Sylvia (2018) - full transcript

Richard Okezie decides to leave Sylvia, his lifelong imaginary friend and lover for Gbemi a flesh-and-blood real woman, but complications arise when Sylvia decides to destroy Richard's peaceful life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Good morning.




Mm-mm, this one, hm?

Good morning, Mr. Richard.

- Karen.

Good morning.

It's lovely to see you.

- It's lovely to see you, too.

How you feeling today?

- I'm good, thanks.

- So, what are we writing?

- Nothing special.

It's just the ramblings
of an old madman.

- Yeah, I've said this before.

And I'm gonna say it again.

You do not belong here.

- Maybe not.

But I'd rather be in here
than the alternative.

- What's your alternative?

- Death, doom, destruction.

Now you're beginning
to rethink my sanity?

- I think you
should write poetry.

Dark poetry.

- Well, you think I'm a loony,

which is why I'm in here.

- I still don't believe that.

Mr. Richard, how did you
really end up in here?

- You wouldn't believe me.

Truth can be stranger
than fiction.

- I just got off
work, so I have time.

Let's talk.

Try me.

- All right.

My story begins...

It was early as my
first memory as a child.

- Richard?

Richard, baby.

It's time to get up.

Hey, okay, come, up you get.

Time to take your bath.

My baby.


Ah, good morning, my baby.

He's almost getting too heavy
for Mommy to carry, now.

- An astronaut.

Or a pilot.

But I'm afraid of heights.

So, no.

If you want,
we could fix that.

- Oh.

- We could fly, or even better.

We could go to space.

Everything is possible
here, Richard.

Say the word, I'll
make it happen.

- It sounds like you just
want to see me throw up.

I'll make sure it matter first.

Ah, Sylvia, I almost forgot.

I'm having serious issues
with my math homework.

I asked Mom, but--

- Already solved.

- Thank you, Sylvia.

Sometimes, I wonder what
I would do without you.

- You're welcome.

No big deal, really.

- Someone's about to
wake me up, right?

- Come to me as soon
as you can, okay?

Yes, what is it?

Don't you hear the bell?

Get up now.

I'll save you a spot behind me
on the queue if you hurry up.

I just
really miss her.

- You should, Richard.

She was an amazing woman.

- I don't get it.

The potion that you gave me

and asked me to give her.

Why didn't it work?

Why didn't she get better?

- I don't know, Richard.

I guess it was her time to go.

There are some things that
even I don't have control over.

- Yes, at least
she's at rest now.

- She got to see you graduate,

get your Master's, a great job,

and finally move
into your own place.

She was more than impressed
with you, Richard.

She was proud.

- I don't suppose
your powers include

the power of
resurrecting people?

I guess not.

- You have to leave soon.

You have to leave soon.

- Why?

- Because you drank a little
too much water last night,

and it's almost
6:00 a.m., your time.

- I've been meaning to ask you
why you keep giving me these.

- Because it matters to me.

- You matter to me.

- Nobody drink yet.

First, a toast, hm?

Here's to one of the
brightest, most resourceful,

talented minds I have had
the pleasure of working with.

Richard Okezie,

who landed us our largest
account yet, Zephyr Heights.

Let him hear it!

Yes, yes, yes.

And to me, for
being crazy enough

to put this rookie on the board.

- To our very own Don
Draper, Mr. Temidayo Davies.

- Ah, please stop.

- Save a letter for you.

- Come on, calm down.

We're here to celebrate
Richard over here, not me.

I mean, who am I anyway?

Only the man that can fire
each and every one of you.

I know I
am talking too much,

because some of you alcoholics
want a drink really badly.

I see you, John.

Patience, okay?

Just one last thing,
and that'll be it, hm?

Please don't spill
anything on my floor.

Or I will fire you, that's
a promise, all right?

To Richard!

To Richard!

- Well done.

Lemme talk to you real quick.

- Thanks, guys.

- Well done.

Drink up.

Richard, my man.

Well done.

- Thank you.

- You know what?

Go ahead and take the day off.

- Are you serious?

- Yes, go ahead and
take the day off.

Believe me, you have earned it.

Besides, it is Friday,

so no harm in starting
the weekend early, hm?

- Oh, I'll drink to that.

- Yes, sir, a drink to that!

- All right!

Richard, my man.

Mm, gotta sip on it.

Hey, how
you doing, all right?


- Do you have plantain?

- Yes, I do.

- I'll have some fried rice.

- What would you like?

Yes, sir?

Fried rice with what?

Excuse me, sir?

