Synchronic (2019) - full transcript

Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

- 11:07 right?
- Yeah.

Fuck, shit.


I swear to God, Tom's the
worst driver we've ever had.

You usually hide your
hangovers better.

My mouth tastes like
nasty cinnamon whiskey.

The glitter won't come off.

Yeah, uniform got glitter on it?

Oh, no, the room was dark.

I couldn't tell which one
was mine, so pretty sure

this is her uniform
from the athletic store.

Fine, all right, I get it

It's unprofessional.

It's cold as fuck out
here, man, thank you

- Here we go.
- Here we go.

I think they need help.

I hope she wakes up.

I think she's got
school in the morning.

I'll take the kid.

What happened?

I was sleeping in the bedroom,

and I heard French and,
and the wind.

Sir, can you hear me?

Okay, I've got a
chest wound.

What'd you take, kid?

How's it going
in there, Steve?

OD, figurin' it out

Miss, what'd the kid take?

What you got in your pockets?

Miss... fuck!



That Narcan? Can I have some?

where I can see them

Keep 'em up.

Drop your weapon.

He don't look good,
do he?

How's it goin'
in there, man?

Dispatch fucked up,
said assault.

You show up to work dressed like
Tupac, the fuck you expect?

Victim is good.

How 'bout in there?

We've got a penetrating
trauma in the torso,

applying occlusive dressing

to a sucking chest wound.

And, hold on...
what's that sound?

Knife wound
in his front.

Exit out his back.

A what?

We'll make an airway
en route.

The fuck you lovebirds do
to these nice people?

Heroin overdose in the back.
Knife wound.

He shoot H, too?

You do this?

Probably did it to himself.

Designer drug been makin'
junkie monkeys go nuts.

Ain't illegal though,
so the fuck you gonna do, son?

Back me up.

Yeah, heroin possession
is though.

You want to tell us where you
hid the weapon,

the, um, the what, the uh?

Three foot long knife.

But isn't that a...

Wanna save yourself some trouble
and tell us where the sword is?

Still waters run deep.

Habla Ingl├ęs, por favor?

Let's get him outta here.


Don't have kids
18 years apart, dude.

Well, you can't,
'cause we're old as fuck,

but gotta keep that window slim.

At least you can get
a free babysitter.

And even though Brianna's 18,
and I love my daughter to death,

she's a fuckin' awful

The pills will help
against HIV.

It'll take about six weeks
to know for sure,

but I've never had a positive
from a needle stick.

I sent it to the fast lab,
so give you a call tomorrow

about everything else.

Is there any reason we
shouldn't do a full workup?

Ignorance is bliss,
that's about it.

Hangovers worse than usual, but
that's probably from the drinkin

and recreational drug use.

We'll ignore the ganja
and booger sugar markers

Thank you.

Hey, what'd you get my baby

Uh, some condoms,

Ah, Christ.

Nah, they're earrings,

She's one, man,
nothing's pierced.

It's strategy. So when you
give her the earrings,

she'll be old enough to know
that I got 'em for her.


A tiny dress would be
a waste of money.

Look, babe, Uncle Steve's
sittin' all the way over here,

because he went and slept
with all mommy's friends

before they married all
those men over there.

- That's not true.
- Yes...

- Oh, it's kinda true.
- Yes, it is.

Let me hold the baby,
come on, let the girls see

- what they're missin'.
- Oh, that's a terrible idea.

Come on,
I'd be a great dad, come on.

- Oh boy, okay.
- No, no.

- look at that.
- Oh no, oh God.

- Hey, ladies. Oh no.
- Oh, the baby.

Bad idea, bad idea.

Oh, wait,
why's your baby...

And there we go!
What did you do?

- No, no, no.
- Hey, hey, give her back.

I think you busted her.
Give her back, give her back.

Racist baby.


She seems happy.

Yeah, no.

Give her a break, man.

