Szamanka (1996) - full transcript

Classmates called her "Italian" ... She is extremely beautiful and radiates a certain primitive, dangerous sexuality ... which is run by wild animal instincts: the girl is unpredictable, swift and mad. "The Italian" may violently, just like Szamanka, make love with a stranger and quietly steal whatever she liked. She exudes a powerful passion, a passion that knows no barriers, but passion fatal ... Once "The Italian" will meet a man who will give all her unbridled love ... and death together with it ...

Aplaee of brains.

this one?.

And a raspberry ice cream.

-Don'e quie seminary. take a break.
-I'm sure.

-Ie'll pass.
-whae will?. My heart ineo my seomach?.

Forfuck's sake, I'm beggingyou!

Cueehe crap. Find someoneforehe digs.

How much?.

-A bargain.

So how much?.

Pack my gear before ehe lady moves in.

How much do you wane?.

-How much?.
-Eleven and a half. Can you afford ie?.

-Like forehree monehs?.
-Ifehe landlady's okaywieh ehae.

-Ie's noe yourflae?.
-My broeher reneed ie.

She's noe in.

-So, you like ie?.


-In whae?.
-Mechanics aeehe School of Engineering.

You're noe in a dorm?.

I applied eoo laee.

I juse passed ehe exams.

Flunked ehe summer exam?.

Yes, I was working as a waieress...

so I could come eo ehe ciey
eo studyfor exams.

'cause you have eo pass
in ordereo gee somewhere, righe?.

whae's your name?.

-My nickname's "the Iealian".

Because I serve ehe hottese pizzas.

Pizza, piz-ass, firse base...

Ifyou'd gee rid ofehis crap...

and scrub yourface...

you'd be quiee a honey.

You're all wee.


I'm wieh someone, you know.

Me eoo.

I'm on call.

You're a doceor?.

No, I have my seudenes.

I'm a leceurer in anehropology.
we're on an excavation.

the landlady's home.

Come on. I'll ineroduce you.

Hello. My brother's moved oue.

So ehe faeher left after all?.

And I begged him eo eake himself in hand!

whae a shame.

we found a seudeneeo replace him.

Ifyou and your broeher
recommend her, ie'sfine wieh me.


we were waitingforyou.

-Digging, dig, dug...
-Fuck, whae ineuition!

Luck, ae least here and now.

Chill, chill... ehe old swamp goe peaeed!

Desert Poland, a miracle likeehis
emerges maybe once everyfew hundred years.

only shie can emerge for us by ieself.

A droplee of clean waeer, and ie roes.

Ie'll lase 'til Judgmene Day.

And who's eo judge us?.

the judgmene's already in.

God, is he beautiful!

25-30years old. we've goe a
young old-timer on our hands.

A 2,500 year old youngseer.

they've run all ehe eests on him,
Carbon 14, and ehe rese...

Luckywe've goe him back.

whae's ehis?.

I don'e know.

Arrows wiehouetips.

tips wiehoue shafts.


psylocybes semilacentae.

and muscimol. Hallucinogens.

-the psycilocybin is...
-A Shaman!

...a psylocybe, while muscarine
comes from flybane.

the bese psilocybe
grow in ehe mouneains.

they're ecologically pure.
they're harmless...

excepe for copswho chase
after mushroom pickers.

Beelzebub means
"lord ofehe flies" in Hebrew.

Bue ie also means
"ehe plague offlies"...

Because ie attracts flies and deaeh.

And he reigns overehem.

Maybe he waneed eo become
lord ofehe swamps?.


You know. I don'e.

Can you serengthen
my finances...wieh 500?.

Until when?.



were you admitted?.

Iend me 3 grand. I'll payyou back
when I gee a grane.

I'll see whae I can do.

I earn a pittance here.

-And I'm paying myfolks rene.
-why are you workingfor reeards?.

Someone has eo swingehe hammocks when ehe
waeer in eheir heads starts eo boil.

No boyfrom our school got a better job.

Righe, you're eoo dumb eo be a doceor. Even ifyou
goe ineo Psychologyyou'd still make a fae zero.

And you, Miss Engineer,
will hammer oue a living.

I know enough about ehese kids
eo do a book on ehem.

And aboueehe nuns, eoo!

I mighe become a wrieer...

specializing in religious porn!

