Swordsman III: The East Is Red (1993) - full transcript

A royal official accompanies a Portuguese warship to the Black Cliffs to see the site of the defeat of the evil Invincible Asia, who attained supernatural abilities by following the sacred scroll and castrating himself. The official discovers that the Portuguese are actually after the sacred scroll, and then finds Invincible Asia him/herself, who is not actually dead. Invincible Asia seeks to destroy all the imposters or 'false Invincible Asias' who have assumed his/her place leading cults, whilst the Portuguese, a mysterious Japanese warlord and others search for Invincible Asia and the Sacred Scroll.

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Report to holy master,

the government is allied with the
Dutch Navy. They come to attack us.

Treat them the bomb.

How dare you!

Asia the invincible
gathered 30,000 soldiers.

They are ready to fight to the north.

It seems that,
he is planning to rebel.

"To unite the world of martial arts.’

'long life to the sun moon sect.’

long life to our holy master,
Asia the invincible.

Holy master,

wu is leading some swordsmen
to the black cliff.

They are approaching the palace.

They can do nothing to me!

They are here.

Kill Asia the invincible.


They killing hook.

Watch my needles.


Essence absorbing stance!

I won't give you any shelter.
- Watch my wonder swords.

Who will you save first?

Asia the invincible.

I will never tell you.

I want you to remember me
and regret for your whole life.

"Ming dynasty, wan li year 33"

that's the flag of
Asia the invincible.

In the past,

the demon and his army
were destroyed here.

Yes, how can you imagine that
after his death,

the black cliff is still full of
arrogant and haunted atmosphere.

I can feel...
Asia the invincible hasn't died.

This must be the black cliff.

Right, according to the report
of the Chinese officers,

this sailing route is leading
to the black cliff.

Officer koo, isn't it
the base of Asia the invincible?

General golida,

Asia the invincible
sank the Dutch warship...

Right here?

Is Asia the invincible
that horrible...

As you have mentioned?

The world of han's martial arts
is hard to predict and understand.

There are many rumors in the world,
no matter they are true or not.

I do want to learn about it.

Brother koo, we are ordered
to lead the Spanish here,

the purpose is to find the goods
from the sunken Dutch ship.

Why should we go up
to the black cliff?

I think golida's intention is not
only the stuff from the sunken ship.

What are they doing?

They are having a sacrifice.

I believe they're scared of the evil
and would like to drive it away.

If they are so scared,
why do they still insist to go up?

Ves, should we ask them why?

Golida said he was curious
about the black cliff.

In fact, me too.

Asia the invincible was a name
of astonishment in the past.

Here, the black cliff, is his base.

Curious? What made you curious?

Chin, ling.
- Yes sir.

You stay behind, I am going up first.

Woo, he can fly!

This is some sort of kung-fu
in our world of martial arts.

What is the world of martial arts?

It isn't a name of a place.

We called the place where swordsmen
gather the "world of martial arts."

So what is the place
where swordsmen gather?

Well, the place where
swordsmen live...

That's the place where
the swordsmen living around.

We just call it
the world of martial arts.

We are far behind, let's go.

Do you understand
what he has mentioned?

You are good at han's dialects.
Don't you understand?

Sure I do.

Okay, let's go to
the world of martial arts.

The notorious evil:
Asia the invincible.



Asia the invincible, if your soul
wants to see me, come out.

But you are already dead.

Why should you mention
the history again?

Stay calm,
there is something strange.

This is a land of souls
and evil spirits.

It's not wise of the living people
to visit here. You'd better leave.

Who are you? Human or devil?

Don't get mad, don't shoot.

The black cliff hasn't been
so busy for a long time.

I am the warden of this holy altar
for 3 generations.

I have seen the ups and downs
of the masters.

Asia the invincible
misleader our sect,

death is his only end!

You mean Asia invincible is dead?

What? Hasn't he died?

Don't be afraid.


His corpse fell down
to the cliff together...

With his powerful kung-fu.

Just over there.

Would you take me there?


This is the grave of
Asia the invincible.

Asia the invincible.

Asia the invincible!

Thank god,
this demon is locked right here.

