Szatan z siódmej klasy (1960) - full transcript

Adventures of Adam Cisowski - very smart boy- who is looking a big treasure hidden by Napoleon's Soldier in XIX century. But he is not only person who is looking a treasure. His rivals are very dangerous.



Written by

Based on the novel
by Kornel Makuszyński

Directed by

Director of photography


- Professor?
- Yes?

- You have a class with us.
- I do? That's right.

Watch out! Gander is coming!

- Good morning, boys.
- Good morning, professor.

Sit down, please.

Who's going to answer today?

Go ahead.

- Me? It must be a mistake.
- A mistake?

It's not my turn today.


- Professor...
- Come here.

Talk about Napoleon!

Quiet! Come closer.

- I can't do it.
- What do you mean?

I'm not prepared today.

- You haven't learned your lesson?
- No, I haven't.

- You admit it?
- Yes.

Sit down.

You said it must be a mistake?
It wasn't your turn today?

- Yes, professor.
- Unbelievable. Sit down.

Go to your seat.

Szostak! You'll answer.

- I can't, professor.
- You, too? Why?

Because today is Thursday.

So what? Are you all mad?

Thursday is not my day. I'm always
prepared on Saturday.

Are you making fun of me?

On Thursday you're a blockhead
and on Saturday you're a genius?

- Professor...
- Sit down!

I've been a teacher for forty years.
Your class has made me proud.

What is this? A joke?

- Professor...
- Don't interrupt.

He says it's not his turn and you say
Thursday is not your day.

I can explain, professor.

- What is your name?
- Adam Cisowski.

Your face is familiar
but I forgot your name.

- It's all my fault.
- Is this another joke?

No, professor. We all love you.

But today is our day of defeat
because you made a mistake.

Are you out of your mind?

You have a method
and I managed to figure it out.

- A method?
- Yes.

You always ask three students
in the same order.

The first, the eleventh
and the twenty first on your list.

Then the second, the twelfth
and the twenty second.

And so on.

There are thirty of us. It's easy to
know whom you'll ask and when.

Today it's Antczak,
Stankiewicz and Wilczek.

You turned one page too far
in your notebook.

You started with Burski and that's
why you called Szostak next.

- Wnuk would be third.
- They answer on Saturday.

Let me see.
Two pages are stuck together.

It has been my secret method
for forty years.

I never imagined anyone
would figure it out. And this boy...

Any mystery can be solved.
All you need is...

- What a devil!
- Exactly. That's what we call him.


My dear boys,
it means you know nothing.

- It's not that bad.
- We know our lessons by heart.

Every tenth page of your textbook?

- We'll make it up.
- We swear!

- We won't fail.
- We'll cram all the material.

Especially about Napoleon.
He's your pet subject.

- Who told you that?
- Cisowski.

Cisowski again!

You'll cram for the exam? You swear?

No, my dear boys.
The good times are over.

From today on you won't know
whom I'll ask and when.

Nothing will help. Not even that
brilliant psychologist of yours.

Not every method can be figured out
and not every mystery can be solved.

- He can do anything.
- He thinks he's so clever?

I'll ask three students on Saturday.

I bet you'll see your ear first
than guess their names.

- Can I try?
- Go ahead.

But if you fail,

the whole class will be in trouble!

So? How about it, Cisowski?

Professor, could you...

You're chicken?

You were lucky once and that's it.

Could you punish only me if I fail?

At least you have a conscience.

- Let's start.
- I'm ready.

- You know the three names?
- I wrote them down.

You did? Great.
I'll write them down, too.

Here goes!

It's done.
Put your piece of paper here.

Sit down.

You, come over here.

Take his piece of paper.
Don't read it.

You take my piece of paper.

Let the show begin.

Who will be asked today
according to the great prophet?

Burski, Szostak and Wnuk.

- Read the professor's choice.
- Burski, Szostak and Wnuk.

- You're not mad at me, professor?
- How did you do it?

I tried to think the way you did.

- "That punk Cisowski..."
- My exact words.

"That punk will try hundreds of
combinations. I'll outsmart him.

Normally Burski, Szostak and Wnuk
answer on Saturday.

- That chimpanzee..."
- My exact words!

"He'll never suspect that I wont
change anything. Never".

Exactly. It's unbelievable.
Do you often solve riddles?

- He does it all the time!
- It's no big deal for him!

You say it's no big deal for him?

You're so devilishly clever?
Here's a riddle I couldn't solve.

- I'll give it a try.
- He'll do it.

I had an urgent matter and I wrote
to my family in the countryside.

I didn't get a reply for a week.
Suddenly the goat arrived.

Be quiet. It wasn't a real goat.
I mean my niece.

She claims...

That goat?

Exactly. She claims
they didn't get my letters.

What happened?
One letter could get lost but two?

It was registered mail. I took them
to the post office myself.

Excuse me. Did you go to
the post office or just walk past it?

What are you trying to say?

The post office is not to blame.
The letters are in your pocket.

I remember I mailed them.

I have a receipt somewhere.

I'll find it.

- Are those your letters?
- That's right.

I'll be right with you.

- I'm glad you're back.
- What's wrong?

Pacify the kids. They'll scare
all my patients away.

They should be kept in a cage.

It's a madhouse.

Adam, what's going on here?

One of those monkeys ate
my ice cream and won't own up.

Help them get down
or they'll fall off that bed.

No way.

He ate it himself and he blames us.

Shame on you, Adam. You're older,
they're still little kids.

