Sword Master (2016) - full transcript

Hong Kong cinema giants Derek Yee (TRIPLE TAP) and Tsui Hark (YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE) join forces in this spellbinding martial arts epic about an elite swordsman who is haunted by his deadly skills, and the challenger who aims to take his place at any cost.

Gratitude on one end,

resentment on the other.

Like life and death, how can one expect more?

Live your life to the fullest,

no matter what you're destined for.

You're the backstabbing assassin,

Yen Shih-san?


Tell me who ordered you to kill my brother,

and I'll spare your life!

When will these grudges end?


your brother was evil and deserved to die.

Tell me

or you die tonight.

My life is useless.

You can have it.

Only the Third Master sways a sword so fast!

What amazing technique!


Third Master is incredible!

His reputation is well deserved!


Did you hear that?

Quickly kill the Third Master,

and only then

can you make a name for yourself

in the martial world.


if he kills you,

I can sell

your Lethal 13-Sword

at a good price.

Drink less!

Alcohol will weaken you...

and you won't be able to kill the Third Master!

"With his frosty sword, the Third Master reigns
the martial world with great ease."

How come they're here?

Fine, if you want to die,

I'm leaving!

Swordsman Yen,

my mistress awaits you.

Have you prepared liquor?

Only the best.

You're Chu?

Yes, I am.

Your name means bamboo snake.

It's venomous.

Swordsman Yen.

I prepared 100,000 taels of silver

for Kao to kill a man.

But now Kao is dead.

So, to whom

should I give this silver?

Your eyes

are like misty rain.

Hazy with grief.

Do we share the same fate?

I grew up

with this man.

We were childhood sweethearts.

But on our wedding day...

he walked out on me.

I refused many eligible bachelors

just to wait for him.

But the waiting became too painful.

I was happy to marry anyone

to end my pining.

On the wedding day,

he came back.

He took me away

only to abandon me again.

This man

is the Third Master...

of the Supreme Sword Manor...

at Green Lake, under Jade Peak.

As a woman,

I can accept being abandoned.

But as a daughter,

I can't stand

my family being dishonored.

Kill him for me.

The most attractive thing about women

is how they can be mired in their hatred

for those they once loved.


do you really want him dead?

At all costs.


Would you pay with your body?

I believe

you don't know who I am.

You're from the Four Great Clans.

The Young Mistress of Seven-Star Pool,

Mu-yung Chiu-ti.

I have only one reason

to kill him.

It's for myself.

The Third Master's swordplay
isn't so scary after all.

If even you can't kill him...

no one can.

Hey, Yen,

I can't swim.

So my journey ends here.

Take care of yourself.

See that?

It looks like...

a feast for challengers...

but it actually serves to distract you.

I think...

you should nap on the boat.


I sharpen my blade on talkative men's throats.

My lord.

This way please.

The cuckoos sing so sadly...

saying it's better to go.

How affectionate they are.

This vast world

is full of heartbroken people.

The Hsieh Clan appears strong.

But who would know

that the old lord of the Supreme Sword Manor

has nothing to bear

but the misfortunes of his children?

My oldest son was slow-witted

and died young.

My oldest daughter married a swordsman.

They made a handsome couple.

But they were too haughty

and got murdered for it.

My second son was cowardly.

He pined for a servant girl

but dared not tell.


he died of grief.

My third son Hsiao-feng

became the sole hope of the Hsieh Clan.

Since our first ancestor founded our school

three centuries ago,

no descendant could master the Supreme Sword

except him.

Only he could be one with the sword.

He was just 1 then.

Why do you tell me your family affairs?

Because I hope you can

have more tolerance for him.

Where is your son?

You will see him soon.

Hsiao-feng has been dead for 37 days.

Desecrating his memorial
is like defiling his corpse!

The Hsieh Clan won't bear such an insult.

The insult must be washed with blood.



Don't be rude!

Swordsman Yen...

losing your greatest rival

is like losing your soul mate.

Life becomes very lonely.

I understand how you feel.

I have been discourteous.

Take care.

I never knew a hitman

could have such internal force.

How many more talents

has the Divine Might recruited?

Without the Third Master,

we can no longer rule the martial world.