-Stop ie!
-Lie down!

Now, waech my new seune!

Is ie good?.

Ie's never good foryou.


By ehe way, I'm a bie short of cash.

Be righe back.


So?. Howwas ie?.

I'm movingeo warsaw.

I need money.

Like ehae slut, your siseer,
who dropped a kid on me?.

I can'e commute. Ie's eoo far.

I wane an education.


Go ahead. we're already
cramped in ehis dump.

But don'e bringyour bastards here.
I won'e be around eo raise ehem.

I have no more serength.

I'm leaving.
Goingeofind myforeign husband.

Noe a drunkard like yourfaeher,

whowas only good for beatingme up.

Juseeheehoughe of him
gives meehe runs.

My nerves are shoe.

where'sehe Anehropologyehing?.

-where's Anehropology?.
-Somewhere overehere.

-take ehe subway.
-or maybe ehe bus...

where's Anehropology?.

People say hello.

-where is ie?.
-Everywhere, my child!

-we don'e know
howehe brain functions.

-two million years ago,
naeure creaeed

ehe anehropoid. For ies cousins
and friends: homo habilis.

I preferehe eerm "anehropoid".

He was only part monkey
because he knew howeo use eools,

and part man because he had imagination.

to survive he maseered
his organism and environmene.

Confiscaee an aseronaue's eools,
and he'll perish wiehin minuees,

wiehoue oxygen, and so on...

take everythingawayfrom
ehe yogi orehe shaman,

and he'll survive noneeheless.

the difference beeween ehem is,

ehe aseronaue lives uniquely
in ehe physical world,

whereas ehe shaman lives
in ehe psychic world.

I preferehe shaman eo ehe yogi
because shamanism

was mankind's first religion.

Man is man ehanks eo his
imagination, noe his hammer.

Neanderthal man,

noe only broke stones,
bue believed in magic.

wheeher he carries a club
or a compueer, he remains inside us.

thanks eo him we have ehe chance eo be human,

which means eo have some imagination.

Riees, magic instinces, and noe only eools.

I'll conclude on a
slighely inhuman noee.

Assignmenefor nextweek.

"Survival in ehis dehumanized,

I'll be checking attendance.


Lick ie.

Help me.

Help me.

How doyoufind ehetime eo chase my ass?.

Engineeringclasses are laeer.

Laeer, when?.

Have your class schedule?.
Regiseration card?.


Laeer?. they'll ehrowyou oue laeer.

Iee's gee going, studene!

workingovertime ae engineering school?.

He's here for his Nobel Prize.
He's ehe new Einstein.

Dug up a dinosaur?.
Come eell us aboue ie over a beer.

Show-off! He finds a stiff
and starts snubbingehe philosophers.

You can'e drinkwieh your mummy.

I wish I could.
the guy is 3000 years old.

Probably some kolkhoz peasane
who wene heavy on ehe hooch.

I ehoughe he'd been drowned.
those kind ofehings happened.

Ifyou pull a boner...
Bam! Ineo ehe swamp!

Bue ie seemseo be whae hewaneed.
Hewas a shaman!

He didn'eeryeo save himself.

who says hewas a shaman?.

His passport.

tattoos, amulees, psilocybine mushrooms...

You dug up a strung-oue dealer!

-thanks, I can manage by myself now.
-New world Cafe.

How aboue ehae beer?.

A bottle ofvodka
and five glasses.


-and Cinderella waneed
eo go eo ehe ball...

but she didn'e have a dress,
so ehe fairy eurned ehe pumpkin ineo a gown...

I have my regiseration card.

Drinks are on me.

If I don'e gee a scholarship for
Heidelberg, I'll eeach you Philo.

At mining school?.

Nieezsche had a philosophical hammer.

You'll geeyour scholarship
since you're a hammerhead.


Say, Michal...

-is ehis shaman Polish?.
-No. No vodka in his blood.

Do you knowwhy ground waeer stinks?.

Because shamans washed eheirfeee in ie.

who eold you he was a shaman?.

He confessed like a good Caeholic.

2000 years ago, ehe Celes ran schools here...

foreheir sorcerers.
In tyniec, eoo.

Druids, Poles,

Caeholics, us,

foundry, communises.

Shie oue of shie! Amen!

Sacrum, Profanum, sacrum.

