Sword of Lancelot (1963) - full transcript

Lancelot is King Arthur's most valued Knight of the Round Table and a paragon of courage and virtue. Things change, however, when he falls in love with Queen Guinevere.



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where is Lancelot who where is that

Frenchman or was he not cold Lisa I have

just passed his chamber and I fear he's

stricken with some terrible plane

compendious for the love of God speak up

Gawain what do you mean

sire I saw him standing stripped to the

buff in a stone base and scrubbing

himself madly as though to wash it all

away wash what away get to the point the

plague sire he was covered with a vile

whitish foam like the sweaty ladder of a

hard ridden horse I dared not speak to

him but honeyed here to tell you all

perhaps my lord Merlin knows the ailment

and has some sovereign remedy Oh Sir

Lancelot is my friend hold

Stanback Lancelot come no nearer Messiah

die I do not understand what in the name

of heaven I saw you in the grips of some

terrible malady white foamy stuff was

coming out of your skin I thought you

had the plague the plague

Gepetto sire but what do we saw was only

the foam from a new substance good

wizard Merlin gave me to hand in bathing

and say we are you brought to me by a

friar from Saxony it is called soap to

be let in Seto it would be a plague I

hope it spreads among all the unwashed

in Brita what a dainty Court we shall

have the ladies all like sweet little

roses the men all brightened shining

like our dear Lancelot your majesty

I have a rhyme to Lancelot the fragrant

Knight of Camelot he meets his foes and

smacks the probe with nothing but he

sent alone

sit out another bowl and taken as by now

you all know a messenger night has

arrived from King Leo Doran of Camellia

I see by your faces you already know

what is in my heart yes

I asked Leo de gran for the hand of his

daughter gwynevere in a marriage that

would unite our kingdoms in love and

brotherhood those of you who have seen

her can understand my passion and dreams

so I wish to receive his night at our

table round to break bread with us and

to show him the full measure of our

hospitality the majesty here's a

messenger night from camellia sir hey

what's the name sir toes serve our name

is toes surname is hard you may approach

the toes to kiss our hand and join us at

our board as the honoured messenger of a

noble King my kingly master taught me

not to kneel until the matter is settled

it is future claim to royalty dance the

jerking booth the son of Britain's right

my fire she's a mere boy Man's armor or

being his reach Lord Lancelot is right

let him be and give him food and drink

my master did not forbid me to eat and

drink I thank you my lord

here's the scroll we will read your

discourteous masters words and bear you

no ill will now read it aloud to so that

all may hear yes sire Arturo I say no

minato radio in English Roger not for

the benefit of those who have no Levin

yes I he says that he says that after

receiving his message you will

undoubtedly consider the matter of going

to war with him but suggests that rather

than kill off hundreds of good men on

both sides he proposes to settle both

questions your right to England's throne

and your request for his daughter's hand

in marriage by the honored method of

trial by combat

it is hearing our God let your chosen

champion return with my messenger night

he says accompanied only by his squire

and grooms we will treat him fairly and

matching in the lists with our own Sir

George a converse are a champion true

enough your daughter

he fought bound against the hounds we

never met him but all of us were anxious

to try them out we done Lancelot is this

trial to be to the death or a me run

horsing to the death sire from his

wording the other guy says should our

hour all night survived he will send him

back to you with his scepter and his

daughter as tokens of his fealty and

devotion to our unified cause Simon

cries the Lancelot my champion

Thomas Thomas now she has exchanged out

in terms of customers I truly


your charger is ready son I'd have made

sure of every strap my thanks our toes

it is the least I can do is your

official second

have you chosen which weapon to carry on

your person the axe a drink before we

helmet you know thanks but cooler

tankard for me to be fiercely working

the Sun would I be disloyal to my king

to say I hope you live to drink it God

willing will down it together take him

to the mounting stand it begins

pursuant to a chance given and accepted

the doll exact night of Camellia odd and

felons elope knight of Camelot will say

in its final by combat to determine

certain matters of controversy between

his gracious Majesty Liotta grand king

of chameleons and one author calling

himself king of all britain the combat

shall be to the death with for weapons

of war shortened lance great sword

battle axe and me so door jack well you

know what we have at stake in this audio

our sovereignty as well as my beloved

daughter spare no effort nor cunning

ruse in this encounter no man has ever

