Symphony of Life (1948) - full transcript

His right hand having been wounded during the war, concert pianist Andrei Balashov is unable to perform his art. As a result, the young man feels so depressed that he considers his life wasted. One day, he decides to leave the capital and flee from the woman he loves, Natasha, a rising singing star. Andrei takes refuge in Siberia, his native land. Once there, he gets a job in a sawmill, where he entertains his fellow-workers playing the accordion during leisure hours. Some time later, Natasha and her company are expected in America where they are to do a tour. But an airplane breakdown forces the pilot to land next to the village in which Andrei lives and works...


Ballad of Siberia
musical film

The author of the scenario,
design and staging Ivan Pyryev

Scenario: Evgeni Pomeschcnikov

Scenario Nikolai Rozhkov

Composer Nikolai Kryukov

Starring: Andrei Balashov - Vladimir Druzhnikov

Starring: Natasha Malinin - Marina Ladynin

Yakov Burmak - Boris Andreyev
Nastya Gusenkova - Vera Vasilyeva

Kornei Nefedovich - Sergey Kalinin
Kapitlina Kondratyevna - Elena Savitskaya

Boris Olenich - Vladimir Zeldin
Sergey Tomakurov - Michael Sidorkina

Grigori Galaida - Gregory Spiegel
Vadim Sergeievich - Vasily Zaichikov

Spring, Andrianov!
- Spring, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

And to think that our Siberians
are now fighting in Berlin,

and we, like a finger in dough,
stuck in this damn Breslau.

It's nothing, Sergeant, it'll soon end.
The last bullets will fly.

Eh! God forbid! God forbid!

Watch closely and be ready!

Yes, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

Where gold is dug in the hills,

A tramp, cursing his fate,

Drags himself along
with his bag on his shoulders

Fleeing from prison
on a dark night

In prison, where
he suffered for the truth.

Reaching the end of his resources

Before him stretched Baikal.

Reaching the end of his resources

Before him stretched Baikal.

The tramp approaches Baikal

The fishing boat takes him

And the sad song starts

Something about the Homeland he sings

And the sad song starts

Something about the Homeland he sings

Oh! Andrei Nikolayevich?

Here, this is news!

To your places! Attack!


Hello, Natasha!

Bravo! Bravo! Congratulations!

Congratulations, Natasha!

Uncle! How's things?

You know, Natasha,
not bad! Not bad.

Did you like it?
- I liked it, my dear, I liked it.

Congratulations Nadezhda Georgievna!

Sincerely, I wonder how
you managed with Natasha

this wonderful vocalese.
I'm surprised!

Yes, Natasha, tonight
a soldier has turned up...

Although it's better at home.
Come, Nadezhda Georgievna!

I've already seen him, uncle.

Natasha, congratulations! Take these as
a sign of my delight. - Thank you, Gregori.

Well done, Natasha! You sang very well!
By the way. What happened to you?

I saw Andrei in the hall.
- Andryushka? - Balashov?

It can't be.
- You're mistaken.

Andrei! Balashov!
- Andryushka!

Sorry, Natasha, one moment.

Natalia Pavlovna, let me introduce you to

Guard Senior Lieutenant Andrei Balashov.

Hello, Natasha!
- Here you are again.

Yes... I'm back.

I listened to you just now, Natasha.
- There's something different about you.

You're a very fine singer.
- You're different.

Big... Grown up.

And you... You haven't changed.

Well, Professor, here's returned
your long-awaited pupil.

It's a pity he didn't
come back a little earlier,

for the competition.

Oh! Do you think
it could have changed the outcome?

I'm sure of it, dear colleague,
absolutely sure!

That's impossible!

Excuse me, I must dash.
My Borenka is performing!

Well, Andrei, now you and I
will have much work to do.

As you can see,
first place this year went to Olenich,

and you could take it.
I hope you practised there all this time?

The front is not a classroom,
Vadim Sergeyevich. - Nonsense!

When Anton Rubinstein had no instrument

he practised on a table,
on a plank. Yes, dear!

Tomorrow we start work.
I ask you to be in class promptly at nine.

And don't be late!

Vadim Sergeyevich is just the same.
- He was waiting for you, Andrei.

And you?

- You were waiting for me, Natasha?
- Me?

- You know, Andrei, I... I...
- Natasha, I'm waiting for you.

Andrei! My friend! Here's a surprise!

Well! How stylish you look!
All in order.

Well, hello!
- Hello, Boris!

- Watch out! Hands!

Don't squeeze so hard.
I'm afraid for my hands before a concert.

Natasha, you promised
to listen to me in the hall.

Yes, Boris.
- And you, Andrei.

I'll play Liszt and
I'd like to know your opinion.

Of course, Boris, with pleasure.
- Olenich, my dear, We're waiting!

Everything's ready.
- I'm coming.

You worry more than I do.
- Oh, my dear, please.

- Well, I won't say goodbye.

That one, Natasha,
he still cares for you? Yes?

He's begun to play very well, Andrei.

You know, his technique is incredible.

Come listen, or he'll be offended.
Let's go!

What is it, Andrei?
- Nothing.

I was just playing Liszt.

What's wrong with you, Andrei?
Why are you so excited?

You hear Vadim Sergeyevich,
how he plays?

How amazingly he plays!

He plays well, but you...
You will play better!

There are pianists who brilliantly
imitate established models,

they are good pianists.

And there are pianists whose performances
provide the voice of an era.

The voice of life today!

These wonderful pianists!

If you work, you...

Vadim Sergeyevich,
do you know the Panzer?

I know!

I dream about it every night!

Every night I dream
of that damned German chemist.

Then a blast!
Falling wall, ceiling... Smoke!

Chloroform and good surgeons.

To not be able to play, and live...
100 years!

100 years!
For what? For what?

After all, I'll never be able to play
as well as I played before.

You see, never!

Complex contracture of the left hand.
That's what it's called.

Contracture ...

Show me your hand!

Well, well...
You can live and not be a pianist.

