Sylvia Scarlett (1935) - full transcript

Escaping to England from a French embezzlement charge, widower Henry Scarlett is accompanied by daughter Sylvia who, to avoid detection, "disguises" herself as a boy, "Sylvester." They are joined by amiable con man Jimmy Monkley, then, after a brief career in crime, meet Maudie Tilt, a giddy, sexy Cockney housemaid who joins them in the new venture of entertaining at resort towns from a caravan. Through all this, amazingly no one recognizes that Sylvia is not a boy...until she meets handsome artist Michael Fane, and drama intrudes on the comedy. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
My life is over, I have nothing left.

You always have me, dear dad.

I'll work for you,
like mom did.

- I will cook.
- You can not understand.

Yes instead, I too loved her very much.

But maybe it's better that she died
before knowing the truth.

Dad, what is it?

- They check my records.
- Is that so?

You know how it goes ... I had some
bad luck at cards and then ...

- Did you get some money?
- Only on loan!

And who knows what
they think, filthy wretches.

What crap
being an accountant in a pliers factory!

- But they'll send you to jail.
- Of course, they will have no mercy.

- Couldn't we go to England?
- And with what money?

Well ...
Mom had saved these for me.

It was for when I got married.

But I won't get married anyway, I'll
stay with you.

I don't think it's enough to pay back
what you borrowed.

No, but I will need them to
start over in England.

With the help of this lace,
if I can get through customs.

But dad! You can't,
this is a real steal!

Do not argue. Give me
the suitcase, please.

Soon there is a train soon.

- Hey ... What are you going to do?
- I come with you.

No, you would be in my way,
you never left France.

I'm half English and
I speak the language as well as you do.

But I
'll do much better on my own.

They will certainly look for a
man and a girl.

- Then I won't be a girl.
- Thing?

I will be neither weak nor foolish.

If it takes a man I'll be a man:
Tough, violent and unscrupulous.

- What are you doing? Stop!
- I'm ready for anything!

Disembarkation card, ma'am.

Excuse me, will we get
to New Haven on time?

No, we're late for the fog.

- Then we'll miss the train.
- The train to London is waiting.

Disembarkation card, sir.

Disembarkation card, sir.

Huh? Oh, many thanks.

- Thank you, and for my son?
- Of course.

Oh thanks.

Oh, my heart!
I thought it was the police.

Do you think they wired
to all ports?

Stay calm, don't worry.

Who do you think that is?

Have you seen?

He noticed us, he
's going to the Commissioner.

What's up?

It's nothing, a note
on horse racing.

You never know, these agents
use special jargons.

"Sweet strawberry: Eight to one ..."
Very interesting.

He must be someone who knows a lot,
I'd like to meet him.

Wait a minute, maybe it's
a safe bet.

Sure, like all the others
who have put you down.

Oh no, unhappy me!

Forced to hide,
no longer a home.

Frightened by the first
unknown I meet.

Come on, poor my little girl.

Do you feel bad right? You are not
used to the sea.

Stay here leaning against the parapet,
you will see that you will be better.

You have to travel, go abroad, he
told me . I take care of the travel expenses.

So I left for France
and married a French woman there.

And there you have it, twenty years
toiling as an accountant.

Yeah, a little tough, man. What are you
going to do now?

Well ... Thanks, you are very kind.

You see, I have an idea ...
Indeed, I would say several but ...

Oh, she wasn't the blonde I
saw you with in Brighton, your little girl!

What a great song, huh?
You're a good guy!

In fact listen, I'll show you something.

I wrapped it around me
like a girdle.

It will be 30 meters and is worth a
minimum of 50 pounds.

If I pass it without
paying customs,

I will have a small capital
to get to work.

As I told you before,
I don't lack ideas, quite the contrary.

- Come on, dad, come away from here ...
- But why?

- But why are we coming.
- Yes but...

- Your son, right?
- Sure ... My boyfriend ... Sylv ...

- Sylvester!
- This is your first trip to England.

- This is Mr. ...
- Jimmy Monkley, himself.

Great friend of all
and enemy of no one.

Of course, this can be seen immediately.


Ah, we're ticklish, huh?

I was just wondering if
there were any other lace in the family.

Well, cheers, see you later.

If it depends on me, certainly not.

Lady, I'm here first, wait.

- Nothing to declare? Fabrics, silks ...
- No.

Lace, tobacco, jewelry?

Nothing to declare?

Cigars, cigarettes, wines?

Tobacco, saccharin,
natural and artificial silk ?

Liquors, watches, jewelry?

- Would you mind following me for a moment?
- Why?

- This is a formality.
- There must be some mistake.

- Come on, come on.
- Is that your father?

- Thank you, you did us a service.
- Ah, for heaven's sake!

- Do I have to open?
- No need. Imagine it, sir.

Do you want to take?

- Thank you.
- Thanks to you, sir.

Oh, daddy, poor daddy ...
How bad!

How they treated me!

Anyone could have
believed me a criminal.

And they are. As now I
'm broke.

They took everything from me for a fine.

This crap is English, huh?

And the mother who is gone!

Do not Cry. Do you see that
you make me cry too?

If you hadn't started talking
to that guy on the boat ...

What's that got to do with it?

- But ... it was him.
- Is already.

- What an idiot I was!
- Yup...

Everyone can happen to be imbeciles.

Only you choose the worst moments.

Anyway, it's gone now.

We are together again
and that is what matters.

Very soon. Come!

Who who!

That mangy dog! That spy!
That filthy pig!

A face that I hated from the
first moment I saw it.

How I wish I had him here in front
to give him a good slap!

- I'd take it for that greasy hair ...
- Of course.

Do you have any other wishes?

Here I am. Take advantage as well.

Coward! He ruined my father!

I had full faith in you and you
spied on the customs officers!

- That lace was my only ...
- Calm down!

I say: Can't we treat
like gentlemen?

But you are a spy,

- the vilest being in this world!
- Come on, shut him up.

- So I'll explain how it went.
- There is little to explain ...

Shut up, dad!

Shut up, dad. Shut up, in short.

So how much did you say
that lace was worth?

- 3000 francs.
- Which is 45 pounds.

But you would have taken 30.

- Then there is the fine to count.
- Of course.

Another 50, am I right?
Agree? Here it is.

30 and 50 equals 80, right?

And then it is quickly done.

30 e 50.

And for the trouble I gave you,

I say to make a round figure.

