Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - full transcript

In Seoul, Ryu, a deaf worker has a sister who needs a kidney transplant. He tries to donate his own kidney to his sister, but his blood type is not compatible with hers. When Ryu is fired from Ilshin Electronics, he meets illegal dealers of organs, and the criminals propose that he give them his kidney plus ten millions Won to obtain a kidney suitable for his sister. Ryu accepts the trade, but he does not have money to pay for the surgery. His anarchist revolutionary girlfriend Cha Young-mi convinces him to kidnap Yossun, the daughter of his former employer Park, who owns Ilshin Electronics. However, a tragedy happens, generating revenge and a series of acts of violence. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I'm a good person.

I'm a hard worker.

My older sister is the only family I have.

To put me through art school...

She gave up college

and got a job at a factory.

But then she fell seriously ill,

and had to quit.

So I gave up art school

and got a job.

But recently I made a decision.

I'm not sure whether to
tell my sister or not.

I'm hesitating even as I write this letter.

If I decide to do it...

I'it be listening to the
broadcast with my sister.

I can't speak with my mouth.

I'm deaf and dumb.

Please read this letter

to my sister for me, since I can't.

Sis, you're listening?

You told me if you die...

You want to be buried by the
river where we used to play.

All right, I'll do that.

But that'll be in 40 or 50 years' time.

I'm going to save you.

Really, I swear.

Actually, I registered to
donate my kidney today.

I know you said

not to...

That you'd rather die than be a burden.

But you know I never do what I'm told.
Ha ha ha.

Why did you lie that your blood type is a?

I'm telling you, if the
blood types don't match...

You haven't had a blood test

since grade school, have you?

If you can't pay the hospital bills,

take her home for now.

Until we find a suitable donor.

Until then, just keep
coming in for dialysis.


Your blood type is b, b!

Hey, come in!

What's wrong with you?

"What's wrong with you"? You, bitch.

- You are all very lucky.
- Right, here's one.


Yeah, that's right.

Man, what is that, that fucking...


What's wrong? I wasn't going to hit you.

What? - Must I hold back?

Aw, fucking great!

Look here, shit.

Shit, quiet, please.

I heard that...

This happened in Australia.

A man thought...

He had two heads.

Yeah, two.

And he kept getting headaches.

With two heads,

he had headaches all the time.

So you know what he did?

He shot...

One of his heads.

Aren't you going to lunch?

Come on... we have to eat. Let's go.

Let's go eat something.

You've only got 10 million won?

Well, first of all...

You give us your kidney,

then we'll do it.

You give us yours

and we'll get you one for your sister.

For 10 million won.

Got it?

Your blood type's b, right?

Congratulations! This is great.

Finding a donor this fast...

Is simply a miracle.

The surgery's in a week...

So have her admitted in five days.

You have got 10 million won
in your account, right?

Ha ha.

So all your problems are solved.

Isn't it great?

Are you happy now?

You idiot

you stupid fuck!

That money would've saved your sister.

Why not?

Now's not the time to be thinking that way.

There's a saying:

"Is a boiled pig afraid of boiling water?"


Then what are you going to do?
You've only got a week.

You know how long

it'll take to find another donor?

Is that her?

She's cute.

Must be a friend.

That's the bastard who fired you?

Son of a bitch.

That car's worth 10 years of your salary.

That's why we need a revolution.

So sick people will get free treatment...

And you can get...

Any damned

The bad image kidnappers get is

because of kids getting killed.

But we're different.

Give us the money, and we'll
return the kid pronto.

Shit, I'm afraid she'll
grow too fond of us.

Maybe she won't want to go home.

She'll be playing with us all the time.

What fun!

Won't have to go to school.



But think about it from her
parents' point of view.

They'll be so happy to see her again.

They'll love her even more,

and the family will be closer.

We really need the money,

so we'll ask for exactly 26 million won.

How conscientious is that, right?

That money's nothing to them...

But for us it's a matter of life and death.

Movement of capital...

Maximizes the value of money,

so it's not even a crime.

Don't you think?

In this world...

There are good kidnappings
and bad kidnappings.

