Sworn Brothers (1987) - full transcript

A tough, violent look inside today's Hong Kong underworld. Sworn Brothers is the dramatic, tragic story of two men brought up closer than most brothers. Now they find they stand on different sides of the law.

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Mr. Yang, the cargo will be ready at 4 tomorrow

He's thinking it's Ching porcelain

In fact, it's a truck-load of heroin

I act by the book

You owe me,

I foreclose the site

Business is business

Daddy, if the site is closed

the bank will stop lending us money

and we can't possibly rebuild our business

Daddy, $700,000 is only a small sum

Am I your daughter or not?

Paul, get someone to foreclose the site

See them out

Not everyone in a tuxedo is a gentleman

All birds are of the same feather

Cocaine is profitable and quick money

People may be jealous

Wakio Fang's

double-crossing us

Please look after our interests

Show them our strength

I've my principles, no dope-pushing

Mr. Lin?

Stop, Stay where you are

Over a dozen guns are pointed at you

It's your worry, Inspector Yen

A gun's pointed at you from your left

Fake it, a time bomb

Want to blow me up?

Would an alarm clock explode?

Rolex, of the 50's

For me?

Don't pawn it

Thank you

No need,

just be punctual

Don't come late and leave early

It's my duty as a policeman

And girls like people with such habits

That's why most girls fall for policemen

Two years yet


Daddy, are you all right?

He paces up & dove

and won't take medicine

Afraid Kuo may bring back a foreign wife?


Daddy, you must take medicine regularly


Why didn't the Scotland Yard man salute?


We've been policemen for 3 generations

I'm the Royal HK Police Brass Band drummer

You've been an Interpol agent,

returned from Scotland

Your son will enter the space age

He may Become a space Interpol agent

Each of our generations
is a credit to the ancestor

Go and see your mammy, She's waiting


Kuo's smart. He always won 1st place

And he was No.1 in school

Now he's a No.1 Senior Inspector

The price of a weak heart is worthwhile

Your remind me of your dad and me

Had he been alive, he'd be rejoiced

to see Kuo's achievements

You've made your own son an Inspector

and Pads son a hooligan

I've been taking them both for my sons

We adore them both like my own sons

It's dangerous for Ting to be in a side line

But he won't take my advice

He's doing well... He lives in luxury

His car's worth more than my flat

A telephone's worth more than your upkeep

Well, I won't argue with you, I'm going

I won't argue with you

Uncle Pao, time to take medicine

Come to your daddy, I'm doing him an injustice

Any plans after the party's over?

Why ask?

Let's see who lasts longer

You'll lose for sure

You will, not I

Let's see

Come on

4, 5, 6, 7,8

9.9 seconds, I need it

Remember you used to pass water in bed?

You wetted me

No kidding


So you assaulted a police officer

I'd rather put you in jail for a month

As a police officer, you used violence in public

I have a girl as witness, You'll be fired

I won't testify, or I may alarm mammy


Yang lung-hai, Urban Councillor

The Birector of 2 banks and 7 restaurants

His principal income

comes from drug-trafficking...

He had been probed by ICAC for horse doping

But a front man stood up for him

The Japanese police suspect him to be

the HK link of the International Drug Syndicate

Come in

Morning, sir

Salute the Inspector

Sit down

Kao Wei, nicknamed Fat Kao

He's been Yang lung-hat's No.1 since 1974

He got suspended sentence in 1984 for extortion

Lin Ting-yi is Yang's right-hand man

He's taken over Fat Kao's position

These are all the data we have on hand

Sergeant Shih's in charge of this case

Inspector Yen

Serg Shih knows the underworld well

See if he can help you

Yes, sir

I'll avenge it

Any problem?


Sir, let me take a look at the file


Thank you


"I taste nothing even a glass of bitter wine"


Let's talk about it later

It's alright

"An ex-lover in dreams, in a silk scarf"

"is riding a white horse"


"Can I accept this love?"


"Would our relationship last?"

Is this yours?

Thank you

Don't mention it

laying to get ahead?

You're mistaken

I'm not

You do look like in my line

You do look like in my line

What do you do?

A singer

I'm out of tune even in speaking

May I use your phone? It's urgent


Jane, remember that set at 2 o'clock

Pronounce every word clearly?
Wine bottles for sale?"