Kids? A bunch of jackals.

Own up or I'll skin you alive!

- I'll call your father.
- OK. I give in.

Don't stick out your tongue.

Mom, I have an idea.
Can you draw the curtains?


- Mom!
- Wait, kids. Adam will explain.

Quiet! Ladies and gentlemen!
Line up, kids. Hurry!

I have a magic plate.
It can see and hear everything.

Mom, blow the candle out.

Touch the bottom of the plate with
both hands and then cover your face.


One, two, three, four.


Mom, let the light in.

Put your hands down.

Bad girl! You ate the ice cream.
See? She has a guilty conscience.

- Do you own up?
- How do you know it's me?

I'll get you!

Adam! Have pity!

- Goodbye.
- What's going on in there?


- You're here to see me?
- No, your son.

Here he is.

- Professor?
- Excuse me and my siblings.

I'd recognize the devil's brothers
even in a dark alley.

Sorry for the commotion.

- The professor wants to see you.
- Me? Please come in.


Do something with those kids.
I can't take it anymore.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

I thought I could use your devilish
cleverness. What's your name?

- Adam.
- Right.

Listen, it's like a crime story.

Will you help me solve a mystery?

- You think I...
- Only you can.

My brother is a conservator.

He was commissioned to
restore an old palace.

But restoration was put off
because of lack of funds.

Recently strange things
began to happen there.

- This must remain a secret.
- Sure. Mum's the word.


Two weeks ago a Frenchman
came apparently to see the palace.

- Hush...
- What?

Go on, professor.
A Frenchman came apparently to...

Sorry, my siblings.

I saw them. I'm glad you'll help us.
My niece will be overjoyed.

- The goat?
- How do you know?

That's what you called
her in class.

I did?

- Take care, what's your name?
- Adam.

Remember, mum's the word.

But you didn't finish about that
Frenchman. The kids interrupted.

You're right.

Well, all he was
interested in were doors.


He was seen scraping paint off them.

Go on.

Two weeks ago there was a break-in
and guess what was stolen?

- A door?
- How do you know?

- The Frenchman focused on doors.
- You're brilliant.

Later they found the stolen door in
the park with no paint on!

- A madman or what?
- No.

That house has a door
that is of value to somebody.

There they go again! Can we talk
peacefully in your house?

Sure. Whenever you want.

- I'll come over today.
- Great.

- Will the goat be there?
- What goat? Yes, she will.

- You must be the devil?
- The professor calls me that.

- I knew it.
- How?

- You've got uncle's umbrella.
- He left it. Is he at home?

He's sleeping. He was expecting you.
I'll wake him up.

- Please don't.
- Why?

- I can wait.
- Have a seat.

He told me how you outsmarted him.
It was great.

He really likes you.
But he worries if you'll go with us.

- With pleasure.
- With pleasure? Why?

- Because... Can I have some water?
- Yes.

- Do you feel faint?
- I'm fine. I like water.

City water is quite good.

Wanda, is that that devilish boy?

- His name is Zbigniew.
- It's Adam.

- Uncle calls you Zbigniew.
- It doesn't matter.

Uncle, Adam will go with us.

He will? Great.

What about your vacation plans?

Nothing much, just camping out
with the boys. I'm all yours.

Great. Did you say
a second door was stolen?

What second door?

The one your mother wrote about.
I gave you her letter.

No, you didn't.

You're not good with letters.
Are you sure you gave it to her?

- Don't start again.
- Just a moment.

- What time did you leave the house?
- Before 9 a.m.

- When did you get back?
- At 2 p.m. for lunch.

- Good. What did you do before lunch?
- I read the letter.

- And later?
- I read a book.

- And after lunch?
- I went to see you.

- You came back and went to sleep?
- Yes. No, I read a book first.

- The same one?
- Yes.

Excuse me.

- What book was it?
- "Five Little White Pigs".

- Maybe "Ten Little Negroes"?
- That's right.

"Ten Little Negroes" by Agatha
Christie. A great crime story.

- Hocus-pocus, here's your letter.
- Adam was right again.

- You're a hell of a boy!
- I'm your student.

Listen. "Two silhouettes dumped
the door and ran off into the night.

I wanted to call the police but Iwo -
that's my dad - told me not to.

He said that it would only ridicule
him in front of his superiors.

Come as soon as possible. Ewa".

- What do you think?
- It looks like a plan.

It reminds me of
the little pigs case.

Just think, five doors...

There were five little pigs
but two doors.

- What now?
- My boy, you must help us.

It looks serious.
What if I'm too stupid?

- No way.
- What if can't do it?

Adam, you can do anything.

Thank you.

- This way?
- Let's take a shortcut.

My dear brother and his family.
What a nice picture.


We have company now.

- This is...
- Adam.

Three men is something

I'm telling you they'll rob
and murder us.

There's nothing to steal.
Just my salary and your hens.

So far nobody was murdered.

So far. I feel like somebody is
lurking behind doors.

I've been doing some thinking.
Everything is clear.

Somebody wanted to take
a door from our house.

As clear as daylight.

As Columbus discovered America.
I explained everything in my letter.

You didn't tell them that a man
wanted to buy this palace.

- What?
- Who was it?

A real estate agent. Never mind.

- Was it after the Frenchman came?
- Yes.

I told him it wasn't for sale.
It's not important.

- It may be. Was he Polish?
- Yes.

Did he look at doors?

I don't know.
He went around the palace himself.

