S#x Acts (2012) - full transcript

Inevitable is a realistic paraphrase of a classic teen-movie, a deep dive into the 'Grey zone' of sexual abuse, told through the story of average suburban adolescents. The story takes place right now, next door. Gili is a teenager who decides to change schools. She is determined to improve her lame social status. Over the course of a few weeks she hooks up with several different boys, all from her new school. Their encounters get more and more sexual. Exploring their limits each time further. The boys are eager to take what is so generously offered, and Gilli is thrilled to get the attention. No tears, no complaints, no consequences. No adults. No one who says that maybe something is wrong

Dude, what a shitty movie.

So lame.

The girls want to stay.
- But we're not staying.

But we came together. -So?

Check this. She's pathetic.

Who's she?

The new girl.

She wants you to call her.

Call her yourself.
- With your phone. -Here.


Hey, em.

Who is this?

It's Tomer.
- Who is this?

Come on, It's Omri...

What Omri?

Uh, Gili, don't play me. What's up?

Want to come down to the mall?

Now? -Yeah, now.

Tomer is there too?

Sure he is.

Yeah, sounds cool.

Okay, so come soon.
Text me when you're here.


Cool. Okay, bye baby.

You got lucky. -What you told her?
- To come, duh.

Why? -She's just like the girl
from Eilat, and not as fat.

No, this ones different. -Same thing.

You playing or what?
- You fatty or what?

Listen, you son of a bitch,
it's been hours. Get lost, douche.

Chill! I'm sorry. Let me buy you a round.

Don't need you to pay.

But I want to.

Play the 'Zoomba'.

Alright! Zoomba. 2 players, cool?

Whatever. -Let's go!

And turn, turn, turn.

After me. -I am after you.


What's up, girl?

How's it going? -Totally cool.

I like the makeup. -Thanks.

So how's at our high school?

Cool. Nice.

Glad you came, it was quick.

Yeah, I had a ride.

Hey, is that new piercing?
- No, its old.

I haven't seen it yet. It's nice.

Yeah, I don't wear it to school.
- Why?

Don't know. Don't feel like.

I want to get one on my belly.
Where did you get it?

At Snir's, in Tel-Aviv.


I'll go take a leak, OK?

Hey, come here. Show me that.

It's the 'Echoes'. It's from eBay.

Gay, aren't they?

No, they just wear makeup.

Yeah, so gay.

Listen, you know he's waiting for you there.

Okay, but they aren't gay.
- They're fags.

If you say so. -I don't even
know who they are.

Listen, he's... you know.

He's just really shy. -Okay.

But he's into you. -Okay.


Nothing. -Okay...

Bye. Bye.


Wow, what a crazy way up.

A little sport, why not?

What a gorgeous view.
- You like it? -Totally.

Can't stand that smell.

Does it bother you?

You should quit. It's not healthy.

Yeah, I know. I'm so stupid

I just can't quit.

It's pretty here, really.
- Looks like L.A. -Yeah.

Have you been there?

No, not yet.

So how do you know?
Movies and stuff.

It's a bit different in reality.

Were you there?
- My Dad lives there.

So if you want, you can always
go there, and start from scratch.

Yeah, and like, leave my mom alone, that's not...

Not so cool.

That tickles...

You look nice.

Yeah? My haircut came out so ugly.

No, actually it's cool.
It looks good.

What if Omri comes? -He won't.

A bit stronger.

Like that? -Now a bit more.

Is that good? -A little more.

Doesn't it hurt?

There, there, there.

Was that alright?
- Yeah, it was great.

I thought I hurt you.
- No, no. Totally cool.

Oops. -Careful.

Are you tired? -What?

Tired? -A bit.

Why? -Don't know.

Are you going to Omri?
- Nah, don't think so.

Okay, so we'll be in touch.

Herzliya, to the city.

Hey Noa. -Too bad you left.

It was a nice movie.
You need Ritalin.

Ritalin makes me horny.
- I don't mind.

Cool, I'll remember that
- Omri... watch it.

Where were you?

Who was that in the cab?
- Nobody.

Uhm, nobody. Has he got someone?

Who was that?

Well, who?

He's got so many ladies, he can't remember.

Is she from school?
- What's her name?

I don't remember.

I can't believe you're going out with someone.

I'm not going out with her!

She's a friend of my sister's.
- Why, you're jealous?

Very funny. -You're dying for him.

Speak for yourself, fag.

Let's come out of the closet.

Hold on a minute, okay? -Why?

I'll be out in a second.

Hey. -Hey, what's up?

How are you? -Good.

It's funny. Like, I tried
to call you earlier.

Yeah? -No... -Is it too short?

I don't know. Okay...

Hey. I'm Taly, Tomer's sister.
- Hey. -And you? -Gili.

