Szenvedély (1998) - full transcript

In this black-and-white Hungarian version of James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice, a wife and her lover plot to kill her older husband. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



What if we left?

But where to?

In all... he's a good man.

I wouldn't like to do him harm.

You'd better leave now.

Should I go?

I'll go.

When he's in the bathtub for sure.

You go up into the bathroom.

With a towel.

And hit him on the head from behind.

Then you push him under the water.

Until he's done.


You leave the water running.

Lock the door.

Out the window.

On to the roof.

Down the ladder.

And then we'll wait until the water

starts dripping from the bathroom.

Then we go up.

Break down the door.

We find him.

We call the doctor.

Do you understand?

He slipped in the bathtub.

Hit his head.


Meanwhile I'll stay out front in the car.

I'll honk the horn if anybody comes.

What are you doing?

What are you doing here?

I just came for the truck.
I'm taking it to the garage.

But why at this hour?

Is the car yours?

It's my boss's.

And what kind of car is this?


Do you have any papers for it?

Of course.

I couldn't push him under the water.

Help me take him out,
two policemen are here!

Come on!
Two policemen are here!

Did he see you when you hit him?

I don't know.

We're finished if he's dead.

Call for a doctor!

You call for one!

Go now!

Never ever.
Do you understand?

Never again!

You got away with it.

What about when he comes home?

You must come with me.

Let's go away.
Just run off.

Have you gone mad?

If he comes home and we're not
there he'll figure everything out.

He'd find us wherever we went.
He'd kill us both.

So you don't want to come.


You're afraid of him, huh?


I'm fed up...


...because you don't want to be with me.

You don't want to.

Get out! Get out!

Out! Get out!

Get out!

What do you want?
Go to hell!

You rotten whore!

You just go to hell!
You beast! Go to hell!

You beast! Go to hell!

You animal... You bastard...

I love you, you know that I love you.

I love you, I swear...

Get off me! Leave me be!

You know that I love you.

So you don't want to
be with me anymore?


I'm going back.

I still belong to him.

So that's it?

It's finished?

It's all over?

Don't be angry.

- You don't want to be with me.
- Don't be angry.

I just can't stand it.

Boss, you know what I'm like...

I can't stay still for too long.

Go and call for help!










Let's look at it again
from the beginning.

It all started with you getting
on with this woman, true?

Not true.

The husband was in hospital
for a long time.

Where did you sleep meanwhile?

My room.

And the woman in hers, right?

I'm telling you.
I saw her yesterday.

I'd have entered that room
even through a closed door.

Even if they'd hang me for it.

You never did so?


You used to go shopping together.

You just sat nicely next to
one another in the car, right?

We used to go together
with the boss.

That's not what I asked.
I asked whether... two sat nicely next
to each other.

Wasn't that so?

I'll tell you why you
had to murder him.

Firstly, for the workshop
and all the belongings.

Secondly for the 10000 pengo
life insurance he had.

Why didn't you mention
this last detail?

Their cops are far better
than the state ones.

In a few hours everything was clear.

It means money for them.

Good to know.

This is where you made a mistake.

I don't know anything about any insurance.

Look, I'm not your enemy.

Just answer me truthfully.

Which one did it?

This won't do you any good.

Imagine the court case.

I'll just tell them how nicely
you two...played together.

And they will see the woman, too.

And I'll tell them that,
after the bathroom incident,

it was rather easy to convince
the man to sign a policy.

And then you all set off
for the fateful journey.

You stop the car on a steep hillside,

pretending there's an engine problem.

You pop the hood to make him get out.

He does.

You hit him.

You push the car down the
hill and then climb after it.

You're even capable of doing harm to yourself.

Do you really think...

...there'll be anybody at the
trial who won't believe me?

Not one person.

You're going to hang.

It's not true.

It didn't happen that way.

Oh? How then?

The three of you were
sitting in the car.

The husband, you and the woman.

It certainly wasn't the husband,

and if it wasn't you then it must
have been the woman, right?

I didn't do anything.

So it was the woman who did it?

I didn't say that.

Why are you twisting my words?

