Sworn to Justice (1996) - full transcript

Expert witness/psychologist secretly stalks her family's killers using E.S.P. While still under investigation by the police detective on the case, she falls in love with an attorney she comes to believe can lead her to the guilty parties.

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- Shelley.


Mikey, what?

Mikey, Mikey, Mike.

- Janna.

- God, Shelly, Shelly, Shelly.

Everything's gonna be
okay, I'm here, I'm here.

- Make it stop.

I will, I will Shelly.

Don't leave me, don't
leave me, Shelly.

- Get up.

- Another one that likes to fight.

- Where is she?

- Mikey?



- Janna, janna?

Are you sure about this?

= I have to face it some time.

- At least let me send
someone to do the cleaning.

- Thanks, Lorraine,
you're a good friend.

I don't know what I
would've done without you.

= call me.

- Detective sergeant Briggs,

why don't you come right the hell in?

- Sorry, Ms. Dane.

You know, officially this
is still a crime scene.

- You've had my house for two weeks,

I want it back.

- I believe this belongs to you.

Doctor had to pry it out of your hand.

Listen, I'm sorry I have to
bother you at a time like this,

but I do...

- But you're gonna do it anyway.

I don't suppose you have an aspirin?

- I'm out, I'm sorry.

- They even tried to
steal the damn plumbing.

- We're gonna nail these animals.

We'll put ‘em away.

That is unless some liberal
shrink gets them off

on account of a deprived
childhood or something.

- Leave it to people like you, Briggs,

we'd still be burning witches.

I help defend people who are sick.

That's my job.

- Good, you're feeling
better, now we can talk.

Tell me about your sister's husband.

- We've been through this before.

Donald is an alcoholic, he beat her up,

his version of family values.

I think she finally him,
that's why she was here.

- Well, we picked him up.

He blames you.

He said you tried to break ‘em up.

- Yeah, ever since the first black eye,

but he didn't do it, it was a burglary.

Someohe noticed I was outta town

and they thought no one was home.

And I told you, there
were three or four...

- I know, I know, three or four men.

But Donald could've hired them.

Now you said that your
sister and the boy were dead

when you got here?

- Yes.

- And you fought these men off,

all three or four of them?

- I worked my way through school

as a martial art instructor.


- I was upset that night,

they murdered my sister and my nephew.

In fact,

you're getting me upset all over again.

- I'd still like you to come on downtown

and talk to the sketch artist.

- For the 10th time, they wore masks.

It was dark, now, go away.

- I may have to ask you
a few more questions.

- Then bring some answers.


- Mikey, no, no!

- Come on, keep her alive, move!

- No, stop it, no!

- Hold her up, hold her up!

- Dragon flower?

- Hi, Mr. young.

- I am sorry for your loss.

- I, thank you.

- It is fortunate you can still smile.

- What makes you think that I'm smiling?

- The light of the eye is not equal

to the intuition of the spirit.

- And a penny saved is a penny earned.

No offense, but you can
keep the mystical mottos.

- Did you learn so little from
your martial arts training?

- Hey, I'm still alive,
that's some kind of record

for the neighborhood I grew up in.

10 o'clock high.

- Please, this is personal.

Get a job.

= you tell the lunden council

that there are only two experts

in motorcycle accident
reconstruction in the state,

and our guy won his last four
cases over the other guy.

And then tell him to send us a check.

- Yes.

- Hi, please tell everyone
thanks for the flowers.

= janna.

=- hi.

- So, how are you, really?

I hope this is a social call.

- I have to get back to work.

- Go home.

- 1 can't, I can't do
that, not just yet.

- Of course, um, problem solved,

I keep a little place at
the beach, stay there.

- Thanks, Lorraine, but I still,

I need to get back to work.

- It's good to have you back.


- Hello.

=- hi.

- Janna, this is Nicholas Langford.

- Sorry, static electricity.

What's your field, janna?

- Psychology.

= Nicholas is the
expert in copywriting.

He's a lawyer and a publisher.

= my client's
expecting me in five minutes.

I, have to go.


- Here, come on, I
think I have something

you might be interested in.

Global shopper stores are working
up a new security program,

and they want input from
a criminal psychologist.

And if you're up to it,

I'm throwing a little bash
for the da's mayoral campaign.

Here, Friday, five o'clock,

I'd like you to back me up.