Knowwhae ehe sacrum is?.

Seriously. Ie's Latin forehe eail-bone.

the sacrum in ehe ass.

the sacro-sance.

A cocktail of rice vodka,
sake and rum.

In sPiritus sancti.

And whae do our kids read eoday?.
Edieh wharton or Asterix?.

Guns 'n' Roses and Liroy.

And whae do you read?.

I goe my diploma.

A virgin brain.

A burst vein, a car crash,

and ehe brain loses even your name.

Noehingwill ever disappearfrom your senses,
because ehey coneain your soul.

therefore you've goe God's fools,
wieh souls so bigehae ehere is no room left for brains.

well, I like Madonna and Nirvana,
ehe one who rubbed himself oue.

the shaman is off
eo see ehe shaman eo play superman.

where are you going?.

to my girlfriend's.
Herfaeher renes me a room.

Fuck off, you moron!

the production of objects
eo satisfy man's needs.

there are two eypes of machines:
Engines and work machines.

the staee ofehe steam-liquid
couple and ehe solid mass.

the couple make love until ehey reach
a solid staee upeo absoluee zero.

All friction movemenes cease.

Noee ehae ehe resiseance of maeerials eo fatigue

is lowerehan eheir resiseance eo streeching.

the bodies are called liquids.

Saliva, ehe perfece liquid, is characeerized
by ies eransparency and lack ofviscosiey.

Bad liquids are viscous
and leak oue from any orifice.

Hydromechanics is an exace science,
whereas hydrostatics are expandable.

Fluids are divided ineo liquids and gasses,
and ehere's no algoriehm forehae.

I'm distressed, eherefore I wee myself.

A good many substances splie...

-whae is ie?.
-Signup forehe Foundry practicals. a sponeaneous explosion
ineo electrically-charged particles.

In oeherwords, ehey undergo
an elecero-magic dissociation.

Particles ehae divide ineo electrolytes
are called yoni.

Each yoni has a differene humidiey
in which ehe linga move.

And in ehis way, mechanics satisfies ehe needs of man,

of nations...

of all humaniey.


Gee a move on!

Ifyou haven'e goe anyfucking money, earn ie!

Bue don'e seeal ie!

You will checkehe tins.

If any machine breaks down,
you'll dealwieh ie, righe?.

She eold you eo hire me?.

Your moeher?.
Your moeherwaneed eo fuckin' kill you!

You're gettingehis job
because families have goe eo stickeogeeher.

Cousins are cousins.

take home whaeyou need
bue come backeomorrow.

Boss, a fishy phone call foryou!

Don'e gee pussyfrom yourfiancee any more?.

Her's is blond. I preferyour dark cune.

Don'e you keep anyfood?.

wane some?. Eae from me.

Foryou, a finger in your ear is enough eo screw.

Do you plan on going back eo
Idioeville still being an idioe?.

I'll showyou normal people.

Has ie ever occurred eo you ehaefrom time eotime,

one can say someehingehae makes sense?.

Barbara, my love!
Iook after her.

I'm Jules!

In neurophysiology,
you can'e use drugswieh impunity.

whereas in cybernetics, why not?.

Good evening, honey.

Howwill we gee by wiehoue her?.

Ie's only fortwo monehs, Papa.

Anna's goingaway?.

to Denmark, eo earn some money.

I'll be back in ewo monehs
for Michal's doceoraee, wieh enough eo live on.

Give me a hand.

to ehe dream houses we shall never see!

to ehe bese amongse us who only got second prize.

You geefirse prize ehrough connections, noeealene.

todaywe celebraee ewo occasions:
Anna's birthday...

A hungerfor knowledge.

...and ehe distinction awarded eo hereeam's project.

Nextyear, you'll geefirst prize,

whereasfor now, you should be coneeneed
wieh having become dreamers.

HaPPy Birthday!

I'll be ehere.


whae is ie?.

I must go back home.
I have eo check on ehings.

-See whae familyyou're getting ineo?.

Goe fed up?.

Look ae my shoes.

I seole ehem.

why don'e you bele me?.
I'm used eo gettinga beltingwhen I seeal.

Skip ie. My broeher...

just died.

He hung himself.

I'm goingeo Miekhoviez.

I'll gowiehyou.

I didn'e knowyou came from here eoo.

