Swordsman II (1992) - full transcript

With an entirely new set of actors, this movie continues the story from Swordsman (1990). Blademaster and his martial arts school decide to retire to a distant mountain. Before leaving, he visits his friends, a tribe of snake-wielding women warriors. He finds that they have been attacked, and their leader, Princess Yin-Yin, toward whom he has some romantic feelings, has been abducted. The attacker is her evil uncle Fong, who years before overthrew Yin-Yin's father and took over their sect. Fong also has possession of a sacred scroll which tells how to achieve ultimate martial arts power. Blademaster decides to help Yin-Yin and her imprisoned father, and his romantic complications deepen when his childhood chum and Yin-Yin are joined by a new rival. Blademaster thinks she is an innocent village girl he has saved, but in fact she is Fong! The process of gaining ultimate martial arts power requires self- castration and transmogrification into female form.

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It was the twenty-second year
of the Ming Dynasty.

There was a war
among the feudal lords in Japan.

One of the feudal lords
was Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

With his might,
he brought Japan under his rule.

Some of the defeated feudal lords
conspired to overthrow him.

They left their homeland and gathered
along the coast of Southern China.

They established their base of power there.

While lying in wait,
they colluded with the local bandits...

in order to fight against the Imperial Court.

- Officer!
- Yes!

Per my order as the military
commander of the Imperial Court.

The weapons that they've hijacked were
bought from the Dutch by the Imperial Court.

If all the weapons are returned,
I will ask His Majesty for mercy.

Otherwise, they will be executed
along with their relatives.

They'll all be beheaded!

Yes, my lord!

On behalf of His Lordship...

the weapons that you've hijacked
belong to the Imperial Court.

You'll be spared if you return them.
Otherwise, you'll all be executed.

Are you done?

How dare you talk to me like that?

I'll take care of you
with my Dutch battleship!

Who sent the signal?

My Dutch battleship!

Hong Men Da!

- Who is it?
- Dongfang Bubai.



Give them the signal.

Master, we have a signal from Hattori.

Chimp, I'll send you
to negotiate with them.

I'll reward those who are willing
to be my followers.

- As for the rest...
- Master.

- Kill them all.
- Yes, Master!

Saru, you have to get there before them.


Linghu Chong!
Keep your eyes on the road!

If you keep on drinking while riding,
you'll have an accident one day.

Mind yourself first.
We'll be there after the next hill.

You said that two hills ago.

Will there be another two hills
to climb after this one?

It's not my fault that there're so many hills.
We'll just have to ride and see.

Flying Stance?

Don't block my way!

Sword Swing?

Kiddo, dodge!

Use your qinggong!


Don't be scared, just stay calm...

Oh no, my wine!

Senior, wait for me!

Hey! You spilled my wine and left.
Explain yourself!

Saru, Chimp.

Go to the negotiation. I'll deal with him.

Yes, Master!

I'm highly skilled and you dare to
provoke me? Aren't you afraid of death?

I almost lost my life saving this flask.
Do you think I cherish my wine or my life?

What a drunkard. I'll let you off this time.

I shouldn't have wasted my time with you.

Darn you! Why is your flask
more valuable than my life?

You know qinggong,
but the flask doesn't. Take it easy.

My horse!

Mile Chaser...!

My poor horse, you died a miserable death.

You were loyal to me, but in the end...

you were hacked into two
for no reason at all.

I know it's hard for a man
to survive in this world.

But I didn't know it's hard
to be a horse as well.

Horsey, remember not to be
a horse again in your next life.

But it's even harder to be a man.

I know that!

Maybe we'll end up like you one day.

No! Maybe even worse!

Maybe we won't have anyone
to take care of our remains.

What's the use of talking about
the uncertainty?

Oh, I forgot. I have no more wine.

- How can I sleep without wine tonight?
- Hey!

You only care about sleeping?
Can't you be more serious?

This horse is our old friend.

Can't you mourn with me
for a little longer?

When did you two become friends?

He bucked you off a few days ago...

and you took him to town
and put him up for sale.

Luckily no one bought him.

We have forgotten about it.
Why did you bring it up?

You have no empathy at all.

Got it. Men drink wine,
and horses chew grass.

Here, I'll burn some grass
for him to chew in the afterlife.

Don't make fun of the horse.

I'm serious! You think horses slurp wine
instead of chewing grass? They're not me.

Dried grass burns easier.

He will receive it faster.

Come horsey, it's chow time...

Senior, you are messing with me again!

- Kiddo...
- Go away. You're not serious at all.

Fine, I'll be serious.

Our fellow disciple brothers
have been separated for a year.

We have searched everywhere
for a place to live in seclusion.

I wonder how they are doing now.

Lucky for us we have found Ox Mountain.

We can finally lead our lives
in seclusion there.

Ceaseless fighting are pointless.
Heroes do not last forever.

The martial arts world is treacherous.

We'll go into seclusion
and never get involved again.

Heroes do not last forever?
Kiddo, I'll play some music for you.

Sleep early. We have to meet
our disciple brothers tomorrow.

I wonder if they are asleep now.

This song again?
Don't you know any other song?

Yes, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

You're thinking of that Miao girl?

How do you know?

When you don't have wine,
you would think of women.

How do you go into seclusion
with so many worldly desires?

Senior, I think you'll have a hard time.

Going into seclusion is not the same
as becoming a monk.

I don't have to give up my pleasures.

The seas laugh, lashing on both shores.

Drift with the tide, enjoy the present.

The heavens laugh at the troubled world.

Only heaven knows who will win or lose.

The earth laughs,
that faraway place of tranquillity.

The waves wash away
all the beauty of the world.

The wind laughs, and loneliness comes.

Our enthusiasm overwhelms the moon.


Mistress, I have climbed over the hill.

There was no one there.

I don't think Linghu Chong
will come tonight.

Blue Phoenix.

I got it, Mistress. We'll keep on waiting.

That's great.


You play this song every day.

You're driving me crazy!