run horse me your majesty nor shall this

Sir Lancelot we pray it shall be so

not to user perhaps lechon said that I

am Lawrence my king I have no doubt of

that loyalty is proven law by action

that I words

now don't you go

is you or the trial by combat is

resolved on live Arthur King all Britain

and in patrol the princess curvier

future Queen of all Ritter then in rapid

succession we thought and defeated

ailment of Wales Claudius and Clarence

of Northumberland in latter Berkeley ran

the chorus of lettin go bogan on doofus

I'm sorry if the subject bores you


oh not bored tonight just weary of the


I hope I'm used to riding are you right

like a boy my father raised me like one

having no son I've always written to the

hunt and for pleasure but this long slow

journey is another matter there's a

clear pool not very deep where we will

make our camp you swim like a boy as


hi but in the water I may look less like

one Vivian let's get right claw I should

be calm when I come out I have money

Emily oh that won't be enough another

site and my crowd

suits mattress that summer melons magic

melody cause it's so very cleansing and

soothing to the skin

liquor Sania use it freely for watch all

your sins away joy peace it makes when

feels just not some magic some kind of

Tom or witchcraft we've heard such tales

of this Merlin but is a love Philter


between a week and the passion of your

loved one when mixed with a strong dose

of kisses and embraces and briefs

bestows together

stop making mock of me give you no clock

I see no booster randomly no nuns on

your green

no cream yet they are pretty brats who

needs it again here milady

I hope you've managed to keep warm you

have arrived in time for the rescue lady

V I was about to give you a lady second


I will leave this with you they say love


good but not good enough remains to be

seen a gold piece gold be larger latest

is good news

Sir Lancelot has vanquished the door

Jack and his today's journey behind with

the princes Guinevere I'm mr. way to the

king where the news gathers free-choice

crystals are not I for my long

Tereshkova being my father's heir will

perish this young bride beds of a child

then I should be merely

an illegitimate son and I claim to the

throne will vanish like a dream unless I

strike like an arrow


so is it as Vegas so much just to kill

one woman flu is she

you talk too much now too many questions

on your gold hold your tongue

I saw the cream of metal in the woods

make no sign and stay behind me

doors bring about she sweetly

do not stop to think doors hi

I owe my life

and I owe you mine fair exchange

yours is equally dear to me if you had

been killed I would not have wanted to

live my lady my lady let us say no more

lest we lose all that we honour in life

do you value honor above all else I must

my lady and so must you

what poor child

what she might have been killed and you

told my good Lancelot this island of

ours needs a scrubbing and a scouring to

rid it of these perman these brigands

now that I'm king of all Britain I shall

bring order and law to our land

I thought poor child why she must have

been in mortal terror a mere child to be

in the midst of such carnage and in

terror yes sire but helpless no she got

one villain down herself as good in

truest rock as I have ever seen d she

did she the less has spirit then to be a

queen and the mother of Kings ah but how

long can it take a woman to change her

gown doubtless she wishes to be at her

best when you first see you sire bathed

and refreshed and fragrant you're right

I must not be so impatient laugh if you

will but I'm all aquiver my palms a wit

my heart pounds it might help sire to

remember that you are the bridegroom not

the bride you're right Lancelot I must

not be so Maiden ha ha ha

tell me my good friend Lancelot did she

speak of me on the journey hither

I never the marriage is he content to be

my bride

sire there's nothing she wishes more

than to be your queen she said that no

soft words Lancelot the truth now sire

the truth in almost those very words oh

god a good beginning then she's

beautiful is she not Lancelot

exceedingly as I recall your memory

serves you well sire ty want to make her

happy I want to make her happy and you

will make her happy sire what maid would

not leap to be in her place

she will know as I do as do all your

familiars no King Lear man no manlier

King leaves on this earth how would she

not be up I thank you my dear good and

true friend and thanks again for this

happiness which you have one for me

sire any one of your Knights but would

they have one ah where is the winch how

much of a woman is that a bathing gown

and cover with scent Y&R may could

prepare for battle in hardened attack

first I sit here I think a year coming

with melon


your majesty the princess Guinevere our


welcome to Camelot My dear Guinevere

it's time to take to the next position

you know what it is that's good I don't

your majesty all is in readiness so a

mother I have been for a week every

bridegroom please we are united state

can proceed to out

