Sword of Damascus (1964) - full transcript

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Everybody into the courtyard,
go listen to the Consul.

Move faster!

Everyone into the courtyard!

Are you deaf?
Hurry up!

Or I'll deal with you right now.

Go on!

You too, get in line.

But I can't leave
my merchandise.

That's what I'll do
to your merchandise!

Get a move on,
line up in the courtyard!

You there, get up!

I wish you'd die
in a manure pile...

with nothing to hang on to
but the horns of your father.

Excuse me, Commander!

May the Gods punish me
for what I said.

I thought I was talking to
my friend Tisba, a vile rascal.


I know I fell asleep on the day
of Gaius Tibullus' speech.

But in my defense, please realize that
I worked hard all night.

I beg your kindly Roman heart
to forgive me,

this poor and wretched Syrian.
I beg you to.

Ah, and here's a magnificent creature.
Surely it's a Roman horse?

And what a fine sword you have!
It's really superb.

No one could oppose
such a weapon.

As for your armor, it must've seen
more than a thousand battles.


I'll go right to the courtyard
like a good citizen,

and I beg you to
forgive my negligence.

Hurry up and go.

Long live Caesar!

Long live Rome!

Long live the Emperor!

My purse!

What are you looking for?

I've lost my purse.

Dismount and help me find it.


I'll go to the courtyard immediately!
On the double!

Long live Caesar and long live Rome!

I, Marcus Gaius Tibullus,

named Consul of the East
by the Roman Empire,

salute you.

Today we celebrate the 38th
anniversary of the conquest...

or, should I say,

the peaceful occupation of Syria,

by the invincible Roman Legions.

Rome is proud of you,

particularly by
this spontaneous gathering.

With our protection,

barges loaded with Syrian wheat
sail majestically

toward Roman ports.

Some of you have
had the great honor

of being proclaimed
citizens of Rome,

such as your noble representatives
who stand beside me.

If you have not been cloaked
in the glorious uniform

of a Roman legionaire,

know that you can still serve
your homeland

by agreeing to give up
a mere sack of grain.

Rome is generous.

She has given you everything: justice,

well-being and peace.

But we're deprived of liberty!


Seize him!

All traitors and agitators

will be punished by Rome.

These scoundrels will be hunted down,

until only honest and hardworking

people are left.

We have shown generosity
to you.

There is but one way
to express your gratitude,

to honor the Emperor
Augustus Caesar,

father of your country.

Long live Emperor
Augustus Caesar!

That young man expressed
sincere enthusiasm.

Others like him are needed.

When does Vitellius arrive?

He's already on his way.

But the disastrous state of your roads
will complicate his task.

Chaos persists in Galilee and Hermon.

Rebellion is brewing here
in Damascus.

You should act quickly instead
of making speeches.

I know my duty.

But the Syrians will rise up
against you first.

What do you mean?

It should be obvious. We're
foreign conquerors

while you of your own free will
are collaborators.

Tibullus, you're blaming us...

Relax, no need to lose your temper.

Rome wants to maintain peace and order.
I'm devoted to that cause.

But why should I send a legion
to Galilee or Hermon...

when nothing happens there except
a few minor quarrels?

In order to obtain
cheap glory...

and receive a triumph
from the Roman Senate?

I don't have that ambition.

If my son was still
among us...

Explain yourself.

Rhodian pirates abducted him.

They cowardly attacked our ship.

My son Marcus was barely
2 years old.

Since his disappearance, I've
no idea what's happened to him.

You didn't seek revenge?

This story doesn't concern you.
Get out!

The situation would be much better
if we had a King...

or a Tetrarch as in Judea.

A King of Syrian origin...

could legitimize your
somewhat illegitimate actions.

I suspect the wealthy Mannae
would be the ideal man.

Is that not so?

You could be right.

I'll think about it.

What would you be willing to do
to obtain such a favor?

I could increase the heavy tribute
I already pay.

Not enough.

But if you helped me to
apprehend the traitors,

who knows...

I'll do my best.

Are you ogling my wife?

Not on your life!

Damned scoundrel!

Quit your nonsense.

I'll kill...

Lottie, I've called for you three times now.