- Can I ask you a few questions?
- Go ahead.

- How old is this house?
- Two hundred years old.

- Who owned it?
- The Żegota clan.

Where are its owners now?

The last of the Żegota clan
died during World War I.

This place was
deserted for many years.

It was in 1945 that the state
took custody of this building.

- How many doors does it have?
- Ninety three.

It will keep us busy for years.

You think they'll want to
steal all the doors?

Give them away to have peace.

It's not our property.
I'm responsible for everything here.

My nerves are shattered.

- Sir?
- Yes?

Does this house have a mystery?
Anything unusual happened here?

- I don't think so.
- Too bad. I was thinking...

They say thinking has a future.

What are you thinking about
outside my room?

That damned door.

We should look for something on
or inside the door.

You mean there may be
something between the boards?

I don't know. I'm looking.

Youngsters! Dinner is ready!

- We got it!
- What?

- The mystery.
- What mystery?

Adam asked if
this house had a mystery.

It may be more difficult than
the mystery of the missing door.

This is the portrait hall.

Please take a close look.
See anything strange?

- You're starting again.
- Don't interrupt. Not a word.

Where are the frames?

They're kept at the town council.
Like the rest of the valuables.

They'll be replaced
after restoration.

It means that the frames are
more valuable than the portraits?

Yes. He's devilishly clever.

- Didn't I tell you?
- Didn't he?

They all look alike.

Well done. It took other people
hours to notice it.

You were right. He's a smart lad.

Two hundred years ago a Żegota clan
member wanted to have a gallery.

He hired a travelling dauber.

- He painted the figures on the spot.
- And later just added the details.

- He's amazing.
- Incredible.


- What are you doing?
- I'm waking Thunder for dinner.

He's totally deaf and has arthritis.

No wonder a door was stolen.

- I'll show you where they dumped it.
- Great.

- Evening dew.
- It'll be a nice day tomorrow.

It was here.

Just like
"the girl with the wet hair".

And "two boys that stole the moon".

"A smile is half a kiss.
Give me a thousand smiles".


It's Kornel Makuszyński's dedication
to my mother when she was sixteen.

- Adam.
- What?

Behind those trees. Do you see him?

Who is it?

- I don't know.
- He'll see us!

- I can't see him.
- He's under that lone tree.

- He's watching the house.
- Why?

- He's counting the lights.
- So?

There were three, now there are five.

- Stay here.
- What about you?

- I'll get him.
- No.

- I'm an old scout. I'll be OK.
- Adam, please.

I have to see him at close hand.
I'll be back.




My dear Adam, it's me.

Where am I?

You're at home, Adam.

You got hit on the head.
Wanda helped you.

Why did she hit me on the head?

He's delirious.

A smile is half...

a thousand smiles will be how much?

I don't know.

What are you babbling, my boy?
Do you recognize me?

- Professor.
- Thank God.

- What about me?
- The girl with the wet hair.

Take care of that crazy boy!

That crazy boy has recovered!

- What a pig!
- Who?

He hit me on the head.
I was stupid.

Now they'll be on guard.

- It means war.
- Don't look for trouble.

You're right.
I could be resting at this cemetery.

Maybe we'll find some clues.

What if it goes back to World War II?

The partisans buried something
and wrote signs on the door?

Forget it.

- What about the Frenchman, silly?
- Whatever.

- Adam!
- You're not sulking anymore?

- We got a Frenchman!
- Are you crazy?

Camille de... Berier.

1813. It can't be a coincidence.

One hundred and fifty years ago?

What if we're on the right track?
Maybe he lived in the palace?

If only we could find a clue.

Are there any unsearched
nooks in the house?

- Just the attic.
- The attic?

It's off limits. It can collapse.
My father would kill us.

- Give me your hand.
- OK.

Wait. I'll help you.

Be careful.

- Jesus!
- What?

- A man is hanging there!
- Where?

Over there.

You're right.

It's a scarecrow!

What now?

You and Wanda search over
there and I'll check here.

Come, Wanda.

Wanda! I think I've got something.

Come and help me!

Hold it, uncle.

Where are you going? Don't!

Stubborn creatures.
You wont find anything here.

Just dust and papers.

What's this? "A cow has calved".
It has nothing to do with our case.

- Professor, manuscripts.
- Let me see.

There's more here.

I'll take them.

What will we do with them?

We'll carry them secretly to my room.

All right.


We got a Frenchman!

You do? Don't let him go.

- What Frenchman?
- Two of them.

- They broke in again?
- This diary explains everything.

- It mentions a door.
- You don't say!

"Winter was severe with extreme cold,
blizzards and snow drifts.

The Żegota family home in Bejgoła

was isolated from the world.

Far away battles were fought
and victories were gained.

Then came the day of
Napoleon's defeat.

Half-dead soldiers, dressed in rags,
made their way across the country.

Two of them miraculously
got to Bejgoła.

They silently approached the house
from the forest, away from the road.

Oddly enough they strayed away
from the group. Was it on purpose?

The younger one could hardly walk.
He held a bundle in his frozen hands.

Mr. Żegota's youngest daughter was
having a wedding party in the palace.

Guests came from far away.

The palace rooms were occupied.

So Mr. Żegota placed the strangers
in the hunter's pavilion.

Camille de Berier was an officer
in an engineering regiment.

His feet were injured
and frostbitten.

There was little hope of saving them.

As there was no doctor available,
Józef, the old servant, treated them.

The wedding guests
left the next morning.