To save the lives of our clansmen,

seal off the mountain now

and announce our withdrawal
from the martial world!


You're still alive!

If you're alive, that means he's dead!


Where is the Third Master's sword?

You didn't forget it, did you?


Are you crazy or stupid?

We all do a few stupid things in our lives.

You can't swim, for example.


You can't die!

How can you die?

Do you remember what I said?

Mistress said...

if the Third Master dies,

all his servant girls

must go serve him in the afterlife.

If you want to blame someone,

blame him.


The Third Master's death

is only a rumor.

It may be false.

Let me put your sword away.

Don't let hatred take root in your heart.

A sword sheathed unwillingly

is dangerous.

Chu Ye-ching...

you've been my page since childhood.

After all these years...

it's time you get married.

You're so concerned about her life.

I'll give her to you as a bride.

I love someone else.

She doesn't love you.


I'm willing to wait.

You are unworthy of her.

One day, I will be.

The universe is merciless, ghosts and gods blind.

All things are incapable, men ignorant.

Life is impermanent, weal and woe abound.

Divine and demonic, all bow to my might.

Black Goblin and Thunder Tiger will corroborate

the death of Hsieh Hsiao-feng.

Find out if it's true.


If it is,

we'll attack the Supreme Sword Manor.

After we seize it, every clan will be vanquished

and regard us as rulers of the martial world.

We, the scum of the martial world,

didn't turn into ghosts in hell

but dragged out an ignoble
existence on this earth...

just for this day!

You scum of the earth.

You'll be damned for your evil deeds!

The Supreme Sword Manor...

will enforce justice on behalf of Heaven.

Kill them.


Get lost.


Just calm down.

Come again.


You stink!

I love judging people by their appearance.

You look like a free loader.

As long as you have money,

no matter how stinky you are,

you're welcome in the Dawn Moon House!

We have a big spender!

Sir, you are late!

Sir, choose me!


Choose me!

Where's his money?

Sir, wake up.

You haven't paid for 5 days of drinking!

I'm broke.

You're broke?

Oh, alright.


do you have a name?



Let me give you one then.

We'll call you...

Ah Chi.

Ah Chi.

I won't waste time lecturing.

You should know what happens next.

Get to work!

Buy more, I'll give you a discount.

This rouge is nice.

What are you doing?

Ah Chi.

Come here.

Empty my chamber pot.

Come on.

He's really doing it.

How can you do it like this?

What's his problem?

My wish was his command.

Let's call him Useless Chi.

Stop watching.

Just a second.

Here comes Mr. Chang.

Hello there, sir.

I'm sorry, sir.

Get outta here.

Mr. Chang.

Let me pound your shoulders.

Stay away from my client. Get lost.

Go, go,

How about a drink?

Mr. Tao, how long has it been?

I'll refill your cup, here...

What the...

You puked all over me!



Clean this up.

Take care of him for me.

Li, take good care of him.

Sir, sir.

Come here.

Sir, take a rest.

I'll clean your hands.

Don't tell anyone!

This one is for you.

Are you crazy?

You don't want gold beads?


Be gentle!


That hurts!

Don't pull me. That hurts!

Go, quickly.

Now, my clothes.

Go ahead.

Rich men pay 100 taels to touch me.

A boatman, only 10 strings of coins.

Some gentlemen they are.

They still go whoring.

Only they do it like thieves.

How long have you been there?

Were you a brothel's errand boy before?

What a loser!

In today's world,

fighters make the most money.

You should be a swordsman!

Do you want a taste of my body?

I'll let you sleep with me once

for getting me out of that brothel.

I don't sleep with women on condition.

My god.

I don't want to stay at that place anymore.

An old monk gathered herbs from the mountains...

and studied medical tomes...

so as to alleviate his patients' sufferings.

After he discovered this ancient panacea spring,

he moved here for good

and spent his life by the spring.

The medicine he made with the spring water

saved countless lives.

This way please.


this is my medical record.

Please tell me...

are there hopes of a cure?

I don't need that.

Your sickness

is caused by excessive hard labor

and injury since childhood.

They've ruined your internal circulation.


your meridians are blocked and misaligned.

There is no cure.