I can't totally believe
that he is dead,


The only way to prove
he is dead or not,

I to look at his corpse.

Brother koo,
do you want to dig his grave?

Maybe there is nothing inside.

Let me do it.

General golida.

Look at the corpse,

these are what left
by the notorious demon.

What he has left the world
is a notorious name.

The notorious demon:
Asia the invincible.

What are you looking for?

I've spent great effort,

come here from afar,
only for one thing.

Don't stop me.

What are you searching?

His sacred scroll

if this is his dead body

I've heard that his mysterious
kung-fu came from the sacred scroll.

General golida,

I am ordered to take you here
for the sunken ship.

But not for the sacred scroll.

You fool!
If I didn't use this excuse,

your majesty wouldn't
have been deceived.

And you wouldn't
have taken me here...

To find the thing I wanted


You got mysterious kung-fu,
I got science.

Aisa the invincible is a legend.

Now, he was buried underground.

We hans have a saying,
"respect the heroes".

Even you don't respect him,

you'd give him some face.

You can't insult his skeleton.

We sail for treasure
is the funniest thing.

You can't even explain clearly
what the world of martial arts is!

If I can't get the sacred scroll,
it will be with you.


if I let you touch the body
of Asia the invincible,

koo will have
a notorious name forever.

(Get lost.

You have science,
I have mysterious kung-fu.

You do despise the warden
of the sun moon sect!

Take it back!

Follow me.

Let's go for koo.

Thank you for saving my life.

A courtier tried hard
to protect a grave.

You are appreciated.

Wine can stop pain.
— thank you!

Not many people in the world
appreciate good win.

But I won't believe your identity.

Because I can tell,
you are Asia the invincible.

What made you suspect me
to be Asia the invincible?

I know pretty well about
the history of the sun moon sect.

Since you are the warden,
and you have great power,

Asia the invincible and wu had
many severe fights among themselves.

They won't allow you,
such a guy to stay in his sect.

you're so skilled in kung-fu.

Why you are not renowned?

So, Asia the invincible
is still alive.

You are Asia the invincible!

If I were Asia the invincible,

then you would not leave here alive.

I won't mind being killed,

that's my wish!

Don't you feel regret
to see Asia the invincible?

Why should I regret
if my wish come true.

Okay, I will make
your wish come true.

Koo, 14 of your valves
has been closed by me,

you're dying.

Just because I have found out
you're Asia the invincible?

That's what I presumed.

Asia the invincible,
since you want to kill me.

You should keep your promise.

Let me see your real face.

Does if worth?

It's the fact, why do you
still ask this silly question?


Koo, does it worth
dying for a glance of me?


Your are the big fool of the world!
— wait!

Are you scared?

Don't you think no one knows...

You are hiding at the black cliff?

Do you know how many
Asia the invincible...

Are there in the world?

Although you hide yourself,

there're still many
Asia the invincible.

Bull shit!

You close my valves, because
you don't want me to die so quickly!

You cunning guy, I want you
to feed the fishes with your body.

Are there many fake
Asia the invincible?

Right, after you missing,

many people tried to rule
over the world in the name of you.

Although you feel regret
under the black cliff,

many Asia the invincible
are still fighting for power.

You didn't kill, but many
innocent people died because of you.

What a troubled world.

Koo, since my name
is still a disaster.

Take me to stop the
fake Asia the invincible.

I can do that,
but you must promise me.

Never kill again.


If you disclose my identity,

I'll kill not only
the innocent people, but you too.

Let's go for the
fake Asia the invincible.

A ship is coming!

Be alert!

Report to our holy master.

We've discover that
a ship is approaching us.

Mo yan lu Chong.
Are your goods ready?

I have brought you the gold.

30000 guns, 100 cannons,

8000 baskets of gunpowder.

Our ship is dangerous under the sun.

If not cool it with water.

Our ship will explode any time.

Mo yan lu Chong,

vou know sound transmission too.

But you are exaggerating.

How can you cool
such a big ship with water?

Asia the invincible, but you are
more exaggerating than me.

My ship left Japan 8 years ago.

But I am always well informed

according to the report of my ninjas.

Asia the invincible died
4 months ago...