You don't want that one, truly.

- Theodore Logan Skaggs.

- The attorney is e.G. Whitman.

- God, let me guess,
the defendant isn't famous,

so he's either a serial
killer or he's filthy rich.

- He killed a cop.

Whitman took the case pro bono.

I smell a book deal.

Trial has just started, and already,

Whitman's first two
experts have bombed out.

Believe me,
the da is on the warpath.

= this is work.

= all right,
I'll set up a meeting.

- You can't protect me, Lorraine,

ax murderers are my business.


=I don't know the combination.


- Keep your mouth shut.

Get inside.

- Guy, please.

- Here.

- Holy guacamole!

Thank you, you're my savior.

They were gonna kill me,
good thing you show up.

I don't know how to thank you.

- 911 emergency.

- You gotta send an ambulance.

- Janna, girl, you're gonna
get your butt in a sling.

- You wanna fight?

Come on.

- I will Shelly, I promise.


- Anybody calls, I'm
on my way to my office

with my favorite ex-student.

- Esp testing, I still think

that stuff's for leftover hippies.

I feel like an idiot.

- Interesting, do you
feel this way often?

- Stick it in your ear, Leo.

Okay, we played a few
games, we had a little fun.

What's the word?

- I have 10 books to my credit.

- 11.

- Any rate, my theories
work, I am a genius,

and I say there is
nothing wrong with you.

- If you choose to ignore

a series of extremely
disturbing hallucinations.

= disturbing perhaps,
hallucinations, perhaps not.

From the moment of birth,
we build little worlds.

Inside the worlds, we
call reality, but outside,

coffee please.


- The candy.

J I feel that way j

- you know, it is not uncommon
for head trauma like yours

to open a kind of doors that allows one

to see beyond the walls.

Wonderful, superb,

janna, my dear, you are a pisser.

- Please, don't tell me.

= the lowest scores I've ever seen.

- Well, that's good because
that means that I'm not...

- It means almost
certainly that you are.

Some psychics score high,

hard-headed psychics score low.

Your very resistance to the
idea effected the test, you see.

- Perfect.

- Hello, Mr. breitenheim.

- Hello, Helen, how is she doing?

- Same as yesterday.

- Whoa, sweetie, are you okay?

You're gonna have to be
a little more careful.

What's your name?

= this is Andrea.

Andrea isn't quite ready
to talk with us yet.

- What's wrong with her?

- You have the phd, you tell me.

We ruled out retardation.

- Asperger's disorder?


She could even be schizophrenic.

- In 10 seconds you know as
much as we know in three weeks.

Janna, what, what is it?

=a dark room.

She's locked in the basement.

It's a long time.

The sound, there's water
running, but it's loud.

- Janna, janna you are
receiving special knowledge

from your sense of touch.

Don't you see?

I always thought you'd make
a good clinical psychologist,

but if you accept
yourself, this, this, this,

you're gift of super sensitivity,

you could reach the unreachable ones.

- Leo, my sister brought
me up, we were poor.

This extra consultancy
business is gettin’ me

everything I ever wanted.

- Dr. breitenheim,

hi, I think we had a meeting at four?

Are you following me?

No, seriously, I knew we would
run into each other again.

- You see, psychic premonition.

Nicholas is going to publish
a book I'm working on.

- Congratulations.

- We should get together,

now that we're colleagues at forensitec.

- Maybe.

- If you change your mind,

I have important work
for you to do here.

It's not uncommon for
head trauma like yours

to open a kind of door that allows one

to see beyond the walls.

- All right, let's find out.

Relax, calm the mind,

cleanse the senses, okay.

Clear the pathways,


Now, touch the object.

It's happening.

I can see how.

I can see where you were.

I can feel what you felt.

That's it, yeah.

Just turn over your rock

and let me see where you live.


What am I supposed to do
with three fucking dollars?

I'm gonna get something out of this.

- Get outta here!

- Hey, just chill out man, just chill.

Crazy bitch broke my ribs.

It's not safe on the street anymore.

I gotta get some rock.

You again?

- That's for my sister
you son of a bitch.

I can’t do this again, Shelly.

All right, all right, god.

Geez, no, tell me I'm dreaming.

- I'm a cop, what can I say.

- How ‘bout goodbye?

= not this time.

- Any progress
in my sister's case?

