Syriana (2005) - full transcript

American oil companies Connex and smaller Killen are undergoing a merger, the new company named Connex-Killen. The move is in response to Connex losing a number of oil fields in the Persian Gulf region as Prince Nasir Al-Subaai, his country's foreign minister, and the oldest son of the Emir and thus the heir apparent to the throne, signed a contract with the Chinese instead. As Killen somehow managed to get the contract for the oil fields in Kazahkstan, the merger would give Connex-Killen additional control of the industry in the Middle East. Connex's retained law firm, headed by Dean Whiting, assigns Bennett Holiday to demonstrate to the US Department of Justice that due diligence has been done to allow the merger to proceed i.e. that the merger would not break any antitrust regulations. The US government is unhappy with Prince Nasir's decision to award the contract to the Chinese, and in combination with issues around illegal weapons, the CIA assigns field agent Bob Barnes, who has experience in the Middle East, to assassinate the Prince, whose eventual leadership would further undermine US oil security. Barnes becomes a pawn in the goings-on between the players. Meanwhile, Geneva based Bryan Woodman, an energy analyst, eventually becomes associated with the Emir and his family, largely due to a tragic incident. In the process, Woodman learns of Prince Nasir's western leanings and his want to change radically his country into a western democracy with a diversified economy. If the Emir found out, it could threaten Prince Nasir ascension to the throne and thus derail the democratization process. Through all these manoeuvrings, migrant workers are affected, some who cannot retain work with the changing of companies controlling the oil. Some of those may try to take matters into their own hands for their form of justice.

Tehran, Iran

Bobby, where have you been?

Whiskey, whiskey.

-You want some whiskey?
-No, champagne.

-Champagne? Yeah.

My brother wants to know...

... have you ever
tried liquid MDMA?

Liquid MDMA? No.

Tehran is the world capital.

-Oh, yeah?
-Oh, yeah.

You've got a... friend there.

How's the kid?

He's fine.


He's fine.

Arash, when you wanna do this?

After prayer.


-You said they were both for you.
-What do you care?

Not a move!

Okay. Okay.

I was looking for the bathroom.

Not a word. Shut up!


You don't speak Farsi, do
you, you son of a goat?

Georgetown Washington, DC

Mr. Whiting, I'm
Bennett Holiday.

A very big company,
Connex, our client...

... loses a huge natural-gas
contract in the Persian Gulf...

... to the Chinese.
At the same time...

... a smaller company, Killen, somehow
gets the rights to Kazakhstan...

... one of the largest untapped
oil fields in the world.

The big company, our client,
merges with Killen...

... Justice wants to know how
Killen got those rights.

You've been scrutinizing exactly
these types of deals...

... so if there's
something to find...

... I expect you to get
it before they do.

And come straight to me.



At my firm, I have a
flock of sheep...

... who think they're lions.

Maybe you're a lion
everyone thinks is a sheep.

No, I wanna talk about the Gulf,

and how a goddamn emir...
[Connex Oil Houston, Texas]

-What is an emir anyway?
-King, it's a king.

A king. Well, how some Podunk
king tossed you out on your ass.

Every company in the world
wanted into Kazakhstan...

... into the Tengiz,
but Killen got it.

And then Connex wanted
Killen, and here we are.

I made investments.

Investments that'll bear
fruit for this company.

Hell, Tommy, we've all got the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act...

... committed to memory.

I got a little copy of it taped to
the wall of my head. Right here.

Thanks, Jimmy. We appreciate
hearing your point of view.

However, a U.S. Attorney...

... is looking into your
relationships in Kazakhstan...

... and the U.S. government is holding
off on approval of our merger.

So Mr. Janus and I
have brought...

... Connex's Washington
counsel, Sydney Hewitt...

... down here to talk about our
strategy for the next 30 days.


In a way, I feel
like Switzerland.

I'd like to remind everybody in this room
they've signed confidentiality agreements.

Allow me to introduce my
associate, Bennett Holiday...

... who will be...
How shall I put it?

... building consensus

Good morning.

You've just visited
what someday soon...

... could be the most profitable
corporation in America.

Provided the government
approves the merger.

Provided we don't start
running automobiles on water.

And provided there's still
chaos in the Middle East.

Now the job is, find the
problem, fix the problem.

And if you do not find a problem,
then there is no problem.

And when the government
approves this merger...

... it's gonna buy a lot
of houses in the Vineyard.

Maybe even yours.

Geneva, Switzerland

Cheerios again?


-Hey, man.
-Let's not read at the table, okay?

-Put this hand here. Block me.
-Sweetie, sweetie.

-Mommy? I want bacon.

-You have bacon.
-I want real bacon.

You have real bacon, only
it's made from soy beans.

I want pig bacon.

I want pig bacon too.

-Don't say it.
-I'll try it if you try it.

-I don't know if I can bite this.
-It's crunchy.

-How'd you do that?
-It's kind of hard to cut.

-It's pretty bad.
-You be quiet.

A merger between two U.S. oil
companies is taking place in Houston.

The new company,
Connex-Killen Corporation...

... will become the fifth largest
oil and gas company in the world.

The move affects 37,000
workers in 160 countries...

... and, with revenues
larger than the gross

domestic product of
Pakistan or Denmark...

... will create the world's
23rd largest economy.

Mr. Leland Janus, chairman of
Connex, spoke today of synergy...

... and a desire to pass on
savings to the consumer.

The merged operations will
create economies of scale...

... to deliver the best
quality products to

the consumer at the lowest possible prices.

Well, this a merger of necessity
for Connex, Rebecca...

... who wants Killen's
fields in Kazakhstan,

after gas blocks they
pursued in the Gulf...

... were awarded to a
Chinese consortium.

Producer nations continue to look
toward developing markets in Asia...

... which is having a powerful
effect on crude prices.

Our position is that
there's at least 10 to 12

dollars of instability
premium in the market.

You have protests in Iran, the threat
of more strikes in Venezuela...

... and the Turks still making noise about
Russian crude through the Bosphorus.

All right, thanks for
having me, Rebecca.

I'm playing. That's
my job, playing.

Yeah, well, that's a very,
very good job for you to have.

-Tell Daddy you love him.
-I love you, Daddy.


The emir's summer party,
Marbella, this weekend.

Any interest?

Well, I can't. I
got, you know...