I just told you...

...I didn't do anything.

The situation couldn't be clearer.

It was you...

...or the woman.

But if you played no part...

...then sign your testimony...

...and we're finished.

But if you fail to do so...

...then I'll have my answer.

And the court will know what to do.

The hangman, too.

He suckered you pretty well.

He comes across as a priest.

One would think he's the
greatest philanthropist.

And in the end everybody believes it.

He always wants to seek
the death penality.

That's what pisses me off the most.

The old bastard thinks he's only
useful if he hangs people.

I shouldn't have signed.

Well, it wasn't a wise thing
to do that's for sure.

Indeed, it was your most
stupid decision ever.

The murder was perfect in its way.

And the fact that your
injuries were nearly fatal...

...reinforces your innocence.

And the old jackass
used this to trap you.

If the associates are
of different sexes,

any prosecutor will pit
them against each other.

That's why the prosecutor visited.

He knows that if he
plays his cards right...

...the woman will let the
cat out of the bag...

...and will testify against you.

And then the hangman surely awaits.

Nice little trap, isn't it?

And you walked straight into it.

Please find her and tell her...
the whole thing...

Just keep calm.

Because you've been made the
accuser rather than the accused,

I can't represent you both.

Now all you can do is leave
matters in my hands.

I'll take care of everything,
so you needn't worry.

And keep in mind that
everything I do and say... done and said
for your benefit, too.

Do you understand me?

Tell her...

I'll tell whatever I consider
should be told.

Try and understand that you
both stand to lose for now.



God bless you.

Sir, you're affirming according
to the insurance investigators...

...that the accused premeditatedly
murdered her husband... gain the sum of the insurance?


Your honour, allow me to state
that I've never encountered...

..such a clear-cut case
during my long career.

Let me add that
I have no reservations;

I am absolutely sure that
this is a criminal case.

If I understand you correctly,
you refuse to pay...

...because you believe it was
a crime, not an accident?


Your Honour. I want to
hand an action for damages,

forwarded by the
servant against the lady.

Objection! You cannot accept it...


Your Honour, in light of
your decision,

the defence has no choice

but to temporarily accept
the defendants guilty.

I am asking the high
court to postpone the trial

until the complete
clarification of the case.

I adjourn the trial.

Don't you say a thing!

What defence is that?

I didn't sign anything!
I didn't sign anything!

I didn't sign anything!

You fucked me over, you shit!

You goddamn son of a bitch!

Hadn't I told you...

You rotten bastard...

Not true! Not true!

What are you doing?
Sit back down!

He murdered him, he did it!

I'll explain everything.

Go to hell, you bastard...

What have you done to us?

Why did you sign it?

I want to testify...
I want to testify.

I want to testify.

You'll only make things worse.

He murdered my husband!

The lady wants to testify.

Take him out!

I met my husband when I was 18 years old...

Do you think you got away with it?

You're wrong.

You just bought some time.

But this crime won't go unpunished.

Do you know what you are?

A rabid dog, which has to be put down.

You know, my son,

I can still see it clearly.
The cracked skull...

...the spilt brains...

I hear the breaking of bone...

And I cannot forgive this.

Because there is no
forgiving such a crime.

Do not expect mercy.

Don't think that God will forgive you.

You just escaped human jurisdiction,

but God is going to cut
you down, sooner or later.

Remember my words.

The old jackass.

I can still see his face

when the insurer stood in
front of the court and said

he is now convinced no
crime was committed

and that the company will pay
the widow the life insurance!

Because the husband signed for
a 10000 pengo sum,

in the case of death
resulting from an accident.

This was the money which they
wanted to withhold at first.

Yes, there's a paragraph of
the new traffic law that states:

"In a case when the owner of the
car is transporting a passenger

and this passenger gets
hurt in an accident,

he has no right to apply for damages,

unless the driver was drunk

or consciously caused the accident".

A murder fulfills those criteria.

Well in this case the
damages should be paid,

which would've been 25000 pengo
paid to his employee.

Do you understand?

Either 10000 for the widow
or 25000 for the employee.

Those were the insurer's choices.