Vadim Sergeyevich!
My dear, Vadim Sergeyevich!

And it's you telling me this...

You, who taught me
in this class for 12 years.

12 years here I breathed musical air.

Rubinstein, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Liszt.

And I'm dreaming, dreaming...

What am I, a simple Siberian guy.

I can open up a whole new way for
my people to discover their music.

And I already knew how, knew how!
You yourself told me about it.

And now, what's this
you're telling to me now?

Calm down, Andrei, calm down.
One doesn't leave art as one leaves a room.

You can cripple a person, you can!
But if he has talent...

If he is a true artist,
he can endure anything and still win!

Art! It's no longer for me,
Vadim Sergeyevich!

That's not true!
How dare you say that!

You are an artist! A musician!
You have courage, will power!

You're a soldier, not a fine gentleman!
A mummy's boy!

All these fine words, dear Professor.
And art and music down there!

Even Natasha, who could be here now,
is there!

And she applauds art there!
There! There!

Bravo, Boris! Bravo!
- What a triumph! Bravo!

You're a genius! It's quite brilliant!

Gregory Semyonitch, I congratulate you!

Vasily Ivanovich,
his passages are extraordinary!

aren't you going to congratulate me?

You played beautifully.

I listened so intently that I lost Andrei.

By the way, have you seen him here?
- Andrei? Ah, yes, Balashov.

You see, I was so carried away by Liszt,
that I couldn't keep track of Andrei.

I hope you'll forgive me.
- Natasha, and where's our lieutenant?

Where's Andrei?
- He disappeared.

I'm looking for him myself!
- Bring him to the entrance.

We'll be waiting for you.
- Right.

What happened?
- Nothing?

Uncle, I thought Andrei was here.

Yes, he was here.

He was... and went.

What's the matter?
You're upset about something?

Listen, Natasha. I'd like to ask you...

I understand, that this question might be
something only your father would ask.

For 10 years you've been my daughter!
- God, what a solemn preparation.

You'd think someone
had asked you for my hand.

No, Natasha, it's not that. Not that!

Sit down and listen!
I'll tell you everything.

Did you see Natasha. Andrei...

Where's Andrei?
Where's Natasha? What's with her?

10:45, we're late.
- Awful! The food's probably all eaten?

Why worry, the banquet
won't start without you.

Think so?
- Of course.

No! It's quite enough.
I'm hungry. Wait, please, Boris.

Now, I'll hurry them.

God alone knows!
Come, Sergei, my hands are frozen.

Let's go in.

Boris, Sergei, come here.
They are here.

No, you're mistaken.

Yes, I'm telling you.
I could hear their voices.

Strange... Take this!

What is it?
- I'm sorry,

but we are waiting for you.
Everyone's already gone.

- I'm not going anywhere, Boris.

Me neither. Thank you.

But you promised.
Today's a festive occasion.

Unfortunately, my dears,
today we're not up to festivities.

Come on, Natasha.

What is it, huh? Sergei.
- I don't understand.

And where is Andrei?
Where's he got to, eh?

No... there's something not right.


Oh she, my sweet, my darling girl

Has cast aside my love

Forgotten and abandoned

An orphan now am I!

Now I will go and hang myself

Comrade! Hey!
- Uncle!

Shut up, for the sake
of our Lord Jesus Christ!

And not that,
or I'll throw your things overboard.

You've an accordion in your hands!
Girlfriend lyrics!

It speaks better
about the beauty of man.

And you turned it into a dumb animal.

True, granddad!
Well, you play!

I can't, it's not given! No talent.

Again true! Since talent's
not for sale, you can't buy it.

Here I am! At the front learning.
Play, play and everything goes by.

Well, citizens, any expert here,
take it!

Give it here, friend, I'll try.
- With pleasure.

Play, mate,
something Siberian. Can you?

I'll try once I've worked it out.

On the wild steppes of Transbaikalia,

Where gold is dug in the hills

A tramp, cursing his fate

Drags himself along
with his bag on his shoulders

A tramp, cursing his fate

Drags himself along
with his bag on his shoulders

Fleeing from prison
on a dark night

In prison, where
he suffered for the truth.

Reaching the end of his resources

Before him stretched Baikal.

Reaching the end of his resources

Before him stretched Baikal.

The tramp approaches Baikal

The fishing boat takes him

And the sad song starts

Something about the Homeland he sings

And the sad song starts

Something about the Homeland he sings

Oh, That's it!
- It's ours alright. - Yes!

That's what an accordion should be, my dear!

And you, good friend, thank you
for the song. What a comfort!

You're welcome.
Take it, comrade.

Have you a light, friend!
- Thanks.

You want mine?
- Yes, there's mine.

Look, Petro, our comrade's hand
is damaged.

but his playing is
no match for your squeezing!

Really? Is that how I am?

But, it's not in vain
I lugged this bandura around.

Sometimes it pays to be blunt!

In that case...
Take it comrade, it's yours!

Such an expensive thing! Why?

I don't need it any more.
After you, I daren't touch it.

Take it
- Take it!

And play it,
don't hang it on the wall!

A good song
is a great help in our work.

It's true granddad. Take it, friend!
- That's right, Petrushka.

Take it, comrade.
- Take it, buddy!

Take it, it's yours!
- Thanks.

Come on, Stepan.
- Come on.

He was really cross.
- Wild! - Exactly!

Sit down, comrade.
- Sit down!

Where do you come from?
- Bogatova.

Local then.
- One of us!

And your profession?
- Draftsman.

- In construction, in Kurbagan.
- Going to Kurbagan?

Fine construction.
I was in charge of the tearoom there.

Zavarin Kornei Nefodovich.
Maybe you've heard of me?

No chance.
- Alas, alas.

Do you smoke?

You're welcome!


Sunbathing? Come on!

Don't snooze, goose!

Oh, look at that...

What fun! Once more
and this place has everything.

You can laugh!
Bring the jack and fix the flat!

Yes, Comrade Sergeant.