When Linghu Chong arrives tomorrow,
I'll ask him to play too.

Just to make you all crazy.
Go ahead and smile.

No matter how powerful you are...

you are still a woman.

What did you say?

Mistress, I heard
someone's riding towards us.

Come up.

Oh no.


As punishment, you're not allowed
to speak for three days.

If you utter a word...

I will cut off your tongue.

Have some wine.

You love drinking, right?

You get talkative when you are drunk.

Then I'll cut your tongue off to make wine.

Why aren't you drinking?

Stick out your tongue.

Stick it into the jug.

I'll be making wine with it anyway,
you might as well get used to it now.

Stick your tongue back in now.

Oh, to heck with it.
You're cutting my tongue off anyway.

Mistress, tell Linghu Chong
that you like him very much.

Ask him to stay, then you'll have
someone to drink with you.

I'm done.

He wants to go into seclusion.

But I'm still involved
in the martial arts world.

Unlike him, I can't just go.

Many things have happened
in the Sun Moon Sect lately.

My father has disappeared.

I am the leader now.
How can I just leave with him?

- I sense danger!
- Mistress!

Alert everyone!

Sound the alarm.

Go up to the roof.

- Get ready.
- Yes!

You're dead meat.



Japanese ninjas!

Here they come, watch out!

They're coming towards us.

They have seen through our plan.
Split up and attack!

You gave me scorpions,
I'll give you snakes in return.


Who are you?

Stop hiding!

Come out!

Good move.

The Whirlwind Slay!

Sword Swing?

The Continuous Slay!

I'll get you!

- Amazing!
- The Splitting Slay!

The Recoiling Whip!

Who are you? How dare you attack us?


Twin Swords!

The Splitting Slay!


- Blue Phoenix.
- This way, Mistress.

You'd better run fast.

The Flying Bomb.

That looks like Ren Yingying's whip.

She may be in trouble. Let's split up.

Okay, I'll go that way.

Who is it?

Oh, it's you?

We agreed to split up.
Why are you still with me?

I nearly injured you.

I just wanted to show you
through example.

It's vast here and we can't communicate.
It's easy to mistake each other as enemy.

We'd better agree on a secret code
in case something happens.

Secret code, right?

If you discover anything,
just scream out your name.

- Understand?
- That's easy!

Trying to be smart?


We agreed to use our names as codes.
Why did you scream?

I was so horrified that
I couldn't even remember my name.

So what's the screaming for?

There are a lot of bodies over there.


Where's your sword?

I left it with the dead horse.
We're going into seclusion, right?

Just follow me.

Over there.

This is bad.

The situation inside may just
be as bad as the outside.


What a fat scorpion.
It's perfect for my wine.

If you drink it, you will have
a hangover for three days.

Kiddo, you'll get a share of this too.
Let's go in.

There's an ambush down there.

Take this. Don't come down
unless I give you the code.

Trying to run?

The Huashan Swordplay?
Be careful of the Sword Swing!

- The Dragon in the Ocean!
- The Seven Star Rotation!

- The Huashan Swordplay?
- Hey, who are you?

I'm Linghu Chong.

Linghu Chong? The secret code!

The Flight of the Star!

- Hold it right there!
- Hit!

More to come!

They're on our side, Kiddo!

You're so careless.
They are our disciple brothers.

Luckily your move wasn't effective.

Otherwise, there would be
a few more bodies.

Lu Dayou, Liang Fa, Lao Denuo.
It's you guys?

We fought after not seeing
each other for a year.

That's the way to greet
in the martial arts world.

Kiddo, what have you been eating?
You are so tall now.

She can't wear our pants now.

If she grows any taller,
she'll reach the roof!

Shrink a bit!

- Why don't you guys grow taller...?
- Get shorter...

I haven't hit you yet!

I saw you hit me, you liar.

Lu Dayou, was the place already
in shambles when you arrived?

Yes, the furnace was still burning then.

It looks like they were attacked
right before dawn.

Where is the Miao girl, Ren Yingying?

We can't find her body.
Maybe she was kidnapped.

Senior, look at this dart.

This doesn't belong to the Central Plains.

This doesn't look like a knife or a sword.

There is a group of Japanese gypsies
nearby. Could it be them?

Senior, this zither belongs to
the Sun Moon Sect.

Maybe they've taken Miss Ren as hostage.

This is a feud between
the Sun Moon Sect and the gypsies.

We shouldn't interfere.

Miss Ren is our friend.

- We can't look the other way.
- There are far too much troubles. How...

Enough. Let's find something to eat first.

There must be good stuff
to eat in this place.

Let's start cooking and have a feast.


Kiddo? Have you seen her?

She went to the toilet.

No, she's upstairs.

Calling me Kiddo all the time.
Don't I look like a girl?

Is it so hard to be a girl?

They just have more head ornaments.

Kiddo, are you eating?

Kiddo, we are waiting for you.


They must be up to no good.

Hang in there, don't drop down.

Have you seen Kiddo?

Are you blind?


My foot!

It's only been a year since we last met.
What's wrong with everyone?

Are you possessed?

Why does Kiddo have three heads now?

Kiddo is craving to be a woman!
Mess with her and you're dead!

Why did you call me?

Look at me when you speak.

I forgot...

Darn you!

She's swinging between male and female.

Maybe because she wore our pants
too many times. Poor thing.

Add the chili powder.

You wore her pants before,
but I don't see you with funny hair.

Don't mention about the past.

Too spicy?

- Too fragrant.
- What is it?

Is this chili powder from Miao?

It's rouge.

Gosh, I poured everything in.

- Where's the rouge?
- It belongs to Kiddo. Hide it!

It's gone.

Since it looks like chili powder,
we'll use it as replacement.

What's the matter?


It's here.
I can't believe they didn't notice.

What's the matter?

Nothing. And you?

What's wrong with us?

Really? Did you see anything strange?


You guys are weird!

Did those two go hunting
in the next village?

What's taking them so long?

