Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019) - full transcript

A historical action epic inspired by the life of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, who revolted against the atrocities of East India Company 10 years before the Sepoy Mutiny. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I've travelled length & breadth of this country.

and I have seen neither a beggar nor a thief.

We observed that this country has great wealth.

We are the people who believe that
we are the most civlized people

but Indians are who start the civilization.

civilization lies in the roots of Indian culture.

The Mughals who ruled them for hundreds of years...
have looted their treasure but not their culture.

Their strength lies in their education and culture.

Break it and looting India would become easier.

Divide and rule and destroying systems had been initiated from then itself.

Few rulers, Palegars have started revolting against the British for freedom.

Amongst them, the first Independence revolt that we know of is...

Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.
And the principal leader in that revolt is Jhansi Lakshmi Bai.

It’s 3 months since we have begun this freedom struggle
under the leadership of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai,

We started with 20000 men.

Now only 100 of us are left.

Our fate will be the same if we enter
into the battle field tomorrow

We’ve initiated this Freedom Struggle, let us end it.

Hara Hara Mahadev!!!

Hara Hara Mahadev!!!

Even if a warrior’s head gets cut, he shouldn’t drop his weapon.

Commander, a person ending his life in war is equal to ‘Lord Shiva’.

Who gave you the right to stop this struggle?

This isn’t initiated by you or me.

You are afraid to fight as we are only 100 men.

10 years back, a single man has begun this war even before us.

The British Empire got shook by a single person.

It's a boy child!

Father, but he's born dead.

His birth itself had a war in it.

That war has won death even before it was born.

He's born killing the death, Sir.
He is Immortal.

He is a monk.

He’s a warrior.

He’s the one who has ignited the
spirit of freedom, the sun of Renadu.

Nossam Paleygar (Chief) Jayarami Reddy had both of
his daughters married to Uyyalawada Paleygar Majjari Malla Reddy.

Elder daughter gave birth to 2 boys and younger daughter to a boy
whom they realized was a ‘chosen’ one when he was 6years old.

Seema was facing drought then.

Yagnam needs to be performed for rainfall.

Only a person from Majjari lineage who lits the diya
on Jagannatha hill can perform the Yagnam.

As per the astrology, Narasimha Reddy
was chosen to be the eligible person.

On every Karthika Pournami,
Narasimha Reddy has to lighten up the diya.

People from the surrounding hundreds of villages believe
that the Diya shows path to a bright future.

Narasimha Reddy was adopted by his
grandfather who had no successor to his Nossam fort.

Grandpa, why were they killed?

It's the British rule, My son.

If we confront or oppose them, they'd kill us.

You're feudal chiefs, right? Can't you do anything?

We are feudal chiefs just for namesake.

These British entered our country,
took away our power and started looting the public

For fearing their guns and for giving up our powers...

they've started throwing a small pension on us,
for which we got habituated...

and from then have been living miserably like slaves.

Instead of living like a slave,
it's better we die opposing them.

Gosayi Venkanna a legendary saint having expertise in
all life sciences and martial arts had become the Guru.

It seems you went all around the nation.


Are these Brits killing all of us,
the same way throughout the nation?

Yes, they are killing

Then we should kill the British, right?

Oh, Narasimha!

They need to be killed.

Then bless me.

I'll go and kill them all.

How many can you kill alone?

I can kill ten of them

They are an army of thousands.

They won't spare you alive, they'd kill you

Then I'll die

Killing or dying is not Important.

Winning is important.

To win, a war must be fought

You alone cannot acheive that.

People around you should also come along with you.

For that to happen,
the rage inside you should be ignited in others too.

You yourself have to transform into a war.

That isn't your weapon

This is your weapon.



first, you need to win yourself.

Let’s begin implementing British rules
through East India in small areas at first...

then gradually as time passes throughout the whole of India itself.

Increase the present taxes by 300%.

In such way British have invaded into India.

High ranking officials were put in positions of power,
so they could exploit the wealth of India.

Cochrane, the representative of this evil herd of raiders.

Started heading to the Southern India
known to be the nucleus of the Indian Subcontinent.

But he's not aware of the existence of a valorous land Renadu
And that Renadu's Sun has already risen penetrating the darkness.

Many years ago, that land was divided into 61 small dominions.

The chiefs to those dominions were called 'Palegars'.

The Palegars have lost their power and unity because of the British.

Avuku's chief Avuku Raju.

Mydukuru's chief Veera Reddy.

Kurnool's Papa khan...

Like all the 61 total of Chiefs
ruling their dominions Independently...

In effort to unite them all, Nossam paleygar
Uyyalwada Narasimhareddy is organising this Ceremony.

Swamy, my son is organising this
ceremony against the wishes of the British.

Will he succeed?

Narasimha Reddy isn't a common person.
He's the chosen one.

He was raised with sword in one hand and the vedas in another.

No force can stop him.

People are waiting for your dance performance
Come quickly.

What happened, dear?

Swami... underneath that water..??


Before the ceremony begins, it's our tradition
to pray Lord Sangameswara residing in the pond.

But how...? How can he be in there for so long?

He's the great man who mastered the art of holding his breath in water.

Nossam paleygar
Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

Papa Khan, It's been so long since we celebrated this God
for with the sacred clothes you've brought.

These celebrations which were stopped by the British, have been
restarted because of the bravery of my brother Narasimha Reddy.

Oh, God!

These celebrations should go on grandly without any obstacles.

Pray to God.

I won't let that happen

What Avuku Raju?! arrangements for this competition
have been done with utmost importance .

Everyone have come to watch this competition.

How can you say this competition won't happen?

Who's organising these celebrations?
- Narasimha Reddy

We too have a part in the
arrangements of these celebrations, right?

But still, they'd say it is Narasimha Reddy

Ok, who'll win the competition?

They are saying it will be Narasimha Reddy

What if we win?

They'd praise Narasimha Reddy again for organising
the competition unbiasedly.