Hi, Kondratyevna!
- Hello.

A couple of teas and a doughnut!
- Once more you have a puncture, Yasha?

Yes, here you have nails.
- Oh no, no, no!

Not nails, but splinters!
Why damage the bus?

What am I on a tank or something
to ride over your construction site?

Here's a tank man.
He's really not afraid of any nail.

A splinter?
A tank man's not afraid of a splinter?

You tell me, too.
- Hello, Jakob Zakharych.

Hello, Nastasya.
- Bad luck again?

Just so, all because of you, Nastya.

13 punctures,
but no response from you.

Silence is golden!
- Well yes. You just giggle at me.

Do you think this tea is for me?

It's bad for me.
It gives me heartburn.

Then blow.

It'll cool the tea,
but not the heart.

Or maybe you've left
your heart in Kuban?

Well, what am I, a rooster?
- Yes, no, why.

However, someone else's heart is dark.

Nastia! Nastasya...
- Well, here we are at home.

Jacob Zakharych, hello!

- Hello, Nefodych!

Andrei, please come in, sit down.

Come on, guys!

Kondratyevna, take it in!

Girls! Girls!
- Welcome, Kornei Nefodovich.

Welcome, Kornei Nefodovich.
- Welcome home!


Andrei! Comrade Lieutenant!

- Andrei!

Sergeant, you're my darling!

Well, how did you get here, eh?
- Andrei!

That's great!
As if the company returned too!

Did you take me to the hospital
and forget about me? - How could you.

And what about your hand?

Kornei Nefodovich!
Who is this?

Him? Ooh!
He's an artist!

I see you know each other?
- Why, he's my commander!

We fought together.
- Wonders never cease.

Well, Nastya!
My respects to your commander.

Food, food and at the same time,
something to eat!

- Coming!

Nastya, who is he?
- My commander! From way back!

A couple of teas!
- Comrade Sergeant!

The bus is fighting fit.
The flat's replaced, we can go!

Wait! - But the crate,
Comrade Sergeant.

The passengers...
- Around! Forward march!

Comrade Sergeant, passengers...
- Quick march!

Well, Comrade Sergeant...
- Quick march! You goose!

Nastya! Well, what...

How did you find yourself
here in our parts?

You see, Nastya, it's my region too.
- Well? I didn't know that.

What'll you do here?
Not really for the construction?

Yeah, for the construction.

And on Saturdays I'll be here with you,
playing this accordion.

You'll be performing,
like an artist, right? - Nastya!

What kind of artist am I, Nastya.
- Nastasya!

Good Lord.
- Comrade Gusonkova!

What are you yelling for?
- Samovar!

The way you drink, Jacob Zakharych,
you'll burst!

Artist! Acrobat!

Comrade chauffeur, we'll be late.
- Let's go, take your seats!

They're going.
Can't even get a cup of tea to drink.

Excuse me, mate.
- Yes.

May I?
- Please do.

I see here we have a new man.
- Yes, a new one.

Confidentially I want to warn you.

I'm here on account of this girl...
- Is that so?

Yes, that's so!
The most serious intentions.

- Clear.

I see you're a right kind of guy.
We'll get along fine.

Former Sgt. Major, Guardsman
6th Tank Regiment, Jacob Burmak.

Delighted Andrei Balashov.
Former Guardsman, First Lieutenant.

Excuse me, comrade First Lieutenant.

Permission to go?
- Go.

Was he here?
What did he say to you?

Nothing special,
we just got to know each other.

Oh, I was so scared.
- What for?

Yes, it's funny. When I worked
in the canteen in Achinsk

he suddenly announced himself
out of the blue.

And sat down, you know, at my table,
and ate three lunches

and just looked and looked.
He gave me no peace.

Well, then I moved up here.
- I understand.

No, don't think because of him.
No way!

Then he suddenly turned up here.
- And now drinks tea at your table.

You don't say.
He's a cistern, not a man!

Well then he's in love with you.

This is what you've decided.

Andrei Nikolayevich.

He's chasing after you.
- That's not quite true.

A person can be in love
when he's far away.


He went to the war, the Siberian
To the Yenisei, the taiga, says goodbye

As if the force for the heated attacks
Was gained from his native land

He went to the war, the Siberian
To the Yenisei, the taiga, says goodbye

Siberia, expansive land
Mighty and free!

Where is there such vastness?

You're in my soul, Siberia!

On he marches, protecting
The image of country and loved one

Many countries and roads has he seen
In the midst of the war's fire and smoke

On he marches, protecting
The image of country and loved one

Siberia, expansive land
Mighty and free!

Where is there such vastness?

You're in my soul, Siberia!

He lays down his heart in the line of fire
The soldier's way is painful and long

The Siberian fought near Moscow,
and finished the war in Berlin

He returned home with a victory
The Yenisei met his epic tale

Siberia, expansive land
Mighty and free!

Where is there such vastness?

You're in my soul, Siberia!

What a miracle, Andrei Nikolayevich.
An unprecedented event! May I ask you?

Can you play something else?
- I won't play anymore!

I can't!
- What's wrong?

Sore throat, or what?
Don't you enjoy the music?

Ah, yes... Kornei Nefodych
if this is music?

Is this what I dreamed of
when I was studying?

Please forgive me.
- Excuse us.

We're not butting in?

Why did you leave us,
Andrei Nikolayevich?

You went and left us.
- Sing, my friend, something else.

We ask you.
- Please.

If you're not in the mood for singing,
then play something.

Local, Siberian,
we're very moved by your talent.

That's what I'm saying.
Ask him, guys, ask.

- Please, Andrei Nikolayevich!

Of course I'll play. Come on,
I'll sing an old Siberian song.

Thank you!

My respects,
Andrei Nikolayevich.

A golden man in our business!

All the same, I don't understand,
why are we put down here?

Comrade! Here are four of us,
flying to America.

An international competition
for performers.

In Vladivostok, we wait for the steamer.
- I explained to you, comrades, the fog!