Guy could be huge for
the company, Bryan.

It's Maxie's birthday this weekend, so...
So we have Saturday...

Hey, Bryan, I just need your help on
this... The emir's party. I'll take that.

Through much finagling, we have
an audience with the emir.

He wrote the strategy,
and he's not slick.

I'll bet you a thousand
he can't sell it.

I didn't say I could go.

Dollars or Swiss francs?


Come on. Take the children with you. The
beach, summer, Marbella. Max'll love it.

-Can I do that?
-Sure you can.

Besides, they love children.

John D. Rockefeller. Founded
the University of Chicago.

Come on.

That's fine. You're a good song leader, Mr.

The Persian Gulf

The Connex/ Al-Salwa facility
is under new ownership...

... and your services
are no longer needed.

What did he say? I can't hear.

He's telling us to scram.


What do you mean, "scram"?

Your immigration permit through
this company is no longer valid.

You must report to the Department
of Immigration within two weeks...

... or you may be deported.

The Chinese are smart people,
but such bad drivers.

They should not be allowed
even to wash cars.

When I was your age, in Pakistan,
there was always in the distance...

Snow-covered mountains.
Yes, I know, Papa.

That's right.

Three hours away,
but right there...

... across the entire sky...

... like you could reach
out and touch them.

Snow-covered mountains.

As soon as we can...

... we'll get a house and
bring your mother here.

I promise.

Bob's freaking out about
this other missile.

"Where's the missile? Who
has it?" He wrote a memo.

Central Intelligence
Agency Langley, Virginia

I just finished convincing
Brit and French intel...

... we had nothing to
do with the Amiri job.

What do we say to them now?
"Well, something's missing".

He's gotta stop this. He's
gotta stop with the memos.

Okay. Here's something. You
put him up for promotion.

He's due. He's a good man. He
saved our ass in Beirut in '85.

That's great. Terry likes him. We'll
get him an audition downtown.

You get him an
audition downtown.

They're going crazy about Iran now.
Bob's an expert.

Speaks Farsi, for chrissake.

Bob has never had a desk job.

He's never done 9 to 5,
never been on committee.

He's gotta show up to work every day.
He's gotta stay on message.


I'll prep him.

In fact, we just pulled one
of our officers out and...

... I took the initiative to
ask him to come down here.

He infiltrated Hezbollah in Beirut in
the '80s, won himself some nice medals.

We're thinking about
giving him a station.

Beirut in the '80s, is
that a résumé-builder?

Don't chomp down on any bait.

We're fine.

Iran is fine.


And our analysis seems to be on the mark.
We're getting good satellite coverage.

We're reprogramming
resources into Iran...

Thank you for coming over Mr. Barnes.
Welcome back and forgive me if I wade in...

... but forgetting for a second
your bureaucratic checklist...

... I'm trying to get
undigested information.

-Well, to the best of our ability...
-India is now our ally. Russia is our ally.

Even China will be an ally.

Everybody between Morocco and
Pakistan is the problem.

Failed states and failed economies, but
Iran is a natural cultural ally of the U.S.

Persians do not want to roll back
the clock to the eighth century.

I see students marching in the streets.
I hear Khatami making the right sounds.

And what I'd like to know is, if we
keep embargoing them on energy...

... then someday soon, are we
gonna have a nice, secular...

... pro-Western,
pro-business government?

It's possible. It's complicated.

Of course it is Mr. Barnes.
Thank you for your time.

They let young people march in the street.
Next day, they shut down 50 newspapers.

Put a few satellite dishes up on the
roofs, let them have My Two Dads.

That doesn't mean
the ayatollahs...

... are surrendering one iota
of control over that nation.

Mr. Barnes, the reform
movement in Iran...

... is one of the president's
great hopes for the region...

... and crucial to the petroleum
security of the United States.

These gentlemen
are with the CLI.

The Committee for the
Liberation of Iran, Mr. Barnes.

Princeton, New Jersey

Maybe you'll get made
ambassador to somewhere cool.

Like France or Italy or Ghana.

It's not beyond the realm
of possibility, is it?

How's your mom?

Great. She's great.

So I know it's still
a year away...

... but I'll have to have
a car, a decent car.

Nothing too fancy, but it has to run so
that I can get into Boston and New York.

They have a great crew.
That's what they told me.

I said, "Crew of what?"
And they said, "Rowing".

-So if I wanna row, it'd be kind of fun.
-Thank you.

Robby, listen.

I live in Maryland...

... which means that you
have residency in Maryland.

For the University of Maryland.

I'm sorry, can I steal this from you?
Thank you so much.

I just want a normal
senior year, Dad.

I want a normal house.

I want Cinemax and prom.

You know what prom is like in Pakistan?
Prom sucks in Pakistan.

It's complicated, you know.

I may have really
screwed up at work.


I was supposed to keep my
mouth shut and I didn't.

What does Mom do, again, that
we have to live in Islamabad?

-She's a secretary.


Both of my parents are
professional liars.


Did you guys just get a party?

I do too.

This is a party not for you.

Marbella, Spain

It is my pleasure to personally
welcome each of you...

All right, guys.

... to the Casa de las Palmas...

... our oasis of palms
in the south of Spain.

-Does somebody live here?
-Yeah, in the summertime.

I hope everyone is having
a wonderful day...

... and taking time from your hectic lives
to relax with friends and family...

... whether it is enjoying the
flowers in our bountiful gardens...

... or sampling the
myriad delicacies...

... prepared by chefs
from our prosperous home.

Please eat and socialize...

... and enjoy your time with us.

I am happy to welcome the
Chinese to my country.

My father welcomes the
Chinese to our country.

Of course.


Right there.

Thank you.

Arabs are very
family-oriented, as a people.

Is that racist?


-It is?
-A little.

Well, no. I mean, I guess if
what you're saying is positive.

You have to go in.


Let him work it out on his own.
It's important for his autonomy.

All right!

An announcement.

If man is made in God's image...

... then God is
deeply messed up.

You afraid?

Afraid of the buzz?

I'm afraid of your breath.

Hakim hasn't had any.
And he wears jewelry.

He thinks that little
bracelet's gonna get him girls.


Hakim! Hakim! Hakim!

I want to talk to your
uncle about work.

There isn't any work.


You said you'd introduce me.

Don't be such a pest.