What do you say, huh?

Thank you.

- No thank you.
- How would that be?

Be careful, Dad, he
's thinking about another one.

Listen well, young man.

The first time you want to
do some smuggling

try to spot an amateur
who talks freely.

And when you knew what he has in mind,

pass the information to a customs officer.

Which, recognizing
your high civic spirit,

he puts his initials on your luggage,
so you go in defiance of customs.

Oh, what a class!

I knew: You are witty
and full of imagination, too.

But I can't understand
why you gave us all that money.

- Do you want to know it?
- Yup.

Because you are a
smart young man , I understood immediately.

Quick, snappy and ready to do
anything. Isn't that so perhaps?

Well ... yes...

- Hey, you can learn a lot.
- Learn?

Sure. Learn from me.

From Jimmy Monkley, the adventurer.
A stone marten.

Thing? Oh, beech marten!

Sure, faina: A prey animal.

Chickens and stone martens:
Here is humanity.

And the martens eat
the chickens, it's natural.

So? Do you want to be a chicken?

Look around you.
What are? Slaves.

But I don't care, I
'm free and I live life.

Today here, tomorrow there:
This is my motto.

I throw myself on every opportunity.
I am a stone marten.

Me too, I too am a weasel.

So why don't you join me?
One for all, all for one.

Sure! Like the Three Musketeers.

Yes. What do you say, old man?

You can't see us making
Epsom a little bit of change

or to raise money for
missions in Hyde Park?

I will be a weasel.

Very good! What do you decide?

All right, I'm with you.

Oh, what am I gonna do

What a disgrace! I am ruined.

Nobody understands me here.

- What happens?
- Must be a foreigner ...

- I understand, but why are you crying?
- I have no idea.

Sorry a moment, sorry.

- What is it, boy?
- I'm alone in a foreign country.

What's up?

Oh, lady! Poor me!
Please have mercy on me.

In Paris I met a man who
convinced me to come to England

to earn more money for
my poor old mother.

Excuse me, I'm a little ... deaf.
Talk to an agent.

What will I do?

Excuse me sir.

Poor me! I am ruined.

What is it, boy? Has
any misfortune happened to you?

Sir, I'm desperate.
Now I'll tell them.

One moment...

Is there anyone who speaks French?

Do you allow, sir?
I speak some French.

Can I be of any help?

Sure. Looks like
something happened to this guy.

Maybe you can ask him
what it is.

I'll do my best, sir.

What is it, boy?

He told me he's a
poor French boy,

alone in London, penniless

and who doesn't know a word of English.

Not even a word?

Not even one. Keep it going.

In Paris he worked hard

to support the old mother
who is very poor. Keep it going.

His father is but a drunkard,
a good-for-nothing, a thief.

In Paris he met an Englishman
who promised him a job.

She took his savings and told
him she would join him in London. And then?

- I can't say, it's terrible!
- I mean, what happened?

It never came!
What will I do?

Poor boy...

In short, what happened?

- Translate what you said.
- Yes, what did he say?

Well, that Englishman never
showed up again.

However, what a shame!

It is probably the work
of an organized gang.

But I know what to do.

Here, boy. This is
a pound for you.

No, no charity.

Come on, what's wrong with that?
Take it, son.

I thank you infinitely.

- Good morning.
- Sir ...

I wish I had the honor
of shaking your hand.

A heart of gold, if I've ever
met one in my life.


Come on, there is no need to exaggerate.

- I haven't always behaved well.
- And who does it?

But I still hope that this
little thing is taken into account up there ...

One moment...

I can't be as generous as she is,

but even a more
modest offer can help.

Of course, anything can be useful
to this good young man.

Can I offer a couple of shillings?

- Oh thanks.
- Magnificent, magnificent!

In fact, let's show this
poor boy who the English are.

- Can you lend me your hat?
- Please, sir.

I am happy to start this
collection with another pound.

It is incomparable! I add more.

- Very generous of you.
- Here you go.

A magnificent example of
generosity and understanding.

Thank you sir. May God
reward you for it.

Let's make up for the wickedness
of one of our compatriots.

Any offer, however modest, is good
for helping this good young man.

Thank you sir. Will you pass
my hat? Thank's my friend.

My friends, you saved me!

That one put in a shilling
and took a pound.


Did n't you say you didn't speak English?

Excuse me, friends.

- Get it!
- Don't let him get away!

Great day, huh?

And I who have spent hours and hours

to teach that idiot
the tricks of the trade!

Ah, here it is.

Good boy! You also needed
to laugh

after the trouble
you made, right?

So tomorrow night we
will no longer have a roof over our heads.

I am already hatless ...

Imagine that I care ...

It's wasted time with you two.

I have to invent something ...

We have to invent something.

Give me an idea,
give me an idea!

- I'm hungry.
- And I'm thirsty.

Three eggs and nothing else.

All right, fry them and make some tea.

Some tea? But it is contraindicated.

- When someone is depressed ...
- Shut up!

Be quiet I have to
think, do you understand?

- To think ...
- Yes.

There is the loaded die.
No-no, capital is needed.

Or a robbery. But it
takes a car there.

Fox hunting!

- Is your egg rotten?
- No, that was yours.

Come on, come on, don't be funny.

We are with our backs to the wall and
nothing comes to mind.

And get out of the way.
It would take something ...

What about my ideas?

- They're all rotten.
- What did you say?

- The eggs.
- Ah ...

Well, I might try a pickpocket ...

Nothing more mean. No,
we need something Robin Hood here.

- Robin Hood?
- Look at this acrobat thief.

This is how I would like to be and
climb 12-story buildings.

- Yes, then call for help.
- Stop the nonsense!

You have less brain than a girl,
that's the truth.

A girl would serve instead.

You could use it in a
thousand ways, old sport.

- Seriously would it help?
- Of course.

- We'd be fine with a girl.
- Really?

- Jimmy, I have a surprise for you.
- What's this?

Young man who killed
his father is acquitted.

- What's wrong with him?
- Stuff he read in the paper.

Everything is easy with girls.

With a little attention
and some compliments ...

You turn them over as you want.

And if they don't go straight, it's quickly done.
You download them and take another one.

If I were a girl, I'd
rather be dead than be with you.

Come on, don't say stupid.

- Jimmy, I have to tell you the truth.
- Pope!

Watch the women talk. What
if they know your secrets?

Yes, here we need an idea ...
We need an idea.

I have it!

