Szamárköhögés (1987) - full transcript

The story of 10-year-old boy and his family against the backdrop of the bloody events of 1956, in Budapest. Children do not yet understand what is going on, but they're happy because the ...

May 1 , 1956


My grandmother keeps watch over
an air-raid siren every public holidays.

She's sitting on the roof-top
reading ''Pelle the Conqueror''.

Pull it!

l can't.

Why not?

Only in case
of danger or attack.

Who would attack?

The enemy.

Who's that?

Those who dropped the atomic bomb.

The imperialists.

The Americans?

Yes, for instance.

They won't come. You could pull it,

- once, so l can hear it!
- No.


Everybody went mad this morning.

l'll pee whenever l feel like it.

This is my sister, Annamari.

She's got the family on a string.


That's father.
He's glued to his radio.


We know everything in advance.
She's going to threaten mother.

- Mother, you're driving me mad.
- How edgy you are these days...

And these are my friends:
?rs and Paja.

They never want to
play ping-pong with me.


Come here!

Stop it! ldiots!

You'll be late for school.

School?! Are you joking?

Attention. Here's an
important announcement.

The Minister of the lnterior of
the Hungarian People's Republic

imposed a curfew from 6 pm.
on October 24, till am. on Oct. 25.

During the curfew the doors of
all buildings have to be kept locked.

Come up at once!
You aren't going anywhere.

lt's a civil war, mummy.


What do you mean where?


- Till evening.
- What?

By supper there will be order.

An who'll make order?

Are you frightened?

- And so you are. And you've
every reason to be. - ldiot.

Well, before, l don't say...
But now?

You're unpopular.

Feri, You can't speak
like this to my mother.


There are people who hate you.


Stop it, Feri, for heaven's sake!

- No, let him!
- All right...

At last he's frank.

Have l ever cheated,
stolen or lied?

Something is happening
at last. Some uprising at last.

The longer it lasts the better.

lf there's an uprising,
there's no school.

What are you mixed up in?

Where have you been?
Who were you with?

Why don't you say something?

And we have a maid, Szidi.

She's got a boyfriend.
He always sneaks in.

You can hardly hear him saying
hello. He's a cowardy rabbit.

That's why we call him ''Szidi's bunny''.

Do you see this?

What do you want it for?

l've got a pistol.

lt's mine.

We won.

Shut up and go to hell!

lt isn't even loaded.

Just a moment.

l only want to kiss.

You're so stupid.

You're out.

That doesn't count.
That's not fair. l slipped.

- Once again?
- Let him.


Throw it. Serving there.

There you are.

You do it on purpose.
You two play the whole day.

l couldn't get the key out.
My hands are full.


What's up?
Did you go to the office?

- Give it to me. lt's pecking.
- lt isn't.

lt isn't.

Can't you keep out of my way?

Szidi, don't shout at the children!

The whole country
is shouting, madam.

Take it out into the yard.

Mother isn't back yet.

What's the matter with you?

Are you drunk?

l punched B?la Tak?cs.

l punched a man.

Well.. l'm able to punch someone.

Well, l can if l must.

My hand just slipped.

Szidi, dear, you mustn't
be so touchy.

l'm going to write to
my brother immediately,

and l ask him to
meet me at the station.

You can't be serious, Szidi.

- But l am.
- Szidi!

And the children?

B?la got a facer.

My husband's gone mad.
My mother's gone mad too.

At least the two of us
shouldn't lose our heads.

l'll punch the whole
country if need be!

We ought to go down to the shop
and buy sugar, lard and flour.

- Thanks God.
- What are you doing here?

You could've phoned.

You're joking.

Good. More books please.

Come on.

l wasin the office.
Chaos everywhere.

The secretary is sitting by
the radio. Everyone's hissing.

l said to them: you get
the wind up quickly enough.

One of these assets
gets up and tells me:

Go into hiding! Disappear!

- You see?
- And that l mustn't budge from home.

l gave them a piece of my mind.
l'm not in the menopause yet.

- What's this got to do with it? - l went to
see the siren but the building was locked.

l rang teh bell,
l hammered the door.

The concierge poked his nose
out, but people have gone mad.

He didn't recognize me.
Yet l have to watch over the sirene.

- Mummy, can't you stay put?
- Stay put? My foot.

What are you doing there?

Aren't you ashamed yourself?
ln your position...

What's my position?

l'm no longer a director.

l say!

So what!

Be proud!

l don't want to interfere
but don't accept a lower post.