- Yeah, I may be onto something.

What's this, the psychic
reach, objective clairvoyance?

What's this, psychometry, what's that?

- It's nonsense,

psychic images connected with objects.

You have to excuse me, I'm late.

= sure.

- ID offer you a snack,
but I forgot to buy donuts.

- Hey, I'm not surprised,

you've been very, very busy.

- Meaning what?

- Well, all the work you've been doing

on your big case and all.

- And all?

You mean evaluating Teddy Skaggs?

Or trying to stay alive

while a bunch of thieves
take over the town.

- The cop killer,
interviews, meetings,

I notice how you manage
to stay out all night.

J give me some of that j

- you've been watching me?

=- no.

Well, um, technically that's a no.

I mean I put a man on your house.

- And?

- We had to let your brother-in-law go.

He doesn’t like you much.

- That's it?

You're here to warn me about Donald?

- Yeah, you have anything
else you wanna tell me?

- If you insist.

Your father was an authoritarian.

He was never satisfied with
you or anything you did.

Your few close friends
have all failed you.


You're rigid, more than
a little paranoid,

and riddled with guilt.

No one appreciates you,

you have no home, no family,

your life's a mess,

and I urge you to seek
counseling immediately.

- Dan the man, it's
a great slogan, I love it.

- Well, it sure is.

Well, whoever came up with it,

I want that guy to be my PR guy.

- Dan the man,
it's simple, effective.

- No one’s gonna forget it,

not one person could possibly forget it.

‘Cause even if they're
not familiar with him,

they're gonna remember the slogan.

- Careful gentlemen,
this lady knows exactly

what you're thinking, she's a shrink.

Let me borrow her for a moment, okay?

- Later guys.

Is that a new perfume I smell?

- That is the fragrance
of power, my dear.

My a-list at this little
event run half of the state

and they all hire consultants.

-F g. Whitman.

- With the assistant
district attorney.

Two killer sharks in
the same swimming pool.

So much money, so little time.

- What's he doing here?

- Well, it appears he's kissing

the assistant district attorney.

Janna, why are we doing this?

- It’s e.G.

- He's looking this way and
I know exactly what he wants.

- Terrific.

- Lorraine powers?

- There he is.

- Lovely, as usual.

- Thank you.

- And janna you're just the
young lady I want to talk to.


- You know, you two are
gonna have to excuse me.

It's time for the hunt.

- I read that report of yours,

damn interesting piece of work.

I wanna talk to you about that.

Come on, let's go get some more privacy.

Been on my feet all day.

Do you mind?

Sit down, sit down.

Yeah, I was just thinking
about old Lorraine,

and all the business we've
done over these years,

and she's not married is she?

- Don't toy with me e.G., I'm fragile.

- Yeah, well, I'd say she probably has

a good exercise program.

- Swinging both ways.

It's aerobic.

- Now the only thing
wrong with that report is

all those maybes, and
the only questions is

whether that man knew the
difference between right and wrong

when he stabbed that police officer.

Could have been, may have been,

it don't exactly grab a jury,
if you know what I mean.

- You paid me to render
an expert opinion,

that's what I did.

- I know, I know, it's just that maybe,

it could Teddy Skaggs
in the gas chamber.

- Supporting a little perjury, are we?

- Don't get a bug
up your butt, Megan.

We're just in here
having a little powwow.

- Well, smoke this in
your peace pipe, chief,

I'm gonna nail Teddy Skaggs.

You will not get a
confessed cop killer off

with some dog and pony show, e.G.

= darlin’, I just
hang my head in shame.

The da's moving to the mayors office,

and you need a big win
to take over his chair.

And you stand here ready to
sacrifice my client's life

to further your career.

- And I've read the report too.

If her opinion changes,

one iota between now and
the time of the trial,

I'll demand judicial review,

as well as a full investigation
by the bar association.

- Excuse me?

- You're not protected by court
room privilege here, honey,

and you're talking your
way into a slander suit.

- Well, it's your call, e.G.

But you and your hired gun
here are gonna be awfully busy

fighting perjury, subornation,
and conspiracy charges.

- Excuse me?

- You see, I'm gonna have you and her...

- Hey, I've never hedged
an opinion in my life,

and I can’t be bought off.

And I can't be scared off either.

So I'll just leave you two alone.