A Golden Wound Pill.

It won't prolong your life, but it cures wounds.

You don't have much time left.

Put aside your worries, resentment,

and worldly affairs...

perhaps there's still a slim chance of hope.

Cart driver.

100 taels for your cart and liquor.

100 taels?

Not enough?

Enough, enough.

Thank you!



you're not changing your mind, are you?

You're a rich man now.

If you knew you'd die soon,

where would you go?

Bitter Sea Town.


I've toiled all my life

without any enjoyment.

The town offers good food, wine, and women.

Of course I want to sink into them.

Where would you want to be buried?

The Hundred-Flower Forest on that mountain.

The cemetary there is a paradise.

It's beautiful!

Well, horse...

you've toiled your whole life too.

You can retire with me here.


I'll give you 100 taels for your shed and tools.

Money is of no use to me.

Dig my grave and bury me,

and the shed is yours.

Thank you.

Your girl is the cheapest.

Everytime I come to Bitter Sea Town I want her.

She just moans and shouts.

Excuse me!


you haven't paid.

Your service was poor.

I won't pay-

No one works harder than a prostitute.

Not paying will bring bad luck.

You're cursing me?

Oh, I wouldn't dare!

It's fine if you don't help me save face,

but you'd help out the Big Boss, right?

The Big Boss can go to hell!

Today my whoring is free.

You can't leave! Give me the money.

No money!

Get them!

Get up.


They work hard for their money.

You must pay.

Do you want to die?


Grant his wish.

Let's go.

Ah Chi.

Does it hurt?

Will you die?

Ah Chi...

you let yourself get stabbed

because you like me, right?

All I know is that

2 taels of silver are important to you.

Do you like my body?

You've earned it with your life.

Ah Chi.

What are you doing here?

Taking care of him.

Ah Chi.

I'm so worried about you.

The Big Boss just gave the order

to have those two brought here

so that you can vent your anger!

You're lucky, do you know that?

The Big Boss wants you to be his disciple.

If he sees much in you,

you'll have a bright future!

Take good care of him.

What's wrong?

I can't stay here.

Don't beg of him.

He's already forgotten about us.

Stop that, young man.

Are you hopeless because you've no way out,

or do you want to die and start over?

All I know is...

it's meaningless to live on.

If even death can't scare you,

come help me collect night soil.

Are you afraid of dirty work?

Aside from killing,

I'll do any kind of work.

In your state,

you can't even kill a chicken.

Here, fill your stomach.

If you work hard,

buns taste much better.

And if buns taste good,

you have something to live for.


Take it


did you have a good day?

Great. Every day gets better.

Miao, you're back.

Fixing your roof?

Kids, come here!

Come see what treats I've brought.

Candy! I want some!

Don't push. There's plenty.

Everyone, listen up.

This is the new help I've found.

Let's take care of one another.

We will.

My name is Ah Chi.

Hi, Ah Chi.

You little rat!

Poor kid.

Mom, I'm home!


Mom. You're finally home!

I missed you.

Mom, I only left this morning.

Is that so?

Who's this?

Madam, my name is Ah Chi.

That's not what you call a poor lady.

Just call me Mama Miao.

Look at him.

He's so handsome

and my son is so ugly!


Oh listen to me.

My son is handsome too.

Here, the biggest piece of meat.


Ah Chi is a good man.

With one look and one sniff at him,

I already know.


he'll sleep in my bed tonight.

You don't think he stinks?

I stink more than him.

Silly boy!

You finally found someone stinkier than you!

Oh, my silly son.

Wash your feet before bed,

or Princess will get mad.

Princess is my younger sister.

But, not for real.

Who says not for real?

She should have been a princess.

That's right.

She should have been born a princess.

She works as a servant in a rich man's house,

so that our family can afford meat.

She only comes home once a month.

My baby girl...

has a hard life.

We're proud of her.

If you meet her, you'll definitely like her!

Won't he, mom?

You wash first.

Wow that stinks.

Now listen,

even though this is dirty work,

there are rules all the same.

The stool itself

is called Human Gold.

The liquid dung

is called Gold Juice.

The smell

is called Osmanthus Fragrance.

Aren't these names classy?

