Sylvie (1973) - full transcript

... don´t light a match or lighter!

Loosen your ties and collars.
All sharp objects, like

fountain pens, spectacles, dentures etc.
should be removed.

You could be harmed by those.

Please take off your shoes,

put the backrest into a vertical position.

Please fasten the seatbelts in a way that
they embrace the back bone tightly.

Approximately 30 seconds before landing,
we will give you a sign.

The "No smoking" sign will flash
various times.

With that sign flashing, you should
bend over at once,

embracing your knees tightly.

We will provide blankets and cushions,
so you can protect your head and face.

Don´t place yourself in an upright
position until the plane stands still.

We have to deal with several thrusts
while landing.

Don´t unlock the seatbelts before this.

Leave the plane by using the doors
and emergency exits.

We´ll show them to you now and
we´ll also explain how to open them.

Please take a look at the...
- The machine is crashing!

The machine is crashing!!

Don´t you hear me?

...calmly, and follow the orders of
the staff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we ask for
absolute attention!

A motor is burning and endangers
the plane.

The captain is able to...

At the next tone it is:

6 hrs, 14min and 40sec!


Hi there, this is Sylvie!

Excuse me to ring you this early,

but... I can´t take the plane.

I just had a dream that the plane
will crash.

And this time it WILL crash, I am sure.

I had this dream many times before.


But even I would come,

all the pics would be bad.

I´m totally frightened, looking like
a scarecrow.


I´m even on the bring to let
it all go.

I think that I can´t do it anymore.

Miss Winter!

Miss Winter!!

Your agency!

Pit? Listen, this is Sylvie!

You have to cancel the job in
New York.

I´m looking just terrible.
I can´t work anymore.

This will be the last thing to happen.

Oh my, she´s just nuts as usual.

Flight 431 to Hamburg...

Gate B11...

Excuse me!
- Sorry.

We ask our passengers to stop

and to fasten the seatbelts while

Excuse me, will you please fasten
the seat belt!

Will you please fasten the seat belt!

That dream just knocked me off.

Sitting in the plane...

and it crashes, looking so real

as if it really happened.

I did bite all my nails.

I don´t know...

I even got sick with all this.

Can´t you try to add someone else
for the job?

I can´t do it.
Look at my face...

I never looked like this.

The scarf has to be used like this,

it will be folded up here,

so it will look like...
- I´m looking like a washerwoman!


It has to be this way.

You can´t walk around with these locks.

I´m looking terrible anyway.
We have to hide these eye-bags.

Like this.

Put it from behind.

- You are too small for this...

I´m taking the sunglasses off.
That´s it.

And those locks must be hidden.
It must be more massive in the back.

That´s better now.

Not at all! It must be much more
massive in the back.

Now it looks like a ribbon.

That´s no Daisy Duck!

OK girls, let´s get started now!
Come on!

Shall I change clothes?
- Yes, do it!

A bikini...

Is it your picture?


I don´t do that.

Here I´m 4 years old or something,

there was a thunderstorm on that day
and the dog was very nervous,

and I wore that knickers my
Granny did knit.

They were really warm, but I didn´t
like them, since they were scratchy and

made a bundle of fluff around the
knees. You know this?


It´s when the fabric folds up.

And this is my mother.

She´s living at the countryside,
writing fairytales for kids.

- That´s me.

- See the resemblance?

That´s my father.

I still got that Teddy Bear.

I used to look below from the mountains,
that was so nice.

Oh my God!

And this...

That´s my mother again,
with short pants

that are so modern today,

even without a bra!

The hotel lobby got an exit at the
right and another at the left.

I have to make a decision:

If I would have taken the left one and
she would have... gone to the right,

I would never see her again.

And I needed to talk to her once more,
still loving my wife.

So I stood there,
in the middle of that lobby,

trying to decide.

All this happening within seconds,
of course.

I noticed a woman looking at me,

standing in the lobby, looking like
observing me.