Begone, I don't want
your Egyptian statuette.

This is an absolute bargain.
See, it's gold.

I'm only selling it to
pay for my escape.

I'm aware the Romans
want to arrest me...

because I'm fighting
to liberate Syria.

Oh, leave me in peace.

How much do you want for it?

From you I'd ask nothing.

Don't worry, I'm just looking
to make a good deal.

I already have a customer.

He didn't seem very interested,
so show me the object.

It has great value, as you can see.

I could very easily sell it
for 1000 shekels.

But for you, 500.

Don't overdo it, I'll offer 50.

50 shekels? A pittance!

A pharaonic statue
entirely of gold...

- Give me 90.
- 50.

- At least 80.
- Keep it, then.

I'll take 50. It breaks my heart,
but I need the money.

Give me the statuette.

One moment, I was here first.
I'll give you 60.

Right. Bye!

He'll send you packing.

Don't talk foolishly, I'm interested in it.
Here's 60 shekels.

If you really want to sell it,
I'll offer 70.

I'll offer you 80.
Give me the statuette.

Don't be silly, I'll offer 90.

Here's 100 shekels
to close the deal.

Farewell, dear Syrian friends.

You'll never know how
to bargain as well...

as Phoenicians do.

Moron, I'd have given you 200.

I'm an honest man.

You deserve all my nagging.

Where's the foreigner?

He left, but we'll
eat in his place.

Lottie, my little dove,
sit down.

I have work to do.

But if Jesen asks me,
I might accept.

No, I'll just ask you to
bring me a cup of wine.

White and fresh.

Do you also want some wine?

I'd prefer a kiss.

You'll have to kiss him,
it'll make him happy!

Just a little kiss?

For a thief's first crime,

the Romans cut off a finger.

Anything further, it's the hand,
then the head.

Trust me, Tisba.

If you really want Lottie,
stop acting like you're a couple.

A woman is like a shadow:

chase after it and it'll flee.

Flee from it, and it'll chase after you.
You follow me?

Jesen's right.

In life, you have to take risks.
Do you know me?

I know you, Uria.
Will you sit down?


You've exerted all your courage
for so many causes,

except the most important one.

Which one is that?

Syria, Jesen. Our liberty.

Join with us.

We're instigating a revolt
to drive out the Romans.

Drive out the Romans?

That's a laudable intention,

but how do you plan to do it?
The risk is high.

But a risk worth running.

We must act before Vitellius
brings the new Roman emblem.

Let me go!

This woman Anna was a
Roman's mistress.

What will you do to her?

Cut off her hair...

so she won't want
to mix with the oppressor.

Why did you do it?

At least he washes!

Leave her alone.

Why not do the same to Mannae,
your High Priest, instead?

Along with the other noble Syrians
who grovel to Rome.

We'll kill all our enemies
in due time...

so think it over.

Lottie, take her away.

Look out!

You plan to confront the Romans
with these clowns?

When we act,
the people will support us.

Let's go in here.

We've decided, Jesen.

Even if there's a lack of money
and weapons, very soon...

Money and weapons for what?

Arrest him.

This man hasn't done anything.

Do you want to join him?
Arrest him, too.

Take that!


Over here, Jesen!

Stop his accomplice!

Take this side!

Don't let his arms loose.
He's coming with us.

Stop squirming!

Get going!

A thousand pardons, Tisba.
Take care of him.

Up there!

Stop him!

Each of you on either side.

He's here!

That way, quick!


In here.

Get in quick.

Who are you?

Don't say anything, I understand.

I've arrived in heaven
and you're an angel.

My name is Miriam. Follow me.

Are you aware you're risking your life?

I'm doing my duty because
you're one of us.

You're as lovely as a noble heart.

When I first heard that noise
outside my window,

I thought it was a cat.
But I quickly understood it wasn't.

Then you must be disappointed.

Not as disappointed
as my little Jargal.

She's in love with a handsome tomcat
who meows at my window.

Come, I'll open your...

Hold on, my angel, just let me
breathe the same air as you.

By then soldiers will
have surrounded the house.

We musn't delay.

Keep quiet, my father's asleep.

Who is your father?

Ammon, the potter.
And who are you?