At the black cliff.

If this is the fact,

vou are not Asia the invincible.

It's lousy trick!

The Japanese ninja!

How can you fool me?


I, mo yan lo Chong is coming.

I will let your fellows
to fight with you.

Watch my sword!

Come here.
— master!

Try my iron balls.

Watch out!

A Japanese ninja is nothing special.

I sank down into the sea.

Turn to the east,
get ready the Cannon.


Dai, I want you tonight.

Holy master.

I haven't slept with you since
you've been my concubine,

do you know why?

I don't know.

I suspect that you are a man.

Look, he is the betrayer!

The Japanese ninja...

Is really great!

When did you find out I am a ninja?

Because when you looked at me.

Your eyes are different
from other concubines.

But why don't you
take action earlier?

I want you to tell me
how to trace mo yan lu Chong.


I need this to find mo yan lu Chong.

What are you crying?

The one you loved
is right in front of you.

But, how about my lover?
Where are you?

Koo, you are quite good at flying.

You are still capable
to follow me after an hour.

But still I can't get ahead of you.

Do you want to?

The universe is endless,
the stars are bright.

The sun rises from the east,
I an the invincible!

The universe is endless,
the stars are bright.

The sun rises from the east,
I an the invincible!

Our holy master, Asia the invincible.

Our holy master, Asia the invincible.

Please honor me
the light of thousand generations.

Please honor me
the light of thousand generations.

Asia the invincible
is just a normal guy.

Somehow he is worshipped as god.

People do not really understand
Asia the invincible.

They don't need to understand
Asia the invincible.

They only want...

Asia the invincible, our holy master.

Burn me to death!

I am willing to die for you!
Hurry up.

Oh, blood sacrifice.

Hurry up!

Who are you? Why are you here?

What you are worshipping,

is in fact the origin of evils.

Do you know it?
Why do you worship him?

Who are you?

You can't insult our holy master.

Holy master?

You abuse the name of Asia the
invincible to fool these highlanders.

Do you want to offend him?

I an designated by
Asia the invincible!

I rule over them according
to the will of Asia the invincible.

Bull shit!

You haven't seen the
real Asia the invincible.

You will be punished.

Only me who can communicate
with Asia the invincible.

If you insult me, you are
insulting Asia the invincible.

Do you know who I am?

Tell me, who are you?

Who exactly are you?

How dare you talk to me like that!

Our holy master, Asia the invincible!

What power has Asia the invincible
evincible given you?

There are continuous
disasters in highland.

The government is oppressing us.

Only Asia the invincible
can protect us.

Foolish! I will kill those
who keep on worshipping me.

Because I am the real
Asia the invincible.

Bull shit!

You believe the fake one
but not the true one.

Now you should
believe in what I said?

We can't surrender, I want to
devote my heart to the holy master!

We can't surrender!

If you want to devote your heart,
dig it out now.

No one can affect our love
towards the holy master.

Who suspects, who is going
against Asia the invincible!

Do you see our strength now?

You want Asia the invincible,

I will give you Asia the invincible.

Give me your hearts.

Stop murdering!

Asia the invincible! You promised me
that you wouldn't kill.

There is nothing to do
with the government officials.

I had said, who disclose me,
who should be killed.

It's you who disclose yourself,

not me.

If you want to kill me,
not a reason is needed!

I want the whole world
to hate Asia the invincible.

I want to slaughter...

Those fake Asia the invincible!!

Is this the logo
of the sun moon sect?

I am the government officials,
who dares cuff me?

Shut up!

Tell me how many government
officials are there?

Tell me, so I will keep you
a complete corpse.

Asia the invincible?

Another Asia the invincible.

How dare a little dog tease me?

I want to make your mouth shut,
let's see how you laugh again!

I think you wouldn't mind
somebody tease you.

The real Asia the invincible
doesn't want to admit his identity.

And you, try every means to claim
yourselves to be Asia the invincible.

I don't know you real identity.

But, the kung—fu of Asia the
invincible came from the sacred scroll.

Show us the sacred scroll...

To prove yourself the
real Asia the invincible.

You fat—headed, since there are
so many fake Asia the invincible.

