Syndromes and a Century (2006) - full transcript

Story about director Apichatpong Weerasethakul's parents who were both doctors, and director's memories about growing up in the hospital environment.

You majored in Pharmacy?

Only for two years

Then I studied medicine for four more

Why did you switch faculties?

I found life in the pharmacy boring

You don't get to meet many people

But it's comfortable work

Yes, but it's always the same old faces

I like meeting a wide variety of people

To gather new experiences?

Yes, to see faces come and go

How would you describe yourself?

I'd say I'm a cheerful person

Why do you think you're cheerful?

I'm gauging from my friend's reactions
when they're with me

They seem to enjoy themselves

Do you play any sports?

- Sports...
- Can you draw?

I can play basketball

What position do you play?


Do you prefer drawing with paint,
pencils or pastels?

Drawing? Pencils, mostly

- You prefer pencils?
- Yes

Do you prefer triangles,
squares or circles?


A circle? What colour would it be?

I'd like it to be clear

Clear? And what size?

- About the size of the bottom of a glass
- The bottom of a glass

Do you keep any pets?

I used to have a cat

You had a cat...

Can you sit up straight, please?

Turn to the left

OK. What hand do you use
for surgery?

- My right hand
- Can I see it?

Stretch out your arm

Spread out your hand

Clench your fist

Clench it harder. Hold it steady

That's fine

- What was that for?
- What does DDT stand for?

- Pardon?
- What does DDT stand for?


Do we have to know that here?

What does it stand for?

Is it the pesticide?

'Destroy Dirty Things'

Or is it 'Deep Down To You'?

Take this note to Dr Prasarn
in the emergency ward

- Don't peek at it, Doctor
- OK

- Is there?
- I'll be off, then

See you

Sorry I kept you waiting

A cup of tea?

Doctor... I brought you a small gift

You shouldn't have

Thank you very much

Is it beef or pork?

It's crispy pork

Keep it in the freezer
so it stays crispy longer

Thank you again

Excuse me...

...this is my first day here...

Are you sure you want me
in the emergency ward?

Aren't you used to it
from the army camp?

Not really. We rarely saw
serious cases there

And when I see blood I get...

You get what?

Excuse me

Pardon me,
Dr Prasarn asked me to fetch you

Koh, this is Dr Nohng

- Hello
- Hello

To fetch me or Dr Nohng?

- I'm not sure
- Then please take Dr Nohng there

- Aren't you coming, too?
- Of course. Just give me a second

- How's Nook? I haven't seen her lately
- Busy selling T-shirts. I want a new girl

She might find a new guy first

I met a cute girl while I was
out drinking with Dr Prasarn

- Whereabouts?
- A place right behind the hospital

There are pubs behind the hospital?

Didn't you know?

I pass by everyday
and haven't seen any

What time do you pass?
They open after 9:00pm

No one's around that late

Everyone's gone home by then

So he got her number and called her up

How did it go?

Well, she also gave me her number,
and it turns out she liked me more


When I called her,
we talked for over two hours

Who's prettier, her or Nook?

Dr Nohng, aren't you sore...

...from walking so stiffly?

I'm used to it

This way, Doctor

Dr Prasarn, this is Dr Nohng
whom I recommended

Did you see a lot of patients yesterday?

Not really. It feels busier today

Are they construction workers?

- Yes, a couple of brothers
- Really?

- They're cute, huh?
- They're OK

- Our hospital's giving away glasses?
- Like the ones in Star Wars

You're right!

The same style

- I forgot I've left someone in my room
- Who?

It's OK, I'll go back to them
after my rounds

They're going to plant a lot more trees

This is where they'll set up the stage

For the Buddhist holiday?

There is alms-giving in the morning

In the morning

Hey! I forgot to turn it off. Hey!

Turn off what?

This thing clipped to my pants

What are you talking about?

We're done

It's kind of like...

- Like what?
...playing the same scene over

Damn it

At first it wasn't so bad

- You wanted to be an actor, right?
- It's only been five takes

All together

What's wrong with my eyes?

I'm checking if your brain's
response is normal

My brain?


Do you have dreams often?

Well, I don't really know

Since I fell out of bed the other night...

...l've been like this

Your leg is sore?

My leg is sore and my joints ache

I see

The other night...

...I dreamt about a flock of chickens

When I was a boy, a young boy...

...I was naughty and mean-spirited,
I used to break their legs for fun

I'd go visit my friend's farm...

...and break the legs of his chickens...

...because their clucking sound
really bothered me

In my dream...