My name's Jesen,

and I'd lead a quiet life if it
weren't for these Roman dogs.

Come on.

Should we work a little?

Go ahead if you want to, I'm staying here.
She'll come out eventually.

Silence! What's he done?

He took one of my necklaces
without paying for it.

Liar, I put the money right here.

Where? I swear by all the Gods
he didn't pay me!


Enough! I'll have to arrest both of you.

Don't lay a hand on me,
I'm a Roman citizen!

- How would you like to be a citizen?
- Look, there she is.

I've a lot to do, hurry up.

Father, I'm going to the market
with Zenobia.

Very well, my dear.

Where are you going? You told me
you shouldn't run after a woman.

Miriam is not a mere woman.
Can't you see that?

She's an angel.

Where are you going, my angel?

To do some shopping
with my cousin.

Can I come along?
I'll carry your packages.

That would be very inconvenient,
young man.

Go on your way and leave us alone.


How much do you want for it?

Two shekels and three sesterces.

It's a little too much, unfortunately.

Is this your veil?

You bought that for me?

No, I wouldn't dare buy a gift
for a young woman.

After you had it in your hands,
I found it on the ground.

You're a terrible liar.

Take it and you'll make me
the happiest of men.

Refuse it, Miriam.

I know all about these smooth talkers.

I'd like to accept it.

His beautiful eyes show me
he's a good and honest man.

Impossible, I'm sorry...

What are you hiding?
Let me see.

A chicken.

It's one of mine, you dirty thief.

Not at all, he followed me.

Good day to you.


Let go of me!

What's he done?

This rascal tried to rob me.

Follow me.

Hold on, don't touch me!
I'm a Roman citizen.

With all these Roman citizens around,

there's no way to do business quietly.

Make way for the noble Mannae!

Make way for the noble Mannae!


May the Gods protect you, Mannae.

You must fashion...

two jars for Gaius Tibullus.
He told me so last night.

Indeed, Mannae.

Then make me two more,
more beautiful than his.

I'll send them to Rome
for Augustus.

Father, the meal will be ready soon.
Don't be late.

Very well.

Is that Miriam?

She's grown very lovely.

She's gorgeous.

No more than any other girl.

Don't fool yourself.

You were speaking to me about jars.

Yes, Ammon.

You'll have them delivered to me.

Have your daughter bring them...

tomorrow night.

I'm giving a banquet.

My daughter Miriam
doesn't go out at night.

Oh yes, she'll come out. I'll send her
my own palanquin,

as well as an escort
of Roman legionaries.

Let me remind you that you
owe me 300 shekels!

Only 270...

The interest has gone up
since that time, Ammon.

I could ask you for the money now,
or send you shackled into debtor's prison.

Have mercy, Mannae.
I beg you...

I'll be waiting for your
daughter tomorrow night.

Consider it a great honor for her
to be invited to my banquet.

Let's go!

Make way for the noble Mannae!

- How is my angel?
- What are you doing here?

I brought a live mouse
for your little cat.

Sorry for another lie.

My angel,

When can I see you without
resorting to these subterfuges?

Probably never.

Also, you must
stop coming here.


Do you...

dislike my company so much?

Of course not.

But something's happened
that will change my life.

I know, my angel. I heard
your father talking to that vile Mannae.

Tell me if you intend to go to him
of your own accord.

How can you believe
such a thing?

But if I don't do it,
my father will be imprisoned.

You're not going. I'll settle his debt.

You? But...

Shhh. What's that there?


There on your lips. Don't move.

Let me see and touch them.

When's the meal coming?
I'm hungry.

Patience, dear.

We're expecting the guest of honor,
the Pearl of the Orient!

I'm very curious to see her.

You'll see her shortly.

She brings two jars
for Augustus Caesar.

To Augustus the jars
and to him the pearl!

Listen to me, Tibullus.

Attach a message to my gift
to support my request.

Two jars, even splendid ones,

are not enough to win a throne.

You'll soon know who all the
traitors are, as well as their hideouts.

The girl has arrived.

She's come!

- Now for our meal.
- Finally!


You're not going to leave that quickly,
my dear. Follow me.

