System Crasher (2019) - full transcript

On her wild quest for love, 9-year-old Benni's untamed energy drives everyone around her to despair.

[machine whirring and printing]

[Schönemann] Looks good, Benni.

How are the meds?


- [Schönemann] Taking them regularly?
- Mm-hm.

[Schönemann] You can get dressed now.


We're going to increase your dosage.

It'll help you stay in control
when you get angry.

If you notice you're

very tired or are losing
your appetite, let me know, okay?


- Back in school already?
- Nope.

[Wolfgang] She's still suspended.

It's for retards, anyway.

Give it a chance. You're a smart kid.

- I know.
- [Schönemann] What do you want to be?

An educator.

[Benni screaming]

[kids shouting]

Are you out of your minds? Benni!

Calm down right now, you hear?

They started it!

[Wolfgang] I don't give a shit!

- Everyone inside!
- Let's go.

Get lost now, all of you!

Need an invite or what?

Benni, you're staying here
till you're calm, got it?

And when you're calm,

I'll come and get you.

[door closes]

You cunts!

Piss off!

[kids shouting]



- Will it hold?
- Don't worry, it's shatterproof.

I hate you!

[Redekamp] Would you like a drink?

[Benni] Mm-mm.

You do know why you're here today?

Benni, this was your third warning.

Yeah, you want to kick me out again.

[Redekamp sighs]

[Redekamp] Do you understand, Benni?

You understand
why you can't stay here any longer?

Benni, cut it out with the lollipop.

Mrs. Redekamp asked you a question.

Do you understand?

[Benni] I don't care.

Mrs. Bafané will take you
to a new group home.

[yelling] I don't want a new group home!

I want to live with Mama!

That's not possible.

You know how that ended
the last couple times.

I hate you all.

Benni, we've been very patient with you.

I don't give a shit.

[Wolfgang] Wow, great. Hmm?

How many group homes
do you want to try out?

[Redekamp] Wolfgang.

Can I go to the bathroom?

[Wolfgang] Dennis.

- [Wolfgang sighs]
- [door closes]

Don't let it get to you, Wolfgang.

She needs another framework.

Sometimes I wish
we could still lock kids up.



Benni, come back!

[techno music playing]

Hello! Hello there!

How are you today?

Nice weather, right? The sun's shining.

Why don't you answer, asshole?

Nice wheels, how fast can you go?


Stop it!

Fuck you!

Have a nice fucking day!

[woman] What is it?

[boy] Give it to me!

[boys shouting]


Look who's here.



Hey, hey!

Kicked out again, psycho?

Shut your mouth!



What have you done!

Fuck you!

Want to see this psycho flip out?

Shut your trap, pussy!

Touch her face.


Touch her!

I'll kill you in a heartbeat!

Shut up!


[Benni] Ed-u-ca-tor!


[woman] What's the matter, Benni?

[Benni] My bed is wet.


So good night again.

Stay here, educator.

You know my name, Benni.

At Mama's,
I'm allowed to watch TV to fall asleep.

Yes, but you know our rules here.

Where will I be placed now?

I don't know.

Mrs. Bafané will find something for you.

But you'll have to behave well there.

There aren't many places left.

- Hi, I'm Trian.
- Marco.

- Ebou.
- Amelia.

- Moritz.
- I'm Johanna.

- I'm Amila.
- Stella.

And my humble self: Robbi.

[all] We're "The Clique."

I'm Maria Bafané from Child Services.
And this is...

She's shy at first, but it will pass.

[Robbi] No one is forced to speak here.

Sometimes I don't say a word all day.

For real.

So who will show Benni around the manor?

Mmm... Stella.

[Stella] This is your room.

You can live here.

This is Moritz's room.

This is the TV room.

Do you like TV?

[Benni] Everyone does.

Did you read about her face?

I haven't gotten around to it.

Don't touch it.

No way. She freaks out.

Only her mother can touch her face.

Violent early childhood trauma.

Her mother says diapers were
pushed into her face as a baby.

I have a new school escort,

a specialist anger management trainer.

For her?

He's used to working with juvenile
delinquents, he'll be able to handle her.

We're waiting for a place
in trauma therapy,

- but...
- But?

They won't treat her
until she's in a stable home.

[rock playing over speakers]

♪ Commissar, Commissar,
Commissar Tentacles ♪

♪ Commissar, Commissar,
Commissar Tentacles ♪

♪ Commissar, Commissar,
Commissar Tentacles ♪

♪ The underwater detective ♪

♪ He swims in the sea all day
That's where he comes from, anyway ♪

♪ He may be with the vice
But he's still kind of nice ♪

[music stops]

Where was Mama?

I don't know.

But I'll tell you as soon as I know.

You're so nice, Mrs. Bafané!

[Bafané] So are you.

So are you.


Look at me.

It's got to work this time, okay?

You don't want to go back
to the clinic, huh?




Hello, Mrs. Klaas, this is Mrs. Bafané.

You didn't make it
to Benni's new group home today.

I think she likes it there,

but as usual I need your consent.

Please get back to me
as soon as possible. Thank you.


Stupid cow.

[Robbi] Marco?

[man] You can't be fucking serious!

What shit for brains do you have
to get arrested for that?

No, sure, keep in touch with them.