There will be fake sacred scroll!

Let's see how long can you stand.


Brother ko.
— officer koo!

You are here!

We were caught
when hiding form the Spanish.


The Navy of ming dynasty!
— the arms of our government.

We bought these from the Navy...

Who stole the arms from their camps.

That's why it will soon be
the end of your dynasty soon.

I know your warships are coming...

South to go against us.

During our fight.

I will hang you up.

Let's wait and
see your dog face then!

It's useless,
we've tried this before.

This is our chance to survive.

Stay back.

Don't move, once they are in a mess.

The nearby Navy camp
will hear the explosion.

At that moment,

we can get rid of all
fake Asia the invincible.

How smart is your fat—head.

Officer, is that your trick?

You want to keep my life not because
you want me to cover you.

Because you want to know where is
the real Asia the invincible.

You are afraid that
he will show up anytime.

Why did you say
that's the real Asia the invincible?

It's useless to kill them!

It's not necessary for me
to tell you, he will show up soon.

Don't worry, he will come to you.

You are so anxious
to know he is real or not.

Sure your purpose is to find out
the real Asia the invincible.

Have you waited him for a long time?

They are not
at the front of the ship.

Report to our holy master.

We've searched everywhere, but we
can't locate the sound of the flute.

We can't tell
where the sound comes from.

It's always like he finds others.

No one could find him out.

Here he comes.

It's we who leaded him here,

how can we send him back?

Raise the logo of our sun moon sect.
Greet our honorable guest.

You return finally.

- Snow!
— I can hear you calling my name.

My coming here is not for you.

Then why did you come?

I came here for burying everything.

Forget Asia the invincible.

The ship ran aground.

Sir, the gate of the prison
is ruined.

Okay, rush out!

Go to the head of the ship now.

To stop Asia the invincible
destroying this ship again.

Catch it.

Take it back!

Asia the invincible.

Holy master.


I have killed many
fake Asia the invincible.

Asia the invincible,
you are always superior.

But this is your sun moon sect.

Stop another massacre please.

Koo, I want you to see how I return
to the world of martial arts.

And I want you to see my massacre
in the world of martial arts.

I am wrong. My holy master

I lead the sect in the name of you.

Because I am waiting for your return.

To let you lead us again,
and establish our own kingdom.

On your knees.

On your knees. Hurry up.

He is the real Asia the invincible.

Snow, let bygones be bygones.

Master, I won't
let you leave me again.

I am a notorious demon.

I will go my own way.

Whenever you go, I will follow you.

You want to bother me?

If you want to follow me,
I will break your legs and hands.


Just leave,
what do you want to proof?

None of your business.

You are my woman indeed.
You don't scare of death!

Death is not horrible. Its really
a great pain for one to live alone.

Okay, I will leave you,
the rubbish to be alive.

I want you to be painful forever.

Why do you hurt
the one who cares for you?

I don't need others concern,

what I want is the hatred of yours.

On your knees.
He is the real Asia the invincible.

The powerful su moon sect.

To unite the world.

Long life to our holy master.

Asia the invincible,
the sun moon sect.

Those who are longing for my return,
I tell you!

History can be changed!

Is Asia the invincible so horrible!

This disaster will begin
from this ship.

And it will spread over
the whole world of martial arts.

Why do you still trust in
Asia the invincible?

He had abandoned you.

You'd better stop the wandering life.

Why don't you surrender
and join our court?

How ridiculous!
We always rule ourselves.

Whom do you think you are”? Damn it.

If not for snow.

Our holy master won't abandon us.

That's right!

Snow, you deceived us.

You are the sinner of our sect.

Snow, you sinner!

What else do you want to say?

Speak up!

I have made a deadly sin.

Kill her!

Ching, protect snow.

Kill that 3 damn officers too.

Hang them to death and airdried them.

Right, that's a good idea.

Send the 3 damn officers to hell!

Execute the law of our sect.

Brother koo, save snow now.

Stop, you are not capable
to defeat them.

Brother koo, are we going to
take her along with us?

Cut the crap.

Those who are hurt by
Asia the invincible,

are all our friends.