The officer was moved to
the palace living room.

As a young boy
I was fluent in French.

Mr. Żegota told me to take care of
the sick Frenchman.

I was young and sharp-eyed.

The officer was nice to me.

But he never let me touch his bundle,

which he kept by his bedside".

What does it have to do with...?

Camille de Berier is the Frenchman,
whose grave Wanda and I found.

What grave? I remember.

- Who was the other Frenchman?
- His soldier.

Where did I stop?

"Spring arrived. The officer lay
motionless in bed for hours.

One night a strange and mysterious
thing happened.

I was worn out and fell asleep.
The house was quiet.

The moon shone
brightly and lit the park.

The other night Mr. de Berier spoke
about his brother and beloved France.

I dreamed that he was looking out

the window,
hoping to see it in the park.

Suddenly I was awakened by a noise.
I thought the sick man called me.

To my surprise I saw
that his bed was empty.

He was not in the room.

After a while I heard his footsteps.
He was coming back from the park.

He could hardly stand on his feet
and collapsed by the door".

What happened next?

- Did he die?
- He fainted. But he got worse.

"He never left his bed. He asked
for a piece of paper and a pen.

I thought he was writing
his last will.

He asked not to be disturbed.

One day he requested to
be moved back to the pavilion.

He wanted to be with his soldier.

His well-guarded bundle was gone.

When asked, he denied he lost it.

I didn't know what to think.

Soon his soldier was
ready to return to France.

He said goodbye
without much affection.

The officer whispered:
'Remember, you swore'.

'Yes, captain', said the old soldier
and left, taking a letter with him.

From that moment on
the officer sank into a torpor.

He never spoke to anybody, just lay
motionless staring at the ceiling.

Autumn came and the officer became
weaker and weaker by the hour".

Listen to this. It's important.

"One day the officer
asked to see Mr. Żegota.

'You're a good man, he said.

I have a request.
I have a brother, just him.

My soldier took a letter for him.
I waited, but my end is near.

Maybe he'll come here.
Please let him stay in this room.

And let nothing surprise you'.

'I promise.
What if your brother never comes?'

'Then everything will be yours.
You were so good to me. Look.

The door. That door...'.

Those were his last words.

The poor soul must have been
delirious before dying".

- Professor...
- It all fits in.

Quite nicely.
That door must be in the pavilion.

That's right. We've got the door!

It's not here!

- What did you do with the door?
- What door?

- This door.
- It was never here.

They stole it.

Ewa, it's your turn.

That Frenchman from 1813 and
our French visitor are connected.

- What's the connection?
- The door.

Whoever has the letter
will find the door.

- Whoever has the door will find...
- What?

The bundle left by the Frenchman.

- What's in that bundle?
- It's your turn again.

Let the spirit praise Thee!

What spirit? It's a man.
He chose a fine time.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

I'm Weryho.

I travel in summer in search of
painting themes.

This is a true paradise
for an artist.

My name is Weryho.

Will you let me stay here
and do some sketches?

You're welcome.
But don't expect any comforts.

It's a makeshift house.

All I need is a nook.
We artists don't care for comfort.

- We have a free room upstairs.
- I'm much obliged.

It's small but the plaster
won't fall down on your head.

The surroundings are beautiful.

That's what the palace
will look like after restoration.

These walls speak history.

History means trouble.

Why? Is there anything
I could do to help?

Somebody keeps stealing doors here.

- Fire!
- Where?

- There's no fire.
- Are you crazy?

I had to interrupt. Don't tell that
thug about the missing door.

- I don't trust that painter.
- Neither do I.

I don't understand.

Sorry. I must have seen
a flash or something.

- A flash?
- I don't understand.

Please follow me.


- Are you hungry?
- A glass of milk will do.

Uncle, light the candle.

- You have strange eyesight.
- Why?

You were standing with your back
to the window and saw a fire.

I think I saw something flashing
in professor's eyeglasses.

He was hit on the head
and has hallucinations.

- You were hit on the head?
- A horse kicked me.

- What are you saying?
- A horse is a horse.

Goodnight. Come, Adam.

- Professor.
- What?

- He's not who he says he is.
- He's got big gorilla hands.

- You noticed?
- Of course.

I bet he was the one
who hit me on the head.

You think so? It a serious matter.

We can't ask him if he's a thug.

We must have an eye on him.

His room is next to yours. You can
listen to what he's up to at night.

I'll watch him.

He's sleeping and mice are roaming.

- Did anything happen at night?
- I heard mice scratching.

All night? Interesting.

He's leaving his room.
Follow him. He shouldn't be alone.

Excuse me,

can you come
with me to the portrait hall?

You're a painter.

Every portrait has a flaw.

There's an eye missing here.

- Could you restore it?
- It's a piece of cake.

- The problem is I do landscapes.
- Landscapes? It's too bad.

I asked our guest to restore
these portraits but he does...


Just our luck. We have a real painter
and he can't help us.

These paintings are of great value.
Look at the colours.

It's too bad.

- I have to go and look for...
- A landscape.

That's my thing.

He's not a painter, he's a thug.

- Professor...
- What?

I don't like it.
What if he knows about the pavilion?

No way. Oh boy!

We can't leave her
alone with that thug.

Wanda will not breathe a word.

- Professor!
- What?

That young man who saw
the fire last night is your fiancé?

Adam? No, he's not.

He's a clever lad. I bet he pursues
a beautiful girl like you.

I can tell. He's no sucker.

