Sword of Desperation (2010) - full transcript

A talented but troubled Edo Period swordsman, Kanemi Sanzawmon. Three years earlier, Kanemi killed a woman, Renko, the corrupt mistress of the powerful daimyo Tabu Ukyou. Unexpectedly, Kanemi received a lenient sentence for his crime and is allowed to return to his clan after only one year of imprisonment. Following his return, Kanemi is faced with the death of his wife, Mutsue. Thereafter, Kanemi lives with and cares for his wife's niece, Satoo, who has secret affections for Kanemi and expresses them by helping change his bleak outlook on life. Meanwhile, Kanemi's develops his unique "bird-catching" sword technique which he will soon put to test in battle for the first time against the fearsome swordsman, Hayatonosho Obiya.

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The two mediums, Kazusa and
Miura, were instructed...

“Sword of Desperation“ Production Committee:
Excellent Films Toei TV Asahi Pony
Canyon K Dash Sankei Shimbun

The two mediums, Kazusa and
Miura, were instructed...

...to go to the Nasuno

...and defeat the shape-
shining fox.

“The fox resembles a dog, therefore to
defeat the fox, practice with dogs.“

Note: special arrows were used to avoid injuring the dogs.
Thus advised, they practiced shooting dogs for a hundred days.

It is said that this was the
birth of dog hunting.

The two mediums donned
their hunting apparel...

Infantry Captain Kanemi Sanzaemon The two
mediums donned their hunting apparel...

The two mediums donned
their hunting apparel...

...and with several tens of thousands of horsemen,
surrounded the plains of Nasuno.

Unasaka Fief Lord Ukyo Dayu ...and with several tens of
thousands of horsemen, surrounded the plains of Nasuno.

...and with several tens of thousands of horsemen,
surrounded the plains of Nasuno.

His Consort: Renko ...and with several tens of thousands
of horsemen, surrounded the plains of Nasuno.

...and with several tens of thousands of horsemen,
surrounded the plains of Nasuno.

Pursued relentlessly by the hunters, the fox finally
fell to an arrow, and lost its life in an instant.

Infantry Captain Hoshina Junai It vanished like the
mist on the plains of Nasuno, but its grudge remained.

It vanished like the mist on the plains
of Nasuno, but its grudge remained.

The grudge took the form of a Killing Stone, and
continued taking human lives for many years.

However, after receiving
a gracious oblation...

Deputy Chief Retainer Tsuda Minbu However,
after receiving a gracious oblation...

However, after receiving
a gracious oblation...

...from the prelate Gen'no, it made a rock-hard
promise that it would never do evil again.

Thus the stone once again became a stone, and
the manifestation of this demon-god vanished.

Great performance.
It was splendid.

Pardon me.

Lady Renko!

Lady Renko!
sir Kanemi!

Lady Renko!
sir Kanemi!

Renko! Renko! Renko!

Renko! Renko! Renko!
Lord, go back! Lord!

Lady Renko...



Why have you done this?

I place myself in your hands.

Sword of Desperation

Please. May I see
Sir Sanzaémon?

No One Can See him until we
are Commanded otherwise.

Even One of his relatives?

Even one of his relatives?
Absolutely not!

Absolutely not!

Please make an exception.
Absolutely not!

Please make an exception.

Please make an exception.

It is I, Rio.

Father. What kind of judgment
will Sir Sanzaemon receive?

Not only will he be beheaded, but our family
line Will be abolished. it's inevitable.

Trouble Will befall our
entire family, then?

Why would Sir Sanzaémon
do such a thing?

There is no way for us to know
what was on his mind.

But had Lady Mutsue been alive, this
would have never happened.

Chief Inspector. I vaguely remember Kanemi,
but... what kind of man is he?

He is known to be serious, trustworthy,
and most self-composed.

Why then would such a self-composed man
do this? Were there any prior indications?

Kanemi never expressed hostility towards the Lord
or Lady Renko, or disgruntlement about fief policy.

“(Go-)Bekke:“ A member of the cadet branch of a family; used to refer to Sir Obiya.
What about his relative, Sir Obiya Hayato-no-sho; could he be connected to this?

There seems to be no connection

So you're saying that
he acted alone?