We only caught a rabbit and a pheasant.

- Someone's coming.
- Let's check it out.

They're from the Imperial Court. Let's go!

My lord, there is an inn up ahead.

- Senior...
- What's the matter?

There are people from
the Imperial Court outside.

What should we do?

What are we afraid of?
We haven't done anything wrong.

How do you plan to explain
the bodies out there?

What do you suggest?

Lu, how about you?

The soup is boiling over!

We'll be in trouble
if we have to rely on him.

They're coming towards us.
What should we do?

They will put everything on us
in order to claim credit.

Let's cover our faces
and fight our way out.

Don't be silly.

Hey, you can't be serious.

You've already decided
to go into seclusion.

You still want to fight?
Let's pack up and sneak out.

- I know. Pack more wine.
- Be quick.

Senior, what about the soup?

Take it with us of course.

- Hey, where's Liang Fa?
- He's taking his bath.

What should we do?

He's been in there for a long time.
I'll get him.

My lord, there's smoke
coming from the inn.

It may be occupied. Please advise.

Fa... we've been surrounded.

Let's flee. Get moving!

Wait, I haven't got any pants on!

Forget the pants! Flee for your life!

They're coming in.
Should we wait for Liang Fa?

We'll all lie down and wait for him.

Let's do that, quick.

My lord, I hear a horse outside.

Maybe it's an ambush.

Assign two men to check for survivors.

- Yes, my lord. The rest follow me.
- Yes, sir!

We've checked. They're all dead.

Yes, they have no breath at all.

They're gone. Get up.

Catch the horse.

Kiddo, I have to go check on the horse.

I'm afraid they'll take it away.

My foot!
Additional flavouring for the soup.

- Go after him!
- Yes!

Inform the troops to stop him.

Hurry up, he's ahead of us.

After him! Hurry up!


They are after him! We have to help.

Grab the swords.

Can someone lend me a sword?

- Where's my sword?
- Hurry up...

- Here's one.
- That's mine.

A sword can't serve two masters.
Don't be stingy. We'll take turns with it.

What's the matter?

That drunkard must have gone
to find Ren Yingying.

- Let's go.
- He's addicted to wine and women!

What happened?

What a strange weather!
It's sunny, but there's rain and thunder.


All right, let's have a little fun.

With the Sacred Scroll in hand...

the world is mine to claim.

The Wavering Sword!

Hey, my wine!

Why are you doing that?

Why are you feeding
my wine to the fishes?

Excellent wine!

Strong, pure, tasty and memorable.


Good wine deserve connoisseurs like us.

My name is Linghu Chong.

What's your name, Miss?

Miss, you can't tell me?

I'll give you a nickname then.
Let's call you...

Miss, you like to fish as well?

Miss, let's chat for a bit more.

You babble too much, youngster.
You have trespassed into my territory.

I'll spare your life if you explain yourself.

Only a few people can vocalise
from thousands of miles away.

Miss, do you know him?

He's after me. I won't get you involved.

Wait for me, I'll give you a nickname later.

Elder, I'm here.

I can't vocalise like you.
Can you hear me?

Can you?

One! Two! Three!

You probably can't hear me.


She probably sneaked out to play.

You've been with me for years,
but I've never realised how ugly you are.

But don't worry, I won't abandon you.

Here's something pretty
to keep you company.

You won't be lonely anymore.

There are so many wild animals.
Let's roast one for lunch.

Who is it?


We are here.

We didn't expect to see you here.

This place is vast
and it's easy to get separated.

- Have a seat, Senior.
- Shouldn't you be at the inn?

Luckily we came here.
There was a heavy shower just now...

and the birds dropped from the sky.

- Senior.
- Kiddo, don't peep at us!

We have no clothes on!

So what? I've seen you without pants.

Liang Fa, your butt is worthless now!

What's so great about
seeing someone's butt?

You're such a tomboy.
How are you going to be a girl?

I don't know what you are.

Maybe she's a transsexual.

Be honest. Why are you here?

Kiddo said you wanted
to save that Miao girl.

She's always on your mind!

We're one for all and all for one.

Are we going into seclusion?
If so, we can't fight anymore.

Self-defence is fighting.

Not really.
There's no intent to harm in self-defence.

What's the big deal anyway?
You have to harm in order to get away.

So what's the point of
going into seclusion?

Enough... just think of it
as an involuntary act of violence.

We'll save Miss Ren together,
but let's swear that...

this is our last mission. Any objection?

No! It's a promise then!

Anyone breaking their promise
will suffer from haemorrhoids!

It's chili powder!

It's so hot!

Look, she has put on makeup.

I haven't had food from my homeland
for so long. I miss it so much.

We won't be defeated by Saru's troops!

We won't be defeated by Saru's troops!

Your General Kai was a military talent.

It's a pity that he was not
appreciated by your emperor.

He was demoted to a civil position
and died in a foreign land.

Apparently, there are no
capable men in your regime.

How can a few puny men like you
fight against me?

It seems like the reign of the Han
is coming to an end.

You Miao dogs!
How dare you criticise the Imperial Court?

How dare you call us dogs?

Han dog, look at the flag above your head.

The flagpole will soon be stuck
into your emperor's head.

- You want to revolt?
- Yes, you are right.

Among the six tribes of the Highlanders,
we are the weakest.

And the Han have always oppressed us.

Historically, every dynasty
started from a revolution.

Do you think that you can
overthrow the Imperial Court...

just because you have ganged up
with the Japanese gypsies?

We have already formed an alliance
with Toyotomi Hideyoshi to suppress you.

General Toyotomi?

He's now busy fighting the Koreans.

How can he save you?

By the time he arrives,
China will be under my rule.

I, Dongfang Bubai,
accept his challenge any time.


Save me!
I don't want to be a Han anymore!

They are even worse than a Miao dog.

You are tough.

I will make you say that
the Miaos are right to rebel.

- No way!
- No way?

I missed.

It's okay. We have plenty of ammunition.

