Sylvie et le fantôme (1946) - full transcript

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Sylvie's father needs cash to stay in his castle so he sells Sylvie's favorite thing, a painting of Alain, the lover of Sylvie's grandmother, killed in a duel. Alain's ghost lives in the castle and Sylvie senses his presence, thinks she loves him, and fears that romance from the living will never come her way. Dad prepares a midnight surprise for Sylvie and her party guests: the appearance of the phantom. He's hired an actor, but two young men in love with Sylvie also volunteer to don white robes: Fred, the rich kid who bought the painting, and Ramure, a jewel thief in hiding. The youths declare their love, and Alain's ghost helps resolve all. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
His name was Alain de Francigny.

Like he always dressed in white,

He was called the white hunter.

Beautiful name, isn't it?

I think, he didn't like hunting. A hunter
wouldn't wear white, it gets dirty.

Perhaps he changed his suits often.

-His dog's name was Pyrame.
-Like yours, Sylvia.

-The dog died on his master's tomb.

Because he loved his master.

Dying on someone's tomb.

-Yes, dogs do that, not people.
-Why not?

-Because people have other things to do.
-Like what?

People marry, build houses,
make war, and so on.

Dogs don't do that.
They just love their master.

Oh! I'd wish I were a dog!

All right. Continue Sylvia.

Alain loved a woman
who wasn't free.

-She was married already.

-We are not free when we are married?

-I shall never marry!
-Shut up! Let Sylvie talk!

Once when here husband
was away, she met Alain.

The weather was awful,
but he waited patiently.

She didn't come often,
but he waited for her each days.

He didn't go hunting anymore,
waiting for her just in case.

And suddenly,
when she opened his door

she was drenched by the rain
and he embraced her.

He invited her in his bedroom
and she took off her clothes.

-To make them dry again.

At that moment,
the husband knocked at the door.

-I hope the door was locked!
-Yes of course!

-So he didn't kill Alain.
-Don't interrupt.

I want to know whether
he killed him.

Yes, he killed him.

Ah! Alright!
Go on!

They fought in the park,
at night, with revolvers.

He wasn't much of a marksman.

His white suit was a perfect target.

-The lady wasn't killed?

No, she died of old age.
That was my grandmother.

The white hunter was your grandmother?
- No!

-So, it's the bad one?

Grandmother left the bad one.

She mourned the white hunter,
and married another man.

-Who is it?

My grandfather.

Show us the secret stairway,
where the white hunter took the lady up.

-But I don't want anyone to know
about this. -Yes don't worry.

-It's cold here, like in a cellar.
-J?r?me, wait for me.

I'll bring some light.

You're not afraid, are you?

Sure, I'm afraid.
That makes it exciting.

Be careful!
The stairs are slippery.

In my castle there is not
secret stairs but a phantom.

Please don't talk about it.
It makes me nervous.

Don't be afraid
of phantoms Marie-Berthe.

Grandmother claimed she saw
Alain as a phantom often.

He came to her bed and smiled.

Yet he could have resented her because
she consoled herself quickly with another.

She ask him to appear before
her husband, but Alain refused.

She shouldn't have asked that.
It's a little tactless.

He never came back.

-It's nothing!
-Sylvie I'm scared!

Don't be scared, I'm here.
There is someone!


-Oh, it's Jerome.
-No, it's a man.

-There is a man here?
-Answer! It's a phantom!

-I'm not a phantom!
-Yes, you are!

-I tell you if I were a phantom!
-So, you are a thief!

We have guns!
Do you have matchsticks?

I have a lighter,
but it doesn't work.

As soon as we light the candles,
put your hands up. Understood?


-Now, answer!

-What are you doing here?
-I was fascinated by the entry upstairs.

-I'm just curious.

Sylvie, do we let him go?

-Are you Sylvie?

You have beautiful eyes.

Who are you?
What is your name?

I hate my name.

Because you'll hate it.

Did you hurt yourself?

Nothing to worry about.

Goodbye Sylvie!

Why would I hate his name?

Come back Sylvie!
Here is a door that leads out.

Come on!
keep moving! Come on!

Too bad he's crazy.
Because he's so goodlooking.

I didn't notice.

You don't look at men.
Come off it.

-Best wishes, miss Sylvie.
-But why?

For your 16th birthday.
Don't you like being 16 years old?

I want to be all grown-up.

I feel I'm wasting time,
waiting for everything. Don't you?

-Not me!
-I guess you aren't back to earth yet.

Be careful!
It's slippery.

-You have beautiful kids!
-Thanks Jean.

Come on!

My daughter knows nothing about it.
I didn't tell her about your coming.

She's too sensitive.

-Do you bring her to a doctor?
-A doctor? What for?

Sylvie is fine otherwise. Perfectly sane.
I'd wish everybody were like her.

Ah! Really!