your highness will you please take Sir

Lancelot arm and proceed to the altar at

the next comfort all

the moment is here yes my lady you

should be the proudest and happiest maid

in old Britain

and as for happiness hot-hot save me

from what my lady

myself from this this is what you wanted

to be queen of all Britain what I had

wanted not by heart the King loves you

say the word I'll stop office by

swooning in your arms there is no word

say that you wish it were you waiting

there funny before it's too late it is

too late now your majesty


benedicat vos omnipotens Deus Pater et

filius et spiritus sancti

come another tanker to meet with me my

head is going round I've had two already

- already what - thinking man you are

before the evening is out you must have

at least two more everyone knows


tonight and everyone is very happy

silence a lot you know our new friends

of late adversaries office and brand

agura's yes office here still wears the

scars who gave him Atlanta ball I

remember the wound you very nicely too

bad better thought you next time it's or

infringe our patient sees the things

like our alte trust him with his life

and with his wife children kill them

Dylan replies with theatrics of me the

court is all gone

unless sir lamorak has finished it

already odds fish Lancelot I've just

pink goblets with a dozen knights whose

throat I saw the cut a year ago

civil that still needs slitting edek

Apollo Apollo I said beautiful and

touching celebration I moved to remove

it cooking up a late in life took

himself a youthful wife a baby boy is

the rule they say when November weds

with May

a royal prince to claim the rule while

other hopefuls play the fool only a fool

would take you for one my lord

how about your devotion yes yes there's

no Manitoba for

you and I can go far if we guide artist

Ivan with a strong hand I do not believe

that my fate has been altered by and my

father's often I will been right break

it if need be but I will not allow that

which is mine which has been a constant

goal of my life to be snatched from my


I think his whom sire nothing more could

Lancelot take her to her chambers Merlin

come with me let nobody be disturbed

Her Majesty has merely swooned as what

may might not on such a day and the

merriment continue and let me forget now

that I am a king and remember only that

I am a bridegroom

what happened to me you fainted

I can't we do now now it's all over


oh not that

what might have been what

you're celebrating manslaughters if this

were your wedding day really celebrating

because it isn't rusty work carrying

lovely young rides up stairways to bed

chambers letting come I'll click tankard

again G dangling time to whole pregnancy

pad flooded offers all table put up that

fuckin before I tear you apart my hellos

fall look to yourself Lancelot if we

meet at the midsummer Tony all my

friends do further faces this is a night

for celebration to the king to the Queen

but my dear husband why can't i I'd

written till the house it's a little


and camellia and many ladies of the

court join the hunt

he's not our custom my sweet the chase

is wild and rough I wouldn't think of

letting you in danger one golden hair

I've come to love it so well but I take

no pleasure sitting here all day

gossiping with my ladies I will see you

amused I take the hounds below what have

you in mind by our Palace the Church of

your ladies boys who we will get nice

enough to tell you tall tales of

adventure a dance Allah sire I have need

of you here at once sire I don't know

what the world is coming to me when pert

young wives venture argument with the

husbands but I knew I liked it provided

you always give in you do love me a


oh yes my liege your kind gentle and all

that one may honor and respect yes I

love you with all I know

oh goodness

you will have a care for yourself during

the chase so careful I shall probably

never see this tag from now on in forest

hunter field a battle I shall be known

as Arthur king of cowards oh I have so

much to come back Oh likely story

but pleasant to the ear ah Lancelot

you are captain of the watch today so

watch over my lady's entertainment as

well anything our heart desires

providing there's no danger Oh calm down

no farting kiss me goodbye

we'll go riding tomorrow Hawking maybe

Nomad gallops through picket and forest

that's for men goodbye my love

have a good day goodbye my leash

I want you to know sir lancelot that as

your queen I not only look upon you as a

loyal subject but also as a friend you

do me great honor beside you save my


therefore it pains me that you've been

avoiding my presence these past weeks or

tis not that it is only I have my many

duties as you have yours that is the sum

of it oh good well not that my mind is

at rest

I feel free to


as I was saying I'll feel free to seek

you out at me

I could not abide my ladies any longer

Oh gossip gossip gossip

I also hear and arrange my flowers I

hope you will forgive my present here in

your garden but His Majesty always

permitted me it's use you have my

permission as well thank you your

majesty baby no eat at all go on with

