Sword of Honor (1996) - full transcript

Cop partners Allen and Johnny receive a call about a robbery in progress at an art gallery where the ancient 'Sword of Honor' is being kept. They arrive in time to interrupt the theft, but in the ensuing gunfight, Allen (due to retire that same day) is killed. Vowing revenge, his partner Johnny begins his mission to hunt down the man responsible for his partner's death and bring back the stolen sword.

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[dramatic music playing]

AUCTIONEER: We have $1.5.

$1.5, thank you.





Anyone for $1.7?


All done then at $1.6.

$1.6 million.


Please refer to your
program for item number 22,

the ancient Sword of Honor.

Bidding begins at $1 million.

Do we have $1 million?

$1 million?

Thank you?


Thank you.


$2 million?

Thank you.

[ominous music playing]




Thank you.

$2.8 million?

$2.8 million?

$3 million?

[funky music playing]

JOHNNY: This is
George's King Arthur.

It's been hit like three
times in the past month.

What's going on?

Let's call for back up.


2-11 at King Arthur.

Give me some back
up, right away.

Team of two, roger.

[interposing voices]


Put your hands on the counter.

Where are these
guys coming from?

Stop, police.

[ominous music playing]


Man, that was great.

I'm all jacked up.

Me too.
You all right?

Fuck, did you see that last hit?

Sent that guy flying.

ALAN: That was great.

Got it.

Wait a minute.

What time you have?

Oh, man, I'm late.

We got to go.


Now what, tough guy?

Bang, bang.



So you've taken out three guys.

There are two more left.

Now, you're out of bullets.

And here I come.

All right, all right.

I see you're missing the point.

Got any more tricks?

That's it, brother.

See, if this had been a real
sword, you'd've lost your.

Ah, rats.

When you threw me down,
I lost my contact lens.

I couldn't see that
that was a wooden sword.

I'll-- I'll get it.

I'll get it.

How's that?

See that was a sword
technique, a takeaway.

Here, you try.
You try.

You want me to do that?

Yeah, you do it.
All right.

Wait, what am I doing?

Just relax.

Overhead strike.

Catch the sword
turn to the inside.

All right.

I got it.
I got.

Just let it flow.
JOHNNY: All right.

I got it.
- Slowly.



See, you're still
tensing up, trying

to use all your strength.

Just relax and let it flow.

- Like water, right?
- Exactly.

JOHNNY: Water, OK.

- Here we go.
- All right.

ALAN: Slow.

For me.


That's it.

All right.


Even a stronger opponent
can be beaten if you

use his strength against him.

Thanks, partner.

OK, everybody, as of tomorrow,
my brother will be a full time

instructor of our school.


And that's how I
finished them off.

Let's get some coffee.

Ready for your little
early retirement, huh, Alan?


He'll be back.

Hey, how you doing?

What do you know?

Hey, just between me and
you, amigo, tell me you're

not going to miss the rush.

Yeah, I'll miss it.

But I can live without it.

Bullshit, man.

You like as much as I do.


But people don't look at
cops like heroes anymore.

And that's why I like
working with the kids

down at the martial arts school.

At least they look up to me.

Yeah, you go a point there.

I wish you'd reconsider.

I'm losing a hell of a partner.

What are you doing?

It's called
martial arts, Frank.

It's something you don't
have to worry about,

busting pimps and prostitutes.

Problem is, Johnny, a
bullet don't care if you

know martial arts or not.
Right, Dagger?

Tell me about it when you
learn how to shoot straight,


Keep exercising.

So there he is, his
eyes as big as saucers,

my snubby stuffed down his
throat and I says to the punk,

now, we can either do this
the easy way or the nose way.

Very funny.
What do you say, Armand?

Listen up.

Major heat going down,
Lawrence Gallery.

Need all available back up now.

Let's go.

Well, ready for one
more go round, cowboy?

I don't know, Johnny.

I don't feel right about it.

I mean, it's my last night.

Doesn't feel right.

I understand.

Never second guess yourself.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Oh, shit.

Hey, what'd I tell you
about second guessing?

Hey, there's only one thing
you can never second guess,

- What's that?

