Syndicate Smasher (2017) - full transcript

A group of mercenaries hired as contract killers are hunted down by the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Russian Mob, and the Tongs all at once.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- Foxtrot Six, come in.

Foxtrot Six, do you read me?

- [Dasha] I read
you loud and clear.

- What's your 20?

- I'm four klicks northeast
of the drop off point.

(upbeat music)

- Got you right in my
sights, Foxtrot Six.

I'm 40 meters at
your five o'clock.

- I don't see any convoy.

Where the hell is it?

- These are the
coordinates we were given.

- Well it's not here,
we got bad intel.

- I was told directly
by the boss man himself.

- Wait a minute,
I see something.

(sinister music)

At my three o'clock, 200 meters.

- There you are, fucker.

I just made visual confirmation.

You're right on
top of the target.

- I see him.

I'll take him.

- Wait for backup.

They don't show, we
abort the mission.

I'm not dying over 100 grand.

(suspenseful music)

- Sorry, I gotta
pay off my Ferrari.

- Hey wait!

(rifle booming)

- Sniper!

(speaking in foreign language)

- You crazy--

(rifle booming)

(rifle booming)
(soldier grunting)

(assault rifle booming)

(rifle booming)
(soldier grunting)

(rifle booming)
(soldier grunting)

(pistol booming)

(rifle booming)
(soldier grunting)

(pistol booming)

(assault rifle booming)

(pistol booming)

(assault rifle booming)

(pistol booming)

(pistol booming)

(speaking in foreign language)

- What now?

- [Soldier] Freeze, hands up!

Hands behind your head!

- [Soldier] Drop it,
don't be a hotshot.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Soldier] Don't move!

Don't fucking move!

- Hold your fire.

Who the fuck are you?

Who hired you, huh?

- Your mother.

(fist thumping)

- My mother, huh?

Take these motherfuckers.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Soldier] Get your
ass up, move it!

(suspenseful music)

- This is it, lovebirds.

Last stop.

Don't fuck up in
your next lifetime.

Send them to their maker.

(rifle bolts clicking)

(dramatic music)

(machine gun bolt clicking)

(machine gun booming)

(guns booming)

(bullets thudding)

(machine gun booming)

(guns booming)

- Take cover, take cover!

(bullets whining and thudding)

(fists thumping)

(bullets thudding)

(machine gun booming)

- Move, move!

(rocket exploding)

- [Soldier] Bazooka!

(machine gun booming)

(guns booming)

(assault rifle booming)

(machine gun booming)

(rifle booming)

(assault rifle booming)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Soldier] Keep
firing, keep firing!

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(speaking drowned
out by gunfire)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(explosion booming)

- [Soldier] Move, move, move!

(rocket hissing)

(guns booming)

(bullets thudding)

(guns booming)

(guns booming)

(flamethrower hissing)

(men screaming)

(guns booming)

(explosions booming)

(dramatic music)

(pistol hammer clicking)

(pistol booming)

(upbeat music)

(car engine rumbling)

- Come get your bread.

No thanks, no gratitude?

- 'Til next time.

- Thank you, Mother.

- I know the one.

- Yeah, we had a great time.

- She always talks too much.

- (laughing) That's not nice!

- I know, but it's true.

- And then I came here
'cause I wanted to see you.

- I love seeing you.

I love the time
we have together.

- Me too, so stop
watching the television.

I think I can distract you.

- And I like those lips.

- Well then give 'em to me.

(sinister music)

- Business in our own backyard?

I don't know, Jack.

And I don't hit
civilians, you know that.

- [Theresa] Hey Jack.

- Hey Theresa.

- I'll see you next Thursday.

- Okay, Babe, I
look forward to it.

- Okay, Baby.

- This man is no civilian,
not by your definition.

- What's the other job?

- Same people.

They just want us
to make an exchange.

They pay us half
after the first job,

half after the second.

- Does Dasha trust these people?

- We know they have money.

- How much?

- 300,000.

- 300K?

For one man?

He must be very important.

How many people is gonna
take to do this job?

- He's an easy mark.

Man lives by himself,
he has no protection.

- Wife, children?

- He'll be all alone.

- Hmm.

Have you talked to
Dasha and Dara about it?

- Not yet.

- You need to do that.

- I'll make the call.

(uneasy music)

I checked it out already.

The house isn't under his
name, it's under the city's.

It's confiscated property,
probably seized by the police.

- Hmm.

Where's his real residence?

- He hasn't been living
in his own residence

for four months.

- Means they're hiding him out.

They know there's a
contract out on him.

- What do you think, too risky?

- No, we're gonna do it.

Is that him?

- Yeah, that's him, let's go.

- No, no, let him get inside.

I want it to be quiet.

(car alarm beeping)

(dramatic music)

- Let's rock and roll, guys.

- Okay.

What do you think?

Yeah, I'll be there!

I'll, alright!

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(guns booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(bullets thumping)

Come get me mother fuckers!