It's an order!

God knows what!

But you see, the ship, the cabin,
we might be late!

Leave it, Boris.
You've already said enough.

Tell me, comrade Egorkin!

How long are you going to keep us here?

What's that?
It depends on the weather!

Forgive me, please.
Tell me what do you have here?

Restaurant, buffet or dining room?

- Nothing?

We're building it. Yes, after all,
our airport's not for passengers. So...

So here we are!

Well, all the same,
where do we spend the night?

I could offer you
a room in our building.

It's 10-12 kilometres.

- No, what for. We'll take you.

Comrade Burmak!
- Here.

Drive the passengers
and wait a them there until morning.

Drive them and wait until morning.


- Good luck! - Thank you, bye.

Oh, such weather,
up to three days.

Well, that's all our refreshments.

Yes, you've given us a right feast.

Tell me, girl, what's the reason for
this heavenly abode in the taiga?

Well, gold mining, farm or factory?

They're building a paper mill.
- Paper mill in the forest, the mountains?

Well, build it where?
On the steppe?

Girl, please tell us,
Are there only planes from here?

Are there any trains?
- No! We're 200 km from the depot.

Oh, how horrible...

Well, eat, please,
or the samovar will get cold.

Please lads, take a seat.

Grisha, what will you eat?
Sausage, cheese or fish?

Oh! What are you saying?!

Well, you tuck in,
and I'll take care of him.

I told you
not to eat on the plane.

Yes, you wouldn't listen.
Now look at the state of you.

What's the matter, Boris?
- You see Natasha, I...

I want to talk to you.
- You needn't lock the door for this.

Natasha! I've waited
for this opportune moment.

This is not an opportune moment.
I'm tired and want to sleep.

Go on, Boris, we fly tomorrow! Go.


You could have sat down, Nastasya.
- It doesn't depend on us.

I understand!

Simeon, go look at the bus.
- Alright!

Oh, Nastenka, Nastenka!

Why did you save my life
on the Dnieper River,

only to hand it back?

This is just your imagination,
Jacob Zakharych.

No! You're toying with me.
Together with that...

Artist, accordionist!

But I told him...
- Comrade Burmak,

Andrei Nikolai doesn't interfere
in our silly conversations.

But I'm not his accordion for him
to play themes and variations on!

I'll talk to him myself.
- Just you dare! Just you dare!

See who dares!

Calm down.
- Bad luck again, Comrade Sergeant?

Don't be so nosey! Goose!

Keep the table.
- Alright!

Allow me, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

Ah sergeant! Come in!


Come in!

- Can I take the dishes?
- Please do.

Ooh! You've not eaten a thing.

Nor drunk the tea.

Didn't you like it?
- It's so boring here. Taiga, taiga.

We've got a world of people here.
Here near our plant.

And on the river, steamships... rafts.

And on the other side last year,
we found tin. The plant was built!

What a life!

Can I bring you some hot tea?
- No thanks!

And you, what was the war like?
- Well, it lasted all 4 years.

Yes, there was a lot of war here.
- Well, here you are!

And what's your name?
- Nastenka.

And I'm, Natasha.
- Delighted.

No, you won't get bored.
We've got it good!

The morning sun will rise...
That's how it is... You'll see.

Well, good night!
- Good night.

And so...

I just start defining
a picture of my happiness...

And you turn up!

Now the question arises,
whose love is older?

While you, a first lieutenant.

Why are you getting in my way,
Andrei Nikolayevich?

Comrade Sergeant, your hand!
- Yes, I'll give you my hand.

My word as an officer!
Nastenka is the only one for me!

Repeat that once more.
- Just a friend!

Andrei Nikolayevich!
Comrade Senior Lieutenant!

Dear man!
I'm delighted!

Yashka! What are you doing?
Are you crazy!

Order! Kornei Nefodovich!

Let's go, Comrade Senior Lieutenant?
- Let's.


I thought you were fighting him.

Yes, Kornei Nefodovich!
Good guy.

Yashka... Cossack! Cossack!

Andrei Nikolayevich, the people
are waiting for you. Do you hear?

God alone knows.

Do they think
we'll perform in this teahouse.

I will tell you guys

Andrei? Balashov?

How to find a wife.
- No!

I was a driver in the army
Behind the wheel the whole darn war

With my flag I'd meet a woman
Everywhere that I would go

Once I start a conversation...

Do not hold up the traffic
Drive on without delay

My order's almost law!
My order's almost law!

How far it is to sin!

On my truck races
The front is now abroad

And the girl I met again
on the way to Bucharest!

Permission to speak to you!

Get a move on, you turn here!
Drive on as fast as you can

Look the battery's behind
And there's no detour for you!

Ah, yes, the girl, ha ha ha!
A bridegroom she won't find!

Going left, going right
In flames ahead was Warsaw.

Thunder rumbles, war surrounding
And up again she comes bounding!

A hundred greetings, my darling dear!

Don't interrupt my work
I'm not yours and I'm busy!

'Cos this here is the main road
Right to the German lands!

Why aren't you asleep, Natasha?

Who's that singing?
- Some nonsense.

A tavern waitress and a musician.
Go to sleep!.

Don't shut me out?
I want to see.

We walked around Berlin


Andrei! Here!

Go to your room, Natasha.
It's awkward.

He mustn't notice you.
- I won't go anywhere!

And then on paper
And they returned home!

Now the road back
The road to Russia

Rivers, villages and towns!

Together, going
For the first time

Here, now and forever!
- For heaven's sake!

If in Tyumen your find yourself

Call on us down on the farm

We would ready our meat dumplings

Putting piles of them on ice!

Oh, Siberia, my wilderness!

And for us it is quite clear

Regarding happiness!

You couldn't have a more suitable land

Like this!

What are you doing, Natasha?
- What a wonderful song!

Do you like this tomfoolery?
- Let's go down, Boris?

We'd put him in an awkward position.
- But I want to see him!