your reading of that ponderous scroll

pretend I'm as far away as your thoughts

what is it you readin such devotion the

odds of Horace Imagi Steve and early

Roman with a comforting philosophy deed

what does he teach to be content with

what one has and not to strive for the

unattainable very comforting why must

just one more question

and I'm not falling for it

but why must all writings be in Latin or

Greek why can't they be in our own

British language well it is a mongrel

speech melody made up of many tongues

there are no symbols by which it could

be written just a pity

I should like to be able to write simple

messages to my dear Arthur such as I

love you how will you write that in

Latin it is by simple liar I show you

here on the sand

I love is one legal word more

and the or you is dead

there it is I love you


you set the words lost



what has happened to you I cannot say in

one word

get some wine quickly

no son of a necessity

tell me swiftly what a old tidings do

you bring all of you let him speak

orifice and when Doge Urus with a mighty

horde fell upon two of our villages by

the sieve destroyed them leaving no

living soul

Riaan our fortresses fought valiantly

but in vain only three of us escaped the

final battle at night now I take my

sacred o'face okay we ride for this high

on many of their heathen followers when

how is this barbarian horde three days

journey away sir maybe four for their

linguist relent

scooby-doo but rape pillage what is

their number Knight send a minute hours

Knights 200 or more lumen the thousand

arrest axes swords fearsome weapons of

all kinds maybe twice that number maybe

threats we could not tell how can we met

such a force in so short a space of time

before we can send messengers gather

arms the barbarians will be at our gates

drink your wine Cecilia catch your


sire if it please you speak your mind

Lancelot all of you speak your minds as

you say sire we cannot raise an army of

sufficient might in time and all for

some grandeur goes well noid

I counsel therefore that your majesty

let me depart with what force can be

spared to delay the enemy at once

whilst you sire bring to your standard

here the full strength of your allies

I'll see you Lancelot your counsel needs

me here whilst you do battle I am no

king to sit on a throne and let my

Knights to my fighting sire your prowess

in battle has been sung too often to

need defending as well as your courage

but it is only you

our Sovereign Lord on this aisle who can

command the allegiance and instant

obedience of our several allies I cannot

deny however unwillingly the worth of

your argument and of your counsel

Lancelot choose those you will have at

your solid in this perilous undertaking

leave with me half our ready force so

that if need arise we here will not be

defenseless Eric

Ryan accessories you to my chambers down

below we will have further parley

Lancelot for you

I could not let you leave without one

kiss do you love me

where's my golden hair god help me I

love you swear you'll return to me

otherwise I will die I will return

and only


we were up early tours I wasn't sleepy I

thought I might as well sit here as lie

on the ground I nice unbroken sod does

not make a featherbed does he I had but

little sleep myself I I'm always

Restless before a battle

I it is my way to ion enough life she's

not that I'm afraid afraid you I would

not be here today were it not for your

prowess in that ambush I hope you will

stay at my side today

I think it's a Lancelot I would not tell

this to anyone else but that ambush was

my first battle truly the first time I

ever killed a man I have never been in a

battle such as we will face to be no

different merely longer the eyes will

give us more work to do is this your

only Armitage where is what you wore to

Camelot at miss borrowed this is all I

have I have a spare suit of armor my

light blue turbot with the psychosis go

kicking lad put it on Nestle onslaught I

could wash Tyco mind you sir tours you

will acquit yourself well I have no

doubt and the glory will be mine I thank

you sir lancelot I hope I will be worthy

an easy victory yes and we won no

prisoner put them to the sword or even

though not the vivid we want the limit I

say no we cannot tell you again losing

another day's time Arthur must be given

no chance to prepare against us

my men will not match till they have had

their reward you a man it is you and if

it is who will deny me take the women if

you must but keep your men from the wine

the baby

gather them by the tent

we're in Silla center bernie 1000 man



they have water on three sides we shall

put fire on the poor




Rhonda he was right there in the forest

we have to come here

in July


are you ready baptism we killed enough

today to last us a lifetime

it's a pity our weather at Cooper some

brand-new gooris has kept us there

vanquished the whole army destroyed

answer what you've done it we've done it

lad all of us together

a beautiful sight a proud and memorable

day that will long live in Sullivan's

story I wish I could have been there I