She work during the day
with lawyers,

stay up all night with the kids,

then have to deal with
your ugly mug.

I'm gonna go say what's up
to Brianna

She's bein' a little emo,

incorrectly thinks you're cooler
than me, 'cause I'm her dad

and you're just some asshole
who pops up from time to time.

Yo, B.

Hey, what up?

- I got somethin' for you.
- Yeah.

You poured me a cheap one.

You're not old enough to know
what cheap beer is yet.

I'm 18, and I know this is some
cheap-ass lager.

Fuck, stop sayin' your age.
I don't want to think

about 18 years goin' by
that fast.

Why you sittin' over here
by yourself on this shitty rock?

There's cake and barbecue and
old, fat people over there.

There's something wrong with me.

Uh, no, no one died or anything,
I just, uh, I, uh...

Oh, excuse me for one second.


Yeah, I'll be there on Tuesday,
Doctor, thank you.

Fuck, firemen
have to get up early.


What time
you go to work?

I'm between jobs,

so I thought it'd be a good time
to visit with friends,

but I'm thinkin' about makin'
an app for power crystals,

or astrology, or both,
I don't know.

That sounds like
a really bad idea.

I have to run to work, so, um.

Uh, oh, it was nice to meet you.

It was nice
to meet you, too.

Be sure to lock the door
on your way out, okay?

Brianna wants to move onto
campus, a room opened up.

That's what she wants?


I'll, uh, I'll miss her.

Gonna go with seven milligrams
of morphine, in case the burn's

second degree.
You think of anything else?

Uh, dry wraps.

Hey, can you reach me
a codeine, please?

Shit, fuckin' Tom!

Well, at least it's not you

What the fuck are you
talking about?

- I'm a great driver.
- No, you're not.

I'm the best driver
you know.

Nope, and a black man drivin'
through the Garden District,

we'd be pulled over so much,
there'd be people dyin'

all over New Orleans.

Where's the victim?

Why'd y'all tell dispatch
there was a burn victim?

There he is.

Yeah, uh, that's a body,
not a burn victim.

New kid called it in.

What happened to him?

Passed out with a cigarette
in his mouth or, you know.


Beaumont, what'd you call this?

human combustion.

He's way into that shit.

Yeah, how do we put that
in a report?

Anyways, somethin' to be aware
of, honey bears.

Passed out smoking, easy enough.

It's evidence or whatever,
so maybe don't touch it.

- It's a snake bite.
- Yeah, no shit.

Miss, you happen to know
what kind of snake bit you?


We need to figure out what kind
of poison this is.

A Venom.

It's not poison, it's venom.

- That's what I said.
- That's not what you said.

That's exactly what I said.

My ears be working and shit,
that ain't what you said...

So you gonna tell me what I said
two seconds ago?

That's okay, okay, okay.

Well, he's gotta be here

We've searched through
everything, man. It's not here.


Oh, she checked in with
her boyfriend.

- Travis.
- Dennis, look.

Dispatch, unit 101 requesting
back up to the 9th Street Hotel.

We got a snakebite and
an unknown possible O.D.

A snake on the second
floor of a fucking hotel.

You remember that
snakebite we ran out on

in the boonies near Chalmette?

Hey, Miss, are you in
a Pentecostal religion?

Some dude walkin' around
with a fucking copperhead,

- he thinks God's gonna save him.
- It ain't no fuckin' copperhead.

Well, what is it, bruh?

I mean, the punctures,
they're not the right size,

and her response to the... venom

it could only be a fuckin'..
Eastern Diamondback Rattler?

There hasn't been an Eastern

seen in Louisiana in decades

All right, want to help me
find it?

I know I can grab that


Miss, I'm gonna find your friend

Steve here's gonna mark the rate
of swelling,

so the ER know how much
anti-venom to use, okay?

This is fucking pointless,
okay, let's go.

All right, y'all be safe.

Is it broken?

There was a loud crash

Something might have
hit the sensor.