Oh well. I'll ask him up here.
- Aren't you ashamed?

Is he a waiter?!
Let me, I'll go alone.

Listen, Nastenka,
has the accordionist left?

Andrei Nikolayevich?
Where should he go? He lives here.

Here, I've just got his dinner.

I want to see him, talk to him.
- Well, let's go.

Are you his friend?
- Yes, a friend.

Andrei Nikolayevich,
someone to see you.

- Andrei!

Natasha! Darling!

Oh, Lord!

There you are,
I've been looking for you.

Are you crying?
- It's nothing, Jacob Zakharych, I'm fine.

No! I can see you're hurt.
Who is he? What's his name?

I'll wipe him off the face of the earth.
Who is he?

Nobody hurt me.
I just broke the dishes.

You see! Let me go.

I see.

But there's something going on.

Oh! The photo from my first poster.
How did it get here?

I cut it out at the conservatory
that evening. Do you remember?

That evening... When you
never told me anything about yourself.

Didn't wait for me, and didn't even
say goodbye. You hurt my feelings.

Ran away like a coward.
That's what your uncle said.

Vadim Sergei...

And he's right!
I really fled. I was scared.

Scared? Of whom?
- Myself.

And I decided, Natasha,
to go somewhere far away.

Away from it all.
From music, concerts, from the posters.

And me.

I'm sorry, Natasha.

But it was very hard. And I...
I couldn't do otherwise.

And now you're back with the music...
But where?

Here, in this tea room,
on the taiga.

This is not like you, Andrei!

You only see a tea room, Natasha.

I see the people.

Our simple Russian people.


These men and boys
in the difficult days defended Moscow.

Overcame at Stalingrad.

During the war,
I was something akin to them.

And when things became hard for me,
I returned to them here in Siberia.

And you know,
they have helped me.

They helped me believe
that I still can do something.

That I'm a musician!

Well, of course, not the same
as before, but a musician.

And so! In my free time,
I began to play for them.

Sing their own old songs,
compose some new.

And you know, I felt better.
They come here as if on holiday.

And clamour for my music, my songs.

Do you hear?

- Natasha!

Excuse me...

Andrei Nikolayevich!
- I'm coming, Kornei Nefodych!

I'd like you to meet...
- We've already... Kornei Zavarzin.

Delighted. - Principal and
artistic director of the establishment.

Come, Natasha.
Sit out there for a while.

Maybe I won't feel comfortable.
Perhaps I'm better here?


No, we won't offend you,
we're all good people.

- Come on, Natasha.

Let's go!

Ah, wonderful!

You see?!

An old Siberian song.

When over Siberia is breaking the dawn

And the fog lingers over the river

The shackles are heard
When the prisoners move out

As the exiles
Take the long road down

The shackles are heard

When the prisoners move out

As the exiles
Take the long road down

And rang out "March on, come on!"

And once more they trudged

Till the hills hid the now setting sun

Hope and promise will vanish
With long days ahead

Hear the shackles sad moan in the fog

Hope and promise will vanish
With long days ahead

Hear the shackles sad moan in the fog

Twas a long time ago
That Siberia's no more

Gone are the days of affliction

Separation now ends

And prosperity grows

We hear other songs now being sung

Good heavens!
But really, Andrei!


Look, she wants to sing!
In this smoke!

Crazy, her throat!

It must be stopped.
- Wait. Don't bother!

Let her sing.

Why should I be yours,
my dear, I've learned

Why did you answer my love?

Oh, I wish I did not know such grief

Would that my heart beat no more

Would that my heart beat no more

Torment is the fate for my young heart

It's quite clear.

Your sweetheart is waiting for you here

Only the golden times have passed

Why does my love for you not go?

Why does my love for you not go?


My little birdie.
Cheep, cheep!

You're breaking my heart,
looking at you...


Well, how so? There were two comrades
who served in the same regiment.

And now there comes a third...

Don't waste away with grief,
he will love you.

No, Jacob Zakharych,
He won't love me. He won't!

But I say, he will!
He can't not love you!

Has no right!

He can travel the whole wide world
and he'll never find such a one as you.

And you know what he'll say?

"My darling", he'll say.
"A friend from my troubled days...

"Nothing is more precious to me than you"!

That's what he'll tell you.

If only, Yasha. If only.

And you know,
everything I wanted to say myself.

But was too timid...
too afraid.

And now I'm not afraid!

Now I'm not afraid.

Now I don't speak for myself,
but for another.

And for precious you...

Nastasya, I Burmak feel nothing!
Nothing, Nastasya!

Oh! What's wrong with you, Yasha?
Calm down, Yasha.

How good you are!

We begin the waltz! Louder music!
All form now in a circle

Now you brave lads, even shy ones

Select the right partner for you

May I!

Allow me!
- You're welcome.

Please, Tonya!

How strange it all is, Andrei.
As if it had already happened.

But it has, Natasha. Don't you remember
our student parties at Kislovka?

Yes I remember.
And even the same waltz.

Cheer up, Sergeant!
Chin up!

Don't worry about that singer.
Tomorrow I'll be taking her away.

Put her on a plane,
they'll wave a flag and up she goes.

And then you stay with him.
- And what about you, Yasha?

Nothing... Driving!

Oh I traveled a lot, in my native country
but now I love this land!

You builders, the winners!
Our greetings, and honour, and bow!

Thank you for your art.
I hope we meet again soon

Return to Moscow with warm regards
And visit us whenever you want!

Hurry! Hurry! Look!
Andrei, look how it's rising!

Now it will rise and will light up
these mighty forests, lakes and hills.

And you will see my Siberia!
See my land!

How much there is, Natasha,
beauty, space and resources.

And the people! What people are here!
Sometimes it seems to me they're heroes.

Craftsmen! Skilful fingers!

Look, six months ago,
all that was there was the taiga.

Wild beasts lived there
and rarely a hunter in sight.

But these people came,
blew it up, ripped out the taiga!

And soon this will be
a realm of white paper!