Hakim! Hakim!

Are you here to see the emir?


Me too.

What do you do?

I'm a partner in a derivatives-trading
company in Geneva.



-Bryan Woodman?

-Good evening.

Hi, Bryan Woodman.

We regret that His Highness
will be unable to see you.

However, we are authorized to hear
your proposition on his behalf.

Oh, okay.

What, here? Now?

Okay. Well...

Okay. Our position is that the
real worry for you guys...

... is another year
of record pricing.

There are no more elephant fields,
not even in natural gas...

... and as structural alternatives
become more fully realized...

... you'll need new strategies to maximize
every penny of your existing resources...

... particularly in a
climate of falling prices.

And that's what, you know, our firm is
prepared to help problem-solve with you...

... the, you know,

... and unforeseeable
problems you encounter.

This house is a Genius-Home.

One of my sons had it wired by
experts from the United States.


Your Highness, that
is incredible.

Prince Nasir, isn't
that amazing?


The Chinese take the
trouble to learn Arabic.

Look, it's getting dark.

Better turn on the pool lights.

Send a fool on a fool's errand.

Moussa, come fix
this remote control!

Are you not talking?

Come on, sweetheart.
Just a little bit, okay?

You're the shark, and you try
to tag us as we swim across.

All right? You jump in,
count "one, two, three" ...

... then we all try to
get to the other side.

-All right? Okay.
-Okay. Come on.

Come on, go. Go.

Yeah. Okay.

-Come on, jump in.
-Come on.

-Come on. Jump in!

Just jump, come on!


-Oh, my God!

Cut the power! Cut the power!

Max! Max!

-Let go!
-Somebody cut the power!

-Come on. Come on.

-That's my son!
-Oh, my God.

-Get out of my way!

-Oh, my God!
-Take him!

Take him! Take him out. Take him this way.
Take him out.

Put him down. Down, down.

-Someone get a doctor, doctor, doctor!

He's not fucking breathing.
He's not breathing.

-Get a doctor!
-Is anybody a doctor?

Do something! Help us!

I hear phrases
thrown around like

"the corrupting influence of money"...
[Washington, DC]

... or "the evil influence
of dollars in politics "...

... when more money was spent
on the syndication rights...

... to the Seinfeld
television program...

... than on the whole of the
last presidential election.

Last election cycle,
I spent $300,000.

I have pictures of myself with the
president that I use all over the world.

I didn't make this
coffee for you.

People don't know Danny Dalton, but they
know the president of the United States...

... and they see that I know the
president of the United States.

-In a free society...
-Making it for me.

... the one written into law...


-... it's the people, individually...
-... I'm making oatmeal.

-... and organized into committees...
-Then you sleep.

... not the U.S. government,
who decide the issues...

You look like shit.

... of a political campaign.

In our country, we don't...

... stuff dollars
into ballot boxes.

-What we do...
-You working?

-... is turn money into votes.
-I had trouble at work.

The ability of a candidate...

There's beer in my fridge,
for when you wake up,

so you don't die on
my floor of the DT's.

Please don't smoke in my house.

... meaning, not so loosely
translated, that money is speech.

And, last time I heard, speech in the
United States of America is protected.

You can't limit my advocacy
just because it works.

I have a sovereign, inalienable
right to petition my government.

And why is it some
dirty little secret...

... that it's in America's
interest to do business overseas?

Two of my wife's kids were
deported from this country.

You know why? Because
they didn't have work.

You don't have to pay me.

Give me something to do.

Then decide.

I'm sorry. I already have a
long list for that job too.

And if you want to work
in this country...

... learn the language.

Learn Arabic!

Foreign workers' compound
The Persian Gulf

Why are they running?

Maybe the small one...

... committed a
crime or something.

They gave us french fries
at the Islamic school.

Close the door, Papa.

His sister has a thing for you.

His sister has a big ass.

Of course, at the Islamic school you
don't have to worry about that.

And lamb. We got
skewers of lamb.

I like lamb.

Have your identification card ready.
No talking in line.

Have your identification card ready.
No talking in line.

I can't remember it this hot.

Old man, you don't
want to talk here.

Stop talking.

Tough guy. What's your name?

What's your name?!




-Hey, hey, hey.

Come here, bear. Come here.

You okay?

I wanna look out the window.

You wanna look out the window?
Come on.

I spy a bird.

Well, if on Monday, Iran
refuses the IAEA inspectors...

... you can look to crude
prices to spike yet again.

Right. Well, it's not exactly a secret
that Iran will refuse snap inspections.

Okay, Rebecca. Thank you.

Go home.

It was a stupid fucking
question, Henry.

The prince's man called again.

I'm just telling him.

U.S. Department of
Justice Washington, DC

Hey, how bad is it?

When a Volvo dealer says that...

Okay. You're honorable,
decent guys.


My wife and our
narrow driveway...

-How the hell are you?
-Well, you know, can't complain.

That's not good, kiddo.
That's suffering quietly.

Married? Kids?

There is no way a
company like Killen...

... pulled off a deal like this
without paying somebody off.

Why don't you tell me what
you have so I can respond.

I used to think there was
something wrong here.

Now I know there's
something wrong here.

Either you don't find anything,
because you don't know how to look...

... or you do and they carve
you out and light you on fire.

That's gotta be the
play here, right?

Bennett Holiday.

Sydney Hewitt's new boy.

How many of those have I seen?

Six? Seven?

They're all gone.

He's still


Match point.

I think they've got
someone inside the deal.

Someone they can squeeze.

You mean like an informant?

Yes, sir, like an informant. Just my
opinion, based on their overconfidence.

Match point.

Thank you.

You know, if people
in oil deals...

... talked to U.S. Attorneys,
there'd be no oil business. Dean.

Bennett Holiday, you know Dean
Whiting, founding partner of our firm.

-Of course, good to see you, sir.
-How are you?

We've been discussing the
Connex-Killen merger situation.

Will they get approval? Hell
of a large company if they do.

I mean, client.

Well, the Tengiz field,
Killen's largest asset...

... is being looked into pretty heavily
by the U.S. Attorney's office.

Well, Bennett, as they
say in the Bible:

"There are many, many
ways to light Europe".

Yeah, well, there's an arrow on the
ceiling pointing towards Mecca.

The Binladin Group
air-conditioned Mecca.