Come down, l'll go up.

lt doesn't matter.
ln a couple of days you'll realise.

Whether one's a director or not,
makes no difference.

Don't pity me!

Understand? l don't want
my mother-in-law pitying me.

l can pity myself very well.

- The point is... let me tell you...
- What?

What? Say the word. You are...

lf anyone asks you should
tell we haven't any sugar.

We haven't. All right?

Look into his eyes and say: no.

Now he's turning the poor kids' heads.

What is this?

Three holes.

lt's been shot at.

lt was baked in the bread.

Good Lord, mother!

You're out of your mind!

- You might have been shot.
- But l wasn't.

l'm bullet-proof.


Don't stand barefoot on the tiles.

What are you reading?

But this is in German and Latin.

You don't even understand it.

But l do.

You stand here at night
measuring your thing?

Only for the last three nights.

Come here. Sit down.


lt won't grow bigger from
Monday to Wednesday.

- lt did.
- Well, that's all right then.

How big should it be?

Like in the book.

Did anybody tease you?

These are stupid things.

They happen to
everybody of your age.

When l was a little girl

l kept measuring my breasts.

l used to stand in front
of the mirror all day long.

And they grew. Look here.

- Did they grow?
- They did.


Mummy! Mummy!

Mummy! The American relatives.

Hello, yes, we are speaking here.

Hello, my Giza!

No everything's all right.

Your radio is lying.

lt's lying. l'll explain.

Rose, carnation, saffron!

Have you never seen flowers?

Why don't you understand? Tell me!

Giza! lt's me, your mother.

Leave me alone.

l'm glad to hear your voice.

What? l'll tell you differently.

We don't usually have storms here,
but now there's a big storm.

Yes, a big one.

Rain, thunder, lightning.

What? No, no, no.

Feri doesn't go out in the storm.

He's inside. He's in the flat.

Hello, my Giza.

Franciska speaking.
l'll put it differently.

There's a big epidemic here.

A big one.
No, children don't catch it.

Listen to me, my daughter!

The children are not allowed
to go out in the rain.

Yes. We are all in the flat.

Give it to me!

Listen to me, Giza,
l'll put it differently.

lt's autumn and there's a thick fog.

Listen to me, my daughter!

Noone is going out in the rain.

We're talking shelter
under the eaves.

- You don't let me finish...
- Listen, Giza! l'll put it differently.

- We're making it warm for them.
- Good Lord, Feri!

We've got raincoats. Nylon!

- Now speak loud!
- What should l say? - We're all right.

Hello. l'd like to say that...

l'll put differently. Say the word 33.

Then lick my arse and let me be.

What are you doing?

At times like this there's
no sense in being formal.

- Hello, my friend.
- Hello.

Ferenc, l learned how to escape.

So if they break them all down,
we can still jump out here.

The pounding can be heard in
your flat, then you give the signal.

They always round up the men.
This is the first thing.

Let's have a rehearsal.




- Hell!
- Oh, no!

Boys, there's a problem.

l'll give you a hand.

Wait, sir, l'll give you a hand.

- All right, but we are friends.
- Of course..

Damn it!
l used to be a gymnast.

Not there, it hurts.

- Uhh...
- Slowly!

Mummy, prepare a compress
for the director, Feri!

What are you looking for?

One can't find anything
in this bloody pigstye.

- Where's the typewriter?
- Must you have it now, at dawn?

Yes. Right now.

Stop ''right nowing''!
We'll look for it in the morning.

l suppose the children
were playing with it.

But i've just thought of something.

Be quiet,
you'll wake the children.

- Where's the typewriter?
- Why do you want it for?

T write a letter.

- Right now?
- That's all she can say too.

Shall l explain it to you?
l haven't slept a wink all night.

- Then go to bed.
- No.

l write a letter to
Hrushchev and Eisenhower.

That's all we need.

You know...

You wrote to R?kosi too.

lt's a wonder the whole
family wasn't arrested.

Try to understand, these people mould
world politics but they don't notice

that in the middle of Europe
a little country has come to the fore.

Where's the typewriter?

Write by hand.


l'll dictate.

Find the typewriter
and insert a paper.

With a carbon.
There will be two letters.

Or three?

Tomi! What will you give me for not
telling them you took it to school?

You could write to the Secretary of
the UN while you're about it.

Don't you see that with our
people shooting at our people,

one can't sit back and do nothing.

And how will you address them?