I know repressed sexual
energy when I see it.

- Dan.

- Lorraine, I have not had a chance

to thank you for this shindig.

- You don't mind if Lorraine

settles an argument for me, do you Nick?

- Not at all.

= sure.

- It's a good way to get yourself hurt.

- I'm desperate, I'll try anything.

Give me a chance and I'll
bring you the moon in a box,

solve all your problems and
make you deliriously happy.

- Look, Nicholas...

- Nick.

- Whatever, if I could
afford a romance right now,

you'd be prince charming, but I can't.

= trust me.

- In your dreams.

- Okay, well, I'll walk you out anyway.

30 minutes with lawyers and I get hives.

- I thought you were a lawyer?

- Only to protect my authors,

those guys are competition junkies.

- Won't your friend get annoyed?

- Who?

Megan, no, no, we're
friends from school.

I'm only here because of you.

I sneaked a peak at the guest list.

= you didn't.

=I did.

By the way, do you, do
you like Italian food?

- Lorraine?

- Last night, Marsha corso
of Santa marta was saved

from a mugging and rape
attempt also by a man in black.

Corso identified her assailant
as Dwight spovik, 35.

In a bizarre twist,
spovik, a paroled felon

was found dead in his
apartment this morning,

apparently killed in a furious struggle.

The night manager of the ranch hotel

where spivok lived may
have seen the killer.

He described the suspect
as a slighty built man

about five feet five inches tall,

and wearing a hooded black sweatsuit.

Just two days ago, kazw news at five

aired the story of an
unidentified man in black

who prevented the robbery of
an all-night convenience store.

- He was a little guy.

He, he mopped up the
floor with those punks

just like Bruce Lee.

- I can't believe it,
the roach is wasted.

I think we got a problem.

- Hey, watch the negative
vibes, little brother.

Hey, what's the worst
thing that could happen?

- The vigilante could kill us.

- The worst thing is
he shows up one night

while we're doing a job,
and we cap the fucker.

- Hey, slicks, you want
anything done right around here,

you gotta do it yourself.

Can I help you?

- Pete.

- Do I know you?

- Of course, where are my manners?

- You mind?

- Pete, my name's cutter,
but you can call me Eugene.

These are my associates.

You know, it's come to my
attention that you've been running

a little chop shop
operation on the side.

- Somebody's been blowing
smoke up your ass, pal.

- Now, see, my friend Jeremy here

is in the stolen car
business and he knows.

Look, you don't have to be
defensive with me, Pete.

We're partners now, part
of a growing organization.

Here's how it works,

we run 20 hot cars through
your place every week.

You gross 75 grand, we take 40,

and you still make more money

than you ever made in your whole life.

This is arty one eye,
he's your new bookkeeper.

Arty kept certain union
officials out of jail.

He'll treat us right.

Well, there's no questions,
talk to you, Pete.

- Tell you what Mary Jean,

or whatever your name is,

you got me shaking in
my goddamn sneakers.

Get this through your pretty
little earrings, punk,

I used to live in Chicago.

I've been leaned on by the pros.

- Pete, the name is Eugene.

Would you look at that?

It's a brand new suit, that's blood.

That's not gonna come outta there.

Sit him up.

- Screw you.

- You gotta relax, Pete.

We're gonna make a lotta money together.

If you've got a problem with that,

I'm gonna kill your wife,

and I'm gonna kill your two boys,

and I'm gonna kill your dog.

And after you see them die,

I'm gonna carve out your eyes.


It's me.

Yeah, yeah, piece of cake.

I wanna meet.

Maybe, it's this vigilante thing on TV.

- I'm sorry about your pants.

Please, send me the bill.

- Don't worry about it.

I was planning on dyeing
it wine red anyway.

- The wisdom of zhuang zhou.

- The wisdom of Lao tzu.

The yoga mind projection.

Shaolin time travels.

You know, you oughta be careful

because this stuff could
turn your brain to yogurt.

- 1, I happen
to publish that stuff.

- It's great, I love this.

- I studied in southeast
Asia for six years.

And one day, just for a few moments,

I saw the entire universe,

I mean the whole thing all at once.

Everything flows, everyone connects.

So I publish that stuff to help
other people see what I saw.

Which reminds me...

- Of the time, you
know, thanks for dinner,

it was great, but I
have so much work to do.

I need to be getting home.