Basi Reddy, should this competition occur?
as he is going to be praised irrespective of the winner.


They won't... Look at your man there

That's a drug which triggers madness of the bulls.

Now neither Narasimha Reddy nor Lord Narasimha
can make this competition happen.

Bulli Reddy, drug the bulls a bit more. Not just this competition,
but even these celebrations shouldn't take place.

Lakshmi, you...

who are you searching for?

Bulls are heading into the valley.

We found out because one of our men saw him
drugging the bulls...

Ok, past is past. Nothing happened, right?

Come on, nothing went wrong.

Avuku Raju is a fellow chief like us...

Leave it guys, come on move...

Those two families have been locking horns since ages

All of us are aware of that Right!..
Move on..


He is not the only chief here.

We are the 61 chiefs in total even the public are here.

Celebrations belong to all, Basi Reddy

King or the common man are equal before the justice.

Avuku Raju should apologise.

Why don't you all speak up?
My dad is speaking the truth, right?

He should apologise
- Yes, he should apologise.

Yes, he should apologise.

A Feudal chief asking for an apology?

I will cut my head off...

but I won't ask for an apology.

Avuku Raju

Papa Khan.

Avuku Raju might have committed a mistake now...

But, he is the chief of 70 villages.

It’s true that he hates me and it’s also true that
the same hatred is the reason for this damage.

But he loves his people.

Let's remember his people, his good deeds and forgive him.

Narasimha Reddy...

I don't like you seeing the goodness in me.

This isn't jealous but self-respect, Narasimha Reddy

I too will have a day, Narasimha Reddy

That day, you'll be in the position to ask for an apology
and I'll be in the position to forgive you.

There is valour in this land.
That exists both in you and me.

Show your valour not for hatred but for the nation

Then, I would not only bow my head before you,
if needed will have my head chopped too.

♫ See this, Narasimmaa... ♫

♫See the crowd that has gathered for you... ♫

♫Listen to this, Narasimma... ♫

♫ Listen to our hearts beating your name aloud. ♫

♫As happiness spreads all over,
As the sky is lit... ♫

♫ we worship thee!.♫

♫ Is the sky our drum today?♫

♫ Is the ground our stage today? ♫

♫ Is the universe filled with laughter??
Is the heart filled with fragrance?♫

♫ This is the nation that scattered drum
beats in all directions ♫

♫ This is the nation that grows
a thousand joys in you everyday ♫

♫brimming like pots, is our excitement ♫

♫That sky and this earth,
from now on, are with us.♫

♫ Did that God come here
to live with us as a friend?♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫ Did that God come here
to live with us as a friend?♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫ You all are the life in my body.♫

♫My life, I shall give for this land ♫

♫ I shall live in your joy. ♫

♫ Even when I am gone,
I shall live in your joy forever♫

♫ To talk about my beautiful yesterdays,
elders’ eyes would stand witness ♫

♫Happy tears will testify
the essence of my entire life. ♫

♫To talk about the bright tomorrow
little ones’ eyes would stand witness. ♫

♫The future will glitter in glory in their little eyes. ♫

♫ Did that God come here
to live with us as a friend?♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫ Did that God come here
to live with us as a friend?♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

♫ Did the king become our guard
to protect our motherland? ♫

Your Narasimha Reddy is going
against the Brits.

Now Narasimha Reddy has organised festival
even after we said NO!

We can't bear him any more.

So I've written a letter to Madras.

Now they'll take care of him.

He did all of this, so that the news reaches Madras.

The real festival is yet to begin.


I know that.

Madam Lakshmi...

why not try something new with this
dancing skill to be useful for the people?

This Lakshmi dances only for God and
sings only in front of God and not for humans like you.

Even that God is for the people, right?

Just try changing it to a form which inspires people
to confront the evil and spread goodness .

Then your art will have true meaning.

Are you still thinking about him...?

I'm afraid that I might not come out of his thoughts.



Come with me, quickly!

Come fast.


Get them out

Come... come quickly!

Someone did this on purpose. Who did this?

Who did it?

I did it, Sir

I did it.

You burnt your own house where you light the lamp?

What can I do, Sir?

We lived like Kings once upon a time.

Brits have arrived and this land got cursed with them.

On top of that there isn't even
a drop of rain from the past two years

We get only half the crop in the drought
and the British took away half of that as taxes.

All this time, I have been starving and feeding my kids.

but now my son has gone to the extent of stealing food.

What a shame it is to steal food...!

I couldn't bear seeing the same hands that
once were philanthropic deeds, reduced to stealing food.

I felt it was better to die than to live with lost prestige.

Are you hungry..?

Mother has been feeding us while she starves.

I saw food in the neighbour’s house
and brought that for mom.

Is that wrong?


Get all the grain stock in the godowns of Uyyalawada
and Nossam forts on to the carts.

No one on this Renadu land should sleep starving.

Distribute it.

Ok brother.

It's wrong to steal.

What's stealing?

We shouldn't touch anything that doesn't belong to us.

What if it is ours?

It's our Right and we shouldn't let that go.

Reddy Sir, did you call me?

I've already sent the pension for this month.

Raghavachary, our people paid
taxes as long as they had good harvest, right?

As they are good people... They've paid it Sir.

Now, tell your bosses that they
won't pay taxes until the drought ends.


Tell them, they won't even pay the next year.

What Sir?

If they object, tell them we'd plow our lands
with their backbones and then pay the taxes.

That could be dangerous...
-Let it come.

I've been waiting for that.


Untill the drought ends, no one needs to pay taxes to the British.


Send these carts back to Narasimha Reddy.

Distribute my own grain stock to our people!

Thank you, Sir.

I can't ask my people to stop paying taxes
and defy the British like Narasimha Reddy!

I too can't go against them!

Is that the decision of everyone?

Veera Reddy, a Palegar shouldn't interfere in another Palegar's dominion.

Let's move father, we have our dominion to rule.
We shall follow Narasimha Reddy's path.