So... how do you know each other?
- Okay, Taly, I have to go.

Guys, it's too small.

Okay, I'll head off. Omri said
we're meeting at the beach.

Yeah, I guess. -Cool.

Bye. Bye-

He's tough, my brother, eh?

Don't take him seriously.

Bye. Bye.

Sweet board. -Yeah, huh?

I might be selling it.

You're better off with a long board.

Why? -Just saying.

Did you surf?

After Costa Rica, bro, It's hard to come back.

So your dad's in Israel?
- He's in Hungary now.

If he's looking to invest, I'm opening a bar.


A lounge bar, something classy.

Maybe I'm in. -It's not your crowd.

Fuck you -Relax.
- You can be a promoter.

I promote only for myself, bro.

That's the way it is. -Yep.

I'm not ruling it out.
- Don't.

You want to come to the hotel?

Which hotel? -The 'West'.

Why? -Let's go to the pool.

Did you move?
- No, my Dad's friend lives there.

- Friend, huh?
- A friendly Dad.

Is it genetic or isn't it?

Say hi to your Dad.

Okay, so I'll see you guys.

Buy a long board already!

Such a loser, Eyal.
- He's just leeching, don't...

He's lucky that Alon was there.

Come on, let's go over to her.

Dude, I'm not in the mood.

Don't be so heavy. Be a friend.

Put your hand here.
Help her get her leg up.

But be quiet.

Pass your leg. Over there.
- Wow, sorry.

Put your leg up.
- Shhh.

Don't make fun of me.

Dude, help her out.
It's a pussy crisis.

Wow, I got such an ugly tan mark here.


Come in.
- He won't stop until you go.

- He won't stop. I'm telling you.

Come on Gili...

- I want to tell you something.

Come here a second.

You lunatic.

I'm so crazy, aren't I?

What if I don't know how to swim?

Then I believe you'd be dead.
- Funny.

So did you miss me?

- Did you think about me?

I think about a lot of people.

What, as in a 'gangbang'?


Didn't you think about me in bed?

Of course not, silly.

Don't you touch yourself?

I didn't say I don't.

So do you finger yourself?



Look at yourself, maybe.

You turn me on so bad.


Never ever splash me again!

Why? Because I said so.
- Oh Really?

Stop. Not now.
- Why?

He can see us.
- So?

So, I don't want him to think...
you know.



Well, what?

Never mind.

I know him, It actually makes him horny.

You want us to call him? Tomer!

Gili's here. She misses you.

You're getting the joint wet.

So stop splashing.

No! You'll get it wet.

That's what I want.
- Not funny.

A whiff?
- Tell him to stop wetting the joint.

What are you doing?
- What do you think?

Cut it out!

What, are you shy?


Don't be shy.

She's just teasing.


I'm getting out.
- Me too.

No, why? Stay a bit.


You want the cigarette?

No, it's okay. Do you?

Come closer.

You're so sexy, you know that?

I'm dying to fuck you.

But I'm cold.
- Soon you won't be.

I can't.
- Why?

I'm on... that.

On what?

On my period.

So what shall we do?

I want you so much.
- But we can't yet.


Stop, not now.

Okay, don't stress out.

Don't worry, I'm not getting in.

What, don't you shave it?

Shave it, it's nicer.

That was amazing.

You know you're something special, right?

Of course I know.

You want your top?


Bro, pass me the water.

You getting in on this?

Dude, so not.

Damn, its stuck.

Should I help you?

Lift your hair.

Okay, never mind, What?

You're funny.
- You're funny.

- But in a sweet way.


Hey, you're getting the car full of sand!

There's no sand.

You're mentally retarded.

Sup, Bro?
- Eh, Omri. What's up?

God bless, man, all is good.

Did you hear Asi's working at
'Coca Cola Village'?

That right?

He's hooking us up with passes.

When is it?
- Sometime next week.

Hold on, bro. Gili, wanna come?

Where? -To 'Coca Cola Village'.
- Maybe.

Who's there? Noa?

No, Dude.

Hold on.

Wait, when is it exactly?

I'm not sure.

Okay, bro, I'll call you back in a sec.

It's cool that you came.

So... We'll speak, eh?

Of course.

See ya. -Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Fuck yeah!
His Majesty has arrived.

Special from Thailand.
- How's it going?

Here you go, sugar pie.

No stems this time, eh?

Fuck you.

It smells like a motherfucker.
- My treat.

Premium shit.
- Make us a pot, bro. -You bum.

How's it hanging? -Hanging high.

Check out this fox.
- Change it back.

No. Let me show you something.

The Colombians?
- How'd you know?

I just know you.

Okay, pass me a cigarette.
- So now you smoke?!

Shut up. You my Mother now?

No, you're Mom's like: 'Tomer...
who's your hot friends?'