It was a huge project. They
made billions and billions.

All the women are dressed in
black from head to toe...

... walking 5 feet
behind the men.

It's 125.

Literally, 125 and humid.

When I walked out of the airport,
it was like a wall fell on me.

The men are all
wearing white sheets.

And they're spotless white sheets.
I don't really understand that.

They kind of say:

"It's hot and I don't
have to work. "

I don't really understand how
you could do anything in that.

I mean, I'd like to see
these guys play baseball.

Are you okay?

You sound strange.

No, I'm fine.

They will try to disguise
the difference...

... to make Muslims who
speak about religion...

... appear to be fanatics
or backward people.

They will tell us the dispute
is over economic resources...

... or military domination.

If we believe that, we play
right into their hands...

... with only
ourselves to blame.

It is not possible...

... to bridge the divide
between human nature...

... and modern life
through free trade.


The divine and the worldly
are but a single concept.

The Koran.

No separation of
religion and state.

The Koran.

Instead of kings legislating
and slaves obeying...

... the Koran.

The pain of modern life
cannot be cured by...

... deregulation...

... privatization...

... economic reform...

... or lower taxes.

The pain of living in
the modern world...

... will never be solved
by a liberal society.

Liberal societies have failed.

Christian theology has failed.

The West has failed.

This was a birthday present
and a graduation present...

... a couple years ago.
[Cap d'Antibes, France]

What happened was, I was about
to graduate from Oxford...

... and my mother had a horse
in the Royal Ascot race, right?

The horse won...

... that same day that I was graduating,
right? And my trust fund matured.

So that tops any birthday present that
any of you have bought for me tonight.

Capitalism cannot
exist without waste.

We should write thank-you notes to Mr.
Whiting and the U.S.A...

... for producing one-quarter
of the world's garbage...

... and one-quarter
of the demand.

You're certainly welcome.

Our pleasure, really.


... is there anything
that we can do for you?

Americans are always happy to drill
holes in other people's countries.

I've heard of you, Mr. Whiting. The
cat's-paw of the Saudi princes.

I know your brother, the foreign minister.
He's very bright.

I know your father too.

He threw the second creepiest party
I've ever been to in Washington.

And as far as I can see...

... you could probably use a
bit of the cat's-paw yourself.

Second-born son, so beaten
down by his family...

... he can't even tell me what he
wants when he's asked straight-out.

A grown-up baby who's
afraid of his brother...

... and maybe wants to be king?


Well, prince...

... are you a king?

Can you tell me what you want?

All right, what's next?

The lethal finding on
Nasir came through.

That was quick. You
have a timetable?

He'll be in Beirut next week.
We could do it there.

That's good. Anybody around?

Actually, yes. I made
contact with Mussawi.

He'd be happy to work
with whoever we send.

I was thinking it would
be good for Bob.

All right, I'll let you have him
without going through Terry...

... but everything
better go exactly right.

And tell him, "Easy
on the memos".

This is the prototype of
an oil-rich Arab monarchy.

Since prevailing in the tribal
conflicts of the 1920s...

... the Al-Subaai family have ruled
their kingdom effectively...

... and, by most
accounts, benignly.

However, they face enormous
challenges in the future.

The fact of the matter is that at
current levels of production...

-Welcome, Bob.

Good news. I think we've got something
for you, something you'll like...

... that utilizes your
specific skill set.

You know this guy?

-Prince Nasir Al-Subaai.
-His money's in a lot of dark corners...

... paying for weapons that could
be used against the U.S.A.

Paperwork on polygraphs.

Wire transfers to Qaeda fronts.

Letters instructing his water ministry
to employ Mohammed Sheik Agiza...

... the guy who
has your missile.

He's traveling to Beirut. You have
experience in Beirut, don't you Bob?

It's a great city.

This is a bad guy.

And, who knows, maybe you'll
find your blue-eyed Egyptian.

-I sent you a report on...
-Sorry, I gotta get going a little early.

My daughter's got a soccer game.

Big one.

Did you see my report on the missile?
'Cause I reset the guidance

-to blow 10 feet off...
-Bob, you just don't get it.

Nobody wants to hear about a
missing missile, not right now.

This is top of the
director's list.

Hit a walk-off home run...

... you get any desk you want.

Sheik Hamad has not yet made a
decision about who will succeed him.

In our view, Prince Nasir...

... is likely the more
ambitious of the two brothers.

This, however, does not mean...

... that he will prevail in
any succession struggle.

Your generosity is bigger than a mountain
that shades us from the burning sun.

My house has grown too
small for my family.

If we had more land...

... then my son could
build his own house.

My father has ordered the
Marbella estate to be razed.

There'll be a park.

We're so sorry for your loss.

Six more North Field blocks
are being developed.

We'd like to offer
your firm the rights.

Six blocks?

-Which phase?
-Third phase.

Okay, so we'd be in
the stream for...

... 10 one-hundredths of a cent.

So $75 million.

Seventy... Great. That's great.

How much for my other kid?

You know, if I were your economic
adviser, I'd tell you that that's...

... not the stupidest thing, financially
speaking, that you've ever done...

... but probably just the dumbest
thing you'll do today. Probably.

But why would you need
an economic adviser?

Twenty years ago, you had the
highest GNP in the world.

Today, you're tied with Albania.
So good work.

Your second biggest export
is secondhand goods...

... followed closely by dates, for
which you lose 5 cents a pound.

You know what the business
world thinks of you?

We think 100 years ago, you
were living out here in tents

in the desert, chopping
each other's heads off...

... and that's exactly where
you gonna be in another 100.

So, yes, on behalf of my firm, I
accept your money. Thank you.

Fine. I'll have the funds transferred
to your firm immediately.


And I'll give you 100
million for the other kid.

So now you're my
economic adviser...

... why don't you tell me
something I don't already know.

All right. You want an idea?
Here's an idea.

There's the Eurasian triangle.

Your kingdom is here. Iran is there. Now
for years, you've been selling your oil...

... sticking it on ships and watching as
it sails away around Africa to there.

Okay. Now pretend for a second that this
is excess Iranian pipeline capacity.

That's your route. Right there.
Overland, through Iran.

You hook up with these pipes here. You
commoditize it, you control it...

... you take it right to the
doorstep of every home in Europe.

I just doubled your profit. I
think that's a pretty good idea.