Our Madras presidency's one year tax collection
is enough to feed entire London for 25 years.

Why are the taxes from Dattamandalam so low?

Right from the beginning,
it's been tough collecting taxes there.


Greatness of Renadu land, Sir

Even a rabbit born there chases a tiger.

Unable to deal with the people and chiefs there;

Nizam has gifted us that land and
therefore it's called Dattamanadalam.

That land is full of droughts,
and they don't heed to anyone.

They'd pay taxes... but only as much as they like

Then kill them and bring taxes.
- Then they would kill us

Even though Thomas Munro's ryotwari act took away their powers,
people there still look up to their chiefs.

Even our men also fear them.

Tell me in one sentence.

Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

He's their courage, Sir

Did you see him?
- No.

But I have heard many stories, Sir.

I heard, he killed a Cheetah at the age of ten
and carried it on his shoulders.

You Indians are all bloody barbarians, Madhavayyar.

You are only good at believing myths.

That area doesn't need a Collector.

But a hunter!

Whites are the masters and blacks are the slaves

For these Banaras fabrics from the past six months..

The Victoria ship is waiting.

Sir, we really are short of colours

I'll give you colour.

This marriage is a festival.

A Love festival being celebrated with
Hindus and Muslims coming together.


If I knew you were coming to this marriage,
I wouldn't have come.

I came here because I knew you would be here
for your relative's marriage.

To share my feelings...

I lost my parents at a small age.

I lost everyone who were close to me.

Anything I like has the habit of moving away from me.

From then I've started believing God and
have been serving him with my dance.

I've seen you...

you are a great soul...

Don't try getting close to me, I'll lose you too.

Even if you move away from me,
my love will still be with you.

Tell me, just like Bhagyanagaram here,
was built for Bhagamathi...

shall I build a city named
Veera Venkata Mahalakshmi Nagaram in your name.

Tell me, Lakshmi.

Just fix my name Lakshmi next to Narasimha, that's all.

Swamy, I've sent the message to Nossam fort.

Narasimha Reddy isn't there either...

Today is full moon day of Karthika month
and he should light the lamp over the hill.

I'm not sure if he remembers it.

He's been lighting the lamp on every
full moon day of Karthika Month...

He will light it today as well.

The right time has arrived.
Narasimha Reddy needs to know the truth.

Get everything ready for Yagna, tomorrow.

Obanna, What's all this pomp for?
- Some Yagnam., Even Guruji has also come..

Salutations to the Guruji.
-'May you live long'

There's a drought in Seema.

Yagna needs to be performed to have rainfall.
And that to be you should do.

As you say, Guruji.
- Get ready.

- Mother.

Wear these clothes and come.
- Ok

You tell him...

No... you tell it sister

You tell him...
- Mother

But unmarried shouldn't perform Yagna, right?


Then how can I...

You already got married in your childhood.

You are married to Siddhamma, at the age of 6.

Seema faced a similar drought in your childhood.

As per the Astrology,
only you were eligible to perform the Yagna...

In an unavoidable situation, we got you married
with Siddhamma and had you do the Yagna.

We got you married for the sake of Yagnam but later
the astrology pointed that you had a Dosha(fault)

It stated that your life would be in danger
if you and your wife meet each other for 24 years.

So we had to separate both of you.

Your Dosha period has ended now and coincidentally
the need to perform Yagna has arised again.

Your marriage with Siddhamma is God's decision


Get ready...

To wipe the tears of the people,
perform Yagna with Siddhamma.




Why should you be punished for this?

I've broke my word; Punish me!!!

I don't have the strength to bear it.

Why should this happen only to me?

Our parents are anyway chosen by the God,

I had hoped at least to choose my own husband.

Now it looks like, even that isn't possible.

Let me at least decide my death.

You don't have the right!

God blesses only few people with an art form.

He has blessed you with a great art that can inspire people.

This art isn't for you or for that God
It's for all those people who get inspired from it...

You don't have the right to give up abruptly

After we die and stand before the God;
we should be able to look confidently into his eyes.

We should proudly say that I have lived
every minute with completeness.

Every life should have a purpose.

Every death should lead to an another life on this land.

When we find out the reason why we are born,
only then we can know the purpose we can die for.

I want to share a lot of things with you. Can I?

You didn't want this marriage, right?

This marriage took place at young age .
liking and disliking doesn't it matter.

Yes, I agree but I grew up from childhood liking only you.

Were you already aware that we were married?

Of course, they informed me in my childhood itself.

You have been my world ever since I can remember.

I used to quarrel with my mother and
others many times to have a look at you.

They said it's a problem and danger if I see you.

That's it!

From then I never got to see you...

Oh God! You know, as soon as I woke up everyday,
I would ask about you.

I used to feel happy when they told me stories about you.

I used to visit the temple which you visit every day.

I used to pray for you at the same place
where you offered prayers.

During the ceremony, when I sensed you walking towards to me...

I Immediately move to a near by pond.

I felt it would lead to a bad curse even
if I see your reflection in the water.

Since these last 24 years I had no other world.

I was awaiting for this moment to have
a heartful look at you.

I didn't see you even during the Yagna.

I know I would cry if I see you...

I didn't want everyone in Yagna watching me cry.

Can I see you now?

Will you make me a promise?

I know nothing other than adoring you.

You can live the way you like and do whatever you like...

But promise me that you wouldn't abandon me.

Welcome to 'Koilkuntla'


Looks like this area is very peaceful

Hey Subbaiah, you have a good news...

You don't need to pay taxes for the crops you grow,
you only need pay for the land you own.

Didn't you get it?

Whether you get yield from the crops or not,
you have to pay taxes based on the land you have.

Sir, we are unable to pay taxes for the crops itself...

How can we pay taxes just for the land
which might not yield everytime?

Then as per the law the lands belong to us.

Pay them wages for their labour, Raghavachari.

Are we labour!? Sir, this land is our mother.

How can we live without our mother, Sir?