Shut Up
- Say, what about that girl?

What girl?

Gili something?

Her pussy got so dry once she heard about you.

Fuck off.

There, there!

Suck it up!

Hey, this controller doesn't work..

Omri, seriously, what about her?

What? -Tell her to come over.

But we're studying.


Call her yourself Asshole!

She is Tomer's girlfriend, not mine.

Don't look at me, dude.

This is so boring.

Like she cares if it's you or him...

Shabat, the girl has feelings.

Tomer, come on, do me a favor, call her.

Shabat, what's a 'levirate'?


It's the tip of my penis, in the old days.

Geez, don't drive me crazy. Call her.
- What do you want from me?

Come on, Tomer, I would do it for you.

Yeah, ask Tomer.


Call. Well, what?

I'll call from your phone, alright?

- Give it to me, I'll do it.

How did you save her?
- Check incoming calls. Ends with 44.

You're dodging her to death, eh?

Now you understand?!



Well, hello?
- Hey, Gili, what's up?


What's so great?
Nothing much, Like, life is great.

Are you studying for the test?


Me too. It's so boring, eh?

And frankly I kinda know it already.

Perfect, so come and teach us.
- Who is this, Omri?

Yeah, He wants to speak to you.

Hello? Come on.

Yes, yes. You're on the air.


How you doing? Listen...

We thought maybe...
Let's study together.

Are you really studying?

Would I trick you?

Don't know.

No, come on, I swear.

Come see for yourself.
You know where I live?


Okay, so you're coming.
Yeah, sure.

I'm sure you're not even studying.

We are, I swear.

We even got another friend here.

- Miss you, Queen.

Happy now?
- Was it that hard?

Actually it was.

Gili, where are you going?

To friends.
- Help me tidy up first.

Not today, okay?


Don't yell. People can hear.

What people?

Leave it.
- So why the face?

Now my face is bothering you?

You're so pathetic.


Are you for Omri? -Yes.
Straight and downstairs.

Hi. Everyone.

Hey sexy.

I want you to meet a dear friend...

Shabat. Say hello.
- Okay. I knew you weren't studying.

Why? Shabat, help her with the 'material'.
- Sure.

Here, sweet 'material'.

A pun, huh?

So, why did you move to their school?

No reason.

What, like did you go to
'Yad Giora' in middle-school? -Yep.

It's such a prison, isn't it?
- Yes.

What are you giggling about?

Not about you.
- Fuck you.

Hey, watch your language, bro.

Shut up, I'll fuck you up.

So, you've finished studying?

Not yet. You want to help me maybe?

Why'd you bring me this guy?

I've had it. I'm gone.

Don't be heavy.

Stop getting all dramatic.

Wait a sec you idiot.


He's screwed up, eh?

No, he's fine.

I'm putting on a really cool song.

You know it?
- Yeah.

What a gorgeous song, right?

You smoke more cigarettes than me,
if you count all the joints.

At least it gets me high.

That's addictive too, you know.

Are you mad at me?
- No, why?

It's just...

I feel like you're afraid...

OK me?

Take it easy, Gili.

Whoow! Should I leave?

No, I was just leaving.

Why? Stay.
- No, I'm going up to your brother.


What happened, honey?

What's wrong, beautiful?
- Nothing.

Come here, give me a hug.

Are you sad, baby?
- Yes.

You're sweet, you know?

Then know it.

You're just saying.

You want Shabat to give you a massage?

You give me one.

Okay, no problem.

Don't undress me.

But I'm horny...

Then control yourself.

But I can't.

Get up for a second, it's tight in here.

You're so sexy.

I'm dying to fuck you.


Someones got a shaven haven.
- Omri, come on!

So what shall we do?
- I don't know.

Let's do it like yesterday in the pool.

Listen, you can't make me this horny.

I'm taking it out for you.

No, come on, stop it!

So maybe just blow me?

What? No...

Come on, please.
- No...

It's not nice, what you're doing.

Well, what?

No, it offends me.

But I can't while he's here.

What, does he bother you?
- It's just...

Okay, fine, get on all four.
- How?

Like this.
- Stop, it's retarded.

Like a whore.

You know how.

That isn't nice.

Why, aren't you a whore?

Just kidding, beautiful.
You're sexy and you tease guys.

Were you offended?
- Yes.

Okay, so you're not a whore.

You're a babe. You just love sex.

You're sweet and my cook's
got something to say to you.

No, stay there...

Stay there, come on.

Don't move.

Everything's fine, wait a second.

Just a sec.

You're spectacular.
Really. Amazing.

That was amazing.

Yeah? Did you like it?
- So much.

Everything okay?
- Yeah.

Yuck, you're so disgusting.
Covered in your own jizz...

Get it out of here.

Sitting there with his jizz...