-We suffer from an incurable disease.
-What is it?

We are not young anymore.

Never again.

Reassure mister Baron!

You seem to be in fine health,
like your daughter.

Some day everything is fine. For fun
we play practical jokes on the grown-ups.

But know I feel I'm playing a practital
joke on a lovely youngster.

?douard, make quiet the dog!

Mr. Damas is here, you know why.
My sister, the countess of Tertus.

Let's drop the formalities.

-One more floor Mr. Damas.
-Come on.

Oh! Hector!
This castle is an icebox.

-Is it true that it has burnt down 3 times?
-Yes, 3 times during one century.

-I'm thinking, how they did it.
-By accident, miss countess.

Why don't you try on purpose
to make a fire in the hearth?

Miss countess.

It is here.

Quiet, Pyrame.
What did he do to you?

Why does the dog dislike him?
He normally is gentle.

Everybody loves him.

Relax, you won't see him ever again.
My dog barks at uniforms.

Your dog has better taste.

Put the painting in the box!

To check to your name, right?

I forgot my pen.

Ah, there is a pen!

Oh, don't touch that!

He wrote his love letters with it.
It would bring bad luck!

Don't laugh.

This is his castle and I'm selling
my host, for 30 silver shillings.

At a rate of 300.000 francs.

It's a small price for my remorse
and Sylvia's sorrow.

But what choice I have. Either the
castle or the painting had to be sold.

Sylvie wouldn't have hesitated.

-She would have sold the caslte?
-Of course.

When that becomes
a reality, call me.

Properties interest me, too.

Very kind of you.

-Come to my room for the signature.
-With pleasure.

Gabriel, quick now!

It's funny, I'm beginning
to feel like an undertaker.

As though we took a relative
away, who had been alive.

There is an echo.

Come on Gabriel!
I'll help you with the box.

-The box, sir?
-Yes! Take it that way.

-What's the matter?

No! Let's go that way.

Gentlemen, please go down
the secret stairway.

It's better, because of Sylvia.
She believes men are good.

If she saw you, she'd
lose her faith in humanity.

I hope the painting will find
a home with people who love it.

The price they'll pay will
want to make them adore it.

There we are.
I've got it.

You are dirty? -Yes, that's from the secret
stairway. That nut insisted we go that way.

Let's get going before
he changes his mind.

Sorry you didn't come in.

You should have watched me making
a deal that will net half a million.

I would only see their sorrow.

Bunk. Why did they sell
at such a cheap price?

Let's get a move on.
You hold on to the painting in the car.

Couldn't one loan them money
and leave them their painting?

Leave them the painting.
I don't even begin to understand you.

I can't thinking of that
with the engine's noise.

-Do you want I stop it?
-No, later!

-Are you ready?
-A moment, please.

-Let's go Gabriel!

A new jewel would make
her forget the painting fast.

-You don't know Miss Sylvia.
-And you know nothing of women!


The dog is barking again.

You right, countess! - Why does he bark,
now that the painting's gone?

-Let's get rid of his bad habits.
-Quiet now!

I will do that countess.

Shut up!

Come on!
Smell! Scent!

Don't you know there
is nothing there anymore?

This dog is stupid!

Pyrame! Pyrame!

Bloody dog!

Sylvia is a child of the Middle Ages,
believing in phantoms, my word.

But she is not afraid of them.

I don't think that is normal.
I'm afraid. My cigarettes please.

Give me my cigarettes.

He continues!

Excuse me. However, I told him
the White Hunter isn't here anymore.

Come on!

I'm glad it's gone.
It drove you all crazy.

Father, daughter and dog

Oh, what strong drafts!

-Is that why you never seem to dust?
-Oh, countess!

Figuring the draft will push it all away?

- Hector! Don't you dare!

Sorry, miss, but he is impossible.
Come on, now. Pyrame, behave!

Come on Pyrame!
Let's go!

It looks as though he saw something.

So why don't we see it too?
We are not stupid either.

Maybe dogs have better eyes.

If Pyrame sees something, Antoinette
will see it too with her dog brain.

-Yes, I do see, I do.
-What do you see?

-I see a gentleman.
-How does he look?

He is? very tall, big?

How big?
Big as an elephant?

Much bigger.
Big teeth, and a long beard.

You're a liar.
Alain was very handsome.

She isn't stupid enough.

Anyhow it's hard to figure,
you are too young.

We'll have to wait until you are older.
- Yes! Yes! I'm stupid! I'm stupid!

Your engagement ring?

Your in-laws do
things well. May I?

Too small for me.
Sylvie try it.

Looks good on her.


Sylvie will have
a beauty when she marries.

No! Dead people
don't give jewels.

-Sylvie won't wear a ring.

And why not?

I know why!
Because the one she loves?

No, because I don't like jewelry.

Go for dinner!