...they told me that
they wanted me to suffer

Despite the fact that I've offered
prayers for them for many years

You can communicate with chickens?

Their spirits came and possessed me

I guess they wanted revenge

I ran away,
but they chased after me

They kept chasing me. I was so scared

I grew wings and turned into a chicken

I always sleep on my side
and hug a bolster pillow

In my dream, I was woken up...

...and they kicked me out of bed

I landed on the floor
and all my joints were aching

Do your joints still ache?

Now and then.
That's why I came to see you

- Do you eat a lot of chicken?
- I guess so

I really should try to eat less
to reduce my bad karma

But when I collect alms,
I must accept what's offered

Can you excuse me for a minute?

Where are you going?

- I'm going...
- You haven't finished my check-up

I'm going to quickly pop next door

Excuse me

Wait for me here. Don't go anywhere

Mr Chai. Mr Chai

Mr Chai

I need to speak with you

Over here, please

It's about the money I lent you

It's been a while

The new school term has just started...

...and my son's school fees
are expensive

Why won't you look me in the eye?

Something doesn't sound right

Would you swear to it?
There's a monk waiting in my office

Let's go see him

Swear to what?

Swear to keep your promise, Mr Chai

How could you forget?

Don't make me swear.
I'm afraid of monks

Don't be so silly

We're not talking
ghosts and goblins here!

You didn't seem afraid
when you borrowed my money

Sorry about that

Please excuse me

- Everything in order?
- Yes

There's a lot of uric acid in poultry

It collects in your joints,
if you eat too much

Let me run some more blood tests

- I hope you don't mind...
- Yes?

I sense confusion inside your heart

Confusion? About what?

About money matters, you know?

Boil these roots and drink them
to help you forget

What is it?

It's an herbal potion
handed down from my ancestors

It helps regulate menstrual flow...

...cures fainting and dizzy spells

But it can't treat everything

I have this itchy rash

Can you treat it?

You have a rash?

On my body and my arms

Excuse me. Let me see

This arm?

- Doctor?
- Yes?

Can I also have some sleeping pills?

You have trouble sleeping?

My dreams keep waking me up

Dreaming is normal. Everyone dreams

I need some medicine
for the other monks...

...and for the villagers
who live near the temple

I can't do that. They have to come
and see me themselves

Why? Just write the prescription

You know, when to take the pills... or adults,
before or after meals

Just write it on the packet

I really can't do that

It's against the rules

If someone found out,
I'd be held liable

Right now, I can only
prescribe medicine for you

How about this?

At least give me vitamins
for the temple boys, OK?

I really can't

Why not?

Well, they need to see me in person

I know you can, but you won't, right?

I can only treat patients that visit me,
otherwise I can't prescribe anything

Hey, Sakda...

...tell the doctor about your condition...

...your asthma condition

That's not me. That's my mother

His mother has had asthma for a while

Sakda, describe your mother's condition



One more time. Ten...

Very good

And lower your arms

Now the third position.
Stand at ease, hands on your hips

We're going to slowly squat down

Squat down until your thighs feel taut

Now, slowly stand up. Good

Squat down

Stand up

We'll do this fifteen times... strengthen our knees

Rinse your mouth

Oh, use that cup and spit in the bowl

You've never been to the dentist, right?

Yes, this is my first time

I can tell

Just a little more

I'm gaining merit by giving a monk
a free dental check-up

What merit?

I'm just like anyone else

I'd like to be normal, but some
mysterious force has a hold on me

It keeps me cloaked in saffron robes
that I can't seem to shake off

I used to dream of being a DJ...

...of owning a comic book store

Being a DJ sounded fun

I turned on a radio show from the city,
and it was playing pop music

- You listen to American music?
- Yes, I listen to modern music

I wanted to request a song,
but I didn't have a phone... I sent a letter instead
and introduced myself

The DJ replied and invited me to dinner

Over dinner, he asked me to be a DJ,
but I turned him down

I don't know why. I always wanted to...

You know, I'm a singer

A singer? Really?

- What kind of songs?
- Mostly Thai country music. It's a hobby

I don't listen to much of that

Open up

You're the one on the bulletin board?

On the board? Yes

You won some kind of prize, right?

- Yes
- Dentist of the Year

Let me cover your eyes



Is this a check-up or a concert?

I'm still waiting


Let me play. Just for a bit

Excuse me, Doctor

Would you like to have lunch?

No, thanks, I'm not hungry yet

Is there something
you wanted to see me about?