Here is the pearl of the Orient
that would be the envy of...

your Goddess Venus.

Show off your beautiful face
and delight their eyes.

The little flower is timid.

Make it quick.

Admire her.

All my compliments, Mannae,
on your pearl of the Orient!

My cousin couldn't come,
so I took her place.

Seize this rascal!

And whip him until he bleeds!


Seize him!

Hurry up!

Don't let him escape!

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up, you idiots!

Relight the candles! Bring torches!

Get the torches from the corridor!

He's gone!

Damn him, he escaped!

You'll regret this farce.

If you don't pay me tonight
you'll end up in prison.

But where do you think I can find
300 shekels in that amount of time?

Grant me an extension, Mannae.

You have until tonight.

Charity, good people.
Charity for a poor invalid.

Move aside.

Give even a meager offering.

Tisba, follow me.

It's a strange time we live in, when
a one-legged man can't move any longer.

Quick, help me find 300 shekels.

How do you expect us to find that?

It'll be difficult, but necessary.

Jesen, listen...

Do you understand?

If we don't pay the old man's debt,
he'll be arrested.

You mean her father?

Just a minute.

Yes, I like it.

But I want two identical ones.
You can have 200 shekels for them.

I don't have another one, Lord.

But I can find one
and have it sent to you.

Take this one now.

And the other?

You can pay me for both later.

Tisba, I have the solution.

I swear...

to search all of Damascus
until you're satisfied.

Here, carry it.

Thank you.

Come on.

It's incredible, amazing,
marvelous, wonderful!

I don't see anything.

You don't see the disk on your right?

Look, it's turning green.

It's coming down on the horizon.
Go up there, you can see better.

Try it with your hands around your eyes.

Trust me with your package.

You still don't see?

Look carefully at the horizon.
Do you see anything?

Good for you,
you're lucky.

Very fortunate, even.


It's the disk of Moloch. Whoever
sees Moloch is unlucky.

I've got good luck then.

You certainly do.

If you touch a metal object,
it'll turn to stone.

To stone...


Nanouk the copper merchant sent me.

Here's the second lamp.

He found it quickly.

It was on the floor of the shop.

He sent me to give it to you
and collect 200 shekels.

It's similar to the other one.

One would think they're the same, Lord.

Give him the money.

Thank you.

Take it to my home.

Amazing, what beauty!
Look at it as it turns!

I don't see anything.

On your left.

You really don't see it?
Climb up there...

you can see it better.
Here, give me that.

Now it's turning green.
It's the disk of Moloch.

I see nothing.

You can if you look harder.

Here's the lamp Mannae was looking for.

Since we found it, we'll agree
to sell it to you for 100 shekels.

100 shekels? Are you crazy?

And not a penny less.

I can sell it to him directly
for twice that price.

Don't leave without negotiating.
Let's say... 60 shekels.

Out of the question. 100.

- 70, then.
- 100.

Think of how thrilled Mannae will be.

What's more, you'll pocket 200 shekels
for the two of them.

I've not yet received
a penny.

How about... 80.

100. Final price.



100 stabs into my heart.

Mighty Lord...

may the Gods fill you with grace,

may your business continue to prosper,

may your cows fatten
and give you calves...

What's your reason for coming?

You come on behalf of this traitor?

No, noble Lord.
Ammon is innocent.

He sent me to pay
the money he owes you.

Give it to me.

First sign this receipt...

No, I need to count it first.

Quite so, here it is.

It's all there?

All of it.

If you don't mind...

I'll bring the purse
to your secretary.

Come back.
I prefer to take it myself.

Excuse me, I thought
I was doing you a favor.

Put that away.

Mighty Lord, glory to you.
Happiness and prosperity...

Go away.

Master, there's been a great misfortune!

A real pity!

The lamps have been turned into stone!

It's because of Moloch.
We saw the disk of Moloch!

Moloch? What are you talking about?
Miserable idiots! You fools!

Master, the money has vanished.

What's that?

The purse is filled
with pieces of iron.

Damn you!

And you too!

You idiots! I'll have you drawn
and quartered! Wretched fools!

Damned scoundrels...

- He saw the iron pieces.
- And the lamps.