Of course! I wonder why it
didn't occur to me before ...

That way we'll all be fine.

- What is it about?
- Come on, spit the bone.

We need to get a
job and goodnight!

Ehi, no!

That guy is completely crazy.

Don't you see how my work
has reduced me ?

Shut up, let me think.

Unfortunately, I see
no way out.

I knew I would end
up finding something.

Good blood doesn't lie, man.

- It's an elegant job.
- Slowly...

- Let your son not hear us.
- You are right.

Hey, a little ...

If we're going to hang out with the aristocracy,
I'll need a hat.

Yes, right. Here is one.
Maybe it suits you.

Try it.

How does it fit?

You look like an entrepreneur.

Which will then be the part you have to do.

- Agree.
- Agree.

Maudie, my darling!

- Give me a nice kiss!
- No-no ...

You are just terrible. Who knows what
this gentleman will think ...

He doesn't care.
You know, it's around the theater,

as can
also be seen from his hat.

Mr. Scarlett, this is Maud Tilt
known as Maudie.

How are you, Mr. Scarlett?
Glad to meet you, funny guy.

My pleasure.

After living so much abroad

it is a real joy to meet
a true English rose.

And without a thorn, I guarantee it.

You are just terrible!

What a beautiful setting!

What sumptuousness! What an atmosphere!

How did you imagine
I was alone

to introduce you with so much tranquility?

Do you want me to tell you, joy?

I read in the
paper this morning that your masters

they left for a
cruise in the South Seas.

An excellent opportunity to
introduce you to Mr. Scarlett.

He's looking
for new voices for concerts.

Oh really?!

Hey, Scarlett! Sorry...


Listen. I know you
know the best singers,

but I assure you this
girl is a real phenomenon.

- Seriously?
- Yes, she is beautiful, good and she is a love.

I suggest you listen to it for a moment
and I'm sure you will thank me.

- What a wonderful idea!
- If I can...

Ah, Maudie, listen. Only a moment...

- You allow, right?
- Of course.

Senti, Maudie...

I'm not entirely happy that
my friend sees you dressed like this.

You know, the impression can mean a lot ...

Here! Why don't you wear one of
your mistress's Parisian toilets

- and show yourself a bit?
- Well, why not?

- They look better on me than on her!
- Sshh!

And put on some trinkets too.
Always has an effect ...

Old sport, Maudie is going to
put on some better rag.

Can I help you, by any chance?

Sometimes ladies need help
in the final part of their toilet.

Isn't that right, Miss Tilt?

- Call me Maudie.
- Maudie! With great pleasure!

I'll help you up maybe, huh?

I hope you don't get too bored,
there all alone waiting for me ...

No, not at all. I'm
thinking of you, my dear .

Oh no! This really
should n't do it.

With the little I have on ...

If you could see how I am ...

This then ...

These are Sir William's velvet breeches
to go to Buckingham Palace.

My dear, we theater people cannot
resist the charm of costume.

Long live the Emperor.

Do you find what suits me?

He looks like a real aristocrat.

- What do you look like?
- You don't dare, you know.

No, don't be so bad ...
I just want to see

- how does her dressing gown fit.
- No, go away.

- Papààà!
- Oh!

- Help, the thieves!
- Save me! I'm falling!

They will kill us all! Help!

- What happens? What's up?
- There are bandits at the window!

- It takes a weapon!
- Call the police! Help!

- Where's Monkley?
- The bandits!

I'm falling!

Open the window!
I'm falling, help!

This time I'll kill you.

Monkley, I ...

Come on, come on.

- I wanted to be an acrobat thief.
- You fool.

Come on you two. He's just that
fool of your son.

Luckily I didn't
break my neck.

The luck is that I don't break it for you.

- What is happening?
- It's your creature.

But why are you dressed like that?

What have you done?

Oh, little Lord Fauntleroy.

No, it doesn't attack!

You should get down on your knees
and apologize

for scaring a lady.

Wow! What a wonderful place!

- Where will I kick you out now!
- No, let me stay! I...

I had never seen
a lady in my life.

- What a dear boy!
- Thank you, milady.

- Let him stay and eat with us.
- No, no ...

- Please.
- No-no, you can't.

- I'd do anything for her.
- Hooray!

I'm still undressed,
I forgot.

Everyone go down.

- I'll join you in a moment.
- Yes, but hurry up.

Wonderful, gorgeous ...

- I'll come right away.
- Here we go.

Hey, remember I told you:
A lot of tips, huh?

Brava, very good!

Magnificent, enchanting, superb!

Do you think you can put me
in some of your shows?

Now let's go, Henry. We
have a lot of things to do tomorrow .

No-no, it's not even midnight
and I'm having a blast.

And then I have to change.
Goodbye music, goodbye Maudie!

- No, don't leave.
- No we can not.

- Just a moment.
- Come on, please her.

He wants to sing another song,
I think that's right, right?

But it's great here,
let's stay there forever.

Quiet, Maudie. His
artistic future is secured with my support.

She is a real treasure and she
deserves a big kiss.

Hey, isn't there one for uncle too?

Of course, of course, I will never forget
that the credit for all this is yours.

Hey, hey! We have to move,
there is a lot to do tomorrow.

And I have to go get changed.

It doesn't seem real to me. It is a
very hard life to be of service.

It is no longer the case that you take it.
It won't last long now.

Think about the success it will have.

Think of the applause, the flowers, the jewels.

Ah, like these ...

What is it, dear?

The mistress's pearls ... and the brooch.

How come I don't have them on anymore?

What a fool I was to
get them to be a lady!

Come on, there's no need to make a tragedy of it.
Maybe they are there on the carpet.

Please help me look for them.
Help me!

They will say I stole them.
They will call the police.

- I'm ruined!
- You'll find them, M audie.

- Come on, let's go.
- Hey, wait ...

You are such a beautiful fool.

Didn't you notice anything at all?

Hey, what do you mean?

You think that that is an entrepreneur
and that a friend of yours, don't you?

And that I'm a good guy?
Do you know what we are instead?

He is a cheater and so is he.

And so do I.
We are three cheaters.

And the three of us were broke today.

- Didn't you scratch them for me?
- Scratch: Here is the word!

- Goodbye, gems and precious stones.
- That drank too much.

Come on, I've had enough now.

No, I'm the one who has had
enough of this story.

I thought it was fun, that it
was like playing brigands.

But if it's about making
a good girl lose her job , then I'm not into it.