- You are right to revolt!
- Master.

You are right to revolt!

Long live the Sun Moon Sect!

We are empowered by heaven.

So long as the sun rises
from the east, I'm invincible.

- Hattori.
- Yes, Master.

Eunuch Hong?


Let's be clear on this.

I'd rather die than be the butt of your joke.

Hong's box was once full of gold.

But it's a pity that he decided
to put his head in it as well.

Take half of the gold.

The other half is for your superior.

Think of a way to settle the stolen arms
issue with the Imperial Court.

Actually, I've bribed a lot of your officials.

They'll help you secretly.

Go back and wait for my order.

If you disobey me...

know that the Sun Moon Sect
has men everywhere.

Be prepared to die.

You don't have a choice.

Go ahead if you want to kill yourself.

A moth is throwing itself into the fire.

Who dares to defy me?

Got you!

I've already constrained your nerves.

One move and you'll be crippled.

Chimp, we have an agreement.

You'll help me to unite the world.

And I'll help you to fight against
General Toyotomi...

so that you can restore
your reign in Japan.

I thought you were loyal to me.
But you had ulterior motives.

I know you have the book
called the Sacred Scroll.

I want to study the skills detailed on it...

to see for myself how powerful they are.

Fine, but don't regret it after seeing it.



Don't lose your temper.

No one knows the Manual is on you.

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

I'm from the capital city.

I'm from the capital city.

- Really?
- Really?

- Me too.
- Me too.

So we are from the same hometown.

Senior, what is he saying?

Who knows? Go and ask him yourself.

Have you found Ren Yingying?

We don't speak the same language,
so I don't know who to ask.

What should we do?

- What have you discovered?
- We've been discovered.

- What should we do then?
- Let's go.

Where are the friends from my hometown?

Anybody from the capital city?

Senior, he is following us.
What should we do?

Lure him to a secluded area
and get rid of him.

We have to fight so soon?

Stop talking, let's go.

The Japanese is gone.

Maybe we walked too fast?
Should we go back to find him?

On the double then.

Let's go! Hurry up!

Senior, you're messing with me again.
Wait for me!

Where are you from?

What's next?

I'm from the capital city.

I'm from the capital city.

Tell him you're from
the same hometown and hug him.

We are from the same hometown.

The Sword Formation!

Swords of the Han?

Rotation of the Stars!

Fantastic Super Sword!

Sword Swing?

Separating Sword!

Good sword stance!

Dragon in the Sky!

- What style is that?
- Swaying Sword!

Attacking Sword!

Breaking Sword!

Okay, enough.

We're both using weapons of the Han.

You aren't a Japanese samurai.

Is your swordplay from the Huashan Sect?

Don't tell him, Senior.

He looks evil. Let's just confuse him.

The seas laugh.

Lashing on both shores.

How do you know this song?

I'm from the Sun Moon Sect.

Are you also searching for Ren Yingying?

My lady hasn't left Miao at all.
I'll take you to her.

Senior, it might be a trap.

Let's play it by ear.

Darn, we've really found her.

Linghu Chong?

- Linghu Chong!
- Blue Phoenix!

Wow, you're so heavy.

Go and see the Mistress first.

If you go to her first, she'll be delighted.


Linghu Chong?

Let me do it.

Sister Yingying, we haven't seen
each other for a year! We really miss you.

Sister Yingying, you've lost weight.

Kiddo, when did you
become so passionate?

It's a Miao custom to greet by hugging?
Blue Phoenix!

- It's me!
- You hugged the wrong person.

- It's just the same.
- You silly guy.

What happened between
the Sun Moon Sect and the Japanese?

Why are you taking the risk
to stay in Japanese territory?

After my father disappeared...

my uncle, Dongfang Bubai, became
the acting Master of Sun Moon Sect.

He colluded with the Japanese
to hijack weapons of the Imperial Court.

The Imperial Court put our sect
on the wanted list as a result.

If my father was captured
by Dongfang Bubai...

he would be kept
under the watch of the Japanese.

The soldiers chased after us
when they saw us at the inn.

They probably mistook us
as your members.

If your uncle indeed planned
to seize power...

I'm afraid your father's life...

My father should be fine for now.
He has many loyal followers.

Dongfang Bubai will use
my father's life to control them...

and then kill them off one at a time.

Many have disappeared
or committed suicide.

We have to find Master
as soon as possible.

After Dongfang Bubai eliminates
all his opponents...

he'll definitely kill Master.

It's all about the struggle for power.


Someone is coming. Let's sing...

In order to find Master...

I disfigured my face
and joined the gypsies for months.

I've checked all their camps.

But I still couldn't find him.

Maybe he is not with the gypsies.

I found a well-guarded place,
but I have no way of getting in.

Senior, he's hinting that
he needs our help. Don't fall for it.


We're caught in a difficult position.
It's better to not get involved.

We've sworn that we'll stay out of
the affairs of the martial arts world.

But we're still in the martial arts world.

We have to be at Ox Mountain
to qualify as being in seclusion.

That means we'll still get
drawn into these affairs.

Our sect's affairs
don't need help from outsiders.

A year ago,
we agreed to have a reunion at our inn.

Now that we've met,
you can leave happily now.

There's no need to feel sorry for us.
Just go!

Blue Phoenix, go after her.

Senior, don't be rash.

You guys leave first. I'll stay and look
for Master Ren with Xiang Wen Tian.

We'll be discovered if we stay together.

Senior, you'll have haemorrhoids!

We swore that this would be
our last mission.

No, you took the oath. I didn't.

- You tricked us!
- Senior!

It's only a reconnaissance trip.
I'll go to Ox Mountain tomorrow.

If I lie to you again,
the haemorrhoids will double up.

Xiang Wen Tian, let's go.

He'll definitely get haemorrhoids!

Dongfang Bubai's men will recognise you.

Xiang Wen Tian and I
will not attract too much attention.

Linghu Chong!

You left your zither in the inn.
I have it with me.