wish I could have seen it

bloodthirsty child I should have been

there but Lancelot's picture left no

room before the battle

I don't see him where is Lancelot is

that not his light flute a bird on the

litter those men carry

it seems so it is hard to tell at this


body I'm flattered

this is terrible I pray it not be



watch it up

Oh kids it is Lancelot he's not dead

I'm shaped my foolish outcry my lord

to champion your friend and mine

I couldn't pass a sock

how could hire my sweet

no kadai

lucky Lancelot I'm a blunt man but no

words or witch defense with ya words

enough today get to the point I came

here to escape words and sly looks or

tameka's softer words and gentle looks

as I to the point I have points and

blades enough waiting for me now without

adding your studio list mine wait only

for your enemies no matter who or what

they may be I shouldn't have doubted you

even for that moment I have lost track

lately of friendship and if you are the

little things like duty loyalty honor I

know not what to do if you ever expect

to see me so enmeshed in a web of white

and gold silk

how many Lancers have I shattered for a

woman's favor I cannot count and written

away after word old in heart and body

and now

I am lost lost right away again Matt

while our still time let's take horse

tonight for your castle joyous Gard from

there we can ship to Brittany word has

come with the Huns of invaded France

should be much adventure na noble

prophet their odds fish I feel a boy

again at the Ford I'm your man I'm

captain of the watch tonight nothing

will be stirred up if we ride out at

dawn after my watch for a day or two a

joyous card but not the tear you

Frenchmen stand your watch tonight and

nowhere else remember who knows but

Mordred may hope to make this night as

night of all nights if I make my

thoughts clear I clears a blow of your

mace then it's agreed

I can feel my arms on that fat girl now

that is as far as I could reach him

again that day no no that winnette know

no matter it'll come back before I ship

reaches Brittany what ship is that

gentlemen ship your majesty

let it go lamorak there's no use lying

I'll explain matters to Her Majesty I'm

surprised sir launcelot no Knight would

lie to his queen you may leave us sir

lamorak Your Majesty

when do you say offer Brittany sir light

of love whatever you heard whatever I

must do you know what is in my in your

heart I should have known better than to

trust a Frenchman

that's my golden hair strike right and

left if what displeases you this is how

I love you best you lie you never loved


you took my love of a saddled horse

standing by and ship for Brittany if I

stay and we continue and I could not be

near you without loving you it would end

in death for both of us I never fought

to see you afraid there are some things

all meant for you and one of them is

being burned at the stake before I get

in crowd of shopkeeper it is not the

same fire wait for me if we're caught

you speak like a child you feel but do

not think just better than a man who

thinks it does not feel to leave me

without a word as if I were some

innkeepers daughter without even a

thank-you or farewell you know I never

would have ridden away without one last

moment with you Oh only a moment I

should have thought if it's to be our

last night that should be more generous

with your love listen to me lamorak is

not the only one who knows it is the

gossip of the court and murdered will

see to it there are reaches after

cirsten do not mistake your Arthur he

will oppose the law whatever it cost him

or you then take me with you to France

or anywhere do you think they would give

us peace the Queen a Briton in a

traitorous night there would be no haven

for us anywhere

I see them to spare well and nothing

will sway you

will you come to me tonight at least

that I cannot bear this way to your own

room is a deadly chance not even

moderate would dare put spies on my door

I'll wait for you after your watch is

over whatever the hour Oh Lots I swear

you come to me tonight

I would not place you in charge a party

no my sweet love this must be our


very well

I've done with crawling on my knees to

you let it be farewell forever

but I'll wait for you tonight

then my Falken swooped and sees the

quail from under the very wings of

Madrid's beloved Brazil de was laughable

to see the Furion motored space and I

made him pay the gold pieces that he

wagered me Arthur my dear count is late

drink your wine and then to bed be here

shall I add a few drops of Merlin's

sleeping dropped by double the dose

tonight I will sleep like the dead with

no dreams Oh

what you need is a change of scene some

new action a nice little war perhaps

can't restore a pretty little war of

sorts none that I would relish racing

come now drink your medicine like the

man you really are it's not so bitter as

you make it out is it not

then look at me and tell me if you can

but there's a medicine for the pain in

my heart I tell you this as I hope for

God's mercy you may sleep sound tonight

knowing that tomorrow Sun will find gone