How far are your lands?

They'd be till that hill Sir, a total of five villages Sir.

Will you do anything to own your lands?

Yes, I'll give my life Sir

Let's play a game.

Run as far as you can from here.

All the land you step on is yours.

But, my horse will run along with you.

If my horse crosses you by a step, then the land is ours.

If you cross my horse by even a step, land is yours.

Will you run?


He fell down.

It’s gone.

All of your land has gone.

Sir, looks like our Horse is going to run till Mysore.

Run you...

Get up..Subbayya



Reddy Sir, You say not to pay taxes...

but Jameson says you are no longer a chief...

I mean, as your adoption to Nossam
isn’t legal as per the new Dalhousie law.

That means, you aren’t the legal heir...

Oh no!

Who are you to question my legacy?

Were you born to my father when he visited your country?
Did your father get born to my grandfather?

Are you my brother? my son? my son in law?
or my co-brother?

Shut up, you too are labor like these.

Punishment is a must if tax isn't paid. Arrest him

Why should we pay you the tax?

The rain wouldn’t ask for it, the wet land
wouldn’t ask for it, the crop wouldn’t ask for it.

Who are you to ask us to pay tax?

From the land to the end crop,
the farm is ours, the sweat is ours,

the plant is ours, the water is ours, the stem is ours,
the reap is ours, the heap is ours.

Why do we need to pay tax to you?

we were born on this land and we will die here.

Why do we need to pay tax to you?

- Sir

Who ploughed this land?
- We did.

Then whom does the crop belong to?
- To us

- Ours

My Lord! See the crowd behind...

Look around, this isn't the right time.

Come, Please come.

Bow your head.
Come on bow your head


Go back in this same manner without
raising your head...

Raise your head once you reach London...

If you step on this land again rising your head,
I'll cut it off.

Get out!

Sir... please spare the poor horse.

Narasimha Reddy has put fear in it...

Whenever I sit on it...

it reminds me of that fear.

Please don't do... no...

My Lord! It is burning

Do you want me to Inform Madras to send a Batallion sir?

I'm the strength for that Madras

It isn't Narasimha Reddy who needs to be killed...

but the courage in those slaves need to be killed.

I'll show the hidden fear in them.

Spare his region.

Go and loot the unpaid tax from
the remaining Dattamandalam.

The death cries of the people should
create terror in his villagers.

In the midst of that terror, I should burn him up.

It seems you asked them not to pay taxes?

I'm taking over your fort

We shouldn’t leave even a fist of our loot.

What about Dattamandalam tax?
- We have collected from all of the areas...

except for one area.


Tell me..

Sir! along with the special prayers which
are being conducted by Jangama Mallaiah tomorrow...

we are planning to get all the pending marriages done.


Give the Invitation to my Brother.

Ok Sir

Mr. Jangam Mallaih
- Sir

I'm offering my prayers tomorrow on Jagannatha hill...

you can also begin the special prayers at the same time.

Ok Sir!

- Sir

Distribute this year's pension we get for Nossam Fort
as a marriage gift to all the couples here.

Ok Sir.


He came to collect pension it seems!

We already told that Narasimha Reddy isn't a Palegar
as he was an adopted heir.

We will not give him Pension at any cost.
Shave his head fully...

He won't come again.

No dear... first this need to be offered to the God,
only then we can eat.

I am starving, Mother.

(Everyone prays to the deity)

All of you please bring your first reap
as an offering to the goddess.



Looks like you all had a good yield?

Soldiers, load all this harvest into our carts.
- Come on, load into our cart.

Sir. We have been waiting
for this harvest since two years.

We can only give some part of this.


You said this land is yours and this crop is yours.

Where did you get that courage from?

Even if the yield from all these 66 villages is paid to us,
you all would still have to pay another year of yield.

Sir, if you take away the whole yield...
what shall we eat?

Please spare us for this time.


Tell them our British rule, Raghavachari

Ok, my Lord!

All of you listen carefully!

British Empire has passed a new rule.

From now on whoever gets married,
the Bride will first sleep with the English Master.

This is for your own good.

At least this way your black race turn white.

I will first sleep with all these 10 brides.

Aaah, don’t be afraid.

I don’t need everyone at a time.

Send me one every night.

All the villages decide which girl will be sent
each day and take back your crop.

Will you offer me the crop or the girls?

Why are you crying?

he said he would be returning your crop as a wage
for offering the brides, right?

Send those brides... you can have your crop back.

Sir, we eat food to live...
but we can't sell our self-respect for food, Sir

Take away our crops Sir
- Take away our crops...

After all, for the sake of a woman’s virtue,
66 Villages crops are sacrificed.

You bloody barbarians!

Soldiers, move the crop.




Basavaiah, put it back.

Forgive him Sir, he's a small kid

It is wrong, son

I didn't steal this... mother, it is ours

He is stealing it and is taking it away...

Don't talk like this... put it back.

Please put it back, son
- I won't


My son!

Put it back.

Please let me go...
let me go.

Put it back, son

Put it back.

Put it back, son

Let me go.


Put it back.


Oh no! My Son..! My son!

Oh no! Don't harm him Sir.

Hey, I’m giving time untill tomorrow evening.

Let him come.

Koilkuntla is my place.

Ask him to come, touch my feet and apologise.

I would let him live like a slave,

otherwise will burn him right in front of you.


Proclaim this...

throughout the Dattamandalam, to every street,
to every village, to every house...

tell it loud,

Within the time he challenged...

I’m going to chop his head at his own place.

This has to be witnessed by every
person belonging to this Renadu.

I’m stating this in the presence of the burnt fist of this boy,

in the presence of this hanged farmers...

in the presence of these brides crying.

This is the death statement issued
by Majjaari Narasimha Reddy!

Have you come here to witness my death???!

Jameson is immortal.

Ask him to come.

Hail Narasimha Reddy

Hail Narasimha Reddy

Sir, the money looted from
Dattamandalam isn't there in the treasury

Only 805 rupees, 10 Annas and 4 paisa is left.