Excuse me, sir?

- Fried rice.

- Just fried rice?

- Sorry.

Fried rice with
plantain and beef.

- And beef?
- Yeah.

Coming right away.

- And some water.

- Okay, sir.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- Do you mind if I--

- Sure.

- Sorry.

Forgive me for staring.

It's just...

You must think
I'm really creepy.

You're in luck.

I'm really creepy, too.

- So, beauty and
a sense of humor?

Richard Okezie.

- Gbemi Ogunlana.

- Gbemi, it's so
nice to meet you.

So, you like her?

I think
that's not accurate.

I love her!

- So, what about us?

What about us?

- What we have, silly!

- What do we have?

- How can you say that?

- Look, Sylvia.

You of all people should've
known that this day will come.

- How am I supposed to know
that the day would come

where you would fall in
love with somebody else?

- What did you expect, that
I would settle down with you?

Have kids with you?

You're not even real.

- How can you say that, Richard?

After everything, how could
you honestly say that?


Richard, look at me.

Look at me, Richard, look at me.

Look me in the eye and tell me

that this isn't real.

Tell me that we're not fated.

Tell me that we're not meant
to be together, Richard.

Lie to me.

- I'm sorry.


Let's assume that it's all real.

Even for a moment,
what did you expect,

that I'm gonna just
leave everything

and come out here,

start a family with
you, be with you?

What about my other life?

My real life, the real world?

Am I supposed to just
spend all the time sleeping

just to be here with you?


- What's wrong with the way

that we've been
spending time together?

- Sylvia!

It's not gonna work,
it has to stop.

- Don't touch me!

I'm not real, right?

So why are you feeling sorry
for me if I am not real?

I'm just somebody that you used.

After everything that we
have together, Richard.

You'd throw that away?

I may not be a real woman,

but you will never
find anyone like me.

- Sylvia, I didn't--

- It's 6:00 a.m., Richard.

You need to leave.

- Hey.

Stop crying.

Just so sorry.


it's just a dream.

Get a--

- Grip on yourself, man!

Dude, I've seen the
way you look at her.

I've seen how she
makes you feel.

You're a complete
fool around her.

You know what that means, right?

- No, Obaro, what does it mean?

Tell me.

- It means she's the one.

You know, the one?

Like Neil,

except with boobs and nice legs.

- Hey!

- Round ass.
- Hey!

All right, that's my wife-to-be
you're talking about.

- Well, there it is!


That's what I'm talking about!


- Dude, I thought I'd
lost you for a second.

And I was
beginning to wonder,

wondering if you were
gay or something.

- Why would you
think that I'm gay?

- It's not like I have
anything against gay people,

I'm just saying.

This is where teenagers come

if they haven't really
been interested in girls.

- Yeah, well, I'm getting
married to one now, okay?

Does not convince you
that I'm straight?

I'm straight as it gets.

No, it
doesn't convince me,

'cause this is Lagos, and
there are a lot of married men

running around with kids

and still keeping
houseboys and stuff.

- Really?

How do you know all this stuff?

I'm beginning to wonder
if you're straight.



I'm straighter than your ruler.

I'm so straight,
can't get any gayer.

- Madman!

- Oh, man!

- Oh, Obaro.

I'm getting married.

- That's it.

- I am getting married to
the most incredible woman

that I've ever actually met.

- And don't you forget it,

'cause if you do, you know
what's gonna happen, right?

I'm gonna slide right in,
take care of that ass for you.

That's what's gonna

Oh, goodness.

- You know what?

I'm marrying Gbemi.

It's final.


- What are you doing?

- I gotta--

- Dude, it's not even 10 yet.

- I know.

- Okay, one for the
road, just one shot?

Do a shot before you leave?

- No.

- You're not gonna
leave me here by myself.

- Come on, you'll be fine.

- Richard!

See you later, man.

- I need new friends,
that's what it is.

- This is on the house.

- Thank you.

This, trying to
mess up my night.

That is not about
to happen here.

- I came to tell you that
this has to end, Sylvia.

I'm getting married to her

next Saturday.
- I know that.

If I'm not real,

it shouldn't matter
what you do with me

and to me in your dreams.

- Sylvia, I'm sorry.

I know that we had
some good times,

but things have changed.

- Richard, nothing
has to change.

We can just stay here.

- You know what, I've
made me decision,

and I'm sticking to it.

Quite frankly, I don't care
if you plague my dreams

every night for the
rest of my life.


- I am marrying Gbemi.

I love her.


take it!
- And that's that.