It's, um,
it's an odd one.

You see here?
That's your pineal gland.

Now usually when there's a tumor
in this area, it's inside,

but yours is at the top,
here, like a soda cap.

I've never quite
seen that.

So what are you saying?

an adult pineal gland

is calcified to some extent,

basically hardening with age,
but yours is like a teenager's.

My boyfriend's New Agey friend
thinks it's a third eye seat of

the soul or whatever, so maybe
your unique endocrine gland

makes you more enlightened.

So how does that affect
the cancer?

It suggests to me
it's been there a while,

but it also looks like a

which are extremely
aggressive so...

So it won't be a slow death?

I gave you the good news first.


Hey listen, I know you're
like a grown-ass lady

about to move out of my house,

but if you're gonna stay out
all night,

can you at least text us,

All right.

All right?

Good morning.

- Good morning
- I love you.

I love you, too.

The bad news is it's inoperable,

and we'll have to begin
treatment no matter what.

We'll have to track it.

you could have six weeks

or you could have 60 years

There's a degree of chance,
but closer to six weeks

if we don't start you on
radiation immediately.

I, uh...

In the meantime, here's some
support groups

and supplementary
alternative therapies

that patients have found helpful
and ways of telling your family.

- Whoa!
- Ah.

All right, what's up with your
grades? Are you depressed?

What? No.

Just, um, I don't know
what I wanna do.

About what?

My pregnancy.

Yeah, the father, he's being
really weird about it.

No, like,

like for work, like a job, you
know, when college is done.

Oh, so you have a,
you have a C average

because you don't know what you
wanna be when you grow up?

Well, now you're making it sound
ridiculous, but,

seriously, it's a lot of like
crazy hard work

for not knowing where it's going
or if I can even do it.

Of course you can do it.

All right, let's think about
this. What do you like?

When you were a kid,
you used to love watching

the X-Files with me.

You should be an FBI agent.

All right.
Let's play Horse without the E

Look, I'm gonna say
what I always say,

but just listen this time.

You remember this song from
high school?

Redman sampled Claude Debussy.

Funny I can remember that,
but I can't remember

four years of AP French.

Life's not fair.


Happy birthday.


Uh, it's real science-y.

Yeah. Thanks, man.

You know, when you think
about it,

strip clubs are like the one
place you really can't have sex.

Highlights certain things.

Doubts, man, they never go away.

You know, you think the wedding
day is gonna dissolve that,

and it is profound, but,
you know, the doubts,

- they never go.
- I get it, bro.

You're a guy in a relationship.

You want this?


But there's these few hours
on a Sunday morning,

after breakfast,
the kids are there,

we're having coffee together,

listening to music,
and I feel like

I'm supposed to feel, you know?

I haven't felt anything but

whiskey and a hard dick
in a decade.

You're a blessed man.

All right, as your humble,

hypocritical, idiot,

drunken, birthday celebratin'
best friend,

what's goin' on
with all the pain killers?

It's fine, man.

I know, I know, just promise
me you won't become

a junkie-paramedic-cliche.

I promise I won't become
a junkie-paramedic-cliche.

Unit 101,
we have a 14-6

at University Fraternity Row,
please respond.

Upstairs balcony!

Miss, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?


Do you know your name?

I'm not the police.

You, you need to help Tim.
He has a heart condition,

and I think he took
too much coke.

Before I passed out,

his chest was hurting.

Okay, okay, I'll get to Tim.

I just need to know if there's
somebody else

that might need some help.


Okay, where's Brianna,
and what did she take?

She took the fake Ayahuasca
from the store

when she was sitting
right there.

Just go and check her room?

Yeah, I know, just please,
just please do it.

Do it now, yes, please.

Uh, okay, um.
Tara, she's missing.

Uh, I'm gonna call you back
after I've, uh...

They need to file a missing
persons report, and...


How can I help you, sir?

You have Synchronic?


