Sword in the Desert (1949) - full transcript

Cynical freighter captain Mike Dillon hopes to take the money and run after helping to smuggle Jewish refugees ashore in pre-Israel Palestine. But against his will, he's drawn into the escalating fight between British occupation forces and the founders of Israel. In a battle doubly terrible because the audience sympathizes with both sides, how long can Mike remain a bystander?



it'll be full daylight in an hour you'll

have to shove off now take your chances

but we must get word that it's safe to

go ashore I've been waiting for that

since midnight you expect me to remain

here like a fool

but we get picked up by the British

Patrol are you certain of our position

captain I don't make mistakes mr. Vogel

we're exactly eight miles north of Khan

Younis if we're south of it we're off

the coast of Egypt not Palestine maybe

you'd like me to swim ashore and come

back with a matzo ball

these people are depending upon me to

get them safely through if I am cautious

it's only because the British have so

often captured us in these last few

miles well they aren't gonna be caught

aboard my ship I know what happened to

the exodus and the San Felipe

if this mob of yours is too scared to

make a dashboard they can swim ashore

I'm pulling out of here they are not

scared captain but these people have

come all the way from Poland and Germany

from Romania and Hungary most of them

are the survivors of concentration camps

Elson but they have heard the screams of

their loved ones as they were dragged

into strikers get over my turn akin


this is their last hope you wouldn't

dump them overboard like cattle now when

they can almost see the shore let's get

this straight mr. a few days ago you

hired a ship transportation from Italy

that's all if I hadn't missed a load of

fertilizer I wouldn't even have listened

to your deal what do you use for heart

captain don't these people mean anything

to you as human beings sure they mean a

hundred and twenty-five bucks a head

plus the bonus they also mean I'm

carrying a hot cargo illegal immigrants

without papers okay I took that chance

and I got you here what happens to you

from now on doesn't mean a thing to me

so get moving

we just got a flash on a shortwave what

was the message the word for word

repeated three times that means the

beach is clear let's go close and start

the motors on those launches and stand

by to cast off yes sir hey boys probably

man everything's ready Ellen below


run in fast dump your loads and get back

to the ship at full speed we're gonna

clear this coast before daylight you

understand yes sir now let's have the

rest of that money you owe me

8,000 bucks EOD yes that's correct

you haven't delivered these people yet

captain what are you trying to pull on

me well our agreement was for safe


that means of the beach of course the

money we'll be waiting for you there

what kind of a sucker do you think I am

you pay me that eight thousand bucks now

we're all hauling those boats and dumped

a lot of your back and barri but I

haven't got the rest of the money if you

misunderstood it's because this is your

first trip as a blockade runner every

other ship's captain who has made this

run knows how and when we pay the final


so now you tell me all the cheap

chiseling tricks

you haven't much faith in mankind have

you why should I have

what's it ever done for me

and more for that

this is no time to argue captain we have

trusted you and we will on future trips

but you must now trust us I never made a

dime trusting anybody mister I'll make

no more trips for your crowd at any

price I'm sorry to hear that

well you've got to make up your mind

quickly either way

you learn about

Oh which one of your men shall I give

the money to unsure

this one I'm going with you and see that

it's paid there's no trouble I'll be

back within an hour when you hear my

engine give me a short starboard light

and be ready to pull out immediately I

don't like this captain these waters are

full of limey patrol boats what if I

don't fix us up while you're going tell

them where hope to for repairs get the

chief to rig up a phony short-circuit he

can repair quickly yes'm


I'm taking over the other boy







there's the light

at straightforward



you men get on back to the ship I'll

follow you in a few minutes you wait



see we're home now keeper come on hurry

it up Vogel where's the guy that pays me

off he'd be here in a moment


the universe key here brawny

is he Amish lemurs they have beyond


hubba-hubbas it really you

we thought you were dead papa we had

lost all hope

how long did it take you to get here how

long 2,000 years

Jenna Shalom javi it's good to see you

our trucks ready just over the dunes

about a mile good

listen everybody follow this man and

keep close together you'll soon be among

friends okay no

I know what you're going to ask me

dahveed she's fine

you'll see her very soon

well where is he I can't hang around

here Oh jelly Shalom

baby my boy how you should have been

here last night with a car just party

myself in the last blew off a British

convoy six trucks on a motorbike lay the

mines of my own two hands or a lovely

job at wall burger could have this gut

and settle with me I've got to get out

of here who the devil is this

captain Dillon who brought us middling

this is Gerry McCarthy recently of