For a moment, our glances met.

And she seemed to know what was happening
inside my head.

Her eyes pointed to the right exit,
I went there,

that was the wrong exit...

I never saw my wife again.

And next?

That woman, who pointed to the wrong exit,
became my second wife.

Do you want to be my third one?

I´m going insane.


Never thought about that.

Don´t know what to say.

I can´t stand this. I´m totally sweaty.
I have to take a bath.

I´m totally puzzled.

At first he´s in my dreams,
then I´m meeting him,

Then I didn´t want to enter the
plane... He takes it seriously.

What shall I do?

I have to tell him that...

I have to think it over,
it´s not that easy.

I´m going insane.

something like this never

His third wife?

It was all too much - You - and
that car - and I didn´t know...

whether I should get in...

I´ll take a cab now
and I´ll come.

But I have to get a glass of
champagne at first.

...well, so it´s 6 vineyard snails,


Yes, I made a note.

And dried dates in sherry wine.

- Yes.

A whole bottle or just a half one?
- Do you got a toothpick?

Any special wish for champagne?

A full bottle!

How about some Pommery? That
would fit very well.

If that´s in the house, ok.

That´s it!






No, I never could be engaged.

Falling in love?


What did I just do?

I ran away,

slipping from the car,
rang up to tell him I´d come now,

how is HE looking at me?

And all that garlic with those snails.

He won´t be that near to me at the first
date, so that he would notice the garlic.

Actually, I prefer Hamburger.
Hamburger and lots of ketchup.

I love ketchup.

I want to smoke.

A little cigar.

What a spoon!

Something will be happening today.

I know that for sure.

But firstly, I have to take a drink, but
then I won´t know what´s right at all.

And all those people...
How do I look?

Am I that drunk?
Can´t I look straight?

Am I cross eyed?

Or is there some ketchup on my mouth?

Excuse me.

Another bottle of champagne, please!

Hello taxi!

Are you married?

- Me too!

Grünwald, ok?

Good night, Madame.
Have a good drive home.

Excuse me, Miss, the way to Grünwald?
- What?

Are you kidding me? There is a broad
already in your car. Piss off!

But you should know the way.
- Fuck off, wanker!

You see, actually, I´m a sailor.


So you can´t drive?

I can drive, but I don´t know much
about all those streets.

Where are we now?

I don´t know about that, either.

But you just have to read those
street signs.

Of course.

Tell me...

Are you drunk after all?

Tell me the way to Grünwald.
I´ve got this card, but...

(indistinct mumbling)

(heavy bavarian dialect - conflicting

So do you know the way to Grünwald
at last?


Slowly, I get the impression that you
are a little goofy.

Say that again.

Slowly, I get the impression that you
are a little goofy!

I´m gonna beat you up.

You´ll never dare!

You think so?

I KNOW that.

You know NOTHING.

I do!

Wanna try?

Go ahead!

You stay on your seat!

I just wanted to look after her.
- I did that, she´s sleeping.

That´s good.

But the smell in your room is
very strange.

Is it?

Did you pick up a drunk girl from
the streets after all?

Oh mom!

Mother, just put down that tea pot...

Just give me another coffee, ok?

It´s so great, black and sweet.

What´s her name?


I met he about 4 years ago on a ship.

Girls on a ship?

Well, she´s our Captain´s broad.

Ehm, I mean she´s the DAUGHTER
of our Captain.

Nevertheless, I can´t understand
how the Captain´s daughter

could get that drunk.

You just pass out when entering
that room.

Oh Mommy!
Don´t you understand?

She was...

her father was a real drunkard.

That was her legacy, she couldn´t
help it.

So that´s her share of it.

Is there no mother,

to take care of her?
- That´s just the trouble.

The mother died right after
the birth.

Then she joined her father on the ship.

What should she do at home all alone?

Poor child.

You can say that.






Well, I don´t understand!

Her Father always called her Anna.