I rang the company
president that night,

asking him which would be his choice.

The prosecutor's version or mine,

because if he listens to him,
he pays 25000 to the employee,

but if he choose mine he gets
away with 10 grand.

It happened just
as expected.

The 15 grand difference
was a strong argument.

So the old fellow couldn't do a thing,

because after the insurer states
that you, my lady, are innocent,

what can the court say?

Do you know the feeling?

I tortured him right there
in front of the court.

I stood up and gave a
strong defensive speech.

I told them:
deeply respected court,

my defendant stated her
innocence from the start,

Furthermore, I told them
that in the beginning,

after looking at the evidence,

I felt it necessary to
accept a guilty plea,

in order to obtain a
more moderate sentence.

But now, honoured court, now?

After the testimonies of the experts?

I withdraw all of
my former statements

and ask the honourable court

to decide, impartially,
as it thinks the best.

The old jackass...

He knew he'd lost.

He dropped the murder charge

and he literally asked
for your forgiveness.

So I can't do anything but
congratulate you both.

I must ask you to sign
this statement.

In it you declare...

that you renounce any further
claims regarding the accident.

A favour to the insurer for
having been so kind to us.

And I am asking you, madam,

to sign this cheque of 5000 for me.

I consider that this would
be a reasonable bonus

for the effort I've
invested in you case.

I hope you both agree with me.

Oh, and another thing.

You shouldn't worry about your
testimony, made so rashly,

because that paper
does not really exist.

I wish you all the best.
Good luck!

Who said you can get up?

Stay put!

I'm hungry.

I'm going to bed.

Let's go away.

You repair the car
and we start the shop again!

I'd rather leave.

We're not going anywhere.
You'll do as I say!

I have to start a new life.

I can't go on like this.

Go now!

I'm going away.
I'm going away.

- You're going nowhere.
- I can't handle it anymore.

I've had enough.

I won't let you go!

I won't let you go!

I won't let you go!

Let go of me!

I won't let you go!

I'll denounce you.

No matter where you go,
I'll denounce you.

You rotten whore.

- Do you think you're better?
- Yes.

What do you want?

Do you want to ruin yourself?

You want me hanged?
Is that it?

If this is what you want....

...please, go ahead and do it...

Go to your room.

You go to your room right now!

No, no!

Get up there now!

Let go of me, you bastard!

Get up there or I'll break your chin!

Will you? Or will you kill me?

Don't start again!

Get your hands off me!

We're just where we started.

Not really.


I'm pregnant.

What are you saying?

I'm carrying your child.

I cannot denounce you.

If the child found out that
I sent you to your death...

That's all I've thought
of since the funeral.

We can create a new life, do you see?

Do you see?

But you wanted to phone...

Because I love you.

I think you know that I love you.

But out of spite I would
have denounced you.

Because I love you so much!

I would have...

I would have denounced you.

Do you understand?

I would have denounced you.

I would have denounced you.

I love you.

I would have denounced you.

I love you.

There is not a sin in this world,

that cannot be forgiven by God.

If the sinner is truly repentant.

And man...

...cannot commit such a sin...

...that depletes God's love.

Is it possible that such great sin...

...can be greater than the love of God?

All you should care
about is the penitence.


And drive away the fear.

Believe me.

God can love in ways that
you can't even imagine.

And he can love you...

...together with your sins.

It has been said...

The heavens rejoice more
for one penitent sinner...

...than for ten who
have kept the faith.

And forgive the dead
for all their sins.

Make peace with yourselves.

If you truly regret your sins,

you can truly love, too.

And if you love... belong to God already.

You can change anything with love.

You can save anything.

When a sinner like I feels sorry for you,

you can be certain that God's compassion... infinitely greater.

Love is more precious...

...than any treasure.

And you redeem not only your sins...

...but those of your beloved.

So go.

Have no fear.

May eternal light shine for him.

Rest in peace.


"And I saw the dead,
the great and the small,

standing before the throne.

Then books were opened,
and another book was opened:

the book of life.

And the dead were judged by
what was written in the books,

according to their deeds. "

Revelations, 20/11