Synthetic Sati (2020) - full transcript

Paro, an introvert girl, with almost no friends, living in her world of imagination, becomes a complete social outcast after her ex-boyfriend spreads allegations against her on social media. Paro goes more into the shell, with a workaholic single mother at home who fails to comfort her. At this time her only support is a new virtual friend with a pseudonym of 'Synthetic Sati' whom she meets through an anonymous messaging app. While Paro's friendship with the virtual friend Synthetic Sati deepens, she also simultaneously starts liking Mahamaya, a girl from her class; not knowing what she is headed for.

Are you really ending
everything here, Paro?

I have never fought with you.

I have never cheated on you.

I am just doing what I had
to do after yesterday, Arjo.

Yesterday what?

Did I force you?

-Listen I...
- Are you not my girlfriend?

I-I don't want to talk
about it, okay?

Also, how dare you call me a b***h?


When did I call you a b***h?

Seriously, Arjo?

When did I call you a b***h?

-You'll deny everything now, is it?
-What rubbish are you saying?

You didn't call me a b***h?
Just wait a second.


It's not there now.
Maybe it got deleted.

Again a lie?

Do whatever.

And yes.
Listen. You have a great life.

Who's it?

You're getting bored at
the party, aren't you?

Please listen to me the next time I tell you
that I'm not up for something.

So, do you want
to go somewhere else?

Just you and me.

-No. I'll go home.
- What's wrong?

Look, I'm not feeling like it, Arjo.

Arjo, please.
Arjo! I am not liking it!

What the hell is wrong with you?

I don't believe this.

Mephistopheles doesn't come
in search of souls to corrupt.

But comes to collect the souls
of them who are already corrupt.

We find this character from 'Doctor Faustus'
in many artistic and cinematic works.

-Ma'am, can you please explain something?

Does studying 'Doctor Faustus'
at the Master's level have any relevance today?

Well said, bro.

See ma'am, they're being oversmart again.

-What else can I say?
-Why do you say the same thing?

-He's not wrong.
-What do you mean?

-You'll say it's wrong.

I didn't say anything wrong.

-He has a point.
-What else, ma'am?

When I needed help,
none of them stood by me.

Instead, they blamed me.

This guy.
Artist Aritro Talpatra.

Posted vulgar cartoons
of me on social media.

In the name of the
freedom of expression.

She's the feminist blogger, Ritarshi.

She was nowhere to be found
when I needed her.

And of course.
Chauvinist Sourav Sen.

He's responsible
for my image as a social outcast.

And that's Mahamaya.

She was the only one
who supported me fully without prejudice.

On social media.

But even though we've studied
at the same tuition for two years...

We've hardly ever talked.

Maybe, she wants to talk...
Maybe not...

Hey! What are you murmuring?


No. Sorry.

It's time you all start
taking it seriously.

Second year
and that too, Master's.

What's with all the message beeps?
Addicted to social media!

Ma'am. This isn't social media.
It's much bigger.

It's called Anonyma.

Here, you can open your chat box
and write anything to anyone.

But no one can tell
who is writing.

Identity is hidden.

Great! Introduce her to this.
She'll have good use for it.

She keeps talking
to herself all day.

-Okay, bye ma'am.
–I'll take off.


I've received 25 messages so far.

That's hardly a number.
I've already reaceived 40 messages--

-There he goes again!
-...and I've started chatting too.

-I uninstalled it after a few messages.
-Well done.

-Anonymity is a social construct.
-Hey look, it's Paro!

Ask her.

-Let her be.
-Hang on. Hey, Paro!

-Just curious...

How many did you get on Anonyma?

What the f**k guys? Huh?
Did you get fun out of this?

Paro! Paro!
Hang on, Paro

Those guys can be real jerks.
Please don't mind.

No, it's okay.

-Do you want to say something?


What were you guys talking about?
What app?

-Anonyma? Yeah, Anonyma.

So how do you use it?

Oh, it's very easy.
I'll tell you on the way.

The script needs
to be reworked, Saikat.

We need to show a happy family.

-Just a minute.

Yeah. Everyone sits
around a dining table, laughing.

I want awareness that our
brand makes family products.



Does she have any shame?

She'll ruin her family's honour.

A fatherless girl, I thought she'd
at least keep her father's honour.

Didn't even care
about that.

That's not for you, Paro.
Keep it back.

People of Bengal!

We won't hold our heads low
and stay silent.

We will retort!

Speaking up might…

(song playing)

Have you lost all happiness in life?
Want it back? Then--

Then message us the correct answer
right away…

Are you scared to say it?
Why are you scared?

I'm there for you.


So basically, go to Anonyma's website
or download the app.

Then create a fake username
and password and then open an account.

That's it.
Your first step is done.

Then, just go on social media
and check out who have shared links.