In fact, it makes me sick.

I want the sea, I want the sea!

Well, go and drown.
I won't be the one to stop you.

You better get her jewelry back, Jimmy.

- Yes, please.
- What a bad situation!

I don't have them and if you don't
stop I'll throw you on the ground.

Give it to him or I'll scream.
And then the police find them for you.

- Don't act like that!
- And I'll also tell him everything about Marseille.

This is how children come up today:
With no respect.

- What do I have to do?
- Keep silence!

Look, I'm not joking.

Give it to him or I'll
scream like a madman.

What do you decide?

Come on ... come on. Shout as much as you want.

- Help, police!
- Are you crazy ?!

Come in.

You have been wonderful,
I don't know how to thank you.

No, no fuss.

- Don't be mad at me, Jimmy.
- Get lost!

Get out, I said! And you move.

Go upstairs and change!
What are you waiting for?

- Okay, now I'm going.
- Time to leave.

So it's not true that
I will sing in one of his shows.

- I would not have ever expected.
- I couldn't help it, my dear.

Now I'll have to stay here and be a slave
instead of singing free by the sea.

The sea ... Of course, we must
put on a show by the sea.

We keep our promises
even without the jewels.

Let's start a company

and we put on a show in
all the cities of the coast.

Really?! Do you think it's possible?

This is madness! And where is the capital?

We will find it, I'm sure.

I have some savings and I am ready
to give them to you if you want them.

Toast your generosity,
Maudie my love.

- We will rent a van.
- Toast the van!

Yes, and the scenes we'll take them in
a trailer behind the van.

- I also drink to the trailer!
- And we'll cook outside ...

We will sleep under the stars. A summer
between the wheat fields and the sea!

Come on, Jimmy.
Join us.

It may be that it does.

- Maybe you had a good idea.
- Hurray! We will go to the sea!

Fresh and healthy air, absolute peace
and an excellent appetite.

With a couple more bottles it
would truly be heaven.

Feel it. I have heaven.

Come on, Maudie. Let's go wash the dishes.

I can not. If I ruin my
hands, public goodbye.

But I come to keep you company.

Leave it, I'll take that for you.
I don't want it to fall on you.

- No-no, I manage by myself.
- All right.

Watch out for the steps.

- What a Girl!
- So, young husband, tell me ...

How's your married life?

So and so...

Come on, you can confide in me.
Are you all right with Maudie?

Forget it,
there is no need to joke.

You are talking about a sacred thing.

Look, this is really big.

It's not right? Have fun as much as you can:
That's my motto.

You are only young once, don't you think?

But don't be too young.

Why don't you grow sideburns?
You have the cheeks of a girl.

I'm kidding, you'll see that
soon you'll have to shave.

You know ... I want to grow a
mustache in a year or two.

I believe they will give you.
Will you make them like Chaplin's?

No-no, I just want them mentioned.

Like those of Ronald Colman?

Wait, I take the makeup pencil
so we see how they look on you.

Like Ronald Colman's, huh?

- Ah, yes ...
- Stay still!

- Only a moment. I'm almost done.
- Hurry up, you're tickling me.

Here ...

But ... Nothing to say. Wonderful.

Who knows what it's like to kiss a
man with a mustache like yours.

- What do I know?
- Let me try!

What jumped into your mind?

Don't you like kisses? Maybe
you need practice ...

- Now I'll show you.
- No-no.

- No, listen. I already have a girlfriend.
- Ah ...

- Hello, lovebird.
- How are you, my duckling?

It must be the sea air, I
'm a terrible sleep tonight .

- I was here dreaming of you.
- Now we will dream together, huh?

I can't be without
you, bunny.

The bunny loves his big baby.

My wish would be to bang
your heads against each other.

The love...

Ah, you are here. It's
time to go to bed now.

Where is your tent?

- What?
- Like what?!

- Didn't you have to sleep in a tent?
- Yes, imagine!

Okay, it means
I'll go there, where is it?

- Nowhere.
- Huh ?!

played the money for the tent on a horse.


But there is a very large bed here.
Undress and get under the covers.

- But-but ... is that I ...
- But-but-but what?

It's ... I have a habit of snoring.

Don't worry, I'll make you stop
by rock climbing on your head.

- Yes, but ... I also kick.
- It will be a good fight.

Cool this evening. You will be a
great hot water bottle.

NO! But I am very
hot, I am suffocating.

Hey, what's the matter with you? Look,
I took a bath on Saturday night.

Ladies and gentlemen...

And she who is there with
friends on that boat.

Why do you want to humiliate a
poor girl? Silence!

If you think you are better than us,

why don't you come on
stage to prove it?

Go up...

- Come on, go!
- I come!

Well, there's no doubt that I owe
our friends an apology.

Well, it seems to me too.

I had no intention of
saddening this delightful creature.

I only laughed because it's a
happy evening for us.

And certainly not because
I was n't fascinated by it.

She deserves a kiss.

Hey, we're not here for this
kind of show. Oh yes?

As for this young man who
taught me a good lesson,

I will be happy to shake his hand.

My dear boy, I beg your pardon.

Ladies and gentlemen, after the gentle
interlude offered to us by our host,

we will now move on to the
actual show.

Here is Sylvester Scarletto who will sing:
"The snail on the floor".

Mr. Sylvester Scarletto.

Please don't
listen to this number.

- And why?
- Because ... it's horrible.

Agree. However,
I like her very much.

Come to my studio after
the show, I'll throw a party.

And bring your friends. Ask for ichael
Fane, everyone knows me.

But what are
you two doing here ? You do not like?

- Thing?
- Thing?!

Being here in the countryside singing,
laughing, dancing ...

The wine, the smell of wet grass
and the moonlight too.

Come on, come on!


Hey! But how have you been reduced?

Look at that stuff.

What time is it, Jimmy?


You see, there's something about her that ...

Well, it's just ... I'm not ...

- I mean, I'm not what ...
- Ooh!

E ... Ma ...

- Hello!
- Hi, Michael.

- What a surprise, huh?
- What happiness to see you again!

But why are you here? Didn't you
write to me that you were going to Scotland?

I'll explain later. Let me down.
I've done 200 miles in one go.

Come! There is a party with a
lot of friends you know.

You came at the right time.
It was only you, Lily my love.

Come on, I badly need
a drink.

- Guys, look who's there ...
- Hello everyone.

- Look who you see ...
- Hello!