Play The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
for me when I return.

I'll be waiting for you.

I let my guard down!

Excellent wine!

Master, after you learnt the skills
on the Sacred Scroll...

although you're a man, but your skin
is becoming smoother and softer.

Master, why are you
looking at me like that?

Don't ever mention about
how I've changed again.

The Han dogs have always
looked down on us.

What I have sacrificed today...

is for the future of Miao.

Forgive me for being so short-sighted.

You haven't slept with me for six months.
I thought you had lost interest in me.

I thought you had forgotten Cici.

I've sacrificed myself for the world.

But how many people
will remember Dongfang Bubai?

Everyone in the world is heartless.

So why bother about them?

The world is so beautiful...

many heroes are willing
to sacrifice themselves for it.

Do you think your Master is locked inside?

It's possible that Dongfang Bubai
is the one in there.

There are powerful fighters everywhere.

We have to split up.

Good idea. Let nature take its course then.

Sword, Hammer, Shield.
Two wins out of three. Come on.

- Sword!
- Hammer!

Hammer breaks sword.

- Hammer!
- Shield!

Shield blocks hammer.
I'll be inside and you'll be outside.

You Han people are full of tricks.

This is your choice. So be it.

Take this!

There are intruders.
Retreat to the secret chamber.

Lady, it's you? I'm Linghu Chong.

The one who promised
to give you a nickname.

Do you remember me?

Did I frighten you?

Why are there so many threads?

It's getting worse.

What's going on here?

This dragon embroidery is nice.
There must be a phoenix as well.

Let's see where it is.

Oh, sorry, wrong thread.
Let me cover you.

Now the dragon is split in two.

That means dragon with dragon?
That isn't right.

Actually, I didn't come for you.

But I've been meaning to find you.
I didn't expect to see you here.

Is this your room?

Are you married?

- Someone's coming.
- We'll avenge Chimp's death.

This is bad.
Maybe Dongfang Bubai knows I'm here.

He's sent someone to kill me.
Now you're in danger too.

It's hard to talk like this.

Since it's a mess here,
let's sneak out and have a drink.

Check every direction.

Cover your face.
Don't let anyone recognise you.

Before they arrive, let's hide over there
so that they won't find us.

Don't worry, I've checked everywhere.

There's no one around.

We can admire the moon here.

I still have your flask with me.

Why don't you say anything?

You must be Japanese, so you
don't understand what I'm saying.

Actually that's good.

Our words are full of different meanings.

People don't mean what they say.
That's how trouble comes about.

The world is full of hypocrites.

You understand what I'm saying?

We live in a troubled world.

The martial arts world
showed no mercy on our youth.

Ambitious aspirations and grand schemes
are hatched over chat and laughter.

But none can be compared to
a night of drunken stupor.

Maybe you'll never understand what I said.

That's a good thing.
Then there'll be no grudges between us.

If everyone were like us,
I wouldn't have to go into seclusion.

I'll take care of him.

Master, what's going on?

I'm from the capital city.

What are you trying to do?

Miss, that's the edge of the cliff!


Where am I?

Luckily it's not made of steel.

Oh no.

Dinner time.

Is that you, Miss?

If you talk, there will be no food for you!

Sun Moon Sect conquers the world.

Long live the Sect.

Long live the Sun Moon Sect.

Long live the Sect.

Master, why didn't you kill him?

He's still useful to us. I've my own plan.

I think he's looking for someone.

For her?

No, it's you.

He's looking for me?

He's looking for me?

It's not moving?

Here's your incentive.

I'm Linghu Chong.

Ren Wo Xing?

It's Master Ren!

Master Ren, I've finally found you!

Please let this work.

My prayers are answered.

How dare you trick me? Go to hell!

If you kill me,
how are you going to answer for it?

You made fun of me? Burn in hell!


Master Ren! It's horrible here!

Master Ren? You are Master Ren, right?

Don't be scared.

Dongfang Bubai has locked
my collar bones...

to prevent me from using my neigong.

He only gives me water to sustain my life.

- I'm half-dead...
- Let's leave this place first.

It's Ren Wo Xing!

Oh, you know him? That's great.

Kneel down, traitor!

Don't be scared! He's harmless!

Dongfang Bubai has blocked
his neigong! He's powerless!

Let's capture him to get our reward!

Lock him up!

Master Ren!

Linghu Chong,
I'll kill him if you come any closer.

Essence Absorbing Skill?

We were forced by Dongfang Bubai!

- Please forgive us, Master!
- You have no loyalty at all.

You're not qualified to call me Master!

Master Ren, let them go.

I'm back!

- Senior!
- Linghu Chong!

- Father!
- Welcome back, Master.


Long live the Sun Moon Sect.
Long live the Master.

Xiang Wen Tian.

Go up to Black Woods Cliff
and tell my followers that I'm back.

Tell them the truth
and round up all the traitors.

Master, I'm afraid
exposing the truth is pointless.

The truth dictates justice.

No, that's not true.
Justice depends on power.

Our sect is fragmented.

Like Shangguan Yun, for example.
He skipped meetings for ten days...

and Dongfang Bubai broke his legs.

He was sent to Regret Cliff
to guard the graves.

Bao Dachu was against the idea
of working with the Japanese.

He was forced to apologise and
to end his life by taking poison.

Tong Bai Xiong has disappeared
for over twenty days.

I suspect the corpse on the mountain
that the wolves dragged away was him.

Zhao Buhui was branded a traitor
and was dismembered.

His alleged crimes were engraved
onto a tablet for public display.

As for Yang Lianting,
your most loyal disciple...

Yang Lianting?

Tell me. What did they do to him?

He became a traitor to us. He was the
first to suck up to Dongfang Bubai.

He's in charge of executing prisoners.

He keeps tabs on us all the time.

The disciples are scared of him.

He designed these two collar hooks

to lock you up and render you powerless.

Master, Dongfang Bubai has become
a very powerful fighter.