Remember it. Goodbye

lake $2 for less than one minute

I have no small change, Let you have a bite

I'm afraid of putting on weight

Well, I owe you $2

It's up to you


Happy birthday, old bore

It's your 60th birthday,

Bless your son

His is a golden rice bowl

He gets on well any time anywhere

He gets on well any time anywhere

Bless him with peace and security

And bless Kuo with wealth and promotions

Bless me with health and luck in love

I've a weak heart but am still potent

So your boss is a drug-trafficker too

No idea

Why not? You're his right-hand man

What do you want to find out?

I want nothing out of you

or you may be under arrest

Everybody knows you were No, 1 in school

Not everyone can make it

I want to ask you a favour

leach me English as of tomorrow

So I can be a cook in the USA

Big problem

Small problem

lake this for Uncle Pads medical expenses

His son has sent him to a Government hospital

I know, but he can't wait

Take it, Don't tell him it came from me

Excuse me, Thank you

Not everyone's irreplaceable in this world

I'm now in urgent need of hands

Don't go

We went thru everything,

and you saved me in Sabah

But I can't retain you

for you must have your awn plans

Tell me about them

I'm emigrate to the USA

USA? Californian sunshine's OK

I'll have Paul fix everything for you

If and when I see you

don't forget to take care of me

Aren't you a bit late? I've been waiting

The new rule? I've already fed the meter

Stop making fun of me anymore

You told me to hide

Thank you

Don't mention it

I still own you $2

I'll insert $4 for you now

So you'll be owing me $2

Well, I'll give you a lift

Don't entangle me. I'm going to sing in Tai Po

What a coincidence...
I'll give you a lift

It's faster to go electric

"My ex-love in dreams, in a silk scarf"

"rides a white horse"

"A handsome and sprightly lover"

Did I sing badly?

Don't worry, Even Anita Mux was once booed

Ever had an operation?

Almost lost my life

When I was 6, ray mammy eloped with a butcher

My daddy pursued her with a chopper

He chopped me by mistake

My grandma sent me to a hospital

I've been in an orphanage

A rich man like you won't understand

Are you afraid of me?

Why should I?

I've been a cop, but quit over the pay

I have my source of income

from Tsimshatsui

Can we eat now?

Chocolate has too many calories

I prefer to take congee with pretzels

Bye-bye then

What do you mean?

We're friends, Easy come easy go

You look cute

Next time don't forget my name

Call me Peggy like my friends do

Your wife?

Pretzels, congee


If I'm in your way, I'll go down to drink coffee

Otherwise, I'll stand aside and learn

In which Club does your girl friend work?

She's easy prey


I'm going to see the Immigration Officer next week

Are you sure you want to leave?

I must, while



It's tops. You made it?

Open the door

Hello, wrong number

I want to buy something for my girlfriend

Perfume, cosmetics, face cream, anything

Take your pick

I want face cream

Take it

Not face cream?

You think you're my girl friend?

You said you were my common friend

Fat maid, chocolate

Take it all if you like


Give it to you because I don't like

I must leave, Bye-bye

I've never asked for favours

Tell him it's my own busines

Thank him for reminding me

Sorry, I helped him once

but he never takes it to heart, Go now

Tell all your men to persuade him

Fatty, you know nothing but napping

Use your head

A slugging match may kill

Talk terms with Wakio Feng

Kao's foolhardy,
while Ting's a stickler for forms

It's nice for a young man to go straight

But we can't get ourselves off the hook

He just shrugged his shoulder & did nothing

I'll go myself, At worst I'll get a hell

Let me go

You're only brother ling's lackey

You'll only ruin us

Xiao-lo, listen to the boss

You won't help him in trouble

What a traitor!

"Put on your sports shoes and trample on grass"

"Let's jump sprightly like frogs"

Let's break their heads one by one

"I'm not a singer"

"I'm not a football player"

Mr. Yang, Ting's in your hands

He's like a chessman at your beck and call

I'm taking him for a cat's paw

But you're stScing your own ass

But you're stScing your own ass

One stab is better than gunshots


Do something If I don't return in 15 minutes


Greet him

Mr. Feng

Can I open it?