That is SO.

Does Kanémi have
a family?

His Wife became ill and died,
and he has no children.

Since he has no heir, he's prepared for
the abolishment of his family line.

Kanémi is worth 280-koku,
is that correct?


If only we could allow him
to commit hara-kiri.

But beheading will probably
be appropriate.

I believe I must

Kanémi Sanzaemon..

Your outbreak of madness the other day at
the Main Hall was the height of insolence.

However, given your subsequent unresisting
behavior, it is our Lord's wish...

...that you be granted
special clemency.

Based on that, judgment
shall now be passed.

Kanemi Sanzaemon, you are sentenced
to one year of house arrest.

Your fief pension will be reduced
from 280-koku to 130-koku.

Furthermore, you are relieved of your post as an
Infantry Captain, and all other official posts.

That is all.

Please Wait.

Please wait.
Sanzaemon.. Refrain !

I have killed a person
precious to our Lord.

I was prepared to
be beheaded.



Our Lord has judged
your case himself.

No arguments to the contrary
are permitted.



Do as you have been

Thank you for all you've done
for us, all these years.

Take good care of yourselves,
you two.

Thank you very much.

Come On.

Uncle. I have brought
you supper.



What are your plans?

Given our family situation, you should
consider what to do with yourself.

Uncle. After the annulment of my betrothal, I had
nowhere to go but back to my original home.

But out of Aunt Mutsue's kindness,
I was allowed to live here.

Then EVEN more SO...

Then EVEN more SO...

I do not want to go
anywhere else.

Please permit me to continue
to remain here with you.

Spirit Tablet of Believer Kotoku Jomutsu
(Kanemi Mutsue)

Welcome home.

Welcome home.
How is Mutsue feeling?

Well, her fever has gone down today. She seems
to be feeling much better than yesterday.

I See.

Welcome home.

You should lie down if you
want, don't mind me.

Your color is looking much better
than it was this morning.

Yes. The coughing stopped.
I'm feeling much better.

I See.

Dear... Please open
the shoji for me.

Oh yes... Sir Hoshina told me of a therapeutic
hot spring that's effective against sickness.

Why don't you go
and give it a try?

I'm already dismayed enough because I haven't
been able to care for you. I couldn't do that.

You needn't be concerned about me.

Get well as soon as possible.
That's all I want.




Let's grow some vegetables in the garden.

Let's grow some vegetables in the garden.

Let's grow some vegetables in the garden.
I can't do it alone.

I can't do it alone.

I'm going to do it. I just want your help, Hana.
I can't do it alone.

I'm going to do it. I just want your help, Hana.

I'm going to do it. I just want your help, Hana.

How has our Lord
been lately?

I hear he has been making regular visits to
the inner sanctum, even early in the day.

Seems like he's falled head
over heels for that women.

I hope he doesn't get swayed
by her mendacity yet again.

Fat chance. Our Lord only has
eyes and ears for that woman.

This is what I heard...

Lady Renko.

You are not allowed
to go there.

Please stop, Lady Renko.

Lately she can't bear to wait for
him at the inner sanctum...

...so she goes in person to the high council
chambers. Can you believe it?

They say she scribbled all over the austerity
budget and made it a hollow shell.

What are you so
worried about?

Let's deny number 4.

“Petition for a reduction
in the cuisine budget.”


I don't think we need
number 5 either.

“Petition for a reduction in the budget for
periodic festivities and formal gifting.“

Why are the chief retainers letting
her get away with this?

Even if they were to make a complaint, I'm
sure our Lord would have none of it.

Because if he did, he'd get
shunned by Lady Renko.

Hey. I just heard that Accountant
Anzai slit his stomach.


What for?

What for?

Rumor from the castle has if...
What for?

Lady Renko.

YOU mustn't..

Lady Renko...

Which one of you is
Accountant Anzai?

Lady Renko. I am Anzai.

What brings you to
a place like this?

I heard you have proposed to our Lord that the
budget for the inner sanctum be reduced.

Oh no, I would never
be so audacious.

And you told him to cut this year's Noh play
at Shungakuden Hall. Is this not true?

The farmers are in distress because of
the river's great flood this summer.