777 Ranch Hondo, Texas

My granddaddy was a wildcatter.
Same with my daddy.

That's how I got my start.

Luck and hard work.

Nobody handed me shit.

Now I got...

... libraries and
parks named after me.

And I'll probably
ruin my grandkids.

You wearing a wire, Bennett?


Mr. Janus...

... chairman of Connex and...

... Dean Whiting, founding
partner of your firm...

... are proud members of the
Committee to Liberate Iran.

Danny D. here is too.

D is for "Dalton".

I was on the other side
of the Tengiz deal.

"The other side"?

El Presidente Nazarbayev's
best pal in the whole world.

She's a beautiful
field, the Tengiz.

Goddamn, is she a
beautiful field.

What is it? "Irish...".

Rockville, Maryland

"The Irish pray on their knees, the
Scots prey on their neighbors".

How's Margaret?

You guys divorced yet?

-We're not getting divorced.
-I don't think, in our line of work...

... there's two people with your security
clearances who have made a marriage work.

I'm telling you,
Bobby, my boy...

... number three.
That's the charm.

-That's the number, huh?

I like consulting.

No, I love it.

Love it. And I'll
say this for it:

Private business is efficient.

There, I've said it.
Fucking cliché.

And the CIA is, like, what, a
30-billion-a-year business...

... so anybody who wants to sell
anything, a pencil, a computer...

... they gotta interface through a
security clearance. Don't give me shit.

I got two kids in college,
and we're doing our kitchen.

Stan, I got a chance
to go back to Beirut.

I wanna go back.

Is it safe for me?

Are we talking about with
your wife or with the wackos?

Clear it with Hezbollah.

suburb Beirut, Lebanon

Said Hashimi. Said Hashimi.

Said Hashimi.

I'm Canadian. It's okay.

Said Hashimi.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

I have a good feeling about
American people, Bob.

A good people.

There are 10 million
Muslims in the U.S.

Thank you for this audience.

I have a business proposal for
Mussawi, one that benefits everyone.

Mussawi is an
energetic young man.

Your Arabic is very good.

I thought it would be prudent to say
that I have no interest in Hezbollah.

This is business and it
doesn't concern Hezbollah.

If what you say is true...

... consider yourself
welcome in Lebanon.

They can lift 10 times their weight,
and jump 20 times their height.

But I still don't understand...

The spider is a symbol
of the sin of man.

He bites the finger
of Peter Parker...

... who is now half
dark and half light.

A real spider captures,
stings and immobilizes...

... then watches as the
prey takes days to die.

They'd never show that.

Are we in trouble?

Peace be upon you, boys.

No, it's not a problem.

Look around you...

... at your brothers united by faith
in God and submission to his law.

We're all brothers.

We're one family.

Wasim is still a virgin.

That is good.

Fornication is a serious crime.

I'm a virgin too.

That is good as well.

"Abstain from sex
out of wedlock."

"It is an attack on honor..."

"... and shows contempt
for sanctity."

God has spoken the truth.

Let us pray together.

Rumors of Bob, but never Bob.

It is "Bob", right?

What is it you tell people
you do these days, Bob?

Between State
Department and Defense.

It's just me, buddy.

As requested.

I'm gonna get some
information out, Jimmy.

-My name is Mussawi.
-Okay, Jimmy.

He's traveling in Beirut.

It's dangerous to travel.
He'll disappear.

I wnt you to take him from his hotel, drug
him, put him in the front of a car...

... and run a truck into
him at 50 miles an hour.

It's good to have you
back in town, Bob.

We begin the process
of empowering

-a new generation of Arabs...


No, no. He... He invited
me to come with him.

I think he thinks he's some
kind of reformer or something.

Anyway, he's got a
nice private plane.

Hold on, Vincent.


Beirut? It's great.
It's like the...

It's like the Paris
of the Middle East.

Yeah, it's like... It's
like winning the NIT.

...however, unlike Washington's
Greater Middle East Initiative...

It's a bad... Just never
mind, never mind.

... we respect each country's
right to move at its own pace.

Make room.



Don't see many
Occidentals these days.

It's too bad.

Go, go, go.

-This is November, '94.
-Yeah. Excellent, excellent.

-Did you find the others?
-I couldn't. Joe's looking for it.

-He'll bring it out when he does.
-Where is he?

He's back there looking for 'em. He said
he'll bring them out when he finds 'em.

Okay. Thank you, Susan.



Who's this?

Yeah. Okay.

How you doing, sir?

Somebody called me.

If you find me, call my son
Bennett junior at this number.


What do you know about
torture methods...

... used by the Chinese
on the Falun Gong?

Method number one.

What's your guess?

Water dungeon.

Did you guess water dungeon?

Number two method?

Number two, twisting arm
and putting face in feces.

Not interested in two.

Number three.

Number three is called...

... "pulling nails
from fingers".

What do you think, Bob?

Number three sound good to you?

The purpose is to get the
monks or whatever...

... to recant their beliefs.

What if I had to
get you to recant?

That'd be pretty
difficult, right?


... if you have no beliefs
to recant, then what?

Well, then, you're
fucked is what.


You're gonna give
me the names...

... of every person that's
taken money from you.

Oh, that is disgusting.

Come on, Jimmy, you're not one
of those a Koran-thumper.

My name is Mussawi.

You fucking fuck, fucking
fuck, stupid fuck!

What the fuck? This is a war.

Fuck! You're a PO-fucking-W!
Give me the fucking names!

Fuck it.

I'm cutting his
fucking head off.

I'm gonna cut your
head off, Bob.

Said Hashimi is very
angry with you, Mussawi.

Said Hashimi keeps his word.

You're a guest of
Hezbollah too, Mussawi.

I'm going to show you
something really cool.

American-made. Good quality...

... but nearly impossible
to hit anything.

By shaping the charge...

... this will send a blast
of molten copper...

... through 30 inches of steel.


It's very dangerous.


We've just received a dispatch
from Damascus, eight minutes old.

Mussawi's shopping a story
that we sent Bob to Beirut...

... to assassinate Prince Nasir.

We better go talk to Terry.

Can we get this guy? I
mean now, real-time now.

-I'll call you back.

The practical answer is no. Not
before he goes into another mosque...

... or a newspaper and the
story gains traction. No.

-He have Bob's name?
-Not his real name.