Richard, take it.

- No.

- You have to!

- No, I don't!

Take it, Richard,

You don't understand.

If you don't take it, then,

you have to.
- Then what?

You what?

- If you don't take it,

then I might not
be able to see you.

- Might?

Or won't?

- I love you, Richard.

From the first day you
took your first breath,

I have loved you.

I haven't loved anybody else.


You are mine, and
nothing and nobody

is going to take that away
from me, do you understand?

I love you.

So you can go and you can
get married to someone else,

you get to try and
live your life,

but I will always find my
way back into your heart.

Oh, I will use the whole
of eternity trying.

Do you understand?

- I might understand

that if I don't
take that from you,

I won't see you again.


- I'll take that as a yes.

- Take it.

Richard, please!
- I am done

with this madness!

- Please!


- I don't know why you don't
like reading the soft copies.

Because I like the
feel of paper.

Is that coffee I smell?

Strong and hot,
just the way you like it.

- How did you know
I needed this?

It's perfect.

- Well, I aim to please.

The doomsayer.

- Thank you.

- So, is there anything else

you want me to do you for, sir?

- Yes, as a matter
of fact, there is.

I want you...

to help me call a
very good florist.

Have him deliver a bouquet
of flowers to my wife.

- Little problem, Mr. Okezie.

- And I want it
delivered to her at work.


- So, here's the address,

and here's the message
I want on the card.

She's gonna love this.

- To the reason my
life is worth living.

P.S., honeymoon tonight.

Wow, lucky woman.

I thought you already
had your honeymoon.

- Boundaries, Hawa.

- Yeah, and I'll
leave you to it.

Oh, what kind of flowers
do you want sent to her?

- Just have the
florist surprise us.

Oh, but I do know
that she only likes

one type of flower
in her bouquet.

Make sure he gets that.

- Okay, sir.

Good day, Mrs. Iweta.

- Good day, Hawa.

I take it he is in.

- Oh, I'm afraid
Mr. Okezie isn't in.

- So I see.

You have a habit of
just shoving your head

into his office and
talking to thin air?

- Actually, my psychotherapist
says it's unhealthy

to act sane all the time.

- It is a wonder that
you can be so successful,

considering the shoddy way

assistant's handling his
services to his clientele.

- Actually, we are
very successful,

considering we
don't talk this way

to people who actually matter.

- Your insolence, young lady,

may have just cost
No Box Incorporated

one of its biggest clients.

- If you'll excuse me, ma'am,
I'm very busy right now.

I'll be sure to tell Mr. Okezie
that you swore on the Bible.

Please book an
appointment next time

so that you don't
waste your time.

Good day.

- Oh.

May I have
the drainer please?

- I am so exhausted.

Where do you want that?

- There, that's fine.

- Can we swap jobs?

No really, come on.


I'd kill to be home by 4:30.

I'd cook, I'd even cook,
I'd do the cooking.

- Nope, you love your job.

And I love my kids.

- True.

You left one more person out.

- Hm?

- Come on!

- Who is that?

- It's not obvious?

- Who?
- Me.


- You love me?

- Hm, no.

Not even a little bit.

- Liar.

- How's work?

I don't know.

Kinda hit a stumbling blow.

- Yeah?

- I'm having issues
trying to come up with

direction of taking the
new Zephyr Heights company.

And it's doing me in.

- Anything I can do to help?

- Mm-hmm.

Love me.

Feed me.

Never leave me.

- That, I can do.

- So, what are we having?

I'm really hungry, I'm starving.

You know, the kind
of starving that's--

Richard, what's wrong?

- Baby, they sent
you red hibiscuses?


Clearly, you didn't
choose which ones.

- No, it's not that,

it's just I don't know
anything about flowers.

But these don't
look fresh, though.

I think we should
throw them out.

I'll make new arrangements.

- You just said you knew
nothing about flowers, silly.

They're fine.

- Quite frankly, sir, I
don't think I understand.

- How do I make this clearer?

This, it's not what
we're looking for.

- Help me understand exactly
what your company wants.

- We've already told you.

Understated elegance.

- Which is exactly what my team
and I have prepared for you.

Did you only look at the files,

or were you able to look
at the email presentation?

- We've seen the presentation
and the files, Mr. Okezie.

Whatever elegance may be in
the campaign you came up with

is a little too understated.

- So, you'd rather have it
a little less understated?

- All I know is,
you're the ad guy,

and we hired you to
make us look good.

We all agree, we
don't like this pitch.

Figure it out.

