Swordsman and Enchantress (1978) - full transcript

Master kung-fu choreographer Tang Chia leads the king and queen of Shaw Brothers' swordplay, Ti Lung and Lily Li, to the amazing "Deer Sword" and escape from the insidious maze-like "Toy Land"

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Why are you bathing here?

Because a famous flower Spring is here

Do you know what this place is?

This is that roguish inn

Then why do you insist to come?

Because I need to find someone


King of Left-hand Sword Hua Pin

Is he here?

Because you may find him...

wherever there're bad guys

Are you looking for me?

I'm not only looking for you,

but also Doctor Fei

Tell me

why are looking for an old freak like me?

Do you remember

how am I called in the boxers' world?

I'm one of the 3 most eccentric freaks

Because you're a notorious robber

But you're good at killing other bandits


Thieves have their own code of honor

They should rob the rich
and help the poor

They shouldn't bully the weak and poor

And you're a doctor

and your patient dies because of you

If they don't have good hearts,

why should I help them to recover?

Lt'd be simpler to finish them

It's kind of direct after all

And I'm a woman

My marriages are more frequent than
you guys

As you've said,

you take whatever you want

You don't care about what people think


I want a blade now

Which one?

The Deer Cutting Blade

Saint Xu Ruzi spent his whole life

...on this blade

It's cast with 9 kinds of hardest steel

It could break ancient finest weapons

Cuts away steel as if it were paper

The boxers regard it as a treasure

Apart from this,

the boxers will respect the one who

can take hold of the blade

...as leader of the boxers

Because of this,

Xu has recently given the sword away

To whom?

Who is the strongest one

in the boxers world?

In the boxers world,

There're only two

Lian Chengbi of Brocade Villa

Drifter of the boxers world, Mr. Xiao

Xiao was a son of a horse breeder

Also he has a bad reputation

He's no match for promising Lian

...who comes from an eminent family

Xu gave the blade to Lian?

On the way, the 4 lethal Leng brothers

...are guarding the delivery

You intend to rob it

I, Lady Feng have always been like this

Why do the boxers just love...

to bless the goods with fortune?

Why aren't people like me

qualified to use the Deer Cutting Blade?

It's not that you're qualified
but you cannot

Who are you?

I'm the one
who is about to loot the blade

Your vital points

will be released after 24 hours

But until then,

I've already got the Deer Cutting Blade

Who are you, buddy?

Please come down

No need to talk

Come and get the blade
if you're good enough

Purple smoke emitted from a stove

At the river, a waterfall hanging ahead

3,000 feet the flying water pouring down

Like a silver river
running down the earth

Who are you?

I'm me

Little Lord

Little Lord?


My name is Little Lord

Why haven't I heard of your name?

Because I don't want you guys know it

What about them?


They're my servants

Why did you kill them?

Cats are kept to catch mice

They're kept to kill you

They couldn't kill you

No need to keep now

I think you also want to rob
Deer Cutting Blade

How smart you're!

Everyone of you has a bag

Since I don't know
which one carries the blade

You may kill 4 of us

It's too easy

What's this joke?

Who the hell are you?

Go home and tell Lian

Xiao has taken the Deer Cutting Blade


12 Flower Servants of Yihua Palace
are here

Master sent us to congratulate

Mr. Lian on owning
the Deer Cutting Blade

Thank you, sisters

Please convey my respects to your master


Ladies and Gentlemen

Today the boxers world

gathers here to congratulate Mr. Lian

on owning the Deer Cutting Blade

The blade is the marvelous work of

Xu Ruzi the King of Swords,
of his entire life

The name of the sword
has the following meaning

Qin lost the deer
and the world gave chase

Only the victor
would be able to cut the deer

This means

one who owns this blade

will be the greatest hero of the world

Thank you

Thank you, everyone

I'm not qualified

to accept such a honor

Lian Chengbi

You really know your limits

The 2 Zombie of the West
and Zombie Casters


Someone also said

We're the subordinates of
the King of Hell

If you're scared,

hand me the Deer Cutting Blade

How dare you!

White Nether Claws


This is what our ancestor

Mei Qiaofeng

dominated the world years ago

Who else?