Reconstruction has proven to be
more arduous than anticipated...

...hence I expressed an opinion in the hope that
funds could be shifted in that direction.

Are you saying that you would
deny our Lord his pleasures?

I also hear that you're complaining that
our kimonos are an extravagance.

We serve to entertain our Lord. Are
you saying that we are a waste?

Oh no. I had no such intention,

Silence, silence!

You're trying to cover for your incompetence
as an accountant...

...and have ultered

The fief's finances are in disarray solely
because of your neglectfulness.

Slit your stomach.
Your stomach.

Lady Renko.

Your responsibility is great; you have administered
the fief's treasury incompetently.

This is the Will of our Lord.
Slit your stomach.

Lord! Lord!

Sir Anzai. Sir Anzai. Please get back.
Get back. Lord! Lord!

Is what Lady Renko said
truly your command?

Please get back, Sir Anzai. Sir Anzai.
Lord! Lord!

Please. Lord
Lord! Lord...

And that's what happened,
I hear.

For such 8 trifle...

Sir Kanémi.

Let's go have
a drink.

Come keep me

Poor Sir Anzai.

Everyone's in a foul mood lately.
All I ever seem to hear...

...are nothing but gripes and grievances about our
Lord and fief governance. It's like a disease.

I hear that even Sir Tsuda is at a loss.

I wish we had a remedy,
but we don't.

Everyone's helpless. All they
can do is wait for the time.

The time?

The time when our Lord grows
weary of that woman.

Do you know about the enmity between
our Lord and Sir Obiya?


It concerns the reconstruction
of Koboku temple.

Koboku temple?

Apparently, our Lord's clan has deep
connections to this temple.

It was concerning this that Sir Obiya
paid our Lord a visit the other day.

SO, Sir Tsuda.

Sir Obiya, you have
returned from Edo.

Let's skip the formalities. There's an issue
I must directly discuss with our Lord.

Let me See him.

Lord, you must have
lost your senses.

Koboku temple is an utterly
obsolete temple.

Obiya Hayato-no-sho, Lord's relative Koboku
temple is an utterly obsolete temple.

Obiya Hayato-no-sho, Lord's relative

Obiya Hayato-no-sho, Lord's relative No matter how
deep a connection you might have had with it, Lord...

No matter how deep a connection you
might have had with it, Lord...

...I cannot understand why you
would want to reconstruct it.

The cost of reconstruction
would be tremendous.

Given our financial difficulties,
this project is not a necessity.

You're dissatisfied with my decision,
is that what you're saying?

I have been told that this idea was conceived
in the inner sanctum, Lord.

And that when the work is finished, the father of
your consort is to be installed as the abbot.

Sir Obiya, I fear that you should not speak
of such matters to our Lord...

I want to ask you directly,
if these things are true.

How outrageous.

I have never heard of a consort being permitted
entry into the council room of a Lord.

I gave permission.

Sir Obiya. Does it bother you that
a woman is here with you?

On top of that, you must be bothered that
I have a say in governmental affairs.

The fief is in dire financial straits. It would
be vexatious to fender if more destitute.

The reconstruction of the temple has
always been our Lord's wish.

The funds will not just be spent
on builders and lumber.

All who are involved in
the project will benefit.

In short, it will be a means
for the fief to profit.

You are being completely

As are you, Sir Obiya.

You are a retainer without responsibilities, so
you don't appreciate our Lord's burdens.

I don't want you frivolously
meddling in fief affairs.

Silence! This is not the concern
of a mere consort.


You might be family but you are not in charge.
I've had enough of your opinions!

Hayato-no-sho, withdraw.

When it comes to standing up to our Lord, there's
no one with more clout than Sir Obiya.

But he would not listen to anything
Sir Obiya had to say.

His leadership has
become infected.

It's filled with the pus of
that woman's poison.

Sir Den'ichiro, you're really good
at fishing, aren't you?

I haven't fished in a long time,
but I haven't lost my skills.


By the way, Rio. Anything to report
about Sir Sanzaémon?

Well... Nothing's

Rio, you're the only one who can care for Sir
Sanzaemon. Please continue to do so.


I've been thinking,
Sir Den'ichiro...