And if you want to send a secret message
to someone, just shoot.

Someone might continue chatting
with you or share it on social media.

But if I can't reveal my identity,
then what's the point?

That's exactly the point of this app.
To hide behind masks.

Got it?

I can't take it!

Dinner's on the table.
Have it.

Yeah, coming.


Bloody fake.

What is it about her?

Am I getting attracted to her?



Got change for Rs. 100?


I'm asking if you have change
for Rs. 100.

-Oh, yeah. Sorry, didn't hear you.
-Here, Aritro.

I think I have change
for Rs. 100.

Here you go.

-Thank you.
– Welcome.


Did you not hear him?

-No, I didn't hear him at all.
-Can't always be lost in your own world, Paro.

Sometimes try to get out of here
and interact with people. Real people.

-Bye then.

By the way, I know
your little secret, huh.


Don't you want to talk?

I want to talk.

Who are you?

You don't know me at all.

Why are you disturbing?

So don't pretend.

You wouldn't get
so angry earlier.

Who are you?

If I wanted to tell you that,
I wouldn't ping you on Anonyma.

What happened to you is wrong.

Why don't you start over?

I want to.

But I don't know how to.

You need someone
to talk to.

No I don't.

I am alone.

And I'm happy.

If you are in pain,
you should talk to someone.

Whom should I talk to?

Mom? She's always busy
with work.

I haven't really shared anything with her
in the past 2 years.

He's happy up there.

Okay, forget it.

Is there someone special...
or do you like someone?

Yeah… I do.
But it's quite complicated.

Why is it complicated?
Talk about it.

That's impossible.

In that case...

Imagine you're talking
to that person right now.

Where'd you go?

Right here.

Me too.

(song playing)

Are you real, Sati?

That can't be revealed.

But why not?

Do you like hiding
behind a mask all the time?

Don't you feel like knowing
the person within?

We're always wearing masks,
aren't we?

One mask when we are
with our families...

Another in front of friends...

A different mask
in front of our lover...

It is only with ourselves
that we are without a mask.


I want to see you Sati.
Feel you.

Is it so difficult to be real?

We are always surrounded
by real people.

Yet we choose
to immerse ourselves.

Life is nothing
but a multicoloured bubble.

And we choose to live inside it knowing
that it'll burst one day.



-Ma'am isn't opening the door?

I think it's a holiday today, huh?

Should we just leave?

Yeah, I guess.

-Let's go.
-So, I was saying...


What did you mean the other day?
I said you know my little secret.


Everyone was going crazy.

They were all wondering
who was sending them such insulting texts.

I know it's you.
It's you, right?

Are you Sati?

Did you say something?

No...I meant
I owe you a treat!

You know what?

Hey! What...
What are you doing?

Real people, real experiences.


I've got good news
and bad news.

What good news?

Good news is that,
today onwards you are free.


Your 'Synthetic' friend won't
interrupt your life anymore.

What do you mean?

Go out there. Make real friends.
People who will take you as you are.

People who you can talk to,
have fun in the rain with...

watch all Uma Thurman films with.


How is this good news, Sati?

I can do all these
with you too, right?

I mean, if you show up.

That's not how it works.

Today onwards I'm quitting this app
for good.

Because I've met someone under the rain
and she is beautiful!

I can't forget her!

I can see a future with her.

Me too.

I don't think we should study this.

No but seriously.
It doesn't deserve all the hype.


-I don't understand the hype about the show.
-Tell me, come on.

-No no, no. This--
-Maa'm, you don't know.

-This isn't worth watching.

-No, you should watch it.
-Will watching it...

No. Ma'am shouldn't watch it.

No, she should know
how it can be a big disaster.

-Not at all, ma'am.
-I think it's overhyped.

-You 'think'? Say you're sure.
-Alright, it's okay.

-I won't watch it.
-You could try it, though.

Should I watch 'Black Mirror' instead?
What do you say?

-Yeah, yeah.


I feel we talk more about shows
than studies at tuition class!

Oh! Who started it?

I won't spoonfeed you
at the Master's level.

Ma'am, he just watches web series
at home, doesn't study at all.

-But here he has lots to say.
-You watch the web series at my expense!

Wow! What do you do?
You just get proposals on Anonyma.

Ma'am? Please excuse me.


Or Sati?

Who am I?

Or am I both?

Yeah, hi..

I just called you to tell you
that I love you.

Is something wrong, dear?

Are you upset?
Do you need money?

No, no.
It's nothing like that.


Every night when you gently
pull the blanket over me...


Or adjust the temperature
of the AC...

I don't get to say it then...

That's why I thought
of telling you now.

When I come home today,
will you have a chat with me, mom?

Actually, someone has told me...

to come out of my thoughts
and talk to real people.

That's what I'm doing.


I love you, Mom.


I have something
to tell you.

(song playing)