(silenced pistols
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

- Let's roll.

(uneasy music)

- Mr. Dippolito, do you have
any comment on the verdict?

- Today's a great day.

Justice has finally been served.

- Mr. Dippolito,
can you please--

- You can address me.

My client would
like me to be his

spokesperson for the time being.

- Is it true that the judge
declared a mistrial in the case?

- Yes, it's true.

My client has been
cleared of all charges,

just like we knew he would be.

- Because of the death of the
prime witness against him?

- We are truly saddened of
the death of Mr. Manzella.

He was a dear
friend of my client.

But his testimony would be
totally irrelevant in this case.

- Leo Manzella was
murdered, was he not?

- That investigation
is still pending

and has absolutely nothing to
do with this case whatsoever.

- But your client benefited
from his death, did he not?

- We have no further
comments at this time.

My client would like to
go back to his quiet life.

We ask that the press and media

please respect his
right for privacy.

(hands clapping)

- That was a great
performance back there, Rusty.

I am impressed.

We know you're the one
that had him clipped.

- [Attorney] Excuse
me, this is harassment.

Please leave now!

- How did you know?

I mean, I didn't even
know where he was.

Who told you?

Who do you know on the inside?

- [Attorney] That's
it, I'm going straight

to your superiors.

We're filing a harassment
suit against you.

- Don't worry, Rusty.

I'll nail you next time.

- Have a nice day, Detective.

(sinister music)

- Detective Driscoll,
how did you find out--

- Get out of my face!


- Did you get that?

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- That was Detective
Carol Driscoll,

who led the investigation
into the murder case

against alleged rackets boss
Russell "Rusty" Dippolito,

who has been released
after a mistrial.

- Rita, was it because of
the death of Leo Manzella?

- Yes, as you know, Leo
Manzella, whose testimony

was crucial in the
conviction of Dippolito,

was murdered while--

- Russell Dipplolito.

- He was under the protection
of local law enforcement.

Why wasn't he--

- This is not good.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Now what the
hell is the holdup?

- They're stealing from us.

They don't wanna
pay the full amount.

- No problem, guys.

My boss will have
the rest of the money

after you do this other
job on our behalf.

- Listen, the deal was half now

and half after the second job.

Tell your boss we're not
people that you want to stiff,

I can guarantee you that.

Now, where's the 150
grand you owe us?

- When Mr. Kryukov gives
orders, he doesn't ask twice.

- [Milan] Well neither do I.

- Take the money.

We'll give you the
rest after the job.

All you have to do is
make an exchange for us.

- What kind of exchange
is this anyway?

Why can't your people do it?

- Easy job.

We give you package, you
give package to the people.

They will give you money, and
you bring money back to us.


- What's in the package?

I'm gonna ask you once
more, what's in the package?

Smack, coke?

That's what I thought.

We make the exchange and
the risk falls on us.

- We'll give you
the details later.

Expect a call tonight.

Have a good one.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Hey, Khrushchev.

Don't let your mouth
overload your ass.

Your pathetic threats
mean nothing to us.

- I don't know about this.

I don't wanna get caught
up in some dope deal.

It's too risky.

- That's why they sent us out.

In case there's a bust,
they walk away clean

while we go to prison.

- Kryukov's people
are not gonna pay us.

You know they're gonna smoke
us after we do this for them.

- I say we take what
we have and we move on.

- These maggots have no
idea who they've crossed.

- Look, I know what
you're thinking, alright.

We go head to head
with these people,

we're looking for
some big problems.

Maybe we cut our losses.

- No, nobody steals
from us, nobody.

I don't care who they
are, one way or another

we're gonna get the
money that they owe us.

Are we agreed?

- Agreed.

- Yeah.

- I have a bad
feeling about this.

(sinister music)

(dramatic music)

- So what's the word?

- They're flyin' in next week.

- Shit!

What the fuck do they want?

That's all I need is for them
to be breathing down my back.

- They wanna sit down.

Manzella was one of Broncato's
people in St. Louis.

After what happened, happened,

Broncato went
runnin' to Chicago.

- Broncato is a chicken shit!

Goes running to Scozzari
like some little sissy

instead of settling
things like a man.

- We're supposed to get
permission from Chicago

before we clip anyone
from another family.

- Permission?

Manzella was a rat!

Besides, this is
my own backyard.

Who the fuck do
they think they are

coming over here and
telling us what to do?

You don't see me
going to Chicago

and telling Scozzari
how to run his business.

- Well listen, all
the Midwest families,

Chicago, Cleveland,
Milwaukee, Detroit,

Kansas City, Broncato
from St. Louis,

they're all gonna be here.

Look Boss, we gotta
problem we gotta solve.

Let's solve it
before it's a problem

that's gonna bite us in the ass.

- No, absolutely not.

I'm not going to the DA or
Judge Patterson about this.

Wiretaps are out
of the question.

- Chief, this is the
only chance we have.