Could it be that uncle killed Lady Renko because
he was looking for a chance to die?

Why would you
think that?

It's nothing. I just sensed
it,that’s all.

That was uncalled for.
My apologies.

It's starting to taste just like the
late missus' used to make.

It's Rio...

I feel unusually
good today.

It's not good for you to be
indoors all the time.

How truly refreshing.

My turn.

How feisty.

When I was a kid, we were taught to do “bird
spearing“ like that, to train our bodies.

But I kind of feel sorry
for the bird.

Was that wrong of me?

Was that wrong of me?
You're so kind, auntie.

Announcement. I, Kanami Seizo,
am here as summoned.

Declaration to chief of
family, Kanami Seizo.

As of today, Kanami Sanzaemon is
no longer under house arrest.

You have endured much hardship
on my behalf, Rio.

My apologies for being such
a burden to you for so long.

I'm glad that you're in the clear, and
released from house arrest.

We relatives are concerned about
your future prospects.

But first I'd like to hear what
you yourself think.


Uncle. I'll wash your back.

Never mind.

No. You cannot wash off a year's
worth of grime all by yourself.

Please don't be hesitant.

I must smell.


Sir Den'ichiro and others are saying
they can't wait to see you.

Please refuse any visitors. I don't
want to see anyone just yet.

I've told uncle the same. He called me an ingrate,
but permitted me this self-indulgence.

I just want to walk around
the fief, alone, for a while.

Please give this petition
to our Lord.

We've had a horrible harvest, and the annual levy is
much too high. We might as well be told to die.

Denied. The decision
is final.


How insolent, to try to force a petition upon our
honored Lord! You Will all be beheaded.

Doesn't our Lord spare any
thought for our lives?

You are being insolent.
Withdraw! Withdraw!

Please think it over,
just this once!



The farmers are ignoring
grave prohibitions...

...taking up hoes and bamboo spears,
and threatening to complain to Edo.

We absolutely prohibit this.
All of you know what to do.

Lady Renko sparked this riot.

Lady Renko sparked this riot.
Her again?

Her again?

Her again?

The administrators increased the annual levy for
Akaishi county, based on her suggestion.

Akaishi is the top rice grower in Unasaka. Its levy
must've been higher than anywhere else.

Their goal is to drum up funding for
rebuilding that ramshackle temple.

The Koboku temple thing...

Is this going to turn
into a battle?

It's all up to Sir
Obiya now.

Everything's riding on
Sir Obiya's decision.

Why are you nervous?

If those lousy Akaishi farmers
disobey you, my Lord...

...you should behead them all,
without a single exception.

Sir Obiya! sir Obiya!

Hold it, all of you.

Please withdraw for HOW.

Sir Obiya. The way things are,
we'll all starve to death.

It's not advantageous for you to riot at this
time. There will be consequences.

We're ready to suffer the consequences.

We're ready to suffer the consequences.
Sir Obiya.

Sir Obiya.

I have already relayed your request to our Lord.
Sir Obiya.

I won't let you down.

Sir Obiya, can we put
our trust in you?

All of you.


All of you. The Akaishi county riot
has been tentatively pacified.

Your orders have
been rescinded.

Your great efforts
are appreciated.

NO! NO! NO! Dad, Mom!

Sir Obiya!

Koboku Temple

Keisui-in .Juno Renju Daishi

You are Sir Kanémi Sanzaémon,
are you not?

And you are?

I was Lady Renko's servant.
My name is Taé.

Now I keep vigil over
her divine spirit.

There was something I wanted to ask
you, perchance we should meet.

Sir Kanemi. Why did you
kin Lady Renko?

Two years later

Official business. Official business.

Uncle, the messenger of the Deputy Chief
Retainer, Sir Tsuda, has delivered this.

From Sir Tsuda?

Kanemi Sanzaemon. Your stipend of 130-koku
shall be returned to 280-koku as it was before.

You are commanded to assume
the post of Chief Bodyguard.

Chief Bodyguard? Me?

Correct. Two years have passed since
your release from house arrest...

...yet I hear you have severed communication with
your relatives, and are refusing to have guests.

Our Lord is very impressed
by your stoic disposition.