Just visit the cops and say,

"Hey, here I am, just touching base.
I wanted to see if you're doing well."

Are you fucking kidding me?

I spent five hours cleaning this up!

Take care.

you can't just come into my room.

I'm not an educator.

You still can't just come in.

Know what kind of birds those are?

Barn owls.

Ever seen a real one?

Yeah, at the zoo.


You've got a lot of photo albums.

I always get one when they throw me out.

Can I see one?

Cool, you're getting acquainted.

I got tied down with Marco's math.

So, Benni, how do you like
your school escort?

[Benni] I'm not going to school.

Get out!

Piss off.

Glad to meet you anyway.

Don't you want to come in?

Getting sick won't bring her here sooner.

But I want to wait here.

Can we give her another call? Please.

Hello, Mrs. Klaas.


[Klaas] Hello?

Hello, Mama.

We're on the phone.

Are you still coming today?


Well, can I at least sing you a song?

I made it up myself. So...

♪ Of all the people in the world ♪

♪ It's you I love most ♪

♪ All the way to the stars
And back again ♪

♪ I love you more
Than chocolate ice cream ♪

♪ And French fries ♪



[sound of kisses]

Alicia is sick. That has priority.

Shall we go in and play, Benni?

Join the others?

[rock music playing]

[car horns honking]

What's wrong?

Kiss my ass!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I have to get to 25 Martin Luther Street,
Helmstedt. Can you bring me there?

Please, please, please...

Please, please, please...

Young lady, you can't just get in cars
with complete strangers.

But you're nice, I can tell.

Where are your parents?

In Helmstedt. I was on the train

and went too far. I forgot
my backpack with my cell in it.

Shouldn't we call them?

They'll be worried.

Tomorrow is Mama's birthday
and it's supposed to be a surprise.

- [Friederike] My name's Friederike.
- I'm Benni.

That's a boy's name.

My real name is Bernadette, but I hate it.

It's a pretty name.

No, it's so prissy.

How old are you?

Nine. Nine and three-quarters.
I'm ten on February 23. And you?

I'm already 54.

[Friederike laughs]

Thanks for taking me there.

My pleasure.

- Hello, Mrs. Sander!
- Benni?

[doorbell ringing]

Hey, shortass.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm moving back in.


Take off already.

- Go away.
- [car horn honks]

[Benni chuckles]

You all right?


- [Benni] You can't watch this.
- Stop it! I want to watch this,

not the shit for babies.


Stop it!

Give me that, you ass.

Get off!

Quiet down now.

All right, all right.

- You hungry?
- Yeah!

[Benni] Well then...

Those black spots...

[woman on tv]
I hope you all listen to this. Children!

Oh, children!

- Mom?
- Mom?

One, two, three.

- [Klaas] What's this?
- Mom!

What are you doing here, Benni?

She's living here again.

You what?

Do your caregivers
know you're here, darling?

[Benni] No.

What a surprise!

Hey, Benni. You back again?

- [Benni] What's he doing here?
- [Klaas] Benni.

You said he didn't live here.

Just for a few days.
He's moving out soon, Benni. Shh.

Calm down.

No need to be upset.

Calm down, Benni.

No hitting. Stop it, sweetie.

Everything's fine.

- Stop it, Benni.
- Get lost.

Out of the way.

- Get lost!
- Benni.

- Benni, behave yourself.
- [Benni] Shut your fucking trap!

- Benni, I have to call your caregiver.
[Benni] No!

Don't talk to your mother like that.

- No!
- Hey!

[Klaas] I have to.
Or I'll call your group home.


Don't do that!

- [Jens] Benni!
- Asshole!

Out the way, for fuck's sake!

How often do I have to say it? Move it!

- Shut your fucking mouth!
- You can't treat adults like this.

You pussy hole!


- Please, no.
- Leave your mom in peace!

You're driving her crazy!

Now call the fucking cops!

[Benni screaming and banging on closet]


[officer] Hello, Benni?
This is the police.

Don't worry, we're letting you out now.

[both crying]

Let go, darling.

You have to let go of me, Benni.

I'll come and visit you very soon,
little lady.

I promise.

Come here, I want to tell you something.

Keep your spirits up, okay? You can do it.

I know you can.

Why can Leo and Alicia stay but I can't?

Darling, I can't explain that to you now.

It's... I can't do anything about it.

Why not?

Child Services says so, you know?

If you... If you...

behave yourself properly and...

stop flipping out,
you can come back home, I promise.

Come along, Benni.


[Benni] I love you, Mama.

I love you, too.

I really do, my little lady.

[sad, slow music]


He doesn't want that.

- No!
- [Robbi] Benni, he's leaving now.


- I'm not going to school!
- Benni, Benni, please.

- Put the knife down.
- You asshole!

Shut your fucking trap!

Benni, please.

Put down the knife.

[Benni] Don't move or I'll kill myself!

No, no!


Easy now.

Easy now.

Easy. Benni.

Easy now.

Easy now.

Easy. Benni.

- Coming to the hospital?
- No, I have to look after the kids.

I'll go.

[Robbi] I'll call you.

[paramedic] Easy now.

Easy. Benni.

- Hello.
- Hi.

How much was she given?

[paramedic] Two 25 mg of Disoprivan.