Paper! It will fly around the country
like a swift-winged bird.

And maybe a letter to me,
your letter, my dear, will return.

Look! Look, Andrei! The sunrise!

Oh my God! How lovely!

How lovely!

How lovely!

What the devil's going on!

Is she flying to America
or going on her honeymoon?

Yes, here they are.
Why are you so worried?

Where on earth did you get to?

At the construction site, watching the
sunrise. You should have been with us.

It's like a fairy tale.
- Natasha, we've no time for fairy tales.

Say goodbye and get in the car.

- Well, goodbye friend!
- Take care, Sergei. Look after yourself!

Goodbye, Andrei!
- Goodbye, Boris!

Goodbye, Andrei.
- Goodbye!

Natasha, hurry up!

Goodbye, Andrei.
- Bon voyage, Natasha.

Take care of yourself.

Give me my suitcase, guys.
- Hurry, Natasha.

Well, now leave.
And send my things with the driver.

I'm staying here!
- What?

Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not.

Don't be silly, Natasha, get in.
- And hurry or we'll be late.

I'm not going.
Farewell! And don't scold me.

- Natasha!

What's the matter?
- You're crazy.

Natasha, wait a minute!
What will you do here?

I'm going to sing, give concerts.
- Where? In this cookhouse?

Don't be so stupid!
- Natasha, America is waiting for us.

-I don't want your America. Not one bit!

Goodbye, guys.
- Natasha!

What the devil...
- Let's go, Andrei.

Yes... Semyon!
Cut the motor! - Right.

You've no right! Your trip. Passport.

The ship's waiting,
the cabin booked. Natasha!

I'm not going anywhere!
I'm staying here!

Excuse me. My job, of course is a driver,
but I wouldn't advise it either.

There are mosquitoes here, wild animals!
The taiga wilderness! It's not for you.

It's nothing, it won't bother me.
Goodbye, guys!

What the devil!
Nothing to say, Sergei?

Don't you understand.
It's impossible! Outrageous!

It's quite unexpected, of course.
But I think she's right.

We'll go without her.
- Not one inch!

We'll get over it.
- That depends!

And rightly so!

They teach you, send you on combat missions,
and you, all sorts of freaks...

Where's the discipline?
What about some spirit.

Then they'd know what's what.
- Calm down, sergeant.

Hurry, the plane
will leave without you.

You're the one to blame!
- Well, what?

Let's be serious!
I want to talk to you privately.

Man to man?
- Yes!

Let's go to my room.
This is twice in two days.

Come on!

We both love Natasha. Both!
But you, Andrei, are selfish!

You don't want her happiness.
- Why do you think so?

Why? You really don't understand
who you are, who she is!

You, a teahouse accordionist!

Not your fault, of course.
I understand, the war and that.

But fame is waiting for her!
The people of America and Europe.

If you keep her here today, she'll
realise in a week that she was wrong.

And she'll suffer!

Really, Andrei, do you want to build
your happiness on her mistake?

On her pity for you.
Do you really want her...

And what do you want from me?
- Me? - Yes, you!

I wish that you'd leave Natasha alone.
And not ruin her life.

Fine, all well and good!
You've found your calling here.

And her?
What would she do in this teahouse?

Brew kvass, tea, 100 grams.
- Shut up!

Listen! You used to be my friend,
but that was a long time ago...

That was before the war...
And now...

And now...

And now you've turned
everything upside down.

Their whole life's plan is spoiled.

That's because you can say,
tears have been shed.

Because of me? What tears?
Who sheds them? Sit down, please.

This is thanks to you. Of course,
the little dove couldn't stand it.

But who is she? That's the thing.

An obscure war hero,
like millions, thousands.

But for some, mind you...

And long ago.
And he her commander!

Perhaps death stood between them
more than once.

How is it possible for the girl to forget!
- I understand.

I understand... Nastya?
- Exactly. It's her.

Oh my God!

What a mess.
It's time already.

Time already.
Sergei! Because you're a serious man.

You're in charge.
Go and persuade her. - You think so?

Yes, I beg you. We're late.

- Hurry.

He insulted me.
- And rightly so.

There's no need to interfere
in others' affairs. Let's go!

Others? No, it is my business!
I won't allow it. I won't leave.

I'll complain.
Let me go!

Tavern accordionist!

Why did you go there, Yasha?
What did you tell her?

Nastasya Petrovna!

Comrade Sergeant! Delay the departure
of the passengers for 5 minutes.

There's a delay
in the passengers leaving!

Forgive me, Natasha.

But you...
You'd better leave all the same.

You know...
You know, I can't help it.

I have no right!
- That's alright, Andrei, don't.

I understand.

But why are you...?

Serezha, Boris,
for god's sake don't leave! Wait!

Don't worry, they won't leave.

I've already warned the driver.

How thoughtful you are.
Thank you.

Goodbye, Andrei.
It was a wonderful evening.

I learned so much.

And the morning... the sunrise.

Something I will probably...
never ever see again.


Goodbye, Natasha.

I wish you happiness, Nastya.
Complete happiness.

You've deserved it.


Stop! Stop! Wait!

Stop! Stop!

Andrei! Andrei!

Run quickly to the office.
Call, it's all Yasha Burmak!

He was with her, talked to her.
This is all because of me!

All because of me!
Lord, how wretched I am!

Why are you standing there?
Run, bring her back! She loves you!

Don't... Don't, Nastenka.

There's no need to run,
to call, everything is fine.

Everything is in its place.

No Olenich,
it's too soon to bury me.

To soon.

Us Siberians never give up!


Sergeant of the 56th Siberian Order
of the Red Banner Regiment.

You fought for 3 years!

Have you ever seen our Siberians
surrender or retreat?

No, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

Our Siberian soldiers have
never given up and never retreated!

Correct, Sergeant!
Correct, my dear!

Where are you going?

Goodbye, Nastenka!

What Burmak promised,
he has done.

Now, your happiness
has no interference.

Live, don't think of the sad times.