He said, “We can't let Kanémi
bury himself like this.”

But Sir Tsuda...

I am one who has been punished for his
act of insolence against our Lord.

I have reservations about
serving in his vicinity.

YOU need not be concerned

Our Lord regrets
his past acts.

He said that he erred in applying the counsel
of that woman to governmental affairs.

He confided as
much to me.

He is not angry about
what you did.

In fact, it was our Lord's magnanimous instruction
that you merely be placed under house arrest.

EI'1deaVOI' for the sake of
our Lord henceforth.

If you refuse, that would be tantamount to
your trampling on his thoughtfulness.

Kanémi Sanzaemon..
Come forward.

I, Kanemi Sanzaemon, from today shall serve at
your side in the capacity of Chief Bodyguard.

Endeavor to do SO.

Kanémi. You may withdraw.

Yes Sir.

He has Come...

So what's it like being
Chief Bodyguard?

Frankly, I'm so tense every
day, I can't stand it.

Sir Tsuda must really
be fond of you.

It had been decided that you
were to be beheaded...

...but Sir Tsuda's intercession changed
everything. That's what I heard.

I heard if was Sir Tsuda who
convinced OUT Lord as well.

He'll most likely become
Chief Retainer.

The long era of Sir Tsuda is
about to begin for the fief.

And obviously, you will
get promoted as well.

I'm not interested
in promotion.

It's alright. There Will be those Who'll
resent it, but don't mind them.

It was you who killed Lady Renko,
which was impressive.

However, it's still questionable
whether your deed paid off.

Be that as it may, you look healthy,
and that's a good thing.

You too, Sir Hoshino.

I manage.

I've retired, but now I have to listen to the
complaints of my family at our mansion.

I never knew the women
could be so noisy.

By the way, what is it that you
wanted to discuss with me?

A new wife,

It's not about me.

I have a niece, Rio
is her name.

Her original betrothal was canceled, but if you
know of a man who would not mind that...

Oh. I remember her well.

She was politely hospitable, when I visited
you during your house arrest.


She was very thoughtful, if I recall.
ls she still at the mansion?

Her younger brother got married, and has become
head of the family; it's difficult for her to go back.

Welcome back.

Sir Hoshino will be visiting us soon.
He'll be bringing a man with him.

Do accommodate them.


Sir Maki. This is my wife's niece.
Her name is Rio.

Rio. This is Sir Maki Tobei, of the
civil engineering department.

Mitsuoka. Is Mitsuoka here?

It is Kanemi. Inasmuch as Mitsuoka
is not here, I shall be of service.

Don't poke your mug in
front of me all the time.

Yes Sir.

Kanemi, from now on, for small matters,
speak from behind the partition.

You needn't show your
face every time.

Understand? I don't like
the way you look.

The more I see it, the
more angry I get.

Respectfully, I have
a request.

Please relieve me
of my post.

Kanemi. Don't misunderstand. I have no qualms
about your work as Chief Bodyguard.

You are performing well. I won't allow a
change of jobs. Just do as you're told.

Mitsuoka(a here.

Mitsuoka(a here.
Yeah. Come in.

Yeah. Come in.

Yes Sir.
Yeah. Come in.

Kanémi. Come to my mansion later.

Kanémi. Come to my mansion later.
Yes sir.

Yes Sir.

We need to talk.
Yes Sir.

It must be awkward... usually having
to speak from behind the partition.

Don't let it bother you. Our Lord
is a temperamental person.

He has a bad habit of inadvertently
saying what he is thinking.

He regrets it afterward,

However, as he does not want to see my face,
I think being Chief Bodyguard is impractical.

If there is anyone fit to take my place, I
am disposed to give up the position.

Is that what you were thinking
I wanted to talk to you about?

I wouldn't have to invite you
here for a talk like that.

It would Suffice to discuss
if at the castle.

Whether or not he wants to see your face, only
you, Kanemi, can serve as Chief Bodyguard.

There is a reason
why this is so.

I have absolutely no idea
what that might be.

Kanémi. I hear you are a master swordsman
of the Tenshin-dokumei school.

Don't bother hiding it. I've heard
it from several people.

Well, “master” is
going too far.