Let's go.

To make us less obnoxious,

we remind people to get out of our way.

Here's how:

Human Gold, Osmanthus Fragrance
and Gold Juice coming.

Look out!

Human Gold.

Osmanthus Fragrance.

Gold Juice coming.

Look out!

What's the matter?

I can't earn this money!

He treats me like I'm not human!

Madam Han.

Get your butt in here.



The client said

he'll add 50 taels.

So in total 100 taels.

I'll go!

Li, don't!

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Li, you're such a good girl.

Come on.


Chi, get up, time for breakfast.

Princess brought us a feast!

Come sit down.

Come on.

Ah Chi...

this is our Princess.



Thank you.

The biggest piece is for you.


Princess, would you like it?

You eat it, be my guest.

From now on, you just call her Sweetie.

That's what we call her.


Dig in.

You need the energy for work.

Sweetie, for you.

Thanks, mom.



We're going home!

You were beaten?

You don't think I'm a disgrace?


I'm not going back.

But what if they come for you?

There's a man by my side who'd take a stab for me.

Nothing in the world can scare me now.

I know

you'll protect me.

I'll tell you a secret.

I've saved over 100 taels

and many gold beads.

I want to buy a piece of land

and start a farm with my family.

Whatever I earn from now on is yours.

The dirtiest whore

is to serve the dirtiest client.

Li is gone,

so who will serve that dirtiest client?



Big Boss, I am old.

What should we do?

Send someone to get her back.

Do it then.

But Li is with that Useless Chi.

I'm not sure exactly who he is.

Big Boss...

you should send someone capable.


how long have you followed me?

A year and 3 months.

I've spent some 1000 taels on you.

You're a good boss.

I've never asked your background.

And I only know you

are called Big Boss.

Divine and demonic, all bow to my might.

I am at the Divine Might's service.

It's time to flex your muscles.

Find out the background of this man

who was stabbed 4 times and didn't flinch.

If he's useful, spare him.

If not,

kill him.

Good craftsmanship.

Thank you, boss.

This one is nice.

Right, Sweetie, we need more bowls.

Look at this one.

Not bad.


The Big Boss wants you to come back.

My debt is already paid off. I'm not going back.

No more bullshit!

Let's go.

What are you doing?

Come with me.

Let her go!

I'm taking her back to the brothel.


What did you just say?

Beat him to death.

Stop it! Let go!

Outta my way.



Get up.


Come with me.

Let me go!

No. Stop fighting!

Stop fighting, Brother.

You bit me.

- Mom!
- Miao.

What do you want?

The poor can't be bullied so easily!

What's on his back?

Make way.




I said make way!


Damned busybody!

Thank you, Mr. Swordsman!

Big Boss!

I saw them!

They're going to fight a duel.

What are you talking about?

Third Master...

will fight a duel with Yen Shih-San!


I'm fine.

Silly boy, what are you doing?

Get up.

This happened because those villains...

think they can just trample on the poor.

I wonder where that swordsman lives.

It'd be great if he could teach Chi kung fu.

I know, I know!

He lives at the graveyard.



You fought off those villains...

we come here to thank you.

Thank you, Swordsman.

Swordsman, please teach Chi kung fu.

Everyone calls him Useless Chi.

It breaks my heart hearing it.


This is the only sword in our village.

Cut me.

He's indeed useless.


If you won't teach Chi kung fu,

it means you're unwilling to help the poor

fight the Big Boss's villains.

Beat it!

Aren't wandering swordsmen

supposed to protect people from harm?

What kind of a swordsman are you?


You know kung fu, why don't you teach us?

There were so many of you.

Why didn't you fight them?

Why didn't you help yourselves?

Beat it!

These wandering swordsmen

only use their talents to make money.

They don't care about us ordinary people!

Miao, let's go.

Let's go.

We're leaving.


don't expect help from him.



Get him!

Where is the Big Boss?


Big Boss is inside.

Don't kill me!

Everything can be bargained.

Name your price!

I don't want your filthy money.

Don't go too far.

It's sad to see a good sword in an evil man's hand.

I lead the Divine Might's branch here.

Killing me makes you an enemy of the Divine Might.