Being there for your partner.

OK, partner.

Let's go get the bad guys.


[rock music playing]

Hey, check this out.


I'll bet that's what
this is all about.

What do you mean?


[mystical music playing]

Oh my god.

Where's your damn vest?

Hang on, cowboy.

You're gonna be all right.





OK, I want you to pair
off and try it for yourself.

STUDENTS: Yes, ma'am.

- Come on, Max.
- No.

I want to go home.

I don't like this.

What's going on, Max.

This is stupid.
I hate it.

I'm sorry, Ms. Vicky.


You don't do anything
wrong, Sarah.

Gosh those are big tears.

You must've been awfully afraid.

I'm not afraid.

Let me tell you
a little secret.

Sometimes it's OK to be afraid.

Yeah, but you never are.

That's because I practice
very hard, every day.

Now, come now.

I want you to flip Sarah.

MAX: I can't.

Look, just imagine Sarah
is as light as a feather

and follow through, OK?


I did it.
I did it.

Here, man, Give me five.

OK, that's it for
tonight, class.

Thank you very much.


[melancholic music playing]

Ever since my mother's
death when I was a kid,

Alan and I were raised
by different parents.

But no matter how many
miles separated us,

he was always the closest
thing to my heart.

He died in the line of duty.

He wanted you to have this.

Company, present.

Halt. Ready.



[jazz music playing]

RUDY ANTHONY: Yeah, yeah.

I can understand you fine.

Just speak a little slower.

I'm looking at it as we speak.

I want $1 million,
cash, non-negotiable

and you can drive it home.


It's an American expression.

All right.



I think I just left a
couple mil on the table.

This guy didn't even bat an eye.

Yeah, boss?

RUDY ANTHONY: I want you to
pick up our Japanese friend

at the airport.

Take them over to my club.


And Vince, by the way, treat
him like a million bucks.

Don't I always?

All right.


Mr. Yoshimo.


Please, sit down.

Are you hungry?

Did you eat?


Please, try some
of this caviar.

It's the finest in the world.

Thank you.

Honey, bring us another
bottle of champagne.

How's the caviar, Yoshima?

Everything is beautiful.

You have a very fine taste.

Elegant, classy place.

You butter me up too
much, Yoshima, I'm going

to feel you're making a steal.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

You appreciate beauty.

Look at my man.

Take off your clothes.

Look how beautiful he is.

See how powerful he is.

Power's a beautiful
thing, isn't it Yoshima?

I'm only a business man.

I don't know about those things.

But what about your man?

He doesn't seem impressed.

[speaking japanese]

I think we might
have something here.

[rock music playing]

Now, smash him.

[interposing voices]

Get up.

Don't feel bad, Yoshima.

Like the caviar, he's the
best that money can buy.

Now, let's take care
of the business.

Right this way, Yoshima.

Look at this view.
Come on.


Come on.
Watch that first step.

It's a doozy.

All right.

Look at

[ominous music playing]

It's all here for you.

You can count it yourself.

Smells like a
million to me, Yoshimo.


Yes, oh, wow.

Yoshimo, your Sword of Honor.

Mr. Anthony, a phone call.

I'll be right there.

Don't do anything.

I'll Be right back.

It's real.

So is this.

Wow, look at this.

Look, I told you to go home.

Why don't you just
do what he says?

I want to stay with you guys.

Why don't you just go home?

We're getting sick of you.

But I want to
stay with you guys.

Look, if you
don't go home, we're

gonna throw you the trash can.




So I ask him--

I ask him.

What-- what else do you do?

He said, I'm a song writer.

What song writer?

What-- what's that thing you do?


(SINGING) I, I went
over to my girl's house.

A pleasure, I was seeking.

I kissed her under the nose
and that freaking thing

was leaking.


A little nicky knacky.

A ching-a, chong-a cha.
- That is beautiful.

[interposing voices]

You're my boy, Frankie.

You're my boy, Frankie.

You know the first
time I meet Frankie.

How about the first
time I meet Richard?

He comes to me.

He's no-- you know.

I said, I got a
little job for you.