Come on Sylvie!

-Do we will eat the cake?
-Of course!

-And your name Sylvie?
-Yes, we will eat it!

-And the candles?
-Sylvie blows its!

If she puts candles out in one time,
she will be married next year.

If she needs ten times,
she have to wait ten years.

-Take it Sylvie!
-No, with her mouth!

Blow! Blow!
Deep blow!

Come on Sylvie!

There is still one candle!
Try again! Try again!

Much more!
Much more!

Much more Sylvie!
Much more!

I knew I couldn't do it.

I'll never marry.

I'll never marry?

Why ever not?
You will be married like anyone!

Anyhow things are changing now that the
painting has been taken away. - Taken away?

Stolen? - No, the dealer bought
it and took it away.

Let her go!
And let's eat now!

-You shouldn't have been so rough.
-Never mind.

Oh! This cake is great.

Let's eat, we the living, and enjoy
the good things of the earth.

Don't be scared Sylvie.

Tomorrow is my celebration.
I'll see all my friends then.

I can't today.
Excuse me!

Today is a sad day.

My poor Sylvie!

You never did
anything to hurt me.


I wish I could have
avoided this too, but?

-I'll miss him on my 16th birthday.
-You'll see, he'll be there.

You'll see.
He musn't miss the party.

He must hate us now.

Maybe he is mad at me,
but he knows that you are innocent.

What is it Hector?

I hear some very heavy
knocks in the secret staircase.

Sylvie... Heavy knocks...
It's maybe...

No. I know.
There is a man there.

I'd wish it were
a phantom, a real one.

There are no real phantoms.

I'd take a fake on
if it looked right.

What's going on?

Are you playing
with that at this hour?

Don't be afraid Mariette.

I think he is here.

Who? Your Alain?

I don't see him
but I think he is here.

Poor child!

If he wanted to show
himself, he'd find a way.

If he doesn't he can ask
the other phantoms for advice.

Go to sleep miss.
Nobody is here.

I guess you're right.

Nobody is here.

I'll leave the door open.
Call me if you need me.

?Authentic report of a phantom
appearing in the town of Lagny.?

"It's happened
in October 1892.?

?There were several
officers and garrisons."

?None of them believed in ghosts.
They were in a house near to the cemetery.?

?At 3 in the morning, Captain
Corbiac looked at his watch?

?he noticed a strange light,
a figure walked to his bed.?

?See drawing, page 113.?

What? - This is frightening.
Whether one believes or doesn't.

-What happened?

-The phantom, sir.
-Don't look.

?He noticed a strange light,
a figure walked to his bed.?

?See drawing, page...?

Ah, the page turned all by itself.

It's the wind.
Go on.

It's not a book
before sleeping.

?The phantom came closer.
It wore robe.?

?A yellow robe and torn.?

If you want to see.

The drawing is on page 113.

Good. We have some yellowed
and torn sheets, they'll do fine.

When our man turns up,
measure him.

Yes sir!
Is his room ready?

Yes, but he won't be
here until tomorrow.

Wait up until midnight.
And don't fall asleep.

After reading this,
I won't be able to sleep.

Did you hear that, sir?

That's the Paris Express, Hector.
The Paris Express?


That's a strange screech.

You don't believe
in phantoms, sir?

-Are you sure?
-Yes, Hector.

Thanks, sir.

They took the painting!

Put the jewel back
where you took it!

-What jewel?
-The jewel you took.

I didn't take it.

Switch the light off!

If it is an old woman,
she'll wake up.

It's a young girl.

Beautiful. Such sound sleepers, the young.
And she doesn't wake up with noises.

That's not like old woman.
They sleep like a bird.

What are you doing here?
This is not your house.

Nor yours.

I'm at home everywhere.
But not for long, ever.

The less time possible.

Give the jewel back
and you can leave.

Who gives you the right?

How come you can get in
by the windows and I can't?

-But I...
-You are in love!

Oh, sorry.
I didn't see flowers.

Give me the jewel! - He wants
everything, the girl and the jewel.

Give it back and I'll let you go.
-How generous of you! -Come on!

-How old are you?

I'm 18. The last three years I spent in
jail. I can handle myself better than you.

-I don't think so!
-How about that?

-Yell for help!
-No, I'll finish like you.

No, they won't arrest you.
Lovers are never arrested.

Is that your dog barking?

We're caught.

Give me the bouquet.
I'll give you the cameo.

No, I don't want it.
Oh, too late.

The dog heard you!
And I heard the dog bark!

Oh, there are two of you!

Oh, yes!

-We are two...
-Ah... Ah!

There shouldn't be? two?

Euh... No!

You see,
there shouldn't be two.

The agency must have made a mistake.
It's better if you are two, instead of no one.

You always go together?

I? sort of, take care of his education.
And he needs my help.


Give the flowers to the man.