Open it

Uncle Chang

Mr. Yang's Old Yang was blocked at the gate

He can't afford to lose

He'll victimize us to make up

What terms?


You get 30 and I 70?

You, 30, I, 70,
You offer the site and I, the cargo

That's reasonable, any guarantee?

I'm as good as my word

Didn't Mr. Yang bring many learned men

to educate & computerize the underworld?

Why nothing in black and white?

Dope-pusfiing is not yet legal

We're using our own law

Mr. Yang has a strong overseas pull

That'll put us at a disadvantage

But I'm a born big brother

OK, make it 65/35


Put together, everything goes to me


Don't fool me

Compete with me in the site?

Where's the heroin? Let me burn it all out

In coffin

In coffin?



Why didn't you come before now?

I'll give you 3 minutes?
You talk or your friend talks

Come tomorrow night to have soup

I'll talk

Chop his legs off


Please go away! Go away quick!

Are you going to hear?

Wait, it's urgent


it's you

Have you seen a doctor?

Are you afraid?


Why is it still bleeding?

You're so badly wounded

Who brought you this?

I'll get my big brother to avenge you

Your bleeding's like a stab on my heart

Did't you say "Easy come, easy go"?

I love you, I can't let you suffer

Say you are going to be all right

Come in

Sir, Lin did the Wakio Feng case

Let me have the data

Yes, sir

Let's go

Serg Shih, the back door

Where's that bastard?

Are you going to talk?

Damn it


Portuguese boy

Run, run

Helps help! Pull me up!

Pull me up!

Shut up

Pull me up, help

Come on, pull

Stay still

ling, I must arrest you for killing

No more preaching, Help me!

Shut up

Damn bastard


Don't try anything

Don't go away


Run, quick


Inspector Yen, I'm waiting for your report

It's been submitted to the Attorney General

Don't you trust me, sir?

So you're closely tied to Lin Ting-yi


It's only personal. You've been transferred

Keep away from this case.

It may affect you

Sir, I've had a good record

Don't be in charge?
You can't even control your men

Frankly, in that report

Serg Shih testifies that you've freed a prisoner

If it reaches the Attorney General

you'll be accused of obstruction to justice

Don't you know he...

Shut up! Go and report to Cheung Chau Police

Bring it

Mr. Yen, this is for what you did to me

I'll act according to rule

What's the matter with you?

What is it?


Mr. Yang, how can I sign this contract?


transfer the Entertainment Co
and the drug to me

and the Ying's outfit
will be transferred to you

Talking terms with me?

You're my big brother

I'll take care of you

You're rich and powerful?

Why do this?

let me take the rap for you

Sit back and relax with your 30%

Not a bad idea

Mr. Yang, I need your help on a murder

Are Chen Guo and Chen Xiao-lo your men?

Yes, they're my boss's men

Good, Come with me for the autopsy

Got any identity paper, kid?

Show me your I/D card

Show me your I/D card

What? How dare you?

He's got several thousand men

What you say will be used in court

You're charged with being a Triad member

Please go out

Mr. Yang, what's the matter?

Don't touch me

Police Inspector

Where's your warrant?

You'd better leave at once

I'll call the lawyer, I'm warning you

This is trespassing on private property

I don't have to tell you a second time, Now get out

OK, fine, I'm leaving

So a policeman is ignorant of the law

What are you doing?

A villain has no distinguishing marks

My basic requirement is presentable


That man has been following Ting

He must be passing out information

I've arranged to tail him to ruin him

What a model godfather

Fifty fifty

I've arranged for your entry to Brazil

Take this

Keep half for Xiao-lo and Chen Guo's family

When I first met you, I knew you were friendly

Huang Tie-tsui's a good seer

I should have followed your advice

I'm getting old. Even Fat Kao's against me

I really regret leaving, Take care

I hate you

You're in my way

I'm wanted

I have no future

I may pass away like the HK Governor

By gunshot, not in bed

I was at an orphanage when I was 7

Keep the money well

Be serious in singing

Speak Brazilian? You've to start all over again

If you can, why can't I?

You're selfish. After you leave,
I've no more friends

Portuguese Boy may kill me for losing you

I'll see Uncle Pao. I'll pick you up at midnight

Uncle Pao


Uncle Pao

Ting, I don't need money

You need it more than I do

take care of the Yen business

You need money for medical expenses


Go by the back door.