A good kidnapping enlists...
The parents' cooperation.

If parents call the police... the kid dies.

The parents pay up...

And the kid gets returned.

Then nobody finds out about it.

That is why people think
all kidnappings are bad.



Can I go play at yoosun's house?


Then will you buy me a
ball pool like yoosun's?

Hey, president park!

Why do you keep buying her stuff like that?

Have some consideration for your neighbors.



President park!

Sir, please help me! My wife ran off...

And my children are hungry.

I'm a founding employee.

In six years

I never missed a day of work.

The percentage of faulty goods was 0.008%.

You know?

0.008% only!

Peng, what are you doing?

I explained it to you already.

And to come to my home...

Is he your staff? Peng?

Yes, engineer peng!

I devoted myself to welding.

I gave away my youth to ilishin
electronics, you know?

Daddy! -Are you okay?

Honey! -Let go.

I'll go down with a welder. -Let go.


I devoted my life for lishin electronics.

Hey, let go. -Kids are
dying of starvation.

- Let go of me and talk.
- What if I let you go?


Then what do we do?

Defeat the communists

what a big army!

The way for Korea is victory

go forward! Go forward!

Take a step forward towards democracy!

Go forward! Go forward!

Take a step forward towards democracy!

Put it down!

Defeat the communists

what a big army!

The way for Korea is victory

go forward! Go forward!

Let's go to the victory

go forward! Go forward!

Let's go to the victory, yeah!

By the way...

How come daddy's friend is so poor?


Uh, that's...

We spent a lot of money

because I'm sick.

What hospital is your mother in?

Daddy was too busy...

They got divorced.

That's why he left me with you.


Don't cry.

Stop it!

He wants to trade it for your doll.

Daddy loves yoosun.

Yoosun loves daddy, too.

More than anything.


The people I'm most jealous of...

Are those girls...

With mommies to braid their hair.

Then come see me sometime.


Call me anytime.

I'm all alone, so I get bored.

What a big army!

The way for Korea

is victory

go forward! Go forward!

Let's go to the victory, yeah!

Please stay inside the yellow
line as the train approaches...

He never said

why he missed work so often?

Then he never went off
for special training?


last week from Monday to Thursday.

Hey, toad, let's play hide-and-seek.

Hoy, hoy, hoy! Rock, scissors, paper!

She's washing.

Hey, porori!

You're captured.

Hey, you!

Give it!

I'm watching cartoons!


You're captured.

Hey, porori!

Is anybody out there?

Somebody help me!

Go away!










Near seomjin river...

Have you ever done anything
to provoke anyone?

Please think again.

I always thought I lived an honest life.

Excuse me,

but what is your net worth?

I'm a high school graduate...

And I started as an electrical engineer.

When the economy crashed...

My wife left me.

But why I don't understand...

Why didn't you call the police?

I thought lots of kids
were returned safely.

If I do what they tell me.

Sir, I checked...

And it looks like they
used yoosun's cell phone.

I called but they didn't answer,

so we can't locate them.

This is yoosun's number, right?

My wife gave it to her before she left.

Just a second, please.


I'm working.

So an operation will take care of it?

Where would I get 10 million won?

What the hell am I supposed to do?

At least our kid wasn't
kidnapped and killed.

We're lucky, you know.

'Cause we are poor.


Hold it.

One, two...



That's not it.

Lung has gone through its course.

It looks like a woman's handwriting.

Do you recognize it?


Yoosun, mommy was wrong.

Wake up.

Get a grip.

In the summer of 1996,

there was a stir outside.

They captured an image of a
spider that lives in water,

not on tree or between rocks.

There has never been such
occasion in this country.

It was discovered in a remote area...

In kyunggi province, near yeonchun.


Why didn't you give me swimming
lessons a bit earlier?

I sold the company...

And I put this house up for sale.


All the money I have.

Well, there's nothing special about it.

A brother and sister lived here.

They don't know where they moved to.

I'll look into it.

Let's go.

Nothing more to see here.

You asked if I ever provoked anyone?

Are you the father?

Well, actually...

I am.

How is he?