He's so repulsive.

Want something to drink?

Just a second.


Wow, I'm so starving. And tired.

You know like, a bit of both?

I don't know.

You hungry too?

A bit.

You wanna go grab something?

Dad left me his car.
- Yeah, let's go.

What's that, a thong?
- Fuck off!

We're going to the 'Triple'.
- Wait up for me, you dick!

No, sit up front.

Sit in the back, bro.

You're not too great as a D.J.

Sweet, great parking spot...

Okay, what do you want?

I don't know, I'll come with you.

No, I can't leave the car like this.

We'll bring you some take-away.

But I don't know what I want.

Taco and coke?
- I hate coke.

- I don't like sodas.

Then, what? Grape juice?

Whatever you want.

It's what you want.

It makes no difference.

Okay, cool.

Everything?s fine, right?

Yeah, why?

You look a bit shocked.

Me? Why would I be in shock?

Why are you...
- Listen, like...

It's full of kids anyway.
You're not angry, right?

No, it's fine.

Hey! -Hey, how is it going?
- What's up?

What are you guys doing here?

I'm so glad you're here.
- Aren't you at that Scouts thing?

We leave at dawn.
- Are your thingies ready?

It's called Sweet-treats.
- Why didn't I get any?

Cause you were a horrible scout.

I also wanted a sweet treat.
- I'll make you one. -Yeah? -Noa!

Just a sec.

Did you come by foot?
- Why? -No reason.

Why? -So you came with the Jeep?

So Why'd you even ask?
- What's up?

All good? -Cool.

Let's go for a spin.
I want to talk to you.

About what? -All sorts.
It's worth your while.

That's not the first time that I've heard that.

Okay, have it your way.
- No, no, we'll go, but...

I'll just say goodbye
and then we'll go? -Cool.

Want something? -No, thanks.

Come for a second.

I need a favor, dude.

Get Gili out of the car, okay?
Noa is here.

Then go. What do you need me for?

Go tell her to buy us beers.

And then what? What's the deal?

I'm not into this plan bro.

You got some kind of a problem?

No. -It looks like you do.

You're dumping your shit on me.

You want to be an asshole?
Then be one.

Why'd you even bring her?
- I wanted to be nice.

Yeah right.
- Chill, nothing happened.

I am chill, bro.


Can you get us beers?

I'm underage.

But you're so hot...

Noa. Okay, let's move.

Where are we going?
- I'll take you somewhere.

Hello. -Hey.

Can I have three beers please?
- What kind? - 'Goldstar.'

I don't have 'Goldstar.'
There's 'Tuborg' in the fridge.


I've only got 20.
- Then buy two.


I can't help you, sweetheart.

Okay, I'll check if I have it in pennies.

Leave it, take all of them.

Say, you from around here?
- Yeah.

Where did you study?
- At 'Yovel'.

What's your name?
- Gili.

How is it that I don't know you?

I wasn't at high-school much.

Wanna fix that?
- I have a boyfriend.

But I'll remember you.
- Bye, honey.

(Calling Omri)

(Omri:) Sorry Babe,
had to go meet the guys.

(Omri:) You know I dig you, right?

How 'how?

He's so ugly.

Check her in.

Check out what's she's wearing.

You're such a bad person.

Hey, what's up?

You know each other, yeah?

Gorgeous blouse.
- Yours too. Where from?

My Dad got it in London.
- Cool Dad.

Yeah, with a good taste for fashion.

He's a great shopper.

My Dad hasn't spoken to me for two years.

Actually, I didn't speak to him,

But then he started... He's a dick.

What. Am I bothering you?
- No way.

We were just drinking.
I'll make you one.

Vodka Red Bull?
- I like it straight.

Wow, 'Straight!

Cheers. -Cheers.

Wow. -Really impressive.

What were you talking about?

Naama and her chubby guy.
- He's not my 'guy'!

Admit it.

You're so disgusting!

So Gili, are you having fun?

Better than 'Rishonim' (High)?
- Yeah, by far.

Why did you leave?
- I was bored.

The vibe here is cooler.

There's a 'vibe' here?

At 'Rishonim' it's either preppies, or geeks.

And they make stuff up about you.

What do you mean?

If you don't dress like they do...

and listen to their music and...

then they call you, like, weird.
- Jerks.

Is that why you left?

No, I don't care what those bored losers say.

There are losers everywhere.

Yeah, they say you slept with Omri Stein.

Shut up, you airhead!

Better they'll talk behind her back?

I'm honest, Sorry...

Did I offend you?

Of course not.

I don't believe it, don't worry.

I'm just interested, who told you?

Wow, I so don't remember. Sorry.

One of the guys, maybe.

Some dude called Shabat maybe?

Who's Shabat?
- Just some lame friend of Omri's.