Hold it


This is a matter of my Brocade Villa

I should take care of it myself

The blade will arrive here
in the afternoon

Even though if it arrives,

I won't give the blade

to villains such as four of you

Mr. Lian, I'm very sorry

Where's the Blade?

Xiao has taken it away


Won't you accompany me
to my family home?

Lady, I'm afraid I can't

You see, the blade given by Xu

has been taken by Xiao on the road

I must look into it immediately


I'll go by myself tomorrow then

Madam asks you to stop here,

have a meal and then...

start the trip again

Okay, take a rest

Madam, please

Tea will be fine for me


The one in the bamboo forest
needs 10 extra eggs

and 2 pots of wine

He drunk a lot

And ate a lot too


Not only you drink wine fast,

but also eat eggs quick

Since I'm faster than other folk

I won't waste my time

...on anything


I'm faster than others
even when I get drunk

Kid, where are you going?

I want to have a meal

My madam is up there

What do you want to order?

I'll get them down for you. Okay?

What's the matter?

Sister, I'm thirsty and hungry

Please help me

Please let me have some food

Let him come


Kid, are you hungry? Sit down

Have it

Do you live around here?

No, I live quite far away

Then why have you come here?

I want to kill all of them

and kidnap you

Anyone who can escape death today...

may go home and tell Lian

It's Xiao who kidnapped his wife


Who are you?

I'm a man who pretends to be drunk

Why do you pretend to be drunk?

Because when I drank the first cup,

I knew it had hypnotizing potion

So I took the antidote in advance

I wish to find out what's happening here

One who is drunk shouldn't wake up

Because when you wake up,

the troubles will come

You're a good boxer

Your flying skill is good,

but you couldn't escape from my Spearhead

How do you know I couldn't?

Xiao, goodbye


Lord, something bad happened

Madam was kidnapped

Who did it?

A very small gentle kid

He's also the one who took the blade

Could be Xiao's underling


Xiao again?



Uncle. It's strange



Chun Mei

Strange! Why no one is here?

You're wrong

Not none, but many

Yet they're all dead



Cousin, who is he?

I met him on the road

What happened to your family?

I don't want to talk about it

Someone killed all of my families
last night


Who did it?

It's Xiao

Xiao again?


Why is it that all the terrible incidents...

are supposed to have been done by Xiao?

How do you know Xiao didn't do it?

Because I'm Xiao

What're you doing?

I simply haven't been here at all

You may also find out that...

the one who appeared yesterday wasn't me

Who knows!

The man wore a mask yesterday

Take cousin away



Cousin, what is this place?

Didn't you say that you'd take me home?

What? You again?

Right. Me again

This is what you get for
being an assassin

1,000 taels of gold

Go on


Cousin, you...

I've killed the whole family of uncle

It was I who set up a trap to deceive you


Because he wants to have you


Where do you want to go?

You're having your wedding night

Right here?

Right in front of me

I want you to rape her here

...and then kill her

Why do I have to kill her?

Because I want to tell the boxers world


Xiao has raped and killed Lian's wife

No wonder the boxers accused Xiao of...

doing many bad things

You just put all the blame on him


You guys should have noticed this

Who the hell are you?

He is Xiao


Don't come here

or I'll kill him!

Don't move

You didn't enjoy your time

How can you leave like this?

With whom can I enjoy now?

Of course with her

What? He's a man

How can I enjoy with him?

Did you want to watch people doing that?

Isn't it better now doing it yourself?

Don't come closer

Do you like watching people doing this?


Mr. Liu

Am I not as good as Mrs. Lian?

No, you're not

Come with me

Don't let him go

Kill him

No place to run

You may run away

but Mrs. Lian can't

After you're dead,

I'd take your clothes off

Isn't it that Xiao raped
and killed Mrs. Lian?

You're daydreaming

I'll risk my life

to stop you from doing this


Did you see anything?

I didn't. The fog is thick down there

It's strange

Whose house is it?

What do you think?

Thanks for saving me

Whenever you go to...

the Brocade Villa at Lake Damin

I'll offer you a great reward

What are you doing?

I'm leaving

Can you?

Can you hire a carriage for me?



Because we're in a hilly region;

no horse can reach here

What are you looking at?