All of it is going to Madras.

Let it be gone...
we got rid of this Jameson... that's enough

It isn't enough

His death isn't important for us,
the wealth he looted is important.

That belongs to us.
It's our self-respect

Not even a single blade of grass should cross our land.

Soldiers, get ready.


What happened?

Narasimha Swamy has been born again.


The story you like to call Myth, has now come true.

There once was an evil king Hiranya Kashyapa
who thought he was immortal.

Jameson is immortal

To kill him Narasimha Swamy came tearing out of a pillar.

His death occured neither in the house nor outside...

neither in the day nor in the night...

neither in the sky nor on the earth...

he was destroyed.

That incarnation ended with that death.

This incarnation has begun now with this death, Sir.

Bull shit!

The consequences of your incarnation defying
a mighty empire will be written in the history.

Soldiers, for the Queen
- Queen

- Crown

And the country
- Country

[Sanskrit Sloka]

Is he a reincarnation of God Narasimha,
No... create him as a dacoit.

He has looted all the wealth that
belongs to our British empire.

He isn't a God but a Bandit!

I want to see this Narasimha Reddy.

Prepare a sketch by an artist who has seen him.

Before this letter reaches London,
his head should be beheaded

Sir! 57th regiment, 300 soldiers ready.

Now everyone move...

chop him into four pieces,
throw those three pieces in the Dattamandalam.

The fourth one, his head; I should see it

Soldiers, advance.

I can see a war looming in the future.

I foresee an Independent India raising.


All the wars fought on this earth, were for power.

This is the war happening for freedom.

You must win this war.

War itself will win!

You are able to ignite the rage you had,
into common people.

You were able to create a daring
attitude in a small kid, to tighten his fist.

Internal conflict has ended...

by chopping off the head of the British,
you’ve begun the real war.

Do you trust these Chiefs to be united
and join your cause?

You want us to join your cause...?

Should we all walk along with you?

It's not that we are lacking courage as we haven't revolted.

Greatest kings themselves collapsed after opposing the British.

Whose support do we have anyway?

The people!!!

People themselves will fight the war.

A civil war? I didn’t get you.

Kings fight with kings, soldiers fight with soldiers.

Have people ever fought with rulers?

Has this happened anywhere?

It will happen now.

If we want to, we can do it.

Even though we Chiefs lack power,
people still believe us to be their leaders.

If we fight, people too will follow us.

With people, this will take form into a Revolt,

this Revolt will turn into a movement and
later this movement shall tranform into a war.

We can only achieve freedom for this country,
if the people joins the war.

First, we need to think about how to avoid the upcoming danger.

Malla Reddy, all of us have come to a decision, right?
Tell that to your brother

Brother, you’ve distributed the treasure
you’ve looted to all the villages.

Becasue of you we turned enemies to the Brits.

Hence we’ve come to a decision.

We shall talk to the Brits and
make sure no harm comes to you.

Just tell the Brits that we chiefs had nothing
to do with what happened and...

ask for an apology.

Apologise to the British?

If you repeat me to ask an apology again,
I would chop your head.

I wouldn’t care even if you are my elder brother

Brother’s head... Apology...

This isn’t a bull competition Narasimha Reddy.

Not a bull competition.

It's a war with 300 soldiers equipped with cannons.

There’s no one with you.

no one here will join you... Narasimha Reddy

what can you alone achieve?

I will fight.


Sir, I’m with you.

I’ll fight with you, even if no one comes with you.

I knew this day would come.

I have been training myself ever since then.

I ploughed my own land, I ate my own food,
I grew my own muscle and can run now faster.

I can kill at least ten people before I die.

I’m with you.

Lead us.

Hail Narasimha Reddy...

Hail Narasimha Reddy

[Praising Continue]

Narasimha Reddy...

this is Daniel of the 57th regiment of the
British Company, Madras Presidency

Come forward and show your...


Prepare the cannon.


I repeat, Narasimha Reddy surrender.


Try to endure it.

He’s here... to lick our boots.



Renadu warriors!

This war isn’t for you, it's for your brothers,
it's for your mothers and it's for your children.

We might not exist in the history.
But the history should begin with us today.

We may be just 40 ordinary people to them.

History should state that these ordinary
people themselves have demolished an empire.

War field may be a new thing to you.

You may have never done a war holding a weapon...

But hunting isn’t new for you and
hunting down the wild animals isn’t new.

So, let us hunt.

To whom does this land belong to?
- to us

To whom does this war belong to?
- to us

To Whom does the final victory belongs to?
- to us

- Sye... Syeraa...

Artillery, charge


Save My Lord!



Don't worry, Everything will be fine.

Siddhamma, endure it.






This is the kind of death I wished for!



Come back.

Though no Chief would support you
for fear of these 300 Brits, you stood alone...

That's when you won me over.

The same 300 Brits feared you and asked for my help...

That was the moment...

you've won those 300 Brits.

I have come to witness your victory with my own eyes.

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy.

I admire you, Avuku Raju.

But I won't admire you.

You're always ahead of me in doing
the great deeds which I hope to do...

you picked up where I left off.

That is why I don't like you.

One fine day,

I’ll be far ahead of you in this movement.

I wish the same.


Sye... Syeraa...

[Slogans Continue]


Baby Boy.

The breath which stood for the freedom shouldn't stop.


My son's name is Subbayya..

His head is arriving.


But I feel so many vultures might not come for just one head.

They have also sent a message, Sir

To the... who slash the hands of people
who feed them, the following content is a warning.

You’ve called me a Bandit for killing just one person.

Now I’ve killed 300 of your men.
I’ll make it clear, this is a revolt.

This is a revolt by the people for Freedom.

From now on instead of our white cotton,
your white corpses will be shipped;

I’m warning you, as I stand on the soil of my mother India.

Leave my country and go away.

Otherwise, be prepered for a war.