Benni, it's me, Dr. Schönemann.

Everything will be fine.
We'll unfasten you in a minute.

We'll put her in time-out.

[paramedic] Circulation is stable.

Has she been having fits
like this recently?

I don't know, I'm her school escort.

We'll have to take her as an inpatient.

But it could take a while, we're full.


And how long will she stay?

We'll probably release her
tomorrow morning at 7:00.

We'll call her group home
to have her picked up.

Let's hope she can stay there.

I have to move on.

[man] So, this time you have
a whole room to yourself.

But don't get used to the luxury.

Can I watch TV?

Maybe later with the others.

[Benni] You're a shithead, asshole.

I missed you too, Benni.

[laughs mockingly]

Mrs. Bafané, can you stay here a while?

I'm afraid I can't today.

I have another child,

but I'll be back as soon as I can.

I promise.

Take care. You can do this.

[kids chatter]

Mrs. Bafané, we're an emergency shelter,
not a long-term solution.

Benni's coming and going...

I can't just conjure up a group home.

We can't keep saving you.

I just don't know what to do.

I've had 25 rejections.

What about a closed facility?

She's way too young.

I'm trying it.

At least she'd have regular schooling.

- Then we'd...
- [door alarm buzzes]

Look at this...

[Micha] Hey, Benni.

[inaudible dialogue]

- Is that a horse?
- [girl] Yes...

- Educator...
- [girl] And these are...

What's that?

[Benni] Educator!

My name is Micha.

You're here because of me.

That's true.

Then play with me.

- [Micha] And that's an eye?
- [girl] Yes, an eye.

Play with me now!

I'm not here to play,
but to escort you to school.

- Says who?
- Me.

You play table soccer?


Then come on.

A game to ten for a trip to school.


- It's a deal.
- Yeah, you're annoying.

If I win, I sit in on your class.

[Benni] And if I win, I drive in your car.

Shake on it.

And no knife.


[Benni laughs]

What are you doing?

[girl laughing]

Scoring a goal.

That's not fair.

[Benni] You can't just tilt the table.


...Mario Basler.

And what's your favorite song?


Next question.

- Favorite color?
- Red.

Favorite sport?


- Can you do a split?
- No.

Can you...

[kids playground]

Can we go to your house afterwards?

No, we can't.

Why not, you're my friend!

Benni, I'm not your friend,
I'm your school escort.

Good morning, girls.
Who'll do the date today?

- Nobody.
- Benni, how about you?

Hey, I put my hand up, too!

But you did it on Friday, huh?

No way!

[Roland] So today is...

Monday, right.

So let's write it in English.
So who'll do it?

Girls, stop it.

Benni, will you? You've been away a while.

Will you try?

Wait, please.

I can't, Natascha's bothering me.

[Natascha] I'm not!

Hey! Will you try?

I'll write along.

- [in English] Today.
- Today...

[in German] Girls, please.



[Roland] Great!

[in English] Today is Monday.

- Hey!
- [kids screaming]

Hey, hey, hey!

[machine beeping]

I'm going to shine this light
in your eyes. You've had that before.

Open them up.

Close your eyes.

Open them.

Great, thanks. Fine.

Well done.

Now your mother will remove that from you.

It'll be fine.

I'll be gentle.

Look at me.

It'll soon be over.

Everything's fine.

Not bad at all.

The Risperdal has
an impulse-inhibiting effect on children.

It's actually a neuroleptic

for adult schizophrenics.

There haven't been long-term studies
in children with IQs over 80.

We need an "off-label use"
so it can be prescribed.

I need your consent, Mrs. Klaas.

I have to ask you to read the details
about possible side-effects.

You can take your time.

Can't you tell me what it says?

It infrequently leads to muscle cramps.

Particularly in the face.

Or when walking. It may look like
she's making a face or stumbling.

Palpitations, high blood pressure...

But... she'll be fine, right?

We're taking good care of Benni.

I want toothpaste, too.

Me, too.

[all laughing]

- Stop!
- That's disgusting.

[woman] So come along then, kids.

Enes, Melissa...
That's enough now, Benni, right?

Enes, Melissa, your bus is waiting.

Let's go.

Benni, enough now.

Hurry up, the bus is waiting.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- What's for lunch?
- Spaghetti.


[Benni] I want to watch TV.

Not now. This evening, Benni.

No, now!

We're changing shifts.

I hate you retards!

[man] She pisses me off.


Here... I'm a baby!

So sweet!

My chubby cheeks.

A fat little baby.

Here we are at the park.

This was my second foster mom.
We were on the way to the farm.

She was really nice. Her name was Sylvia.

This is Captain Hook,
my favorite of her fish.

[Micha] Mm-hm.

[Benni] And this was my therapy horse.

Her name was Hekla.

- Heckler?
- It's an Icelandic name.

- Ah, Hekla.
- Hekla, yes.

Because she was an Icelandic mare.

- Mm-hm.
- Oh, and...

[inaudible dialogue]

[woman] Like I thought: mailbox.

I don't think she is coming today.

Maybe she's on her bike

and can't hear the phone.

[Bafané] Yeah, well.

Looking at my watch,

we'd better start without Mrs. Klaas.

We're used to that.

I need someone to take notes.

Can I lean on you, Mrs. Roland?