We can't defeat them by kung-fu,
let's use the Cannon.

If you do so, we will die together.

A part of this ship has been...

Destroyed by Asia the invincible.

If we try to attack each other
by the Cannon...

The ship will be sunned,
all of us will die.

Brother koo,
the Cannon has no blast wire.

Save your crocodile tears,
this ship can't stay any longer.

As we just want to survive.

Give us snow, then we'll let you go.

Right, highlanders are highlanders,
hans are hans.

We're of different world.

Give us snow, then we'll let you go.

Have you forgotten...

How snow treated you?

For this sinner.

Don't you think
it's worth dying with us?

Ching, don't let the wind
extinguish the fire.

Sir, this ship has run aground,

if we delay anymore,
we will be sunk with this ship.

Ling, in such as emergency,

how can you talk like this?

What do you mean?

No, I don't want to die like this.

You have internal conflicts
among yourselves.

You are not as united as us.

Sir, I don't want to rescuer her.

Please let me go!

To betray us at such critical moment?
You are not my subordinate.

(G0 now.

Thank you, sir!

Come and join us.

He knew our drawbacks.

So I have to do so,
please forgive me.

Ching, in order to save an enemy.

We have to kill our man,

what's that are we going
to rescue or kill?

Brother koo, what's the matter?

Brother koo. You...

I think, your valves are closed
by a supreme kung—fu master.

The blood is flowing backward.

You are seriously hurt,
you are dying!

Yes, I am hurt by
Asia the invincible.

We are dying too.

Since you cannot protect yourself,
why should you save me?

It's me who leaded him here.

I have to bear all responsibilities.

When the sun rises from the east.

That'll be the end of your life.

That's why...

I time the time left.

The noise.

Shit, it's the Spanish warship.

The Spanish warship is approaching.

Where is it?

They come for...

Asia the invincible.

We hand the flag
of our sun moon sect.

They will shoot us
once they see the flag!

Don't listen to him,
don't listen to him.

What are you waiting?

Lower the sail.
Face them with the Cannon.

You are the courtier of the gov't,
don't cheat me with such trick.

Why should I cheat you?

Ching, lower the sail.
— don't move!

Or I will fire you!

Ching, go now.

Ching, it's peaceful around.

Luckily we haven't met
another warship.

Brother koo,

when will this woman leave us?

Just throw me into the sea.

Brother koo.

Stop helping me.

Will you call me dog again?

Unless you take off this dog's clothe,
or you'll be dog forever.

Go on insulting me if you feel great.

Hold it.

Stop thinking anything nonsense,
Asia the invincible will not come back.

I know you must hate him.

I am just worrying about him.

He is fooled by fate,
he can't escape.

If I were Asia the invincible.

I won't leave you.

Ching, when will we reach the camps?

According to the speed
of the current.

We can reach the camps after 6 hours.

Wear it, I am Asia the invincible.

Boss, she sings better than you.

Give way!

Damn you, where do you come from?

Do you want to take
the bread out of our mouths?

Are you the one
who gives order here?

You want to challenge me?

Not necessary, tonight,
I will listen to you.

Where are the pretty girls?

Stop bothering me.

Are your boss looking for me?

I do want it, so what?

You are not qualified to touch me.

Damn it!

Do you think that you are protected,
so you don't even respect me!

I tell you, we wanderers are nasty.

Today, you are the boss,
tomorrow I will be the boss.

She is sick, let me serve your boss.

Get up.

Breathless? He is breathless.


Gut up, wake up.

How are you, master?

How are you, master?

Mo yan lu choung.

Mo yan lu choung.

If you want to take them away,

gamble with me.

If you win, you may take them away.

I think you two
are great kung—fu masters.

But, this is such a small bet.

Why not make it bigger?


The winner can take us away,

the bet is too simple.

Why not cut the legs
off from the loser?

You want to add
a pair of legs for gambling?

What”? Are you scared?

Okay. I won't give it a damn.

Just go ahead.

It depends on fate.

What do you want to bet?

Big or small?


How about you?



No need to open it. I am the winner.

I have to open it.

The dead won't argue with me.

I am still here.

The loser should pay his legs.

Open, 4,5,6. Big.