Your’s Sincerly
Majjari Narasimha Reddy

Stop reading.

Who the hell is this Narasimha Reddy?

Sir, Narasimha Reddy's sketch is completed.


There’s nothing written on this.

He communicated his intentions directly to us.

He has begun the war.

Hail Narasimha Reddy...

Hail Narasimha Reddy...

Hail Narasimha Reddy
-Hail Narasimha Reddy

I am very happy that you have decided to join us..

Now our revolt will take grow into a Civil Rebellion.

What is the next move we make?

If we continue to fight from our forts,
it’ll be labelled as the war of Chiefs

Only if we stay with the people and fight...
Then it will become a people's revolution.

From now on we should stay with the people.


Have I ever demanded anything from you?

Oh God, no.

Can you promise me something now?

Sure. What’s it?

Can you fight like me?

You have been part of my life...

will you be a part of my struggle too?

You mean you'll fight the war with Brits and
I need to fight in life without you beside me.

Is that all..?

I’ll fight.

I’ll take good care of mother and son.

For the welfare of seema, we have united...

now for the welfare of the counrty let’s seperate.

You’ve been bearing my ambitions and
pride right from your childhood.

Will you forgive me for this lifetime?

Oh God! never talk like this...

everyone say that you are in love with someone.

It’s true that you are in love...
but it is with this land and these people.

I shouldn't be a hindrance to you.

You’ve promised me not to leave.

you should not fail.

So, I will leave you instead, fight with a free mind.

To stand as an inspiration to his men in war,
he has took the initiative to sacrifce all the relationships.

Let's go...

I've been told to take all of you to Kothakota
by tomorrow morning.

I’m asking for one last time on behalf of my Lord.
Tell me where is Narasimha Reddy..?

He lives in our heart.
-He lives in our hearts.

Shoot them.

Hunt him.


How many men does he have with him?
- There may be hundreds of people, Sir

-Sye... Syeraa...

We won't betray the revolt any time
and we won’t quit this revolt anytime!

Until Mother India is free from her shackles...

In this Freedom struggle, we are ready to kill any number
of enemies and ready to bear any number of our deaths.

Sye... Syeraa...

Brother in law...

She is there.

Brother in law...

How did he know that we hid her in Kadapa Fort?

Narasimha, what our brother did is a grave mistake.

He was greedy...

Move aside.

Forgive him for this one time...

Did he commit a small mistake to forgive him?

Hey, you not only betrayed your brother,
you betrayed the movement.

Elder mother...

He has committed an unforgivable mistake even after
being raised by a great mother like you.

It’s up to you, to decide the punishment.

Sister, Please forgive him on behalf of me.

We couldn’t catch him even after
searching in these forests for four months.

Announce a 5000 Rupee bounty
for anyone who brings me Narasimha Reddy alive.

I know where he is.
how much do you pay me?

How long should we still travel?

We have almost reached.
Will you give me the money you promised?

I’ll pay you more than what I promised.
Show him to me.

Hail Narasimha Reddy
- Hail Narasimha Reddy

I've come for you and he has come to win the bounty on you.

He’s a traitor... so I gave him this reward.

who are you..?

Raja Pandi
- Where did you come from?

I come from Tamil land known for it's bravery.

what is your business here?

You’ve been fighting the war against the British since 6 months,
so I came to help you

Accept me, I’ll be helpful to you
like Lakshmana was to Rama...

in either victory or in death.

What guys?
- Yes

You are a Tamilian and we are Telugu people.
How can we gel together?

But we share the same mother (India)
like we have the same brother Narasimha Reddy.

Everything is possible.

How do you know about Narasimha Reddy?

Everyone in Tamil land is aware of Narasimha Reddy.

Every village there sings songs about him.

♫ Is this the name that echoes
all over my mother land?♫

♫ Uyyalawada’s Narasimha ♫

♫ Is he the root that spreads deep down
to carry blood that keeps history alive? ♫

♫ Is he the warrior from Renaadu province ♫

♫In a single sword slash
to make all the stars fall... ♫

♫ is he the hunter
who tore the sky into two? ♫

♫To erase darkness
and start a new dawn... ♫

♫ Is he the sun
that rises to change our lives?♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

♫ ohooo...syeraaa... ♫

♫ Is he a mortal...
who came to protect our pride? ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

♫ ohooo...syeraaa... ♫

♫ Is he the God...
who came to rule our thoughts?♫

♫ O...Syeraa...♫

♫ Syeraa... syeraa... ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

God blesses only few people with an art form.

He has blessed you with a great art that can inspire people.

This art isn't for you or for that God
It's for all those people who get inspired from it...

♫ Can all our anger be held...
in his one little heart? ♫

♫ Unbelievable how he has transformed
shivering cowards into warriors! ♫

♫ Let us break these chains...♫

♫ Tell aloud that we have no fear ♫

♫ The chant Syeraa means just that!♫

♫ Did he collect all these sparks
to create a volcano?♫

♫ Uyyalawada Narasimha...♫

♫ Did he collect all these droplets to create a giant wave?
Is he the warrior from Renaadu Warrior.♫

♫ In this war that begins
in search of freedom...♫

♫ We are going to see victory♫

♫ All the eons of darkness...
We are going to chase away together. ♫

♫ O...Syeraa... ♫

♫ Syeraa... syeraa... ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa... ♫

♫ O...syeraa...ohoo syeraa...♫

Bellary - Russell's force

Secunderabad - Nott's force

Madras - Watson’s force

Cumbum - Scott’s force should be commissioned

We will attack him on all four sides at once

He should not escape, this Renaadu land

♫ Without life the body is useless
rear the fighting spirit!♫

♫ If you are crushed like a flower
prick them with your thorns one day. ♫

♫ As mother, daughter, sister and lover,
small was my life! ♫

♫ In a day, you have changed my life
as large as my country! ♫

♫ With fire in eyes...♫

♫ Like a raging lion ♫

♫With no fear....
-With no fear.... ♫

♫ wearing bravery...
-wearing bravery... ♫

♫ If we are one together. ♫

♫ Is he the sun
that came to change our lives? ♫

What’s your name?