Of course.

Great. Fine. Well...

there's no good news for Benni.

[clearing throat]

I've had 37 refusals
from institutions in the area.

I've got an application pending

for exceptional admission
to a closed facility.

Benni is still too young for that.

A further inpatient stay
at the psychiatric clinic is planned.

But until then, Benni will stay here

at the emergency shelter.

There should be a place
in two to three weeks.

Benni needs a long-term solution,
not the clinic again.


Her last time as an inpatient
helped quite a bit.

[man sighs]

For a while.

I'd like to suggest
an intensive program abroad.

We've had great results with one in Kenya.

I could ask a personal contact there.

Oh. Benni in Africa? Seriously?

She's much too young.

Let us please work together
to find constructive ideas.

I have a suggestion.

Three weeks in the woods.

One-on-one caregiving.

I have a cabin in the Lüneburg Heath.

I take my teenagers there.

No water, no electricity.
It'll do her good.

Well? A bit of vacation?


- [Bafané] Think you can handle it?
- I wouldn't suggest it otherwise.

[ska music playing]

Educator, educator...

Let's go, let's go!

Hurry up, hurry up!

I want to get going!

- Benni?
- [Benni] Fuck you.

Don't kill him, okay?

[techno music playing over speakers]

Buckle up, young lady.

[volume increases]

Shitty music!



- What do you think?
- Awesome!

[Micha] The keys are there.

Where's the light switch?

[Micha] There's no electricity.

[Benni groans]

This is enough light.

Where's the TV?

There isn't one.

What do you mean? Internet?

No electricity, no internet.
And you crap in the shithouse.

You're so disgusting, Educator.

- What's my name?
- Disgusting Martian.

Now you're getting it.

Come and lend a hand.

No, I don't wanna!

But you're gonna!




- Is there dessert?
- Mm-mm.

But I'll bet you something.

I'm listening.

I bet you won't last here three days.

If I win,
I never have to go back to school.

[Micha chuckles]

If you win,
I'll show you where the owls live.


And if you win, I'll clean the shithouse.


You'll clean the shithouse?


The bet's on.


Was that necessary?

[Micha] Pill time.

[Micha burps]

No, I don't wanna.

You can take them outside the front door.

My third attempt.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Come here, I'm sorry.

Benni, stop, I didn't...

Easy, easy, easy. Come here.

Easy, easy, easy.

I forgot. I'm sorry.

Easy. I'm sorry. I forgot.

I forgot. I forgot.

I just forgot.


I forgot, Benni.

[in English] Everything is good, yeah?

[in German]
I wanted to get you to fetch some milk.

I don't wanna.

But you're gonna.

[Benni humming]

[dog barking]

[Benni barking]

Are you nuts? You'll get it!

Sounds good, what?

And you? Getting some sleep?

Hey. Hey!


I wanna go home, I hate it here!

- Did you fall into the shithouse?
- Leave me alone!

Fuck you!

[dog barking]

So? Another disturbed child
to torment my animals?

- Benni wanted to...
- Instead of teaching kids,

you cause a ruckus.

And I pay taxes for that?

Exactly right.

I'm sorry.

Tomorrow you'll be at my calves.

- I'm sorry!
- That's something.

There we go.

- Where's the milk?
- One more incident

and I'll press charges for animal abuse.

Your milk is back there.

What were you doing with your hands?

To not lose my temper.

Or I would've smacked the jerk.

Yeah, sure.

- You don't believe me?
- Nope.

- Give me the canister.
- What?

- Give it to me.
- Why?

- [screams then laughing]
- Bang!

Don't believe me?

That was cool. I believe you.

[she giggles]

- Can you teach me that?
- Definitely not.

- Everyone's afraid of me. Even the boys.
- Why?


if anyone bothers me,
I punch them in the nose.

And get into a world of trouble?

Mighty Mouse?

For real?


I won't get in trouble?

Get a move on or I'll do it myself.




Busted, busted, busted!



We did it!

I'll hire you back home.

- This is the best vacation I've ever had!
- [laughing]

[Micha] It's not vacation,
it's an educational measure.

Then the best educational measure.


[Benni] So where are they?

[Micha] They've flown off.
We must've been too loud.

Don't they feel caged in?

No, they like it nice and tight

in their little den.

The stink is their crap?


They like this, they settle in like this.


What's up there?

A spider.

May I?

Don't the spiders bother the owls?


They're their roommates. Or dessert.

How many children have you brought here?


Am I the worst?

No, it's a walk in the park with you,
Mighty Mouse.

I normally work with boys
who are 16 or older.

Not with tiny tots.


Did you get into a lot of fights?


I screwed up a lot that way.

But then I got my act together
and have a job I like now.

What do you want to be?

A toilet cleaner.

[Micha laughing]

I should've known.

Because I flip out,
I'm not allowed to go back to Mama.


You can change that.

[dog barking in distance]

That dog is mean.

No, he's not mean.

He's just doing his job.


- Get out. Out.
- No!

- Out of the bed!
- My bed's wet!

I'll give you a new sleeping bag.

But why? I want to sleep here!

Go to your bed!

I want to sleep here! In your bed!



- Out you get.
- No!

Get off!

Calm down now.

- Calm down!
- I hate you!




Come back in.