- Which reminds me,

we have something else in common.

- What do you mean something else?

- Well, we're both students of the mind,

and we both studied kung fu.

- Who told you that?

- 1, happen to see your
file on Lorraine's desk

the other day.

- There's personal information
in that file, Nicholas.

=I had to.

- What?

- You're the most
exciting woman I've met,

I had to get to know you.

- Well, why didn’t you just ask me?

- That's what I'm doing now, asking you.

Show me your form.

- I'm not exactly dressed for it.

- Take it off.

- Some other year.

- We're supposed to be together, janna.

You felt it too, I know you did.

What style did you study, show me.

= don't be ridiculous.

You know, when you said kung fu,

I thought you meant kung fu.

- I studied a couple
of hard fist styles.

Tai chi is a meditation,
a path to inner peace.

So I guess some people
are too practical minded

to fully grasp the concept.

- I have more inner peace
in my little finger...

- Tai chi is also a fighting style.

Come on, show me.

- Stop, stop.

- Come on.

- Stop it.

- Show me.

- Stop it.

You wait.

Give me a second.

You asked for it.

- Yeah.

- Step aside, tai chi master.

- Changquan long fist, very impressive.

- Let's see what you can do.

- That didn't look like
a tai chi kick to me.

Is it hot in here or is it me?

- [T's you.


What's this?


- Eugene, come out,
come out wherever you are.

J turn around go insane,
turn around from the tigers j

- make way for the marshal, boys.

Still trying to clean up
the new stone, Briggs?

= just a little street trash.

- I'm a legitimate citizen now.

You know, no need for theatrics

you could have just
walked in and said hello.

- Well, well, well, looks like
a San Quentin alumni meeting.

I presume all you slobs
are gainfully employed,

in full compliance with all
the terms of your parole.

- Fucking cop.

- Yes!

- Chill out, chill out.

- Come on, come on, come
on, gimme your spiel.

- Sorry warden, send
you back where you belong.

- Briggs!
- Hey, hey!

- How long have you been out this time?

= six months.

Don't, don’t, he probably
has backup around the corner.

- Backup?

Backup for this little
nest of cockroaches?

Come on, anybody, come on.

- What do you want?

- I want world peace,

I wanna win the lottery,
and most of all, Eugene,

I wanna deal with a
better class of criminals.

I deserve better.

What do I get?

I get street scum.

You notice ever since they
put you back on street,

we've had our own little crime wave.

I knew it had to be you
because it was sloppy.

You know, I think it's time
you and me had a little talk.

Come on, come on!

- Hey, what're you doing with him?

- Hey, hey, hey.

- What're you
doing, leave him alone.

- I see any heads I blow ‘em off.

- Man.

- I told you never to do that!

- Hey.

- Never call me.


Get up.

This is my neighborhood, girls.

Briggs’ street.

I hate these things.

I'm the only law you gotta worry about.

Accidental discharge, I took care of it.

- Okay.

- Have a nice day.

- You, too.

- We oughta waste that son of a bitch.

- Not here, not yet.

- Today when
mass transit chairman

Rhett Bowen awarded the
contract to extend the Metro

into downtown Santa marta.

In other news, from police
headquarters last night,

Tyrell bishop brought
to a total of seven,

the number of young men
who have confessed

to being the Santa marta vigilante.

Bishop, 20, told the police...

- Hi, Mr. young, anything in the news?

- Only you tiger Willow.

- What in the paper?

- As to that, I can only guess.

- Sorry.

- Yes, very good, you
have met a special man.

Your footsteps are happy,

you are humming to
yourself when you came in.

Also, that's a new scent you're wearing.

If I were wrong, you wouldn't
be blushing right now.

- I never blush.

- Cheating on a blind man,

but your aura confuses me.

You spend passion to buy peace,

vet, you're surrounded by fury.

- Here it is, prosecution is set

to attack new defense
expert in cop killer trial.

9:00 A.M. tomorrow,

that witch is gonna
try to take me apart.

- Janna, I hope you're not
planning to do something unwise.

- Story of my life.

- It's the story of everybody's
life, my dear.

- See you later.

- Police officials
are denying rumors

that a vigilante may be prowling
the streets of Santa marta.

Up next, our own c.C. Landis reports

on the controversial cop killer trial

of Theodore Teddy Skaggs.