Come on, let's sit down, guys.

And so they sold me all the furniture.

Don't tell me that ... Really?

There's Betty who has a house here.
He invited me, so I came.

And how long will you stay?

Until Betty is tired
of me or her too annoyed.

Or I'm too bored.

Don't get bored too soon.
It's wonderful to have you here.

And who is this?

I love you, Maudie. No do not do it...

- Maudie will.
- No...

- Of course it will.
- No, it must not, it must not ...

I couldn't stand it ...

Hey beauty! Tell him that he
always follows her and that they will run away together.

He always follows her and someday they
will run away together.

It's not possible, I don't want to ...
You do n't have to torture me like that.

- It'll drive me crazy.
- Is that how you joke?

Pope! Get up, it's me.

- Where am I? I ...
- It's me, dad.

- I had a horrible nightmare.
- Sure sure...

I dreamed that he had me ...
That Maudie ...

- Where's Maudie?
- She went home.

- Did she really go home?
- Maudie wears a costume too?

Yes, listen to me ...

Why is he laughing?

You've seen it, haven't you? Huh?

- But no, he didn't see her ...
- Yes-yes.

- You saw her with a man, right?
- Stay calm, dad.

- It can't be, it's a joke.
- Come on, let's go to ...

I see that you have recovered,
my big baby.

I thought I'd take a
walk around here ...

Don't lie, shameless. You've
been with him, she's seen you.

- It's a lie!
- Sure, it's a dirty lie.

Such a cute and so rude boy ...

Lily, forget it, come on ...

But dear, I didn't say anything.

But, if you really want to know, he
had candy and a mustache.

Here, I knew it. Now I'll teach you ...

- Help!
- Let me go!


Come on! Come on ...
He betrayed you, that's right!

Bravo, so!

Stop it!

- Good. I give the girl to two.
- Leave me!

- Separate them, please!
- No-no, let them continue.

I love fights.

Love this, ugly poison viper
and tell me if you want another one.

- This is too much. Street!
- I left me!

- Get out of here, little thug.
- Don't push! I can walk alone!

Come on, you too.

I really think I have to leave her.

I knew it would end like this.
That I couldn't trust you.

- Go, go, go.
- Do not worry...

- Don't breathe, otherwise I'll break your head.
- Don't put your hands on me again!

- I did nothing...

Come on, we're not giving
these people a free show .

I'm a finite man
and it's his fault.

What a ridiculous clown.

He was cheerful and carefree
and you made him unhappy.

And thanks to you, a good guy
behaved rude.

Oh, but it was just meant to be a joke.

- Shame on us all!
- Shut up...

- In front of gentlemen!
- Gentlemen...

And yes that looked
just fine.

That's an evil one and
he's certainly no better.

Here's what happens when you
leave your environment.

Wow! She is someone who
can drive her car!

- Ugly witch!
- What a coward!

- See how he took the turn?
- I'd gladly choke her. Ouch, ouch!

- She's not kidding.
- Are you hurt, sweetheart?

- Yes, here in the leg ...
- They should arrest you.

- That's crazy.
- Come on, lean on me.

- Who sent that to us?
- Do not worry.

Now I will make you some wraps, it
will pass right away.

Hey, who's there?

Excuse me ... it's me .

- Ah!
- I'm...

Are you sorry ... Do you mind if I say hello?

Certainly not.

- Well ... I salute you.
- See you later.

But I can't understand why
I did this tonight.

I had no right,
even though ...

Although it is true that ...

Ma... No...

You did well to kick me out.

Everything was so funny ...
And I made it hateful.

I am vulgar, gross,
unable to control myself .

But my poor father is
going mad with jealousy.

So I ... Well, here ...

See you later.

- No, wait a minute.
- Oh yeah, by the way ...

I brought some money to pay for
what we broke.

That's all I have,
I hope that's enough.

- Come on, come on up.
- Like?

Come on, come on.

Look, I know I'm right and
you're a good guy.

But how could you
slap a woman?

Is that ... you can't understand ...

Otherwise he would realize that
it is not such a terrible thing.

Here, you see ... I'm not ...

I know, you're not willing to see
your father treated that way.

That's right and Miss Doubetzky was wrong.

- Yes, exactly ...
- You know, she's a weird girl.

She is a Russian in exile

who spends his life constantly
looking for emotions.

Well, better not talk about it anymore.

- Drink something?
- No thanks.

- Do not?
- Do not.

Women ... They always mess everything up.

Yes, it's true. I'm a disaster.

It would be better to forget them all.
What do you say?

That was what I was thinking just
before you arrived.

But you know, I'm not sure.

Let's be fair,
think about it ...

What would you prefer?
Spend a day with a duke,

a great artist, an explorer
or with a beautiful girl?

Well, with a great
artist without a doubt.

But you are crazy! I would always give
girls priority.

Oh yes?

Here ...

That's what struck me
in your face from the start.

Which makes you want to portray it.

Yes ... That must be it.

Listen, do you want to pose for me?

Who, me?! I am ready to
sit still for hours.

I will not expect much. Here,
as a contract signature.

- No-no, I can't.
- Come on, get them.

Thank you.

Come for tea tomorrow.

And maybe bring
your stage costume too.

Yes, okay, okay.

And now ... I think I better

Look, you can also
settle here if you want ...

- No, I can't ...
- As you like.

Is that...

- I'll turn off the light.
- Oh thanks.

Do you want me to come and open the door for you?

No, it is not necessary ...
I go out the window.

Good night.

- Good night .
- Good night.

I'm cold. I
immediately put on a bathrobe .

It was a great bathroom!
Too bad Helen isn't there too.

I want to go there again
tomorrow, it's nice here .

Yes, it's cool but the water
was hot, right?

Will our clothes be safe here?
Sure .

Come on, Edith .

Here I am.

Wait for me!

Hey! Don't leave me alone.

Mr. Fane!

- Mr. Fane.
- Is that you, Sylvester? Come in .

I can?

A moment and I'm with you .

I've been picking apples and
thought about taking a bath .

Come inside and show how
your costume fits in the daytime .

I haven't put it on yet.

Well, what are you waiting for?

By chance, do you see my pants there?

When you come, bring them inside .

No-no, they aren't here.

It does not matter,
will come ò me to look for them .


Hey! What the hell are you ...?

He's not undressed, is he,
Mr. Fane?


Good God! But what have you done?

I understand! You're a girl!