There's a jeweler that's got a
thing for pastrami sandwiches.

Every day he goes to the deli.

And when he's
there, he's carrying

a mil plus in stones in a black
briefcase behind his seat.

And the door's unlocked.

Every day he goes there.

So I tell Richard.

He goes down there.

He snatches the bag.

Pretty soon, you know, half the
Vegas police are chasing him,


He ends up at my house.

And he's bragging his ass
off he's got the stones.

I said, Richard, you
know, that doesn't

look like the briefcase.

He opens up the black bag.

He pulls our a pair
of dirty shorts,

a salami sandwich, and
an electric toothbrush.

I laughed my-- thought I'd die.

You love telling that
story, don't you, Rudy?

Oh, come on, Richard.

You don't mind if I bust your
balls a little bit, do you?

What's the big deal?

By the way, boss, you
don't mind me asking what

Richie got for that toothbrush?

JOHNNY: We're talking
about a cop killer, Chief.

I want this case.

Look, Johnny, we're all
in this shit together.

And no one liked the way
Alan went, especially me.

I know that you and
him were buddies.

And I know that's your partner.

But the last thing I
need is a wild kamikaze

running the streets.

That's why I'm taking
you off this job.

You wanted to see us, chief?


You got to be kidding me.

You can't do this to me, chief.

This was my partner.

This case is mine.

You heard the
chief, grasshopper.

Take a vacation.

You know what your
problem is, Frank?

You've been hanging
out with too much scum.

And it's starting to rub off.

Back off, Johnny.

People die.
Get over it.

Get over it?
Get over it?

What do you know about it?

Hey, why don't you
lighten up, babe?

- You lighten up.
- No, you lighten up.

Just take it fucking easy.
Take a break.

[interposing voices]

Hey, that's enough
of this bullshit now.

Now, get your asses out of here,
before I take all your badges.

[rock music playing]


What happened?


I don't care what he says.

I'm gonna do this alone.

You're not alone.

Vicky, I just lost my
partner and my best friend.

I'm not about to
lose his sister.

Johnny, you're
gonna need help.


God, my car.

Johnny, look.


My car.

Let me handle this.

Hey, get out of there.

Yoo-hoo, it's the Lone Ranger.

I'm trying to give
you guys a break.

So why don't you just split?

Yo, what are you
gonna do, cop, shoot me?

You're right.

You guys ain't
worth the bullets.

So I guess we're gonna have
to do this the hard way.

[rock music playing]

Not bad.


You're welcome, partner.

JOHNNY: Sword.




Book and a long sharp object.

[speaking chinese]

Does anyone here
speaking English?

[speaking chinese]

You coming?

What was that?

[speaking chinese]

Thank you.

[speaking chinese]

The Mongolian dynasty fell
to a single Ming soldier

bearing the Sword of Honor.

It was believed that whoever
had possession of the sword

could never be defeated.

Yeah, well, we'll
see about that.

Where you going?

I'm going to do my job.

Hang on a minute.
Wait for me.

For what?

But we're partners.

Vicky, you run the
martial arts school.

I'm a cop.

You do your job
and let me do mine.

Don't tell me what to do.

I'm not telling
you what to do.

I'm telling you what
I'm going to do.



This is your house.

Then, lock up when you leave.

[rock music playing]

Yo, hey.

Get up.

Get up.

I'm clean, man.

I'm telling you, I'm clean.

Then, what's with
the 100-yard dash?

I just-- I don't know.

I got scared, huh?


Clean, AJ?



This just happened to
fall into your pocket?

I'm telling you straight,
this ain't even my coat.

I just found it.

No, come on.

What can you give me
on this sword thing?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I could put you back,
eight by six so fast.

I'm telling you straight, man.
What I--

Shut up.

Here's my number.

Call me.

You got it, man.

I'm your friend.

Yeah, right.

Oh, jeez--

Do yourself a favor,
stay away from this crack.

Then, you won't have to
second guess yourself again.

AJ: Rolling 6's here.

[interposing voices]

Wha-- what was your name again?

- Joe.
- Joe.

I got a buddy named Joe.

Nice to see you.

Joe, my wife, she's
got my wallet.