all cause of your unhappiness is that

enough for that I'll drain the cup and

sleep until I wake with your arms around


is that proof





you are much I love you

I know

it grows late too quickly

oh do not yet almost dawn

cannot take the risk oh I was told you


look at you

just us they want to remember you after

loving how can I live without you

tell me help me took a bet in time

yes for you because you'll have your

man's world

your tournament Wars your women yes you

will desire a woman here there and ever

but I I have no life without you I can

decide oh you but nothing nothing

I'll die no you will not do not forget

is hope in the future we will live for


and survive for I will love you always

as I do now

today with my

I've only love

the cab is sprung

I don't know



I'll speak up men is it news of Lancelot

hi your majesty

he and Lamech made good their escape to

Joy's God of the Knights and men we sent

in the suit only half returned the

others have gone over to Lancelot side

so it begins again dagonets little war

over white flesh and golden hair

what a definite where is he we have no

word of inside not since you were seen

weeping at the Queen side when she was

being carried to Camelot prison and in

the town many of our Inlet oarsmen duck

in the windows

others are gathering to watch the

burning you two go in tears for the

faithless your pardons are my soul is

for my brother Gareth in your own

trouble state I did not wish to impose

my grief on you what happened he was

carrying no arms because it was Lancelot

he merely sought to hold him on the

stairs as you had ordered Lancelot


this is a son like a Lancelot I knew as

all the rest of this Lancelot was hard

pressed he struck blindly right to left

he drove Lewis I have doubts even knew

that he'd fail Gareth in all fairness

the way even through tariffs blood is on

his head

sire I had two loyalties now I have but

one the other is turned into I hate to

ski knows your own eyelid I know it

seems that love and hate us of closer

kin Oh the sharpest sword and separate

one sire let me lay siege to joyous Gard

before Lancelot escaped to France until

of good winter the trumpets so it begins

the Lord is fire

I made the Lord

we write to break it for such a cause as

this I've Aquino longer am I not right

melon where is my duty to this United

Britain that we have built at such a

cost to hold it in peace as long as I

may the autumn I heart you know how

often I urged you not to take when aver

in marriage it was a love I could never

be now where the forgiveness would have

seemed weakness how the life of one

earning girl should weigh against the

Peace of the state that I cannot ask all

I find in my tired brain and slowing

heart is the hope for a better world of

this where there will be no Wars big or


at any rate it's too late for the change

of heart

so it is


god never Faison heads a white body

they're so soft and alive

whatever I've done

what can I do



and you saw no sign of Madrid's

reinforcements on your way

nah but she said in Camelot the Marke of

Cornwall is sending at buffs and

battering rams much good battering rams

would do the place is impregnable by

land we'll take it at night from the

waterside when our boats already take


Oh God

crave a night come forth

lunge alone I see you again I challenge

you to personal combat with any weapons

of your choice

come forth the coward of young any man

who left man now bombs night I'll see

you David a sword in your throat come


you shall not escape was that Gawain

shouting his challenge again every day

every day I was at a farmers for going

but these days I could gladly Croton

with my mace Arthur

well he had some rightness site but


he knows how well you loved him and

Gareth he must know in his heart you

never meant to slam in the dark and the

heat of battle quiet must your tongue

keep pace with your appetite sorry

Loretta fides I don't need your

apologies no your lame attempts to kill

me keep your counsel I'll keep mine and

do follow me up when I go let me be let

me be Stern colored as well as traitor

and a session Lancelot power I say a


gabbi's black Thor Wayne the pardon sir

I never knew Lancelot to refuse a

challenge I do a challenge Lancelot week

after week to make this a personal

matter rather than one for always

blood Liddy it refuses to fight either

of us yet I cannot believe it cowardice

it is very simple sir to struggle in

Lancelot loves you birth to well to race

or directs against you these are not

distinction these are just poor arrows

honest and boiling oil from the walls

it's an odd show of love and loyalty you

and I received a new entrenchments going

and the progress of the boots your Lisa

come on

close the tent decadent there's a cold

wind thank you

what blood is that the blood of a lad

from Camille Yard have you gone through

hell enough without taking on this role

of angel of mercy I'll add from home

taketh a Bowman he it was a pageboy it

and my father's caught he told me he had

loved me all his few years I know the

boy how is he now his little love story

is over he died with his head in my lap