There're many men outside

Remember not to return

Remember, trust no cops and nobody

Be on your own, Go now

Go, quick

Open up? Police

What's it?

I must go in and search

Have you got a warrant?

Section 25 Chapter 17,


Stop pretending

The two of you are going to jail

Uncle Pao

Where's the medicine?

Go now

Ting, go

Do you want Kuo to die?

I'll go back with you after
taking him to hospital

Don't trust him

Let me take him to hospital first

I beg you, I beg You

Bastard, I've beaten you at last

Begging me?

What about the old scores?

1644, call Headquarters


What's his trouble?

Heart failure

Register over there with his ID card

May, take his blood pressure

How did he get all the wounds?

Had a fight?

I don't know

What's your relationship with him?

I only met him in the street

Go and tell the police

Policeman, go to fix him

Did you come with him?

- Your relationship?
- Nurse,

his heart's beating fast

Push him to the No.2 berth

Wait in the hall

Your ID card! Do you want it?

What's wrong?

Don't run

- Police Inspector
- Yes

- Daddy
- Inspector,

a wanted convict brought him here

Where's he now?

Our men are after him

Call headquarters to get help


- Hello
- Kuo

I'll gun you down

Don't get excited

Listen, take care of Uncle Pao

I've put my money at your home

Kuo, we may never meet again

I must leave, sorry

Don't hang up

Yens' family, come and register


Help ling to go out of HK safely

Go now


Stop! How many did you kill

I didn't

You're Yang Tung-hat's killer

And you killed Chen Ho, Li Tung-wei and Feng

No, but more or less

None of your business

Kuo, I did kill, but please understand

I must arrest you for killing

He saved your father's life

Had he not taken him to hospital

by risking arrest

would you have caught him?

Is that your father's funeral?

Shut up. It's only between me and him

How can you trust him?

I know you better too, he's known you for years

It's his last chance, Let him go

Are you going to arrest him in person?

Our future's in your hands

let him go, I beg you

Let us go, I beg you


We were childhood friends

You yearned to be a policeman, and so did I

I've failed

I don't want to get arrested anymore

I've no choice but to leave, Understand?

If I should return, I'll repay Uncle Pao

Wait, your car's wanted

Use my motor bike

Thank you


What did you say?

It's Brazilian, it means "Don't mention it"

You've learn it fast

I'm prepared...

...for the worse

We've freedom, we can start anew

I must warn you on something

What's it?

Don't womanize It Brazil

I know...

- What?
- Brazilian girls are passionate


They's black and have bad odor

I love only you

Wish our future children could take part

the World Cup for Brazil

Remember how long you've known me?

One month and six days


Of course

Aren't you afraid I may no longer love you?

I'm the only one who's got no bad odor in Brasil

It stinks


Fat Kao's dead, ling'll know you did it

He'll certainly be a witness for the prosecution

Bump him off

Easier said than done

Ting's in Detention Center

No one but a policeman can get in

Now Commercial Investigation,
Anti-Narcotics and CID

are lining up to get info out of him

It's impossible to buy him

Impossible? There's no such word in my dictionary

Anything goes with money

Thank you

Thank you

A cup of Ovaltine

How's Uncle Pao?

He's alright, Don't worry

Try not to let Uncle Pao know

He always adores me

He might get mad

if he knew I was here

Don't, don't!

You may get mitigation if you cooperate

Kuo, you've been taking care of me


No point in talking at out that now


10 years,

15 years?

At least I'll get 30-50 years

How old would I be when I got out?

What can I do then?

I'll only in my early twenties

I'm afraid,

I'm damn afraid

Be sensible then

It doesn't mean you'll be finished
if you get jailed

I've never done one thing good over the years

I've got you involved, I'm a flop

I must do something good now

I'll testify against Yang for your reinstatement

Don't worry. I'll repent in jail

I'll turn over a new leaf

Time to take a bath

9.9 seconds, that's all

Put it back in Lin's packet. It's his



He got brain fracture due to shock

Blood clots block his brain stem

causing damage to the brain structure

Only timely surgery to remove the clots

can stop him from getting aphasia

or hemiplegia or paralysis

Or he winds up a vegetable

What's the chance of success?