Why, what's he got with you?

Nothing. He'd wish he had.

So, he made up that you had a thing with Omri?

What a loser.
- I didn't say he made it up.

How's that?

Why are you so surprised?

You hooked up with Omri?

Did you have sex?

What do you think we did?

But he has a girlfriend
- Yes, that Noa.

Yeah, well, he broke up with her.

But I heard they got back together.

Umm... Not exactly. Never mind.
- What? -Spill it!

Nothing. She's in 9th grade, and...

You know. It isn't...

It's not like I'm really into him.

It's more about sexual attraction, you know.

But does Noa know about it?

I don't know. Why would I care?

I'm just asking...

Don't you mind that he's so...?

Like, using you?
- Yeah, totally using you.

It's more like I'm using him. Like...

I did Tomer and him in the same week, so...

Which Tomer? Rozenberg?

Yeah. After Tome-r,
I hooked up with Omri.

Whoa. You got with both of them?

Wow, fuck... -You rock.

You see it isn't that hard.
- shut up.

Have you been with anyone else in our class?

Uhm, no, not yet.

Hey, stupid, come on already!

You coming to the 'Night'?

Yeah, it's Omri's party.
I can get you in.

What, for free?
- Yeah, probably.

How are you getting there?

I don't know yet.

Our car is packed, Mia has to hide.

No I'm not!
- You've got a ride, right?

Don't worry. I'll manage.
- So we'll meet you there.

Ciao. -Bye.

(To Omri:) Wanna have an orgy
in the club's toilets...?

Hey! What's up? -How's it going?

We've been waiting for you.

Gady, Gili. -Nice to meet you.

Want some? -Thanks.

Say, how'd you get here?

I had a ride with friends.

Fun for them, this place is repulsive.

Gady, if it sucks, we'll leave.

It's 50 shekels.
- But Gili can get us in.

Can you? -I think so, yes.

Hi. Can you check if I'm on the list?

Who's list are you on?
- Omri Stein.

What's your name?
- Gili Shulman.

- Gili Shulman.

No, that's not on here.

Just Gili, maybe?
- Nope.

So I'll tell Omri to talk to you.

Have him text me.
Girls, please...

This isn't happening.

Geez, Gady, you're stressing out.

Come on, let's pay.
- No, wait.

It's 50 fucking shekels.
- I know that.

You're such a pain.
- But you love me.

Is there a Gili here?
- I'm Gili.

Shanty, put her down for...

One free ticket, plus? -Four.
- Five. Four plus me.

Cool, no problem.

So four discounts, alright?
- No problem.

That's not free.

Hi. How much are four tickets?
- 160.

160 split 5 ways?

You don't need to pay for us.

Hey, let her.
- Yeah, we came together.

Let's go inside.

Where R U?

Come to the men's toilet.

No, come dance with us.

Come on... I'm horny!

Gili! Where are you?!

Open the door!

I missed you...

You got me crazy horny with that text.

You nut.

So they took care of you at the door?

Yeah, he did.

Uhm, you know Eyal?

He's One of the owners.

Come on, chief, get in.

What's up? -Hi.

Be kind to him. I think he's hot for you.

Yeah, why? -Cause you're
a nice piece of ass.

What, wait, don't go.

I'm not going. I'm here, baby.

Come on, baby.

Tell him not to go.

Don't worry, baby.
He's not going anywhere.

Where's Omri?
- He's here baby.

Omri, come too. -Wait.

Bro, She's not into it.

No way, bro. She's totally in.

It's just teasing.
She's dripping horny.

I know, bro, but it ain't'

You want me to spray
on your tits? -No...

Say no to me one more time,

and I'll stick my dick up your ear.

Show him how nicely you blow me.

Okay, sweetie?

Show him.



Gili! -Wait.

Don't stop.
- Hold on, it's Mia.

Open the door.
- Gili!

Wow, what a crazy night...

We're going home.

Already? -Yeah, they want to.

I think I'm off, bro.
- No way man.

They're leaving in a second.

Okay, if that's what you want.

- Come on, Gili...

Geez, she's so heavy.
- Gili, don't treat him like that.

Dude, she isn't into it.

She's totally in.

Forget it.

What are you doing?

Forget it, stay... Listen up!

Stay, enjoy.
I'll take care of myself.

She isn't too great anyway.

So go, I don't care.

Take it easy kid.
- I'm cool, bro.

Did he go?
- You know he did.

Hey, don't be mad.

Who's mad? -You.

I'm not mad.
- You want me to...?

I want to fuck you.

What, now?
- Now. Yeah. Now.

But there's no room here.
- There's plenty of room.

But I can't...
- Why? -You know.

You're not on your period now.

Wait a sec. My head is spinning.

Get up. You're dying for my cock.

Don't be mad at me.
- Get off the floor!