The Divine Might's lackeys deserve to die.

Swordsman, please, save us!

Kill him!

Save us!

People of Bitter Sea Town, listen.

Yen is no longer a selfish man!

Starting today...

I will use the rest of my life to do good.

What's going on?

Miao and Mama Miao...

Big Boss is dead.


That's great news!


I want one too.

Hey, come get some candy!

Don't give him candy.

He always bullies us.

Smash him.

You've always bulled us with that knife.

Don't fight.



Come with me.

I've decided to teach you swordplay.


Because I want to.

I don't want to be a swordsman.

Is it because you lost a fight once?

My days are numbered.

After I die,

the 13-Sword Style I created will be lost.

It will be a pity.

The Third Master is dead.

After learning my swordplay...

you will be the world's best swordsman.

You will become the Useful Chi.

No one will ever kick you around again.

I know you've learned kung fu.

Tell me does the sight of blood sicken you

or are you afraid of death?



I am.


I am also afraid of death,

and the sight of blood sickens me too.

I started learning swordplay at 10.

I was enlightened at 13.

By 20, I'd read every book on it.

Since then, I've defeated every opponent.

Listen well.

The 13-Sword Style is based upon

the potential of a thousand cuts.

It moves like the flick of a finger,

a quiet breeze, and breathes like still water,

casting no shadow and leaving no trace.

Like all rivers run into the sea,

all the moves are eventually one.

The Lethal 13-Sword can only be sensed

through its spirit, but not its form.

The Third Master divided
the Hsieh Clan Style into two.

He held a separate sword in both hands,

turning 72 moves into 144

and making changes unpredictably.

To beat Third Master,

you cannot use force.

You must be agile.


I've been exploring for 8 years

and practicing hard.

I've always wanted to fight you in my heart.

Today, before the gods,

I curse your soul in hell!


focus on the sword's soul, not its formula.

If after drinking to the utmost

you still aren't even a bit tipsy,

then drinking becomes meaningless.

When you know the result of everything you do,

living becomes meaningless.

You have a knot in the mind.

Since the beginning of my career,

I have lived in the Third Master's shadow.

No matter how hard I worked,

everything I did became part of his legend.

In the martial world,

we all want our names to be left behind.

So I went to the Supreme Sword Manor
to challenge him.

If I won,

I would become famous.

If I lost to him,

still my life would not be in vain.


that little bastard died.

What a pity.

After I die,

I want you to tell the world...

that Yen Shih-san was Yen Shih-san,

and not that bastard the Third Master.


I will.

To avoid being bullied,

I tattooed my face and pretended to be a villain.

Unfortunately, after I turned ugly,

I became a true villain.

I didn't only kill for money,

I also killed dishonorably.

Now retribution overtakes me.

I need to go guard my grave.

I won't see you again.

Thank you for taking care of Chi for me.

Please accept my gratitude.

Ah Chi...

is the Third Master of the Supreme Sword Manor.

I am his fiancee,

Mu-yung Chiu-ti.

I've been in love with him since I was 14

and was sure he'd be my future husband.

My parents arranged for our engagement.

He kept leaving

to avoid shouldering the burden of two clans.

But we can't live without him.


so you want to take him away?


What if he doesn't want to go?

In that case,

you'll have to force him.

I won't!

You were working hard to leave this place.

Why make him stay?


If I don't leave,

what will you do to her?


you should know me by now.

Thank you for all you've done.

You've been true friends to me.

I won't forget it.

Why are you lying here?

I'm waiting to die. Leave me alone.

You can't die yet!

Why not?

Because Third Master isn't dead.

And I don't know why

he gave himself such a stupid name.

What was it...

Useless Chi.

What did you say?

He's not dead?

Say it again!

The Third Master isn't dead.

He calls himself Useless Chi now.

You've been missing him like mad.

Go find him!

I fished up your sword from the lake.


I won't ever beat him in my life.

Why not?

I have absolute confidence in you!

I taught him all my techniques.


we were so good together.

Why can't good things last?

Your name is Chiu-ti?


What an awful name!

The Supreme Sword Manor, for 3 centuries...

has ruled the martial world

and held the title of the Top Sword Master.