...can we get engaged?

Is everything all right?

No, it's not


My stomach is rumbling

Are you trying to torment me?

Have you ever been in love?

Well... not exactly

Then you won't understand how I feel

I feel as if my heart's on fire

I can't eat, I can't sleep

- It's like...
- I understand

I once knew a man...

I once met a man
at the Farmer's Market

- Are you interested in that orchid?
- Yes

It's an auspicious plant
that will bring you luck

It also glows in the dark

- Glows in the dark?
- Yes

I have a picture I can show you

Can I help you?

- How much?
- It's a wild orchid. 25,000 baht

I bred it myself.
Its form is very distinct

25,000? I'm sure to kill it in a month

It's not hard to grow.
It doesn't like direct sunlight

It prefers to be in the shade

You saw I liked it
so you jacked up the price, right?

But it also glows in the dark

I have pictures I can show you

Here you go

It costs too much

Look at the picture. Can you see?

Excuse me, how much is this?

Which one?

That one is 250 baht

- 25,000?
- Yes

It must be an electric orchid!

I'm not feeling so good, Doctor

But if it makes you happy...

...please continue with your story

I'd like to...

...but I'm afraid it will upset you

It's too late for that, Doctor

I thought it might make you feel better

It's not as if I'm going to marry him

You're not?

Why are you laughing at me?

This is why I love you so much

From the very first time I met you.
Do you remember?

- That day...
- Then he came to the hospital...

Please, Doctor, listen to me first

- That day you wore...
- He came to look at a wild orchid

Wow, how amazing

It's the rarest wild orchid in Thailand

We have several orchids here...

There are many types,
but this one is priceless

- Are you tricking me?
- No, I'm serious

- It's a sin to lie
- I'm serious

I'd like to buy it to breed at my farm

I thought you said it was priceless

Look at the roots, Director

They're not so pretty. Twining all over

People don't like it so much

It seems to lack form and order

Can you see?

Perhaps my wife might like it

Right, Doctor?

These are photos taken at my farm

Feel free to visit anytime

Well, I wish I knew more about orchids

Who's there?

Are you Dr Toey?


Noom talks a lot about you

What has he said?

Come down here

What are you doing?

Careful, it's slippery

I'm making a mud pack... take care of my legs

What's wrong with them?

I fell off a motorbike and broke one

Now one leg is longer than the other

Really? Let me take a look

Right here

Look at the fish nibbling at my feet

They're tickling me

Try it and see

Here, bite on this

Be careful nothing pulls you down

It's hard to access

Can you drive in?

The waterfall has seven levels.
We have to go on foot

- We park at the base and walk in
- There's parking there

- But we'll leave Pa Jane behind
- No way! You'll have to carry me up

Or send her back to Nong Kai

You have two choices, wait
at the base or go home to Nong Kai

- I'll stay with you
- Send her to Nong Kai

You've been with me
for so many years

Here, Doctor, this is the waterfall
he's talking about

- What are you doing?
- What?

Put it away

- Let her look at it first
- Don't look at it

- Is there something I should know?
- It's a trick she uses to sell her bags

Buy one and I'll throw in one for free


A few miles past the temple
there's a sign and a statue of a cow

- Doctor, look at this old photo
- Pass an intersection...


Where did you get that?

Just keep driving

Who's the girl with long hair?

It must be Pa Jane

Keep your eyes on the road

Is that a tattoo on your arm, Noom?

He doesn't like to talk about it.
It's too painful

My father asked me to get it

A tattoo of what?

You got a rose tattoo for your dad?

No, I just got a tattoo as he asked

Just a small one

Don't lie and act embarrassed

You're always on my case

A red rose, too, Pa Jane

They don't scrimp on the topping

It smells good

It's really sweet

You're so attentive.
How come you don't have a boyfriend?

Who says I don't?


The fortune teller said so

One or many?

It depends on which one you ask

Many boyfriends from all races

A long time ago, Doctor...

...two farmers came across
a young monk

The monk asked them...

..."Would you like to be rich?
You've suffered for so long"

The farmers told him they did... he told them
to go down to the lake

All this from here to there
used to be a lake

When the farmers got there... By golly!

It was full of gold and silver

They rushed to stuff their bags full

Suddenly, a solar eclipse occurred...

...and the sky went dark

They kept gathering gold in the dark.
They got so rich

But one farmer was greedy...

...and he came back for more

- They say thieves robbed his house
- Then what?

They shot him dead

That's the result of being greedy

How cruel

This is a powerful place

No matter what people do,
no matter what we do...