You lost.

Don't offend him.

Cut your legs off.

How dare you!

General mo yan lu Chong,
we will follow you.

Please let her go.

She doesn't know the rules.

All of you go back,
take her to see me tonight.



Mo yan lu Chong.

Don't think that
it's an ordinary bet.

Some one will come to take your legs.


I haven't known your name vet.

I am the same as you,
we have no hames.

The people are heartless
and they claimed me heartless.

I am sorry to drag you down.

I should have to thank you.

It's you who let me know that.

It's painful to be
an ordinary people.

Who are you?


About the answer of it...
I do want to know too

help yourself!

Mo yan lu Chong, long time no see.

Asia the invincible, here you are.

After you had visited
the black cliff 3 years ago.

I wrote to Japan
to check which generation...

You are of the
mo yan lu Chong family.

Asia the invincible,
you are very smart.

Oh! How come?

I had told you...

That someone would
come for your legs.

You've known my background already.

Right! Because all the troops of the
real mo yan lu Chong were destroyed.

Since the 4th generation of...

Mo yan lu Chong family has been
taken over by liu seng already.

Watch my mo yan sword.


Ninja disappearance!

It's your real face.
— thunder bomb!

Ninjas come out!

Poison liquid.

You're also a great kung-fu master.

Why do you pretend
to be mo yan lu Chong?

What a pity! Actually,
you are a miserable as I do.

You dare not show others
your real face.

Sir, are you alright?

I'm fine, go out.


"Commander of ming dynasty Navy"

why there isn't any guard?

Go in and take a look!

I've caught it, I've caught it!
It is still yelling!

Here comes officer koo.

Where is officer tin?

Officer tin? He hasn't waken up vet.

Still haven't got up
to inspect the military affairs yet.

Being Navy officers of ming dynasty,
all of you are badly disciplined.

You come here to settle the riot.

You are such a mess.
How can you fight with the enemas?

Keep on insulting.

I don't mind giving a lecture
to your damn soldiers.

How would you tackle
your foes when they come?

Yes sir.

Greet. It's great!

Brother koo.
— brother Kai wan.

Brother koo.

Your camp is loosely guarded,

don't you afraid of
any attack from the foes?

How come! There are so many foes.

All of us just want to live.

Not many people like fighting.

Brother Kai wan.

May I know your good name?

Get us 2 jars of kaoliang, hurry up.

Coming, don't be in such a hurry.
Making you drunk.

(Get us the main course.

(Get me some more wine.

There are many advantages
of being a soldier.

When you hunt, you will get
supply of guns from the court.

There are chefs from the court
who take care of our meals.

I treasure my fortune,

so I enjoy sharing nice things
with my bosom friends.

Come, have a cup of wine with us.

Brother Kai wan.

You bastard.

How adore you scold me?


There is something wrong
in the western yard.

- What's happening?
— no information right now.

— general!

General. Oo
here comes Asia the invincible.

All our soldiers have been injured.

General, Asia the invincible
is so cruel that,

the soldiers of our two battalions
were seriously injured.

So powerful? Let me handle him.

The force of battalion 7 follow me.
- Yes, sir.

It is the one in red.

I want to compete with you.

Move faster. Protect his excellency.

Protect his excellency.

Brother koo.

Chin, if something
happened unexpectedly,.

You would have to leave here at once.

Brother Kai wan.

Officer koo,
which part you've got hurt?

Brother Kai wan, cheer up...

Brother Kai wan...

It's funny. It's really very funny.

Our camp is the most happiest one.

We haven't enjoyed
such a game for a long time.

It's rare for us having visitors.

Brother koo, it's a funny game.

I'm afraid that you have never
got such a chance to play.

Brother koo, don't you believe
there is Asia the invincible?

Of course, there is an
Asia the invincible.

Call our Asia the invincible out.

Asia the invincible...

Asia the invincible?

See, our Asia the invincible
is not so bad.

Officer tin and all officers!

Asia the invincible,

the most prominent among
the brothels of the 13 provinces.

They're all bought by me.

Asia the invincible is just a name.

I can call myself
Asia the invincible too.

Come on, call one.