Dublin Dillon did you say the name was

Dillon welcome to the commotion they've

got us a bit outnumbered for the moment

but check a few more development coming

along and everything will be topsy-turvy

what's a Mick like you doing here oh why

wouldn't I be here do you know of a

better fight going on anywhere we have

several hundred Irish Volunteers

fighting with us

give him $8,000 Gerry

when does the next British patrol dog

come along here and not for two or three

hours won't you change your mind captain

we've got thousands more waiting in

Europe for ships not me once is enough

I'll sell poacher don't tell me you're

gun-shy yeah I had two Navy boat shall

affirm on to me during the war but this

one happens to belong to me

cost every penny I get big borrow and

steal I don't mind turning a hot buck

once in a while but Lourdes doesn't

write insurance on Jewish ferryboats

anyway I'm an American this isn't my

fight why be a sucker

you know Davi that sort of man is an

island to himself blind to all decency

no man is an island Jerry


that sounds like a British patrol boys


yelling over Hillsboro tell the first

two groups to move out quickly take the

women in children with the last truck

and wait on me


they come here get off the beach


in the minute forward sergeant


prepare to go ashore remember your

orders without immediately you get on

the beach follow me now


watch it there may be a trap near you

know these gliders


this is a swell mess you've got me into

you'd have to come with us come on

you're where you've got a truck over the

hill and go jump on it as soon as they

pull out I'm getting back to my ship

looks like they've run through another

crowd of illegals not more than a few

moments ago either

these footprints are quite fresh look

here sir I just found us under one of

the seats

better take her into custody sergeant

she may be a Jewish spy

corporal Barlow sir give the mobile

guards our position inform them large

party of illegal immigrants landed here

only a short time ago if they move fast

enough we may be able to round up the

whole lot what's up have a look around

I'm going up to the do

come on

repeat repeat patrol group 12 calling

Cross Keys Crusader and Churchill


large party of illegals and eight miles

north of Khan Younis now engage in

resisting action move in move in block

on roads


patrol group 12 on Cross Keys Crusader

and Churchill

I'll have this landmine laid in a jiffy

stand away from me

Lloyd's don't write insurance for them

things either

come on get in get in you hurry no

shoving me one of my offers is a shot he

may be dead we all maybe if you stop

here to argue come on




Russkies to crusader

we are moving south on c5 set up a

roadblock and watch the illegals for a





because she's still broadcast at the

same time they break in 2 p.m. every day

give it a try


the soldiers of the underground forces

to the British Army of Occupation we now

bring you briefly the important news in

the past 24 hours last night our

soldiers destroyed the British radar

station at Kiva Tonga which on three

occasions has been responsible for the

detection and capture of our ships

bringing refugees from Europe

unfortunately several men on both sides

were killed in the attack early

yesterday morning remind and arraigned

the military train on the - Cantara line

the locomotive was destroyed and the oil

tank set afire rails were torn up for a

distance of 5 kilometers tomorrow the

British High Command will issue orders

canceling all train travel between Gaza

and Tel Aviv but it plans to make use of

the line by daylight for the transfer of

military units and war materiel we now

give them warning that any trains

traveling between these points will be

attacked and destroyed our intelligence

agents in London report the general

Vincent now stationed in Jerusalem will

soon be relieved of his uncomfortable

post and recalled to England as a result

of his complete failure to suppress the

activities of the Jewish army resistance

this will make the 4th change of

commanders within three years and who

will be the 5th and the 6th and how many

more after that

this is Sabra

Curtis biggie to all our people they

have courage and stand your ground

within a few short months the British

Mandate will be at an end from their

date begins the freedom of our country a

life of dignity for our nation

god save Israel we must hurry they

should be near the village by now

he said they or dahveed you're anxious

to see








this is in your court

you will remain here for their so until

any danger of discovery has passed the

others who are with you on the ship have

been taken to another village several

miles away where they will be safer now

the organization has the exact plans for

all of you so that within a week with

any luck the British will be unable to

tell whether you have been in Palestine

a month a year all your lives now if you

will follow these friends they will give

you food


hey what about me what am I gonna get

back to my ship oh that is not for me to

decide I'm not in command here

come along

you have no good reason to be ashamed of

smuggling capital back in Ireland it was

always a dignified trade a thorn healthy

breed of simple dishonest name a sure

isn't it grand the chance caretaker the

fun of the game not to mention the fact

that you're getting a bit your own back

on John :