he's not the first nor the last two will

died and go and change that down you

look like a nun I might as well be one

as far as you're concerned it's our

little love story over two turned to

stone Ian difference difference got in

hand agree you've scarcely spent it all

alone with me I live in a dungeon of

silence and evasion meanwhile lads like

dick and die for us while you brood on

Knightly honor and refuse to take the

one way to our freedom and killing the

Wayne and Arthur would mean our freedom

freedom is there a land so distant that

I can find freedom from the sorts which

world night and day in my heart and

brain I love you grin but I loaned them

already more than I can bear do not I

beg you I beg you do not ask me for

further dishonor what this honor would

lie in accepting their challenges

meeting them fairly man to man you'll be

risking as much as they toured Gawain

all he knows now if the good man is he's

never could hold it all against me it

would be plain assassination I cannot

they'll have no mercy on you or me if

they stop us out if that is all we're

waiting time will not race or the games

are not my words I will not race or

against our fate meet my life and if it

means mine

if you love to be you take to one way

out and win a new chance for us it's in

your hands you can give us life and

happiness with one blow of sword Rex

enough perhaps right

there's no other way

I will end this poly when tomorrow when

Gawain comes I'll meet him and then

Arthur I'll send him a challenge which

he cannot refuse let nothing stop you

but even the fires of hell run and


I have no fear for you no man can stand

against you if you want your life

Dewayne get back your insults and meet

that you know in your heart I never

meant to kill gasps say Tanqueray kill

me as you did my brother can we murder

up holes night trigger take your lame to

rain you spider

I would not kill you anymore than Gareth

whom I loved lira and take back to your

king this message this is the message


- Arthur king of all Britain many men

have been killed and more to come when

only one is guilty

give your word that there will be no

reprisals but all others in this keep

will go unscathed to freedom all others

and I will surrender myself to any fate

that you would vent upon me fair sire

here signed his own death warrant he

bargains a hoss Iowan soon we shall have

all if Guinevere guiltless and the

others that turned traitor to their king

treason can't go unpunished regrets if

they would swear a new allegiance sir

pardon sir but can anyone here speak the

name of Lancelot no matter how bitterly

without calling to mind the many deeds

of friendship and develop science all of

you you who are wisest in Council have

said not you are the King sir

that is my culture

and with the crown and scepter also the

welfare of the kingdom was placed in my

hands you all think can feel like men I

must act with the mind and the heart of

a king good evening dear Merlin I'm so

glad to see you I'm berry to see you

again your majesty

no majesty no Queen at all I hope just a

woman in love now tell me the plan of

battle here are my champion let me sit

adoringly at your feet please sit -

Merlin when does it take place if it

please your man my lady there is nothing

in this matter about the compact no

combat you mean this great king of yours

this no offense dear Merlin but this

dealer and roasted women in the

marketplace he refuses the challenge my

lady there was no challenge to fight the

King no challenge

Lancelot offer to the King was the

surrender of his person for any torment

or death so long as you and all here

with you were freed no Lancelot you

didn't know my love he shan't have you

as he quietly loved it the king is

merciful he has altered my conditions

there's to be an end of dying for

you and me you know consult good Mellon

would you leave us

go on

I am banished to France you have to be

given safe escort to the convent in

Glastonbury that's my love Mull it over

behind those big eyes and you'll see

it's our one hope for a true chance of

happiness I see nothing but not black

and white

prayers fasting some pounds

I heard enough pearls that morning

lookie my goal in here there is nothing

in the Kings offer that says you must

take a nun's vows and our parting minute

before long the word Arthur knows is

dying and bought it will bring it

crashing down on Honda's ears I would be

out of it in Brittany and you will be

safe in sanctuary safe from what did or

anyone else until I come for you we know

not one of my making

then we have only a few Debbie's we must

be grateful for that

when do I go

in the morning

good morning it is part of the bargain I

am to stay here on takes you for

Brittany in three days l'amour goes with

me they will receive you in all our

melon we ride with you I will not ride I

shall walk

and take nothing of my happiness with

but what I wear

you will be your own bleep self and show

them our real Queen faces defeat I will

I will

but hold me close tonight this all short

night but something picking at my heart