Honoured Mr Hrushchev
and dear Mr Eisenhower?

Or vice-versa? You could send
the third copy to the Pope.

God damn it!

Women will be women.

Here we are in the
centre of a world crisis,

they still shove their spoons into
the spokes of history's wheels.

May l ask in what language
do you intend to write?

- What do you mean in what language?
- You can't speak English or Russian.

Hold it! They've got interpreters.
Even for Japanese.

- What the hell do you want to write?
- What the hell? The solution.

The conclusion.

The pan was filled to the brim,
the milk boiled over.

Don't worry l know what to say.

Time for you to get out, the day
after tomorrow you can come in.

- See? After tomorrow.
- Yes, of course.

Then peace. Milk and honey.

Everybody will come off well.
l've got it all worked out.

Will we have
the UN in Budapest?

- The UN will come to Budapest?
- He's out of his mind.

There will be nothing in Budapest
if the typewriter doesn't turn up.

Annamari! Annamari!

Get up! Where's the typewriter?

Only she can have hide it.

Open up!

Open up at once!

Annamari, my dear daughter,
it was my typewriter. Give it back.

Tell me where did you put it.

Annamari! You can't do
that to your grandmother.

And to your father.

Look my dear, l'm on my knees begging
you to tell me where the typewriter is.

For your poor grandfather and
me it was a cherised keepsake.

Like a gun for a soldier.

Annamari! Let your father in!

He needs to go.

What are you doing here, little brat?

- l'm not a little brat.
- Tell me, little brat!

Where are you taking
that typewriter?


Put it down.


lt's ours. lt's my
granny's typewriter.

Don't answer back! Put it down!

lt belongs to my granny.
l'm taking it away.

No, you won't.
You'll put it down.


The school isn't yours.

You're a thief.

And you're a rat.

Did you think you'd get away?

Stand up!

Who is a rat?


They must be shooting
at Krisztina square.

Got nayone there?


Ring him.

lt's just that l've been
thinking of him a lot these days.

l got over it a long ago, but now...

lf you want to know how
he is, ring him.

- Here you are!
- What shall l do with it?

Pick it up, dial, enquire.

You're mad.

- There's even a dialing tone.
- Are you gone mad?

- lf l embarrass you, l'll go out.
- No!

You ring him.


l didn't wanted to talk to him.

l just wanted to know whether...

- Whether...
- ...the shooting was troubling him?

Because if so, we'll have it stopped.

Tell me the number.

1 72...


Yes, hallo...


He's alive.

He's alive.

Dad, is that bombing?

lt's not here.
Somewhere far away.

Wait! Come into our bad.

Come on!

Don't open it.

He ought to.

What now?

lt's not the kind of ring.

Your Stalins ought to be burnt or
they'll massacre the whole house.

Where? lt can't be
done in our flat.

All we can burn is sawdust.


Annamari, Tomi, come here!

All right, light the stake.

We'll carry them over my place.

Eyore stood there,
gazing sadly at the ground.

Let's have a look, said Eyore and
he turned slowly round the place,

where his tail had been
a little while ago.

And then, finding that
he couldn't catch it up,

he turned round and at last
he said with a long, sad sight:

l believe you're right.

Wait! Give it to me.

''lt can't be a coincidence that you and
Comrade Stalin have your birthdays''

''on the same days.''

''Happy birthday, Franciska''

''December 21 , 1950.''

R?kosi M?ty?s, comrade and friend.

R?kosi M?ty?s, comrade and friend.

R?kosi M?ty?s, comrade and friend.

- R?kosi M?ty?s...
- Stop it!

- ...comrade and friend.
- Stop it!

Stop it! Don't you understand?

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

- l'm not going anywhere.
- What?

l haven't slept well for 10 years, so why
should l go elsewhere to sleep badly?

Don't do that, mummy.

My problem is that l hate
your younger brother.

How can you say before the children?
You've never said that before.

l'm saying it now. l'm going home.

l've nothing to fear.

You're wrong in saying l'm
unpopular. People like me.

- Besides l'll take care of Szidi.
- What has Szidi got to do with this?

Don't yell at my mother.
l won't have it.

There's a curfew nad she's walking
up and down with her pillow.

Szidi doesn't need taking
care of. She's a grown-up.

She needn't be left alone either.

- The typewriter disappeared. - Oh, mummy,
what should a maid want a typewriter for?

l didn't say she wanted it.

l said l was going home.

l like that girl as a matter of fact.