We're not strong enough
to fight against him.

- I think...
- Say no more!

Are you scared of him?

Master, in order to find you...

Xiang disfigured his face
to infiltrate the enemy camp.

He worked hard to gather news
of your whereabouts.

All he wanted was to save you, Father!

I, Ren Wo Xing, am a warrior.

No matter what, I would never surrender.

Dongfang Bubai, I swear
I'll carve you up into pieces.

I'll cut out your ears and tongue
and dig out your eyeballs.

I'll let you suffer a fate worse than death.

I'll teach you the definition
of eternal misery!

Linghu Chong.

Master Ren.

Getting rid of this monster is to
carry out justice for the heavens.

We must work together
and gather fighters...

to remove this scum
from the martial arts world!

If you agree to help,
I will share my reign with you.

Master Ren, my disciple brothers and I...

are going to Ox Mountain
to live in seclusion tomorrow.

I'm sorry I won't be able to help you.

There really is no justice in the world.

But my people will not die for nothing.


I'll return these collar hooks
to Dongfang Bubai!

- Someone's coming.
- Be careful!

I'll dig out your eyeballs!

As well as your heart and lungs!

I found it.

Who is it?

Come here!

Sacred Scroll?

Give it back to me!

Oh, it's you, Master Ren.
I'm on your side.

On my side?
I was betrayed by my own people.

Linghu Chong, it's your fault.
You asked for it!

We're equal in skills.
I might not lose to you.

We'll leave tomorrow.

I don't care about
the martial arts world anymore.

I won't disclose your secret.

I swear.

Senior, what's the matter?


Linghu Chong came to me
to ask me to let Yingying marry him.

- He has decided to stay.
- Congratulations, Mistress.

We're family from now on.

Kiddo, something's wrong.

Master Ren, your joke has gone too far.

Yingying will not go with me.

And I won't involve myself
in the martial arts world for her.

I won't tell anyone about tonight's joke.

Master Ren, are you relieved now?

Luckily it was just a joke.

Master Ren, you know that
we're going into seclusion.

Even the most powerful martial arts
no longer holds any appeal to me.

If you don't believe me,
you can cripple my skills.

- Cripple his skills?
- Ren Wo Xing, you're ungrateful!

Stay away from me!
He knows Essence Absorbing Skill!

Al right, I'll cripple your skills then!

Father, please don't misunderstand.
I haven't fallen for him.

I'm only using him to work for us.

I'm our sect's chief.

If I have to marry this Han,
I'll kill myself right before you!


Kiddo, don't be scared.
Everything is all right now.

I don't think we can sleep tonight.
Let's pack up and have a drink.

We'll leave at dawn.

I know it's dangerous to travel at night.

Linghu Chong, you'd better leave now.

If you're out of my sight,
maybe you'll be out of my mind too.

I'll accompany your brothers until dawn
to ensure that they can leave safely.

- Just now...
- I know.

I have offended the Hans with what I said.

Thank you for saving my father.

I won't see you off.

I understand.

Take care.


Why didn't you ask him where he would go?

He won't come back anymore.

If you don't go after him,
I'll do it for you so that you won't regret!

Wine! I forgot to take it with me.

I definitely need my wine now.

That's it! I'll have a drink with her.

I'm too late.

Master, please accept this map
that I've drawn for you.

It's a gift to celebrate your attack
against the North in three days.

An early present
for your ascendancy to the throne.

Your face!

Don't be scared.

Your voice has changed too.

Is it because of the Sacred Scroll?

No matter what I've become,
I won't forget you.

The world is so beautiful...

many heroes are willing
to sacrifice themselves for it.

Now you understand why I don't
sleep with you anymore.

The Sacred Scroll took you away!

I'm going to burn it!

Give it back to me.

I entrusted you with my treasure.
Yet you tried to burn it!


My Sacred Scroll!

You are just like everyone else.
You're just as heartless.

Master, I was wrong.
I'll follow you forever.

You won't.

Go now.

I was just confused. I'd rather die
than to be abandoned by you.

Who is it?

Linghu Chong?

Oh, so you can speak our language.

With all the uncertainties going around,
I wanted to have a drink with you.

But I didn't expect...

I'm also bothered by
the uncertainties in this world.

Then let's not be bothered by it.

Let's leave together tomorrow.

Leave the world to those
who want to be bothered.

Are you really willing to die for me?

You don't have to die.

I want you to spend the night
with Linghu Chong for me.

Life is short.
It's hard to find a true friend.

Come on in.

Don't let him discover
that you're my substitute.

I want him to always remember me.

I'm here.

Miss, where are you?

Over here.

- Where's the wine?
- Linghu Chong.

Miss, I still don't know your name.



Why are you crying?

Life is short and hard to predict.

We're in the same boat.

Let's enjoy this night
and leave the world outside.

Long live Master!

Now everyone in this sect is loyal to me.

Master, why is your voice
so different now?

I've mastered a new skill
and achieved new powers.

We'll invade the North.

The time has come for our new kingdom.

Dongfang Bubai?

Ren Wo Xing is a thorn in my flesh.
He'll ruin my plan.

Tonight, I'll kill him and all his followers!

Yes, Master!

The needle is in my artery.
I have to seal my acupoint.

The seas laugh, lashing on both shores.

Drift with the tide, enjoy the present.

The heavens laugh at the troubled world.

Only heaven knows who will win or lose.

The earth laughs,
that faraway place of tranquillity.

The waves wash away
all the beauty in the world.

The wind laughs, and loneliness comes.

Our enthusiasm overwhelms the moon.

The world laughs,
there will be no more solitude.

Swordsmen treasure their swords
more than their lives.

Why don't you treasure your swords?

We'll start living in seclusion
when the sun rises.

Our swords are useless to us.

Don't hog the garlic! Hurry up and cut it!

I'm working on it!

Sacred Scroll

Don't drink too much.

You have to leave early tomorrow.

Xiang Wen Tian, is there something
that you want to tell us?