You're mad at me.
- I'm not going to beg.

You make me look like an asshole.

But you are!

You need a ride?


Come on, I just want to help.

Come on, well, come on.

You okay?

Here, drink up.

Can you pull over?
- Now? -Yeah.

You alright?
- Yeah, stay there.

You okay?

Wait, I'll get water.

You alright? Here, drink.

What number? -Stop here.

Want me to come up?

You sure? -Yes.

You want to come over
to my place-Z No...

I'll wait and see you get in alright.


Barel, someones at the door.

But rm with friends.

But you're closer.

I'm working, don't be a pain.

Okay, fine.

Hello. -Omri isn't here.

Where is he? -How should I know?

Oh, okay.

You're Gili, right? -Yeah.

Can you give him this?

What is it? -It's for him.

I'm his brother.
- So you'll give it to him?

What's in it for me?

Hand it over.
- Fine, just kidding.

I'll pass it to him.
- Thanks.

You're welcome. -Bye.

Is it the girl from the video?
- Yep.

What's in the bag?
- A towel and a CD.

Play the video again.
- Only if I hold it.

It's a crazy video.
- Here.

'Faster, faster, come on'.

Move your hand.

Is she blowing Omri?

No, Omri filmed it.
- So? He can do both.

No way, he's not an idiot.

Why should he care?
- It's not him!

What are you hiding then?

Are you a fag?
- No I'm not.

So go and fuck her then.

You fuck her.
- Barel should fuck her.

Why him?
- She's his brother's girlfriend.

She's not his girlfriend!

Hi, don't leave messages.
Just text me. Bye.

Hi, don't leave messages.
Just text me. Bye.

Hi, Omri?

It's me.

I know you've been avoiding me.

I get why, too.

Okay, never mind.

Is it because of what happened at the club?

Because I'm sorry, okay?

I hope you're not angry with me
or something like that.

You probably don't even listen to messages.

Never mind. Bye.


Get out, get out. -Uh-uh.

What, 'uh-uh'?
You've got a computer downstairs.

So, move.

Have a seat. Want something to drink?

I'm not thirsty.
- Are you sure?

Is there juice?

There's apple, you dig?
- Yeah. -Cool.

Here you are, my lady.
- Thanks.

You like this...? -I don't care.

You want it off? -I don't care.

Okay, so I'm leaving it on.
- Leave it on.


Nothing, it's nice the streak.

Three dollars on E-Bay.

Show me your nails.

Don't. -What, I bite 'em too.

Look. My feet too.

You reach your mouth with your feet?

I'm full of surprises.

Does it give you shivers?

Not really. -But it feels nice.


You've got such small hands.

Weren't you supposed to be
at the 'Coca Cola' now?

- At the 'Coca Cola'.

Uh, no... Didn't work out.

What, just like that?

Yeah. Omri can get on my
nerves sometimes.

You guys fight?

No, I don't know.


I didn't like the way he treated you.

What, are you serious? -Yeah.

We're totally fine. Like, what?

Noa is there too, you know.

I'm not in love with him, you know.

He's a good lay, that's all.

You want head?


No, like... to bring the

Don't care.

Should I bring it or not?
- Bring it, then.


Lay on your belly.

Who's that?

Yaniv, a friend of ours.

He got into some online poker game.

Anyway, he has to play a hand for 100$.

He isn't allowed to fold.

Whoa, that's so boring.

You don't play poker, huh?

Don't worry, I'll teach you.

Get up, you're crushing me.

I can't reach otherwise.

What's with the hair now?

Don't, Shabat, not there.

You're smoking hot,

You're in the top five of your class.

That's the worst compliment.

Your breasts are better than Liron's,

who's supposedly the breasts of your class.

Why do you stare at my breasts?
- Can't help it.

How come you know everyone?

Everybody knows me.

Stop, Shabat. -What?

How do you know Tomer?

Tomer moved here in 5th grade.

I could tell he's an outsider.

That tickles.

You had a crush on him, huh?
- Who, Tomer? So not.

Loosen up, baby.

That's too strong.
- It's good, see?

What you put on?
- It's like this oil.

Don't, Shabat.
- But I'm really great at it, eh?


What, decent?


Why'd you bring Tomer up all of a sudden?

Don't fool me, Gili.

He told me all about it.
- What did he tell you?

Common, go higher.

Did he really think I cared?

What, that's where your cramps are.

Why did you even talk about me?

We're friends. We talk.

What'd he say?

No... I don't feel like it.

You can't bring it up and not say anything.

You're so sexy like that.

Okay, get off me. -No, like...

He said you thought he's your boyfriend.

And that you called him every day.


He's such an insecure kid.

Does it tingle?

I can't believe that's what he told you.

That arrogant brat.