Listen! l'm not frightened.

Not me. lt's my family
l'm worried about.

You mix up everything.

You're a clown.

All right, let's go.

Come on!

What are you doing, daddy?

lt's good, eh?

Tell me, daddy, have we got
to stay here a long time?

Come here! Come here!

Drink it down!

What would you say if...

...we went to another country?

Your father would become a dancer.

A tap-dancer.

Do you know what's this?

And you wouldn't be
a director anymore?

No. l wouldn't.

Granny won't be pleased.

Maybe we'd leave granny at home.
Someone has to take care of the siren.

''He often dreamt that he was flying
but something pulled him down.''

''Now he succeeded at
last in realizing his dream.''

''He was sailing freely in
the blue heights with his wings,''

''and heard someone calling out
from the darkness below.''

''- Pelle, come here! - l'm coming, he
answered and closed his wings wearily.''

What is he talking about?

What's up?

As a matter of fact l didn't
understand a single word.

Not a single word?

She's preparing for a language exam.

20 forints English lessons.

- Twice a week.
- To hell with your radio.

The whole thing's a mess.

Oh, my God!

Heavens, the armchair!

Stupid men!

While they listen to the radio they don't
even notice that the child is drunk.

l didn't understand anything.

l think he said that...

...that by a certain deadline...

...arms should be laid down.

Listen! That's fantastic!

And l don't even know English.

Arms have to be laid down?

- Does it make any difference?
- lt does to me.

To me it doesn't.

What osrt of man are you, Ferenc?

Are you a Hungarian?

Annamari, bring me my shoes.

l'm going away.

l'll be a tap-dancer.

- Really?
- Yes.

Why didn't l hit upon the idea?

With your physique...

Anyone can see

you're born a dancer.

You lot can go on firing
at each other.

Putting each other in jail.

Denouncing each other.

- Find some music!
- All right.

l'll find some.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Misters and misisses,
the Hungarian tap-dance prodigy.

He beats Fred Aster
and Ginger Rogers.

Come on! Half-price for Hungarians.

My dear old brother.

Watch his technique!
His knees creak a bit,

he's growing bald,
but never mind.

The rhythm is maddening,
the pace is stunning.

He combats his lumbago
with clenched teeth.

The world's oldest dancer!
The Hungarian tap-dancing prodigy!

Fred Aster...

Apologize at once!

No one's going to apologize here.

- Why have they stopped here, daddy?
- Come on!

l'll be hanged because of you.

Come on, children, into the bath!

ls the outing over?

Do we have peace?

We'll have a shower
and forget the whole thing.

Yes. But l've come to love brandy.

That's something we won't forget.


You should've seen this.

Show mother how you dance.
Come on!

Come on!

- You're drunk.
- All right, l'll show her.

l'll be a naked dancer.

- What?!
- Mother is one too.

Why don't you ever laugh?


Laugh! Laugh!

My serve.

- Let.
- What?

You couldn't return it.

- lt touched the net.
- You say that.

Don't pretend you didn't notice.

l'm not blind yet.

- New serve.
- What for?

Don't cheat, Tomi!

- Well?
- Serve again!

- Aren't you ashamed yourself?
- lt was let.

You can't take defeat.

Nor can you.

Aren't you a bit too cheeky?

l am. Then let's play
that you can serve lets.


New serve.

Andor! lt looks like Andor.






l ask you something.

Who's going to feed them tomorrow?

And the day after?

Are we going
to rush in every day?

They'll die anyway.

Strasszer, my son!

What was
the homework for today?

Haj?s, no prompting!

Or you'll get...

...a report.

Stop fidgeting, Weininger! Look,
how nicely Szatm?ri is sitting.

- Andor. - Bakos.
- Baumgartner.

- B?r?. - Bugylya.
- Buza.

- Cegl?di. - Csortos.
- D?nos.

- Kerekes.
- K?roly.

Class, attention!

Get the typewriter and we'll clear off.

The dirtyrat stole it.

At the request of the government
we inform the inhabitants of Budapest,

that prohibition of alcoholic
drinks is still in force.

According to some informations
prohibition is being violated,

as a result of which the
peaceful population is endangered.

Considering there are
many weapons in circulation,

drunkness may lead
to serious consequences.

After a short break
we'll continue with music...

What do you want?

l got it for you.

For me? From where?

From Paja. For two days.

You're a good boy.

- Aren't you going to look at it?
- Oh, yes...