But Mussawi's been shopping photos
of them doing the deal, long lens.

Photos of Bob being held. I mean,
we're lucky this guy is alive.

The whole contact was a setup. Mussawi
now apparently works with Iran.

First he tortures our guy, then
he peddles the CIA connection.

Put some space
between us and Bob.

Bob has a long history of
entrepreneurial operations.

We haven't really had a
handle on Bob for years.

After 9/11, some people
got a little leeway,

let their emotions get
the best of them.

These are complex times.

There's already an active
investigation into

Bob's activities in...
Help me out here.

Tehran, the Amiri brothers job.

We're trying to find out who might have
hired Bob for the Amiri brothers' job.

Could the same people be
behind the Nasir job?

A lot of people probably
want this Nasir dead and...

... Bob knows lots of people.
Fill in the rest.

Send me everything.

Walter Reed Hospital
Washington, DC

You first established contact
with the Amiri brothers in 1998?


-You met them at a party in France?

A party given by Reza Reyhani?

Reza, yes.

Were you aware they were
in illegal arms trade?

Of course I was aware.
That's why I went.

Were you aware these two men were
Iranian intelligence officers?

-What do you think?
-This is a diplomatic incident.

Two men have been murdered.

We've been tasked with
the damage assessment.

We'll need you to turn
your passport over to us.



Hey, I found this.

Wire transfer.

In Russian. I don't
speak Russian.

Get it translated.

Do you speak Russian?

-These are dead.
-Oh, thanks.

What are these?

Orphans. You know, things
that don't make any sense.

That one's pretty interesting.

The Lily School. It's a
boarding school in Switzerland.

Paid for by wire transfer.

The meeting's already started.
You're not on the list.

This is not an open function.
You're not wearing a badge.

You don't have a wristband.

This is a private gathering.

Take this to Sydney Hewitt.

They are pushing for the
segregation of universities.


And the banning of the wearing
of colorful clothing.

But two-thirds of Iran's
population is under 30.

How you doing?

More than 60 percent of
university students are women.

And those restrictions are
like a small pebble...

... in front of a massive
tidal wave of reform.

Iranian resources
are abundant...

... and given the chance,
there is no limit...

... to what the Iranian
people can achieve.

Their hopes are the same as
all people in every land...

... to live lives of dignity
in a nation at peace.

And America will help them.

Killen Oil, through Daniel Dalton
and Petroika Energy Consultants...

... created assetless
shell companies...

... owned by the heirs
of Nurzan Detayev...

... Minister of the Domestic Resources
of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This was discussed at the Upstream
Division meeting held in January,

-2003 in Sun Valley, Idaho.
-I was at the meeting, but I don't focus on

those kind of details.

Wherein it was described that
Killen bore all financial risk...

... but Minister Detayev's children, while
attending The Lily School in Switzerland...

... were entitled to all of the profits.
Seventy million dollars.

I attended the meeting, but as I said, I
don't focus on those kind of details.

Further, Daniel Dalton Jr. and Petroika
Energy Consultants colluded...

A firm retained by Killen prior
to Connex's involvement.

Oh, for chrissake, Tommy. We both
got letters from the grand jury.

It's not your own private
little pity party.

A good faith purchaser
is in good faith...

... only if they didn't know of the
problems at the time of the purchase.

This is the oil business
we're talking about, right?

Lowliest little
shareholder knows we deal

with some of the most
stank places on earth.

And it is illegal to
offer gifts, money...

... the promise of money or anything of
value to influence foreign officials.

Is it?

I have personally seen a
bill from your law firm...

... to the government of Saudi
Arabia for $36 million.

A one-line bill for
"services rendered".

The business of Whiting Sloan is
not under discussion at this time.

Well, it ought to be.

Danny's a good man.

And he's a friend of mine.

A Mareva injunction?

Some people, cousins of mine, actually,
sued my father in the Commonwealth...

[Geneva, Switzerland]
... alleging that he broke an agreement...

to repay funds transferred
from the state.

It calls them "aggrieved royals".
Aggrieved about what?

That he tried to cut their allowances
from 100,000 a month to 80?

I want to see my father.

I'm sorry, Your Highness.

Your father is not feeling well.

My cousins aren't bright enough to
be anything but finger puppets...

... and my brother has faith
only in his own cunning.

What do you suppose they're up to, my
brother and these American lawyers?

Tell me...

... what are they thinking?

What are they thinking?

What are they thinking?

They're thinking that
it's running out.

It's running out.

And 90 percent of what's
left is in the Middle East.

Look at the progression.

Versailles, Suez, 1973,
Gulf War One, Gulf War Two.

This is a fight to the death.

So, what are they thinking?

They're thinking, "Keep playing,
keep buying yourself new toys."

"Keep spending $50,000 a
night on your hotel room."

"But don't invest in
your infrastructure."

"Don't build a real economy."

So that when you finally wake up,
they will have sucked you dry...

... and you will have squandered the
greatest natural resource in history.

Come with me, please.

I studied at Oxford. I have a Ph.D.
from Georgetown.

I want to create a parliament.

I want to give women
the right to vote.

I want an independent judiciary.

I want to start a petroleum
exchange in the Middle East...

... cut the speculators
out of the business.

Why are the major oil exchanges
in London and New York anyway?

I'll put all of our energy
up for competitive bidding.

I'll run pipe through Iran to
Europe, like you proposed.

I'll ship to China.

Anything that achieves
efficiency and maximizes profit.

Profit which I will then
use to rebuild my country.

-Great, that's exactly what you should do.

Except your president
rings my father and says:

"I've got unemployment in Texas,
Kansas, Washington state".

A phone call later, we're stealing
out of our social programs...

... in order to buy
overpriced airplanes.

We owed the Americans, but
we've repaid that debt.

I accepted a Chinese
bid, the highest bid...

... and suddenly I'm a terrorist.
I'm a godless communist.

Dean Whiting...

... who represents not only these
aggrieved royals and my brother...

... but also Connex Oil...

... they've been pressuring my father
to invalidate the Chinese contract.

But they underestimate him.

This is about his
legacy to his people.

I know it seems like people
sitting in hotel rooms.

I mean, it's what they do,
That's how they do business.

But we're... We're talking
world historical stage here.

I mean, with the... With the delivery
deals we could make in Europe...

... transport through Iran.