- I'm very sure
that my team and I

can come up with something
that suits Zephyr.

- Tick-tock, no
pressure, though.

- You know about my kid
I'm always telling you

is good at everything
else but math?

He did so well on his test
today, I was so excited.

That bad?

- Thank you.

He diplomatically told
me that it was crap.

Oh, darling.

Do you want to bounce
some ideas off me?

- That's the thing,
there's nothing to bounce.

It's like I'm blocked.

And I need to get
over this soon,

because I can literally feel
the clients getting cold feet.

It would be so bad

if we celebrated getting
that account for nothing.

I was so sure they
would love that pitch.

Maybe you just need to

get it off of your
mind for a while.


- I don't have a while.

- You'll figure it out, okay?

- It worked.

Come on, before I have
to pee or something.

Where are you?


- Keep it down.

You scared me!

I've been looking
all over for you.

- Really?

So, now I'm wondering
if you are real,

and I'm the one who's dreaming.

- Hi.

- Well, what do you want?

I've got things to do.

- Look, Sylvia.

I'm sorry.

I didn't
even know if this,

any of this, was gonna work.

I just had a feeling.

How come you didn't know?

- Believe it or not, Richard,

I don't know everything.

- Yeah, that's hard to believe.

- But I am learning
some new things.

- Really?


- Like how you didn't come
here because you missed me.

So, whatever it
is that you want,

get to the point.

- Okay.

I need your help.

- You have the nerve, Richard,

to come here and
ask me for help,

after what you did!

- I am sorry.

I am beyond sorry.

- I guess you don't
feel insane, right?

Talking to a figment
of your imagination.

- This was a bad idea.

I don't even know
what I was thinking.

- What if I was real?

Would you have
married me instead?

- Perhaps, I don't know.

- Change the color of
the Zephyr presentation

from blue to red, let a
woman do the voiceovers,

and replace the word
grandeur with luxury.

- Thank you.

- You have to wake up now.

- Aren't you going to
give me a hibiscus?

- Turns out I don't have to.

- Yes, Hawa?

Mr. Hassan, line one.

- Yeah, fine, put him through.


Hello, Mr. Hassan.

this is much better.

- Thank you, sir.

owe you a drink.

- That won't be necessary, sir.

I have to say,

this is work very well done.

I just want to let you know

we're impressed
with this new art.

We'll be in touch.

- Yeah.

Red theme, sexy female voice.

Highly understated.

How's that?

- That feels so good.

- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

- How about this?


Right there.

At least if we
ever lose our jobs,

we could always fall back
on my massaging skills.

Ow, hey!

Don't break it!

So, how's work?

Anything interesting?

- Work's fine.

The school has been hiring
new teachers lately.

One of them is this
really cute guy.

I think I'm gonna ask him out.

- Really?

Yeah, okay, just gimme my ring.

- No!

- Just gimme my ring.

- Not happening!
- Gimme my ring!

- Anyway.

And then there's this lady.

Her name is Cynthia.

- Yeah, well, is she hot?

Maybe I can ask Cynthia out?

- Ha ha, very funny.

And you see the way
the boys at school

drool over her when
she walks by there.

It's crazy.

- Jealous much?

- No joke.

- Huh?

- No, we're actually along.

Oh, past 10.

I am going to bed.

- Hey, I was watching that!

- Now you aren't.

Come on.

- Because?

Let's go!

give me orders.


We need to call the florist.


- The flowers, they're wilting.

- Hey, you think maybe
they can send you

something other
than red hibiscus?

- No.

- Gbemi, they don't
even have a scent.

- Mm, you're a
florist now, are you?

Anyway, if you hate it so much,

why was there one under your
pillow during the night?

- I don't know.

Maybe I like the smell.

Or the lack of it.

- You're weird.

- And you love me.

I do.

- Yeah?

You sure?

You won't change your mind?

I see how you're
giving me orders.

Share my house about now.

- Yo bro,

met an insanely attractive
woman few weeks ago.

- Yeah, you, that changes women

the way they change
their hairdos.

Tell me, what's so
special about this one?

- I dunno.

It's just that I think
she's the one, man.

You know?

- Yeah.

- Look, I just think it's
time for me to settle down

and just be a grown-up, and
be more like you, really.

Yeah, joker.

- Well done.

I'm actually being serious.

Look, I'm just trying
to open up to you, man.

I think she just
suits me, you know?

Actually, it's actually
more than that.

I think I'm love with her.

Dude, you
trying to kill me?

Did you
just use the L word?