He wanted to bring them
to his girl, you know.

Come with me.
Messrs, please.

I have to leave
you in the dark.

-If you have to!
-Oh, and there will be others surprises!

I'll tell the baron
that you are here.

That's your future father-in-law,
I'll leave you to your family.

-First give the jewel back.

This is a love token.
I'd never sell it, except?

to drink myself into a stupor,
to forget her blue eyes.

-All right, black. So long now.

Let me go!

You want to be tough?
Did I hurt you, sweetie?

Oh, no. They look very
respectable, very respectable.

-Where are they?
-I left them in the dark.

It's safer that way. -Very good!
- Gentlemen?


-We are here
-Your tie!

I'm sorry, but I didn't
excpect two persons.

-Then we shall leave.
-Oh, not two of you!

But I need one of you.
-Well, you stay. -No, you!

-Yes, him!
-No, no, take him!

Why not you?

Sir! There is
another man!

-Another, sir!

He came for the same
reason as these gentlemen.

But he doesn't look good.
Not at all.

Should I bring him in?

-Now that he's here?
-Thanks to god.

But I tell to the agency
that I would like one man.

-How much are you?

The third man is
always the best.

Please, gentlemen.

I don't believe, Mister?

-Euh, Ramure.

Yes, that's my
winter name.

During the summer,
my name is Ramo.

I get the feeling, Mr. Ramure,
that you don't want to stay.

Yet, the role I want to offer
you is quite interesting.

Didn't they tell you
what this is about?


This is to give a pleasurable
surprise to a young lady.

I want you,
for a few hours...

to represent a figure
of her imagination,

-Yes, you!

Anicet of the Theaters of Paris.

How do you like
my make-up?

-You scared me.
-Yes, it's a little too ferocious.

I'm an old hand
at phantoms.

They always call me
for the phantoms of Hamlet.

To be called back
proves that I'm good.

I believe you. But I'm looking
for a friendly phantom.

Young and pleasant,
not scary.

A phantom who delights,
gives pleasure.

A phantom should disappear,
that should give pleasure.

No, this phantom mingles
with them, enjoying it with them.

Regretting that
he can't dance with them.

-No chains?
-Of couse not!

I brought them along.

But, if I had known? He speaks though?
- What?

I mean he has some
lines to say, the phantom?

No, my little Sylvia
would not like that.

It's better
if he is quiet.

Then I'm nothing but an extra.
That's not like the agency said.

-I don't believe I can accept.
-But I accept.

I think you can express many
emotions without words, tenderness.

-Are you an actor?

My friend plays
lovers in the provinces.

-Are you interested?
-I don't say that I couldn't do it.

It could be interesting.

Well then, one of
you do it, not me.


You see,
I believe in phantoms.


The gendarmes are here.
- At this hour?

I thought they were fakers,
but they are real.

-They asked for drinks.
-Excuse me gentlemen.

No one stopped
you on the road?

-For me, they check my ID card.

The police are looking
for a thief who stole a car.

They found the car.

And I had been
in a hurry to come here.

I guess I'd better
not leave now.

-Are you staying?
-And you?

Now, yes!

I can't hide
everything to you.

There is nothing
suspect here, right Hector?

Right, nothing suspect,
but everything is odd here.

Odd things are of no
interest to the police.

Search in the park
and if you find nothing there?

There are drinks in
the pantry. Good night!

The thief in the forest.
I prefer this to his destiny.

You don't want to
be part of this with us?

Euh... I guess
I will, after all.

Oh, no!

We need at least 3 people
to make one good phantom.

-I don't understand.
-It's simple.

We three will seem
to be only one.

Very clever.

So that we can be at 3
places at the same time.

-We are different sizes.
-Perspective will do the trick.

I, the smallest, will be
closest, you, the biggest?

I should be far away?
No, not me.

I played Hamlet's ghost.

Please, let's be peaceful.

For your sake,
I shall cooperate.

-You don't say thanks?

The visiouns should occur in the ballroom
where they'll dance from 10 p.m.

You can't be part of the dance, but from
the gallery you'll observe everything.

And at the stroke of midnight, when
I'll turn out the lights, in the darkness?


We have candles because
the electricity seems to have been cut.

But that shouldn't change the fun,
and the candles will warm us up.

Hello gentlemen.

We have candles because...



Who dares disturb
the peace of the dead?

Don't scare me, please!

The food basket is heavy.

It will be bad!
- There is champagne!

What are the news from the mortals?
- From the mortals?

-From the vale of tears?
-They're having fun.

We will not have fun later.
Lovers go on loving?

Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!

Servants still cheat their masters?
- Yes, sir!

-Masters still abuse servants?
-Yes, sir!

-Police still chase thiefs?
-Yes, sir!

By the way,
did the police find the thief?

No, they don't find him.

Thiefs are vicious mean.