You're pretty when you're angry.

Sham, Gm yam hands u?.

Frankly, nothing happened with Tomer.

He's pretty boring, all in all.

Omri is much cooler.

Omri's quite a son of a bitch.

Don't get any expectations with him.

Who's getting expectations?

We had sex, it was fun. That's it.

He makes me laugh.

He's the one expecting, if anything.

Yeah, but you wouldn't mind going steady.

So not.

Shabat, you're getting carried away.

Fine, here, I'm stopping.

I think you so don't get me.

I'm getting you perfectly well.
- And I think not.

Get up, okay?

I don't want to. -Let me get up.
- I don't feel like it.

But you're crushing me.
- But I like it.


I want you to enjoy. -Shabat...

Look how nice this feels.
- Don't.

Isn't that nice?
- You're crushing me.

I'm just playing around.
- Cut it out.

I'll make you feel real nice.

Enough, okay?
- Look how wet you are.

You're so pretty, lying here in my bed.

Can you get up, please?

But look how wet you are. Shit.

You're just so amazing.

Come on, open up a bit.

Lift up a bit. Yeah.

Are you on the pill? -No.

So I'll cum outside, okay?
- Put on a condom.

I have to feel you.

I can't stop thinking about your ass.

I watch porn and think of you.

Okay, lift a little bit more.

You're so amazing.

Did you come? -No.

Geez, I'm sorry, baby.

I couldn't hold myself.

What an amazing pussy you've got, huh?

I'll gel you a morning-after pill,
okay? Love you.

Did you enjoy it, though? -Yeah.

Who's better, me or Omri? -Don't know.

Omri's got a little pecker, doesn't he?

I don't remember.

Give me a kiss, beautiful.

What should I get you?

You want something? Take away?

No, get up. You're heavy.
- I want a bit more.

A bit.

Okay, let's go.

You want a coke or something?

I need to get home already. I'm late.

Let's take a ride to the center.

I don't feel like it.

What, honey... we'll go.
Stop at the pharmacy.

Buy you that pill?

I'm hungry too.

I don't feel like it.

Baby, you have to take it.
- I'll get it later.

You've got to take it after.

I'll manage.

You don't want people to see us?

It's not that.

Then why are you like that?

I don't feel like going to the center.

And I've got tons of stuff to do.

Here. I bought two, just in case.
- Thanks.


Yo, my brother. -What's up?

What, this your new girlfriend?

Gili, this is Yoav.

I think I've heard of you already.

Okay, bro, we're off.

Bye, man. -Bye, bro.

Why are you like that?

Like what?

Like, quiet and stuff.

Don't know.

It's kind of a bummer.

Did you move?


On Friday I dropped you off over there.

Yeah, I was so out of it that I got confused.

But I saw you getting inside.

My friend lives there.

And you went there at 4 am?

Yeah. Her parents are abroad.

Who is she? -You don't know her.

Maybe I know her. -Well, you don't.

Okay, give me a kiss.

A proper kiss...

My sweet. Bye. -Bye.

Guess who sat next to me on the flight?

Bar Raphaeli?
- No. Nice, though.

On my flight back I met her mother.

She used to be so hot...

Who wants more cake?

Someone worked so hard on it.
- Who?

The bakery...

Where's your daughter?

She's at the 'Coca Cola Summer Village'.

Omri was there now. Had a blast.

Omri! Give me your iPhone.

I want to show Ilan the pictures.

Now? -Yeah, why not?

So who's eying me the whole way?

Who? -Dudu's ex.

She had too much work done.
- Yeah, she's all plastic.

She's still got a face, though.

Where is it? -Let me.

Awesome production, I tell you.

'Awesome'? Just a bunch of chicks.

Oh sure, for him it doesn't count.
- Here.

It's, like a 21 year old or something?

Cut the attitude -What attitude?

Who is she? -That's his girlfriend, his ex.

I don't know exactly.

Okay, Did you enjoy?

Who is that? -How would I know?

As if you don't know...

Send her a message on Facebook.

Just change your profile picture first.

Is that you? Where?

He's totally wasted.

I hope he wasn't stoned.

He just shot some heroin, Dad.

Ilan, come, let's kick some ass
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Why'd you show him?

Barel, move it.
- But I'm in the middle.

Move, I'll switch you.

Sahar, let my Dad play.

Omri. What?

There's someone for you.

Cool. Here, take mine.

Don't let Dad win, huh? -You loser.


How's it going, sweetheart?

Damn, I like your look.

Yeah? You like it? -I like.

Though I wish you were naked.
- Why am I not surprised?

Come on, come inside.

Am I late? You said eight.

No, babe, you're just on time.
You hungry?

Should I whip up a tortilla?

Go say hello to everyone.
I'll grab you something.

Tomer. -What's up, Gili?