- Dude, I'm being serious, man.


Pull a muscle or something?

Why are you stopping?

- What?

I added a few kg's.

It's taking some getting
used to, that's all.

- A few kg's, man.

Just being lazy.

You lazy ass.

- Really?

Yeah, okay, tough guy.

Gimme 10.

- Let's see you do 10.

- Gimme 10.

- Only 10?
- Only 10.

- You're gonna have to put
your money where your mouth is.

- Now you know there's
money here, come on.

In fact, I'll spot you.

- I don't need no
spot, I got this.

Obaro's about to

make some cash.
- I'll spot you anyway.

- I don't need no spot.

- Obaro.

- I got this.

I'll hold your wallet, too.

- My wallet?

- Well, your wallet.

Let's get this.

Let's make this money.

- You need some help?

You don't need no help?

- I got.

Cool down.

- Go for it, all right.

Okay, let's go, hey!

Lightweight, baby.

Flash cake, let's go, baby!

Let's go!





- Keep it going.



- Sorry, I got you.


All right, it's okay, you win.

It's all right.

watch we're you're going.

- Sorry.

No one
does so much walking.



Hey, you okay?

- Yeah.

You sure you're okay?

- I'm fine.

Listen, I've had enough, I
think I'm gonna head home.

- Well, suit yourself.

I'm gonna do some
more work here.

- Okay, listen, I'm
happy for you, yeah?

When am I gonna meet her?

What's her name?

- Hey, I beg, don't jinx
this thing for me, eh?

Look, I'm in love, and I
don't wanna mess this up.

No jinxing, please.

- It's okay.

- Yeah?

- Don't use the L word again.

Sounds like you just
discovered the word.

- Look, you know there
are a lot of things here

that I could hit you
with, and I'm tempted to.

- Deal, peace.

- Just go.

- Bring her over sometime.

- Just go.
- Can you bring her over

- Be going.

Jinx master, geez.

Hey, you.

- Hey.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, just tired.

It was a long day.

- Looks like someone hit it
pretty hard at the gym, huh?

- Oh, you can say that.

Obaro says he's found someone

that he wants to
settle down with.


- Yep.


That's interesting

- Come on, honeys.

Say what you're really thinking.

Oh babe, you know
that's really like you there.

- Yeah, well.



- He seemed pretty serious.

- He should bring her over then.

- Yeah, come on.

I need some mama love.

- Meanwhile, I have more
interesting news for you.

- Go ahead, spill.

Beg me.

- Oh, come on, Gbemi, don't
let me do the begging thing.

- Well.

- Spill, tell me.

- It looks like we have to
start thinking about baby names.

- Are you serious?


- When?

Are you serious?

You so are!

- Hey, Daddy.

- Oh, say it again.

- Hey, Daddy.

- Thank goodness, I'm
gonna be a father.

- You are.

- I'm gonna be a father.

You shoulda seen him.

It was just on and on and on.

- So, you gonna tell me where
you're taking me this weekend?

- Well.

- Tell me!

- To the moon.

- Yeah?

Away to the moon.

- One second.

Oh, it's my friend Cynthia.

She's going to be a bit late.

- Oh, really?

That's good.

- Am I interrupting something?

- Hey!
- Yes.

Finally, man, you made it!

- I did!

My lady.

- My lord.

- I think you have
your lords mixed up.


- Where's our mystery lady at?

- She's running late,
something came up last minute.

Yeah, she'll be here soon.

Hmm, Obaro.

- Well.

- I can't wait to
meet this woman

that have managed
to tie you down.

- No, telling you.
- She would be special.

- She is.

She's very special.

I don't remember when
last I found someone

that make me so happy.

- Sir, you sound
like a natural dork.

- Richard!

- It's all right, still
proud of you, happy for you.

- Thank you.

There she is.


- Cynthia's your girlfriend?


you look stunning.

Meet my very good friend, Gbemi.

- Well, me and Gbemi are
like best friends already.

- I see.

Just, well, meet my
best friend, Richard.

- Hi, Richard.

I've heard so much about you.

Gbemi says wonderful things.

- Shake her hand.

- Hi, it's nice to
meet you, Sylvia.

- Babe, it's Cynthia.


- Right.

- Okay, wait.


So, Obaro is the boyfriend
you've been going on about.

Yes, he is.

- No, he's not.

- What?

- I don't understand.

- I don't want to be
your boyfriend anymore.

I mean, the word boyfriend alone

just sounds kind of juvenile.

I want much more.

You're a keeper.