Hi Sylvie!


What´s up?

Are you dreaming?

I wanted to marry last evening.

And in the end I was totally drunk.

And now... my weight increased at
least with 4 pounds.

My bag!

My bag is gone.

Even more shit!

No luck for me in this city.

You just call and tell him.
- I will NOT call!

Please call Dale!
- You can´t get to New York like this.

Just look at you. Get some sleep!
- Or I´ll call him.


The pics with Dale will be fine. They
also will be my last and best ones.

Next, I´ll go to California and
stay there for good.

You´re totally nuts, Sylvie!

Is that you?
- No! But I have to get to the airport

and you´re gonna drive!

Hey... your bag!

You´re totally drunk!

I´ll drive.

Come on!

Once I´ve been to New York with
Franz Langensteiner from Linz,

that was some kind of guy, he always did
the same show, even at the 30th visit,

taking the subway from Manhattan
to Brooklyn,

there we went to some old Jew
who go everything,

from underpants to lawn mowers,

and he bought some french undies
for his wife,

and some weights for himself,

that was some kind of store, you entered
at the front, walking to the backside,

and there was a bodybuilding parlour,
and the guys were all oiled up, you know,

lifting those weights at those machines,

And on the right side, there was a bar,

when those bodybuilding guys did a break,

they went to their broads, who were
sitting along the bar, drinking champagne,

and those guys always ordered some juice,

raspberry juice, orange juice, black
currant juice and so on,

but if...if you was at the front of that

you could get anything...
- I have to make a call!

from automatic umbrella to leather

to cucumbers, to soap - anything
you liked.

And you should have seen those guys

I´m sorry, but I just can´t marry at
the moment.

Yesterday after the dinner I got drunk
and couldn´t make it.

I´ll take the next plane to New York
right now.

I´ll write you a letter.

Yes, and I´ll call you as soon as
I´ll be back.

The taxi is waiting.
I´ll have to go.

I´m so sorry about last night, but I
was not able to come.

You have to drive now, I´m in a hurry!
I have to change clothes on the way.

And those American guys were the worst
of them all, because there were lots,

I mean they are always good if there is
a lot of them,

but they wanted to toss us around
real bad,

but we just stuck together, being from 3
European vessels,

the Swedes, the Dutch and we,

and altogether we really did blow
the Americans away, gee...

you just can´t imagine this,

and our dear old Captain, when he
noticed what has been going on,

he just took all his officers,

joined us at the club and supported us
by beating them up, too.

That old guy was almost 70 years old,

but he also beat them up like in
his prime,

and afterwards we all went to the ship
and drank all night...

...gee, and that cook...

... you are listening to the Rolling
Stones, and you are REALLY among them!

And next, 200 women, I can tell you
that was some show...

200 women, right in the middle of
the hall...

outdoors, they grilled an ox, indoors,
they were fucking...

Thank you very much.
You have been so kind.

Never mind.

"Last call for Lufthansa flight 505

to Cologne and New York.

Exit A 13..."

Now I really have to go...

Will you be back?
- No!

At least I know how to handle
the camera...

Calm down...

Paul is different, you know.
Paul is different from the other people.

You just don´t know the difference.

I once drove in his taxi, while he
took me to the airport to N.Y.,

and the whole time he was talking and
I pretended to not listening,

he talked about the South Seas and the
pranks he and the boys did,

and about they all being drunk all
the time.

And I sat in the back, changing my

always pretending not listening,

and then he kissed me.

And that was the only time we ever kissed.

But now I really want to get back,

on the other hand, I don´t know
whether I should stay.

I change my mind too often in order
to know what´s right.

It´s getting cold, Dale!

Put on that shit yourself!

You are boring me, stupid!

No no, I don´t wanna order a taxi.
I´m not in Munich!

I want you to tell the driver of car 119

that he should call his sick mother
in New York.

The mother...the number is 2433 700.

It´s important!
- How do you think this should work?