Come out, I was just surprised.

Benni, I'm sorry.


Mr. Bockelmann?


[Bockelmann] Come in.

[woman speaking indistinctly on tv]

Morning, Benni.

Can I keep watching?

No, we're leaving.

I found her in the cowshed this morning.
Maybe you should care for her better.

- Come on, Benni.
- [Benni] Nah.

- We're leaving.
- No, stop!

Leave me alone!

No! Get off me!

I want to watch TV! No!

Get off, get off!

I combed the woods all night
and you're watching TV.


I'm responsible for you!

They'll put you in the loony bin, got it?

You should've thought of that earlier.

Shut your mouth!

Put your shoes on.

Come on.

Come here.

Know what happens if you run away on me?

You get in trouble?

Enormous trouble.

I might lose my job, and...

Let's clean you up,
you smell like a cow's ass.


Come on.

One, two, three.

[Micha echoing]

[Benni laughing]

[Micha] Ever heard your echo?



[echoing] Benni.

[Benni shouting then laughing]

[Micha] Try it.

[echoing] Mom!






Mom! Mom! Mom!







Mom hates me.

- No, your mom loves you.
- Be quiet.

[upbeat music playing]

[techno music playing]

Hey, Benni. Wake up.

We're there.


Hey, Mighty Mouse.



Come on.

No, I don't want to stay here!

No, I want to go home with you!

- Just for one night!
- You know...

- You know them, they're good to you.
- Just one night!

Just one night!

- That's not possible.
- Why not?

- Why not?
- Stop now.

We're getting out and grabbing the bags.
Benni, hey, stop! Stop! Quit it!

Benni, just... stop it!

I don't want to go there!

Stop it.

I'll bring you back here
early tomorrow morning.

And you won't make such a scene, okay?

I promise.

I swear.




Look here.

[Benni] Here?

[Micha] No.



- Then here?
- No.

- Or over there?
- No.

- There?
- Not there, either.

- Here?
- [Micha clearing throat]

Is it this one?

Is it this one?

Benni, this is an absolute exception.

I swear on it.

I'll take your word for it. Get out.

- Hey.
- Hey. Hello.

Hello. This is Benni.

This is Elli and Aaron.

[Elli] Hi, Benni.

[Micha] Benni's sleeping over.
It was late, so I thought...

- [Benni] You're having another baby.
- Mm-hm.

Does it ever kick?

All the time.

Come here, little guy.

[Elli] Go to Papa.

[Micha] Hey, hey, hey.

[Elli] What happened to your forehead?

No big deal.

- Want hot chocolate?
- Mm-hm.

[in English] Okay, come in.

That was the best hot chocolate
I ever drank.

Do you also eat tons of fish sticks?

No, why?

Well, when Mama was pregnant,
she ate tons of fish sticks.

I'd bring them over to her on the sofa.

How sweet of you.

Then we made armbands together.

That was when she had broken up with Andi.

Though he was cool,
because I could play on his PlayStation.

Why don't you have a mirror?

We just moved in.

Up a bit. Press it down.

- Ow, it burns.
- Mm.

It's your own fault.

[Benni] Aaron.

Aaron, look here.

Aaron, pacifier?

Sorry, I don't know what came over me.

[Elli whispering] What's up with her face?

[Micha] I'll tell you later.

Last one is a rotten egg!

[Micha] On the right.

Micha, why are you having
two children so fast?

[Micha sighs]

The second wasn't planned so early.

Why not use better contraception?


Over and out now, Mighty Mouse.

I'm taking you back tomorrow morning.

No, don't go. Stay here, Micha.

- Benni, it's already late.
- Don't go.

- Come on.
- No, no.



Want to be my papa?

That's not possible.

Why not?
You could adopt me and I'll live here.

I already have a family, Benni.
And so do you.

I'll get Mrs. Bafané to find you

a place with someone always on your side.

And we see each other
when I bring you to school.

What if I kill your wife and child?

I'd have you all for myself.

Stop talking this crap. Stop.

- No, Papa.
- Stop.

No, Papa.

Benni, enough.

Please, Papa, Papa, Papa...

[man] So Benni, how was it in the woods?

[Micha] Forgot how to walk.

[man] I'll teach her again.

[Micha] Thanks.

[man] Look, you have a visitor.

Don't stare, you cunt!

Benni, try to be friendly.

- No!
- Benni, come on.

- Fuck you!
- Enough.

That vacation sure helped.
You should do it again.


We had an agreement.

When do we eat?

In just a moment.

Want dessert?

- Yes.
- [child] I'm hungry.

[boy] Eat up, girl.

Enough now, kids. Just a minute.


Sit back down. Please sit down, Benni.

[kids laughing]

- [Benni sings]
- Benni, please sit back down.

Benni, please.

Benni, please sit back down.




[Benni] Yeah!

[sounds stops abruptly]

My dragon got his own chair.

And we built a big swing.
With a tire. The whole time I...

It tasted great and was so cool.

And we pushed trees over.

- What?
- We pushed rotten trees over like this.

And they fell down.

It was cool because
normally you can't push trees over.

We just did this...

Look. You remember this?

- [Sylvia] Hello.
- Hello Sylvia, it's Benni.

[Sylvia] Benni!

This is Justin. He lives with me now.