You're kind, you're sweet,

you're gentle,
and you're caring.

I mean, you've shown me love
as I've never known it before.

You're the kind of woman
that I've always dreamed of

but always presumed
could not possibly exist.

But here you are, real as ever.

And I know this may be
coming a bit too soon,

but I'll be damned if I
let my head talk me out

of what my heart already knows.

So, I'm asking, Cynthia.

- Hey.

- Cynthia,

will you accept to
wake up every morning

next to this guy?

Would you let me
love you, Cynthia?

Would you let me be there for
you, through thick and thin?

Cynthia, will you marry me?

She said yes, guys!

She said yes!

Yes, woo!

- Wow, oh my gosh,

I'm so glad I got
to witness this.

You guys are going to
have the cutest babies.

- I feel like I'm the
luckiest girl in the world.

Hey, me too.

- Indeed!

And so are you.

- Are you okay, bro?

- Yeah.

Yeah, memories.

Love is a beautiful thing.

- I know!


- Do you really know
what you're doing?

- I know exactly what I'm doing.


This one's on the house.

- Awesome!

You know what?

We're gonna need more
of this tonight, okay?

- And bring me something
stronger, like a whiskey.

- No, I'm okay.

- Gbemi, you're not gonna
drink on a day like this?

- Well, I'm this one's
designated driver.

Also, we're pregnant!

- What?

Well, congratulations!


Well, congratulations,
why didn't you tell me?



- Thank you.
- You know what,

we need food as well.

We need like seafood
platters, pizza,

we need everything
here, to eat, to feast.

baby, do you love me?

- Oh, you spoil me.

- Good morning, sir.

You're late today.

I hope all is well
at casa del amor.

- Good morning, Hawa.

- Okay, you're grumpy.

- No, I just had a
lot of work to do.

- Oh yes, you do,
have you heard?

You have been managing
their contract with us,

and they're requesting a thing

to move their company
to a better light.

We did it!



Are you okay, sir?

You okay?

- Boundaries, Hawa.

- Oh, sorry.

- Boundaries.

- I'll just make your coffee
and print your schedule.

is a lot, Gbemi.

I know!

Hey, you know what?

It's Friday.

How about you stay the weekend?

That would have me no
time to go to the store.


I sorry, please.

dress is so fine.

I know, it's so you.

I love this color.

But I don't know if
those patterns will work.

- Yeah?

Hold on.

Look at this one.

Hold on, look at this.

This back from here.

This is so nice.

- Because it's purple.

Hey, baby.

How was work?

- Good.

Good, I wish I could've
finished those earlier.

You okay?

- Very.

Oh, by the way, babe, I
invited Cynthia to stay over.

I'm helping with wedding plans.

- Sure, I see.

- I hope you don't
mind, Richard,

but your wife has a great
sense of aesthetics.

I mean, these flowers.

Red hibiscuses are my favorite.

- My husband hates them
all for some reason.

- Oh, but I love them.

- Thank you.

- Did you know that
the red hibiscus

is the flower of the
Hindu goddess Kali?

- And she's the goddess
of what exactly?

- Well, some say sexuality,

violence, and motherly love.

But she's more known as
the destroyer of unreality.

- So, she's a destroyer?

Isn't that enough reason for
us to just get rid of them now?

- Oh baby, I did not marry a
superstitious man, now did I?

Ooh, chicken's done.

I will be right back.

- I'm just gonna--

- Hi, Richard.

- So, I'm staying the weekend.

Imagine how much more
fun we could have.

- Listen to me.

- I'm listening.

- The last time,
it was an accident.

It was an accident.

- Really, an accident?

You're getting clumsy, Richie.

- Listen to me.

- I'm listening.

- It was a mistake.

It cannot, it will
not happen again,

do you understand me, Sylvia?

I am trying to build
a life with my family.

- Oh, honey.

How poetic.

The only mistake here
is your wife, not me.

- If my wife comes in
right now, what am I gonna?

- What's going on here?

- Your husband is so clumsy,

so he was pretending
to show me how

he's going to hold the new baby.

He failed miserably.

- We're not doing work.

Come Cynthia, come help
me with the food, eh?

- Okay.

- We need to talk.

Sit down.

- Okay.

- I don't like her.

I don't like her.

She gives me bad vibes,
I do not like her,

and I will not
have you with her.

- All Cynthia has done
is be a good friend.

I'm sorry, I can't
just send her outside

simply because she
gives you bad vibes.

- Who's the man in this house?

It's still my house, right?

No, last time I checked,
it's still my house, right?