So is the police.

Maybe they'll find him yet.

Oh no, they left,
went back to Paris.

The police is good.
The will find him.

Aren't you hungry?

No, I'll take a little walk.

There is no air in here?

You are not coming back?
- No.

-I can't stop you.
-Why should I play phantom?

I know.

You want her
cameo back?


That's very
decent of you.

I can't afford
such gestures.

-Where are you going?

I don't know, India,
Mexico, who knows?

I continue to eat!

Doesn't your friend
want to eat?

No, my friend doesn't
eat the dinner

And you?

Me neither.

-You dance well.

I do when I'm alone.
And you?

I'd like to dance with you.

-Why not now?

Maybe we'll
never meet again.

What's your name?

What for?
That's not important.

I know he is near,
he proved it last night.

-What proof?
-My cameo.

I couldn't find
it this morning.

-Someone stole it?
-More simple of that!

You leave something on the table,
you come back, it's not there.

-Has that happened to you?

-You know why?
-Because, I'm old and forget.

No, he has hidden it.


To be fun.

You're grown up, now. Be careful,
don't let them seduce you.

When you were young,
didn't you lose things too?

When I was young.
Very often, sure.


Because my head was
filled with love thoughts.

-No, he hid them.

Yes. To make joke.

That's silly.
That's not a good joke.

When you are dead, perhaps
you lose your sense of humor.

Seems like a waste
of time to me.

Eternity is nothing
but time and more time.

But if he took your cameo?

He had a right,
he gave it to grandmother.

Maybe he'll give it
to your granddaughter.

-He's in no hurry.

He always returns what
he hides. That's his game.

He'll give the cameo back.

And will he return
your heart too?

He didn't take my heart,
or I couldn't love you.

You'll love me when
I'm dead. You love the past.

We are waiting for
you to start the festivities.

Right away.

Be careful when you speak of him
not to sound too compassionate.

Dead people don't need
sympathy from the living.

So, for the dead...

The waltz.

Where is your cameo?

I know where it is.

There is your audience.

What is it?

Very provincial bunch.

I didn't leave, there was no
more trains today for Paris.


See the liitle one,
in white?

At center.

She is pretty, I feel like going
down to her. - That's true?

She doesn't scare me.

She looks so simple.
You see!

She doesn't wear
any jewelry.

You're interested in girls without jewels?
- Sure, when they are that lovely.

That's Sylvie.

Your Sylvia?

She only had
that one cameo.

Don't try to influence me,
don't soften me.

Too bad.

I'd liked to have
danced with her.

Who believes in
phantoms among them?

Very few, but at midnight,
after I've rold some stories?

And the lights would be down,
not enough candles?

-It's me.

-Who are you?

Here's your costume M. Anicet,
and yours M. Frederick.

I almost scared myself with the costume,
and to think that I made them myself.

That's right. I didn't want an outside
tailor to know about this arrangement.

Put it on,
it needs adjustment.

It's scary.

Not enough,
it's not sinister enough.

But why should he be sinister?

He is a happy phantom.

Passing through doors
and windows? Perfect!

Yes, we want a happy phantom.
This is a birthday party.

A happy phantom for sad people?

Don't laughing!

This is going to be some flop.

It'll be alright.
Who goes first?

-By drawing lots.
-Draw, like in a lottery?

First vision at midnight,
be careful and see you later.

I'm sorry, but I can't
see the notes anymore.

Play something you know by heart!
- But we all know the same piece by heart.

It's not the same.

Sorry, but we're running out
on candles, use them sparingly.

Extinguish one on two.

-Sorry, my dear counselor.
-No problem.

I don't need any light
to find my mouth.

I can find your mouth
without all this light.

Hecto! Hector!

Hector, go to the town
and get some more candles.

Alright sir!


If we don't dance, we will freeze
to death. - Yes, it's frozen and boring.

Marie-Berthe, when I was young
I love story around the fireplace.

-Dady, tells us a story.
-I prefer story with dancing.

Yes, uncle.
Tell us a frighting story.

We don't need story
to be scared.

Bring me the cat
that is in the bedroom.

Mum, send J?r?me.
I'm a women and I'm scared.

-Are you ashame?
-But you are also scared!

I'm scared?
Give me a candle!

Did you hear that?

It's really scary.

-I don't like that kind of screeching.
-It's only an owl.

In my family bad news comes
whenever an owl is heard.

With us, bad news
comes by telegram.

-When my poor grandmother died?
-Please, spare us your tales of woe.

I don't want to know about
your dead familly, mine is enough.

You're trembling,
get a shawl to keep you warm.

I'm fine, thank you.
- Bring me my shawl, it's on my bed.

Alright. -Shall I go with you?
-No, thank you.

-Sylvia isn't afraid.
-What would she be afraid of?

Fear is a strange thing. I remember
one day when I wasn't aware?