...something always watches us

Like you coming here... knows all about you.
I know as well

Know about what?

Come on

Just let him know your true feelings...

...or you might miss out

But he does smell nice


But sometimes, I just want to be alone

No way. Then it won't be exciting

Otherwise why did you
give him the orchid?

I'll open it for you

Have you looked
in his bedroom yet?

Do I have to?

Of course! You judge a man
from his bedroom and his desk

I'd have to wait for him
to fall asleep first...

...before I could look inside

This way. You have to slide it open

Sorry. My room is a bit of a mess

It's not that messy

I wasn't expecting company today.
It's not often I get visitors

It's always a mess

- Please sit down
- Thank you

Have an orange

You think it looks OK hanging there?

Will this one glow in the dark as well?

After you

Are you tired?

A little bit


Where's Pa Jane going?

She can't stay out under the hot sun

Come on, Mom Mam!

What are you thinking about?

Come here, Mom Mam!

If you secretly liked someone,
what would you do?

I'd hide behind a pillar
and peek out at them

But then how would they know
that you like them?

I don't know

But that person isn't you,
I just need your advice

I can't decide what to do

Why? What's wrong?

I don't know what to say

Is it a man or a woman?

- I'm just joking
- That's a strange question

It was a joke. Don't take it to heart

I'm not accusing you of anything!

- That was mean
- I'm only kidding

Is the orange peeled?

It's all crushed

- It's completely squashed
- Have another

So, go on.
You secretly like her?

But I don't dare to confess my love

Could I do anything to help?

Smile, your smile makes me happy

Smile just once more

Just a glance, I'm standing here

Waiting for your smile

Just a simple smile from you

Teeth, so clean and white

Flickering in the shadows,
shining in my heart

To you no one compares

Please brighten me with your smile

Smile and it will be mine

Please brighten me with your smile

Can you feel me smiling back?

Love is the answer

Love and concern

The tenderness of your smile

Inspires me as always

My guitarist

Smile, your smile makes me happy

Smile just once more

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

A round of applause for Ant

Let's bring him upfront

He wrote the music on all my albums

Give him a big hand

I wanted to watch you sing,
but I couldn't go, it's not proper

Why not? The fair was at the temple

There are too many people

When I saw you walking up,
I almost didn't recognise you

My green jacket must blend in!
The nurses didn't remember me either


You've never worn this outfit here?

No, I'm afraid I'll run into patients

Brother, do you feel that...

...maybe we knew each other
in a past life?

I don't think so

You remind me of my dead brother

When I was 8 years old...

...I was naughty, as boys are

Climbing trees to pick mangoes
and such

One day, my brother was
too scared to climb the trees...

...but I forced him...

...and he fell and died

I feel wrong to this very day

Are you my brother reincarnated?

It can't be

I wasn't human in my past life

I just want the chance to apologise

To your brother?

- Yes
- I'm not your brother

Because in my last life I was...

It was my brother's

- A horse?
- Yes

I'd like you to have it

I can't accept it

It's not mine.
Save it for your real brother...

...when you see him

My brother is already dead

Well, then...
will you accept this instead?

What is it?

My new album

For me?

It doesn't look like you

It hasn't gone on sale yet

'I Could Only Look'

This is your real name?


Normally, I sing about teeth and gums...

...but this album is all love songs

But I don't own a CD player

I'll present one as an offering

That's OK. I'll borrow the abbot's,
he has one


Dr Ple, follow me

Where are you going?

You also majored in Pharmacy?

Only for two years

Then I studied medicine for four more

Did you find the army base boring?

Not exactly, but I felt
I'd be more useful here

Why did you decide to study medicine?

A pharmacist is stuck
in the pharmacy all day

- Did you follow your friends?
- No

- Did you consult your parents?
- No

- So you wanted to switch majors?
- Yes

How would you describe yourself?

I'd say I'm a cheerful person

Why do you think you're cheerful?

My friends seem to have fun
when they're around me

How many friends do you have?

I'm friends with everyone in my class

And you still meet regularly?


Do you play any sports?

- I can play basketball
- Can you draw?

What position do you play?


Why did you choose to play centre?

A centre doesn't need to be tall

Do you prefer triangles,
squares or circles?


What colour would you like it to be?

A clear colour

What colour is your clear colour?

Clear like a glass

What would you like it to be made from?

From glass

What if there isn't any glass?

Plastic, I guess

Can you sit up straight, please?