Did you ask me before
inviting her into this place?

And then asking her
to spend the night.

Did you ask me?

No, you never listen!

You never listen, Gbemi.

At first, I asked you to get
rid of those bloody hibiscus.

Did you?

You refuse.

Now I'm asking you
to get rid of--

- First of all, do not
raise your voice at me.

Is that good?


Why don't you want
her here, Richard?

Tell me the truth.


Are you attracted to her?

Is that it?

You're into her?

- No!

Gbemi, of course not!

I love you!

I love you, I chose you.

I love you.

You are my wife, Gbemi.

You are my wife, I chose you.

Just get rid of her, get
rid of her right now.

Right now, you
don't listen to me,

I'm your husband, listen to me.

- You need to check your
kindness, sweetheart.

We are not in the
medieval times,

you don't get to boss me around.

- I'm not bossing you around!

I'll try this differently.

Can you please get
her out of my house?

Right now.

- Richard, don't patronize me!

- You don't understand.

- You know I am
reasonable person.

Just gimme a good reason
why she shouldn't be here.

- I just don't like
her, I don't like her.

- I'm going to bed.

She will leave tomorrow.

- First, a guarantee.

My team and I have put
together a campaign

that will place the UFBN

in a position that is
indeed rightfully yours.

The leading food
company here in Nigeria.

If you endorse this deal, and
of course, let's not forget

we're talking
specifically in the minds

of your target audience.

If you endorse this deal,

we will be successfully
creating an awareness

on the lesser known UFBN
brands and products,

which means, ladies
and gentlemen,

a rise in sales, and the
UFBN will have a more robust

and fatter bottom line.

- That sounds very good.

What we want to know is,

how exactly does
No Box Incorporated

plan on making this happen?

Fair enough.


- Sir?

- The folders, if you would.

According to our research,

we found out that

more Nigerians are finding
out about processed food.

They're a lot more
aware and cautious

about cautious foods,
and being cautious.

- Do you mean processed food?


Mrs. Iweta again.

Processed, right.


- Yes sir?

- Nevermind.

Mr. Davies, just worried,

did you receive the
documents and files

that I asked Hawa to email you?

- No, she did not
send me any documents.

- So, you did not
receive documents

from this Hawa?

- No, she didn't
send me any folders.

- Right.

Let me carry on.

As I was saying, therefore,

to combat these...

fearful opinions of potential
UFBN consumers, we will--

- It's getting a little difficult to concentrate,
isn't it?

- We, the site is...

We have outlined the,

we have outlined everything,
and we're thinking rebranding.

- Richie, Richie.

I will not

be ignored.

- Gentlemen, I mean, yes.

Well, what I was
trying to say is,

we will take advantage
of the public's fear

and use that to our advantage,

increasing awareness
on safety standards

that we use for our
processed foods.

- Yes, come here,
Richie, let me kiss

that smart mouth of yours.


- Leave me alone!

I don't wanna talk to you!

You're trying to ruin me!

- What's going on?

What did you do?

- What did I do?

What is going on?


- Well, that was awkward.

- You.

- Miss me?

- Sylvia, you win, okay?

You win.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry that I doubted you,

I'm so sorry that I
said you're not real.

I should've listened to you.


- It's a little too
late for that, sugar.

I've set my course,

and you, Richie, are going down.

- Please.

- You betrayed me, Richard.

You betrayed us.

And all that we had.

And then you had the balls

to return and ask me to
help you, use me over again.

Revenge is like an
art form, Richard.

You are my canvas,

and I am like
Picasso on steroids.

- Please, Sylvia, please!


- I think you better get that.

It's your booboo calling.

I wonder what she's doing today.

Ah, yes, that's right.

She took a day off work,

which means that Sylvia
can kick things up a notch.

- Sylvia, you wouldn't dare!


Gbemi, baby, are you okay?

- Of course I am, darling.

Why wouldn't I be?

- I need you to go
somewhere, okay, baby?

Anywhere that's crowded.

- Richard, what's going on?

- Gbemi, just
listen to me, okay?

I'll see you soon, and
I'll explain everything.

I'll tell you everything,

just go to a movie

or somewhere where there
are a lot of people,

okay, so I know you're safe.

- Safe?

From what?

- Gbemi, please, I can't.

- If it makes you feel
any better, I'm not alone.

Cynthia's here with me.

Cynthia, please tell my
husband he's being weird.

- You're being weird, Richard.

Your wife and baby
are just fine.

Don't you worry.

I'll take good
care of them, okay?