I'd have thought such a shock
would have killed him on the spot.

It could still happen.

Let's go, it'll be safer.

No, then we'll miss the
highlight of the show.

A fatal attack?

I hope so.

Listen, he just went through the gate.

He's climbing the stairs.

Once there Mannae...

will light the lamp...

and pass by the window.

Hail, Tibullus.

What happened to you?
You're very pale.

Only a slight annoyance.
Can I speak to you in private?

Please leave, my friends,
while I talk to Mannae.

We're committed to
protecting your cult,

but you'll have to pay tribute first.

Do you have the names of the traitors?

Not yet, forgive me.

In fact, I need your help.
My prestige is at stake.

My tribute to Rome is already high,
but I'm ready to increase it.

Rome's always needed money.
What is it you want?

Give an order for you legionaries
to abduct Miriam,

the potter's daughter.

A kidnapping?

So that justice may be served.

Her father and two thieves
defrauded me of 300 shekels,

plus 200 more for the lamps.
I won't stand for it!

Rome must defend me.

That's a strange way of looking
at Roman justice.

You refuse to help me?

No, since I wish to meet your
pearl of the Orient,

I'll have her come to my home.

You'll no longer have to try
and seduce her.

Thank you, Tibullus. Thank you.

I've discovered his name: Uria.

My informant assures me
he's the rebel leader.

Good. Go now.


Come with us.

Is your name Uria?

What do you want with me?

My name is Mannae,
and I must talk to you.

I don't talk to friends of Rome.

Talking without thinking first
is what brought you here.

You must learn to hold your tongue,

and to kiss the hand
you want to bite.

You'll soon be free.

But watch out in the future.
Be more careful.

As you can see,

being a friend of Rome
can be useful.

Okay, meet me at the shop.

Yes, go.

Make it quick.

Greetings to you, my angel.


I refuse to listen.

But I saved you.

That's true, but you're a thief.

Don't you know that can lead
to the highest levels of power?

Take for example the Romans or Mannae.

Shame on you.

If you want, I'll change.
I'll start working.

What can you do?

Nothing, but I can learn.
My hands are very skillful.

Do you swear?

Yes, my angel. But first
accept this small present.

Beautiful. Where did you find it?

It's an old family heirloom.

I refused to sell it,
even when I needed money.

My bracelet!

I've lost it.

Help me find it, please.

But how could it have fallen
off my arm?

It was a keepsake.

Help me find it.

Is this your bracelet?
I found it over there.

Yes it is. Thanks. Thank you!

Don't get me wrong, my angel.
I just did it as a prank.

What happened to you, Jesen?
Can I get you a drink?

What's wrong?

Buy it from me, and you have a deal.

It's... more than 1000 shekels.

Who are you? Don't just sit there.

If you've come for the lamp,
don't even think about it.

This gentleman was here first.

Look carefully, it's gold.

Don't listen to him,
the lamp is worthless.

He's trying to fool you.
It'd be better if you left.

What do you know about it?

I'm his accomplice.
So get lost.

Jesen, dearest friend,
have you lost your head?

From now on, no more stealing...

and scamming people.
I'm changing my life.

She's against it.

Your angel?

- How will we survive?
- We'll have to work.

I've never seen you like this.

He's in love with an angel and...

Shut up, you fool.
What do you know about love?

I'm in love with Lottie.

He's in the tavern
with his accomplice.

I was cheated out of 100 shekels!
Mannae knows about it.

There, those two!
Arrest them!

Quick, run!

Arrest them!

Don't let them escape!

Wait a moment.

This brave man has surely
mistaken me for someone else.

Enough, give yourself up.

What are you waiting for?

Stay here!

Now you're wanted by the Syrians
as well as the Romans.

I'll manage somehow.

You should join us
and fight for freedom.

Meet me at Ferial's cave.

Thanks, but I don't care to
play the hero. Farewell.

Let me go!


Let go of me!

No! You have no right!

Release my daughter!

Curse you!

My uncle...

I saw everything: legionaries
abducted her.

Gatherings are banned,
we need to break up.

The Roman guard might return.


Where did they take her?


What's happened?

They abducted Miriam.

My poor daughter...


Just now.