- And your conclusion, Dr. Dane.

- Mr. Skaggs suffers from
borderline personality disorder,

aggravated on the night in question

by organic hallucinosis,
directly resulting

from an escalating
methamphetamine addiction.

- And in plain English now.

- As a child, defendant
was physically abused

then rejected by both parents.

Since the age of 14, he suffered
delusions of persecution.

During his last prison term,

he became addicted to methamphetamine,

also known as crank or speed.

And on the evening of December 10,

he experienced hallucinations

while injecting himself with the drug.

- So it's possible then, doctor,

that Teddy Skaggs was hallucinating

when he stabbed officer Clark.

- Yes, Teddy refuses to tell anyone

what happened that night.

That would explain why
he did what he did.

Historically, his behaviors
have been self-destructive,

but non-violent.

He's usually quite gentle, almost shy.

- Your witness.

- Gentle, gentle man.

Dr. Dane, would a gentle man use this

to take the life of a
young police officer?

- Your honor, prosecution's
assaulting the witness.

- A police officer who wasn’t
threatening him in any way...

= order.


- Stop, Jesus, stop!

- Don't.

- Hey, buddy, you okay.

- Don’t, no, no!

No, no...

- Do you feel all right?

- Yes, I was just mentally
reviewing my notes,

and I've come to a final conclusion

that what Teddy saw in
the alley that night

wasn't a police officer.

What he saw was his abusive
father coming to beat him again.

- Your honor...

- When Teddy stabbed officer Clark,

he thought he was defending himself

against a lifetime of abuse.

- Dammit, your honor, motion to strike.

The defense bought this testimony.

= now that's a ball faced lie.

- Enough.

- Don’t you dare assume the
moral high ground with me.

You know as well as I do
that that man was incompetent

to stand trial in the first place.

- Bailiff, remove the jury.

I'll see both council
in my chambers now.

- Give us a minute alone.

He's not going anywhere.

- You just saved my life, didn't you?

=I told the truth.

- Yeah, and the jury heard the truth,

so how, of course, there's
gonna be a mistrial.

And even if they try me again,

the next jury already heard
what you said on the news.

How did you know?

- I know, that's all.

Just like I know you were the animals

that killed my sister and my nephew.

He was only nine years old.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?

- God, god, no.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt.

Jesus, god that little kid.

I told 'em to stop, and they wouldn't.

And I ran, I ran, I never
wanted to hurt anybody.

He sent you, didn't he?

What does he want from me?

- Who's he, Teddy?

- You know.

= no I don't know who he is!

- Sweet Jesus, he sent you,

and you're inside my head.

- Yeah, I'm inside your head.

I'm the worm inside your brain,

and if you don’t talk to me,

I'm gonna eat my way all the way through

and come out your ear.

Now, who the hell is he?

- The man, the man who
runs the organization.

- What organization?

- Us, people like me, ex-cons.

You know, three strikes you're out.

The man has juice downtown.

And you don't do like he says,

you don’t pay up after a job,

he gets you sent back to the joint.

- Who the hell is he, Teddy?

Who tells you what to do?

- Jesus, he'll kill me.

- Eugene, that's all I know.

Eugene, he's the only one
who knows who the man is.

It's the truth.

- What the hell do you
think you're doing?

Who let you in here?

I'll talk to you later.

And if you're not outta here in now,

I'll have you arrested.

- Adios.

- No, no, no, no, no,

no, ho, no, no, ho!

Please, please, it itches.

- Relax, Teddy, I'm gone.

- Thank you.

- I knew it, you had to
go and do it, didn't ya?

- Briggs, he needs
a hospital not a prison.

- This morning, frank Harris

of the mayor's office,
publicly responded

to allegations contained in
a letter from the vigilante

that was received at a
local TV station yesterday.

The letter pointed to the existence

of a criminal organization
made up of ex-convicts

and run by someone within
the city government.

Harris said the mayor plans

to request an internal investigation.

- I'm
coming for you, all of you.

Come on, turn over that rock.

- What about the car?

- Don’t worry about it,
the bitch is outta town.

- Put 'em on anyway.

- I see you.

I know where you are.

- 81 clear, unit 14.

- God.

- Watch it, watch it.

- Put it down.

- What's that?

- You!

- No, you!

= you're dead!

- Oops.