That's why I was talking
to you in a certain strange way.

- Haven't I said inappropriate things?
- Oh, no ...

It's amazing that he didn't
realize you were a girl!

Come on, come and sit down, phenomenon!
Let yourself be seen, former cockerel.

Oddities of nature! Sit back
and let me admire you.

I mean, can you know what
's funny about me?

The way you hold your legs.

- Nobody told you to look at them.
- Come on, don't be angry ...

What a circus number!

By dint of laughing, I'll end
up leaving the skin.

I'm leaving, so I spare her life.

No-no, sorry ...
I won't offend you, huh?

I didn't mean to.
Come on, come on.

You are a nice girl.

And ... very pretty too.

No ... Hey! Hands down!

Get your claws out, huh?

I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to
be rude, but ...

I know, I'm rude,
rude, clumsy.

Maybe it was better if I stayed
a boy. I'm more suited.

No-no, who wants more
naughty brats in this world?

A beautiful girl is always better, right?

And you are pretty, indeed charming.

Sure-sure, my hair
is glamorous, right?

- No, but they're fun.
- Yeah, and my freckles too, huh?

Here, look ...
And the way I stand ...

Yes, you look pretty pretty
from head to toe.

The feet that are squeezed
to death in these shoes.

- Poor thing, you have big feet, huh?
- Yes, to my misfortune.

And this dress that doesn't
have pockets like breeches?

Besides, I never know where to put my hands.

Let's see ... Why don't you
clean your nails?


Poor little one, I hurt
your sensibility, didn't I?

I said one of the things you were
saying and you didn't like it.

Yes, it's true. I'm sorry ...
I'm just a fool.

Of course you're stupid
but I know how to heal you.

You have to learn the tricks of the trade.

Tricks ?! Nothing.

Since men use them,
you better use them too.

You don't have to cry about
freckles and because your hair doesn't go out.

Remember that you are a
very pretty girl.

- Oh, no!
- Of course.

- I tell you.
- She does not...

And the slightly funny things add
spice to everything else.

She is saying so just to ...

Come on, don't be modest ...
Don't be modest!

- And who does it?
- You, little girl!

It's a lie!

Calm calm...

You will see that you will become a
very sophisticated girl.

And you will learn the rules of the
game like any other.

The compliments will please you ...

You will lie, you
will tease, you will show indifferent ...

- Or interested in someone else.
- And this ... is it useful?

Sure. And when you decide to refuse
a kiss, you will do it with more grace.

Like a rush hit by the wind,

that one sees
slowly bending forward,

more and more...

And who is this idiot?

- Didn't you have to go to Sophia's?
- I changed my mind.

- Hi micheal.
- You know I can't wait for you.

- Will be for another time.
- Yes, but that's not fair though.


I know I'm a monster.

I'm so bad ...
But don't scold me too much.

Be nice ...

Well ... You know I always forgive you.

So why don't you smile at me?

- Tell me how.
- Who? What do you mean?

What's in there.

- And how do you know that there is someone?
- I saw it in your eyes.

- Hello, my friend.
- No, now you have to see her.

I think it will amuse you.

But how?

The little pierrot from last night.

But was it a girl dressed as a man
or is it a boy dressed as a woman?

Sylvester is Sylvia.


- And how cute she is.
- Yes, isn't it?

And she's also good at
slapping, I know.

Now I can give it back.

If you knew how sorry I am
about last night ...

Forget that
little rascal Sylvester.

- Sylvia is much nicer.
- It's perfect.

Sorry, but are you in the habit of getting up
late or going to bed early?

- It's ... I was taking a bath.
- Ah ...

Typically English uses:
Bathing in the afternoon.

Forgive me, I'm going to
wear something, huh?

- Not more than 3 minutes. Timed!
- I don't have a watch!

That's it ...

But all of this is so beautiful.

It is magnificent, it is a true poem.

What ... what do you mean?

She can be honest with me. To me
Michael is a good old friend.

Really?! But I believed yesterday ...

That you two were ...
Well, here ... that you were ...

That's why it hit me.
What a fool ...

- She was jealous.
- That's true, but I'm ashamed of it.

Oh no! It is more than natural to love
and be jealous.

- But now he's happy, right?
- Sure.

And that's right because he loves her very much.
I realized it.

Really? But do you really believe
that this is the case?

But of course.

Didn't he tell you he's charming?
- Well, here ...

- And kissed her?
- No-no ...

- Yes, it's true.
- So obviously he loves her.


He may even have
fallen in love with me today.

Seen? It took me 2 minutes and
10 seconds: World record!

I'm sorry you had
to dress for me.

Dress we gain in beauty
and beauty is never wasted.

Do we want to have a good tea?

- Oh yes!
- I don't think I can stay.

- Why?
- I'm always late.

You can see that this is my destiny.

Slowly. When you start talking
in riddles, I smell trouble.

I don't learn anything.

I play with things too
long and then they hurt me.

I played with you and you
generously forgave me

and I didn't care.

And suddenly, that's what I care about.

- But now ...
- Now what?

- You and her ...
- Huh?

You stole it from the beautiful pierrot
n. 2 of the company.

Listen, Lily. Don't think you can play
these tricks on me, love.

You know well that I adore you.

However it would be fine for you.

She is cute, simple, innocent ...

- It's your thing.
- Don't be ridiculous!

Can't you see that she is just a child
that anyone can give it to understand?

Besides, I love you.

Honey, forgive me. I am so silly.

That's better.
And now will you stay?

For quite a while, right?

I'm going to make tea, I'll be right back.

I am forced to leave,
unfortunately. And now.

See you later.

- Goodbye ...
- How come, baby?

Don't call me "
baby " because I'm not.

You see, there is also
someone waiting for me for me .

It is that beautiful pierrot n. 2 that
she didn't steal from me at all.

Don't tell me that you and
that guy are ...?

Well, why not? After all
it's like ... her and her.

Goodbye, I'll go ... Or she'll get
very angry if I'm late.

Altolà! Do you allow, miss?

But we know each other, if I'm not mistaken.

Look-look-look ...

Come on, don't take it. Didn't go
well with the painter, did it?

Didn't hear us, huh? Come on, you
better stay with your people.

And so, from now on, we will be
a real quartet.

I like you, you know?

But ... but how? Have you abandoned
the disguise?

This is a mistake, dear.
Be careful.

Can you know what you have, dad?
You're drunk?