Just like you used to.

Say hello, Justin.



[Sylvia] Your coat.

Goodness, how big you've gotten!

Is Captain Hook still here?

[Sylvia] But of course.

Look, you see him? That's my fish.

The one that's...

- With the spots?
- The chubby fish, yeah.

[Justin] That's Captain Hook, right?

[Benni] Yes, my Captain Hook.

I like the black and yellow one there.

[Benni] He's called Kevin.

Benni, it could be possible for you
to live with Mrs. Schwarz again.

Paul and Emma have moved out.
They're studying.

So I have space.
You could even have Emma's old room.

But there's one thing: Justin is
living here now, so it will only work

if you two get along.

You know, we thought we'd try this:

The three of you can meet up
once or twice a week,

do something together...

- Ice skating!
- I knew it.

Can Micha join us?

[Sylvia] Sure.

Can I get some toast?

Mm-hm. You know where everything is.

Come on!


Let's go out later.

My parents are gone.

Hey! Shoes off!


- Hello!
- How are you?

- Well, and you?
- Fine.

And left.



Mr. Heller, tell me about
any follow-up measures you might have.

All the chips are on our side.

Benni will likely move in
with Mrs. Schwarz.

Mrs. Bafané... [clearing throat]

I'm considering giving her case back.

I didn't think this could happen,
but I'm losing my professional distance.

Are you serious?

I let her stay over at my home.

Damn it.


You aren't the only one
that's happened to.

And now Mrs. Schwarz is onboard...

I have rescue fantasies.

It's out of control.

I'm sorry.

[Bafané] I'll respect your decision,

whatever it might be, but...

at the moment I still need you.

Of course.

[techno music playing over speakers]



You just have to keep your balance.
You're such a wimp.

I don't like it.

You do like it.

No, I keep falling down.

You didn't even try.

Alicia's buggy!




Mom! Mom!


[Klaas] ...I was telling her.

Mom, Mom, Mom!

My girl.

Darling, how heavy you've become.

Look, I brought you something.

Look, darling.
Since I couldn't make it last time.

How lovely.

Leo, please.

I made it for you with Alicia.

Leo, please stop that.

Shall we try it on?

Thanks, Alicia.

I have a surprise for you, too.

I'm hungry. I need to eat.

Mrs. Klaas?
This is Mr. Heller, Benni's school escort.


Hey, not so wild.

Mama, look. For you!

Do you like it?

[Klaas] Lovely, yes.

Nice, huh? I saved up to buy it for you.

I have to go. Bye.

- Bye.
- See you Tuesday, Benni.

What a surprise.

And here it glitters...

Terrific. Incredible.

- Do you like it?
- I have to eat!

- I'm hungry, too.
- One moment...

Right now would be okay.

How long can we stay out?

Come back in an hour.

- Come on, you rascals.
- I'm coming!

French fries!

French fries! French fries!

[drum solo playing]

[Alicia whistling]

[Klaas] Thanks, darling.

[waitress] Enjoy.

Here you go.

Bon appétit.

Benni, I have something to tell you.

I have a surprise for you.

It's important. It's over with Jens.

Once and for all.
I just have to find a job and then...

you can live with us again.


I've already called Mrs. Bafané.

[techno music playing]

[shouting] Yes!


The farmer has 120 cows.

Almost all of them produce milk
that people drink.

He has milking machines

that are attached to the udders
of the cows.

I've had it with this.

The beginning was great.
I'm really enjoying listening to you.

Helena's listening to you. Yael is, too.

Micha's listening, too.
You're doing just great.

...are taken away
so the mama-cows can be milked.

The farmer sows

- wheat and corn in the fields...
- [child] Be quiet!

...which he turns into food
for the animals.

Nowadays you can make
plastic bags from corn,

which you can then buy at the supermarket.

[Roland] Fantastic!

[whistles] Watch where you're going.

[Sylvia laughing] What a girl!

You had a close shave there.

One's own mother is always best.

Though I'd love to have her again.

Now that I have more time.

I just lost my heart to the girl.


Look here!

It's been half an hour.

[Bafané] No, mailbox.

Mama will be here any moment.

Fine, let's begin
without Mrs. Klaas. Benni...

Today we're discussing
you moving back in with your mother.

- Yes.
- [knocking on door]

Sorry. The bus was late
and my battery is dead.

Mom, Mom?

Hello, Mrs. Klaas. We can all start now.

I appreciate the fact that you want to
take Benni back in. We want to determine

how this will happen.

I'm afraid it's not yet possible.


I don't have any work yet, um...

It might take a while...

It'd be better in one to two years.

- You promised!
- I know, darling.

You said I could move back!
It was your surprise!

You promised!

- We'll get around to it...
- You promised!

- But not right now.
- You said it!

We need a new apartment.

- You clearly told me as soon as possible.
- I know.

You said I could move home!

[Klaas] I just don't feel...


Alicia is sick and I'm all alone.

Hand out of your mouth. Take it out!

I'm sorry.

[Benni shouting]

How are things at home, Mrs. Klaas?

You don't understand, Mrs. Bafané.

[sobbing] Benni's been a problem child
since kindergarten.

I have two other children who follow
her lead. Leo's already got problems.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Benni's made such progress
in recent months.

You can't even find a group home
that will take her.