Your thighs

You're hurt in the thigh

If you don't receive medication now,

you won't even be able to walk later

Sit down

Pull up your skirt

If you don't receive medication,

the poison will grow and spread

You know, later perhaps...

you'll have to take off your clothes

Women are troublesome

If I don't give you medication now,

you'll pass out because of the poison

You won't know

what I've done to you

I'd say it's quite lethal poison

Do you have medical knowledge?

I don't know it

but I know how to survive

It hurts very much

Drink it

What's this?

Hypnotizing medicine

After you've passed off...

you won't feel pain
when I scrape your wound

What if I become unconscious?

If you don't drink,

you'll pass out because of the pain

I've prepared these dishes myself

Are they delicious?

Delicious indeed

Come on

Thank you

You tidy up the house yourself?

This is the first time
I feel like home here


I've some fruits kept cool in the water

Let me do it

There's a red and big grape in the hill

Very delicious

I'll get some for you to try tomorrow


I've recovered

I ought to leave tomorrow

In March, the goats are happy
with the long grass

Who will feed the wolf
in the freezing winter

People pity the goat
and leave the wolf along

The heaven is unpredictable
and the world is cold

Stop drinking

or you'll be drunk

Drunk and sleepy I am. Please leave


One has got to leave sooner or later

We live in two different worlds

It happened that we met each other

Since the day I've met you

I know, that the day of parting will come

This morning

I saw this beautiful narcissus

I took home...

and planted it for you

Some day if & when we meet again...

please tell me

how the flower is growing

I don't know when you'll come again

and we'll meet again

Please tell me

how I may send you home

Inside please


Do you want a room?

We need two

Okay. Please come with me


You take this room

From here how far is it
to the Brocade Villa?

You mean the house of...

the greatest swordsman?

It takes 3 days to reach there

Sir, what else do you need?

Nothing. Thanks

I'll be at your service anytime

It takes 3 days to go to your home

3 days later,

where are you going?

It's very quiet

What are we waiting for?

We're waiting for 3 dark nights

and one parting


Tonight I'll treat you to a drink


Because it's a tradition

to say thank you

You've no need to thank me

because you don't owe me anything

Miss Chen...

Miss Chen...

If I'm not wrong, you're the Plum,

Orchid, chrysanthemum and Bamboo,

the Fourth Lethal Swords of Leng Family

Yes, we are

I've never been an enemy of your family

Yet, why do you want to kill me?

We're not qualified to kill you

One who wants to kill you is
in the Bamboo Grove

Mr. Lian

Xiao is here

Lian Chengbi

Step aside

Ever since I lost the Deer Cutting Blade,

I knew there'd be a battle
between you & I

You took away Chen Bijun

The battle becomes unavoidable

I need it to wash away my shame

What did you think we had done?


You guys didn't do anything

because I trust Chen very much

If you tried to offend her,

he wouldn't come back alive

But the world of boxers...

doesn't share my view

Because they think
Xiao is the kind of person

who did only the bad things

I don't expect the greatest swordsman

is just like a man on the street

To hear your name
is better than to meet you

I feel the opposite

My opinion is

To meet you is better than
to hear your name

Others think that you're a bandit

But I think you're a gentleman


Why do you want to kill me?

Do you know that you can't do

whatever you want in boxers world

I can't afford to have

the Deer Cutting Blade and wife...

taken away by you

As what you said,

won't that be dying unjustly?

At least you may die like a man

and I may die like a reputed boxer

The boxers world
is always full of nonsense

I can't kill you today

because I can't find a concrete reason

As long as others know that I win

...it'll be enough for me

Besides it's not fair to kill you today

because you were hurt before coming here

When you recover,

go to the Brocade Villa

What? You killed Xiao?

Hadn't he been hurt before meeting me...

I would already have killed him

You're wrong

Xiao didn't kidnap me

He saved my life

Why didn't you ask me before you went?


Your husband was risking his life

and you're blaming him for it

Where are you going?

To apologize to Xiao

You've been away for half a month

You don't care about your husband

but go to apologize to his enemy!

It's because I owed him a big favor

But I owe you nothing


Wake up?

Did you save me?


Do you usually take off your clothes?