and say this is the end of



this Brittany of yours is alright

indoors but when does it find out that

summers come again has it not while you

keep wind on your heart there are no

ships in sight they should be tidings

from Britain in the hinge along the

harbor come along boy Adam a senior for

Jonathan caricature some are sure you do

that she will play litotes Rita -

Melanie - Schroeder

we love ya Wow don't be rien one ski I

kept in the world on retail Oh third if

his arm off the field of down here but

though it's too early for hot food but

you bring some cold meat and wine and

there is no news from breathing she runs

to my taste I said keeper oh that's

times when I wish I knew a little more

that's French none of yours you know

enough for what's on your mind what I go

fetch wine I think it needs a little


you go in if this is what you want I'd

rather live to see you Betty to murder

its heart I know you never meant to kill

my brother

what brings you here my friend you

haven't been to in looking for you for

the last month I saw your seed outside

and lamb rocks

I love Rockies trying his French and our

box of Integra tell me what news are

pretty Arthur's dead by Madrid's hand

well it's happened as I thought it would

and he's gone my king my friend whom I

betrayed but never ceased to love

Merlin's passed on also K the Lady

Vivian she took poison when murdered had

no more use for her wait the way is a

lung was pierced in the battle with

murdered in his allies all Britain is at

war again you're needed at home to put

down water that's why I had come Hey

I have finished with killing I am for

Glastonbury in Micronesia not when I

tell you what's happened to Glastonbury

no not that bad but bad enough murdered

and his men broke into the Queen

sanctuary the Queen and some of the

sisters escaped to Wales and murdered in

his fury killed the rest and burnt the


I was wrong go away I have not finished

with killing another levy behind dinah

stinking Brittany of yours and you the

day when I would have made you run a

couple of courses with lunches for

insulting my native land

I have no fear I love you at moderates

death of lamb or I has to carry you my


they will be land and gold and plunder

for all who fight well today when the

battle is joined do y'all have both til

a trumpet calls the retreat then all

break and run the enemy authoress into

the trap the trumpet will sound again

the bowmen will do their work catching

the flanks and rear of the enemy then we

shall wheel about Tottenham Knights and

foot soldiers and kill and kill and kill

this army has gathered here to save

England from the sword of the tyrant and

the axe of the Bolivarian from rape and

pillage from injustice and fear in such

a cause every man will carry out his

orders so long as he has life and

strength let every man here remember

that today we must not only win a battle

we must end



we're surrounded for a treat



I'm the Mother Superior I know the

mission on which you have come please

bear in mind your surroundings and that

all visitors must leave when the Vespers

bell rings

Wyn what is this habit you are wearing

I am an artist

thank God that I'm in time did you think

I would not come I was for you outside

and clothing why do not look at me

what do I see in your eyes it

pity for the fear which suddenly springs

into mine if you can stand there within

reach of my arms your lips an instant

away from mine and not watching to my

embrace Lots a lot you must not speak so

to me I will shortly take my vows to

become a man of this order no no

I pray for you understanding

so that you will not think so harshly of

me or leave it to great pain I would do

any penance rather than cause you to

suffer no I will not believe that when

they cut off your golden hair your love

for me was shown away as well

Oh green a life together awaits us

everything we once hoped for warmth of

our love children the rest of our lives

to share it was for this we went through

so much he'll

which happened to you

it would be hard to tell all that has

happened to me in the year past much of

it I do not understand myself when first

I was at the convent at Glastonbury I

prayed for the earthly things I had lost

all you now spoke of then my prayers

changed I know not how or why and I

prayed for other things for the Peace of

your civil and mine and for God's

forgiveness and for his love and now I

know that the light which the church

speaks up which many men seek all their

lives I have seen brightly shining and I

will follow that light until I die and

beyond you too will find that light if

you try in your own way in God's good


your gentleness is harder than any steel

I have no weapons against a charmer is

there no way through for me to reach

your love the best purr spell

I've been told that I must leave forever

boy 2 what my atonement

the account is a long-standing tis true

and payment overdue perhaps that is what

this all means

and I must find strength as you have

and I will pray I know not what else to

do I shall pray for you each day and

every night of my life


by golden hair