You don't mind spotting me
one of these green ones.

- Hey, what are you, crazy?
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
- Get away from me.


Just give me one
of these red ones.

Hey, I said get out of here.

Hey, get out of my face.

Will you get him out of my face?

Whoa, what are you doing?

Can't you see this
man's trying to gamble?


When's the last time
you took a bath?

You're stinking up the place.

Forget that, Nick.

Listen, I'm here on business.

We're not interested
in your kind of business.

No, but Richard will be.

Listen, I got to
speak to Richard.

I got to speak to
Richard right now.

What makes you think
he wants to see you?

Would I be asking if I
didn't have something for him?


[phone ringing]

Yeah, Nick?

AJ wants to see Richard?

What's this all about?

Send him over.

Yeah, Nick?

I'm gonna send the limo for him.

Thanks, Nick.


Let's eat.

[accordion music playing]

What can I do for you, pal?

I'm here to see Richie.

We ain't got no Richie here.

I'm AJ.

AJ, come on over.

Hold this.

Hi, Richie, Mr. Rudy.

Sit down.



Have yourself some pizza.

Oh, thanks.

That's great.

What are you doing?

You're picking your nose.

It's disgusting.

Come on, what do you got for me?

Well, listen.

This undercover cop,
he's been snooping

around about the guy that popped
the sword from the museum.



I mean--

What's that got to do with me?

Richie says, whenever the
cops come snooping around

to tell him, right Richie?


You know this cop?
- Yeah.


I got him in my pocket.

But I'm a little short
on cash right now.

Don't worry about that.

I'll take care of you later.

What's this cop's name?

Right here.

Tell him you'll meet him
over at Cupid's hot dog

stand tomorrow at noon.

Cupid's hot dog stand?

Tomorrow at noon?

I could do that.

Yeah, listen.

This is Jim.

Jim, yeah.

I want to talk to Johnny.

You should know,
Richie, I'll tell you,

I haven't eaten pizza
like that in a long time.

How about a little dessert?

What's good for the goose
is good for the gander.

Yeah, so, Richie,
where's the money, huh?

What's your hurry, AJ?

Oh, no hurry.

I just thought maybe--

Here, have some more, huh?

Yeah, sure.

Oh, Richie, I really
appreciate this.

I mean, you-- you've
come a long way

since we was pinching
nickels and dimes from them


I mean, look at you.

You're practically
Rudy's right hand man.

Remember how I always
used to say some day I'd

get my own piece of the action?

You remember that, AJ?

Yeah, I do.

I remember that.

How about another hit, huh?


But you know,
sometimes you've got

to leave the past behind when
it's time to move forward.

No strings.

No ties.

Nobody to remind you
where you came from.

And then, one day you
wake up and life fits,

like a brand new suit.

Fits like a brand new suit.

Richie I'm just-- I just
want to get the money.


I'll get your money.


Richie, how do I get it though?

Like this.


Hey, [inaudible],, now
who do you want to see?

Looks pretty clear cut, a
couple of Japanese high rollers

took a wrong turn
and got rolled.

Right, Dagger?
- Yeah, looks that way.

Anybody see anything?


So far all we've come up
with is a bunch of dead ends.

Well, dead end is right.

Get the paperwork done.

Turn it in.

And let me know
what's happening.

That's it?

Well, you got a
problem Officer Lee?

Yeah, I got a problem.

What is it?


FRANK: Ballistics?

You got a suspect with a weapon?

What about the bullet
that killed my partner?

Anybody think about
checking for a match?

He's right, Frank.

Why don't you check
with ballistics

and let me know what's going on?

Don't worry about it.

I already checked it out.

Well, that's the
last thing you're

taking care of, because
you're still off this case.

Yo, Vic, how's class?

Oh, god, I don't know.

I've got so much on my
mind right now, you know?

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Listen, let me run
something by you here.

There was this case
a couple years back

about this artist who
sold the same paintings

to several different buyers.

Sorry, I'm not with you.

Well, he promised each
buyer the same painting

and collected up front money.


All right, suppose you
had this priceless object,

capable of attracting the
richest buyers in the world.