Are you looking for
something else than landscapes?

It's not your business. A kick in
the head wasn't enough for you?

- I have a strong head.
- But just one.

Thanks. I'll watch out for
bad horses and bad mice.

- Mice?
- Yes.

Especially mice
that chew doors at night.

You're talking nonsense after
that kick on your head.

- That was a threat.
- He exposed himself.

- I'm sure he hit me on the head.
- He's a dangerous thug.

- Adam!
- Don't interrupt.

- But uncle...
- Don't interrupt!

- What was I saying?
- That he's a dangerous thug.

- It's a serious matter.
- They wanted to buy the palace.

- They must know something.
- But what?

- Over there!
- What?

- He's running away.
- Where?

Darn it!


- What a fool I am. He stole it.
- What happened?

- He saw it and stole it.
- The diary?

- They're watching us.
- I'll show them.

- Where could they be staying?
- There are forests and lakes around.

The town is too far away.

Maybe in the village
across the river?

Holidaymakers lend cottages there.


You may be right.

What do you need that for?

They watched us.
Now I'll have an eye on them.

Uncle, don't let him go. What if they
murder him? I'll be devastated.

Did you hear that?

If they bring your dead body here,
we both won't have mercy on you.

- Will you give me a lift?
- Get in.

Just a second.
I want to tell him something.

- I want to say...
- I want to say something, too.

- What?
- Not now. When I get back.

- Say it now.

- You don't know that...
- I know.

Honk it!

- Are you going to war or what?
- You can say that.

Let's move.


- Did he go?
- Yes. But he'll be back.

- Good. What did he say?
- Nothing.

- What do you mean nothing?
- Uncle, I love you so much!

I know.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


Stop it, kids.

What are you doing here?

- The bike broke down.
- So what?

My sister will kill me.

- Let me have a look.
- Can you fix it?

- I can fix anything.
- Kids, go to lunch!

- Where are you from?
- The kids are on camp here.

- Do you have any food?
- Sure.

My sister is a teacher
and I help her out in summer.

Push and jump on.

It won't go on sand.

Are there any holidaymakers here?

Not in the village. At the forester's
lodge and in that house by the water.

- Fish are plenty there.
- Fish?

This big.

Quiet! Line up, kids!

Leave her alone! Stop it!

Franek, do something!

Quiet! Wash your hands!

You won't get any food
if your hands are dirty!

- Let me help you.
- Its not that simple.

I'll try. Quiet! If you scream
I'll put your head in the basin!

Franek, water!

Who's next? Hurry or I'll drown you!

You want to die of hunger?

- You're a miracle worker. Thanks.
- You're welcome. I'm Cisowski.

Mniewska. Kids, dry your hands!

Take your seats! Hurry!

- You're here on holiday?
- Me?

- Thank you.
- Go and eat.

I'm just travelling around.

- Franek!
- What?

Take the kids out
to the field after lunch.

I need some peace to work
on that French letter.

- A French letter?
- I was asked to translate a letter.

The language is difficult.

Camille de Berier?
Where did you get this?

A holidaymaker came this morning
and begged me to translate it.

It's a family document.

- I know French.
- He'll come this afternoon.

I love old documents.

- Let me do it.
- It's boring work.

- Not for me.
- You're a godsend. Follow me.

The desk is over there.
I'll take your bag.

- Is it very difficult?
- What? Yes.

- Here's a dictionary.
- Thank you.

I should thank you. Treat yourself
to some chocolate and apples.

I'll take the kids out
so you won't be disturbed.

Oh goddess of wisdom!
Help a poor detective out.

Do you understand anything?
I don't.

“This letter is my last will.
I saved something of great value”.

He means that bundle.

"Make sure you come to Bejgoła.

Mr. Żegota will show
you the room I stayed in.

In that room recall
Dan. Al. Inf. C. III. 10.

We read that book in Italian.

Don't leave the room.
Read and search. Burn this letter".

See? No mention of any door.

What does
Dan. Al. Inf. C. III. 10 mean?

They read that book in Italian.

It must be a famous book.

It existed so many years ago.

Dan. Al. Inf.

Dan... Dante?

Dante Alighieri!
Inf. must be a title.

Let me think. Italian is like Latin.

Info... infe... Infernum in Latin
means inferno! Great!

Dante Alighieri, "Divine Comedy",
Part I "Inferno".

No, C. III. Centum...?

We got it! Canto means song!
Look in Song III, verse 10!

Franek, are you alone?

- Is it far to town from here?
- Thirty minutes on bike. Why?

- Will you help me?
- Sure. You're a nice guy.

Is there a library in town?

Mr. Rozbicki runs it. He proposed
three times to Krystyna.

- Who?
- My sister.

She turned him down.
He's too old for her, he's thirty.

Great. Go and give him
this piece of paper.

Tell him it's for Krystyna.

- OK.
- Remember, mum's the word!

- Hurry!
- I'm off like a rocket!

Closed for renovation.

- Hello.
- Franek, how are you?

OK. My sister wants you
to find this for her.

- Dante. How will I get to it?
- What's the problem?

It must be under all those books.

- Maybe in a couple of days.
- Oh boy! She'll be upset.

- I'll bring it over myself.
- She said you'd do it for her.

- It's a mess here.
- She'll be mad.


Tough luck, tough love. Goodbye.

Tough love?

Wait! Come, we'll find it.


Hello? Anybody here?

- You've got it?
- Yes!

Let me see. You're a gem.
I'm off to the forest!