Versatility, a full unity
of the world of martial arts.

Hurrah, general tin!

Sing a song, with bureaucratic tone

"versatility, a full unity
of the world of martial arts,"

"Asia the invincible."

"Hurrah! Hurrah, general tin!"

Sing like this, then I will leave
a good reputation for generations

I also know the kung-fu of
Asia the invincible's flying needles.

Let me show you.


Good! I'm great!

- Show!
— what?


I just want to check her wound.

She is my woman.

I won't let anyone touch her.

Yes, it's not decent
to fool other's wife.

She is seriously hurt.

Here is not a good place,

you had better
take a rest in my camp.

It's not convenient for us
to stay in the camp with you.

Not easy?

Let me go out,
so you can sleep with her.

- Man!
- Yes.

Take these two guests for a rest.
- Yes.

It seems to me that
I can only sleep...

With my Asia the invincible tonight.

Am I your woman?

Light more!

It's funny!

How wonderful is it.

Give me the wine.

Oh shit! Asia the invincible?

Versatility, a full unity
of the world of martial arts!

Unbeaten! General tin!

Brother koo.

Brother Kai wan, something a
gentleman should do but something not.

We should not argue for a woman!

We can do nothing
once get involved in a war.

Koo, you said I was your woman.

Now, how can you settle it?

Well... take care of yourself.

He asked me to take care of myself.

We'll, let's take care.
Go to the camp now.


But I've to dress up as
Asia the invincible first.

You want to be Asia the invincible?

I've stop your valve remotely.

I don't want you to pretend
to Asia the invincible anymore,

so I must take you away.

You lie down so quickly!
My dear Asia the invincible!



- Bingo!
— dismiss.


Shit! You're touched
my laughing valve!

Watch out!

Go away!

Can't you see that I am
playing games with general tin?

Help me.



Your laughing valve
is attacked again.

Brother tin, brother tin, hold on.

It's nonsense,
let's play something else.

You listen,
we'll play something else.

We'll rehearse the declaration of
war on Asia the invincible tomorrow.

But you'd better call me
Asia the invincible now.

Versatility, a full unity of
the world of martial arts! Come on!

Versatility, a full unity of
the world of martial arts!

Unbeaten! Asia the invincible!

Officer koo, hurrah! Hurrah!

Versatility, a full unity of
the world of martial arts.

Unbeaten! Asia the invincible!

Officer koo, hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

We can't escape from the war.

Even we're going to die. I want to
die by the side of Asia the invincible.

Thank you for let me go.

Snow, you go and look for
Asia the invincible now.

But, I don't want to
see you again in the battlefield.

What's the matter?

Chin, are you crazy?

I don't want you to become
another Asia the invincible.

When I am lonely.

I hope a fried to accompany me.

We can get him back to black cliff.

Then we should
find ways to defeat her.

The Spanish, are you still
looking for the sacred scroll?

Who are you?

Do you know
where's the sacred scroll?

You've asked the correct person!
I am Asia the invincible.

Asia the invincible?

You are powerful because of this?

Your science. Is shit.


What power did your god give you?

This is our holy cup.

Your god is useless!

KneelI down!

Your Bible should be re-written.

From now on.

The god mentioned
in your western Bible...

Should be re-written
as Asia the invincible.

Come on, let's in prayer.

Holy Asia the invincible,
holy Asia the invincible.

Hand the flag of the
sun moon sect at the bow.

Keep on temping Asia the invincible.
- Yes, sir!

Anything special?


General mo yan lu Chong, liu seng

and all other Japanese ninjas.

We are get ready to fight.

Let's go!

Today, I want to show you something,

which you've never seen before,
that's my real face.


Are you surprised?

Can you imagine the
invincible general mo yan lu Chong,

is a hooker in the camp
of the wanderers?

You must be having some bad feeling.

Since you have been
deceived for a long time.

You don't know...

Who is the master behind.

Let me tell you.

The real name of mo yan lu Chong
is Asia the invincible.

I have got the military order.

Who goes against me should be killed.


Let's go ahead.
We'll join with the Spanish warship...

To unite the world.

Since the people can't forget me.

I'll lead the troops
to declare war again.