It´s impossible!

But you can send a CB radio message.

It´s very important, his mother is

OK then, what´s the driver´s name?

That´s the issue, I just know he´s called
Paul, that´s all.

His mother can hardly talk anymore,
please do her that favor.

Do you know some Paul?
- Ah yes, that mad sailor!

His mother is waiting.

Take the next road on the right...

- and next...

Then on the left...
- Please ring your sick mother in N.Y.

Then keep on the Ludwigstraße...
- The number is...

So we can get to the English Garden.
- Please shut up!

234 3 700

Please Miss, I didn´t get all that.
Could you say it again?

Please call your sick mother in N.Y.

The number is: 2 4 3 3 7 00

I´ll be right back.


For the first time, I wasn´t afraid
while flying.

I didn´t notice it at all.

I was thinking about you.

Are you still there?

Paul! Why don´t you talk?

Don´t you hear me?

No, it´s just like the next room.
- So start talking.

How are you?


I´m laying on my bed, and the
photographer will take me up,

to go dining and then start working.
- Are you hungry again?

I only ate one hotdog here, and that
one was far better than in Munich.

But... I´d rather go with you.

Shall I write a letter to you?

Or will you call me again tomorrow at
the hotel?

Firstly, I have to earn some money in
order to pay that call.

Do you hear it?

Did you hear that?

That´s an american police alarm.
It sounds like war.

I have to stop now. He´s here and we
have to work.

Yes. Bye! Ciao!
Bye! Until tomorrow!

That call costs you 81,90 marks!

Damned, I don´t got that much.
Sorry, but I got more money in the car

May I get it?

Could you give me 10 marks in advance?

What are you doing?
Only thinking about pics!

Everybody will think he´ll get ambushed
on the street, are you kidding?

What do you think you´ll also get for
your money?

You´re nuts!

Stop it...

I´m looking awful.
- Yes.

Where do you wanna go?

Any place.

But you must be going SOMEWHERE.

So just take me SOMEWHERE.

I just have to make a call to the agency.
Here´s a present from America.


Hi, this is Sylvie. Listen: I just came
back from N.Y., I´m still in Munich.

I´d like to ask whether you might
got a job for me.

No, just listen, I have a request:

I met this dude, taxi driver, and he is
very sweet, but a little dumb, too.

I think I have to kidnap him.


I don´t know what to do with him. He´s
just hanging around here

I want to come to Frankfurt.
- What?

What is it?
Wedding Dresses!

OK then.

How much do you make on a day?

Since I know you not that much anymore.

So how much did you make before that?

Well, maybe around 802 marks per day.


I got a job in Frankfurt tomorrow.

If you drive me right now and also
back tomorrow,

I´ll pay 300 marks.

Plus gasoline, plus hotel!

Gee, I even don´t have a toothbrush
with me.

What is she thinking where I will
drive her after all.

Now it´s Frankfurt, next Kopenhagen
maybe. I could rather go back sailing.

What did I get involved with here?
Next thing is the lousy car gets broken!

Just tell me: why do you do all this?
- What?

You´re just driving around for me.
- Just for fun.

It can´t be just for fun.
- Certainly NOT for money!

And you´re not a little bit in love?

With you?

I don´t understand.

All this just for fun?

Sure thing, I´m a sailor...
- I know that by now.

Just let me finish talking!

Since I was 19 years old, I went to sea.

And just for once in my life, I wanted
to see the mountains.

And since my mother lives in Munich,
I went there.

And because I got no money, I drive
a taxi.

But you don´t know about that at all.

Who cares? I will be back at sea soon.

What about me?

I never met a girl like you.

To drive you around gives me some
memories to think of later on.

You are just everything I encountered
on the mountains.

But if you think about it, there are no
mountains here at all.

But instead I met you.

And what about those girls you
fall in love with?


Good evening!
- Good evening!

I´d like a very nice, big room
for two.

A room for two.

That´s my brother.