Roman legionaries
took her by force.

One of them mentioned the
palace of Tibullus.

I'll rescue her.

Even if she's held captive
by an army of Praetorians,

I'll save her!

Poor little Jargal.

Are you looking for your mistress?

Jargal... That's a great idea.

Take her.

Don't worry, Ammon.
I'll bring Miriam back.

Once I'm appointed King,
these jokes will cease.

I already have my scepter and crown.

Once you've given me
the names of the traitors,

we'll discuss it.
But until that time...

A little patience.

Here is the pearl of the Orient!

At last!

Come and sit, my darling.

Don't be afraid,

you'll be treated like a queen.

Didn't I tell you, Tibullus?

Her beauty would turn the head
of even the most virtuous of men.

She's charming.

For pity's sake, Tibullus, send me back.

Don't talk nonsense,
my beautiful star.

Your place is here,

among the noble and wealthy.

Afterwards, I'll take
you to my house...

where you'll live like a jewel
in its box.

No, Mannae, I won't go.

If you force me to, I'll kill myself.

Hey, Mannae.

Come here.

I'm afraid she's only giving you
a hard time.

She'll be mine, even
if I have to punish her.

The two black acrobats are
ready to perform some gymnastics.

Have them come in,

but if they don't entertain me,
I'll put them in prison.


The Pearl of the Orient smiled.
What a joy!

Would you offer me a cup of wine?

Certainly, whatever you want.

Don't forget the net.

I'm afraid for my skin.

Come on, I've coached Miriam
and you go move the torch.

At 20, you jump.

And unfold the net.

Our acrobat is looking for an assistant
to perform a somersault.

I'm afraid not, a Roman consul
must know how to behave.

Have you lost your mind?

I'd like to try.

No, my sweet dove,
you'll break your neck.

There's no risk as
long as they catch me.

Let me try.

Don't be afraid, my angel,
it's easy.

Keep your feet together
and close your eyes.

Two, three, four... forward.

What happened?

It came from the terrace.

Go on, hurry up!

Welcome, Uria.

What do you want with me?

First, a drink.

I only drink with those
who love Syria.

I'm Syrian and I love
it as much as you do.

Yet you feast with the oppressor.

Do you think love of country
boils down to conspiracies...

and an impossible revolt
against the Romans?

That's a big mistake.

It's better to go to a friend
that we want to strike,

by winning his trust
and then taking timely action!

What is it you want?

To be one of you.

You're still suspicious of me,

even when I saved your life
by risking my own.

Just know that we're pursuing
the same objective.

But you won't get anywhere
without my help.

Take it.

5000 gold piasters in
payment for the cause.

I'll also have weapons.

- When?
- Soon.

Thanks to you, we can topple
Vitellius' troops.

Syria thanks you.

I'm rich, powerful and pass
as a friend of the Romans.

My assets are at your disposal.

May the Gods help you.

Sends weapons to our hiding
place at Ferial's cave.

You'll get them.

Go now and don't say a word
about this discussion.

Since I can pass
as a friend of Rome,

our plan will have a greater
chance of success.

Thank you, Mannae,
You have a noble heart.

You're already dead, fool.
Try again.

Vitellius' troops will be defeated.

We'll be able to ambush them.

You'll be one of us.

I'd be honored, but I can't.

- But you...
- Listen.

I've finally found happiness.

I love my bride-to-be
as much as my life.

I'm not going to stupidly lose her.

Don't talk like that, I saved you.
Do your duty.

No one should force
a duty on his neighbor.

Silence, old man. Miriam,
do you intend to marry a coward?

He's not a coward.

We must prevent Vitellius from
entering the city with his emblem.

The fasces?

Yes, for which every Roman soldier...

is ready to die: the symbol
of Roman power.

Where is Vitellius now?

Near the town of Ori.

Delay your ambush and
get me a horse.

Two, rather.

Very well.

One last theft.

But of patriotic significance.

Let's go, Tisba.

"Let's go, Tisba."

There are so many flies and mosquitoes here!
I already miss my villa in Albano.

I understand Vitellius.
I wish you a speedy return.

Yes, hopefully.

We'll leave at dawn, I want to enter
Damascus during the day.