what are you worrying about anyway you

haven't been carting your pockets are

bulging with dollars nos no I haven't

got anything against the British in fact

I prefer them they keep their word not

with us captain

that's the seat of a trouble and that

back of me a hand to the seat hey guys

really like to play soldier don't you

know we don't like it none of us do

these men and I spent three years in the

British Army as commandos Montgomery's

Jewish Brigade that was enough war for

anyone if he had a country to come home

to but we did not


well Jerry is he here

he's around there somewhere don't worry

tell me darling did you hear any news at

all I think you've got another British

radio car did I did right now are you


well they could up suddenly in the

middle of a call it must have been when

they stuck in mine

well maybe that'll teach them not a

middle within the car please

shun on something I missed you so what

happened on the beach we only heard the

British radio / jobs well we got here

safely that's the main thing when I

heard your voice this money all my other

troubles were forgotten I hoped you

might hear me

he starts three months have been a very

long time yes for me to suffer I have so

much to tell you so I bye let's travel

to Tel Aviv tonight if we can and we'll

talk all the way so long


shut alarm welcome home it's good to see

you again and how are things going with

us not too well the Arabs are growing

stronger every day try to wipe us out

from the British leave others have tried

that too yes so they have come on let's

get this thing settled who's in command

of your outfit oh this is the American

captain Dillon the British cut him off

when he tried to return to his ship so I

brought him with us to prevent his being

captured one of his men was shot on the

beach I'm sorry to hear of this captain

okay so we're both sorry my bosun's

probably dead what's the next move

I do not know yet we shall have to give

it some thought you'd better think fast

I've got to get back to my ship now it's

not so easily arranged

for this mobile units are on every road

now searching for the refugees whom you

landed this morning it would be unwise

for any of us to move until they've

given up just when will that be three or

four days at the soonest that's great

and what's going to happen to my ship

while I wait around here three or four

days what instructions did you leave on

board captain nothing to cover this how

did I know I was gonna be shot at

shanghaied and chased all over the joint

when you failed to return wouldn't your

first officer have sense enough to guess

what happened and move the ship out

beyond the 12-mile limit no no no he's

not very bright isn't this a transmitter

that gave us the signal to come in yes I

know how to operate these things let me

call it you know what everything the

British here in half an hour or even

less why how would they know where we

were every British patrol is equipped

with special locating apparatus the

moment we broke radio silence they would

triangulate on our position and close in

they've done it to us twice before in

other places we shall have to wait no

until they've left this area entirely

look do you know what will happen if the

British find my ship a destroyer will

tore into - she'll be seized for illicit

blockade running and my crew arrested

I'll be fine thrown into jail lose my

license and my papers you refuse to let

me send one short message to Sabre is

that it yes captain

because there's much more at stake here

than your ship the security of all these

people is my responsibility and that

comes first always not tell me it

doesn't you didn't pay me enough money

for the loss of my ship


a British spotter plane keep the

refugees inside outside



it's turning back actually can't see a

thing we must all look alike from up


it's only from God's you point Makati

not the RAS


Edom's this box Adams do you hear me

here you hear me

I don't scream you hear me

it's him skipper Adams Kevin right sir

this is Adams go ahead over

till hair is to take the tub out well

out and stay out beyond the 12-mile

limit until you hear from me again did

you get that in 24 hours

proceed to the next port of call I'll

try to meet you there come in check that

with the other patrols get a three-way

fix on the senator Crusader to crown and

Churchill who stated the crown at

Churchill trying late on 37.3 what

happened sir

where are you don't ask me where I am

because I don't know I'm trying to get

word to you somehow just take care of

the ship that's the main thing don't get

caught move out fast off you fool what

have you done I was just trying to pick

up a weather report you're lying you

were talking to your ship okay so I was

go call in your pals and tell them if

you like

Pilon you men we found I'm not three

miles away look of your sidearms we may

have a bit of trouble


everybody take the road to Bathsheba and

turnstiles into the desert we'll follow

you and hide out tonight right

look he'd better get started w we're

almost ready time what about him


go ahead say it there are no words for

what you've done kept you guys scared

too easy what makes you so sure the

British heard me

they'll be here very soon thanks to you

okay I'll wait for him

I'll talk to myself out of tougher spots