- What about your bag?
- I'll be back!

Darn it!

“Inferno”, verse 10: "This
inscription is written on the door".

What are you doing here?
Looking for trouble?

Get out! I'll set the dogs on you!

- It's not your lake!
- But the pier is mine! Get out!

Hush, phantom of the night!
See you!

Heel! What have you got here?

- Call those dogs off!
- Down!

- What are you doing here?
- I was sleeping. I'll go now.

- Why were you sleeping here?
- I got lost. Can I go now?

- What's going on?
- The dogs found him here.

Nice to see you. Take those dogs
or they'll wake everybody.

I know him. What's the hurry?
The dogs will get you.

You'll come with us.

Help! Help me!


Come here!

- Somebody called for help.
- What?

I heard dogs barking.

- How did you get here?
- By accident. I got lost.

You can't fool me.
Watch him. Shoot if he moves.

If we kill you, nobody will know.
Did you see that lake?

A stone around your neck and down
you go. The fish will do their job.

Tell us what you know
and we'll set you free.

- I don't know anything.
- Really?

What about this?

It's just nonsense.

- That's why you read it at night?
- I didn't understand anything.

- We'll see. Show him the letter.
- What are those signs?

Dan. Al. Inf. It must be a code.

- You think so?
- You must find a key to it.

- You know that key?
- No. It's old writing.

- How do you know that?
- What do you want from me?

Tell us what those signs
mean or I'll kill you!

Stop! He'll think it over.

Why fight? Join us and we'll share
the profits. My friend, you and me.

- How about it? No?
- No? It's too bad.

- We'll find a way.
- They'll be looking for me.

- They won't find you.
- They'll call the police.

- Why look for you here?
- We're just holidaymakers.

You'll write a letter to your friends
saying you'll be back soon.

- What if I don't?
- You'll write your last will then.

So young, what a waste.

- Who do I address it to?
- It doesn't matter.

They'll all read it,
including that babe of yours.

All right.

You must have imagined it.

I heard somebody calling for help.
Voice carries over water.

I'm going to sleep.

- OK.
- Good boy.

Now the police can look for you.

What's that? Who's here?

A Frenchman.

I'm a prisoner like you.

- A prisoner? I speak Polish.
- Good. My French is poor.

How do you know Polish?

My grandmother is Polish.
I came to visit her.

- What's wrong?
- I'm sick, my arm hurts.

They hurt you. Who are they?

I met that thin man on a train.
He said he was a salesman.

- Who's the fat one?
- I don't know.

But I do.

They wanted to find out
what that code means.

I know you were looking for
Camille de Berier's treasure.

You wanted to buy the palace.

Don't be afraid of me.
I swear I'm telling the truth.

I came across that Napoleonic officer
by accident. Are you related to him?

No. The officer's brother
died at Waterloo.

He had no other relatives.
I found the letter in an old book.

- You came to find the treasure?
- I hired those men.

Now they have the letter
and want to find it by themselves.

- They took your money?
- I hid my ID and checks in a stove.

I'm your friend, I'll help you.

I don't want that treasure.
It's not mine. I want to go home.

I'll help you get out of this cellar.

- How?
- Quiet. Somebody is coming.

Listen, my mate doesn't know
I'm here. He's a bad guy.

Tell me what that code means
and I'll let you go.

- It's between you and me.
- What about that guy?

Who are you talking about?

That guy with the dogs.

He's not in on it. He's a watchman.
He'll take your letter to the palace.

I brought you some food.

- What do those signs mean?
- The answer is on the door.

- Where is that door?
- Nobody knows.

You're trying to outsmart me?

Sit here and stare
at the food and at the door.

Maybe you'll figure out which door
it is. We'll be back tomorrow.

We may not need you anymore.
What then?

Are you going to talk?

No? Then die of starvation!

- Did he tell you?
- No.

Darn it. Get in.

It's a storm! Close the windows!
Thunder will hit us!

You always overreact!

- A man is running away!
- Where?

Over there!

He's hiding away from the storm.

- What if it's one of those thugs?
- Come on. Light the lamp.

- Uncle, where are the matches?
- What?

- Matches.
- I don't...

- I'm sure you took them.
- Here you go.

What is this? A piece of paper?
I need matches.

I don't have them. Here.

It's a letter... from Adam.

- "My dear professor..."
- Let me see.

"It takes a crazy guy like me..."
How did it get in my pocket?

That man probably planted it
and you put it there.

Maybe."I'm fine,
I have nice company".

- What a strange letter.
- Why strange?

Listen. "Don't worry about me.

Sorry, but I won't return
soon to Ejgoła".

Why did he write Ejgoła, not Bejgoła?

- Maybe he didn't write it.
- It's his handwriting.

"Say hello to everybody and Maria..."

- Who's Maria?
- We don't have a Maria.

Maybe he meant you, Ewa.
He mixed your name up.

I don't think so.
He did it on purpose. I know him.

- Why did he do it?
- To draw our attention.

- Our attention?
- Right, uncle?

What if it's a code?

- Let me see.
- Read every second word.

- "Dear takes guy me". Nonsense.
- Read it from the end.

"Adam grateful sincere brother..."

- Rubbish. And you say he's clever?
- He is.

- He's my student.
- So what?

- We got it!
- What?

If you read the first letters
from top to bottom you get:

"Prot... ect..."

E like Ejgoła.
That's why he wrote it.

"". M like Maria.
He's clever like a fox.