Very nice. Nicer than
your grandmother's.

Unfortunately, we have to give
it back the day after tomorrow.

The type is nice too.

Do l disturb you?

- Can l watch you?
- Me?

- While you're writing the letter.
- What letter?

The one you wanted to write
to Hruhschev and Eisenhower.

To set things right.

Of course...

lt slipped my mind.

Well, let's see.

Come on!

How... Dear...

...Eisenhower and Hrushchev!

Or... All right...

l'm writing for you... the request of my son.

l'm a little delayed...


...our typewriter got lost.


All l want to tell is...

...l want to tell you, ...that...

All l want to tell you is...

...a comma, only...

Oh, Tomi, Tomi! lt can't be done like
this, as simply as a school composition.

These people are really important.
They have secretariats,

with lots of idlers, pre-readers.

Even if l wrote the letter,
it would get lost.

They'd never get it.
Because who am l after all?

Father, please!

Write it! Show them!

l only want to tell you that...

...all l want is...

Why are you staring at me?

l cannot write when
you stare at me.

- You, for instance.
- Me?

- l didn't say a word.
- l know.

But l object to the way you did it.

This is a personal matter and
you keep peeping into everything.

She didn't say a word...

Dear Eisenhower ?s Hrushchov!

l'm writing to you at
the request of my son.

l'm delayed because
our typewriter got lost.

l only want to tell you...

The Prime Minister's message.

Today at dawn Soviet troops
launched an attack on our capital,

with the obvious
intention of overthrowing

the lawful Hungarian
democratic government.

Our troops are fighting.

The government is in its place.

l'm announcing this to the people of the
country and the public opinion of the world.

l won't play with you.

With me?

l've never cheated. l've been playing
ultimo for 20 years. With me red is red,

and green is green.
And l play the trump last.

- What are the trumps now?
- l don't play with you.

What's got into him? He gambles away
hundreds, that's why he's in this state.

- Why does he pick a quarrel with me?
- Red pays double..

Am l to blame for everything?

Do you want to play?

Me? Where is Terbek?

He's joined up. To fight.

- Are you joking?
- Do you want to play or not?

Faster! Hey, you, faster!

He's got a name,
you know. Uncle Akos.

Oh, my dear son!

Get acquainted.
A colleague of mine.

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

- Hello.
- We've come for some food.

- Wise of you.
- Get acquainted.

- What was it like here?
- lt was quiet here, son.

Was it you who rang me that night?
l was thinking of you.

The English lessons.

- Let's start again. Marry me.
- You're crazy.

Come, we are leaving, Tomi!

- What's happening?
- Come on, big boy.

Are you coming?

Get him to come.

Tomi, let's go. lt's cold.

- l'll fall off.
- You won't fall off.

You didn't fall off
on the way here.

You'll ride bareback.

Come! You'll sit behind me.

- l'm not going.
- What do you mean?

- What's got into the boy?
- l'll talk to him.

Tomi, don't be stubborn.

What's the matter, my dear?

They are waiting for us.

They'll be worried.

We're taking food home.

By evening they will be in Vienna.

Don't do this to me, darling!

Don't punish me.

Shall l send ?kos away?

A cloth!

A pencil!

Tirana? Missed.



Are you coming with me to Caracas?
We start at two.

Christ! She's got whooping cough!

Whooping cough?

lt isn't whooping cough.
l've raised one or two children.

And as for Venezuela,
we aren't going there.

lf anywhere, we'll go
to my Giza, in America.

But we may not go anywhere.

Once l missed going away.

And this is the result.
Now l'm going.

You've got till this
evening to decide.

Call up the doctor on duty.

Stick your tongue out!

She's got a cough, but
it isn't a whooping cough.

There's no problem.

Doctor, may l whisper
something to you?

Shall l examine you?

l'm not coughing.

Come on, get up here.

Take your trousers down.

Your pants too.

l swear you, everything's
all right here.

lt really is.


Believe me, l'm not lying.

A bone's grown in his willy.

- There's no wrong with the girl.
- Believe me, she doesn't caugh, she barks.

Perhaps she's frightened.

Of what?

Aren't you frightened?

Well, caracas, here l come.

R?kosi, friend...
Now you can hit me back.

l found it here.

Haven't l brought you
to a good place?

lt's empty.

lt's wedged.

Forward! Forward!


''Through mountains, through
valleys the train is rattling on.''

''Lasting peace is our slogan...''

M?ller! Gyuri! Come on!