Why sell it just once?

Yeah, but the sword's
not like the painting.

It's already finished.

The investor would simply
hand over the money

and the deal would be completed.

Assuming that the buyer lived.

See what I mean?

These Japanese guys--

Hey, you done with this?

No, I got one more set.


You're done now.

[rock music playing]


Don't you know it's not
polite to hit a woman?

So where does it hurt?

VICKY: Here.

VICKY: Here.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Yeah, how does that feel?




JOHNNY: Well, this is
supposed to be cold.

Yeah, but it's not
supposed to hurt.

JOHNNY: The pain will go
away in a little while.

Yeah, right, everybody
needs to suffer.

Well, you're a pretty
amazing lady, you know that?

How come you and I never got--




Well, you were my
partner's sister.


So I felt that
it wasn't right.

How do you feel now?

[r&b music playing]


Oh, Johnny, I've
been looking for you.

What do you got?

In my opinion,
these two bullets

were fired from the same gun.

Oh, David, you're
beautiful, man.

What y'all been smoking?

I've never seen
them bitches before.

You tell us what you
know about the stiffs

in the dumpster and you
got nothing to worry about.

We don't know nothing
about those stoops.

We deal in live merchandise.

Save it for the DA.

I'm saving it for you, sugar.

Oh, let's move it, girls.

Hey, Frank, mugging, huh?

Got a ballistics match.

Yeah, Johnny?

Got a ballistics match, Chief.

I thought I told you
to stay off this case.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

The bullet that
killed my partner came

from the same gun that
was used on the so-called

mugging victims.

Looks like you're right.

Our man's still in town.

That's good work.

Keep on top of it.

Keep me informed
on what's going on.

You got it.

Johnny, wait up.

I have some messages for you.


You're welcome.

[funky music playing]

Have you seen a guy
here, about 30-ish?

Looks like a Ratso Rizzo?


Yeah, figures.

He's a no show.

That'll be a buck and a half.

[rock music playing]


Hey, thanks for the back up.

What's the matter, Johnny?

You didn't like the dogs?

No problem.

Where you going?

Thanks a lot, guys.

What are you doing?
Hey, wait a minute.

This ain't our mess.

Fuck you doing, man?

Wait a minute.
This fucking guy.

Can you believe this guy?


[speaking spanish]

There's no more.

[speaking spanish]

Hey, sir, there's
a cover charge.

- I'm here for AJ.
- He's not here.

What's the matter with you?

You got brain damage?

[speaking spanish]

It's no good.

Tell him about the
automatic weapons.

[speaking spanish]

Federal agent.

Drop the fucking gun, man.


He's a cop.

Nice work, bonehead.

You just blew six months
worth of undercover work.

And now, we got two
stiffs to show for it.

Yeah, man.

JOHNNY: Can't believe that
little rat bastard set me up.

What was I thinking?

I had my head on backwards.

I'm so fucking stupid.

Are you done
browbeating yourself?

Because personally, I
don't give a healthy shit

about those feds.

And another thing, do you think
you're the only cop who ever

got his tit caught in a ringer?

Hell, we've all been
through that shift.

So what I want you to do is just
go home, take a nice hot bath,

relax, get a good night's
sleep, and come back tomorrow.

And you'll feel better.

Now, get your ass out of here.

Thanks, Chief.

Now, get.

Get out.

Dymitri's solid at $5 million.
I don't know, Richard.

What do you think?

Think we ought to take it?

$5 million?

No wonder Yoshimo
had such a hard on.

I'm telling you, it's
candy from a baby.

It's a half a mil
in your pocket.

Not bad for a day's work, huh?

What's going on with you?

What's with the long face?

I should've took care
of that cop personally.

Can't afford to have
you exposed right now.

He don't have
nothing on us anyway.

He bothers me.

[phone ringing]


I got a little problem
I need you to take care.

Why are you calling me?

I told you don't ever
call me at my home.

I thought I made
it clear that you are

supposed to keep the heat off.

I tried, but he's a good cop.

What do you want me to do?

We're gonna fatten
up your bonus.

But I need you to take
care of this good cop.