- How many?
- All of 'em.

You have any more in the back?

- Where?
- The back, back inventory

Oh we don't, we don't have that.

So when do you get more?

No, we don't, it's discontinued.

This happens a lot
with that stuff back there.

How much?


You have good people dying
every day.

You in here killing your brain.
People fuckin' gettin'

stabbed with swords,
fallin' down

seven-story elevator shafts
for this shit!

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, I didn't even know
I was bothering you.

I just, like, apologize...

- Excuse me, sir.
- What?

I know this sounds
strange, but, uh,

could I buy that Synchronic
off of you

- for triple what you just paid?
- No!

Go home to your wife or
your girlfriend, whoever.

Be glad you didn't ingest
this shit.

- I'll give you $2,000.
- Go home.

The cell phone company
said her cell is still inactive,

but I got a hold of one of
her friends from class

who thinks that maybe
she saw her

at a party earlier that night
and so I think if we just,

we just keep posting on
her social media.


What are you doing?

I'm printing these out,
and then I'm gonna put 'em up.

Can't you do something
else while they're printing?

Like call every hospital
and jail in Louisiana

and call the credit card company
and ask the police to

search the Mississippi
while you were asleep?

Why would you search
the Mississippi?

You know what I mean.

She's not, she's not dead,

so why would you search
the Mississippi?

We have to be realistic.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna hire
a private investigator.

- The entire police department...
- What are you doing?

Shh, shh, shh, lay down boy,
lay down, lay down.

Stay, stay.

Who's there?

- Oh, oh shit!
- Hey!

Come, come the fuck outta there!

- Wait, wait, wait!
- Get outta my house!

- Wait!
- You motherfucker, what the fuck

- are you doin' in my closet.
- I'm not here to hurt you!

- Get outta my house!
- My name is Dr. Kermani.

What the fuck are you doin'?
I don't care.

I'm the chemist
who created Synchronic

What are you..

You're what?

My name is Dr. Kermani.

I'm the chemist who created

Come outta there.


- Take your jacket off.
- Okay.

Turn around.

Wait, what are you
doing, what are you doing?

No, no, no.

Hello, yes, I have an intruder

- in my house.
- No, no, wait, wait.

- I'm here to help!
- Yes, ma'am.

- Cause I heard you in the store.
- My address is 1827

- You've seen what it does!
- Alexandria Avenue.

- Help, man!
- Thank you.

All right, you have until
they get here, all right?

Now, lucky for you this

has a shitty response time.

Can I, okay, all right.

I make synthetic drugs.

What I would do is create
new drugs

very similar to illegal drugs,
but the molecules just

different enough to be legal.

I know what designer drugs are.

The FDA finally cracked
down on every variant

we could come up with so
we rushed out to market

with what was meant to be
a DMT-like drug

that we synthesized from a
red flower that only grows

in a very isolated region
of the California desert...

Can I use the back of this?

My mother recently passed away,
I know how hard it is.

- Condolences.
- It's me.

I have a tumor on
my pineal gland.

Sorry to hear that.

But actually, um,

Synchronic messes
with the pineal,

so you experience time as it
actually is

rather than the linear,
one-event-after-another way

that we normally experience it.

Okay, um...

uh, here

You drop the needle on the song
you wanna play,

but they're all always there

These tracks are like time,

Synchronic is the needle.

Adults partially go, appearing
like ghosts in the past,

but kids, since their pineal
gland hasn't calcified,

they physically go to another
time entirely,

Sometimes not returning.

You expect me to believe
that you came here

to atone for your evils, and
I'm just gonna give you back

your drug that's killing kids?

I mean, I only had a few
accounts at some gas stations,

smoke shops throughout
Louisiana, some other states.

I've been driving around
buying them out.

This was my last stop,

Well, too bad, I flushed it all.

So get out.

It's all gone?


All of it, all of it's gone.

Get the fuck out of my house.