I know it's healthy to have sun tan

It may keep you young as well

I heard that...

there's a woman in the boxers world

called Lady Feng

She's a good boxer and carefree

always taking off her clothes

...in front of men


That's me

There's no one else

You married many times?

It's because I've loved many men

but I found out later

they ain't as desirable as I imagined

So I fell in love with another man

Guess you haven't heard of my nickname?

Man Junkie?

To be repulsive,

I'm a notorious slut

Very strange

Men can have a wife and concubines

Women have to stay with the men

they don't like,
for the rest of their life

Who will stay with them forever?


The hero in the boxers world

You're wrong

I'm not a hero

but rather a notorious bandit

Who are you?

I'm Xiao


What is it?

You regret saving me, is it?

You're wrong this time

I save the people who need my help

I don't mind who they might be

Oh, Xiao likes to denude women!

Why did you do it?

Because I heard that
Xiao is a good boxer

I've a query

Your reputation is justified now

But it's strange

Who is able to kill you?

I am

Lian of the Brocade Villa

What do you want?

Where is Chen Bijun?

Since the day she left the inn,

I'd never seen her again


What's going on?

Chen left on a rainy and windy night

He's looking for you

How couldn't you know where she is?

Lian Chengbi

You don't look like an unreasonable man

I'm no liar too

If you don't believe still,

you may ask Lady Feng

He's been lying here fainted for 7 days

He just woke up today

Though Chen didn't come

I still need to see you

because her heart has left me


the battle in Bamboo Grove

should have a result today


This strictly concerns just me and him

You may only move away our dead bodies

but you couldn't get involved

Okay, if this is the final battle...

It'll be a fair duel

You won in the Bamboo Grove

because I was hurt at that time

I win today

because your heart is broken

Forget it

We should pick another day

...to finish the battle

when we're not hurt anymore

Say, If I see Chen again,

I'll ask her to go back to you

Mr. Lian

If a woman's husband

is having a concubine outside,

will a hero like you

fight for her like this?

The flower blossoms

And it blossoms very quickly

Why do you come back here?

Sincere apologies
for what happened at the inn

Besides I also wanted to see...

how the flower is


Why we meet...

and part again?

You won't part from now on

Because tonight

you'll die here!

How do you know I'm here?

I've been following her


We have no place to go

They are coming



Over this side it's a steep cliff

And there's no other way to go

Did they go that way?


The house there

No one ever dares to go inside

What about this?

You stay here

When you see them, inform me immediately


Why are there many puppets?

Sun and Moon Kids, Lord of Five Elements

12 Flower Servants of Yihua Palace

Who are they?

They're the best fighters
in the boxers world

Why are the two old folks here?

Who they are?

They're the Red Peach and Green Willow

who dominated the boxers world
30 years ago

When they teamed up

they're invincible

I heard they've retired for 30 years

Why then are their puppets here?

My dearest guests, welcome

My apology

I'm Xiao

To disturb you in the night

I'm very sorry

Oh, it's okay

I think

you've had a long trip

and must be feeling very thirsty

Come and serve tea


May I ask

what this place is?

Besides, why're there many puppets of

the famous people of the boxers world?

This is the most famous Solitary Villa

Doesn't belong to your mortal world

These boxers are real people,

but our Mr. Tian has shrunk

and placed them here

Every time when there is full moon

they may move like normal people

...but only for 15 days

When the moon eclipses,

they will become frozen again

The big house locked with a chain there

is to lock up the evil spirits

Sir, your tea


Who's Mr. Tian?

He's the king of miniature world

Why does he shrink the famous boxers,

turn them into puppets...

and place them here?

I heard he has a wish to have

every famous boxer shrunk

and to be kept beside him

Where did he shrink them?

Here. At the Solitary Villa

How does he manage to do that?

The same as with you

Drink a cup of tea first

A bit dazzled?

You're supposed to be

You'll be pass out soon

Come on

This was the cup I used last night

I recalled after I had used it,

I put it here

Then they're...

They're the puppets of

the 12 Flower Servants

Did we come to the Puppet Villa?