He is a zoo keeper.

Money doesn´t matter.

Waiter: please get me a beer!


So long, gentleman!

So when shall I pick you up in
the morning?

Just sit down first.

I can´t leave you like this.

I´ll order some food.

Please, for room 313...

some smoked trout,

a scampi cocktail,

some chicken salad with asparagus,

do you got herring?


OK then, I´ll take red fruit jelly
for two!

Any special request?

Not really.

But I love Frankfurters!

And Frankfurters.

Yes please!

Where may I serve?

The Lady is in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, there are no Frankfurters,
but you could get some Weeners.

That´s odd!

Not hungry at all?

Actually, I don´t dine at this hour
at all.

What else are you doing at this hour?

Mostly, I´m going to a soccer match.

What else?

Or going to the movies.

Wait a minute...


This is room 313.

I´d like to order the biggest color
TV set in the house.

Do you know about this evening´s
programme, too?

Do you know about your legs?


You got the legs of a stork.

Better like this?

Depends on where one is standing.

What´s the matter with you?
You don´t know about women at all.

But you liked that one.
- I didn´t drink anything!

Another bottle of champaign, please!

I never met such a dumb taxi driver.

You´re a real troll.

And I never met a girl with legs
like a stork.

Think of this being your great day of joy.

OK, listen: is that collar closed?

It has to be smooth.

It´s closed.


That ribbon makes you look like
a nurse.

And that smile, yes?


- Let me see.

It´s that shiny face of yours again.

I´ll get on some powder...

Oh Mom, this night I did...

I couldn´t sleep all night in that
boardinghouse because of that barking dog.

and now I got some headache.

Yes, I took a trip to Frankfurt.

Yes, I´m with a photo model.

You know these girls that pose in the
nude on a cover of some magazine.

Oh Mom, you should know me better.
It´s just a customer.

Like anybody else!

Well, she´s paying it all.

Just calm down, I´m staying outside town
in a boardinghouse.

While she is staying at a hotel in town.
Oh Mom, you know about me!

Just listen: did I ever brought home
some girl?

Oh Mom, I already told you that she is
the daughter of the Captain. MY Captain!

Oh Mom, don´t you make me crazy!

This one is a model and the other one
was the daughter of the Captain.

I told you before and you have to
believe this or not!

Right now, I´m at the studio to watch
that girl jumping in front of the

photographer, do you understand?

For sure I will be back before it´s
getting dark.

Oh Mom, I won´t go nuts because
of some girl from out of nowhere.

Well, what the hell he is thinking?

Lying to his mother like a pro
on the phone,

talking about sleeping in a boardinghouse
outside town,

and the dog is barking so he can´t get
any sleep,

while he was sleeping drunk on my bed,
fully clothed.

But how should I have get him here?

I can´t tell him that I´m in love
with him.

He even isn´t interested in watching me
here in this wedding dress,

maybe I have to use a pose that is
more attractive,

or should I be more explicit?

Not always directly to the front,
what the heck!



Well, either front or back, can´t you
just decide, dude?

I´m no employee!

Either you concentrate on the work, or
get the hell out of here!

Well, let me tell you something.
Listen carefully:

once I waited a whole night long for the
sunrise at sea,

and that was when I shot a picture, so
great you only can dream about that!

I didn´t need all that lamps and stuff
to shoot some stupid women...

Don´t be so cheeky!
- What´s the deal, do I need all this?

Just look for another slave!
No time for all this!

(unintelligible shouting from both men)

No quarrel. I´m off!

- And YOU are just watching!

Shit! Come on, let the dude disappear!

He´s just a jerk.

Come on!

Just calm down... we try a take
without any flowers, it will be fine.

Well...come on.
Just concentrate!

For 5 hours, I´m watching all this mess.
I think I´m going mad.

Another shot!

And another one!

Just shoot!

How can she be involved in this, which
such a dude? It´s disgusting!