Look, I don't know about you,

but I know he had
Manzella whacked,

and Paulie Amandre,
and Tommy Shartino.

Every potential witness
we had against him!

These guys were
under our protection.

Our protection.

In undisclosed locations.

How did they Dippolito find him?

- Enough of this shit, Carol.

- You know what I think?

I think there are leaks
right here in the department.

Someone or, I don't know, some
people here are on the take.

- It's over.

Leave the man be.

He's a harmless old has been,

he's gonna croak in a few years.

We've got bigger fish to fry.

- Oh, that is bullshit!

He's smarter than you and he's
certainly smarter than me.

How do you think he's
run things for so long?

- I'm not wasting any more
of the department's resources

investigating some
penny ante operator.

- Penny ante?

Nothing legal or illegal
goes on in this city

without this guy pulling the
strings, and you know it.

- Dippolito's attorney
just contacted me.

- Oh shit.

- This is the third
harassment complaint

they filed against not only
you, but the whole department.

- Are you gonna let this
weasel intimidate you?

- I'm getting shit from
upstairs over this.

I mean it, move on!

- He's clever.

Boy, is he clever.

But he slips, he always slips.

And I am gonna catch
him when he does.

(upbeat music)

- Where's Kryukov?

- Relax, he sent me
to broker the deal.

- Dippolito said we're supposed

to meet with Kryukov's people.

- We represent Kryukov.

- Bullshit.

We talk to Kryukov
directly or no deal.

- Oh cut the crap.

You wanna make the deal or not?

I got the goods right here.

But you gotta show me the money.

- I call Russell Dippolito first

to find out what the
hell is going on here!

- Then do it!

(speaking in foreign language)

- Yes.

- Hey, Dippolito,
what's going on here?


Okay, okay?

(speaking in foreign language)

Hey, not yet.

My man's going to
test the merchandise.

- Be my guest.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Now that's what
I'm talkin' about.

(rifle booming)
(glass shattering)

(pistol booming)

(pistol booming)


- Hey, what took you so long?

- Hey Billy.

- What?

- Guess what I just did?

I just got off the phone
with the DA's office

about possible approval
for a wiretap on Dippolito.

- You're going
over Darcy's head?

- [Carol] Mmhmm.

- I think that's a bad idea.

You know he's gonna
find out about this.

- Yeah, I know. whatever.

Anyhow, the judge
hasn't approved yet.

So I'm just hoping that
Johnson at the DA's office

gets back to me first
before he goes to Darcy,

or they're gonna be using
me as target practice.

- [James] Driscoll.

- Yeah, hey!

How ya doin'?

What's up?

- I have a case I was
wishin' you'd help me with.

- What is it?

- I have three dead
Japanese nationals.

They were murdered at the
Overland Hotel in Downtown.

- Murdered?

So, what are you tellin' me for?

You know I can't help you.

Take those ballet
slippers and go pirouette

down to homicide.

- Well, I would except
I just got off the phone

with the Bureau and it
seems that these three

Japanese nationals have
extensive criminal records

and they're also
highly connected

in the drug trafficking in
their home country of Japan.

- You know nothing
goes on down here

without Dippolito taking
part in the action.

Might strengthen your
case for a wiretap

if we can tie it to him.

(uneasy music)

- Ain't none of us
going back home now.

I hope it was worth it.

- Jack, it'll be okay.

We have 2.5 million in
cash and another 12 kilos

of pure China white smack.

Now on the street, that's
another 2.5 million.

We're gonna make it okay.

- Yeah, but that's only
if we live long enough

to enjoy the fruits
of our labor.

- We gotta leave town
as soon as possible.

- Okay, well what
about the smack?

We can't just dump it on eBay.

- I have a contact
we can talk to.

- This is big, let's
do it right away.

We gotta move that stuff fast.

You know Dippolito's gangsters

are looking for us everywhere.

- Yeah, but he's
not gonna find us.

- That's right, we
gotta stick together.

(jet engines whining)

(dramatic music)

- Hello.

- Well hello yourself.

- We've been expecting you guys.

Come on, follow me.

Come on, this way.

- Pick up the tickets,
drop 'em off at the club.

I'll be here all day.

Yeah, I gotta go.


- [Rebecca] Hi.

- Hey Baby.

Dasha, Baby,
Sweetheart, how are ya?

You look good.

I knew you couldn't
stay away from me.

- In your dreams!

- In my dreams?

What about the night in Kabul?

- We want to talk business.

- Okay, everybody have a seat.

I'm Andy.

- Can I get you guys
something to drink

before we get started?

- No thank you, dear.

Andy, no disrespect to you,

but we're really
pressed for time

and I'd appreciate
it if we could really

get a move on quick as possible.

- Okay, whaddya got for me?

- You know what this is?

Pure H.

- Whaddya out of
your fucking mind?

What are you bringin' this
shit into my club for?

What's wrong with you?

What are these guys, cops?

You guys are cops?

You know, by law, if
I ask you for badges

you gotta tell me you're cops.
- They're not cops.