I will change my name to
"Asia and Europe the invincible".

Raise the banner.
- — yes!

"Asia and Europe the invincible"

sir, a warship is found ahead.

This is the mo yan
warship of the Japanese.


the Japanese and the Spanish warship

raised their banners.

They declare war on us.


It's strange, why do the
Japanese and the Spanish...

Declare war on us?

Raise our flag and declare war.



Report, koo's banner is hanging on
the warship of ming dynasty.

Fire to them to show our trench!
Declare war now.

Koo's banner.

It's koo!

Instruct the Spanish warship
to attack the warship of ming dynasty.

Check the ship!
- — yes!

Koo, you are great!

Fine, let's sink into the water.


the Japanese ship
disappears suddenly.

It's a submarine.

Bet there is much undercurrent here.

If they sail below the sea,

their route will be hindered.

That's what I want.

Pour the paint into the water
to disturb their view.

Yes. Execute now!

Sir, our route is hindered
by the submerged rocks.

The ming dynasty Navy
poured the paints into the sea.

Visibility is poor, we can't move.

You want to trap us
at the bottom of the sea?

Fine, bomb the submerged rocks
with the mine.


Report, the Spanish warship
is approaching us in full speed.

It seems that they want to crash
against us, please give instruction.

Lower the sail.
— lower the sail in full speed.


Lower the sail.

Get ready the war.

Koo, you have been
exhausted in the fighting.

Asia the invincible
hasn't shown up vet.

Chin, I tell you.

The wish of everybody,

is to meet the strongest enemy
before his death.

If he were the leader of the enemy.

It's too early to say
who'll be the winner.

the body of the ship is damaged.

We'd emerge from the sea at once.

Koo must be waiting for me.

Well, let's go up.

Asia the invincible!

Focus the top of their sail.

Asia the invincible,
you show up eventually.

Get ready the Cannon!

Asia the invincible?

But you are not better than me
at leading the troops.

You've got the magic power
from "sacred scroll".

Although this is
your personal achievement,

it can't make you
achieve great success.

That's why your troops didn't attack,

but were destroyed
at the black cliff.

Bull shit!

My failure was caused
by my foe whom I admired.

I didn't want to hurt him,

thus I pretended that
I was kill dundee the cliff.

Last time, you could escape
because of the "sacred scroll".

Now, the history is repeated.

If you had not had the luck
to adopt the "sacred scroll",

you'd not have escaped
from my attack.

You're qualified to be
a great martial arts master only.

But being a king or a great general,

you are not qualified
to be named a sassier the invincible.

I want to be king, I have to recruit
a great general first.

I want you to be my general,
so I will show you my power.

If I had practiced the sacred scroll.

You'd not have defeated me.

Anyway, our fight
should have been over.

You're wrong!
Our fight has not been over yet.

Give it to me.

It's too easy to defeat you.

Your 14 valves
are both live and dead.

Let me open your closed valves.

Your kungfu will be improved greatly,

so you are able to fight with me.

Koo, watch it.

Snow, I said...

I didn't hope to see you
in the battlefield again.

I want to see Asia the invincible.


Snow, I will save you.

Only Asia the invincible can save me.

Snow, come back to me now.

Holy master.

Do you think it's worth doing it?

I have waited for this moment.

I know you come for me.

Koo, get lost.

Koo, return snow to me.

I won't return her to you.

Come to get her yourself.

Asia the invincible,
you are always alone.

Why do you follow me?

Don't go!

Snow, no matter how,

I have to take you back.

But what a pity that,
you could never hear what he said.

Otherwise, you'd be very happy.

Hand her to me.

Asia the invincible,
it's useless for anything you said.

She could never hear you.

You are lying!

You have never trusted anybody.

You've made it.

But you have got no one
to stay with you.

Asia the invincible, you always
want to search for yourself.

Actually, what you have done,

either good or bad, that's you.

I don't need you to tell me.

What a pity that, you are always
making remedy to what you've lost.

But, you never treasure
the things you've gained.

I want you to lose
what you have gained.

Well, but I want her back now.

Snow. Let's start
from the very beginning.

Asia the invincible.