Today Lord Hsieh passes on power to Hsiao-feng,

in hopes that he will prosper
and protect the martial world.


if you like,

I'll live in seclusion with you.

I only want you to be happy.

The Seven-Star Pool has been
befriending swordsmen.

The Mu-yung Clan is especially close
with the Hsia Clan.

If I don't agree to this marriage,

old Mu-yung

and the Hsia Clan will certainly unite against me.

Does Chiu-ti know it?

That girl is more ambitious than her father.

How could she not know?

Lord Mu-yung,

my son is a fool.

Today is the wedding day,
and I don't know where he is.

Then he's fled!

I didn't educate my son well.

Lord Hsieh,

you've allowed your conniving son
to ruin my daughter!

From now on,

the Seven-Star Pool will break off all relations

with the Supreme Sword Manor.

I came here myself to apologize.

Yet you still won't forgive me?

Must we become enemies?

Your son owes me,

and today you must repay the debt.



Don't be angry!

That wretch in your belly can't be kept!

My father died of anger because of us.

Did you know that?

Why are we receiving the bride at the back door?

Madam mother...

the Mu-yung and Hsia marriage...

will obliterate the Supreme Sword Manor.

Chiu-ti, come with me.

Why did you come here?

Because you are mine.


You can't go!



You swine!

You aren't worthy of her!

The road at night is dangerous.

Let's spend the night here.


I want to live a hermetic life.

Will you come with me?

I'm tired. Let's sleep first.


Hsiao-feng wants to quit the martial world.

Bring Lord Hsieh of the
Supreme Sword Manor here now.


Why are you doing this to me?

I hate you! I hate you so much!


This time I'll make it all up to you.

We'll be happy together from now on.

Breakfast is ready.

If you don't like it, I'll make something else.

Thank you for cooking for me.

It's my duty.

I'll go collect some firewood.

No, I'll do it.

Greetings, Young Master.

Greetings, Young Master.

Good morning, Young Master.

These servants are very loyal to me.

When they heard about our hermetic life,

they all came to join us.

Wang Chao.

You challenged the Supreme Sword Manor,
but you haven't fought yet.

I am tired of pointless massacres.

Those are just winner-take-all games.

If everyone acts like you,
the martial world will fall apart.

Get your sword!

This is all I have.


It's fine. Go inside the house.

He is your only rival.

Kill him, then your father will be relieved.

He quit the martial world already. We should leave.

Draw your sword.

Don't force him to fight if he doesn't want to.

I should attend to my fields.


Kill him.

Kill him.

Kill him!


Stop fighting!


Get out of here!

It seems Third Master's sword
is useless against women.


How dare you harm my master?

You will die for this.



Kill them all!

It was right to kill his son.

I didn't want that boy to spend his life in hatred.

We can't lose what our ancestors earned for us.

The Manor-Pool marriage
was designed by our fathers.

That young swordsman had left the martial world.

He had a wife and children.

That's exactly the life I yearn for.

Hsiao-feng, think.

The Iron Blood Gate has been eradicated.

The Purple Moon Valley will be taken soon.

By then, the whole world will belong to us.

How much glory awaits us?

I wiped out everything he loved.

His farm looked a lot like this one.



Do you know that the source of life is soil?

Without soil,

we can't grow crops or trees.

We can't live without it.

What are you talking about?

I want you to come down here

to experience real life.


You're unhappy following me,

and I'm unhappy following you.

Why do you have to be so selfish,
demanding that I follow you?

We can't change our family background.

The sun should shine high above in the sky...

why must you drag it down to the mud?

Stop this madness!

Haven't I done everything to please him?

Why does he still want to leave me?

There's no gain without loss.

Other people and other affairs are waiting for you.

We'll eliminate the Supreme Sword Manor
as fast as we can...

then the pain will disappear.

Let's first eliminate the way of life he desires.

As you command.

My fields are here, I'm not leaving.

If you don't, she'll kill you.

Have I offended her? Why would she?

Because you love Chi!

Pack your things. We'll leave at dawn.

I won't demand that you love me,

but can we at least act like lovers?



Don't chase them.

I heard that these bastards celebrated

all night after Big Boss was killed.

Burn it all.


Stop here.