They're not cops, you idiot.

We want to make an exchange.

- This is like fucking
entrapment here.

- Andy, Andy!

Look at me, do I look like
a freaking cop to you?

I'm not a cop, I just
wanna move this deal

as soon as possible.

It'll make you rich.

- Andy, can I speak with
you privately, please?

Excuse us.

- You're out of
your fucking mind

bringing this shit in my club.

Excuse me.


- I think we should hear
what they have to say.

- What you are you fucking
taking crazy pills, too?

What's wrong with you?

You want that shit
in our fucking club?

- Look, no!

I'm not crazy about this either,

but this is the exact kinda
deal we're been looking for.

Just think about it.

- [Andy] You're nuts.

You know all the bullshit that's
gonna come down with this?

- [Rebecca] Look, tell 'em 30%.

- I can't believe you
brought this shit in my club.

I really can't.

Hypothetically, if I was
interested in this briefcase,

what would be my cut?

(dramatic music)

- Vladimir, we've
got a problem here,

and this your responsibility.

- I know, you're right.

We're here to set things right.

- You came to me, you
wanted in on the action.

So I introduced
you to my friends.

This is how you repay me?

You make me look like a jackass?

- These were not my people.

- Jesus Christ,
this is good stuff.

- Why did you use outsiders?

(speaking in foreign language)

Do we have a trust issue here?

- No, no, no.

- Well, these clowns, they
killed three of Mr. Nagai's men.

How are we gonna
compensate him for that?

(speaking in foreign language)


- Just money.

This is the same amount that
they stole from Mr. Nagai.

We do what we have to do to
keep our business together.

- And the merchandise?

- They stole it from me,
so I'm in charge of that.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Hey, you got
Dippolito, the Russians,

and the Yakuza all
workin' together.

- You got the judge to
sign off on this, right?

- Um, no, not exactly, why?

- What do you mean, not exactly?

- You know, come on he
was taking too long.

- Ah shit!

You were supposed to
wait for Judge Patterson

to sign off on the wiretaps.

They're gonna have
my badge, Driscoll.

If Darcy finds out
I wired this place,

we're both up the creek.

- Don't worry, okay?

You're in the clear.

Trust me, officially
you were never here.

I don't see you anywhere.

Your name's never gonna come up.

And if anybody
asks any questions,

I am fully responsible
and acted alone.

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- This is bullshit.

The guys that were killed were
men of importance back home.

We can't trust you anymore.

- What else can I do
to solve the problem?

- We all know how this
has to be handled.

- You know what you gotta do.

If you want our business
to continue, Vladimir,

you take care of
those pieces of shit.

- You're crazy!

Is this worth it?

Why put your job on
the line for this guy?

- Because Russell Dippolito
had Detective Ronald Trumonti

whacked, that's why.

- Oh yeah, I heard about that.

It was about nine years ago?

- 10 and a half.

- [Billy] Before I
transferred here?

- Yep.

- It was a hung jury on
that case, if I remember.

- Ronnie wasn't just my partner,

he was my life, he
was my everything.

He loved my father very much,

he spent all his time
with him when he could.

They both loved opera.

My dad got sick, had
a cardiac arrest,

Ronnie was right
there at the hospital.


You see this locket that I wear?

These are Ronnie's ashes.

I never take it off.

- Jesus.

I'm sorry.

- Did you know that the jury
was bought in that case?

Dippolito walked away scot-free.

Just waltzed away.

That's why one way or another

I am going to nail
that son of a bitch.

(solemn music)

- (speaking in foreign
language), welcome.

I'd like to thank
everybody for comin'.

Now some of you know each
other and some of yous don't.

So I'm gonna
introduce everybody.

This is Julie Matranga
from Cleveland.

Nick Adrizzone from Kansas City.

- Gentlemen.

- My friend from
Detroit, Jack Abate.

Carl Disimone from Milwaukee.

And from St. Louis,
Ralph Broncato.

I think everybody's familiar
with Russell Dippolito

and Frank Giordano
from the L.A. Family.

Now we all know why we're here.

So does anybody wanna
open up the meeting?


- Leo Manzella, he was with me.

You hit one of my guys
without permission.

That's like a slap in the face.

- Fuck Manzella.

Your boy was gonna rat on me.

I got a right to protect myself.

And what the fuck was he
doing out here anyway?

- The point is,
none of our people

are supposed to be clipped
without all of us agreeing.

- Ah, don't give me
that shit, Julie.

You wanna talk about
the rules, let's talk.

- Broncato had his
people out here

running around in my backyard
without my permission.

Just like all the rest of you.

- Rusty, this was the
arrangement we had with Fuenzi.

- Fuenzi's gone.

I'm the boss now.

And I'm gonna start doing
things by the book out here.

All of you guys, you got
people runnin' around

out here doing things behind
my back, like I'm half a fag.

If my guys came to St.
Louis or to Chicago

they'd be clipped
so fast that they

wouldn't know what hit 'em.