No, I just want to sing The Smiling, Proud
Wanderer with you guys until dawn.

Come on!

- Fine.
- Let's sing!

The seas laugh, lashing on both shores.

Drift with the tide, enjoy the present.

In reality, who can be a real
smiling and proud warrior?

Blue Phoenix!

Blue Phoenix, aren't you supposed
to be tailing Linghu Chong?

Blue Phoenix, go first!

There's a scuffle!


- I sense bloodshed!
- Blood?

Blue Phoenix is in trouble!

The Splitting Slay!

The Whirlwind Blow!

The Flying Bomb!

You want to get away?

- Let's go and help!
- Where is Kiddo?

- She's outside.
- Where's my sword?

Gosh, it's hot!

- Take Blue Phoenix and go!
- Take Blue Phoenix and go!

Dongfang Bubai, I know you're here.

Ren Wo Xing, we haven't seen
each other for half a year.

You must be upset about losing to me.

When you discovered that
I had the Sacred Scroll...

you were worried that I would
master the skills and rule the world.

So you tried to kill me.

I was forced to make my move first
and seize your position.

I took this opportunity
to conquer China for Miao.

I'll be a historical hero...

and it's all thanks to you.

You don't sound like Dongfang Bubai.
Who are you?

Sunflower Great Shift!

The sword is still hot!

Get rid of the chicken!

- Hey, it's cooked! It's edible!
- You're such a pig!

Hey, that's my sword!

- You said you didn't want it!
- After tonight...

You're so disorganised
when facing the enemies!

You're all trash!

- Something has happened at the inn.
- There are a lot of fighters there.

- Blue Phoenix!
- Blue Phoenix!

She is seriously injured!
Take her away quickly!






Linghu Chong?


The Flying Bomb!

The Whirlwind Blow!

Essence Absorbing Skill!

- Xiang Wen Tian!
- Mistress!

Blue Phoenix, who injured you?

- Master Ren!
- Don't go there!

Japanese gypsy, you've made a big
mistake following Dongfang Bubai!

You were defeated by my master.

You're not qualified to fight him.

I think Dongfang Bubai is already here.

He is nearby.

We mustn't involve the
Huashan Sect disciples.

Don't stay with us! Go away quickly!

Let's go together.

Our feud with Dongfang Bubai is too deep.
We can't leave like this.

Blue Phoenix is seriously injured.

Please take her away with you.

Go now and find some herbs to cure her.

Otherwise, it'll be too late. Be quick!

Blue Phoenix,
if you come back and see our corpses...

you must avenge our deaths!

Go! Hurry up!

Let nature take its course then.
Let's go!

Take care.

The Continuous Slay!

Essence Absorbing Skill!

The Splitting Slay!

Powerful Hand Stance!

The Dividing Slay!

Essence Absorbing Skill!

The Turning Slay!

Tell me, where is Dongfang Bubai?

I won't say a word!

Dongfang Bubai, come out!


Father! Don't fight anymore!
You have not fully recovered.

Master, let's live to fight another day.

For the sake of Sun Moon Sect,
please swallow your pride for now.

I beg you, Master!

I've had enough!

Hurry up!

Where's Ren Wo Xing? I'm here for him.

Was she the one who hurt you?

I'll take revenge for you!

Saving Blue Phoenix is more important.
And tell Senior to stay away from here.

Kiddo, leave now!

Didn't you say
you're going into seclusion?

- Cut it out! Sword Position!
- Got it!

Could she be Dongfang Bubai?

Dongfang Bubai should be a man.


You've been tricked.
Ren Wo Xing has already left.


Why is there a fire at the inn?

Oh no! Did Ren Wo Xing
attack my disciple brothers?

I have to go back.

Cici, I'll come back for you at dawn.

I have to fight alongside
my disciple brothers.

I won't make it to Ox Mountain.

If you see Linghu Chong,
tell him not to wait for me.

I've undone my acupoints.

The poison is travelling through my body.

I can't be cured.

I want to take Dongfang Bubai
down with me.

Blue Phoenix...!

Get up! Let's sing
The Smiling, Proud Wanderer together!

Blue Phoenix!
We still have a journey to make!

I'll find a doctor to cure you!

I'll take you to Ox Mountain!

Let's live in seclusion.

Master... I haven't left you.

I'm happy that I get to see you
one last time.

Sing, let's sing...

The seas laugh, lashing...


Brothers, you've finally retired
from the martial arts world.

Rest in peace.

Linghu Chong, you don't understand
how the martial arts world works.

Your enemies are afraid
you might take revenge.

So no matter where you hide,
they won't let you go.

Dongfang Bubai!

Dongfang Bubai has gathered 30,000 men
and he is about to mobilise his troops.

It looks like he really wants
to be the emperor.

We'll charge up
Black Woods Cliff tomorrow.

Maybe we'll have no chance to come back.

Dongfang Bubai has mastered
the skills in the Sacred Scroll.

I wonder how powerful he is now.

You should know your enemy.

Do you want to have a look
at the Sacred Scroll...

to understand the nature of the skill?

You're willing to let me take a look at it?

Take it!

We're in the same boat now.


The moment Dongfang Bubai and I
got our hands on this manual...

I knew he wanted it just for himself.

So I made a copy of
the Sacred Scroll secretly.

To practise this skill,
one must first castrate himself?


Master Ren.

Dongfang Bubai is a devious
and cunning man.

He inflicted wounds on my body...

but I didn't expect him
to mutilate himself too!

In order to master the Sunflower Skill,
he was willing to castrate himself.

He's not a man anymore.

Our teacher betrayed us
because of the Sacred Scroll.

That's why my disciple brothers
and I decided to go into seclusion.

Go into seclusion?

Linghu Chong.

If your children are tempted
to learn martial arts...

and pick up the sword again,
how will you stop them?

My children?
I've never thought about that.

In the martial arts world,
men and feuds go hand in hand.

Feuds fuel the martial arts world.

Men are the martial arts world.