He´ll do this until she is knocked out,
then taking her into his bed.

The usual story!

It wouldn´t surprise me at all if that
dude got some other plans tonight.

And she is so patient here.
I would have gone mad for sure.

Mad. Totally mad!

Oh my God, and now he´s even
touching her.

Gee, he just drives me mad!


For sure, I´m getting paid here, but
I´d rather stayed home with mom.

This dude...

Just pretending there was nothing
going on.

Doesn´t hear me, just keeps on

Yeah, even closer and closer...

Come on...

Not that smile!

Just open your mouth a little.

Stay like this.
Just like before!


Come here...
Give me your eyes.

Sylvie, a little smile!

I told you before to forget about
that jerk.

What´s the use?

Just concentrate a little.
Come on...

Down with that chin.

Sylvie, come on...
Be my darling!

What about some hotel?

Why, we´re almost in Munich?


I wanna be with you!

Impossible, I have to see my mom.
She worries about me for sure.

But you phoned her.

Whenever I´m on a visit, I want to be
with her.

When I´m at sea, it´s a different story.

Oh my, she´s really determined. Now she
even wants to stay the night somewhere.

So THAT´S how these models are like!
All that money they get.

Just for some silly posing, she´ll get
700 Marks.

Oh my, and I have to wake all night.

But I couldn´t live like THAT!

At the hotel all the a car...
in planes. I would just go mad!

And she doesn´t care at all.

Only girls could do that.

Well, but... she´s nice in some way...

but also a little crazy...
just eating burgers all the time...

but Ì´m crazy, too.

Driving her all around like a fool.

But I won´t sleep with her,
for God´s sake.

Not today... To the hotel...
I´m going mad!

I have to go home to mom!



Will you call me?

Just let ME leave like this.

I just wanted to be with him,
nothing more.

And all that shit about his mother,
what is he thinking?

- Yes.

Half a bottle?
- Full bottle!

Anything special?

Pommery maybe?
- Pommery!

That´s all?

... well, let´s put politics aside then...

your readers would certainly like to
hear some stories, right?

So I´ll tell you a story how I should
be executed some day...

We sat down in a cellar at the end
of the day in Berlin,

in those last days of April, the Russians
stood close to Berlin...

Yes, the shipping company called,
my train to Hamburg leaves in 10 min.

The ship will leave tomorrow morning.
Isn´t it great?

So farewell!
Take care!

That was just the daughter of my
old Captain.

Actually, I have to go now.


Train D311 to Kopenhagen via Nuremberg,

Hannover and Hamburg-Altona,

scheduled time 23:11,

will leave very soon.

Take care at the platform,
have a nice journey!"

What are YOU doing here?

I´m going to my father,
the Captain.

You know him.

Well, that drunkard!

That´s him!

Here´s to your father!°


I really wanted to show you the

My ship leaves tomorrow morning.

Do you know whether the train got
a sleeping compartment?

I can´t afford that.

You´re my guest.


Don´t drink this much!

Why not?

Girl, you don´t know nothing.

Now, I´m getting some more load.

(sleeping pills)

Give me some, too!

sings: "In the green wood,

a wonderful ship is standing..."

Not bad.

The beer?
Yes, It´s excellent.

Most excellent!


Couldn´t be any better.

You just don´t know how much cans
I drank of this stuff.

I once drank a whole wagon at Shanghai.

No reason for YOU to laugh!

Milk drinking broad...

I´m feeling a little funny now...


On Track 9, D311 from Munich
to Kopenhagen is entering!"

Where is this?

It´s just Hannover.
You can sleep some more.





D311 to Kopenhagen, scheduled departure
at 06:13,

will leave at track 9 very soon!"

We have to get out!

Gee, my head is exploding!

I think... I have to take a drink at first.


Oh my head...


Just terrible...

Will you write?
- Yeeaass!

Are you sure you don´t want to fly back
to Munich with me?

I won´t!

This is where I belong.

That´s my world.


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