And I'm leaving.

Because I can't vouch for myself.
My temper!

A low bow to your Andrei Nikolai,
let him sing...

And entertain the people!

And you, of course.
- He's not here, Yasha. He's left. Gone.

What do you mean?

Where's he gone?
- Yes, I brought his things and he left.

It was he that...

Are you serious?

I won't let him! Come back!


Simeon, start the bus!


Human happiness lost.

And all because of some rusty nail.

A year has passed,
a second too...

Hello, Kornei Nefodych!

Don't you recognize me?
- Good heavens! Comrade Malinina.

What luck!
It's a fair wind that brings you here.

Fair? Hardly.
It couldn't be a more icy blast.

There's snow everywhere,
we came from the airport on horseback.

It's the end of the world!
Five days of blizzards.

How do you come to be with us?
- I have a concert.

In Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk I was.
- I understand, a tour.

Come, take off
your sheepskin coat.

We traveled with the team,
but on the way back I decided to drop in.

For Andrei Nikolai on business.

Please, come through,
it's warmer.

My uncle is a Professor,
and Andrei is his pupil.

- Well, my errand's for him.
- Yes, I understand.

Look at the guest we have.

Lord! Comrade Malinina.
I didn't expect this.


Well, Capitolina, bring us some tea,
pancakes and entertain our guest.

Now, what a joy this is!
- The pancakes are on the way.

Our pancakes!

Excuse me, your patronym is Pavlovna?

Well, well...
So you mean...

He's Andrei Nikolayevich?
- Yes.

But he's not here.

What's that? Then where is he?
- Yes, left, gone.

Where has he gone?

The fact is that we don't know where.

People are trying to contact him.
Letters, telegrams.

Look, there's a whole pile of them there.
- That's probably my telegram.

I thought he was here.
- And we thought he'd gone back.

He'll be somewhere in Moscow.
- How long has he been gone?

And soon as you left, he did,
the very hour.

The very hour?

How strange.

How strange, the very hour...

On the street, the street,
driving down the wide street

Here I am, la-la-la,
driving down the wide street


Well done, guys,
sleep it off and then continue.

Welcome to this dwelling,
soon we'll we hasten to another.

We go to my home town in Kuban.

Hush, quiet.
Well, what's all the racket.

We have guests. Say hello?

Natalia Pavlovna!
- Comrade Malinina!

Hello, Nazranka.
- Natalia Pavlovna.

Hello, Yasha!
- Hello!

- Congratulations!
- Natalia, how did you come to us?

Alone or with Andrei Nikolai?
- No, Nastenka, by myself. Alone.

But you, Yasha. You told me
something quite different.

And now, you are married.
And are both very happy.

I'm very glad. Very happy.

You see, you big bear,
what you've done with your big mouth.

Letters she wrote to him, telegrams.
- And the answer never came.

And him neither! So they...
- Okay, I understand.

It's my fault, Natalya Pavlovna,
forgive me, for God's sake.

It's me, because of this little dove.
- It's all my fault, Natalia Pavlovna.

It's all my fault.
- Wait a minute!

We're getting married,
there's a wedding, celebrations,

and good people suffer,
from the world's knocks.

And who is to blame?

I'm to blame, Natalia Pavlovna. Me!
- You, Yasha.

Is it your doing?
- My doing? No! Let me see.

If Burmak is to blame
he doesn't hide behind others.

And if so, Kuban or not, we're with you.
Nastya, we won't go. Period!

But why?
- Why!

Search for your Andrei Nikolai.
And he'll explain!

He'll tell.
- That's right, Yasha. Well said!

How do we find him? No address.
- How did I find my little dove?

There was no address,
no trail to follow.

With such a person!
Yes, we find him in songs!

Wise man!
- Where the song is... - There he is.

That's right, Natalia Pavlovna!
- It's true, let's go!

Oh, with the horses at a gallop,
bells jingling to the station.

Put on your coat, Natalia Pavlovna.

Off we go!

In the backyard...

What kind of love in the backyard

Old courtyard, old courtyard
with my little pigeon.

What kind of love, with my little pigeon.

Wild... mysterious... grey...

The white Siberian bear...

Behind the rocks,
disappearing beyond the Urals,

It is calling, calling me
to the silver expanse.

What's in this expanse?
Where is the end to this vastness?

And, perhaps, it has no end?

But towards it stretched...

Desperate Russian hearts.

Natasha! you must finally
think about yourself.

If he'd remembered you or
wanted to see you, he'd have written.

Written at least a couple of lines.

Well, where are these lines?
So where? Nowhere!

And you've given up concerts,
run, driven after him all over Siberia,

like the wife of a Decembrist.
Who is he anyway?

Prince Trubetskoy, Volkonsky...
- I beg you, Boris.

After all, you gave me your word.

Listen, Natasha, I'm sorry...

It's a shame you don't notice
the man who loves you.

For whom, you are everything!

Don't start, Boris. Don't.

Natasha! Aren't you happy?

This quiet happiness. Where there is
no one but us and our music.

You've said it all, Boris.
I'm sorry!

I'm tired of your endless exclamations.

Yes, and I must confess, your music.
- What are you saying? My music?

Yes, your music.

After all, you just flit,
and leap over the keys.

Natasha, come to your senses!
You've always admired my playing.

That was a long time ago.
Over the years I've learned a lot.

Some things I've understood.
- I wonder, what do you understand?

Don't sneer.

I saw people
who I'd never met before.

And I'll admit I didn't think
we had such people.

I saw my country, which it turned out
I hardly knew at all.

And I find it funny when you talk,
about that quiet happiness.

With me obviously
as your little canary.

Strange... After all you are young,
talented, not in the least stupid.

But you're not like those people.

Take, for example, Yasha Burmak.

With his expansive Russian heart.
Or Nastya. Or Kornei Nefodych.

Or... Andrei...

with his persistent desire
to rediscover himself.

And you?
You live only for yourself.

You admire your playing.

And you love only yourself.
- Oh, that's it!