Spare us your
souvenirs of yore.

She spoke to me twice.

But one gets the impression
that she isn't talking to you,

we don't exist...

We are invisible...

Her eyes? don't
seem to see you really.

And that doesn't appeal
to you, great lover?

It's midnight,
it's your turn.

Where is my hood?
- Take mine!

I'm blind! I don't have
my eyes in the hood holes!

Good luck.

I hope he does well.

If he fluffs it,
I won't go down after him.

Please don't leave.
I'm not afraid.

I hope you aren't either.

Are phantoms afraid
of live people?

Please don't fly off.

Poor Alain!
You remind me of my aunt.

She was a Carmelite nun.
And you couldn't see her face either.

I don't have a face anymore.

This is a woman's robe.

You were an elegant cavalier.

-There is no more horse.
-Poor Alain!


Are you hiding because
I might be disappointed?

-Don't I look absurd?

-I remember your face.
-Maybe, better than me.

You had black eyes, curly hair,
a smiling mouth and elegant carriage.

Don't remind me.

You were a fine dancer.

Women adored you,
but you loved only one of them.

Which one?

Have you forgotten her?

No, I'm discrete.

But why?
She was my grandmother.

Everybody knows
it's in the family.

-She was beautiful, right?
-Not as lovely as you.

You say that to make
me feel good.

You dulled over her
and let yourself be killed.

You're right.

I'm sorry about that.

But I would be dead today
anyhow, duel or no duel.

You would be an old
phantom, 80 years old.

Now you are a young ghost.

For a phantom, being your or old,
it doesn't mean much. - You wrong.

If you were old,
I wouldn't love you.

In a way, without knowing it,
I died for you too. I like that.

Don't say that. If I had known you
I would have stopped the dueling.

You can't stop men from fighting,
I'd have fought over you.

Would you have loved me?


Because I resemble
my grandmother?

I don't remember her looks.
- Didn't you see her in the other world?

Se looked like an old lady,
so I didn't really search for her.

I'd also spend a lot
of time near you.

I know.

I'm thinking about travelling.
It's easy for phantoms to go about.

India or Mexico.
Oh, Mexico!

And no!
I stay.

I wanted to leave tonight,
but I decided to stay.

-For my party?
-Yes, for your party.

-Why did you want to leave?
-Ghosts have enemies, too.

I know, Pyrame
doesn't like you.

-Who's that?
-My dog.

He'd attack you
if he saw you.

-Where is it?
-Don't worry, he's asleep.

-I'd better leave.
-Oh, no. Tell me something.

-You did take my cameo, right?

My grandmother's cameo.


Are you annoyed with me?

Did I do anything wrong?

Can ghosts look into a heart?

They say they can, but?

Believe me,
I did nothing against you.

Didn't you meet a man,
whom you liked?

You can guess.

-Don't trifle with a ghost.
-Jealous of a live person?

Answer me.

No, Alain, there was nobody.
You can give me my cameo.

-Here it is.
-Thank you.

I knew you would
return it to me.

I would have said the contrary.

Alain! I would like you to come
to my ball, even with this robe.

Ghosts wear always white robe.

Everybody knows ghosts
don't have any other costume.


Where are you?


Come back!



-I don't go down.
-He had stage fright.

-You had stage fright, isn't it?
-Yes, I froze. - To ambitious!

He's so happy. He's a success. If you
fall down too, it's a triumph for him.

Well, I'll succeed.

Ran into anything bad?

What's bad to a phantom?

Someone who
doesn't believe in it?


Nothing like that happened.

All this nonsense for a little silly girl
who believes in ghosts in the 20th century.

And in a country with a railroad!

If she were my daughter,
I'll send her in an hospital.

Or I'll find her a husband.

He'd take her and
the ghosts with the castle.

Where is my robe, my costume?

-Ramure, where is my robe?
-I don't know.

-There, can't you see?

I'm not very fond
of that kind of joke.

I've respect for my profession.

What's the matter Sylvie?

-You seem unhappy.

I expect a big pleasure.
And I think I'm getting old.

It's too late.

Well Hector!

Sorry, sir, but I haven't been able
to find any candles in the town.

-And this one? -Which one?
In your hands.

-Ah, this one.

This light fixture is needed to
look for light. - It will do for us.

Attention, please.

It was boring! Play something
fabulous and full of live.

Yes, something
that wake up dead people!

Hector. The phantoms
didn't come at midnight.

They may have been
scared by the darkness.

Are you afraid
to go upstairs?

Is it necessary?

Haven't you ever
seen a door opening?

It's a door that never
be opened, countess.

My guest were scared
when they say you.

They are silly,
forgive them.

But you weren't
afraid of me?

If I were afraid of you
I wouldn't mind hurting you.

I deceived you before.


Take the cameo.

Yes, take it!