than this you're going with us if you're

found here the British will have proof

of the refugees may take reprisals

against the people of this village I

don't have to tell him

no would you bring him along

you know one of the black Irish Dylan

and the old days with a shot you're a

thing like this maybe we should anyway

go on get on




attention attention this village is now

in the British military inspection all

personnel will remain in there



sergeant check the identification cards

of everyone in this village those unable

to account for themselves bring to me I

see your card please


we don't belong to this villages no

where do you live in Tel Aviv 26 Herzl

place occupation musician born in Warsaw

May 9th 1922 arrived in Palestine

October 17th 1929 accompanied by parents

both now dead my quota numbers three

seven eight four six anything else

occupation musician your voice seems

rather familiar somehow

have we ever met before I can't recall

it I doubt if we move in the same

circles perhaps not but I've long looked

forward to the pleasure I don't

understand my dear girl I doubt if

there's a single building in all

Palestine where your voice is not

entered and a very charming voice it is

true although your daily broadcasts are

very seldom flattering to me my superior

officers all my complaints I don't know

who you think I am but you're obviously

mistaken Am I

yes quite

well frankly I hope so you're a very

pretty girl

Sabra much too attractive to be sent to

prisoners eliten yes sir

this young woman is under arrest take it

to the car yes sir I say what rotten

luck but not for us

this way please all the villagers have

been accounted for sir but those beggars

have been here right enough found a dead

man who didn't have time to bury at a

brick through his chest

oh man he was one of the illegals very

well sergeant prepare to move yes sir

they can't be very far ahead of us I'll

go north for heaven take your men follow

the desert road to Bashir yes sir you

overtake them try to avoid gunfire there

may be women and children after

nightfall move carefully question every

Arab you meet investigate every side

road and body it along our good hunting


always rushing them about just for one

bit of fluff oh and it's a medic



I told you Vogel I'm sorry about the

girl maybe she got away she didn't get

away we know that what ten men she was

to us I and twice that why that's none

of your business

the British had a stand an order of a

thousand pounds for anyone that turned

her in you must have known about that

when you use the shortwave I'll leave

him alone David there's no more to blame

for this and you or I we should have

made certain she was with us the British

would never have come to the village if

he hadn't betrayed us and now he's

scared scared he'll lose his ship and

his money scared of what he has done to

us what we might now do to him it's my

decision to make not yours

just soak your head Vogel you're talking

like a fool

stop ectopic you're out of your mind you

meant nothing by it no there's not

enough heart in this man to mean a word

he says I told you to leave him alone

that's an order

now control yourself

pretty on the same was the makings of a

great voice

it's 2:00 a.m. jury and that back soon

with the gasoline will know they've been

caught not Dovan J know they could fool

the Grand Mufti himself


let's see if these wallahs know anything

Marhaba Marhaba 1350 yahood feet Raquel

Layla I were short on men would that no


Brahman nahi Jizzle Kabir her neck

yahood oh well we're had yet a lot had

oral killer Massillon ally selmak a

light stomach

they say a Jewish tribe passed along

here half an hour ago come on we'll

catch it up well what did you decide

about me if you can run thousands into

this country it ought to be simple to

get one out we have more reason to get

them in look you've got other ships

making this illegal run you can put me

on the next one that lands a bunch I can

pay my own way what's wrong with that

scheme there's no other ship scheduled

for several weeks that's why yours is so

valuable to us

now if you'd hold him out I told you

before all I'm asking is to get clear of

this Messer sooner the better and what

would you be willing to give in return

so that's the yang no you pay me to

bring him in and I pay you to get out

not at all you earn the money it's yours

to keep but protection has the price of

gratitude captain you need it and we

need you badly

so I'm ready to make a bargain with you

on this ought to be good let's hear it

you say your ships next port of call is

Beirut that's right

will it wait for you there say five or

six days that better why then I'll try

to get you there it's a long way in

dangerous every mile be guarded by the

British and their Arab spies what come

on what's the payoff simply this you're

no friend of ours

you said so yourself and proved it by

betraying us so why should I risk a Jews

life to save you well that's just common

decency again sit by and watch a man go

under when you're holding a rope exactly

in distress all men are brothers and my

rope is the road to Beirut yours is your

ship so if you'll give us one more

voyage with refugees at the same price

I'll have one of my men guide you into


how do I know I can trust him

but you trust me captain you fucker

you're one of the big shots in this