Let's move.

The rest of you stay close.

Follow me.


After him.


What's wrong?

My gold beads!

Sweetie, where are you going?

Why must you be so cruel to Chiu-ti?

You haunt her like a ghost,

and me like a nightmare!

Only after you die

can I be at peace!

Come on.

Is that the filthy lucre you earned
with your body?

That's how I supported my family.

It's nobler than yours.

You're so greedy.

No wonder you tried to seduce Hsiao-feng.

When I met him,

he was penniless.

He cared for me.

He even willingly got stabbed for me.


You still don't understand

why he doesn't love you?

It's because he knows

you only love his status.

But I love him as an ordinary man.

You love him?

Has he slept with you?


Hsiao-feng would never touch
a dirty whore like you!

Such vulgar language from an aristocrat?

No wonder he left you!

Burn her to ashes.



Don't you dare touch her!





Sit down.

Lean back your head.

Where's Sweetie?


If there's a next life, we'll be a family again.

My dear daughter!

Miao, we'll see each other in the next life!

Save me!

Save me!

Save me!

The Divine Might has taken the Purple Moon Valley.

Soon they'll attack the Supreme Sword Manor.

Your father is in imminent danger. Don't you care?

He announced my death after I left home.

To him, I'm already dead.

Divine Might killed Sweetie's whole family

and massacred all the villagers.

Shouldn't you do something for them?

Since I was 10,

I've been killing for my family's glory.

My sword is besmeared with blood.

I am already full of iniquities.

How can I kill again?

There's no need to kill.

We only need to defeat them.

Understand, you fool?

Right. That's the truth!

Swordsman Yen, well said!

Scout ahead.

Hold your breath.

My lord!

Their weapons are poisonous!

In formation!

Look out!

It's the suicide assassins!

My lord, run!

Elder Hsieh!

Let's go.

Elder Hsieh...

Lord Hsieh,

you murder your rivals in the name of justice

in order to dominate the martial world.

The Hsieh's true colours

are faker than our masks.

Lord Hsieh,

what a pity.


Let's do it.

Slay them, root and branch!

What are you doing?

I won't let them humiliate us!

You're digging your own graves.

After today,

After today, the Hsieh Clan will be no more,

and I will rule supreme!

Divine and demonic, all bow to my might!

Lord Hsieh,

that was quite a lie you told me.

Yen Shih-san, you stay out of this!


you can still make things right.

No way!

Kill him!

Kill him!

I'll kill you!

Hsiao-feng, your sword!

Ah Chi,

if you can't help it,

chopping off a few fingers is alright, too.


what are you looking at?

Your clan put these brands on our faces!

Kill me!

Kill me, and I'll hunt you down in my next life!


I'll pay my debt to you.


your men are dregs expelled by the Hsieh Clan.

Using them...

is a disgrace to the Mu-yung Clan!

I'll use anyone who can

help me make my name!


hatred will destroy you.

Don't hate me.


Calm down!



I am already the Divine Might.

Will you marry me?

You're unworthy of me.

Then promise me...

you'll stop loving him.

He'll keep hurting you forever.


You see?

You see how much he loves me?

Why don't you?

You can't love her.

She's mine.

She's mine!


would you marry me again?

I must be your wife.

I must!


don't hate me.

Don't hate me!

It's late.

I've bought you the best liquor.

You dress like a proper swordsman now.

It's time to return the favor.


Come on.

You can't defeat me.

Men lose to self-conceit.

Let me show you.

Forward thrust.

Upward thrust.

Thrust and twist.

Circular slash.

These are the most basic killing moves.

Your 13-Sword Style

can only kill me if I err at my 7th move.

A swordsman who knows his mistake but repeats it

deserves to die.

Let me see you off.

For a swordsman,

the most humiliating thing is
to die in pain on his sickbed.



How would you like to die?

Under a sword I respect.

I would never humiliate a worthy opponent

by holding back.

Very well.

We'll be friends in the next life.

He dug this grave himself.

You could say he died in the right place.

Let's exchange swords.

Someone stole his name

so I'm returning it to him.

Where are we going?

We'll right the wrongs and fight for justice.

Will you kill people?

I'll save them.