- A devil of a boy.
- "Protect home".

- Uncle, he's in danger.
- Protect home!

- Oh God!
- Alarm! Close the doors!

Ewa, keep close to me.
Wanda, go get the dog!

- It'll never bark!
- Forget the dog.

Don't let anybody in!

Take your places! Alarm!

I'm coming.

Help! Help me!

I'm coming to get you.


- Shout with me.
- Help!


Help me!

I heard somebody calling for help.

- Can you hear it?
- It's just the rain.

- Listen.
- Something is going on there.

- That man is calling his dogs.
- I'm sure something is wrong.

Two of you will stay in camp.
We'll take the boat.

- It's full of water.
- Never mind.

Give me that oar!

We're still alive.
Doesn't anybody come here?

They're scared of the dogs.

What am I to do?

Boys! Form two groups
and go around the house!

The house is empty.
They left the dogs behind.

- Nothing suspicious here.
- You always exaggerate.

- No sign of murderers.
- Or murder victims.

That door is closed.

Let's go back, boys.

Let's shout for help again.


Did you hear that?

- Is anybody there?
- Open the door!

Hurry! Give me that stick!

Help! Break the door down!

- Who are you?
- It's Adam!

- Who are you?
- It's me, Bolek Burski.


- What are you doing here?
- It's a long story.

Help him. He's French.

- He's dead!
- He's alive. His arm is hurt.

Run, boys. Hurry!

- Let's go.
- I have to go inside that house.

Boys, we'll catch up with you!

What are you looking for?
The house is empty.

The Frenchman's ID and money.
Give me that torch.

Run, boys! It can get dangerous!

Run for it!

Come on!

Faster! The dogs!

Hurry! The dogs are coming!

Get them!

Faster! Get them!

We're going against the wind!


The water is flooding us!

Throw the oars!
Start emptying the boat of water!

There's too much water!
We won't make it!

Try to get nearer to the shore!

Swim to the shore!

- Where's the Frenchman?
- He's behind us.


Help me!


Form a line!

- We made it, boys.
- The boat got carried off.

- It's along way to our camp.
- We have to carry the Frenchman.

- The priest's place is closer.
- We can leave the Frenchman there.

- You think he'll agree?
- He gave us apples for free.

- He's a nice guy.
- Let's go, boys!

It hurts? You thought it wouldn't?
Miracles don't happen.

I mean they do. But not on demand.

- They happened to me.
- Really?

- He saved you using this arm?
- If it weren't for him...

- Well done. It's a nasty injury.
- Thank you.

OK. Don't moan.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Here. You can go home now.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

- We thank you for saving Kazik.
- Don't hurt his other arm.

The way you carried
him didn't help his condition.

How were we supposed to do it?

- How? On a board or something.
- There was none.

You can always find something.

In 1943, when Germans surrounded
partisans near Bejgoła,

our boys brought a wounded
commander here on a door.

- What happened next?
- He went on to Berlin.

- What happened to that door?
- I used it in the woodshed.


- Where are you off to?
- We'll be back soon.

Still hungry for adventure!

Shine your torch.

- What are you looking for?
- An inscription. Where is it?

- Maybe here?
- Maybe.

Give me your knife. Light.

- I found something!
- It's in French.

"In a big house you'll find
two painted beards.

Don't turn your head.
Look ahead and read in a beard".

- Do you understand anything?
- No.

It has to make sense.

- Two beards?
- Yes.

I have an idea. Tell Bolek to get
the boys and go to Bejgoła.

- At night?
- They have to be there by morning.

- What about you and me?
- You'll see.

Adam! My dear boy!

- I'll put the light on.
- Don't.

- We see in the dark like cats.
- We?

- There are two of us.
- I know him from somewhere.

- I shared a desk with Adam.
- It's possible.

- Take your position and wait.
- I will.

I have to get to the attic.
Nobody can see me.

Be on the lookout.

What are you going to
do there at night?

- Careful.
- OK.

- You've got it?
- Yes.


Professor! There are new mysteries.

- What mysteries?
- Not now.

I'll come in the morning. Pretend
that you're surprised to see me.

I will.

- Do you ride a bike?
- I did long ago.

What does a bike
have to do with a door?

He's gone.

It's hot. Don't you think
it's just empty threats?

I thought about
that letter all night.

You snored like a bear.

Adam must have imagined things.

- He's a clever boy.
- Very clever.

I wish he was my son.

It's a bad idea.

- You'd be cousins.
- Bad idea.

- Why?
- You don't understand anything.

I don't?

- What happened?
- Enemy attack!


- Adam?
- It's Adam!

- She'll kiss him!
- Big deal! How did you get here?

Good morning.

Boys, introduce yourself!

The patrol group reports its arrival.
Boys, pitch tents!

- I have big news!
- What news?

Bolek! Don't go too far!

- I found new documents!
- Not so loud.

- Where did you find them?
- While I was hiking.

I know where the officer
buried his bundle.

- Not so loud.
- What was in it?

I don't know yet. I'll know tonight.

Why tonight?

Nobody can see us.
There's too much at stake.

Did you lock the door?

Attention! Be quiet!

We have to get to
that old wall by the road.

We'll light the lights on the spot.
Lead the way.

Professor, in single file.
I'll go last.

In single file!

Take the bike and go to town.
Make sure nobody sees you.

Don't start too early.
Count to a hundred.

To a hundred? One, two, three...

Stop! Light the lights.
I have a map.

We can't go wrong now.