- Hey Rusty, you're outta
line talkin' like that.

Show some appreciation here.

You know, the only
reason your in office

is because we put
you there, capisce?

- You voted for me
because you thought

I was gonna be in your pocket.

Well, you were wrong.

- Listen, you're under us.

Everything from Pennsylvania
to the West Coast

belongs to Chicago.

You're out here working
for us, understood?

- That's what I wanna
talk to you about.

I'm the boss now.

Things are gonna
change around here.

I don't want Chicago
representing us no more.

- What are you talkin'
about here, Rusty?

- My boys, we can stand
on our own two feet.

I want a seat on the commission.

- Rusty, come on!

That'll never happen.

Never in a million years.

- I say we take a vote
on it next time around.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Vote?

What vote?

There ain't gonna be no vote.

You wanna piss on us?

You wanna start a
war with all of us?

- I got Rick Obono
in Pittsburgh, I got
the Tampa Family,

and all five
families in New York.

They're all behind me on this.

You make a move against
me, you move against them.

- You say you got the whole
East Coast, but where are they?

They haven't even
sent an emissary.

- Hey Rusty, don't
do this thing.

It's not gonna be
good for nobody.

It's not gonna be good for you,

and it's not gonna
be good for us.

Now we ain't like our
goombas out in New York

that leave their
dead on the street.

We make 'em disappear.

Remember what happened
to Hoffa in Detroit?

- I'm just sayin' what's
gonna happen eventually.

But for now, I don't
want any of you

comin' out here unless I say so.

- (speaking in foreign language)

That's a crock of shit.

If I catch any of your
boys on the street,

I'm shippin' 'em back
to you in caskets.

- Hey Rusty, one more thing.

(speaking in foreign language)

Pay attention.

Watch your back.

(speaking in foreign language)

This stupid, fucking (speaking
in foreign language).

Who the hell's he think he is?

- What is it?

- We got someone here that
might be able to help us.

- Hello, Mr. D.

I got some information that
I think you might wanna know.

- We trust this guy?

- No.

But right now he's the
only connection we have.

- If we can't trust
him why are we here?

- Let's just see what happens.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Okay.

(pistol chamber clicking)

(engine revving)
(tires squealing)

(pistols booming)

(machine gun booming)

(pistol booming)

(man grunting)

- [Dasha] One of Kryukov's men.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Move away.

(pistol booming)

Let's go.

(pistol booming)

(mobile phone buzzing)

- Hello.

- This must be Rusty.

- Who's this?

How'd you get this number?

- [Milan] I can find any
number, anything, anytime.

Don't bother calling
your corrupt cops
down at the precinct.

They won't be able
to trace this number.

- Who the fuck is this?

- I'm the one you
ordered a hit on.

Yeah, that's right,
I'm still walkin'.

Those Russian clowns you sent

couldn't even tie
their own shoelaces.

They're all dead.

And you didn't have the
guts to come yourself

or send your own people.

You're goin' down, Rusty.

- Listen you stupid
son of a bitch,

do you know who I am?

If you did, you
wouldn't be making

this phone call right now.

You should have left
town a long time ago.

- I know who you are.

You're nobody.

A self-made man who
admires his maker.

And news flash, I'm
not going anywhere.

But I will meet you soon.

You're not gonna know where,
you're not gonna know when,

you're not gonna know how.

You're a dead man.

(pounding on door)

- Hold on.

It's open, come in.

Oh hi, James.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you doin'?

- You know, you really
should get to know

Davis down there in the Bureau.

- Yeah?

I give up, who is it?

- That is Jack Samson.

He is a former
Marine, Recon outfit.

Has a minor criminal record.

- Minor?

So why were the feds
tailin' him then?

- Well the feds
weren't tailin' him.

That picture was
taken of those two

coming out of The Odessa Lounge.

Now, we both know
that The Odessa Lounge

is the unofficial
headquarters of Vladimir--

- Kryukov's...

- Outfit.

- Shit.

- The FBI still has
an investigation
pending on Mr. Kryukov.

- You're not gonna believe this.

I recorded a meeting.

No, listen to me, listen to me.

I recorded a meeting
he had with Dippolito.

They talked about
whacking some outsiders

for the killing of the
three Japanese victims

in the Overland Hotel.

- Look.
- This is him!

- I didn't hear
that, okay, okay?

- So, uh, who's the Playmate?

- Our damsel is
Dasha Federovich.

She's a Russian immigrant.

The FBI did some digging on her.

She's been in the
country three years.

Oh, you're gonna love this.

- I better.

- She was a female member of
the Russian Special Forces.

- Female Russian Forces?

Oh Jesus Christ, I love that!

A couple of cowboys!

Oh shit, if they
go after Dippolito,

anyone connected to him,
this town is gonna be

one big shooting gallery.

- Nuh-uh-uh-uh-uh!

- [Carol] What?

- And, uh, you never got any

of this information
from me, right?