You are doing a great favour to the movement.

You've been singing about Narasimha Reddy
as if you know him.

Do you know him?

I’m in the movement.
Anyway who doesn't know about the warrior..!?

Please forgive me

I've sung with you without your permission.

Singing with me isn't enough...
do send a warrior to the war.

I have sent the leader himself.

I’m his wife

Is he with you here...!?

I felt I was an obstacle to the war.
I left him free to his will...

Don’t you feel sad to live without him?

He’s given enough love to live a full life.

Yes, that he has.

Give him here.

Is he your son?
- Yes


Oh no dear, calm down..
nothing dear, don’t cry

Give him here

No dear, calm down

God knows well what suits best for a person...

He gave you the responsibility of a family
and me the responsibility to publicise the war.

See you.

What happened?

I'am declaring Independence to this Renaadu.

I will throw out every single Britsher from my mother land.

Tell your London bosses that I’m the new king of this Renaadu.

Tell them, If they want to step on my land, they need to pay me taxes.

You aren't confronting slaves but Independent Indians.

Before London gets to know about him, we should stop him.

What's our plan?

Mother, all of you suddenly here?

I’m sensing something bad Narasimha.
Entire family is anxious about you.

So we all wanted to see you.

Nothing to worry mother...

I have an entire army protecting me
like an eyelid protects an eye.

There are friends like Veera Reddy
who are ready to die for me.

Nothing bad can happen to me.

Stay strong.

I didn’t join him to make him the king.

I need to be the king of this Renaadu anyday.

Avuku Raju!

I thought Avuku Raju was dead long back!

Now I see the real Avuku Raju.

Join your hands with me...
Let us be kings together


We shall Kill Narasimha Reddy along with his family.

What if we kill?

This is the agreement letter written by Cochrane...

if we can kill everyone, Renaadu will be split into two...

northern division for me...
the southern division for you.

Can we two people pull this of?

There are many more like us in the army.

I have been waiting for a strength like you.

When shall we do this?
- Tonight...

all of this needs to happen tonight...

This night.

At midnight when erveryone is asleep,
I will open the fort’s doors.

My men will come in.

Narasimha Reddy sleeps in the last bedroom.

After everyone is a sleep in their rooms,
I’ll open the inside door.

Raja Pandi who guards Narasimha Reddy
would be residing in the east room.

I will be slashing him.


You've betrayed the King.

I won't betray my king.


To win the external enemies,
we should identify the internal enemies first.

because of your betrayal,
we've lost our friends in the army.

I should’ve killed you right then.

To know who all are with you,
I’ve planned this game.

End the game.


Not in the heart, he’ll become a warrior.

He made a promise and broke it...

so pierce it into his throat.

Avuku Raju! Forgive me.

Person asking forgivness shouldn’t be alive Basi Reddy.

Bravo Narasimha, you proved to be a leader.

you’ve identified and wiped all of them efficiently.

We have one culprit left, Veera Reddy.

As long as greed and fear exist in this world,
people like him continue to exist.

I thought of killing him on spot.

But you flashed in my mind.

It’s upto you how you punish him.

A traitor committing a sin against the Revolution
should die even if it’s my son.

You can’t do it. Leave it to me

Kill that TRAITOR.

Get lost.


Sir, this woman is touring all the villages
propogating revolt by singing songs.

The dancer!

A sword is useful in a war,

but an art can initiate a war.

She’s dangerous than Narasimha Reddy.

Sir, she’s the love intrest of Narasimha Reddy

Soldiers, she’s inciting the public with her art.

She'll incite us too with the same art...



At least I will get satisfied with my eyes.

This body is born for Narasimha Reddy,

no one else has the eligibility to touch it.

Hey, do you think Narasimha Reddy will come to save you?

Once look around...

There are thousands of boxes with explosives,
not for the war but for a massacre.

None of the Dattamandalam people
will witness the sunrise tomorrow morning...

including your Narasimha Reddy.

You have no alternative...
Now go and dance.


Every life should have a purpose.

Every death should lead to an another life on this land.

When we find out the reason why we are born,
only then we can know the purpose we can die for.

Soldiers Jump.


Sir, please provide the name and other details.



Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy.

A Woman acting as a suicide weapon has
killed 300 British soldiers!

Why are 9000 men behind a single man?

What is happening?

Freedom fight, he feels he’s waging a civil rebellion
just because he has few sheep with him.

Civil rebellion...?

My Lord! I would not worry about
an army of lions lead by a sheep,

I would worry about an army of sheep lead by a lion.

It will transform all of these sheep into lions.

This valorous Vermilion on your forehead has to transform
into an independent Vermilion on mother India.

Declare the WAR. Invite him for peace talk and
if he is reluctant, kill all his men.

Slaughter the demons.

My dear patriots...

It's time to repay our motherland.

Let’s shed our blood and get freedom
to our motherland.

Sye.. Syeraa..

Prepare the cannons.


Prepare the Artillery.




Raja Pandi...

3000 of his men are dead.

10000 of our men have died.

You try to hide this from me!

What about Narasimha Reddy?

He’s very badly wounded Sir.

Spread rumours that Narasimha Reddy is dead.

Sir, he's not....

Narasimha Reddy isn’t a name. It’s a symbol of freedom.

When he killed one of our men, 40 men joined him,

when he killed 300 of our men, 4000 people joined him.

If the people in this country come
to know that 10000 British have died,

those thousands would become Lakhs,
the Lakhs would become crores.

The country’s people would revolt.

People here are in a rage.

When they hear about their leader’s death,

the rage would calm down...

and their courage will die.

They need to hear about his death not his victory.

By the time they realise the truth,


Mr. Veera Reddy...

you are my enemy and I’m your enemy.

I know about you.

I felt pity on you after coming to know
the injustice you faced.