When Kyle recruited me

I was working in a
generics lab in China.

Would've done anything
to get back home,

but I left a good teaching job
for that money, so...

There's just one more sample
to eliminate.

You know they say we see
everything once in this gig?

Pretty sure we've just seen
our first junkie sword fight.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

It's just a little
tequila headache, I'm fine.

Time for your, uh,
your sermon again.


there was a time when Dennis
here and I were

gonna go to med school,

takin' a whole mess of science

Dennis here hated a lot of it,

but I sort of became a
armchair physicist.

No equations or anything,
just fun theories and history.

Like, do you know the letter
Einstein wrote

to his dear friend
Michele Besso's wife

after he passed away?

That's all right.

He said,

"Now he has departed this
strange world

a little ahead of me.

This means nothing.

People like us,

who believe in physics,

know that the distinction

the past, present, and future

is only a stubbornly...

persistent illusion."

- Hey, Captain.
- Hey, Dennis,

do you have a minute?

Yeah, what's up.

I have a discrepancy
between the morphine

inventory and what the hospital
pharmacy says we logged.

I know you guys are clean,

but keep an eye on other shifts,
would ya?


We'll talk about it
in the morning.

You know, you don't have to
be here.

We can get another paramedic
to come in.

I don't wanna go home,
I wanna fuckin' work.

Yeah, but you and Tara
should be together.

All units be advised
we have and open fracture

at 1988 Bourbon Street.

Unit 101 en route.

Sir, can you tell me
what caused the injury?

Hey, do y'all know
what happened to him?

Did he fall from something?

Sir, we can get you out of here
as soon as possible, all right,

we just want to stabilize
the injury.

and we'll take you to the ER,
all right?

Use saline to remove any large

I know.

Apply the splint.
Use some pressure.

Stop tellin' me how to do
my job, all right?

- Someone has to.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Sir, do not smoke that now.

You show up to work fucked up,

it's not gonna be on me
if you kill someone.

We need to get a line
of morphine in him.

You sure we have morphine?

What the fuck's that
supposed to mean?

You can't deal with reality,

so you pop pills and get wasted
every night.

The reality you can't deal with

is you're a forty-something
child, and I've wasted

half my life
on bullshit loyalty.

Shut the fuck up!

I'm so fuckin' tired of you

You're disappointed in everybody
around you.

All you do is complain about
your fucking wife,

who's obviously too good
for you, and you don't give

a shit about your family!

I don't give a shit about
my family?

Yeah, 'cause you're a selfish
ass who only cares about...

- Fuck you, D!
- Yeah.

Fuck you.

Fuck you, get back
in the ambulance

Shut the fuck up!
Tom, no, I need you,

come back, help me
for fuck's sake.

Let's go back
as far as we can

to the very first moment
the univer...

Two deputies
were injured.

Details on what unfolded
this morning

and the arrests made since,

and, finally, still no leads
on a young woman

who disappeared Wednesday night
after taking bath salts

- at a Tulane area house party.
- Bath salts?

I want to thank the community
for their continuous...

Where'd they get that from?

...for the missing
person case of Brianna Dannelly.

As many of the members in
our community are aware,

allied agencies and our agency
have continued to search

and are hoping for the safe
return of Brianna Dannelly.

It's so important that our
community comes together

and puts any information
that they have out there

for law enforcement.
I'm asking for tips.

Any of your tips can be sent
directly to us and we will

forward those to the New Orleans
Police Department...

She in here?

Yeah, she's
been in here for about a week.

Might wanna step to the side
She's from around...

Bad things
could happen.


No, no, no!

Don't hesitate to call us.

especially if you have
unexpected guests.

Well if we do, we'll let ya know

All right, take care everyone.

Stay alert, we're waitin'
around out here.


If you're watching this,
I'm probably trying to

convince you of somethin' that's
pretty unbelievable or I'm dead.



This is a time travel pill.

It allows you to go back in time
for about seven minutes.