How was it at the 'Coca Cola'?
Was it fun without me?

Come on...

I'm Yaniv. How's it goin'?

Who are you? -Who are you?
- I'm the man...

I told you about her.
- I don't remember.

Yeah right. Didn't you
say you can't come?

Yeah, but I changed my mind.

How come?


You confused them.

You're just lucky.
- Better lucky than sorry.

Hey there.
- They offered you a drink?

You're looking at a pro.

Omri's fetching me something.

Ilan, you want a refill? -Yeah, why not.

Hit me too. -You won't like it.

Come on, I need to talk to you.


What are you doing here anyway?

Same as you.

What'd you come for? He's just...

He's just, like...

Like, he's not...

Geez. You're so sad.

Who's winning? -Hmm, I don't know...

But you're much more interesting.
- Of course I am.

Who ordered some beef?

Say, is he bothering you?

Who, me? No way.

Did you meet my brother?

He's 13 today.

And this is Sahar, his ugly friend.

What about her drink?

True. What do you want?
- I don't mind.

Okay. So let's go outside.

So, how are you?
- Cool. How was the 'Coca Cola'?

What, did I bum you out?

I managed even without you...

I heard you were here.

Yeah. I brought you some stuff...

My brother went crazy for you.

Why? -You tell me.

I did nothing...
- if you say so.

Let's go to my room.


Damn, you're horny today.

Common guys, let's go.

Wait, is she into it?
- Into what?

Sahar wants to join.
- Why'd you tell him?

But I don't want to go alone.
- Relax, I'll help you.

You're a pro, huh?

I love this song.
- Yeah, huh? It's awesome.

You even know it?

Yeah, it's that black dude.

What's all this mess?

It's a party, you know.
- I'll break your head in.

She's a real slut, huh?
- Yeah, major league.

Damn, you made such mess in here.

Hey fatty. How's it going?

What's up, you dick? -Tight, shit.

Playing poker again?

Pass me a hit.

You ruined my hand.
- Why goin' for a straight, dipshit?

Lend her over.
- Loosen up, bro.

I want to tell you a secret.

What's the secret?
- Come sit.

How, like this?

Shabat told me you're a great fuck.

How would he know?
What a liar.

I think he's in love with me or something.

Okay, come to the bathroom.
- Why?

Because I feel like it.

But let's wait for them to go.
- No, I need you now.

Come on.

You like that?


You like making out with me?


Your brother's here.

Oh, Bard, some 'meme.

What did you do to him?

I don't know.

Come on in. He's so nervous...

But cute.
- You bet he's cute.

She's OK, she doesn't bite.

Cut it out!

He's excited. -Poor thing.

Maybe you can give him some... help?

What do you mean?
- Give him a lick.

Don't worry, he'll jizz in a second.

So... I'll be back in a bit?

- We'll continue it from here.

Be good to him. He's my brother.

I'm counting on you.

Open the door.

What are you laughing about?
- Nothing.

Have you ever seen a girl naked?
- Duh.

Porn doesn't count.
- I've seen some girls.

Doesn't seem that way.
- Then show me. -What for?

If you want to show me, then show me!

You liked that?
- Yeah, I did. -Great.

You're such a little kid.

Touch them. -What?
- Touch them.

I don't feel like it. -Why?

No reason.

Well, then, what? What?

They say you give good head...


Yeah, I saw you in that movie.

I'm just not into you.

As if I'm into you.

So why are you here?

Cause everybody fucks you.

Not you.

Fuck off! -Watch it, slut.

I said get out.
- You're so ugly, yuck.

You're pathetic!

What happened?
- Ugly bitch. -Wait!

Well, did you do her?
- Yeah, she got it good.

Barel, wait up.

Omri, end this party.

Okay, a sec, Dad.

Omri! Now!

What's up? -I said now.

We'll be quiet, cool?
- You can forget about the new car.

I want everybody to go home.
- Fine. Fine. Fine.

You get me?

Geez, he's angry, huh?

Tell me about it.

Shabat, can you drive her home?

Why should I?

Why not?
- She's too ugly for my car.

Watch it, huh?

Are you coming?

Bye, man.

Sorry that... -it's all cool bro.

Can you drive her? -How can I?

Don't you have another helmet?
- No bro.

Can't you? -My Tom Car?s dead.

- I don't have a license.

Sorry Omri. -Forget it.

Bye, em.

I'll talk to you later.

I'll call you tomorrow, cool?


You need to go home. Sorry.


Girl. -What?

Come, I... I want to drive you home.

No, it's fine. -Get in.

Remind me your name. -Gili.

You live in Herzliyah? -Yeah.

Haoz Street. You know it?
- Sure. -25.

Put your seat belt on, please.

I'm sorry.

Did you notice your shirt is on backwards?