I got it back by a lie.

What lie?

Remember, you asked me about?

I ask you many questions.

About a man.
I don't tell the true.

Does one begin to lie
when one is happy?

Are you happy?

If you could read me,
you'd understand.

But I do read you.

-But you said no before.
I said that before?

I said it to test you.

Then you know
I think about him.

I know that.

Yet I don't even
know his name.

He left without telling you?
- You see it?

Yes, I was here. I'm always near
you when serious things occur.

-Is it a serious occur?
-Most important!

Will I see him again?

Indeed you will.

I'm afraid Alain.
I'm worried.

He seems so real. They always that
I am dreaming, that I don't belong.

Is it possible that a real
man could love me?

You who know women.
Tell me.

Yes, he loves you.

There must be many more exciting,
gayer girls than I. How come then?

He prefers other girls.
Or he doesn't see others.

He saw others,
don't be afraid.

I'm afraid that he might
hurt me, 'the dreamer'.

But I'm not totally
a dreamer Alain.

I like being real, there are
so many good things.

He won't hurt you.
I'll see to that. I swear.

You know, your voice
seems different than earlier.

You sound happier.

-Yes, I am.
-You forgive me?

I forgive you.

I would like to
ask you something.

I would like him
to meet you.

My best friend.
And he believes in phantoms.

He'd know that I'm not
completely mad, yes?

Thanks Alain.

You must leave first. Otherwise
I would have the courage to leave at all.

Come on, go.

See you soon.

Perhaps you'll see me again tonight.
Don't talk to me, please.

Let's not spoil
this perfect moment.

Maybe I'll seem distant later.

I'm very moody.

But I'm always your friend,
even when I don't speak to you.

Listen! Listen!

He complains.
He wants prayers?

He doesn't have it.

Let him ask for it properly
instead of trying to scare us.

He should go out.
There are children here.

-Go to speak to him!
-Why attack me?

I believe this phantom
is related to your family.

Does your grandmother
come back to death?

Never here. She haunts our castle. She
wouldn't have the gall to bother others.

Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

Suppose the crook in your castle
figures on appearing as a ghost.

Officer, that's ridiculous.
Leave my phantoms alone.

And if he stole jewels,
ladies bags?

Your turn, Mr. Anicet.

Your turn, Mr. Anicet!

Ah, good.
How the stage here?


I will not go to an empty hall.
My professional pride!

Oh, it's the first time...

Mr. Anicet!

Mr. Anicet!


Mr. Anicet!

Great! Fantastic!
Easy now, easy.


It's you the best phantom!

Oh! It's frighting!

Stop it.
You will hurt yourself!

We don't have time to waste!
Follow me please.

You are late!

See, I'm not afraid.
I go in front of a phantom.

I'm waiting.

That's not proper.
Where's your costume?

Come on!
And dress you!

It's not serious.
Hurry up!

I want a public.
It's empty!

The baron will bring them back.
Come on!

No problem, being
behind you, to find space.


My cameo.

I understand.

-You two arranged this very neatly.
-No Ramure

-She made you a present?
-She gave it to the phantom.

Lay off the phantoms!

You don't have
to handle me like an idiot.

-You wrong.
-No, I'm not.

Keep it.

I do not retake
presents I gave.

But for a memory of Sylvie.

I do not need reminders
of that kind from you.


-Are you in love her?
-I have no time for that.

-Did you stay for her?
-Not for her.

Just to finish a waltz.

-We dance together.

A little waltz together.

-Sylvia danced with you?
-So what?

I will not see her again!

She doesn't even know
my name, I never told her.

Did she ask?

Ramure is no name for her,
that's a name for cops.

They have used it often.

It is dirty!


Maybe that's the name
she's thinking of.

-Oh, I can see anything!
-Me neither, it's too dark!

Hector ! Nobody will
see me in this darkness.

-I will scream!
-A scream?

This will wake them.

Oh, the light is extinguished!

-Hector, what do you make?
-But nothing sir!

-Don't touch me!
-I don't touch you!

Don't pouch my robe.

I even can't see you.

I'm dressed.
Stop it!

What do you want?

-I'll tell the baron about you.
-I held the light tight.

Probably that crook Ramure.

-He stole my robe.
-No, it is here!

Oh, no!

No, I've never seen anything
like this in all my life.

Get out!

-Let me alone!
-Be careful of Ramure!

Ramure, I will handle
you later, do you hear?

So that, goodbye!

-That's not him.

-Where is Ramure?

I want to make a complaint
against him, for murder.

-Where is he?
-Everywhere. He is a demon.

Look at your
phantom. Look!

He scared my kids.

Punish this man!

-Dirty personage! -Gentlemen!
- Catch that revolting personage!

Dirty man, impostor!

Arrest him!


-Hide me!


-Where is he?

No here!

No here, here, here!