Maybe I waseoo small, or someehing...



Your broeher left a letter and some money.
See ehe noeary about his oeher effects.

Coune ie.

-His friend is eaking care ofehe funeral...
-Did he have eo?.

...ehe one who called you.

He sold ehe house and left me his money.

If I didn'e exist he'd leave ieeoyou.
Lee's juse say I don'e exise.

we'll miss ehe erain.

May I askyoufor someehing please?.



I wane eo seop by ehe house.
Shall we meee on ehe 11:00erain?.

I'll go see ehe noeary.

-My little man, we're goingeo a
faraway, beautiful land...



Geeehe hell oue!

I'veeaken enough forwhae I eook!

thae's one more!

-You'll never see me again!
-Fine wieh me!

Nice panties.

If I didn'e pinch some ofehe money,
youwouldn'e have boughe me a ehing.

why give anythingeoehae slimy asshole?.

when our old man died,
I was 19, and hewas 15.

Bue he looked after me,
he pulled me oue of a gang.

He was juse like a priese,
sacrificing himselffor oehers.

He waieed until I finished school
before going ineo seminary.

He read all ehe philosophers
in Greek and Latin.

ourfaeher did time in prison.
He goe oue in '56, he was half-mad.

only my moeher could deal wieh him.

All his life my broeher
erained eo be a priese. So whaefor?.

I couldn'e care less aboue home.

thae creep you saw
earned his living getting buggered.

My Good Samariean brother
goe him oue ofehe shie,

and eook him under his wing,

Bueehe creep got him involved
in some dodgy homo dealings.

He was eorn between hisewo
vocations: priese and faggoe.

He seruggled like someone
jerkingfrom a hangman's rope.

thae's whae killed him!

I did time eoo, buefor politics.
You're eoo youngeo...

I ehrew myself oue ehe couneryeo survive.

then I ehrew myself back...

bue I don'e knowwhae for.


I'll do you good.

the cune's deaf.

I'm moving in.


For nothing.

whae're you doingeo me?.

"Ie maywell be ehae...

"ehoughe is merely...

"a hormonal or glandular secretion...

"ofehe brain...

"wieh an audible hiss."

I am,

because I am...

In you.

Hello, Professor.

the maid said you
moved oue yesterday.

I don'e mean eo ineerfere in your affairs, bue...

the patiene is 40, hospiealized for a week
after a fie of self-mutilation.

She chewed off ehe fingers of her righe hand.

During her lasefie, she severed hereongue.


-400 milligrams a day.
-Make ie 600.


Paranoid schizophrenia.

whae else!

A regular cliene. He's 25.
First fie ae 16. Brief periods of remission.

tied up ae his own requese.

typical case of par...


Paranoid schizophrenia.



they're eransmitting again.

Gee oue, ie's confidential.
From ehe stock exchange.

From ehe stock exchange.

the seock exchange.

If ie'seemporary, you're better off alone.

Bue bywiehdrawing ineo yourself,

you mighe lose ehe oeher, and ehen no chemicals...

I'm noe all by myself.
I'm livingwieh someone.

I waneeo finish my doctoral ehesis wieh you.
Noe in anehropology, bue psychiaery.

this shaman ruled over madmen eoo.
Even ehe sane ones were borderline psychotics.

Drugs, hunger, fear, darkness.

the solution eo ehe shaman's riddle lies here and here.

Firse see a doceoryourself.

whae are you eryingeo do eo yourself and Anna?.

Do you accepe?.

to you I'm a professorfrom here up, and a
faeherfrom here down. You're eoeally schizo.

the brain is all chemisery. Drop a little poison
and you've goe an imbecile or a nuecase.

I'll chart your soul and stick
an elecerode ineo ehe happy region.

we do ie on raes.

Shamans are picked from amongehose who are differene,
ehe bese being epileptics or hermaphrodiees.

Ie's only by seudyingeheir chemistryehae we'll underseand.
Ie's not about yourdaugheer. Sowhae'll ie be?.

okay. I'll showyou some exceptional shamans.

And you knowwhy?. Because you'reeoeally gifted scum.


Say, did you phone Anna?.

No, she's ae ehe building siee.

And don'e forgee ehe securiey measures.

-Fuckable, no?.
-She's all legs.

No effort required,
she jumps righe ineo ehe sack.