Never mind. I'll
pour it myself.

I am told there is a secret technique called
“bird-spearing.“ It's said to be invincible.


Indeed there is. But it is not a secret technique
of the school. It is a technique that I invented.

I see. Now everything
makes sense.

That explains why you're the only one who knows
the technique, and why no one has seen it.

You have investigated well.

Of course, I had a reason
for doing so.

But there is one thing that
I don't understand.

I'm told this “bird-spearing” strike has another
name, the “sword of desperation.”

What does that mean?

It is to be used only when in an absolutely
desperate situation. Hence the name.

I think that he who uses the
technique, that is, I...

...am half dead when
l have to USE if.

“Half dead?"

Master swordsmen say
strange things.

Nonetheless, it is an invincible
technique, correct?

It appears I was right
about you.

I fear that there is someone who
might try to kill our Lord.

You would be able to thwart him.
That was my thinking.

Use your invincible technique
in service of our Lord.

Are you saying that the opponent is so skilled
that I might have to use this technique?

He is an expert of the
Jikishin school.

Sir Obiya Hayato-no-sho.

I will wash your
back for you.



What did you think
of Sir Maki Tobei?

He seems to be a steady and trustworthy
man. Those are qualities I appreciate.

What do you think?

Without talking to you first, I asked Sir Hoshina
to find someone for you, even a widower.

I appreciate you taking care of the house, but I
don't want you to miss your chance to marry.

You're very chatty
tonight, uncle.

Don't make fun. Listen..

You washing my back is so relaxing, that
I came to rely on it without realizing it.

But tonight is the last time. You
need not do it any more.

When matters get settled, you
will be getting married.

You must not be washing
another man's back.

I do not want to get married.

I do not want to get married.
Don't be foolish.

You must get married to a stable husband.
Otherwise, you'll never be happy.

I went off to get married,
but I was not happy.

If by chance something were to happen to
me, you'd have to return to your home.

If you don't want to be under the care of your
younger brother, you'll have to marry.

Is my being here a bother to you?

Is my being here a bother to you?
I never said you're a bother.

I'm just thinking of the future; I'm saying
that you can't go on like this.

If that's the case...

Please let me stay.

I want to be with
you, uncle.


You needn't clean up. Come
to my room later.


It's Rio.

An acquaintance of mine lives
in Tsuruhané Village.

Take this with you,
and go there.

You understand why
you are to do this?

I do not.

Sooner or later, people will find out about
us. And when that happens...

No matter what they
say, I am prepared.

I have no regrets.

Some day, a time will come when
I will come and get you.

When Will that be?

When Will that be?
l don't know.

In due time, I Will
come for you.

Uncle.. Promise me.

That you will surely
come and get me.

I will surely come
and get you.

Has Miss Rio returned yet?

Has Miss Rio returned yet?
No, not yet.

I got a letter last month that said it would be
another half-month before she returns.

That's a long time.

And when she does return, don't expect
her to say yes. She's rather selfish.

I'm going to ask Miss Rio
her genuine intent.

I'm going to propose to her, and if she turns
me down, I'll give up then and there.

Understood. Do come around and check.
She should be back soon enough.

By the way, Sir Kanemi, it's said there is enmity
between our Lord and Sir Obiya. Is it true?

Who said that?

I heard it from Yoichiemon,
a member of my clan.

No, I have not heard this.

My family is related to Sir Sasa, a retainer
who is close to Sir Obiya. Therefore...

Such being the case, so much the better
that you not speak of it to anyone.

Yes Sir.

Sir Obiya is suggesting
that our Lord retire.

He intends to remove him
by force if he refuses...

...then have his own heir, Lord Izumi-no-kami
of Edo, appointed as the new Lord.

I have heard that our Lord was
planning to crush Sir Obiya...

...and when he became aware
of this plot, sir Obiya said;

“Ukyo:“ the name of the Lord. “If that is how
Ukyo would have it, I have plans of my own.“

It's for the baby to wear.

It's for the baby to wear.

Sir Obiya, you mustn't!

Sir Obiya, you mustn't! Your swords. Please
do not proceed carrying your swords.

Sir Obiya!