I was not here.
- No, of course not.

No, no, never.

I never saw you,
you were never here.

Hey, James, thank you.

- I need you to leave town now.

- What about you?

- I never ran from
a fight before

and I'm not gonna do it now.

- Dippolito and the
Russians are not

gonna go down easy either.

- All hell's gonna
be breaking loose.

- You don't think
we're gonna leave

all the fun to you, do you?

- Something's comin'
down, it's gonna be hot.

- Okay.

- Don't know exactly when,
but you guys gotta be ready.

- Okay, don't worry
about it Boss.

I'll handle it.

I'll gather the troops,
get 'em ready for war.

(dramatic music)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(man grunting)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(shotgun booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(knocking on door)

- (speaking in foreign
language) gentlemen.

Welcome, please come in.

Please, right this way.

- [Tadao] So that's
all you've got?

- Well all three
of them work for

an individual named Milan.

Ex-Green Beret, first
served in Vietnam,

then he fell off the
map for about 15 years.

Now the rumor is
that he was recruited

by the CIA Covert Ops.

- Where can we find this guy?

- Everything is
in that envelope.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Sammy] I'll make some calls.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Let me stop you right there.

(speaking in foreign
language), but Dom,

we gotta get this prick out.

I got business in California,

especially Southern California.

- What are you talkin' about?

You talkin' about a
hit on another boss?

You know what the
ramifications are?

- Fuck the ramifications.

- Whoa, Ralphy, where
do you get balls

big enough talkin' like that?

Look, your people
were in his territory,

you were askin' for it.

My people aren't goin' to war

over business that
don't concern them.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Listen, Dom, you got
interests in California.

It's your people
he's pushin' out.

Now what has L.A. got right now?

20, 30 people tops?


I say we move on them.

Push these old dagos out.

- Dominic, everybody,
we're businessmen here.

As businessmen we have a right

to a certain amount of privacy.

But the minute a shot's fired,

and it doesn't
matter who fires it,

the public, the press, the cops,

they'll be on us
like flies on shit.

Like flies on shit.

- And if we move in on Dippolito
we're breaking protocol.

Our own people find out
we're breaking the rules

then they'll turn against us.

- Ralph, I know how you feel
about the hit on Manzella.

- Thank you.

- But Nick's right, we gotta
handle this thing right.

This thing here's a
very delicate matter.

Dippolito ain't shit,

but he's got all the New
York people behind him.

So we gotta be very careful

not to step on the
wrong toes here.

We ain't afraid of
the Five Families,

but a war would be
very bad for business.

So we don't bother them,
they don't bother us.

- [Ralph] Okay, well,
what are we gonna do

about this bastard?

- Just leave it to me.

I'll figure this thing out.

- [Ralph] Alright.

- This is a picture of him.

- How much?

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Money's not the problem,

just don't fail and
you'll get paid.

- When do you need it done?

- As soon as possible.

- You're partners with
Russell Dippolito, aren't you?

(speaking in foreign language)

Why don't you go to him?

You don't want him
to know, right?

(sinister music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Look, you don't
have to lie to me.

- I'm not lying to you.

I've never lied to you.

Please understand this is for
your protection, not mine.

It's dangerous for you.

More danger than you even know.

- Yeah, but I know
your way of life

and it doesn't scare me.

I'm a big girl.

(sinister music)

- But you gotta
trust me on this,

you can't spend
time with me now.

We gotta get a time out.

(engine rumbling)

We always have to have it.

- Let's go.

(machine gun chattering)

(tires squealing)

(pistol booming)

- Theresa, Theresa!

I'll get 'em.

(sirens wailing faintly)

- Chief, can I
show you something?

- Yeah.

- Okay, thank you.

Now Dippolito was in a
meeting with this guy,

Vladimir Kryukov.

Vladimir Kryukov, looks like

a freaking eye
chart, doesn't it?

Good thing these guys
don't have middle names.

Anyway, the feds have their
own investigations going on,

and this morning, the polizei,
the Republic of Georgia

during the Soviet Era.

And he has multiple indictments
for murder and extortion

back in Moscow.

This guy here, Boris
Bodrov, his right hand.

Now the feds believe, don't
quote me, but the feds believe

that they're part of an offshoot

of a Russian crime
group based in Moscow.

- Very impressive.

- [Carol] Thank you.

- You've done a lot of homework.

- [Carol] Yes I did, thank you.

- Where'd you get
all the pictures?

- Well, you know, I
did some surveillance

on Dippolito's club.

- Off the books, I'm assuming.

- Of course.

Look it, this here, Kazuo Nagai.

I got intel from
the feds on him too.

Now remember those
three corpses we found

in the Overland Hotel?

- No.
- You remember.

Well, it turns out
that every one of them

had a record with the Osaka
Metropolitan Police in Japan.

They're all members of
a criminal group called

(speaking in foreign language).

Nagai, guess what?

Number three in
the organization.

- What are these guys
all meeting about?