- Sylvia, I swear to
you, if you hurt her.

- Aw, Gbemi, he says
he loves you to pieces.

- You see?

All's good here.

- Gbemi, she's not, I'm
coming home right now.

- Okay.

- Gbemi.

I love you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- Richard, you hit your PA!

You're having a
conversation with yourself?

What is going on?

I recommend you start talking

before I turn this matter
over to the police.

You assaulted a staff!

You humiliated this company!

- Sir, I don't have
time to explain.

My wife is in danger,
she doesn't know it yet.

I really have to go.


I'm terribly sorry.

- You know there
will be consequences.

- You are not listening to me.

She's gonna kill her, okay?

- Are you out of your mind?

Who's gonna kill who, and why?

- I have to go, so sorry.

- Richard!

- She started kicking already.

- Really?

Lemme feel.

Oh, wow!

It's so beautiful.

- It's amazing.



- Gbemi...

could you come over
here for a second?

I just really wanna talk to you.

- Are you okay?

- Come on baby, this is
not one of those times

to argue with me.

It's not safe.

That woman with you,
she's not Cynthia.

Her name is Sylvia.

And she's the most
powerful being.

Gbemi, please just
listen to me, please.

- No, this isn't
making any sense.

- I know, just trust me.

- Babe, I'm starting
to really worry--



- Calm down.

Don't try to get up.

Sit back, relax.

You won't want to fall on
your face, now, do you?

What did you do?

- I did something with tea.

I laced her tea with
something extra special.

- You drugged my wife?

- Relax, Richard.

At least it's not lethal,

like the herbs you
gave your mother.

- You told me those
herbs will heal her.

- I lied.


- What did she ever do to you?

- Think, Richard.

She was just another woman

who had too much
influence on you,

and I don't like to share.

- Gbemi.


- Richard.
- I'm so sorry, baby.

- Quiet!

Mommy and Daddy are having
a conversation, okay?

So don't interrupt.

So, I'm real, I exist,

and I think I've
proven that clearly,

so how about

we just get together forever?


Richard, I'm not
going to say it again.

Be with me,

now or never.

This has
got to stop, Sylvia.

- You're trying to kill me?

With a knife?

- It's worth a shot.

- Oops!

- Gbemi!

Gbemi, no!

- Stupid, stupid.

Richard Okezie,
advertising superstar,

kills his lovely wife.

For shame, Richard.

For shame!

Right on cue.

I told you he'd gone
crazy, I told you!

- Obaro.

I didn't do this to her.

- Yes you did, I saw you!

- Shut up!


you know me.

Obaro, you know how
much I love my wife.

Obaro, you know I
wouldn't do this.

- Richard?

What happened?

- It was she!

She was standing in
front of my wife,

and I was trying to kill her!

One second, poof, she was gone!

And then, I didn't
mean to kill my Gbemi!

I was trying to kill Sylvia!

- Who the hell is Sylvia?

- That is Sylvia.

That's Sylvia behind you.

The same witch you're
getting married to.

Obaro, I've been seeing her
in my dreams my whole life.

- Dreams?

- I'm telling you,
all this time.

And then you know what?

She got jealous
when I met my Gbemi.

She got jealous when I met
my Gbemi, so she's ruined me!

- Richard, you're not
making sense right now.

Oh, she's
trying to ruin me!

- Richard, you're
not making sense!

Richard, just put
the knife down, okay?

Just put the knife down.

I told
you, now Gbemi's dead.

I can't believe she's dead.

- You bloody witch,
you killed her!

- Just put the knife down.

Just put the knife
down, and we'll talk.

We gotta talk!

- Obaro.
- Richard, listen to me!

Hey, Richard, just calm down!

Get the knife!

Get us some rope.

Cynthia, get us some
rope, tie him down.


- My name is Sylvia.

- What did you do?

What did you do?

- No, Richard.

What did you do?

Man kills his wife
and best friend

because he thinks
they're having an affair.

That's what the press will say.

And the way I see it,
you'll end up in jail

or an asylum.

Or you can come
with me, Richard,

and we can start afresh.

The choice is yours.

- You don't believe me.

I don't blame you
for being skeptical.

I've often wondered--

- I actually believe you.

- What?


- Yeah.

I was going to give you this.

I ran into a lady
in there today,

and she'd claimed she knew you.

She told me to give
you the flower.

I asked for her name, and
she said it wasn't necessary.

You said she was gonna
give you a second chance?

- Second chance
would still fail.

I'd rather burn in Hell.