No ... You know, she went shopping.

Yes. Tell me, do you think this is true?

I keep seeing her,
seeing her with that other ...

How are you, my big cat?

- Thank God you're here!
- I bought you some lines ...

Oh, this then! No I do not believe it!

- You're ...
- I'm a woman!

Are you surprised? Can't you believe it?
Yet it is so!

I have to go check it out.

Leave her alone, can't you
see how nervous she is?

Let's pack your bags instead.

- Luggage?
- Yes, we're moving.

And who said it?

Me and the others. And get busy.

And instead we don't move.

Yes-yes, Maudie. We have to get out
of here.

Because this place is
a real disaster for me.

I can't have a moment of peace.

keep thinking that there is a guy who follows you everywhere.

But now that I know we
're leaving, it's different.

Everything will be fine. I know these
are just fantasies.

But sometimes, you see ... It seems
just as true to me as ...

That mouse that's there.

Come on, go and prepare lunch
and then you'll see how to manage.

Here is the basket.

I'll see how to regulate myself, huh?

That's just what I'm going to do.
I'll see how to regulate myself.

Where are you, Maudie?



- She's gone!
- But when did she go?

I do not know. I woke up
and it wasn't there.

- No, wait. You can't go out like that.
- Is escaped! She's missing.

- Wait, you'll see she comes back on her own.
- No, you have to find it!

- Think, dad!
- Let me go!

- I absolutely have to find her.
- Dad, where are you going? Wait up!

- Maudie!
- Dad!

Go back, you
will never be able to find it!

Daddy! Come back,
we'll look for it together!

How can you find it
in such weather?

As soon as he calms down, he
will return by himself.

- Come on, go to bed.
- No-no ...

I can't leave him, I'm afraid.

- He's drunk, I have to find him.
- Come on, give me the lantern.

Why, are you coming too?

- Of course, let's go.
- Yes soon.

- Henry!
- Pope!

Henry, where are you?

Look, the door is still open.

- He has not returned unfortunately.
- Maybe he's sleeping in the shelter,

while we instead got

No-no, wait ...

- I'll go, you stay here.
- No me...

- I understand ...
- Come on, come on.

I'm sorry ... Come on,
you did what you could.

Poor dad.

Now ... he's done suffering.

- Come on, let's get out.
- All right.

Do you remember how
cheerful he was in the beginning?

Unfortunately, it often happens to
be cheerful in the beginning.


Too much alcohol and a good heart:
that's what died at heart.

It was bad that he was
so attached to Maudie.

It's always bad to be
tied to someone.

Hey, what's the matter with you? Are you still
thinking about the painter?

- No-no ...
- I hope so.

A guy who didn't even deign
to send you a word of comfort.

He treated you like an old glove.

- It's not worth talking about.
- Yes I agree.

For me they are people who do not
consider us to their level.

By the way, I forgot ...
In the city I saw the Russian one.

I met her yesterday morning
and the day before yesterday.

But what does it matter to us?

- Yeah, what does it matter?
- Anything.

The two of us are well matched.

Indeed, I would say that we are
made for each other.

- Yes, it's true.
- It's natural.

Who can you
like me more than I like you? To nobody.

- To nobody.
- Sure...

And do you know what I tell you?

Let's get together and let the rest
of the world go to hell.

What do you think about it?

- All right, Jimmy.
- Very good.


No-no, not now ...

Wait until we get out
of here. It will not take long.

Not even 10 minutes.

I'm going to get some buckets of water
and then we drop the moorings.


Michael! Michael!

Michael, help!

M ichael!



- Jim!
- What is it, Sylvia?


What happens?

Hey Sylvia, where are you?

Help! Help!


I think it would be better to go get
Mr. Fane.

Wait a minute ... Something
is wrong with this.

I'd like to hear from you first.

None of our business.

All we want is
for him to come and get it, right?

Of course...

Look at her ... She looks ...
I don't know ...


But even so ... so sweet.

Who would say it is a viper instead?

Who knows ... maybe she doesn't
even notice.

Why did not you go?

Look, I'm not a bellboy.

If he cares about her, let him
take care of her a little more.

It's not my job to keep
an eye on her in her place.

Well ... Yes, yes, I'll go there then.

All right, go, little cupid.

But I thought you hated her.

Yeah ... I thought I hated her for ...

For a certain thing.

But ... now I know the truth.

I know she must be very much in
love with him.

You realize? She was ready to die.

And that means she
loves him very much.

And he loves her too.

Back then, it wasn't fair that ...
that he wanted to die.

Look at your illusions.

I am sure that if going down to the sea
he met a handsome fisherman

he wouldn't be here now.

You have the mentality of a pig.

It's a world of pigs.

Maybe, for you and me.

But not for her, if
I can help her.

I'm glad you
didn't go to him.

So I'll go there and
tell him what he's got ...

What he did for his sake
and what he really is.

And then he'll come here to get her

and they will be happy again.

And ... you and I can leave.

Mr. Fane!

Oh, Sylvia!

I'm very sorry for your father.

Today I would have come to you, I
only found out this morning.

- Her friend is in our trailer.
- Like?

He has to come to her
and be very kind.

You must make peace however
it went between you.

- Actually, I ...
- Because you see ...

He tried ... to drown.

My goodness! How are you?

- Well, he's a little weak but ...
- God be praised.

But it is not fair that she is so
unhappy and only she can avoid it.

- They saved her this time but ...
- Who saved her?

- Let's go.
- It was you, right?

- Yeah ...
- You're a good girl.

Come on, I have a car outside.

There is no more.

- He's gone.
- Went?

Well, maybe she got worse and
took her to a doctor ...

Yes, it must be.

- No-no, it's much worse.
- Like?

- We have to save her.
- Save her? From what?

- Monkley.
- Monkley?

That filthy one! She was helpless
and he took advantage of it.

- But is he crazy or what?
- No, he's a Don Juan, he's terrible.

But I break his face!

They will have started for 10 minutes.

At most 5 miles, we will reach them.

Damn! And now?

- Which way did they go?
- And already, which way?

- There is a house there, I'm going to ask.
- Okay, I'll look over here.

Listen, child ... Did you see
a trailer go by?

What is a caravan?

Well ... it's a little house on 4 wheels.

- Like those of the gypsies, you know?
- What's up?

- Did you see a trailer go by here?
- Of course.

- It was a few minutes ago.
- Really?!

- Hey, wait ...
- What is it?