- Was something about
patching up a business deal

because of some guy named Milan

who whacked those
guys in the hotel.

- So, you were listening in?

- Well, yeah, they were
talking about merchandise.

Obviously this was some
dope deal gone real bad.

- Wiretaps.

- Don't you see
what's going on here?

Dippolito's forging an
alliance with the Japanese

and Eastern European mobs.

The DA's gonna go
ape shit over this.

- The DA?

- Yep.

We gotta let Johnson
know as soon as possible

so he can open up
another investigation

into Dippolito's activities.

- Yeah.

I already talked to Johnson.

- Yeah?

- You know, you never
got that wiretap approval

from the judge.

So here you are, wiretapping
Dippolito's club?

- What?

- The wiretap approval
you were trying to get

that you never told me about.

The judge never signed
the order, hotshot.

- Are you kidding me?

- I asked you to
lay off and move on.

Now you've got
yourself up the creek.

I've gotta suspend
you indefinitely.

- Oh Chief, come on,
this is bullshit.

I know I broke your
protocol and I'm sorry,

but look we finally nailed
that douchebag Dippolito!

- Your badge and
your gun, Driscoll.

- I don't believe this.

I don't believe this.

That's my dart gun.

(solemn music)

- Why the hell did
you go to Kwong?

He's the last person you
wanna get involved, here.

Now he's opened a
whole new can of worms.

- We need to get those
guys that killed our men.

Russians can't deliver.

And we're not waiting around.

- Kwong's men missed Milan.

They shot his girlfriend.

- We are not leaving here
until we get those fuckers.

If you can't take care of
it, we'll find someone else.

- Listen Junior,
this is my town.

No one makes any
moves without my okay.

- Oscar Kwong seems
to be doing things

without your permission.

- That fucking
prick needs to go.

It's only a matter
of time before he
crosses our path again.

- No.

A war is too costly.

You talk to Kwong's
and Kryukov's people.

We're gonna have a sit down
before things get outta hand.

(uneasy music)

- We're unarmed.

We're stepping out.

We're unarmed.

This is no trick.

Look, I just wanna talk.

- You've got a lot of
nerve comin' here alone.

- I want to make an offer.

- You don't think you're walkin'
out of here alive, do you?

- Look the woman's death
had nothing to do with me.

Those Japanese you killed,

they work for
someone called Nagai,

and were friends
with Mr. Dippolito.

They were responsible.

- And your people
work for Dippolito.

- No, not my people.

I was against Kryukov's deals

with the Italians
from the beginning.

- Who were the triggermen that
came after my lady and me?


- No, Chinese.

- Chinese?

- Yes, Chinese.

They worked for someone
named Kwong, Oscar Kwong.

I can deliver you him.

- Sure you can.

- If Dippolito is after you,
no matter where you're going,

as long as he's alive
you're not safe.

Let's go to my car, I have
something to show you.

- Yeah right.

- You can see I am unarmed.

You can kill me anytime.

I don't have any weapon on me.

Let's go.

- Dara, watch him.

If he makes a move, shoot him.

- Be cool man.

- You and I should
work together.

We have a common interest.

I'll let you keep the drugs
you stole from Kryukov

and the money you
stole from Japanese.

- [Milan] You're
gonna let me keep it?

- [Boris] Let me
show you something.

(speaking in foreign language)

- The fuck is this?

- Give me your gun.

- What?

- I said give me your gun.

- Give it to him, Jack,
I got him covered.

(pistol booming)

- Tomorrow night Dippolito's
holding a meeting

with Oscar Kwong and his men.

The Japanese will be there too.

Also, men loyal to Kryukov.

Everybody in one place.

- Let me get this straight,
you're gonna double cross them

and you want us to
do your dirty work.

- And you take over everybody's
operations in the city.

- Yeah.

- How convenient.

- Why not?

- Gimme one good
reason why I shouldn't

put a bullet in your eye.

- Because without my eye,

you'll never see the man
who killed your woman.

(uneasy music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back.

- Listen, whaddya have for me?

You know what I'm talkin' about.

- Well I have Barrettas,
Glocks, Smith and Wessons.

- I'd like to see that Barretta.

- [Kenny] Barretta
97 Select-Fire 9mm.

- Beauty.

I'll take that one.

- Oh, this is a MAC-11
9mm with a suppressor.

Very high cyclic rate.

- Let me see the Vector.

- Oh, great weapon.

Vector .45 Select-Fire,
lot of knocking down power.

- Now, whaddya have
in the backroom?

- That's reserved
for my select clients

and I think it's a little
bit out of your price range.

- Really?

I think this will
take care of it.

- I think so, follow me.

- Kenny, the one I want
most of all is the big boy.

- I like it.

- You think you can handle that?

- What are you, a comedian?

(uneasy music)

- When are you gonna get this
Driscoll bitch off of my case?

What the fuck do I pay you for?

- Don't worry about it, Rusty,
it's already taken care of.

You guys are making a
lot of noise around here.