I know it sounds...

brain-damaged orangutan
fucking crazy, but I was...

I was just back in time.

In this exact geographical

before it was all pumped out,
and it was still swampland.

Now, another observation,

things that touch you while
on the drug

seem to be a little distorted.

My best friend,

Dennis Dannelly, who's probably
watchin' this if I'm dead,

his daughter Brianna took it,
and she disappeared.

So hopefully with these

I'll learn a way
to bring her back.

Or be stabbed by an early
European settler,

which sounds a lot better than
wastin' away from cancer.

Observation one.

I'm not exactly sure why

I went to a different time
than the first pill.

The only difference is exactly
where I was in the room

when the pill kicked in.

And in that moment,

seeing what years of barely
surviving is like,

this man probably 10 years
younger than me

but looking decades older
despite his paleo diet,

that I realized...

The past fucking sucks, man!

And, observation two,

the exact place where you are
when the drug kicks in

determines the time
you go back to.

For example,

this spot took me to
the Ice Age twice.

This spot took me to the swamp,
dick-ass conquistador.

And also leaves the question,

if this door works both ways,

how did Brianna get stuck
back in time?



My dad always says it's better
to be single anyway.

That looks bad to you?

Just gross because it's them and
boring, 'cause they're boring.

Tell you a story.

There was a time your dad
was goin' through a drought,

major drought.

Girl wouldn't talk to him
to save her life.

She would drown in a river
before talkin' to him.

I met your mom in a bar
one night.

She was really nice, but I was
tryin' to thin out my herd,

too much goin' on.
So I set him up.

Then you came along.

Luckily, not ugly like your dad,
thanks to your mom.

So I say all that to say,

you're not gonna have the same
problems that your dad did.

Congratulations, be happy.


Uh, is it cool
if I come in?

- Yeah.
- No.

Stay there.

Um, should I be

- No.
- No, come on.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Uh, what are we doing
for dinner?

You wanna go out? Let's go out.

Yeah, I've got time
before my shift.

No, you should sleep

You're slow and clumsy when
you're well rested, so...

There's only so many ambulance
protein bars and IV hydration

I can take. I want to go out for
a real meal with all of us.

- Sound good?
- Yeah, let's go.

Reported earlier this morning,

a man was found dead
of an apparent suicide

from cyanide poisoning.

Identified as Dr. Patrick
Kermani of Ohio,

a chemist for a
drug manufacturer...

Here we go.

Last five Synchronic pills
in the universe.

This old coin, and the last few
experiments got me thinking.

What can I bring back and forth?

This coin the stab victim had,

the doorknob in the theme park.

Nonliving things can travel,
just not without distortion,

and I've been fine.

So, um...

I'm gonna see if I can bring

back in time with me

through physical contact.

That way I'll know

every possible way I'll be able
to bring Brianna back.

Come on, buddy, come on.

What'd you, where did you?

Now, sir, look, I apologize,
I can explain.



Sir, if you'll just calm down,
we'll leave.

No, we'll leave, we'll leave!

Come on!


As soon as he goes to sleep,

we're gonna get high and
break in and get to our spot.

Sounds worse than it actually
is, right?

- Go in there, and check.
- Just keep looking.

Here we go.

He's got to be someone...

I don't see...

Sir, the window breaks.

Here we go, boy.

Come on, boy.


I'm gonna' search for...

You son of a bitch!

- Police!
- Hawking!

Hawking, come on, boy, come on!

Hawking, come on!

- Is he in there?
- Come on!

Come on, boy!

Come on, man!

Get in here!

No, no, no!

Hawking, no!


Observation three.


Don't be... shit!

Don't be late.



So it seems you have to be

whatever you bring back,

like quantum...
mixing or something.

Hawking had on his collar, so...

It's chaotic how much of
anything comes back safely.

Either way, there aren't enough
pills for me to go back and...

find Hawking.

And if you're late...