If pros can't deal with her,
how am I supposed to?

You're her mother.

And your behavior has
a huge impact on Benni, Mrs. Klaas.

Sometimes I'm really afraid of her.

I can't do it anymore.

She can never come back to us
or Leo will turn out like her.

You should at least
tell her that yourself.

She's been counting on it, Mrs. Klaas.

- No, I can't.
- You can.

You have to do it for me, Mrs. Bafané.

- Please.
- No.

- Mrs. Klaas...
- Please tell her. I have to...

Mrs. Klaas, please.

Give her my regards.

Your regards, Mrs. Klaas!

Are you serious? Please stay here.

[yelling] At least say goodbye
to your daughter!

[in normal voice] Damn it.

Damn it, damn it.

Can I go live with Mama?

Not right now, you know...

I don't think your mother
is quite ready, but...


it'll work out. Really.

You know, I think, sorry, I'm a bit...

I think your mom is afraid...



Why are you crying, Mrs. Bafané?

Sorry, Benni.

Don't cry, it's okay.

It'll pass.

Don't cry.

- Sorry, I'll be fine in a moment.
- Don't be sad.

I'm sorry, Benni.

I'm sorry, Benni.

Don't cry, Mrs. Bafané.

Don't be sad.

Don't cry.

[Benni] Look at the fat girl.
She can't even ice skate.

Benni, stop. That's mean.

No, it's true.


If I live with you,
can we go ice skating every day?

Sure. Every day is a bit tricky,
but once a week we can do.

Can't you eat your ice cream quicker?

[Sylvia] Stop the nonsense.

Watch out, you asshole!

- [Sylvia] Benni, that's enough.
- Na, na, na-na, na.

Na-na, na, na-na, na.

Oh! Mm.

Ice cream! Here.


Enough. Benni, we're leaving.

How come, I didn't even...


No, Benni!

Stop it, Benni! Stop!

[knocking on door]

Wake up, sleepyhead.

Siesta is over.

And your guests are already here.

I'll be back in five minutes.

Wake up in the meantime.

See you.

Birthday girl!

Benni. Look.

A present from your mom.

- Can I open it?
- Of course.

She can't come today, she's sick.

But she says she'll visit you
as soon as she's better.

My own cell!


You know what?

Justin is out of hospital.
And back at home.

I think he's better now.

So, little lady,
birthday girl, the cake's waiting.

And your guests, too.

[all] ♪ Today it doesn't matter
If there's thunder, rain or snow ♪

♪ 'Cause you're a sunbeam
That always glows ♪

♪ It's your birthday
And we wanna enjoy it, too ♪

♪ All your friends are just so happy
To be with you ♪

♪ All your friends are just so happy
To be with you ♪

♪ How glad we are that you were born ♪

[man] Blow them out!

[all cheering]

I declare this buffet open.

- Has Elli had her child?
- Yes.

And its name is?


What a nice name.

- You think so?
- Mm-hm.

[man] Tastes good.

[Schönemann] This is no
permanent placement, Mrs. Bafané.

Mrs. Bafané?

Yeah, sorry.

Benni is getting
too emotionally attached here.

It's a problem,
so we'll have to release her.


Another break
would re-traumatize her unnecessarily.

Can't you make an exception?

Ole was in time-out three times.
I was only there once.

And there are reward pebbles.
If you get 20,

you can watch TV or play Nintendo,
and for 15 you can play

in the common room.

What do you get the reward pebbles for?

If we follow the rules,

brush our teeth properly, eat properly,

don't use rude words, and so on.

What rude words?

- Asshole. Pussy hole. Dickhead.
- [Micha laughing]

Son of a bitch. Fuck you.

But that's easy as piss.

Closed facilities are only
for kids over 12, I've tried them.

What about the intensive program abroad?

We've had good results
with system crashers there.

She can finish school there.

And sometimes they take younger children.

Where is Kenya?

[Schönemann] In Africa.

But I don't want to go to Africa.

I know lots of children

who really liked it there.

But I wouldn't.

It's an adventure, being on a farm there.

You can think about it.


[Schönemann] Fantastic.

[inaudible dialogue]


Till 6:30.

- Hmm?
- [bell rings]

Oh no. Someone pissed themselves
again. I'll call you back.

Cool, talk then.

[baby cooing]

You've got to be kidding me.

Are you nuts, Benni?

[Elli] She was lying on the ground
outside. She was frozen.

[Micha] They'll look for you here.

Can I stay for one night?

- Like last time.
- And what then? Huh?

Easy. What then, Benni?

- You can't just turn up here.
- Enough, Micha!

- I'll fix you a bath.
- Elli!


It was your birthday, right?


My late congratulations.


[Micha] Elli.

Come here.

[Benni laughing]


What were you thinking?

I have money. I can give it to you.

You keep digging yourself deeper.

Blah, blah, blah.

You sound like the rest.

The more you run away,
the more they'll lock you up.

Blah, blah, blah.

The older you are,
the shittier the measures will be.

You should get that by now.

Let her stay the night.

Have you gone crazy, too?

It won't make a difference
if we say she came to us tonight.

And you're responsible for her being here.

I know.

You'll find a way
to stop her from showing up here.

[Benni] Finished!

Wow, great.