Sir Obiya. Your swords. Please
put aside your swords.


Yes Sir.

Prepare our Lord
for a quick exit.

What's going on, Kanémi?

Sir Obiya is here. I'm told
his state is unusual.


It appears there is a possibility
of bloodshed.

If you hear a commotion, leave quickly using
the rear exit. A guard will be there.

So you are the swordsman of the
Tenshin-dokumei school.

I'm told your name
is Kanémi.

You're an imposing man.

I have to speak
to Ukyo Dayu.

I cannot let you pass.

I must discuss something
with him. Let me pass.

No. You may not.

Even if it means
fighting me?

I will be... your

Please reconsider,
Sir Obiya.

This is madness...
this fight...

I shall kill anyone who
gets in my way.

How splendid. The “Sword of desperation:
bird-spearing strike.”

No, that was...

Kanémi has gone mad, and has
killed Sir Hayato-no-sho.

Don't let him escape.
Kill him.

“GONE mad?"

Kill him. Kill him!

This is my duty!

Put them away.

Put away your swords!

Don't do this.

Please don't do this.

Sir Kanémi...

We can certainly make Kanemi
Sanzaemon open his belly.

But that's not going to bring
Lady Renko back.

Lord. Understand
how you must feel.

But keeping Kanémi alive works to our benefit...

But keeping Kanemi alive works to our benefit...
Denied! Sentence Kanemi to beheading.

Kanemi is the greatest swordsman
of our time.

Nobody else can defeat Sir
Obiya in a showdown.

He is the only one.

If things come to a head, we can
use him to crush Sir Obiya.

Afterward, he can
be disposed of.

Will you swear to me that
his days are numbered?

I So swear.

He's not breathing.

Be comforted, Lord.

Now Lady Renko has been avenged,
and Sir Obiya is dead.

Kanémi. Our Unasaka fief
has, for a hundred...

Kill. Kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!

The sword of desperation...

“Worship Festival”


He didn't come
today either.

Toyokawa Etsushi

Ikéwaki Chizuru

Kikkawa Koji

Toda Naho

sem Megumi

Murakami Jun

Takahashi Kazuya

Yui Masayuki Yajima Ken'iChi Jukkanji Baiken Tobayama Bun'mei
Kino Hana Takigawa Risho Fukuda Tenkyu Shundo Mitsutoshi

Tsumami Edamamé Kenzo Murasugi Seminosuké
Harihara Shigeru Yamada Kinuwo Hiro'oka Yuriko

Kohinata Fumiyo

Kishibé Ittoku

Produced by Ito Hidéhiro Nakasoné Chiharu Hirajo
Takashi Ogoshi Hirofumi Kawamura Tatsu'o Toyama Shuji

Producer Egawa Shin'ya Line
Producer Shimomura Yutaka

Based on “Hisshiken Torisashi“ by Fujisawa Shuhei Serialized in Kakushiken Koeisho Published
by Bungei Shunju Planning Suppon Bungei Shunju Special Thanks Endo Nobuko Endo Takashi

Screenplay by Ito
Hidéhiro Era Itaru

Cinematography: Ishii Hirokazu Art Direction: Nakazawa Katsumi Lighting Engineer: Shibara Noritaka Recording Engineer: Tanaka Yasushi Editing: Suzaki Chiéko Assistant Director: Nakamura
Takahiko Production Supervisor: Morita Kenji Assistant Producer: Masuzawa Masayasu Fight Choreographer: Kuze Hiroshi Noh Supervisor: Umewaka Manzaburo Periodical Guidance: Nishiwaki Yasushi

Title Song: Kaze ni mukau hana Sung by: alan Lyrics by: Matsui Goro
Composed by: Kikuchi Kazuhito Arrangement by: Nakano Yuta Label: avex trax

Produced by
Excellent Films

Directed by
Hirayama Hideyuki

©2010 Hisshiken Torisashi Production Committee

Even one of his relatives?
Absolutely not!

Kanémi is worth 280-koku,
is that correct?

What brings you to
a place like this?

We're ready to suffer the consequences.

Kanémi. Come to my mansion later.

Yes Sir.

It's for the baby to wear.

I have to speak
to Ukyo Dayu.