By the way, tell me about the city.

It's wonderful,
you can eat well there.

That's just my luck, I've already
had to widen my armor.

Do they at least have baths there?

Yes, Tibullus had some built.

Good, it's gotten sophisticated.

At the expense of the state.

Good night.

Good night to you also.

I recommend that you...

keep a close watch on the fasces
at the center of camp.

Double the guard.

Who are you?

I'm replacing Vinicius,
who's sick.

No one told me about it.

I've just been transferred
from the 6th division.

Are you from Rome?

No, from Albalonga.

The men from Albalonga
are all thieves.

Good night.

Where are you going?

To see Matrulus.

What country have I fallen into?

I've just arrived, and the
Lictor's fasces have been stolen!

I can't understand
why they did it.

For one reason only:

as an affront to Rome
and an act of war.

No thief is clever enough

to enter the camp,
steal the fasces...

and leave without being detected.

I know one who is.

The black acrobat who showed up
with his accomplice...

and robbed me of 300 shekels.

- A negro?
- That was only paint.

Since we have their identity,
we can capture them!

Dead or alive. He might well
cause us trouble.

You alone were responsible
for the fasces.

Indeed, Tibullus.

It's quite true he may
have stolen from me,

but the theft took place
in your jurisdiction.

Remember our deal.
Will you keep your word?

A Roman Consul never
goes back on his word.

Then you'll recover the fasces,
and get the thief and rebels, too.

Let me tell you
where they are.

Great work, bravo.

Now I can leave here, I hope.

Very well, Jesen. I won't ask anything more.
Be happy in your marriage.


The Romans!

They've surrounded the hill!


How many are there?

Two hundred, maybe three.

There are too many, Uria.

The enemy must be wiped out.

Stay close to the walls
and let them enter. Quick!

While awaiting my orders,
go and hide!

Lead Miriam to the bottom
of the cave and hide yourselves.

Jesen, my love...

Catch this sword and
make good use of it.


I'll be thinking of you.

I'll get out alive.
Go and hide.

Using a sword isn't my strong suit.

Play dead by covering
yourself with blood.

But first, hide the fasces.

Disguise yourselves as shepherds and go
ask help from our allies.

Take this side.
And you, over there!

Has Mannae deceived us?

No, it's too quiet.

Keep your cavalry at a distance.

Hide yourselves under the trees.

I'm going into the cave.
You, come with me.

Come on, hurry up.
Move it!

Go on!

Everyone under the trees!

For Syria! Death to the Romans!


Stand firm!

Reinforcements will arrive soon.

The Syrians!

Round them up!

Drop your weapon.

Take them out.

Do you know Jesen the thief?
See if he's among the dead.

He should be here.

Centurion, I found him.
This is him.

He's dead.

Tibullus wants him back,
dead or alive.

Pick up the corpse.

Centurion, he's alive.

What's that, alive?

In any case, his heart's still beating.

Get up quick, carrion.
We've found you.

It's okay.

Stand up.

I wanted to try my luck
and I lost.

You hoped you could play dead?

Stay alive, anyway.

You would have made a serious mistake,
we're going to set fire to the cave.

Then I would've burned to death?

Don't worry, we'll be
cutting off your head.

Thanks, I prefer that to burning.

If any of the wounded are still here,

they'd prefer to be taken prisoner
than burned alive.

Death by fire is horrible!

Why are you shouting?

I'm a little deaf.

Get going.

Put the straw and tar in here
and burn everything.

Prepare some quicklime and take it
to the bodies of our dead soldiers.

You there, get moving!


Send Flavius to tell Tibullus
the rebels were destroyed.

- How many prisoners are there?
- Twenty.

- And wounded?
- I don't know.

Cover the bodies with tar and straw.

- Are they ready to seal the entrance?
- Yes.

Not so fast, centurion!

Who's there?

Just a moment! I've got my hands
on two traitors.

Come out of there!

I'll flay you alive!

Old dog, you thought you could
fool a Roman legionary, eh?

Dirty traitor.

Come on, move!

- Centurion.
- What?

Now that I've got my hands
on them, shall I kill them?

- No, put them with the others.
- Where are they?