Listen, there are certain
things that money can't buy.

And this is one of those things.

Now, don't ever call me.

I'll call you.

And I'll think about
what this situation is

and I'm going to handle it.

Yeah, right.

Chief's getting a little soft.

He needs to think about it.



Something's troubling me.


Why didn't anybody else
check for the ballistics match?

What are you driving at?

Don't you think
the chief would

want to investigate
every possible connection

to Alan's murder?

The chief figured
the killer wouldn't

have been stupid enough to hang
around with a priceless sword.

Well, your chief must've
been awfully surprised

to find out otherwise.

What are you driving at?

Just watch your back.

You know what?

You think too much.

You think too much.

CHIEF WILSON: You heard me.

I tried.

It's not that simple.

Goddammit, just
get the job done

and get the hell out of here.

And don't come back.

Look it--

I don't want to
see your face again.


Get out.

[phone ringing]

Let it ring.

I told her not to call.



Just kidding.


Hey, Dino, what's up?


Got it.

Tell the chief I'm on it.

What are you doing?

Something came up.

Hot lead.

Hang on a minute,
I thought the chief

told you to get some rest.

Sorry, I got to go.

But, hey-- Johnny, ha--

[ominous music playing]

- Jesus.
- Dino.


You scared the shit out of me.

Just don't feel right.

No shit.

Where are these guys?

I don't know.

Either they're late
or we're early.

Stay here.

I'm checking around back.

You got it.

Johnny, look out.

[melancholy music playing]

It should never have happened.

[suspenseful music playing]

What are you, crazy?

[dramatic music playing]

I'll be right with you.

I have to give
these to the chief.

I'll be right back, baby.

Don't be too long.

Keep the coals burning.

Everything all right?

Dino's history.

What happened?

I don't know.

But the cop's still out there.
- What about--

Taken care of.


What about the cop?

How many times do
I have to tell you?

You strike when the iron's hot.

Forget about him.

You're the boss.

Hey, what does that mean?

It means I don't
like loose ends.

When the deal's done,
I'm taking him out.

[blues music playing]

Hey, anybody seen AJ?

Oh, hey guys.

Come on, let's go
have another drink.

Oh, the bar is back that way.

Drinks on me.

Oh, my friends.

Come on, officer.

You know we don't have
any problems here.

I remember you.

I kicked you ass once and
I could kick it again.

You know I can't fight you.

You're a cop.

Oh, that's right.

Hey, hey.

I ain't no cop no more.

Hit me.

Come on.

Hit me.

That's all you got?

Oh, I remember you too.

Come on.

Take his money.

Drinks were on him, right?

[interposing voices]

[blues music playing]

That's 60 cents.

Must've left my wallet
in my other pants.

60 cents or hit the road, pal.

Hey, listen, I'm a cop.

Give me a break, huh?

When you boys in
blue go undercover,

you sure don't mess
around, do you?

My first husband was a cop.

Am I gonna get a hot
cup of coffee, or not?

I'll be right with you.

Just hold your horses.

He looked so handsome
in that blue suit

and his boots so nice and
shiny, so tall and proud.

Man, he was a good
looking dude, the way he'd

come strutting up to my door.

[ominous music playing]

Hey, where are you going?

You didn't finish your coffee.

Hey, Frank, you seen this--

FRANK: What the hell
happened to you?

Hey, next time you take my
car, put some gas in it.

No problem.

You seen this guy before?

Well, what are
you asking me for?

You're the hot shot.

It's Richard Sireno.

Richard Sireno?

Yeah, I busted him a few years
back on some bullshit charge.

Did a little time and when
he got out, he left town.

Well, he's back.

And he's a cop killer.

I need your help to get him.

You need our help?

This is our case.

You guys can have the arrest.

I just want to nail the bastard.

Let's check it out.

[melancholy music playing]

You don't have to
give me your answer now.

You sure this is the place?


It's a long shot though.

Let me ask you something?

Why am I doing this for Johnny?

Because we're gonna nail
the guy who killed the chief.

It doesn't make any sense.

The chief is dead.

Dino was dirty.

You don't know who
you can trust anymore.