[cell phone ringing]

[phone ringing]

Heller here.



No idea.



I'll call you if I hear anything.

Okay, bye.

And six. There you are, sir.

- Do you want six, too?
- Please.

One, two, three...


[shouts] Careful!

- Got it.
- Bon appétit.

[Benni] Ping pong peel, enjoy your meal

Eat everything you can

Except, the next man

If you do eat him 'cause he's sweet
Don't forget to brush your teeth

Ping pong peel

Michael Heller here, good evening.

Benni has turned up.

No, tomorrow would be better.

[baby cooing]

[Benni] Hey, big guy.

You're up so early.

No, don't. Don't knock it over.

One spoon.

Two spoons.

Three spoons.

Four and five.


It's tasty. Really tasty.

Look at this.

Look at it.



Morning. You're both up early.

- Good morning.
- Will you pass Aaron to me?

Why? He's happy with me.

You can't just take him. You worried me.

I just wanted you to sleep in.

That's sweet of you, Benni.

But pass him to me, please.

No. Why? He wants to stay with me.

- Please give him here, Benni.
- No!

- [Aaron crying]
- Leave me be.


- Benni, please give him to me.
- No.

He's crying. Give him to me.


Get lost! Get lost, you shitty old cow!

- Fuck you!
- Give him to me.

No! He wants to be with me.

- Please give him to me.
- No!

But he's crying!

He doesn't want to be with you!

Leave me alone!

I hate you all!

Micha, Benni is in there with Aaron.

Benni? Benni?

- Fuck you!
- Open the door, Benni!

Open the door!

- He wants to stay with me!
- [Micha] Open the door!

Open the door! Benni!

Mighty Mouse, listen.

We'll all go downstairs for breakfast

- and it never happened, okay?
- [Benni] No!

Open the door!

- I'm kicking the door in!
- Leave me alone

- or I'll jump out of the window!
- Get away from the door!


Benni, stay here!



Benni, stay here!

Stay put!

Fuck you!


[siren wailing]



It's all right...

[Bafané] Take good care of her.

- And of yourself, too.
- [man] Sure.

Come on, little girl.

- I'm not little.
- Then "big girl."


Put your bag on the belt, please.

And your hat. The dragon, too.

[Benni] But he's afraid.

No worries, you'll get him back.


- Benni! Benni!
- [alarm beeping]

Wait, you can't just walk through.

I have to check you.

Arms up,

have you ever flown before?

[man] Benni!

[baby crying]


Wait up!

[Nina Simone's
"Ain't Got No, I Got Life" playing]

♪ Ain't got no home ♪

♪ Ain't got no shoes ♪

♪ Ain't got no money ♪

♪ Ain't got no class ♪

♪ Ain't got no skirts ♪

♪ Ain't got no sweater ♪

♪ Ain't got no perfume ♪

♪ Ain't got no love ♪

♪ Ain't got no faith ♪

♪ I ain't got no culture ♪

♪ Ain't got no mother ♪

♪ Ain't got no father ♪

♪ Ain't got no brother ♪

♪ Ain't got no children ♪

♪ Ain't got no aunts ♪

♪ Ain't got no uncles ♪

♪ Ain't got no love ♪

♪ Ain't got no mind ♪

♪ I ain't got no country ♪

♪ Ain't got no schooling ♪

♪ Ain't got no friends ♪

♪ Ain't got no nothing ♪

♪ Ain't got no water ♪

♪ Ain't got no air ♪

♪ Ain't got no smokes ♪

♪ Ain't got no chicken ♪

♪ Ain't got no... ♪

♪ Ain't got no water ♪

♪ Ain't got no love ♪

♪ Ain't got no air ♪

♪ Ain't got no God ♪

♪ Ain't got no wine ♪

♪ Ain't got no money ♪

♪ Ain't got no faith ♪

♪ Ain't got no God ♪

♪ Ain't got no love ♪

♪ Then what have I got? ♪

♪ Why am I alive anyway? ♪

♪ Yeah, hell ♪

♪ What have I got ♪

♪ Nobody can take away ♪

♪ I got my hair, got my head ♪

♪ Got my brains, got my ears ♪

♪ Got my eyes, got my nose ♪

♪ Got my mouth ♪

♪ I got my... I got myself ♪

♪ I got my arms, got my hands ♪

♪ Got my fingers, got my legs ♪

♪ Got my feet, got my toes ♪

♪ Got my liver ♪

♪ Got my blood ♪

♪ I've got life ♪

♪ I've got lives ♪

♪ I've got headaches, and toothaches ♪

♪ And bad times too like you ♪

♪ I got my hair, got my head ♪

♪ Got my brains, got my ears ♪

♪ Got my eyes, got my nose ♪

♪ Got my mouth ♪

♪ I got my smile ♪

♪ I got my tongue, got my chin ♪

♪ Got my neck, got my boobies ♪

♪ Got my heart, got my soul ♪

♪ Got my back ♪

♪ I got my sex ♪

♪ I got my arms, got my hands ♪

♪ Got my fingers, got my legs ♪

♪ Got my feet, got my toes ♪

♪ Got my liver ♪

♪ Got my blood ♪

♪ I've got life ♪

♪ I've got my freedom ♪

♪ Ohhh ♪

♪ I've got life! ♪