You heard the centurion.
Otherwise I would have killed you on the spot.

Go on!

Get going or I'll kill you.

Set the fire.

Go on, you.


Get going!


Get down on your knees
and worship the Emperor!



- After you.
- Go on!

He won't perish by the sword?

While the Syrians have adopted
some of our methods,

when it comes to cutting off heads,
they prefer the axe.

His death won't bring
back the fasces.

Would you like for Rome
to know he robbed you?

By all the Gods,
I'd be sent into exile.

For all my loyal service,
I should receive a triumph.

A triumph in Rome?

Not necessarily in Rome,
Tarquinia would suffice.

All right then, cut off his head
and be done with it.

I'm offering you the chance
to save your life.

You know my conditions.

I don't want to condemn you.

I have the same opinion.

Curious... You're not a Syrian.

On the contrary, you have
all the attributes of a Roman.

What do you have against the Romans?

Not much, actually.

To me, Romans, Syrians
and Phoenicians are the same.

They all have my sympathy
if they leave me in peace.

You see, that could save you.

Tell me where the fasces are,

and I'll help you.

That's impossible.

I'm sorry,

but it's a matter of principle.

Too bad.

- What now?
- He's in bad shape.

Hurry and stand up!
That'll shorten your sentence.

I kept my word, Tibullus.
It's your turn now.

Not now.

I was a part of this
great Roman victory.

Without me, you'd never
have suppressed the revolt.

You're going to proclaim
me King of Syria today.


The scepter... Don't you think
you're being a little hasty?

Explain yourself.

I don't have the power
to crown you.

You're telling me this...

after I've already handed over
the rebels to you?

I risked my life to betray Uria.

You did your duty.

Rome punishes those who
conceal traitors.

Why did you come?

I want to see him and he can
see me too.

And your father?

With my cousin Zenobia
at old Zebulon's place.

Cover yourself or
you'll be recognized.

It doesn't matter,
I must die with him.

I thought about that too,

but then I said: what for?

Mercy on them!

Do you have any final words, Jesen?

No. Do you?

Goodbye to the fasces
and goodbye to my triumph.

Just a minute!

Before I die, I'd like to
pay tribute to this city.

This generous city that
offered me hospitality...

and gave me all her affection.

I'd like to thank the Damascan Sun
that warmed my idleness...

and the Moon, that
watched over my dreams.

And I thank the Romans,

who, today, have justly
condemned me to death...

for having taken up
arms against them.

Hopefully my speech
will serve some purpose.

Farewell, Damascus... Farewell.

That's enough, execute him!

What is it?

My axe disappeared.

It's another one of your tricks, bandit,
stealing the executioner's axe.

What do you expect to get from that?

Just gain some time.
Life's a matter of time.


They're mad. Completely mad!

Look out, they're coming up here!

I'm returning it!

Victory is ours!

Soldiers, advance!

Give yourself up.

Hurry up and move!
To the dungeon!

Put him with the others!
Hurry up!

I knew it would end
like this.

Marcus! Marcus!

Don't kill him!

Are you crazy?

That's my son!

Marcus, my son!

I don't understand.

At last... Marcus.

What are you saying?


Dear father!


Let's go eat.

He fell into the fire
on the ship,

which left that scar on him.

On the subject of fire,

I'm happy the fasces
weren't burned in the cave.

Pardoning the rebels isn't
a sign of weakness,

but a sign of strength.

That's true. But despite the joy,

let's not forget the brave men
who shed their blood for our cause.

The sacrifice of Uria and his compatriots
has not been in vain.

Rome understands
the requirements of your country,

and concedes to Syria her liberty.

What are you talking about?

Giving a speech is one thing,
keeping to it is another.

You really want to become
a Roman citizen?

Yes. And I plan on
making a lot of little Roman citizens.

Would you like to help me?

Yes, Jesen.

My name's Tisba.

Pardon me.


Do you like it?

The Empress gave it to me.


She honors me with her friendship.


Will you love me even if
I'm a Roman?

Do you love me even
if I'm Syrian?

I love Syrians.

And I adore Romans.

Take it.

It's my wedding gift.


English translation by Antonio
for Cinemageddon