This guy might be able to revolutionize not
just his country, but the whole region.

As soon as his father keels over, this
guy could be like Mossadegh in '52...

... in Iran. The real democracy
rising up organically.

I mean that if we can be a part
of any of these countries...

... getting a parliament, I mean, helping
them find efficiency, showing...

-You know, showing them how...
-Stop it. Stop it.

Julie, the little company
that I started working for...

... is now chief economic
adviser to Prince Nasir.

Do you understand
what that means?

It's like...

... somebody put a giant
ATM on our front lawn.

Here's a question:

How do you think it looks to profit
off the death of your 6-year-old?

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

I changed the diapers.
I put cream on rashes.

I took him to his checkups.

I cared about every
fucking percentile.

I did everything right.
I did everything right.

We're going back to the States.



Sweetie, sweetie, be careful.

We're gonna go now, okay?

You wanna say goodbye
to your dad?

You can see him later, okay?

When I die I want the people who inherit
my possessions to do the following.


... the people who prepare my
body should be good Muslims...

... so this will remind me
of God and his forgiveness.


... I don't want anyone to rip their
clothes or slap their faces...

... because this is an
ignorant thing to do.


... I don't want a pregnant woman
to come and say goodbye to me...

... because I don't approve it.


Some trust-fund prosecutor
got off message at Yale...

... thinks he's gonna run
this up the flagpole?

Make a name for himself?

Maybe get elected some two-bit
congressman from nowhere...

... with the result
that China or Russia...

... can suddenly start
having, at our expense...

... all the advantages
we enjoy here?

No, I tell you. No, sir.

Corruption charges. Corruption?

Corruption is
government intrusion...

... into market efficiencies
in the form of regulation.

That's Milton Friedman. He
got a goddamn Nobel Prize.

We have laws against it precisely
so we can get away with it.

Corruption is our protection.

Corruption keeps
us safe and warm!

Corruption is why you and I are
prancing around in here...

... instead of fighting over
scraps of meat out in the street.

Corruption is why we win.

How'd it go?

Well, he's got kids, a wife.

He broke the law.

Mr. Janus himself wanted me to
extend you an invitation...

... to Oilman of the Year.

He's being honored...

... so it should
be a nice weekend.

Relax. Catch yourself a massage.


-Is Jane in?
-She's in a meeting.

How about Fred?

He's in a meeting.

Bennett, hey.

Come on, take a ride with me.

Do I have a choice, Don?

Of course you do. This
is just a courtesy call.

Bennett, I know you know about the crime-fraud
exception to attorney-client privilege.

I do, Don. Very well.

Then you also know your client
is into some shady stuff...

... and it's starting to look
like you could be involved...

... in hiding the true
nature of the transactions.

That's quite a statement, Don.

One word:


Danny Dalton?

Defrauded the government of Kazakhstan
of funds to which it was entitled.

Defrauded the people of Kazakhstan of
the right to the honest services...

... of their elected and
appointed officials.

Seven years. Does three,
maybe two and a half...

-... on your recommendation.
-Now, let me guess.

This was a solo act, without the
knowledge of Connex or Killen Oil...

... and Mr. Lee Janus
or Jimmy Pope.

Dalton's a bit of a
rogue, it's true.

And he'll have a nice little
trust fund when he gets out.

Not so little, I imagine.

Look, Don, we can spend the
next five years in court...

... to get back to the very
place that we're at right now.

And they will fight tough.

They'll fight dirty.

They'll pressure your boss...

... they'll pressure the people
who appointed your boss...

... they'll pressure the wives of
the people who appointed your boss.

And you will never hit them any
harder than this, and you know it.

I'm sorry, Bennett.

I don't think Dalton's enough.

What are you looking at, man?

-I didn't say anything.
-That's because you have nothing to say.

You fucking asshole.

There we go.

Okay, pal.

Come on. Yeah, I know. I
know, I know, I know.

-Hey, Fred!
-You've been such a good boy.


Hey, Bob.

There you go, pal. I tell you
what, Katie, take that in.

Hey, Jack. Your sister.

You first.

Take the kids inside.
I'll be right in, okay?

What's going on, Fred?

It's okay. Be in in a sec.

FBI's got it, Bob.
That's pretty clear.

Nothing I can do, you know it.
It's a criminal investigation.

-Two men were killed.
-I was almost killed.

Now they're asking me questions
about the Amiri brothers,

asking me questions
about Tehran.

You gotta understand, this wrecks careers.
I shouldn't even be talking to you.

I punched in "Prince Nasir Al-Subaai",
and my computer gets seized.

Where'd that job come from? Where
did the Nasir job come from?

I'm advising you to drop it.

Why am I being investigated?

Why am I being
investigated, Fred?

Goodbye, Bob.

It's okay. Hey, hey.

What's up?

If I truly lack faith...

... then I am not
the right person.

The questioning means
that you have faith...

... and makes it stronger.

That's a lot of shit, I think.

We'll be able to intervene in
the affairs of family members.

We'll be able to help them
with whatever they need.

You'll be able to get
your mother here.


I am tired.


... who will be emir?

Your brother.

Praise be to God.

I would ask you to remain
as foreign minister.

You cannot do this.

He is barely qualified to run a
brothel, much less a country.

I like Europe.

I will be happy to stay here.

My decision is final...

... and I ask you to
support your brother.

I cannot do that.

For centuries Arabs have been ruled
by people with no respect for law...

... monopolies handed out for
the things that people want...

... commerce stifled, young
people unable to find jobs.

Anyone who criticizes
is thrown in jail...

... or put to death.

And women...

... are treated as
second-class citizens.

The coronation is tomorrow, and your
brother has the support of the Americans.

And 10,000 of their troops are
stationed in our country.


My father is ill and weak, and
unwilling to oppose the Americans.

But others are willing.

When a country has 5 percent
of the world's population...

... but does 50 percent of
its military spending...

... then the persuasive powers of
that country are on the decline.

They're worried.

About fallout.
They're worried...

... you might wanna
talk about it.

But if you're already
under investigation...

What about Mussawi?

He's a soldier.

He's just like you.

Why are they doing a damage assessment on
the Amiris and on me for doing my job?

This is about our
interests in the region.

So if Prince Nasir won't allow our
military bases in his country...

... and his little
brother will...

... well, we'll probably have
to do something about that.