You said that they
sounded like

Rain Man on cocaine.
That is exactly what you said,

it's a direct quote.

- It's not very, very nice.
- Yeah, they do.

Come on, babe.

- They do.
- Please, please, please,

Steve has other friends.

Look, um,

there's something
I never told you.

During the Katrina cleanup,

Steve got this call,

and a few coffins had been
ripped out of Lafayette Cemetery

and ended up in some
Garden District yard.

And a cleanup worker traced some
of the serial numbers

back to Steve.

Two of them were
his parents,

and one was his
little sister Dana.

And Dana was just a kid
when she died.

And when we came across
her coffin,

it had been opened by looters,

and seeing her tiny remains,

all I could think about was

and I literally passed out.

Pfft. And when I came to
on the porch,

Steve was asking if I was okay.

I mean, if I was okay.

And I got up, and I was leaning
against one of those

rich assholes'
Roman columns while

Steve watched his little sister

being dragged out in her coffin
to the truck

to join his parents.

And that was his 30th birthday.


Marty and Doc
are stuck in the rockin' '50s.

Fuck Back to the Future.

The past was hell.

They tryin' to make it all look
cozy and shit.

Best part about the past

was the music, which,

with your boy and them.

he tryin' to rock out
to Chuck Berry.

I try that, they'd put me
in jail or, or worse.

Huh, bro?

Your favorite
classic movies playing tonight

on NOLA nine.

Three pills left.
Time to find Brianna.



Have you seen a girl?

A young woman, a young lady?

You, uh, what you, wait
a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, whoa, wow, what are you,
no, no! Wait, wait, no!

Wait, wait, wait, no, no,
no, no, wait!


Oh, shit.


the present can anchor you.

What are you doing on my roof?

Are you sure this is where
Brianna was

when she disappeared?


She wandered off somewhere.

Why the fuck didn't you
say that? I almost...

Go back inside,
you high as fuck!

With Brianna gone,

I think my marriage is, um...

I think I'm getting a divorce.

She hates me.

She knows me better than anyone,
and she hates me.

And she's right.

She made an oath to love me
unconditionally and she has.

I made that same promise,

and every day I wish

I didn't hate half the music
she listens to,

or that she wore sexier

that her tits were bigger,

that she didn't sound
so happy all the time,

because I think that
conspicuously happy people

are dumb.

So I get frustrated and I,

I start these ridiculous

secretly hoping that
she ends it, as if that wouldn't

fucking destroy me.

Brianna was the one thing
that was keeping us together,

and now she's gone, so, uh...

Remember that trip we took to
Thailand and I...

I got malaria and I was
in that shitty hospital

and all I could think about
was her,

getting home to her.

That's how I feel now.

She won't even look at me,

because I'm such a fucking

And I miss Brianna
so fucking much.

This is about you, Tara,
and Brianna.

Nothing else matters.

And just so you know,
my life sucks.

Come on.

I'm serious, man.

It's no fun. You might see
James Bond,

but I experience
Charlie Sheen, all right?

What you and Tara have,

even with all the fights,
the ups and downs, the doubts,

I'd take that shit
in a heartbeat.

I sleep around by default

and then mourn the aspect
of myself that used to feel

something above... fuckin'.

But then I found out
I was dyin'.

My brain...

has a tumor.

And all those things
just seem trivial.

That there's meanin'
in the things I do have,

and I want to spend the time
I have preservin' 'em.

I've been in treatment and
I found out it's workin', but...

when you're starin' down
at the end,

you realize there are things
that are far worse than death.

And none of those things are
what you were upset about.

How long have you known?

Couple of weeks.

Look, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you. It's just...

You know what, fuck you!

Look, you have a right
to be mad, all right?

But you understand why it hasn't
been a good time

to tell you, right?

Look, I'm tryin' to do my best,

I was so close to making a bad
haircut joke earlier.

You know, it turned out
it was Tom.