- Are you right or left-handed?
- Right-handed

Can I see your right hand?
Stretch your arm out

Clench your fist. Clench it tight

Tighter. Just a bit

Thank you

- Do you have any pets?
- I used have to have a cat

And now?

It's dead

What does DDT stand for?


What does DDT stand for?

Is it...

...'Destroy Dirty Things'?

Take this note to Dr Natreprakai
on the 8th Floor

Don't peek at it, Doctor

- Is there anything else?
- I'll be off, then

Sorry to keep you waiting

Do you want some tea?


...I brought you a little present

It's too much. You shouldn't have

Please take it

Thank you

I'm a stubborn person. Wherever I go,
I have to take my bolster pillow

I need to hug it or I can't sleep

I wrap my legs around it
and rest my head on it

- You're very attached to it
- You could say so

That night...

...I dreamt a chicken flock
came to tell me...

...that they wanted me to suffer

But I forgive them. I've offered prayers
for them for many years

But they won't forgive me.
I guess they want revenge

I was scared
and ran away from them...

...but they came flying after me

I kept on running

Suddenly I felt like I'd grown wings
and become a chicken

But it was only a dream

When I woke up in a fright...

...I found myself on the floor... arms and legs
pinned beneath me

My whole body was aching

Is it from eating chicken?

Or do you think it's bad karma?

Do you eat a lot of chicken?

Come to think of it, quite a bit

I've been meaning to quit

- I agree. You should stop
- Or I'll have double karma

Or reduce the amount you eat

Poultry is very high in cholesterol

It contains a lot of fat and uric acid...

...that collect in your joints
if you eat too much...

...and it makes them ache

Therefore, you must try
to cut down if you can

Eat more fruit and vegetables instead

They have more nutritional value

They're high in fibre, calcium
and can ward off disease

They also help ease constipation

Being regular can help clear your mind

You won't feel dizzy or confused

Then I should stop eating chicken

Yes, that's right

My aches and pains...
Can you stop them?

Of course. You could have
what's called Panic Disorder

That stems from your own imagination...

...from your inner fears,
from your mind

Or it could also be genetic

When you fell out of bed
onto the floor... might have triggered
some latent diseases to resurface

Will you give me some pills?

Yes, but let me take
some more blood tests... determine the exact cause

Hold on a second, Doctor

What is it?

Boil these roots and drink them

They'll give you a kinder heart

But I'm already kind to all my patients

These roots also help to reduce...

...inconsequential thoughts

Bad, inconsequential thoughts
gather in our brain

Drink this and you'll feel better

I see...

It also reduces your memory

Reduces my memory?

If I drink it...

...then I won't remember who you are?

That's OK. We each have our calling

We have to follow our own paths

Take him, for example

Sakda, tell the doctor...

...about the asthma... asthma

His mother has had asthma
for some time

Sakda, tell us about her condition

Tell me about your mother's asthma... I can make her better

How long has your mother had asthma?

Rinse your mouth

I prefer it off

Open your mouth

I'd like to rinse my mouth

Just a second, Doctor

Open your mouth

Would you like some tea?

Where are you two going?

To have lunch

Good. Keep walking.
Maintain your distance

It's OK. I'll catch up

OK, I've dialled

What a trendy ring tone

My girlfriend set it for me

Pretty, young Joy?


Be careful. These steps are old

Army doctors have to do their rounds
down here every Friday

Just make sure it doesn't affect
your other cases

The basement is reserved
for military patients...

...war veterans and their relatives

Everyone is a relative

I know. Small country, huh?

Oh, there's another way down.
At the fork just now, take a right

Where's your father, Off?

He went to get the X-ray results

You're looking better


Try it

Lower. More. More

Be patient

Very good

How's everyone back home
these days?

Your old neighbours
sold their house and moved away

They sold it?

- Where did they move?
- To Cha-am

I see. What about your sister?

She's living with her boyfriend

I see. And how about you?

I'm living with her as well

I see. What rank are you now?

First Lieutenant

- Lieutenant already? That's pretty fast
- Yes

You used to be such a naughty boy.
Very naughty

You used to sling mud at my house

I'm really sorry

It's Dr Nant

- This is Dr Nant
- Hello

This is Dr Nohng, the haematologist

We were just saying it's rare
to meet a male haematologist

That's right. Why did you
decide to specialise?

My sister has alpha thalassaemia

So I had an interest in this field

And you can take care of her?

Then you must carry the gene as well

That's not always the case,
you have to do a blood test

I've checked. I carry the gene

- Oh...
- Really?