fight you wouldn't risk your neck for me

I would not risk anyone elses

I like to think it over you're not

serious about this certainly but this

man's no Gordie double-crosser sure as

God made his lapis

he also made man McCarthy so there's

some good in all of us well that hasn't

been my own experience

I was beginning to worry did you see

anyone on the road yes the British

stopped us on our way back

what did they say I say have you seen

any Jews yeah I whoever had your a lot

I'll kill em you can't put the gasoline

the trucks to leave before daylight



Stan will make a move away fire


sided detail an antelope over there

transport then corporal favor in his

section to cover the other end of this

one watch them Mills you cover us when

we move in try to get away but what

about you

you don't know who I am go quickly


come from Africa





what's up sir

anything wrong


quite the contrary perhaps

take these along sergeant they may be of

great importance


look easy with their minds you want to

blow us all into kingdom come




now young woman answer the questions

truthfully you have nothing to fear to

simply tell us the truth we've been in

touch with Tel Aviv the address you gave

us is correct enough we also found that

you were seldom there where do you go

are two of the communal villages for the

Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra I am a

cellist and what does a cellist need

with pliers and the screwdriver

why not what does a soldier need with

flowers the orchestra is now in Tiberias

why aren't you with them of course I've

not been well I went to any ACOG to rest

- it almost evens you told me you picked

up a prize package someone to be wanted

for years now we find this billiard

cello player not that I dislike music on

the country okay the piano myself Chopin

after your message I telephoned general

Vincent in Jerusalem he became quite

excited thought you might have caught

cutter himself now you'll be calling me

back or sending someone down here

that'll be most embarrassing why the

devil don't you check your facts before

you put the wind up everyone

this girl is concealing the truth sir

the force of the resistance army left

Dania Cove only a few minutes before we

arrived he intercepted their Wireless

and made an absolutely certain fix on

the village message was sent to ship

somewhere off the coast warning it to

clear out undoubtedly the same ship with

slender the refugees near Khan Younis

early yesterday morning mmm yes the

refugees you failed to locate and we

still haven't heard from Ellison who

said on a wild goose chase into the


anyway what's that got to do with her I

believe she operated the transmitter

which sent the message furthermore I'm

convinced that she is the person called


who agitates against us as the voice of

Israel this girl ha nonsense I hear the

program every day Sabra some dried up

middle aged female who has been

disappointed in love who else could be


don't you agree but I'm afraid not sir

it's part of my job with intelligence to

hear rebroadcast sabra makes next to

cutter she's our greatest problem I

studied a voice for months the accent

inflection and color they sound

remarkably alike this is a very serious

charge and woman you got to save

yourself speak up

I listen to Sabra myself all of us to

will feel strongly about the British

policy in Palestine so I think it's

quite a compliment that you should

mistake me for her

if you are innocent then you'll have no

objection to a very simple test I should

like to make with your permission sir

this is a portion of the broadcast made

by Sabra on the morning of December 14th

ten days ago I would like you to read it

aloud please all our request is that you

let us record your voice

speak slowly and clearly if the test is

honest you will feel nothing by it you

may decide that yourself is this fair


begin reading please

this is the voice of Israel speaking to

the people of Palestine to the soldiers

of the underground forces to the British

Army of Occupation it is not our

intention to try to convince anyone of

the Justice of our cause the entire

world now knows the issues upon which we

disagree there is a long and bitter

struggle behind us and it is inevitable

that still more blood will be shed

before you leave but it is only fair

that these men should know why they may

be killed most of your British soldiers

have been in this country for quite a

long time a great many of you here and

in England are friendly toward us but

you have orders to obey well so do we

you have occupied our country deprived

us of our home and our freedom so we

must fight you there is no other

solution as long as you remain in

Palestine we deplore this need of

violence and regret the death of any

human being as a result of that violence

but we hold that's quite enough thank

you now pay it back what's the point in

repeating it bomb up we all have what

she said I want her to hear it sir not

all of it just enough to answer one

question soldiers have been in this

country for quite a long time a great

many of you here and in England are

friendly toward us but you have orders

to obey well so do we

you have occupied our country deprived

us of our home and our freedom so we

must fight you there is no other

solution could you get that clearly