- And this Milan character?

He's starting to be a
thorn in my side too.

I want you to put
him outta commission.

- Put him out of
commission? (laughing)

You stupid son of a bitch.

You killed his girl.

These special forces
guys stick together.

Do you know what his
crew is capable of?

- That had nothing
to do with me.

That was Oscar Kwong's people.

We'll take care of him.

- Kwong?

Oh not another war, not
in this town you don't.

You're gonna put us all
over the front pages.

- Relax Chief.

We're gonna have a sit down
with Kwong and the Russians.

- What about Milan?

- We'll take care of
him in our own way.

Meanwhile I want you
to provide security

for my people at this sit down.

Just in case Kwong
decides to get cute.

Now go on, take a hike.

Nothing worse than a dirty cop.

- Um, whaddya think this
is, a fucking charity?

- Pay the prick.

- See ya.

(upbeat music)

- Shit.

Darcy, you asshole.

- Dippolito's coming
with the bulk of his men.

- Hey, what about the Chinese?

- They will be here too.

They don't trust each other.

Nagai's men will
be here as well.

Just have your people ready.

- What about
Kryukov's loyalists?

- Don't worry, I'll
take care of them.

- You better.

(expectant music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Finally crawled
out of your shithole

to pay me respects, Oscar?

- Fuck you!

- Do it to yourself.

Raise your own little bastards,

goddamn (speaking in
foreign language).

(silent machine gun chattering)

- Nuh-uh, nuh-uh.

That isn't a Q-tip, but it
will clean out your ears.

- [Darcy] What the?

- I knew we had dirty
dicks in the department.

- [Russell] Where's Kryukov?

- He couldn't make it today.

He said to start without him.

- Are you kidding me?

He doesn't come to
one of my meetings?

What's going on here, Boris?

(machine gun chattering)

- [Darcy] Driscoll, you
bitch, you have no idea

what you're getting
involved with.

- Oh, I think I do,
because you're gonna be

Dippolito's baby
momma in the slammer.

- [Darcy] That's
not gonna happen.

- Oh, I think that
Judge Patterson

and District Attorney
Johnson would disagree.

- You moron, who do you
think leaked Manzella's,

Lamandri's, and ever
other potential witness'

whereabouts to Dippolito?

- What are you talking about?

- I'm not going to jail.

Neither is Dippolito.

Everybody who's anybody in
this town is on his payroll.

- [Carol] Mother fucker.

- He didn't mean any disrespect.

He is really ill.

I'm here to represent him.

- Your Jap friends
still owe me money.

- Alright, alright,
we'll get around to that.

But first thing we gotta
talk about this guy Milan.

He's been trying to
find ways to get all--

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(shouting in foreign language)

Mr. Nagai!

Mr. Nagai!

Please, please, calm down.

- We don't take orders
from you, old man.

- Everybody calm down.

Now look, we have a
common enemy here.

Milan and his crew,
they know that you

accepted the contract that
killed his girlfriend.

(pistol booming)

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(dramatic music)

(shouting in foreign language)

(shouting in foreign language)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine gun chattering)
(man grunting)

(machine guns chattering)

(pistol booming)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine gun bolt clicking)

(rifle booming)
(man grunting)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine gun clicking)

(machine gun chattering)

(thumping and grunting)

(thumping and grunting)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine gun chattering)

(thumping and grunting)

(fist thumping)

(bone cracking)

(machine guns chattering)

(pistol booming)

(machine gun chattering)

(machine guns chattering)

(pistol booming)

(machine guns chattering)

(machine pistol chattering)

(machine guns chattering)

(machine guns chattering)

(pistol booming)

(machine guns chattering)

(machine guns chattering)

(silenced pistols
booming faintly)

(pistol booming)

(machine guns booming)

(machine guns booming)

(machine guns booming)

- Go eat some dog you fuck!

(pistol booming)

(machine gun booming)

(pistol booming)

(dart thudding)

- [Carol] An eye for an eye.

We got him, Baby.

We got him.

(machine guns chattering)

(dramatic music)

(pistol booming)

(pistol booming)

- Vengeance is ours, Theresa.

(silenced pistol
booming faintly)

(guns firing)

(machine gun chattering)

- Fuck.


(pistol booming)

(machine guns chattering)

(tires squealing)

(machine guns chattering)


(pistol booming)

(pistols booming)

(gatling gun chattering)

(machine gun booming)

(gatling gun chattering)

(machine gun chattering)

(gatling gun chattering)

(machine guns chattering)

- Milan, what can I say?

I owe you one.


Because of that, I'm
gonna give you a seven...

No, I think I'm gonna give
you a five minute head start

before I shoot you in the back.

Hey, tick tock tick tock.

Come on, you guys are
wasting your time.

Get outta here!

Go on, get outta here
before I change my mind.

Don't ever come back.

(dramatic music)

- Help me up, let's
get outta here.

(hammer clicking)

(pistol booming)

(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

(speaking in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)