Would you allow me?


Is he pale?

- Not really, Doctor
- Really?

- Do you feel fatigued?
- No

- But you can't be sure
- Right

There are active and passive carriers

That's why I always say...

...obstetricians live with birth...

...oncologists live with death...

...but haematologists live with suffering
- Most are women

- Because blood diseases can't be cured
- They can't be cured

The patient suffers a lot

What are you doing, Doctor?

Isn't it a bit early for that?

She knows what to do. See?

What's this, Doctor?

There are three of us

- I'll get it
- You don't have to help her

- Did you go to the Red Cross Fair?
- Not yet

It's quite extravagant this year
with lots of bands performing

He won't go

- There's no Karaoke
- That's not true

Don't call me an alcoholic

I have to go on TV this evening

She's a guest speaker
on public TV every week

It's always like this

I've gone on TV a lot...

...but I'm still not used to the cameras

I don't drink much,
just enough to get me tipsy

- As always
- That's why you look so nice today

I have to prepare my own wardrobe...

...because public TV
doesn't have enough money

I try to help, but their sets
are so old-fashioned

I asked them to use a blue screen
and matte in flowers...

...but they wouldn't take my advice

Oh, Dr Neng, come on in

There are staff outside
waiting to use this room

Really? Tell them to come in then

We're just chatting

They've already left, Doctor

Really? Then why don't you join us?

You, too, young man

- Come inside
- Off, come here

- Come in
- Are you appearing on TV again today?

Yes, in the evening

- Is this Sant's son?
- Yes

- He's good looking, huh?
- He's my patient

I see

- What's wrong with him?
- Carbon monoxide poisoning

Isn't he better yet?

Not yet. I've been treating him
for several months

That's strange

Do you mind if I take a look?

- What are you doing, Doctor?
- Chakra healing

I channel energy from the sun

The top of his head is a Chakra centre

I'm going to transfer my energy to him

I've seen this done before

Close your eyes

I want you to imagine a picture...

...of yourself walking through a forest

There is a large waterfall...

...and a crystal-clear stream

The water is very cool

Try raising both your arms

Slowly. Slowly raise them

Take both hands
and dip them into the stream

Dip them in

Now both your hands...

...will suck up the water...

...the water from the stream...

...up into your head

Into your head...

...and all around

The water inside your head...

...will wash away everything...

...and vaporise into the sky

Right, now, you have a fresh mind

It's clear... clear as crystal

Your mind is refreshed

You have a fresh mind now

OK. Now lower your arms

Let's see. Open your eyes

How do you feel?

- Better?
- I didn't feel anything

For chakra, don't your hands go here?

Only if you get a massage
and a hand job!

But isn't this what they showed us
in the seminar?

I think you must be confused

- What?
- Here, have a drink of this

- Can I be excused?
- It's OK

Let him go, Doctor

I've tried this waterfall trick before

Really? Why didn't you tell me?

Are you selling Red Cross T-shirts?

Yes, this year we have two styles

- Very nice. How much are they?
- 200 baht

Can I see your racquet?

You could join the national team with this

Good thing she didn't scold you

Who brought you to the hospital?

My dad

Does your girlfriend visit you?

Is that a tattoo on your neck?

Can I see it?

Open it more





I see. Pandora

Is it the name of a band?

Still studying?

Not right now

I was working in a car factory

Japanese cars?

But I've stopped working

I've planned out my life

But it'll take longer than for most people

A year longer

What do you mean?

Well, my brain is...

Maybe in my next life

What will you be in your next life?

Human, I guess

A man or a woman?

A man

How come?

In my last life, I was also a man

How are you feeling, Off?

- Hello, Doctor
- Hello

- Where is Dr Neng?
- Inside the room

Hey, when did you get here?

A while ago.
I've been watching you

Been following me?

What is it?

Who did you buy this for?

Is it for me?

But it's too big for me

Do you want it?

Look, my palms are sweaty again

Are you tired?

From what?

From kissing

Wow, you can see
my house from here

- Really?
- Yeah, it's over there

Next to the tree by the round building

I see

Remember my company trip last week?

We toured the new plant in Cholburi

- It's very large
- What's that picture?

It's nothing

I'd like to move there. It's so modern

It looks good

It's so hi-tech, like a brand new city

They're also building a hospital

You want me to apply for a transfer?

Would you?

When does your company move?

Probably sometime next year

Your entire department?

Won't you go?


Don't you have English lessons today?

It's close by the sea, too

Don't try to tempt me with nature