yes and you're quite willing to admit it

was your voice of course it was my voice

confounded Bowman who else's voice could

it be it was no one else's sir

this recording is not the one she just

made we replaced it with an actual

transcription of the underground radio

taken directly from the air by our

intelligence office in Jerusalem ten

days ago I'll be blasting Carter was

with you in the village but why did he

leave you behind to be caught

sure does no fool it must have been an

accident she's far too valued and you

must also have been at the beach you

exchanged the signal with the ship

what was his name what flag who was the



I mean major Sorrell from GHQ sir

show him in a talking love didn't waste

much time getting here will you come in

please sir how do you do sir l and

yourself know these gentlemen no son I I

don't think I've had the pleasure

major Stevens Captain Beaumont myself I

say sir L won't you were ll a man with

Monty's crowd yes yes quite a do wasn't

it the GOC sent me over so soon as he

received your message is this the

prisoner yes this is Sabra Sabra my well

what a catch this will give general

Vincent a most enjoyable Christmas you

know he's still absolutely boiling over

that broadcast of hers yesterday morning

saying that he's been sent back to

England for failure l what what are your


Oh to escort the prisoner back to

Jerusalem to try the questioning zone


very well then take her along thank you

sir I say Beaumont would you telephone

GHQ and tell the general we're on our

way right you'll have no evidence

against me not proof whatever you'll be

given every chance to clear yourself

should we go now whoever you are


whoever I am I'm still a Jew and this is

my country you have no rights here moral

or legal and therefore no authority over

me what an extraordinary people do they

think we relish our position as

policemen in this godforsaken land

perhaps they prefer that we for sacred

sir let god police it but we have agreed

to leave if they can reach an agreement

for the Arabs on partition but if we

pull out before there's an agreement

between them in time at least may go up

in flames and with it the world no

students this isn't a Jewish or Arab or

British problem this is the problem of

all mankind

get me GHQ in Jerusalem I would like to

speak to general Vincent



this isn't the road to Jerusalem really

so he doesn't why are you taking me well

it's a very nice day where would you

like to get on don't be sadistic major

I've had a very difficult day Qaeda



well Jeff did you get firmance message

definitely old boy definitely in fact I

congratulated him for such a brilliant

job of intelligence

a little bit of both really

but this car and the orders did you it's

very simple you see I was once a major

in the British Army as for the car well

we did some months ago and hid it away

for just such an emergency no vocal cat

has been caught when well ended this

morning in the desert south of Arecibo

well all of them except their girl who

escaped general dad McCarthy the refugee

isn't the American dinner

do the biggest no it's Carla they've got

I don't know

probably not

at least not yet

it's a British convoy should we stop not

if we can help him

lastly trucks never ours stop turn


they've got goddamn Bo this what can we

do I don't know yet


these men were answer there was one more

who made a break and we lost him in the

desert huh I want these four prisoners

and this one you want them sir

do you mean now yes now well take the

small lorry I have too many will guard

them but I can't do that sir without

direct authority from a senior officer

of my own brigade don't you recognize

the GHQ insignia when you see it yes sir

but my orders are quite definite and so

are mine and they come from a

considerably higher source than your

kennel these five men are all wanted in

Jerusalem I recognize them from their

pictures you're a liar you never laid

eyes on any picture of mine we shall see

if you refuse to turn these men over to

me you'll regret it I can promise you

that then I'm very sorry sir

but I shall have to take the risk and

this unless I may see your orders sir

any well

if you insist come with me to my car yes

sir major I knew I'd seen him somewhere


forget it and you how much can you

forget what do you mean we may still be

able to get out of this no or later

unless you talk give me a word Ivanovich

or not sure wait that's all I want

I promise till I get you safely back to

your ship you keep your word and I'll

keep mine but that was last night

you can't do a thing for me now don't be

so sure that girl she's the one topping

Getti but I say what the don't say it

get in the car


hello what goes on here wasn't that our

lifting up in that car hi where's he off

to in such a bloomin hurry

what's wrong guys did you did you lose



there were troops of the 23rd able so

now at least we know where their thing

but that doesn't help us much because

they've got a crack battalion that full

strengthen the cat is that correct

yes also several armored cars and to

light tanks camp is fortified from every

angle dahveed big searchlights and

machine guns are mounted on the

watchtowers at all four corners we

haven't got enough men though weapons to

match that force even if we found a way

to break in our only chance is to take