What are you looking at?



You think I'm dirty.

I didn't say you were dirty.

Well, you're looking
at me like I was dirty.

Or you think I was looking
at you like you're dirty.

Well, you got me
thinking like I was dirty.

Come to think of it, I don't
know anything about you.

What made you want to be a cop?

I didn't.

I wanted to be a singer.

A singer.

No kidding?

Let's go.

Come on.


We'll get you some
information now.

Call for back up, right now.

216 to dispatch.

We're pursuing the
robbery suspects

north bound on Industrial.


Where'd they come from?

Sireno's gonna be pissed if
we don't get him his grenades.

Vehicles are west
bound on Hacienda.


Give me your gun.

I'm pulling up next
to him, right now.

Here they come.

Here they come.

Slow down.

Slow down.

Oh my god.

Don't need any back up now.

What does K-Mart and Michael
Jackson have in common?

What's that?

They both got boy's
shorts half off.

You gonna deal or
are we gonna sit here

all night listening
to his stupid jokes?

What you in a hurry
to lose your money?

You gonna deal
the cards or what?


What are yo doing,
stacking the deck, Nick?

What do you expect me to do?

I got to win my
money back somehow.

Excuse me, boss.

There's somebody
here to see you.

- Get rid of them.
- I tried.

He won't go.

Tony, take care of that.


JOHNNY: Hey, man, what's up?
- Hey, what's up?

What's happening?
- Hey, nothing.

Hey, so what's the problem?

I ain't got no problem.

Just want talk to Nick.
- Is that right?


Nick don't want to
talk to you right now.

He's busy.

Ah ha.

Well, check it out, man.

It's a personal thing.

Now, I don't want your
boss to be embarrassed

in front of his friends.

You know, what I'm saying?

Well, unless
you got a warrant,

you just ain't gonna get
see him, now are you?


That's cool.

I'm out.

- Fold.
- I call.

What do you got?

Aces and 6's.

Three 4's.

Finally dealt myself a pot.

Who the hell are you?


Need to ask you a
couple questions.

Yeah, what do
you need to know?

I'm looking for a
bookie that used to work

for you a couple years back.

A lot of people
used to work for me.

Richard Sireno?

Yeah, I remember him.

What about him?

I saw his face
on a milk carton.

You know where I can find him?

Milk carton.

Take that badge and
stick it up your ass.

You know, you're
really something.

You come in here, you bust up
my party, you rough up my help.

You're lucky I'm on
a winning streak.

I'm gonna give
you what you want.

But do me a favor.

Next time, call first.

[suspenseful music playing]


What are you doing?
Taking a bath?



How was your day?


You have the candles lit, huh?


you like the candles?

You do?

Uh huh.

you like the candles.

You like the flames
of the candles?

Uh huh.

powerful, like the sun.

A candle is like the sun.

It's strong and
powerful and hot.

Tell me you like it.

Did you miss me?

If you missed me, kiss me.


When I was a little boy,
candle wax burned me.

But I didn't cry.

Get out of my house.

Who are you?

I don't want you here.

Where did you come from?

Come here.

Place your bets,
ladies and gentlemen.

Next shooter up.

This your idea of
some kind of joke?

Ah, shit.

I gave you what I know, OK?

I guess you don't
think I'm serious.

You're serious.

You're a serious mental case.

You're gonna tell me where
I can find Richard Sireno.

I already did.

I'll make it
easy for you, Nick.

You got three seconds to
tell me where I can find him.

Hey, go bother somebody else.

Metz Club.

[dance music playing]

Let's just keep
this nice and simple.

Take me to Richard Sireno.


Got a guy with a gun
headed in your direction.

[dramatic music playing]

Now, where is he?

Rudy Anthony's.


[jazz music playing]

Oh, my Russian friend.

At last, we meet.


I'm looking forward to
spending some time with you,

for a couple days.

I love to come to America.

The people are so
deliciously decadent.

It makes me want to eat.

Are you hungry?


I am famished.


We're gonna make
you comfortable.

Frankie, take them
to their rooms.

And then, we'll eat.

Come with me, my friend.