It's here!

-He was a fake phantom!
-I don't believe it.

He faked the phantom,
he's a thief.

The police is after him.

It's not true?

It's true, for the police.
But that's not our truth.

Our truth.
Who can believe that?

I wanted to offer you a phantom, a last gift
for a young girl, before she grows up.

I didn't have luck!

Too bad for him too,
I don't want him to go to jail.

-I didn't merit this!
-You know him?

I know his voice.

He spoke to you?

His voice has many tones.
Tender, sad and joyous.

No one ever talked
that way to me.

What did he say?

I can't repeat it.
It was so beautiful!

You see.

It isn't the phantom I'll miss,
but the happiness it promised.

M. Baron!

Mr. Anicet wants his pay.
He wants to get out, now.

-Sorry about all the mishaps.
-That should teach you.

Never hire amateurs.

It's all over.
Put the lights on again.

We find him!

We find him!
Oh, he fly!

Come on!
Here! Here!

Quick, the police is coming.
- Sorry, I'm not available.

-They will come here.
-It's your business.

-But Ramure, Mexico
-Oh, Mexico!

You'll miss the boat!

Come on!
Hurry up!

-He escaped!
-This way!


-We caught him!
-Don't let him go!

Oh, it's not him!

How many phantoms are there?

How many?

Who can count them, all the dead,
ever since men died.

Don't be afraid Sylvie!

I'm not worried about ghost.

If I'm scared now that
I know you are alive.

You know that?
- Yes.

My dad tell me.

That's too bad.

I wanted to speak to you like
a phantom not like a living person.


Why did you lie to me, when I was
a phantom, saying you loved me?

Hum, you love the phantom?

Later, I did tell you the truth.

But, that was
the other one, not me.


The other who played phantom, too.
Didn't your father tell you?

There are two of us. Even three. The third
means nothing, he doesn't love you.

Do you love me?

We both love you.

-But which one are you?
-One of them.

Maybe the one who
started dancing a waltz.

It's you!

Yes, it's me,
or the other.

But who is the other?

Don't you rembember?
It's too bad for him.

Yesterday on the secret staircase,
he ran and slipped.

He didn't tell his name!

So he too, didn't give
his name. Complicated.

-Who will be the lucky one?

I said lucky.

One of them can't be the lucky one...

...because he hasn't got the time to?

...and even if he had the time...

you couldn't be his girl?

-He has to go to jail?
-Go to jail!

That's what the police wants.
But it remains to be seen!

And who is the other one?

He'll tell you,
I have to leave.

You're supposed to be arrested?

-Yes, it's me!
-But who are you?

You make me sad!

You did love one of the two?

Yes, it's true

It might be me Sylvie?

Might be.

If it were me, I'd have to
leave anyhow, but it would help.

On the way, it's far
and long? Mexico?

Tell me who you are!

You'll find out in a minute.
I prefer to leave in a cloud of doubt.

I know.
I'm a coward.

I guess spending time in
a castle makes me a little weak.

Tell me your name!



He need to come.

You know now, Sylvie!

And I also know.

If he came in, next to me,
in front of you, I'd know in a second.

There are things you know are right,
you can tell, without a word.

So long, Fred. If I ever
meet a girl like her,

I'll make sure there si
no one like you nearby.

So. Bye, Sylvie.

Make my apologies to the police.
They seem to get invited wherever I go.

Godbye Sylvie.

It's very high,
30 feet at least.

Easy, for a phantom.

Quick, go down!


-Sylvie. I want to tell you.
-Not now, please.

We have lots of time.


This is the last night of phantoms.

They are gone now
that you exist.

Will you teach me
to enjoy reality?

You don't believe in revenants,
isn't that right?

You really mean it?

If you believed in the white hunter,
would you have tried to compete?

I think I don't
believe it anymore.

If he really exist.

He will disturb us.

I think it's better that way.

Maybe he left discreetly,
maybe he understands.

If the dead ones aren't smarter than we,
why would there be phantoms.


Oh, Frederick!

My guests want to meet
you both. Please come.

Their fears are gone.
Their bad humor has left.

Let's finish this night gaily.


The joke has lasted long enough.

Don't blame the last phantom.
It would be wrong.

I'm the criminal.
Blame me for everything.

Why didn't you
think of the children?

Were the children scared?


No, we know phantoms
don't really exist.

You see, the children know.

Nobody normal believes in them.

Well then, to continue the party,
let's drink to the phantom.

Who didn't scare
or frighten us.

-The hood!
-The hood!

It's past midnight.
Take your disguise off.

-The hood!
-The hood!

Are you fine?

My hand is held by you. Hold on to it.
Or I won't be sure that you love me.

And I might go back
to the phantoms.

Transcription from the English hardsub
of the VHSRip: Inglourious @ KG

Additional translation:
sjostrom27 @ KG