them by complete surprise there's no

hope with that bull ever since our a tit

outlet they've been on a 24-hour alert

at every garrison in Palestine but the

fact remains we've got to get curta out

before they discover who is and how can

they know who would tell them

the American nose of godets well why

would he tell him why wouldn't he he has

no good Widow for us

I saw him promoted on the road today

what sort of man is he

it was only his selfish do pity that

brought this all about selfish yes but

not stupid Sabra not when it comes to

trading I think he is capable of

anything there's nothing it for him and

all the more reason we must rescue


oh I followed Vogel's orders and brought

our best fighters here all I could

gather on short notice but it would be

suicide to attack that camp they cut us

to bits before we got through the wire

what can we do that even those were

found in the Englishman's wallet I went

through them there's nothing of


I'm not so sure let's pay before look

yeah you can't get away with this you

know the penalty for kidnapping a

British officer down you are not the

first one we've caught all the last if

you expect any ridiculous ran out

talking elephant and listen carefully

you are being held as a hostage for one

of our men whom you captured in the

desert if he is executed then we in

reprisal will execute you in that case

it isn't quite so ridiculous is it well

now we know where we stand


we don't want to kill you and we won't

have to if our man goes free so by

helping us you can also help yourself if

you expect me to give information to

save my own skin you can go and leap

into the smelly end of the Dead Sea

we're not that foolish charlatan then

what do you want from me in your wallet

we found this car the Vanara who calls

himself Hamid the great how did you get

it that's no secret

some time ago I had this beggar in

Hebron to perform at a party we planned

for the troops at the airborne Kappa yes

a win

oddly enough I don't seem to recall

can you read Arabic yes pry on the back

of this card someone has written the

hour 10:30 p.m. and the recent date on

the Islamic calendar

really I have no idea what it means that

affair was held months ago

no Illidan the date written here is

tonight and the occasion is your usual

Christmas Eve party for the Battaglia

I only wanted to make sure where it

would be

what did you find that being a possible

way to get into the British cap issue

guns and grenades - the men also

wire-cutters we're moving out as soon as

it's dark


now repeat them again what are yours

lock the gate with the truck and your

potential stores happened generators in

the radio room Levitan sentry-box

yas at communications the arsenal right

good luck

synchronize your watches with mine at

exactly 1033 the lights will bring up

your men close enough to rush the barbed

wire and cut it in several places if the

raid works at all it should be over in

five minutes right you're going ahead of

us yes I have an appointment on the

heparin rod good luck go go

Thanks you'll need it all of us


I'm frightened I've never heard you say

that or not for myself for you

this read hasn't one chance in a

thousand you know it I think if anything

happened don't think about it I can't

help it


I don't tell you now

I may never have the chance again tell

me what's up

I've loved you now for a long time

the business that first night in Tel

Aviv the concept sorry I had you then

why haven't you told me before

oh that bead if anything happens stop


you've got the job tonight - I'm not

going with you no you got to wait for us

with the cars outside the camp oh good I

was afraid you'd leave me here I'll

never leave you anyway not for long

you bother me I'm glad you bother me too

terribly want to be finally all we have

to worry about this just bothering each


all the time have a conference to meet

of course

we may not win every one but we won't

lose too much I could lose you

he should live that long I will

if you will


they're waiting for me

you go with gauche


you've forgotten something


here they come


what you want please we're not

politicians we work for living bulla

bulla man we no fight we shut up which

one of you is our Matt the great him

you've got a pass for the British cat

give it to me come on





they question all of us no nobody's told

them a thing not all J no all but one

they've still got the America why didn't

he come back ayah made a great mistake

about trusting him at all

I tell you takes the Irish to know how

to handle it farmers

I don't think healing for how did you

get into this country I fell off a ship

at night it swam ashore hmm

what was the name of the ship I can't

remember let us try to help you then two

nights ago you landed a group of

passengers from your ship on the coast

of Palestine near communist does that

refresh your memory yeah then for some

obscure reason you decided to come

ashore with a refugee why would I do a

dumb thing like that I'm sure I don't

know your country has chosen to stay out

of this trouble but perhaps you wanted

to collect this money eight thousand

dollars it is yours isn't it

I suppose so you found it in my pocket

where did you get it maybe I'm a refugee

I doubt it

here's your copy of your master

certificate in the mich Maureen and with