I think

we're spellbound by the old folk

and have been shrunk


These are the chopsticks
used by big people

We've really shrunk in size

Big is small, small is big

Nowhere is somewhere,
somewhere is nowhere

Are you the Red Peach and Green Willow

who had a historical battle
at Tian Mountain

It happened years back

Few boxers might perhaps recall this

After the battle,

both of you never appeared again

People still discuss...

as to where you had vanished!

Here's not a human world

Whoever comes here...

will disappear forever

Not a human world?


Cliffs on all sides

Where do you want to go?

Even if you go back to the human world,

you're a just puppet after all

Then why bother?

Come with me to see Mr. Tian

The old hasn't left and the new arrives

There're different kinds of heroes

There will be different kinds of puppets

Xiao comes here finally

We finally meet

Are you Mr. Tian?

That's what they call me

In fact, a name is

just an identification

It doesn't matter what one is called

What the hell is this place?

Not a human world,
but it's the outer space

You're all puppets

Actually all creatures are puppets

Men are the puppets of heaven

but you're the puppets of men

Why did you shrink us?

It's my secret

I'll tell you later

Besides, knowing too much

isn't a good thing

All you need to know now is...

you're not human anymore

but a mere puppet

You're not living in a human world

but in the Puppet Villa


Why did Mr. Tian shrink us?

What is the secret of the Puppet Villa?

Mr. Xiao, look

He's the only one
who could escape from here

Who is it that wants to leave?

Just follow him


What did you say?

Whoever wants to leave this place...

should follow him

Who is it?

The wife of a man to whom

I'm going to worship

Someone who can escape from here

I've been here for 30 years

I'm always hoping that it's just a dream

But now I know

I'd never wake up from this dream

Why don't you leave?


In other's eyes,

I'm just like an ant

They could kill me

as easy as snapping their fingers

Where could we go?

Unless we could be like them

free from the spell of Mr. Tian

and turn back to our normal size

lt'd be different

Is it possible?


If you can run all of your blood...

on this platform;

The spouse of that person...

will be from the spell

I recall that night

Right here

The husband

stabbed himself in the belly

All his blood dripped out

Then his wife disappeared

I hear she's really back to
the human world

Why must it be a couple?

It's got to be a couple to break the spell

Because Mr. Tian thinks that...

couples make
the most loving partners of all

It's not necessarily true

I've promised Mr. Lian

If I see you again,

I will definitely send you back

Go back please

You've a home and family

I'm just a drifter

Who cares if I'm dead or alive

Who is he?

He's the one who took
the Deer Cutting Blade

What are you doing here?

I'm delivering the wedding invitation

Whose wedding?

Find it out yourself

Where's the wedding?

You want to know

Then go to The Solitary Villa

Looking for Xiao and Chen?


Please drink this tea first

Mr. Lian, you wake up

What's this place?

Did you say

you're looking for Xiao and your wife?

They're here

You couldn't die

You shouldn't die for me

In my life...

there's nothing I should or shouldn't do

but something I love to do

You love to die for me?


You bastard and bitch


Mr. Lian

Why are you here?

Never expected, did ya?

My beloved...

What are you doing?

I'll kill both of you

Mr. Lian, it's a misunderstanding

We didn't do anything bad to you

I'm doing this...

to save her back to the human world

Back to the human world?


We're spellbound

and turned into puppets

We're not in the human world


You're wrong

You're not puppets

You're set up by someone

What is it all about?


Let me tell you what happened

Mr. Tian hired many puppet specialists

He first had a model of the Villa

...placed inside the house

The house is called Solitary Villa


He placed therein puppets
of many good boxers

When you walked into the house,

it gave you an illusion

After you drank the hypnotizing potion...

and passed out,

you all are moved here

He made some extra large cups
and chopsticks

Because of this,

You all were deceived

How do you know?

Because one day...

three of us saw Mr. Lian

making his way quite hurriedly

We felt strange

and followed him

Where is the Solitary Villa?

Come with me

We shouldn't go inside

They said Mr. Tian locked

the evil spirits in this house

Let's go inside

We're here

Here's the only way to go out

They tried to scare you

because they're afraid that...

you would discover their trick

I see

This game of the Puppet Villa...

is finally over

You all would certainly be surprised

For what did I do all this!

First I need to tell you

Mr. Tian is my father

I'm his daughter

We think people are jerks...

and can be fooled like puppets

No matter if you're the greatest Lian

or the most carefree Xiao

Nonsense. Are you done talking?