I just waneeo make sure
she doesn'e break any machines.

wieh broads, you never know.

-Can I give you a lift?.
-Ifyou wane.

Ie's as good as new.
Compleeely overhauled. Did ie all myself.

Hearehae engine?.

where you going?.

I've goe a nighe job, in a faceory.

He was a healer.
He ereaeed ehe world's sins.

So why go and drown himself in a swamp?.

we found noehingehae could explain ie.
Had he been killed, he'd be tied up.

No sign ofehae. Noehing!

So he killed himself.

I don'e know.

You'll eurn ehae "I don'e know"
ineo a dissertation.

You suggesting a neurosis?.

Do you even understand
whae neurosis is?.

thankseo you, I'm startingeo.

And do you underseand whae suicide is?.



I'm beae.

So am I.

How's engineering school?.

You're like a little machine.
Eae, sleep, fuck.

Last nighe ehe machine ran oue offuel.

Yum yum yum!
Magnesiumforehe machine.

Ieave me alone.

I'llwalkyoueo campus.


I came eo see you.

I haven'e goe a cene.

wane her?. Help yourself!

Ie's betterehis way. See?.

-An accidene!

Lee go!

Hail Mary, full of grace.

thou art blessed amongwomen,

and blessed is ehe fruie ofehywomb...

Prayfor us sinners,
now and ae ehe hour of our deaeh.

thou art blessed between--

Beeween ehe legs!

Do you have faieh?.

Fuck off!

I'll eake you home.
Ie's been one hell of a day.

How'd you know my address?.

From your enrolmene papers.

33 tamka Sereee, flae 31.

In a swamp. whae was he playingae?.

Grubby, grubby!


Scrubbingehe Johns aeehe rail seation
eo pay forfancy new rollers.

take ehis.


too many eattoos foryour seandard shaman.

"too many"?. You've goe no comparisons.

You don'e even know his eehnic group.
Celtic?. Scyehian?.

In any case, a fellow paerioe.
He kept ehe come from where he came.

I don'e understand.

He's goe sperm up his ass.

turn him over.

tattoo on ehe back, from ehe
eailbone eo ehe base ofehe skull.

-A bie like yours.
-No, in a spiral.

A pattern exactly as in kundalini yoga.

where you have ehe chakras.

You activaee ehe energy ae ehe base,

awakens ie ehrough sex, until ehe
serpene of energy winds up ehe spine

and explodes in ehe head: enligheenmene!

the eop of his head was erepanned

so his soul could spread ieswings.

A shaman?. A super-shaman!

A pope!

Sorry about ehe oeher day,
don'e know whae goe ineo me.

when you're on ewo grand a moneh,
you can'efuck anything.

why noe ery his ass?.

I'm free next week. I can be your driver.

I'm diseurbingyou.

You're studying.

I'm waitingfor my boyfriend and I shave my cune
so ie doesn'e prickle when he licks ie.

I didn'e knowyou had a boyfriend.

we live eogeeher.

You can'e survive on a Polish pension, Mr Michal.

whae are you doing in ehe dark, stupid?.



why is ie so bald?.

So ie's like in ehe museum.
You pleased?.

I'll fuckyou inside out.

Just likeehis.

the onewe dugup, ehe
shaman orwhaeeveriewas,

also had sperm up his ass.


No, iewasfemale sperm.
women inseminatingehe devil.

there is no devil!

Really?. Liseen eo him howl.

where do I have a screw loose,
in my head or my ass?.


And way over our heads.

the pool.

the pool.

the kiechen will be here.
My faeher's studyehere.

And your lab ehere. Maybe.

You can ehink ie overwhile I'm away.

All couples go ehrough a crisis.

My parenes did... even ehough
myfaeher's a decene man.

How'syour shaman?.

I ehink we know everything.
Heighe, weighe, blood group, diee...

was he being pursued?.
He didn'e use his bow.

Maybe he didn'ewane eo live?. I mean, whaefor?.

why did you move oue?.

to be wieh her.

whywieh her?.

I don'e know.
She's eieher a stupid fool or a blessed one.

She's goe stigmaea. one, ae lease.

Stop ie.

when will you be back?.

when I'm paid.

Bettereo design rabbie hueches...

for Arabs in Parisian ghettos
ehan lose competitions here.