- Thanks, Nick, it was fun.

I'd ask you in, but...

- I know, I know, you gotta get to work.

Maybe I should come in
and check the place out

in case you're crazy
brother-in-law's hanging around.

- They busted the jerk yesterday

for assaulting a police officer.

Besides, Donald isn't exactly the type

that would benefit from one
of your pacifist lectures.

- You've changed.

- Hey, you're the one who wanted this.

Maybe you should have
stayed away from me.

- Well, that's my
problem, don't you see?

I can't stay away from you.

You wanted it too.

Say it.

- Yes.

Nick, Nicholas?

So what's new along the cosmic path?

- Ominous rumblings.

Troubling signs.

- Ooh, sounds serious.

- What're you doing?

What have you been doing?

Your job, your profession?

= I'm taking a little
time off, do you mind?

- I thought you said you had to work.

- Now, what do you
think I've been doing?

- I think you had bruises on your body.

And I happen to know you're in danger.

What were you doing with
dr breitenheim last week?

Where'd you go last night?

- I finally get the
cops off my doorstep,

and now you have to start
sticking your nose in my business.

- If you're in trouble, I'm in trouble.

I love you.

= don't.

- You wanna tell me about these?

- I warned you
about spying on me.

- It's wrong janna, whatever
you're doing, it's wrong.

- No, you're wrong.

Why don’t you just get out of my house.

You take your clothes
and get out of my life.

- Listen, I don't give a damn

about your problems, all right?

We've got a renegade on the street.

Now, you get your people out there

and stop him before he ruins everything.

If you can’t handle it, I'll
find somebody else who can.

- I'm telling you it was rigged.

No, no, he said no one followed him.

Look, Eugene, we know
what she looks like,

we know what kind of car she drives.

Just let me handle it.

All right, all right.

Something's up, I'll call you back.

J I like it, hey, hey, yeah,
wow, I like it like that j

go check it out.

It's her, fan out!

- This place is on fire man!

- Whoa, get a fire.

- Get away, let's go!

Give me an extinguisher somebody!

- Here I come!

- Hey, where's the fire
extinguisher, man?

- Get outta here, go!

- Hey, get the!

- Which one is Eugene?

- Eugene ain't here, honey,

but you can talk to me I'm his brother.

- Hey, I'm the one who told
him not to leave any withesses.

Come on, bitch, I'm not afraid of you.

- Back here, bitch.

Go to hell.

- Look out,

it's gonna blow!

- Jesus.

- Where?

J the light shines from the morning j


Ji I travel where the most


J you pull the chair j


You people survived the streets.

You survived the joint.

And you let a woman kick your ass?

And you let my brother die!

J but no more knocking down walls j

j now I'm alone j

but your problems are over,

‘cause I just got a call from a man,

and I know who the bitch is.

And I am personally
gonna set things right.

- You sure you don’t mind
giving me a lift home?

- Don’t be silly, come on,
I'm parked over in the lot.

- Boy problems?

- Only when we try to communicate.

= this is serious.

- What's he waiting for?

- Problem solved, I'll drive
around to the back door.

Give me a few minutes.

- Hi, Mr. young.

- Janna, good, I wanna
tell you about something.

- I can't now, I have to run.

- Haste makes for sticky rice.

- Never mind, this is
important, I have a dream.

- I may have heard this one.

- The same dream for
the last three nights.

A hooded figure racing
into a deadly storm,

I reach out to stop the figure,

I pull back the hood,

and there she's on her
way to destruction.

I see...

- Janna, janna, we have to talk.

- There's nothing to talk about.

- Don't push me away this time.


= no!

Don't try to move.

= it's a little late for that.

- Call the paramedics!

- You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

- Janna, I know what you've been doing.

I followed you.

But jealous, I was jealous.

- [T's okay, I understand.

- Not him and you, ho,

I didn't want him, it was you.

I always loved you.

- No, don't go!

- Please ma'am,
you have to move now.

- What, what happened?

- This is on your head.

- What?

- Lorraine told you something
about me, didn't she?

And you told your old
school pal over there.

=- no.

- And then she told da
Dan, he's the man, isn't he?

- What does that have to do with...

- Give me your keys!

I'll send your car back tomorrow.

- Janna, wait.

- Stay away from me, Nicholas,

you just stay away from me.

- Are you all right?

What happened?