[string quartet playing]

Hey, boss, this
guy's [inaudible]..

Yeah, I know, Frankie.

This guy's eating
like a fucking pig.


When am I going to see
this wonderful sword.

Soon, Dymitri.


You know, only a sentimental
fool such as myself

would attach any
historical significance

to this priceless sword.

This sword is solely responsible
for the defeat the morale

of the Mongolian troops
and their ambitions

to extend their territory
into my country.

That's a fascinating
tale Dymitri.


But don't eat too much now.

We're-- we're gonna
go out to dinner.

Wonderful Wonderful.


Microwave huge
for Soviet soldiers.

See, they'd warm up their boots.

This is wonderful.

It's good.

And Las Vegas, I love it.

This is the best food
I could get here.


You come here--

you come here often, yes?

I own it.

He owns the place.

This is very fortunate.

Very fortunate.

I'm glad you're
enjoying it, Dymitri.

I'm glad you're having fun.

This Richard Sireno's been
working for Rudy Anthony.

Chances are we'll
either find him

at his estate or a restaurant.

I suggest we split up.

What do you think, Frank.

Yeah, OK.

Why don't you check
out the restaurant?

Dogger and I will
check out the estate.

Johnny, I was wrong what I
said about losing your partner.

Forget about it.

I used to love Halloween
when I was a kid in Detroit.

It was about five
or six, I discovered

the secret to trick or treat.

What is this trick or treat?

Well, Dymitri, it's a--

it's a pagan scam
invented by poor people.

Let him continue.

He's on a roll.

Like I was saying, I
discovered the secret

to the whole program.

When all the other kids
were going house to house,

knocking on doors,
begging for candy,

I'd wait behind
the bush with one

of my mother's kitchen knives.

You know, the real big kind?

After sticking that knife
in a bunch of fat bags,

I have more candy than
any kid on the block.

What an enchanting story.

This is a man
after my own heart.

But I must tell you,
all this talk of candy,

I'm hungry again.

We'll have a little dessert.

We're gonna go to my house.

We're gonna make a deal.

And you'll be on your way.

What the hell are you doing?

You're eating all the cherries.

Cherries jubilee,
what a wonderful notion.

That fat fuck was eating
me out of house and home.

How is it?

It's beautiful.

[ominous music playing]

[speaking russian]

Hey, [inaudible],,
you're in America.

Why don't you speak American?

We give you American bullshit.

You two guys are
gonna do just fine.

You two guys are
gonna be all right.

[ominous music playing]

FRANK: What do you make of it?

I don't know.

It looks pretty quiet.

Yeah, it does, doesn't it?

Now, let's go check this out.

[ominous music playing]

Don't look to quiet no more.

Flank to the left,
flank to the right.

Four more inside.


Who's the beautiful dame?

She's gorgeous.

Wait here.

Where's Colorado?

She's in the jacuzzi.

Hey, where is my boss?

They're on their way.

It's Sireno.

What the hell's going on?

I came back to get you.

Where's Rudy?

He's dead.

You with me or not?


Oh, shit.

Get dressed.

Frankie, clean this mess up.

No problem.

I'm gonna go get a
couple of baggies.

Let's go.

I always knew it would be us.

How'd you know?

The way you always watched me.

What'd you think?

I liked it, a lot.

[rock music playing]


I got the sword, Sireno.

I can't be defeated.

It's only a legend, cop.

Nice try, cop.

Whole lot of tricks, huh, cop?

Sorry about your partner, cop.

Thanks, Dogger.

It's you and me, cop.

It's you and me.

I'm gonna blow your
head off, motherfucker.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute.
What are you doing?

Wait a minute.

No, you wait a minute.

I don't think you
want to do this.

Oh, yeah?
Why not?

Why don't you take a
look in the suitcase?

I think you'll
like what you see.

You know what?

I already like what I see.

Let's go.

[suspenseful music playing]


Did you get him?

Yeah, Dogger.

We got him.

How am I doing Ms. Vicky?

Oh, I mean, Mrs. Lee.

Good, Max.

Real good.

[suspenseful music playing]

[rock music playing]

[mystical music playing]