I heard you had a son and you loved him very much.

It seems, Narasimha Reddy killed him.

Narasimha Reddy killed him as he betrayed the revolt.

Then why did he spare his brother
for the same sin?

Shouldn't the law be the same for every blood?


Bloody blood relations! Always leading to injustice.

I myself my blood boiling,
how come you are silent Veera Reddy?

I haven’t come here to take advantage of you...

Learn who is taking advantage of you.

Think about it, Veera Reddy.

Swamy, no one knows about
what exactly happened in the war.

Everyone are saying my son is dead.

I’m afraid.

Today is full moon day of Karthika month.

The Diya on the Jagannatha Mountain will be lit.

Where are you headed to, Narasimha?

Today is the full moon day of Karthika month.

I should light the Diya on the Mountain.

Is it so important at this point of time?

The British are already spreading romours that you are dead.

Tonight thousands of eyes will be hopefully
looking at that mountain.

They all should know that we won the war
and our revolt is still alive

Now you are more important than the Diya.

No, the hope people have on us is more important
the Diya being lit is more important.

For some reason, I am sensing something bad,
Narasimha Reddy

What Narasimha Reddy said is true.
The hope shouldn’t die

Nothing bad will happen to me,
believe me.



How have you been ?


Why are you here at this time now?

I know that you’d come here.

I've come to see you.

Are you alright?
- yes

I always knew nothing bad can happen to you.

Come dear....

Don't cry.

- Take him.

What happened?
- I am feeling a weird dizziness

Veera Reddy...


What's wrong with you?


It isn’t safe for you to stay here for long.
please leave from here.

I won't go.
-First, you go.

Diya shouldn’t be lit, catch him alive.




No one knows about this way.
You leave through this cave.

Move Fast.

No, I’ll stay with you

Siddhamma, the Diya should be lit there

As a mother you can light up the Diya in the coming future.

I have that confidence

We shouldn’t be living life for relationships...

but should live for responsibilities.

Stop him.

Narsi, are you alive..!?

Narasimha Reddy didn’t kill me father.

Didn't he kill you?

Your dad loves you madly.
He has high expectations on you.

Now because of you, he will be a dead soul.

I can’t see Veera Reddy like that...


Go and Kill him completely.

I have committed a sin.

I have committed a sin.

Betray the British instead of betraying us.
You would be called a patriot.

Do something great and only then meet your father.
That way make him alive.

Father, someone from our army is planning
to sedate Narasimha Reddy and help Brits arrest him.

I've come to inform him the same thing.

Father, let’s save Narasimha Reddy.

I’m that Traitor, son

What the hell did you do, father?

Veera Reddy..

Mr. Narasimha Reddy...

your companions Gosayi Venkanna, Avuku Raju, Papa Khan...

and 112 of your followers

are being expeled to an Island as a punishment.

Accept all the crimes you have committed and make an apology.

The British Government might reduce your punishment.


If you have a last wish, tell me now in one sentence.

Get out from my mother land!!!

According to Section 2-Regulation 1-1834 act...

hang him in the presence of the people.


It’d have been good if I was along
with my friend even in his death.

Narasimha Reddy is standing on the tip of the victory.

He is immortal...

death can’t defeat him

The court of faujdari adaalat
convicts the prisoner Majjari Narasimha Reddy...

on the counts of rebellion, murder and robbery...

and hence orders him to hang by the neck until death.

Raise your heads...

Wipe your eyes and watch me
with a pride filled chest...

It is freedom which is ahead of you.

The lullabies sung by mothers of this land
have stories of braveries filled in them.

War happened on this land took form into a Puranam (Epic).

Blood spilled on this land took form into an Itihaasam (Epic).

We are the ones who taught salvation to the world...

now we’ll teach them what Liberation is.

We taught them ‘life’, now lets teach them Freedom.

Lets chase the whites away, who have been looting
our mother’s milk by slashing their heads.

The ultimate goal for every human
on this land should be only one thing...

Freedom... Freedom... Freedom.

A warrior’s life lost for the cause of
that Freedom will take shape of a war.

From now, I’m the war.

Body burnt for freedom will take shape of a country.

From now, I’m the country.

Celebrate this day on which I’m hanged,
make it a grand festival.

It’s not my death which is happening here but birth...

a birth to the nation mother India.

Hail Mother India...

Hail Mother India....

Hail Mother India...

[Slogans continue..]

Hang him

Hang him


Narasimha Reddy...

Narasimha Reddy...

I gave you birth by giving you my blood
and you have returned the same blood back to this mother.

from every drop of your blood a new
Narasimha Reddy will be born.

Your dream for freedom will come true.

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy

Syeraa Narasimha Reddy

Any war ends with it's leader’s death...

but this war has begun with your death...

This won’t stop. You've won Narasimha

This war is the breath left by Narasimha Reddy.

Shall we stop?

In every soldier’s weapon here we have Narasimha Reddy’s soul.

Shall we let it go...?
- Let us achieve! Let us achieve!

Let us achieve! Let us achieve!

Our destination?

Independence... Independence... Independence...

As a sign of warning to Indians who fight for freedom, they hanged
Uyyalawada Narasimha reddy's head to fort entrance for 30 years

But the Inspiration he has given hasn't been stopped.

thousands and lakhs of people have revolted and fought relentlessly for
an Independent India over a course of 10 decades.

It was the result of those sacrifices our Mother India was freed from the chains of
slavery on 15th August 1947 breathing freedom;

Let’s respect Indianness and let’s feel proud as Indians.

Nation becomes your speech.

Nation becomes your sword.

Nation becomes your footsteps.

It will talk about your glory,
even beyond your time

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.

You were born, you stood up...
You lost your roots.

You sharpened your sword...
on your heart that was a rock.

In the jungle of battle...
Like a lion you stood.

You lit the fire in our hearts to fight.

You gave your life for us...
You fluttered as our flag in the wind.

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.

You are your country.

You are our tomorrow.