Don't play the fool!

What do you want?

The... cocoa.

Can you prepare cocoa
in the morning?

For the children.

And madam?

Madam's gone.

And the old madam?

She stayed.

Do you know that there are
tribes in Africa where old women

of a certain age are collected

and taken to the jungle
and tied to trees?

- For how long?
- For good.

The old girls can only hope
that the beasts will come quick.

Do you know where your
children hang out in the daytime?

Because l don't.

Where indeed?

You've got dandruff.
Shall l wash your hair?

Now that we've become so chummy,
why do you hate my brother?

Because he's a bad man.

- Keep still!
- And what sort of man am l?

- A bit of weakling.
- Weakling?

You, of course, you're strong.
Oh, it stings!

The towel, quickly!

So, you are strong, eh?

Me, my boy...

l don't really know how l am.

And the siren?

l bet it got rusty long ago.

l keep watching over
a deaf and dumb siren.

You know that well enough.

All l know is that your daughter
took her suitcase and left me.

Don1t worry, you fool.

She'll come back.

Close your eyes.

Annamari's wet her paints again.

l'd like to come in.

The handle should be repaired.

lt came off.

Now? lt's 5:15.

l'm still asleep.

l'm just dreaming that...

What now?

l don't know.

Here is some general information.

ln order to facilitate the
accomodation of the homeless,

The Real Estate Agency
has started work again.

The Agency settles the
exchange of flats within 24 hours,

And it will pay in cash for flats,

which the council is going to put
at the disposal of the homelesses.

The management of the
Telephone Factory summons its workers

to take up work tomorrow morning.

Operating conditions are assured.

Why don't you knock?

The following baths
will be opened today:

Gell?rt, Sz?chenyi,
Luk?cs, Rudas,

Kun and Dand?r as well
as the baths in Pesterzs?bet.

Because of the extraordinary
situation towels can't be issued.

They are opened from 9 to 1 4:30.

Do you recognize the typewriter?

lt's my garandmother's.

The Royal.

Did your grandmother
write with it in October?

Are you sure this is yours?

Of course.

The ''B'' is broken.
But it was at the school.

She didn't write.

You can go.

Mother's coming soon.
Sit down.

Daddy, do you love granny?

Of course.

- Always?
- Always.

- How much?
- Very much.

- She doesn't.
- But she does.

No. he hates her.

ldiot. l know he loves her.

- Better than...
- Dad is lying.

- He isn't.
- But he is and so are you.

Little idiot!

Daddy would do anything
for granny.


For mother he would.
He's jealous of her.

But not for granny.

Daddy's become a liar.

Mother, is granny in prison?

Grandmother was held in custody.

They said she had written
leaflets on the typewriter.

But that wasn't true.

Grandmother came home
only after two weeks.

- Andor. - Present.
- Bakos. - Present.

- Baumgartner.
- Here l am, sir.

- Present.
- Present.

B?r?. B?r?, where is he?

ls he ill?

- Buglya.
- Present.

- Buza.
- Present.



Who knows why?

They've gone away.

Gone away? And when
will they be back?


- Csortos.
- They too.

- They've gone too?
- Yes.

- Good. D?nos!
- Present.


ln America.


- Here l am, sir. - Only ''present''.
We'll see whether you're here.



- M?ller!
- Dead.

Three weeks ago.

Stop mumbling. Stand up!

Dod? M?ller is dead?
Gyuri M?ller?

How did he die?

By accident.

A shot.

What shot.

We didn't see.

Who else is absent?

J?vor, T?th, Zs?ki.

- No one's ill.
- All right, sit down.

We'll continue where
we left off in October.

The idiots will fail, the ones
who work hard will study on.

G?l, come to the blackboard!

What was the homework?

Two salamis of equal lenght
are hanging in a shop.

40 cm are cut from one,
and 8 cm from the other.

The second salami is three times
as long as the first one.

How long was the salami?

No idea.

Then draw a line.


Draw a line!

- More?
- Go on.

Go on! Draw it! Draw it!

Draw it!

- Still?
- Go on! Go on!


...message: Lonci and
the children are well.

Please pass the message on.

To the relatives of Farkas
lstv?n in Tiszak?cske,

K?b?nya and ?jmadaras:

all three of us are well.

To Halmos J?zsef?nek in Bagyula:

her aunt is well.
Please pass it on.

Dr. Kerekes K?roly to the
relatives in Nagykanizs?ra,

the whole family is well...