets,
wreaths, hours, minuntes, strings:

you are out of your mind!

You don't aim to rescue Ferenc, you
aim to get imprisoned along with him!

Prison bars seem to attract you!

But I don't want to lose any of you!

Should I lose everyone whom I love?..

Miklos, please...

let us go home.

Where to? Uncle Heinrich?

You'd take me right
home like poor Ferenc...

You'd better renounce me then!

How dare you talk to me like that?!

Don't you understand
what I'm telling you?

Thank you.

We'll arrange it
quickly, ten minutes in all.

You're not holding me up, advisor.

Kindly take a seat.

I don't mean to burden you.

Come now, advisor,

it is our mutual interest to be
able to solve this unpleasant case.

Then do what it takes, please.

- Would you like a cigar?
- No!

I told you, I'm in a hurry!!

Apologies, apologies.

It's alright.

Watch out...

this is the valley of lost souls.

Still, it's not
that bad here, fear not.


How do you do, Kornel?


I miss you, Ferenc.

Tell me, why did you leave me?

I'm not as strong
as you are, you know?

I'm restless, Ferenc.

I don't sleep at night...

my head is throbbing.

I'm in love with
the very principles...

...that I'm supposed
to stamp out in my day job!

At night I get up and
jot down everything, then

I burn them in the morning!

Do not pity me!..

I'm not as talented as you are.

You know...

My task is to pursue evil and trash...

and to protect the good!

For nothing but alms, my friend...

For alms, and you need to know that!


...I'm one of those who are

sculpting the image
of the empire today!

And that feels good.

You've put me in a
state of torment, Ferenc...

At least you could've given
me chance to try to dissuade you.

I value your bravery, but this
game ends with the last man standing!

You're saying you cannot sleep either?

Get real now! Stop jesting!

Sign this!
You must sign this!

You need to announce
that they abused your name!

Do you understand, Ferenc?

I'm not signing anything, Kornel...

You need to do this, need to sign
this, that they've abused your name!

- That is, that is all!
- I want to go back...

lam not hurting you, Ferenc, I'm not!

This is not for my sake, not for me,

this is for you, sign
it, sign it, sign it!

- No!
- Ferenc!

- Leave me alone!
- Ferenc!


Take care of Mariska and the children!

- Take care... - All right,
Majlath, time for our rest...

- Good day to you.
- Good day.

Here you are.

Thank you.

- Is this it?
- Yes, please, it is.

- Are you sure?
- I am sure.


MY apologies...

I was mistaken.