About 50%, it's a big operation

With you in such a state, I can't face your dad

I We spoiled you from childhood

I punished Kuo

only for the wrongs of you two

I thought of your daddy when I caned you

That's why I spoiled you

I didn't know I was wrong till now

I know I shan't live long

My only wish was that you...

got married and settled down

But you've come to your present state

It's sad for an old man to watch a young one die

Kuo's suffered heavy brain injury

and you're half crippled

Even when recovered, you'll get up to 50 years

I brought you up,

I watched you two like this

What should I do now?

What should I do now?

Miss, come now

You're ready to donate $10K for a temple

Why won't you lend me money?

Smile, have a pose

How are you, Mr. Yang?

How are you?

Daddy, take it for charity


Serious? Daddy, don't make fun of me

Ladies & gentlemen, my plan has 4 purposes


Come down, What a nuisance

Back to your bed

What's the matter with you?

Stay still

Open up


Where to?

Ladies and gentlemen

When I was a boy scout at 6

one good deed everyday has been my motto

his temple is built for my daughter Li-chu

Hope it will mark a good beginning

and stimulate the new generation to

contribute to worthy causes

1997 is not our deadline

so long as we work hard for peace

Yang Tung-hai

Keep away

Out of the way

Yang Tung-hai, you are a beast

I'll finish you off

Let me go

Mr. Yang, Miss Yang has an abortion


Stand aside

Mr. Yang

You mustn't move her till the ambulance comes

Don't move her

Daughter, don't be afraid

No photos, please

First defendant Lin Ting-yi,
and 2nd defendant Yang Tung-hai

are charged with masterminding

28 illegal smuggling cases

and 5 premeditated murders in 1978-86

Given the seriousness of the case, they must

be held in custody without bail

Your Honour

Yang Tung-hai is a prominent personage

and an active Urban Councillor

His detention may affect HK politics adversely

Please allow him bail8 Your Honour

$1M personnel plus $3M cash bail is granted

His travel documents must be detained

Mr. Yang,

and confidence in today's hearing?

Absolutely. HK law's absolutely just

I'll submit to the Court's ruling

Thank you

Mr. Yang, Lin Ting-yi's your accomplice

Why did he double-cross you?

I must correct you, Lin's not my man

He only works in one of my subsidiaries

His behaviour is only

an outburst of youthful energy


Sorry, time's up

Mr. Yang, please

Mr. Yang, how do you feel now?

Lin Ting-yi lost his parents

at 11 and had no family education

He joined the Yang Organization at 17

He was promoted to a salaried
Director of 2 companies

It shows he was bribed to get involved

And he has no previous conviction

The 2nd defendant got him involved

Hope members of the public will decide prudently

Would an urban councillor
and the Chairman of 2 banks

owning properties exceeding $500 million

be interested in smuggling partnerships with

one with a man worth only 1% of his assets?

Evidence is the spirit of the HK law

Even if the prosecution proves him guilty

the evidence does not concern the defendant

but the employees of his subsidiaries only

How can a busy man like Mr. Yang has

absolute control over the activities of all his men?

So this can't prove the guilt of the defendant

Hope you will reach a suitable verdict Chairman

of the jury, please read the verdict

Your Honour,

the first defendant Lin is found guilty

The 2nd defendant is found not guilty

The Court now pronounces 1st defendant Lin Ting-yi

guilty of premeditated murder and drug-trafficking

A cruel crime like premeditated murder
must be seriously punished

Drug-trafficking erodes society

To sentence the defendant according to common code

will affect adversely future cases

The Court now sentence the 1st defendant to death

The 2nd defendant Yang lung-hai is not guilty

The Court regrets any inconvenience caused to

Mr. Yang during the period of hearing

Mr. Yang is now acquitted

Court dismissed

Do you consider the verdict a fair one?

As I said, the law is absolutely fait

Look, here's your trusted man going wrong.
What is your comment?

I'm rather disappointed in today's youth

I did my best to cultivate him

He used the company's position for crimes

I am absolutely disillusioned

He deserves the sentence

Would you ask for council reinstalment?

That's all now, I'll meet the press later

to have a good talk with you



Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.