the name like Michael Francis Dillon you

could hardly be Jewish no I can't tell

about that I heard of an Irishman by the

name of de Valera what did you meet the

group with whom you were found in the

desert they picked me up on the road I'd

never seen any of them before

of course Dillon you know and we know

that you're deliberately lying but it's

no use

we've learned this much for certain your

ship is the eastern star you used it for

smuggling illegal immigrants that is say

you know the stiff penalty for that so

you'll be much wiser to cooperate with

us I'm not admitting anything you don't

have to we know for my agents in Italy

that you sail from Bari on December 17th

and what you carried but somehow you

slip through our blockade both ways that

was very clever work captain although we

may have lost your ship we still have

you so what's the next move we have two

choices one is to turn you over to the

proper authorities for trial lever

caused a rather unpleasant international

situation but more unpleasant for you

than anyone else you would be heavily

fined lose your master certificate and

perhaps sent to prison what's the other


have you ever seen this before no what

is it

the notebook of istván cutter who's he

one of the top leaders of the Jewish

resistance and the most important one to

us I never heard of him

you must have captain he paid you this

money you were with him last night in

the desert he wall this emblem of the

sword also he allowed you to call your

ship on the shortwave yesterday only

curta could have given you that

permission so you can't identify him if

you know all the answers why can't you

identify him yourself

we've never caught him before or known

for certain what he looks like but he is

one of the prisoners in their compound

outside and you can tell us which one he


that is all we well

so that's the deal either I point him

out who turned me in as you say captain

that is the deal



and afterward I can go free no tricks no

strings not one I have here the

authority from our headquarters in

Jerusalem your papers will be returned

you'll be allowed to rejoin your ship

and the matter will be officially closed

ok I'll do it exit you've made a most

sensible decision coming up


look here they call me

it's what I'm after tellin ya he sold us



I would like our Christmas tree captain

so that's what it is the only thing we

could find in this desolate part of

Palestine they call it the Judas tree

for what according to the Bible Judas

hanged himself on a tree after the

betrayal the legend says it was a tree

like this

hence the infamous name I'm afraid it

isn't very appropriate still it's better

than no tree at all


this way captain Dillon please separate

sample the prisoners facing the wire

along the west side now when we come to

face him stop that's all we ask of you







you didn't stop why I don't know why but

you agreed to tell us I changed my mind

don't be a fool captain these people

mean nothing to you we've agreed upon

the terms you do remember them don't you

yeah I remember

but still you refuse that's right

you're making the greatest single

mistake of your life maybe but I'm still

gonna have to shave this mug every day

for the rest of my life I wouldn't like

what I saw so you can forget the whole

deal leave him in here with the rest

we'll take the lot of me to Jerusalem

tomorrow leg put him inside


don't go near that's a trap move along

with our proper janitor stand British

play around there fine of it


hey you magician blokes is to wait

around to listen songs over

what's your act you've got something

really different

he's newer very good

you'll be surprised you know I saw a new

bloke once in London at the old

Palladium he made another bloke

disappear just like that right in front

of your face

Oh what is easy he I make two 10 20 you


I'll go and tell the orderly Joe your

ear but don't move around none ain't

safe these days









one minute to go



all right pick up your stuff and follow

me they're ready for you now



get the second route generators going

even double the permit to God









they've got the emission stores the

petrol dumpster try and get through the


well it took them 30 years


then I clock away from the main gate to

say the patrol for phantom ooh



he's been hurt badly

where's our nearest medical station

Ramnath raha you must get in there

quickly oh wait wait

thank you

you've kept your word I cannot keep mine

daddy's helped him get back to his ship


sabra drive with us as far as Jericho

that will give us a head start

beyond that point a car isn't safe we'll

make our way up to Syria as best we can

whatever you say



did they work on you to talk Dylan a

little and worried you didn't it worries

all of us

why did you help me with curtain


I never mind it wouldn't understand


we're out of gas

there it is the caught a bullet in the

gas tank

let's push it off the road



what place is that




any sign of him Sir no I was just

looking at this tom


never again will we be here on a

Christmas Eve

this is what our faith began

peace on earth goodwill to men


we must leave you Minnesota wait until

we have crossed the field of the

Shepherd's then joined the crowd

pilgrims when they returned to Jerusalem

be careful lovey's come back to me I



goodbye captain good luck

I'll be back to