My dress!

- Now I'll explain ... Don't take it off!
- Give it back to me now!

- Ugly shameless!
- Come on, mom, come on!

Crook! Take
off these clothes now!

- Come on, now!
- Please, please ...

Sylvia, where have you gone?
Where are you?

- Don't show up again. Street!
- He deserves a lot of beating!

What ways are these?

I really had to happen here ...

- Hey, whose clothes are those?
- Mine.

- And the dress?
- His. Here we go.

- The beach girl?
- Yup.

Don't laugh. I got the information,
they went over there.

- I mean, stop it.
- Ah! Help!

- Oh, I'm sorry ...
- What a mess ...

- What do we do now?
- My goodness!

Let's get out of this place.
I'm sorry ... Move.

- Are you sure you can drive?
- Yes, yes...

- Well, be careful.
- Yes, you can rest assured.

- Easy, please.
- Sure sure.

Alt! Excuse me, sir.

- Look, we're in a hurry.
- I noticed.

- Favor the driver's license.
- What nonsense!

- Your driver's license, please.
- But don't be silly!

- Let's see if he's been drinking.
- But what drank and drank!

- Leave me alone! How dare you?
- Get off!

- You don't get involved.
- It was an unfortunate mistake ...

- Get off the arrest otherwise!
- Leave her alone!

We got in a bit of a mess.

Of course. He had to be a little
more careful with that cop.

- This is good.
- Come on inside.

- Wait again for me to defend you ...
- I can defend myself, thanks.

Running like that was madness.

No, if you take into account the purpose.

Yes, if you take into account
that you don't know how to drive.

Can't I drive?
I don't know how to drive!

- We have arrived at the absurd.
- Ah, listen. Ugh!

If I chased a
girl I would n't mind.

Except you weren't chasing
a girl at all.

- Shut up ...
- Who's talking to you?

- Shut up ...
- I agree.

Okay okay.

Now I'll bring you dinner and tomorrow you
'll go to the judge.

Oh, come on ...


- Does it hurt?
- Nothing.

- If I don't touch it ...
- Yeah, sure.

- All my fault, I'm so clumsy.
- Is already...

Clumsy, impulsive, generous.

And so tender of heart, what's more.

Why did you say this, Michael?

I don't know, it came by itself.

I know, I know she's tired.

- Stop, I think I am.
- Sure sure...

Hey! The light was kinder than me.

Now we can go to bed.

But ... Well, I ...

What's up?

Here it is...

I'm thinking that ... Don't you think
maybe I should tell him?

Tell him what?

Well, that ... I'm a woman.

Ninth. We would have a lot
of complications.

At the risk of staying here for hours, days.

But we have to chase them, right?

Yes sure. We must reach them.

- Yeah ...
- Yeah.

You can lie up here.

- Up here ...
- I'll settle down on the floor.

- So, come on.
- Yup...

Done. Very well.

Wait. Go ahead and take the pillow
because I never use it.

- Ah, okay ...
- I'm not used to it.

As soon as we get out of here we will take
the first train to London.

- And then ...
- And then what?

Lily, if I know her, will take
her Monkley to Paris.

I know you can take it back
on the ferry.

And he'll take her to horse racing.
Rest assured he will get it back.

Come on, come on. The restaurant is
in the next carriage .

And I'm hungry like wolves .

The first thing I want to do in Paris
is to go to the Comedie Française .

They give a Corneille tragedy
and we must not miss it .

Hi, Sylvia. What's up?

Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that ...

How much I love this dress
she gave me. Thank you.

- You needed it.
- Please sit down, gentlemen .

- Heard? Here we are.
- Dining car, first series .

Dinner, I wasn't expecting anything else.
I guess you too?

I? No-no, not at all. Better to
wait for the second series.

When you go to the premiere, you
always look hungry.

What nonsense!

No, the truth is ...
I have a big headache.

Yes, I see you a little upset.
Where does it hurt?

Ahi! Who who...

You need good tea.
I'll go get it.

- No, don't bother.
- What a nuisance!

Maybe I'll eat something ...
I'm really hungry.


Jesus, what a mess ...

- Excuse me, is there room?
- Yes, sir. Come on.

No, horses don't interest me,
don't try to convince me .

There were a lot of people and
I preferred to let it go.

Who would have thought?

Yeah ... And the headache?

Past. Yeah, well ...
It's much better.

Anyway, better lower the
curtains. He might come back.

- Here it is.
- Thank you.

Look, what would you do if you don't ...

What if we don't find them?

We will find them.

- Yes, I'm afraid so.
- Fear?

Well, you know I do
n't like you and Monkley.

Do not worry about me.

- But why are you so persistent?
- Because I'm right .

- You will see that you will realize it .
- Here they are.

Already. Well, let's get going.


Come on, it will be the biggest surprise
of their life. It is not so?

- Come on, this is the time ...
- Yeah. Hurry.

Here we go.

One moment...

Before you go in there,
I have to tell you something, Sylvia.

You are a pretty, smart,
brave and good woman.

I don't know how I will do without
you, but patience ...

I got it? And now I'm going to
get your Monkley.

But what do I care about Monkley?

- Don't you care?
- No, because I love you, you know?

- No, I didn't know.
- Didn't you know I adored you?

Nor to have transformed the
whole world for me?

And I love you instead.

How much I suffered, Michael.

It's only been 5 days and it felt
like eternity.

I ... I love you, Michael.

Oh, my darling.

- No-no, I'll go back to him in Paris - Go
, quick!

No darling. You'll stay with old
Jimmy. It is now done .

- I'm going to another compartment.
- Hey, what do you think?

- To be able to leave me like this?
- Leave me!

- Do not touch me!
- Go back inside and change register, beautiful!

- What do we do if he comes here?
- Wait up...

Absolutely. This is
stupid and ridiculous .

However, I will go down to Claridge
where my friends are.

And Oliver and Cecil will make
a cocktail for me.

Why do I have to come to the Ritz if I have always stayed at the Claridge in Paris

I'm sure I'll find friends there,
like George who lives there permanently.

- Excuse me, did you see anyone get off?
- No.

Hey, I'm talking to you, you know?

You could at least answer.

Good. Done.

Otherwise I'll go back to Michael.

He loves me and I
broke his heart, poor thing.

But ... how dare you?

What's so funny? Look
, I'm really leaving, huh?

Rude and villain! Wait
until we arrive in Paris and you will see!