Who's worried about
the Nasir job?

Who's worried about me talking?


Who's worried?


Hello, is this Mr. Whitting?

This is Homeseal Security.

Yes, this is Mr. Whiting.

Hi, we're showing a motion-sensor
failure in your downstairs study.


Like I said, we're getting
a failure message.

Want me to stay on the phone while
you walk around, or send a car?

I'll walk around.

Everything seems fine.

How are we doing, Mr. Whiting?

Everything's fine.

-The door's unlocked.
-Did you leave it unlocked?

Send a car, you imbecile.

You were in Beirut in '84.

I lost friends there...

... as I'm sure you did.

I got a peek at your file.
You're a good man.

One whose experience
is narrow and deep.

Your entire career...

... you've been used.

And probably never
even known what for.

I didn't use to need to know.

In this town, you're innocent
until you're investigated.

Innocent until investigated? That's nice.
It's got a nice ring to it.

I bet you've worn some miles
on little sayings like that.

Thank you.

-Thank you.

Gives the listener the sense of the
law being written as it's spoken.

If anything happens
to me or my family...

... an accident, an
accusation, anything...

... then, first, your
son will disappear.

His body will never be found.
Then your wife.

Her body will never be found either.
Now, this is guaranteed.

Then whatever is the most dangerous
thing that you do in your life...

... it might be flying
in a small plane...

... might be walking
to the bank...

... you'll be killed.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

I want you to acknowledge
that you do understand...

... so that we're clear and
there won't be any mistakes.

Beirut rules, Mr. Barnes?

I want my passports back.

We are a small group...

... the ones who carry
convictions and ambitions.

And within this group...

... there is another,
smaller group...

... who flee from
the worldly life...

... in order to spread
the true faith.

You're ready.

Connex-Killen Oil announces the gift
of a new children's hospital...

... to be built in
honor of the new emir.

I wanted to be on a
bobsled in the Olympics.

What's a bobsled?

Wasim knows what a bobsled is.

Papa, I need to ask you...

Tell him about the bobsled!

Tell him what a bobsled is.

It's a little car.

A little car that goes down
a track of ice and snow.

Papa, may I borrow some
money for the bus?

Oh, how the snow sparkles, the
crunch of it under your feet...

Dalton's not enough.

I would be real careful.

You dig a 6-foot hole,
you'll find three bodies.

But you dig 12, and
maybe you'll find 40.

Christ, China's economy ain't
growing as fast as it could...

... because they can't get
all the oil they need.

Now, I'm damn proud
of that fact.

We need another body, Mr. Pope.

What if...?

What if it involved
somebody at your firm?

Someone way the hell above you.

We'd have to have
an understanding.


... if...

If he's as big as you say...

... then when he goes down,
the merger will be approved.

Just like that?

We're looking for the illusion
of due diligence, Mr. Pope.

Two criminal acts
successfully prosecuted...

... it gives us that illusion.

Call me Jimmy.

He's a visionary. He's
like Faisal or Atatürk.

And the people love him.
And he's...

The country's gonna
be his by Monday.

It's not like you guys have
backed the wrong horse here.

No, no. No, look, he's
got nine of 11 generals.

We're on our way to the palace right now.
This is really happening.

Silver Range Rover.

With a sunroof.

Silver Range Rover,
sunroof, fourth from lead.

-Guys, help me out here.
-It's coming now.

His wife will be there. Pat.

This is good.

You done good.

Lee, you have guests.


-Bennett Holiday.
-How are you, sir?

-Lee Janus. How are we doing?

Those number crunchers can get a
little overzealous, can't they?

Christ, when we write the GAAP rules
like some sort of abstract painting...

... you stare at that
liability hard enough...

... and before long, it'll
turn into an asset.

No, thank you.

-You don't drink?

It is really beautiful out here.

-What is that?

In front of them.

The Bedouin always
have right of way.

Lawyers say, "If you can't trust
a Big Five accounting firm...".

The accountants say,
"We're not lawyers".

Legal didn't understand.
Accounting didn't understand.

Nobody understood anything.
The regulatory bodies

had to scratch their
heads for a minute...

... that nobody at Connex
or Killen was at fault.

But this merger is so balance-positive
for American consumers...

... that, ultimately,
the Justice wants it.

Federal courts want it.
Everybody wants it.

Our real client, after all,
is us, the American people.

And we are increasing American
access to oil in Kazakhstan.

So all they ask is that we give them
a little something meaningful...

... which we did.

And they got out of our way.

Something besides Dalton?

Unfortunately, yes.

And the best option
seemed to be...

... a secret deal for excess
Iranian pipeline capacity...

... that I uncovered
during the diligence.

A little side deal benefiting
the lead lawyer...

... involved in the Connex-Killen
merger approval process.


... do you think you're doing?

It's illegal for an American
to control these rights.

Stop right now.

Is there...

... something that you
wanna tell me, Syd?

Connex/ Al-Salwa LNG loading
facility The Persian Gulf

Good afternoon.

I wanna thank our host
for a wonderful spread.

The strawberry juice
is delicious.

Let me just say, on behalf
of Connex-Killen...

... how pleased we are
to be back in the Gulf.

Your Highness? Why don't
you ride together.

Oh, thank you, Bryan.

Ladies and gentlemen...

... this year's
Oilman of the Year:

Mr. Leland Janus
of Connex-Killen.

Who the hell is that?

Excuse me. Hey, are
you seeing that?



Could you tell who that is?

Hey! Hey!

No, no, no! No!

-Take the target out.

Four miles.

Two miles.

You're the Canadian.

Target destroyed.

23:44 EDT.

I'd like to accept this award...

... on behalf of the
employees of Connex-Killen.

Our people, the
finest in the world.

Guys, could I get you to stand up
for a moment? Please stand up.


And I'd also like to thank...

... our strategic friends from around
the globe who are here tonight.

Most especially...

... Emir Meshal Al-Subaai.

Emir. Thank you so much.

During the funeral...

... I want everyone
to be quiet...

... and I should be
lying on my right side.

You should throw dust on my
body three times while saying:

"From the dust we
are created..."

"... and to dust we return.

"From the dust a new
person will be created."

Everyone should mention that
I died pure of heart...

... and that the next
world is the true life.

The next world is the true life.

Come on, man.

Leave the beer.