The road is behind us.
And the wall?

Over there.

We have to go towards the wall.

North is over there.
Eight steps northwards.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

- Was it seven?
- Eight.

- Now twelve steps...
- Westwards.

One, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve.

Take six steps, search between

the second and third tree
by the wall.

Over there.
One, two, three, four, five, six.

Let's dig here.

- When Piotrek came back...
- You said his name was Staszek.

- Staszek and Piotrek.
- There were two or three of them?

- Two. Piotrek and Staszek.
- You mentioned Adam.

- That's Piotrek.
- Stay calm.

He told me to go to the police.

The boy scouts are alone
and they have a gun.

- Scouts have a gun?
- No. The thugs.

- You must go there immediately.
- What's the hurry?

- It's urgent. They're digging now!
- At night? Why?

So nobody sees them.
Officer, they're digging!

- Do you see it?
- No.

- Shall I dig on?
- Yes.


- We've got it.
- Pull! It's heavy.

- It's old but well preserved.
- Open it!

- We need tools. Let's take it home.
- Let's go.

- You won't go anywhere!
- Don't move!

Get your hands up!

- Or I'll shoot you!
- Step back. Go on.

- Move!
- Stay there. Take the chest.

- The professor messed up.
- I guess so.

- Quiet!
- Let's go.

- Nice job, smart ass!
- You talk too loud!

- We could hear you everywhere!
- Try to find us now!

Get them!

- They have a car.
- Let's call the police.

They took our treasure!

- Who knows what's in that chest?
- What do you mean?

- Let's keep calm.
- Great.

I warned you but you wouldn't listen.
It's all your and my brother's fault.

- Where is he, anyway?
- Uncle!

They kidnapped him.

Our brilliant professor vanished
to stay away from danger.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

You claim your name is Cisowski
and your students name is Gąsowski.

But your ID says you're Gąsowski.

What? It's the other way round.

- I think you need a holiday.
- You're tired.

- Put everything down on paper.
- It's going to be fine.

Here's your bike.

Did you see that?
They broke the speed limit! Let's go!

- Their headlights were off.
- They're a danger on the road.

Officers, it's them!
They have a DKW.

Open it.

- You almost ran that cop over.
- He shouldn't be out at night.

- The lock is stuck.
- It's old and rusty.

Darn it!
For Pete's sake!

It's the police! Move!

- Overtake and stop them.
- Faster!

Turn right!

Back up!

- What's wrong?
- It broke down. Run!

Stop or I'll shoot!

Stop or I'll shoot!


Stop or I'll shoot!

Kulik! Come here!

Kulik! Here!

Get your hands up!

Cuff him.

- He's taking our car!
- Stop!

- Stop or I'll shoot!
- That crazy professor is in it!

- Get your hands up!
- Ok. I'll stop first.

Don't stop! Turn back!

Officer, I didn't do it.
It was that thin guy...

Move! No talking! Damn it!

Get your hands up.

Damned professor.
Played innocent but carried a gun.

- Quiet!
- You have a gun?

- No, a pencil.
- A pencil?

It's an old trick from
second-rate detective stories.

- More milk, anyone?
- No, thanks.

- You know that for sure?
- Yes. No portrait is missing.

The thugs are back!

- No, it's the professor!
- And the police!

The police? He got arrested!

Our professor!

Listen! It's like a crime story.

- Where are the thugs?
- In jail.

You cant imagine
what I went through.

That chest was fake.

We knew they were watching us.

Everybody played their parts well.

- You got that chest from the attic?
- Yes.

- We set a trap for them.
- So they get arrested red-handed.

Now I understand.

- But you, professor...
- I messed up.

As usual. I'm telling you,
Adam is a toughie.

Professor, is it Adam or Piotrek?

- What's the difference?
- It's Adam.


- Where is the real treasure?
- I wish I knew. I was lucky so far.

The code in the letter and the diary
pointed to the pavilion door.

We found that door by chance.

The inscription read:
"In a big house". It means here.

What is that boy babbling about?

Don't interrupt. He found the door
and the inscription.

"You'll find two painted beards".
That Frenchman lived here.

- Two painted beards?
- Here is the first beard.

- Where is the second one?
- Nobody here has a beard.

That poor man was
hallucinating before death.

- What did it say next?
- "Don't turn your head".

"Look ahead...

...and read in a beard".

He didn't hallucinate.
Was there a mirror here?

A crystal mirror. It's in deposit.

It reflected a portrait.
The second beard!

How clever!

I can't see anything. May I have
a piece of cloth and some milk?

- Give it to him.
- Let go of the cup.

I see letters.

It's an inscription. Help me read it.

- I can't see.
- Who's got a magnifying glass?

I do.

Here you go.

I see now. Write it down.

"You'll find it in the house of
someone who returned from Egypt...

and never ate from a shallow dish".

- What is that?
- That Frenchman has no mercy.

- We got it!
- Why are you screaming?

It's not difficult. Who couldn't eat
from a shallow dish at dinner?

Whom did the fox invite?

The stork.

What does a stork have to do with it?

Look! A stork!

Follow me!

The officer saw
this nest from his window.

He was sick, he couldn't go far.
I bet he hid his bundle here.

- Do you need a ladder?
- His legs were injured.

He couldn't climb a ladder.

It must be within reach.

We got it!


A 12th century gold coin,
a museum piece. It's a real treasure.

Imagine, thousands of people
die for such spoils.



Smile. A smile is the greatest
treasure in the world.