If I were a very optimistic doctor...

I'd tell you...

There was hope.

That was baek hyun-Jin's "affection"...

Requested by a man who signed his
name as "ryu of doksan-dong."

Any of you remember this guy?

He was deaf.

He sent a postcard two months
ago, saying his sister was sick.

Oh, no. She passed away.

He says, "I'm the one who killed her.

'My life has no meaning now."

You shouldn't say that.

Would she want to see you like this?

Don't forget she's watching you from above.

I know you can't hear me...

But me

and our listening audience...

Are praying for you.

Be strong.

To help you out...

I'll send you

a new my belle kimchi refrigerator.

You didn't write an address...

So if anyone listening to

this broadcast knows him...

Please let him know.

We're waiting for such touching stories

from you, our viewers.

If there's a story you want
to tell, send me a letter.

Our address is Seoul, yeongdungpo-go...

Yeouido post office, box ♪87...

C/o Lee geum-hee.

I kept them

I cried so much while reading them.

But is he really a kidnapper?

I shouldn't send him a gift, then.

You haven't sent it, have you?

Don't say anything. Just leave.

He's mentally disabled,

not stupid.

President park, this is choi speaking.

Since the autopsy results are out...

And we checked the car...

Yes, I know that place.

I'll see you there at 2:00.


Yes, I'm calling about the sticker.

Yeah, the kidney transplant.


She wouldn't have lived long anyway.

I searched through the hospitals

and found her file.


I was lucky to receive an organ
from a brain-dead patient...

But apparently they
didn't have enough money.

President park...

What I really want to ask is...

What are you going to do to the
bastards when you find them?

Kill him.

Dismantle the conglomerates!

Drive out American products!
Dismiss chaebol!

Destroy the new liberalism that
ruins the lives of the people!

Drive out American products!
Dismiss chaebol!

Destroy the new liberalism that
ruins the lives of the people!

I understand.

I'll wire you the money tomorrow,
and then call you back.

Destroy the conglomerates!

Destroy the conglomerates!

Drive out American products!

Are you going far?

Hell, yeah.


you said I could go first!

It's in an artery, chulseung.

Don't take it out!


The noodles were all soggy
last time, so I threw it out.

Yeah, hurry.


Where is the bastard?

Fuck you.


Fuck you.

Tell me, you bitch!


Next time,

please don't order just one dish.


We didn't kill yoosun on purpose.

I'm sorry, we made a mistake.

But I have something

to tell you.

I'm not just any ordinary person.

If anything happens to me...

My organization, a terrorist group...

They'll kill you.

For sure, 100%.

I gave them your picture.

If you want to live,

just leave me.

This is for your sake, honest.

And then...

I'm sorry.

100%, really.

She sat next to the deaf
kid in first grade.


she's deaf, too?


Then how come she

went to the same school?

What I mean is...

She got expelled

when they found out she wasn't deaf.

She went to college a bit,

and was a left-wing activist.

She sneaked onto a boat once,

trying to reach North Korea.


She got caught by some fishermen.

She was caught in the net.

She's part of the revolutionary
anarchists' association.


I mean, she was.

Go talk to intelligence

and bring in a few of them.

The problem is...

She was

the only member.

Make way please, excuse me.

Move aside, please.

What's going on here?

Excuse me, we're coming through.

I'm s 0 rry I

you can't ride here.

It's c-3.

They found some of cha youngmi's flyers

at a crime scene.

What scene?

Three people were murdered.

The organ dealers are dead!

But their sides are cut open.

You know what that means?

He took the kidneys!

President park,

he seems like a real psycho.

Killed three people by himself.

Is he really human?

Give this up now.

I'll return all your money.

I know you're a good guy.

So you know...

The reason why...

I have to kill you?




Inchon central hospital.

This is peng yoonchols father, right?

He just died at 12:20.

Please come in to take
possession of the body.

The mortuary's on floor b2.

When you come... -You've
got the wrong number.


You guys,


Why are you...

Why do you...


If anything happens to me...

My organization, a terrorist group...

They'll kill you.

For sure, 100%.

I gave them your picture.