Before you take any action,

I've something to say

My father built this villa,
its purpose being

to gather all boxers
and to rule the boxers world

If you're interested to sell yourself,

please sit down and have a talk

You're dreaming

Steel and Iron Zombies?

Red Peach and Green Willow?

Have you not heard that...

we've been invincible,

in the boxers world for 60 years?

It's because you didn't sell yourselves

...at that time

Right. It's really The Nether Palm

Not only you meet my Nether Palm,

but also expose yourself in this room

that is built with Icy Stone

When the light is out,

the cold air will invade you

If you survive from my Nether Palm,

you'd probably die of the cold frost

Xu Ruzi?


I'm Mr. Tian

We never expect...

such a reputed boxer

could be the most notorious villain

in the boxers world

Don't you believe?

As I come from a reputed family,

I make use of this to do bad things

Since I'm from reputed family,

I get the notion that...

I can perhaps rule the boxers world

with the name of our family

The people are foolish.
They're all addicts

of wine, sex, money or fame

I just gave away the Deer Cutting Blade

The boxers would kill each other for it

Even the greatest of heroes like you guys

were getting involved in the matter

You must wonder...

why I didn't kill you,

...when you passed out!

It's because you're still useful to me

To be frank,

I want to buy you

I've known already

the so-called good guys

...all have ruthless hearts


This is my last warning

You'd better sell yourselves

I tell you honestly

You're no match for me

You'll definitely be killed
by my last move

You may try

This is the Deer Cutting Blade

The Double Swords of Lian Family

I think you've heard about it

No matter what you hold in your hands

...you'll be eventually killed

Let's take a look at this place

The message is right

Two of you are the most lethal boxers

Mr. Tian, stop

You'd pay for what you did

Why act against fate?

Shut up

Mr. Tian

The last move

My dear, it's terrible

Lady Feng and others are all dead



I just stroke your vital points

Did you ask about the last move?

She's my last move

Her surname is Xu, her sister,

and my adopted daughter as well


Didn't you hear it?

I did it because I belong to the Xu Family

I'm his daughter

I should have known earlier

If you didn't have good flying skill,

how could you survive
jumping off a cliff?

The marriage between you and me?

I set all these up

Didn't I mention before?

People are foolish

People are addicts of money, sex or fame

The Deer Cutting Blade

A pretty woman

Heroes like two of you here...

were fooled by me easily

What's about the wolf den?

Was it a part of your father's plan?


He brought me to the den

But there's something out of the plan

That was afterwards

I fell in love with a wolf

Mr. Lian, I'm sorry

And you

I've been with you for two years

but I've never loved you

But I...

I know

I know you really love me

That's why I must apologize to you

In fact you knew already

A goat isn't necessarily
lovable than a wolf

A human could be more cruel than a wolf

Why did you trust me so much?

Do you know why?


You people should come out...

of your fantasies

What is it?

You want to be killed by me

or help me to rule the boxers world?

I've told you...

you'd pay for what you did

Why did you still act against
the divine order?

Very good


You promised me not to kill them

I cheated the whole world

Could I cheat you as well?

But I'm your daughter


Probably you're too deep into this man

How could these two powerful beings
be freed?


Dad, I'm begging you

Please don't kill them

Very good

Dad will listen to you


Xu Ruzi. You're crazy?

Who says I'm crazy?

Before I get to rule...

I need to wipe out my enemies

But she is your daughter


Do you know there're many precedents

of a son overthrowing his father?

Do you also know...

Many emperors of different dynasties

...killed their own sons


Bijun, leave me alone

Run away now

Chen Bijun

Release my vital point

Let me finish them





You're so cruel!


You run away now

If the flower in the wolf den grows well,

...offer it at my grave


The Heaven Villa was wiped out

Though you didn't love me

I want to tell you

All along these 2 years
I've always loved you

Do you have anything to talk to her?

Yes, a lot

It's a pity she can't hear anymore

Bijun loves wolves

Aren't you taking her along?

No, I'm a drifter

lt'd be futile letting her stay there
all alone

lt'd be just the same visiting
at her grave

when the flower blossoms every year