How can you retire from it?

Sun Moon Sect conquers the world.

Long live the Sect.

Long live Master Dongfang.

Long live the Sect.

Master, Ren Wo Xing and the Hans
are charging up Black Woods Cliff.

Many guards have been killed.

They'll be here soon.

They're of no concern.
There's no need to be alarmed.

Besides, they're already here.

I'm going to kill them all!

Only those who obey me
can keep their lives!

Swaying Sword!

Nine Swords of Dugu?

Attacking Sword!


Linghu Chong?

- You are Dongfang Bubai?
- Who else could it be?

- Are you serious?
- Yingying, greet your uncle.

No, you should greet her auntie instead.

The Hans have oppressed the Miaos
for generations.

Now you've teamed up with them
to attack Black Woods Cliff...

and let them interfere with
the Sun Moon Sect's affairs.

How can you face your ancestors?

You allied with the Japanese
gypsies and killed our disciples.

And you dare to mention
our ancestors in front of me?

When I lead the Miaos
to rule over the Hans...

I will be famous forever.

Say no more.

If we could end this using diplomacy,
we would not have to fight.

But before the duel,
I want to know something.

Were you the one who slept with me
the other night?

Senior, you two...

You two are men and you slept together?

Laugh all you want.

We live in a troubled world.

The martial arts world
showed no mercy on our youth.

Ambitious aspirations and grand schemes
are hatched over chat and laughter.

But none can be compared to
a night of drunken stupor.

The Sacred Scroll is such a big joke.

You'll definitely be famous forever.

Senior, he's a man after all.
How could you sleep with him?

Kiddo, we have to bring
everything to an end today.

Linghu Chong, why did you have to
interfere with our sect's affairs?

And you even allied with
Ren Wo Xing to fight against me.

I have to avenge
my disciple brothers' deaths.


When did I kill your disciple brothers?

I saw that with my own eyes.

There's no conflict between you
and Huashan Sect disciples.

But they were killed by you for no reason!

Too many people have died in your hands!

Look out!

Essence Absorbing Skill!

All of your followers are dead!

Pay with your life!



Xiang Wen Tian!

Have a taste of my hooks!

I'm returning them to you!

I thought you mastered the
Sunflower Skill to dominate the world.

But it was actually because of a man!
How laughable!

Are you jealous? I hold both the world
and my love in my hands.

Do you think you can control
everyone in the world?

Linghu Chong already has Yingying
and his disciple sister.

Even if he accepts you,
you would still be a distant third!



Linghu Chong,
life is really unpredictable.

Let's not be bothered by it then.

Let's leave this place tomorrow.

Essence Absorbing Skill!

- Father!
- It's dangerous!

Linghu Chong, on account of our
relationship, I've been lenient to you.

But you went all out on me.

Answer your lover!

Let's focus on dealing with the enemy.

Senior, are you really holding back?

Why didn't you kill him just now?

I don't care who you are. We're done.

There's only hatred left between us.


Are you fighting for revenge
or for these two women?

Fine, since you're so heartless...

I want you to see these two women
die in front of you!

Sunflower Great Shift!

It's going to collapse!

Go to the roof!

It's not safe here either!

Dongfang Bubai!

Whirling Sword!

Merciful Hand!

Attacking Sword!

Reverting Sword!

Let's see who you will save!

Flying Sword!


You're a heartless man like all the others.
Why did you save me?

I really want to know the truth.

Were you the one who slept with me
the other night?

I won't tell you.
I want you to regret it your whole life.

I want you to remember me forever.


- Senior!
- Linghu Chong!

Tell me that you are Cici.

Sun Moon Sect will unite the whole world.

Long live...!

Long live our master!

Long live...!

He's just another Dongfang Bubai.

Hang Dongfang Bubai up!

Yes, Master!

Please forgive us...

- Yang Lianting, kneel down!
- Yu Shengkui, kneel down!

- Lee Zongbao, kneel down!
- Chi Riting, kneel down!

Sito Zhang, kneel down!

Decapitate Yang Lianting and
the followers of Dongfang Bubai!

Those who betrayed me must die!

- Xiang Wen Tian!
- Yes, Master Ren.

Who else is left on the list?

Fan Yuankai, Qin Mendi, Lin Chengzhi...

Lui Genming, Lei Haishan, Zhang Peng...

Li Shun, Gan Zidai, Yun Chaofeng...

Mei Dachong, Feng Zhengde,
Yang Zheng Xiong. On your knees!

- Linghu Chong!
- Yingying.

Linghu Chong, you must leave now!


Your names are on the list.

My father doesn't trust any Han.

He is in power now. He won't let you off.

I'll lead you out of here.

If you don't trust me,
who else can you trust?

Linghu Chong, follow me!

Let's go!

The boat is leaving soon.
Load the tea onto the boat.

Linghu Chong, you can't go to Ox Mountain.

My father will track you down.

The Imperial Court is after you too.

If you really want to live in seclusion,
you have to go to Japan.

What? Japan?

What about you then?

You gave me this zither.

I can't play The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
for you anymore.

Take it back.

Linghu Chong!

Xiang Wen Tian?

Master Ren ordered me to take you back.

If you insist on leaving,
you have to leave your head behind!

I'll take care of him!

- Yingying!
- I'm fine.

Willow Sword!

Xiang Wen Tian, I know you
deliberately threw the fight.

My skills are inferior to yours.
I admit defeat.

Come on!

I'm done with the martial arts world.

Xiang Wen Tian!

I failed to capture you and take you back.

I can only chop off my arm
and cripple my skills to answer for it.

Linghu Chong, I wish
I could go into seclusion like you.

Go now! The other assassins are coming.

The boat is leaving. Get on board now!

- Don't worry about me. Just go!
- Let's go!

Yingying, come with us.

You helped us to escape.
Your father will punish you for it.

I'm a member of the Sun Moon Sect.

I have to stay with the Sun Moon Sect.

The boat is leaving. Let go.