Sword of Vengeance (2015) - full transcript

From the creator of 'Hammer of the Gods', starring Stanley Weber (Borgia) and Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle), the subjects of a ruthless tyrant's oppression discover an unlikely freedom fighter whose code of honor demands bloody retribution.

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Lose the cloak.

This land belongs to Earl Durant.

There's a price to pay to travel his roads.

Consider this payment in full.


They would never do this.

Take some men. Find out what happened.

Shouldn't we wait for father's return?

Have you forgotten who's in charge
in our father's absence?



And, Romain,

do not return without his head.

My Lord.

Saxon superstitions.

You have nothing to fear.

This our land.

You walk amongst the shadows, stranger.

Tie him up.

Then search the woods.

Be sure he's alone.

Who killed our men? Speak!


Saxon whore!

Get up.



Have you not learned from before
when I slaughtered your people? Hmm?

Nothing around here happens
without you knowing.

Tell me. Listen, bitch!

I know you know.
Now, you can stop this at any time.

Just answer my question.

What happened to my men?

Rape her.

Close your eyes, father.

Quiet, old man.

You'll get your turn.

Look away!

We have to help.

And bring Durant's wrath down on us?


Kill him.

You fight well, stranger.

My father will make you pay for this.

What do you want?

Well, get on with it.

An eye for your life.

Tell your father

the Gods can no longer wait.

Where are my weapons?

Get him up!

Come on! Come on!

You brought this on yourself.

Hang him.

Better we make an example of him

than Durant makes an example of us.

Brave men.

If we hand him over,
Durant will leave us be.

He saved my life.

He's an outsider.

Why risk our lives for him?

His enemy is the same as ours.

Durant has already destroyed our lands,

our home.

If he destroys the forest, what then?

We cannot take another harrowing.

With him by our side, we won't have to.

Defy Durant and we'll
die like all the rest.

Did your husband's death
teach you nothing, Anna?

He must be sacrificed.

He shall not be touched.


You're making a mistake.


Now, go home to your families.

Who are you, stranger?

You will stay?

Help us rebuild our homes.


I trust the king was well?

More miserable than ever.

And France?

Still in open rebellion.

William's demanding each
Lord send him 200 men.

And what of us?

We're already stretched.

The harrowing broke the Saxons' spirit.

We could rule this land with a dozen men.

Come, Artus, we have things to discuss.


Four of my best men.

He fought like no man I'd ever seen.

It was my fault, father.

I should never have sent
a boy to do a man's job.

He left a message.

He said, "Tell your father

the Gods can no longer wait."


The Gods can no longer wait.


An outsider.

Give me a week, father.

I'll bring you this outsider's head.

I swear.

Get out.

The Gods will punish
your betrayal, brother.

The Gods will have to wait.


It's Artus.

He's burning our homes.

What should we do?



Ten gold pieces to the man
who kills the outsider!

Ten gold pieces to the man
who kills the outsider!

Come on.

Durant will not allow
this to go unpunished.

- He'll send an army.
- So we unite.

Look what we can achieve
when we band together.

Will you lead us?


He Will.

You must follow my orders without question.

All of you.

Treat his wound, then tie him up.

We've come to join you.

Ah, come on. Come on.

- So, everybody's dead?
- Yes.

And Artus?



You did well to tell the truth.

Have William's taxes sent
to the Northern Lords.

But father...

The king's patronage.

He's nothing but a parasite.

I rule how I see fit.

I have lost too many men.

I will not risk more.

We have many mouths to feed.

They have come from far.

You've done well.

It is him who brings them hope.

Durant's men will show no mercy.

Have none for them.

We will fight together

as warriors.

Remember what they've done to you
and your families.

This is your home.

Your lives.

Fight for it.

We will survive Durant's wrath.

You will lose.

Lord Romain is coming!

Lord Romain is coming!

Lord Romain is coming!

Lord Romain is here.

Look at you all.

Living like feral beasts.

I bring an offer from my father.

You have my brother.

Release him now unharmed,

and we'll leave you in peace to continue

with your miserable lives.

Get up!


Untie me, then.

When do your father's men arrive?


Tell him.


They arrive tonight.

You've brought too many horses.





Make the most of the hours
you have left, Saxons!

You'll soon be nothing more than dust!

Make the most of the hours
you have left, Saxons.

Who are you, stranger?

What do you want?

This is what we spend the king's taxes on?

How many?


One from each of the Northern Lords.

Tomorrow they will help us
to avenge your brother's death.

- Artus would not be dead if you listened to me.
- Enough.

How can six men make a difference?

Who said they were men?

Go on. Take a look.

The Gods will punish
your betrayal, brother.

The Gods will have to wait.

Durant's army has arrived!

Grab your bows and follow me.

What about us?

Prepare the settlement for attack.

What is that?



Death merchants.

Release hell!

Their minds know no fear.

Their bodies, no pain.

They'll kill everything...

without mercy or remorse.

Once released, they'll slaughter every
living thing in their path

until their hearts burst
from their efforts.

Kill the outsider!




Get back to the settlement.

- No, I...
- Just go.

Father, let me lead the men.

- No.
- Please!

I want to avenge my brother's death.

Stay here

and wait for my signal.

I can't leave him.


At last, outsider,

it is time to meet your destiny.

The Gods are hungry.

Come feast.

Prepare the men.

But your father's signal, my Lord?

The signal isn't coming.

My father's dead.

More than one story about Durant

came out of the harrowing.

They say he killed his brother

and sold his brother's
only son into slavery.

You never cared if we defeated Durant.

You just wanted to draw him close.

You used us as bait, and
now you leave us to die.

My people believed in you.

I believed in you.


is my only belief.

They say a man seeking vengeance

should dig two graves...

One for his enemy

and one for himself.

It's time you start digging.

Where's the outsider?

We're on our own now.

What do we do?

We finish what we started.

Lutte a mort!









They paid a high price for my vengeance.

They paid it for their freedom.

Anna, I'm sorry.

You are free now, too.