So I'm selfish, a philistine.
- Yes.

No, Natalya Pavlovna, I'm an artist! The
whole country will know me, all Europe.

The whole world
will hear me on the radio!

And you mock my art,
I won't let you. Farewell!

- Goodbye.

You're leaving us, Boris Grigorich?
- Yes, I'm leaving, and forever!

Natasha has became unbearable.
She insulted me, my art.

Your art?
- My music. I won't tolerate this.

And rightly so, my dear,
don't put up with it. This is too much.

Goodbye. You must understand me,
as one musician to another.

I understand, my dear fellow,
I quite understand. Goodbye.


Natasha, what happened
with you and Boris Grigorichev?

Nothing. I just told him
what I think of him.

That's not right!
Why hurt the young man so.

He has become unbearable.
- Become?

He's always been so,
you've only just noticed.

Yes, probably.

But tell me, Uncle,
don't you think it's ludicrous, silly,

that I'm running
like a little girl after Andrei?

I think about him,
am looking for him.

And he...
hasn't even written a line.

You see, Natasha, something
is obviously happening to him now...

It's Boris! Again, something
he didn't finish, didn't clear up.

Tell him I don't want to see him.

No, my dear, explain it yourself.
I won't interfere.

I beg you, uncle!
Please! Darling!

Come on, uncle.

Sergei? - Vadim Sergeyevich!
I've found him! Found him!

Natasha, Natasha!

Andrei! Andrei! Natasha!
- Where is he?



Who should burst in on me
but a huge man, a pilot,

covered in leather and slaps
in my hands this thing here.

I open it, piano!

The pilot, kind of quietly... he says
Comrade Balashov sent this to you.

- From the winter polar regions!
- Andrei?! - Oh, that's where he got to.

We look for him everywhere
and he sits on the ice, writing music.

And what music!
What music, just listen!

Vadim Sergeyevich, what music!
- Come on, come on!

"Ballad of Siberia."

Andrei Balashov
Ballad of Siberia

- Look, Nastenka!
- Oh, Andrei Nikolayevich!

How we looked for him! We traveled
the whole of Siberia, and here he is!

And Tomakurov is here, see!
- All pals!

See all about our Siberia.
- Our? So you're Siberian?

Who? Where do I work?
Who sent me here?

You, a Kuban Cossack,
whose nose froze in the cold!

And Ermak Timofeyevich,
who do you think he was?

That Ermak, he conquered Siberia!
- And I you!

It's not yet known who had it harder,
Ermak or Burmak.

Mysterious... wild... grey -

The white Siberian bear...

Behind the rocks,
disappearing beyond the Urals

It is calling, calling me
to the silver expanse

What's in this expanse?
Where is the end to this vastness?

And, perhaps, it has no end?

But towards it stretched

Desperate Russian hearts

And once through the fog and darkness

By the Tobol river, Ermak went.

That day the Tobol raged and roared

Now the waters flashed like lightning

And incessantly the thunder roared

And the winds raged in the wilds

And the winds raged in the wilds

And incessantly the thunder roared

And the winds raged in the wilds

But Siberia was subdued that day

Such a breed, Ermak, Khabarov, Moskvitin...

All went onwards
To complete it in full

It was painfully enviable for the Russian

A white expanse,
as vast as the moon

And our Cossack, untrodden path

Scaring the beast
with his military trumpet

Onwards, ever onwards,
seized by the winds

And the great Russia before itself

Saw a great ocean

Seek the land
that is luxuriant and pure

Find the expanse
where so much power is dormant

The fierce Tsar of Siberian lands

The land of hard labour,
death and the vicissitudes of grief

Here were Pugachev,
the Decembrists,

The People's Freedom
and the Bolsheviks...

Chernyshevsky was here on the river Lena

Creation pondered its own

Here Lenin elaborated
the plan of insurrection

Anticipating proletarian battles

From here, Stalin overcame the blizzards

To Russia he went, to lead the fighting

Powerful, fat, full of life

You are powerful, Siberia,
you respond to work

Not for nothing is the motherland
rightly proud of you

Your forest poems, fairy tale ores

The tiger of the hills,
the wolf of the plain

From the tundra, from the forest,
from the depths of the swamps

To meet great Stalin's plan

Golden Siberia arises!


Noble Russian land

Land of Ermak's descendants!

You are full of golden bread!

Iron and ore!

And your people unbeatable, invincible,

Builders and heroes!


Noble Russian land

Land of Ermak's descendants!

Well, finally we're alone.

May I come in?
- Nastenka!

Sergeant, where did you come from?
- Here we are travelling next door.

We've come to see you off.
- And we came to congratulate you!

You're legally married!
- Congratulations!

And you as well, Nastya!
Sit down!

And you, America again?
- No, not America.

A tour, then.
- No, not a tour.

Ah! I understand,
a honeymoon.

Not a honeymoon.
- So where are you going?

To Krasnoyarsk.
I'll work in the theatre.

Oh, to us! For a long time?
- Permanently, Nastya.

- Great!

How is it that you are from Moscow,
the centre and all of a sudden in Siberia.

Were you sent, or what?
- Why sent? We're going home.

Back home!
I'm Siberian too, sergeant.

I understand. - And our people,
live not only in Moscow but the centre,

And Natalia Pavlovna?

After all she'll be bored with us.
Taiga, taiga.

No, Nastenka. now your lands
have become so close and dear to me.

That's right!
Our land, it's perfect!

The whole world over, you won't
find such a place. - Yeah!

Siberia, Siberia!

The noble Russian land!

Russian land!

Land of Ermak's descendants!

You're in the summer heat

And the snow

Bright and good!

More precious
than gold in the mountains

Your sons

Your sons of the soul!


The noble Russian land!
Russian land!

Land of Ermak's descendants!

You are full of golden bread!

Iron and ore!

And your people unbeatable, invincible

Builders and heroes!


The noble Russian land! Russian land!

Land of Ermak's descendants!

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