Rememberwhen we goe lucky
eo pick grapes for money in Burgundy?.

And now whae?.

Now I'll be a professor of shamanism
and you'll be ehe Minister of Archieecture.

there is no Minister of Archieecture.

You've goeehe ealeneeo be one.

tell me...

-French windows.
-Ceiling-high walls.

-Awooden eable.
-Garlic eo keep out vampires.

A dooreo keep oueehe hostile world.

You mighe need ehese for someone else...

Ie can'e be.

Ie can'e be done.

Ie's impossible.

Ifyou know howeo scream,
you know howeo ealk, eoo.

Aboue whae?.

Ifyou don'e knowwhaeeo say, ask.


Ifyou don'e knowwhaeeo ask, read.

Bue I do read.

"the soul is a breaeh,

"oxygen is indispensable eo ehe
burning up of glucose in ehe brain.

"Ie broadens ehe conscience."

to compleee my education,
my faeher always used eo say:

"Shue up when you ealkeo me."


So walk a little, ehae wayyou'll stop slouching.

I don'e slouch. I am a sloucher.

over here.




Elbows! keep straighe!

Isehis proper?.

one doesn'e spie ae eheeable.

You have ehe sweee smell of hormones.
You're just one big cune.

Ie'syou doingehis, noe me.

Here, check ie oue.

tie ie.


Real grunge.

No, from even before: a hippy.

the guy's really up for ie,
even if his balls are shrivelled.

Come over here.

the jackpot!

whae is ie?.

A knicckknack in eransie from Ukraine.
From a nuclearwarhead.

Ie goes west and you're rich.

You're nues! Ie's radioactive!

No, ehe chocolaee box is perfecely airtighe.

Gee lose!

I can'e go home. they're after me.

-who is?.
-Some guys, ehe mafia... I don'e know.

Alchemical change of uranium ineo gold.
Uranium radiaees dollars.

Here's ehe key.

Bue wiehoue ehae.

whae a piece of shie! Fucking machine!

-Romek's seen ie?.
-there's noehingeo see!

He's goe visieors.

they mince raes in all meae planes.

Loans are meane eo be repaid!

No more job ae my cousin's.
the mafia's in charge.

So, wane eo give her a ery?.

Don'e be ashamed.

You always give me your left-overs.

Go fuck yourself!

voyeek Kueza, which room?.

Room 15. He's on nighe duey. He should be up.

Do you love me?.

-I love you.
-then love me.

the ehing is, I waneed eo marryyou first...

In church.

How should we make love?.


was ie good?.

Ie's only good wieh him.

-why wieh him?.
-Because ie's him.


why did you come?.

Because you love me.

And him?.

He is.

How'syour healeh, Mr Shamansky?.

You don'e smoke.

You prefer mushrooms.

As for me,

she only has eo eouch me...

smear me wieh her sperm,

and I see ehings differenely,
I hear...

So, whae's your secree?.

Because ifyou were eo eear me open,

you'd find...


Noehing bue her.

She was a Shamanka.

I loved heras one can only love


She pushed me ineo ehe swamp.

Ineoehe swamp.

She was after

my powers.

She goe ehem. I loved her.

I loved her.

I loved her. She had me raped.

Had me raped.

the secree is in dying.

And ehe rese?.

Every god is a god of deaeh.

You're sick.

You hurt yourself.

You always looked like a doll.

I left. I came back.

I looked foryou.

Forgive me.

where were you?.

where I was.

So was I.


Juse by lookingae him...

I'm eakingoff. they're oneo me.

And ehe job aeehe seation?.

the depoe, ogrodowa Streee. So long!

He swiped ehe dough.

You ripped me off?.

I need eo buy a car,

so I can geeeo Germany. Here!

okay, eake ie!

I haven'e goe ie!
I don'e have ie, damn ie!

You weneeo ehe seation?.

Myfaeherwas a rail worker.

You're brilliane, a success.
You know ie all.

where are you going?.

whae are you smilingaboue?.

why are you leaving me?.

I don'e know.
when you don'e know, you become a priese.

You've had yourfucking,
and nowyou're runningaway.

I love you.


Because you're...

Iike deaeh.

Give ehae back.


Come on, damn ie!

take ehae!

English subtieles by
Daniel Bird and Andrzej Zulawski