Fuckin' driver
who took the morphine.

You probably drove him to it.

Hey, it's not misplaced rage
if the guy's a fuckin' idiot.


So you've really been lookin'
for the one this whole time?

You know the real tragedy of
meeting the love of your life?

If it's happened,
it's behind you.

It's not gonna happen again.

And although it's wonderful,

what's ahead of you,
it's really, really hard.

You know, about that
treatment thing,

I decided to put it on pause.

- There's somethin' that came up,
- What are you talking about?

- You're going to fucking chemo.
- Something, look, something

came up that's really important
that I have to do.

Then do it in chemo, bitch!

You know the difference between
your life and mine?

Do you wanna know what
the difference really is?


Random events, chance, and luck

Now, some people might think
it's God or the universe

or what the fuck ever,

but that's what it is.

Let's go see my family.

I wanna show y'all somethin'

There are things
worse than death.



Listen, I would do anything
to get her back, but this is...

I know it's kangaroo shit loony,
I know, but we gotta try.

I'm not saying we shouldn't but,

but you made it back last time,
okay, maybe not next time.

And who knows what else
it's doing to you, I mean,

the next dose could kill you.

It should be me.

It's gotta be me.

Look, I have the youth tumor.

Your pineal gland is
old as shit.

It's literally impossible
for you.

Now, if you were lost in time,

and considering you raised her
and you guys share the same DNA,

let's assume that you would make
the same decision.

What would you do?

I'd leave a message somewhere

Uh, Hawking,

he, uh...



It's just been... oh man,

if all this works out, I'll,

I'll tell you about it someday.

This is delicious.

This dirty, shitty river,

this beer,

this time,

wouldn't change it.

The clock just...

keeps tickin' down and
the lower that number gets,

you realize how fucking amazing
now is.

The present is a miracle, bruh.

That's a pretty shitty,

unspecific message, huh?


Remember that home hospice
call we had a few years back,

100-year-old woman,

she had end-stage
kidney disease,

all those pictures with like
Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone?

Yeah, I remember that.

Well, she had this book
on her nightstand.

Can't remember what it was
called but something like,

Facing Death with a Smile,
or some bullshit.

While we were waiting for the
coroner, I thumbed through it,

and there's this passage about

how we're all most likely
to die.

Brianna, she asked me
about that,

and it's like a third of
us will be prolonged in a bed,

a third of us will be a sharp
decline in a bed,

and a third of us will be a
roller coaster of organ failure,

again, in a bed, being treated,
and the tiniest percentage...

is sudden death.

And that's our business, man.

We're seeing
the exceptional ones.

That's what you told
your daughter?

That's the most fucked up...

No, man, no, no, no.

What it made me realize is
that we know how it ends.

Mystery solved.

And in death,
the wild cards of fate

are the exceptional ones.
But in life, all that

crazy shit that happens before
you die, there's always

infinite possibilities.

So, yeah,

the last thing I ever said
to her as her father

was alway...

Shit, shit!






Tara, it's me.

I need you.

Really fucking need you.




How did, how did you find me?

The message.

What? What message?

Don't worry about it.
Here, take this.

It's time to go home,
just take it.

Where's yours?

I'm good.

Come on.


Any minute now,

something from the present is
gonna appear nearby, all right?

Now, if we're not back
at the boulder

by the time it disappears,
we'll be stuck here forever.



- I'll help you across.
- No!

You're gonna run as fast
as you fucking can.

Go, go, go!

Ya with the slave!

Come'ya, shoot ya, both ya!

Okay, all right

Don't move.


I'm your slave.

Come here!

Everything's gonna be all right.

Get down on your knee.

Okay, okay.

Yeah. I'm your fuckin' slave.

You come on.

Come on.

Come on!

Now come on and get
your fuckin' slave!

Oh, shit!

You okay?

I'm fine. I'm totally fine.

- Oh, my God.
- Sorry.

Don't be sorry.