It's okay, it's okay,
you can cry it out.

I'm here to protect you.

If you have leads, come to me.

- She'll be here, told you,

just keep quiet and listen.

If you listen now, maybe
you'll hear here coming.

You see, she knows, she knows.

- You know, if everybody
had one of these

electronic locator things,
we could cut car theft 90%.

They didn’t even have a
chance to steal your radio.

- That's amazing, thanks.

- Sorry, we didn't catch the guy,

but at least you got your car back.

That's what counts, right?

- You bet, thanks again.

- You left a piece of
your bomb under my car.

- Janna, at last.

- That was very sloppy, Eugene.

- You wanna see what you did?

Now how am I gonna explain
this to dear, old mom?

It's my baby brother, you understand?

And he blames me for what happened.

- He should.

J come over, son, how's
everybody living &

- what am I gonna do with you?

- As long as you don't breathe on me,

we'll be all set.

- You know what?

I think I'm gonna let the boys
play with you for a few days,

and then I'm gonna strip the flesh

from you creamy thighs
one inch at a time.

- Before you die, you're
gonna tell me who the man is.

- And all those shrinks,

they thought I was crazy, and you.

Come on, come on.

- Yeah!

- Nobody do anything stupid now.

- Briggs, amazing, for the
first time, I'm glad to see you.

- Well, I see
you've met Eugene.

Clean, I said do it
clean, and what do I get?

I get exploding cars, the
wild world of sports here,

sloppy, very sloppy.

- So, you're the man.

-Lam, I am.

- This is 2-Adam-20, over.

- Look what she did to my brother!

- Your brother, your brother
was a big bag of dung,

and too dumb to live
anyway, now deal with it.

Now, thanks to you, young
lady, the assistant da has got

internal affairs looking
up my backside.

I could have run this scam forever.

- 44135, we got a
group of guys in an old...

- Negative 31, we found the
vehicle, but lost the owner.

- You know what I couldn't figure out?

How you always knew where to show up.

Then I remembered, all
those books, psychic stuff,

that's it, isn't it?

You're a damn psychic.

- Having a few secrets makes
a woman more interesting.

- You touched me, you understand?

You really touched me.

We can be dynamite together,

but business is business.

- We're here, shots fired,

requesting backup at 44...


- Keep her here!

You, get him.

- You, inside,
this is the police!

Drop you weapons and come out
with your hands in the air.

- I don't think you're on
the guest list, my friend.

Yeah, come on, come on, come on.

Come on, pretty boy, what do you got?

Yeah, come on.

- I repeat, this is the police,

drop your weapons and come
out with your hands up.

- Come on, let's go.

Let's go, come on.

You got something?

- You're responsible for all of it,

for my sister, my nephew, Lorraine,

and you're a cop.

You're worse than all those low lifes.

- Yeah, true scum.

= son of a bitch!

= killer!

Are you okay?

= never better.

- You're not bad for a pacifist.

- In Thailand I used to fight for money,

muay thai before I knew better.

- You took a bullet for me.

- It wasn't exactly part of the plan.

- There's a fire escape
over there, can you make it?

- Sure, why not.

- I guess you do love me.

- Yeah, I can see it all now,

cozy evenings at home in our
helmets and kevlar vests.

- God.

- Tell me, I could use a good laugh.

- Dan, that was internal affairs.

While they were out there tracking down

our renegade cop, Briggs, right?

They accidentally
discovered the identity

of the mysterious Santa
marta vigilante, janna Dane.

- No, not the expert witness?

- The one that
screwed up my case

against Teddy Skaggs.

I would just love to nail
her little buns to the wall.

- But?

- But, Santa marta loves its vigilante,

and we happen to be running for office,

so if we were to prosecute,

they'll run us outta town on a rail.

- Pass.

= I'll be
watching you janna Dane.

- You okay?

- Yeah, don't worry.

You sure about this?

Giving up your career?

- I'm not really giving anything up.

Before my sister died,

she asked me to make it stop.

I thought I understand, but
Shelly wanted it all to stop,

all the violence, the pain.

You were right, everything
flows, everybody connects.

= give me a hand with this box?

- Yeah.

I'm gonna try and help some
of Dr. breitenheim's kids

at the university.

I think they need me.

- Other people need you too.

- Really?

- Yeah, really.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

- [T's you.