Switchh (2015) - full transcript

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Any more bets?

The race starts soon.

Which one?

This one?

Let's start the race.

Excuse me.

Yes, madam.

. Luka.

That one?

This way.

- Sh** - Sam, no need to worry.

At the most, we'll have to pay a small fine...

...and a day in jail. That's it.

I can't get caught under any circumstance.

Sam, there's no need to worry!

I said I can't get arrested.

Then you go from here.

Neil, if I go across I won't be able to take you with me.

I know. But you must go.

Freeze! Hands up!

These races are by invitation only.

Who invited you?

I don't know his name.

Do you recognise any one of these?


Are you sure?

Do you like it?

- May I use your washroom? - Sure.

I was waiting for this for a long.


Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.

- Don't make a sound. Understand. - How did you guys get in?

Where's the safe? Where's the safe?

Hey, what's happening?

- Where's the safe? - What safe?

- There is no safety here. - Hey...I'll count till three, okay!


- Please...please just show him! - Two!

Please...please just do it!

Just do what they are saying! Or else they will kill me.

Please, I beg you. Please.

Okay, okay, okay.

I'll tell you.

It's over there in the projector room.

Come on.

Let's go.

- Where is it? - It's right here.

- Where? - Here.

Open it.

I said open it quickly.

Open it.

Move your fingers wisely or I'll press the trigger. Understand.

Out of the way.

Don't move. Or I'll shoot.


Come here. Come here.

Come here.


- I am going. - You can't go anywhere.

I'm calling the cops. You're the witness.

You can't go anywhere.

I don't even know you.

I just came here to have a good time and all this nonsense.

Myra. Myra.

Oh no.

Wait, Myra.

'Myra. Beauty with brains is a rare combination.'

'Everything about her is intoxication.'

'She can get you high like a joint.'

'And once someone falls for this intoxication...'

'...there's no way to get out of Myra's intoxication.'

- How was it? - Smooth.

A successful exit is always better than a favourable entry.

'Sam. A man with looks and charm.'

'There's a cunning and dangerous mind behind this face.'

'This speed lover in reality is their partner...'

'...who decides how effective the speed is

and who plays what role.'

"Oh, baby..."

"Oh, baby..."

"Oh, baby..."

"Oh, baby..."

So you always keep me close.

Like your heart.

One last job, Myra.

After that, we'll disappear from this scene forever.




Thank you.

What for?

No specific reason.

For being who you are.

I've given you my heart...

...I can even give my life if required.

'Neel Rai Khanna. Racing wasn't just his hobby...'

'...it was his passion.'

'But one accident destroyed everything.'

'He's the future owner of the Malik Empire.'

'Warm heart with a cool head.'

'The one lucky guy to have a rich girl like Ruhina Malik.'

Hi, darling. Good morning.

Good morning.

How was it?


That was brilliant.

The water was perfect.


Ruhina Malik found something perfect.

Thank God.

I am sure God is pretty awesome.

But I can't wait for his benevolence to shine on me.

The water is perfect because of me, honey.

I know, darling. Not even God can make you wait, can he?


Okay now please be a darling and get Mr. Hanuka on the phone.

And yeah, do me another favour.

Tell Neel I'll meet him for breakfast.

Yes, ma'am. Anything else?

No, that's it.

Ruhi, you know I didn't realise...

...when I turned your personal assistant from your best friend.

Funny, no?


Please do it.

Of course, I'll do it.

When have I ever said no to you?

That's why I love you.

'Ruhina Malik.'

'The sole owner of a multiplex and retail giant.'

Ruhina's parents died in a car crash.

Since then she lives alone in her mansion...

...and handles her business alone.

And this is our target.

So what's the plan?

It's pretty simple.

You'll take us to Malik mansion...

...after that Z and I will take over.

I don't get this.

What's so special about this Malik house?

This isn't the home of some ordinary socialite, baby.

It's the family mansion of the multiplex, retail giants.

The mansion where all their cash is kept.

- Cash! - Yes.

The money collected over the week from their retail stores...

...is kept in this mansion's ultra-secure vault.

After the accounting and other due processes its transferred to the bank.

That's why our timing has to be just perfect.

Just perfect.

Because my eyes are on this cash.

Have you made all the arrangements for tonight?

Yes, boss. As per plan.

Wait a minute guys.

I don't know. I am not very sure of this.



Because robbing someone's home is one thing...

...but as you guys put it this is the Malik House.

There must be high security.

Electronic surveillance, guards, dogs, cameras.

If anything goes wrong we'll be in deep trouble.

Nothing will go wrong.

We'll make no mistakes. Trust me.

And I haven't forgotten my promise.

This is our last job, Myra.

To disappear from this scene and make a new beginning...

...we'll have to take a bold step.

The biggest job of our life.

Are you trying to understand what I'm saying?

Sam, the Police is already looking for us.

And robbing the Malik House...

I mean don't you think it's time to stop now?

Let's equally share the money we have and let's get out of here.


What's the answer to 99/100 problems?


And one last race, baby. One last race.

If I win this race then we'll 100,000 dollars.

And all that cash from Malik's house.

For that, you need to win first.

And you know I'll win that race, don't you?


you know I can't just walk away.

This is my last chance to race with Pacha.

One last race.


Can I help you with the unpacking?

I am almost done.

I was just making space for a couple of things.

What are you going to do with these things, Neel?

I've been telling you for a long time...

...you need a wardrobe change.

Give these things away in charity.

They are just a couple of stuff, Ruhi.

And I am sure I'll surely find some space for them.

Yeah, but what's the point of keeping stuff that's of no use.

Ruhi, I don't want to throw away this stuff.

Yeah, baby, but I am not asking you to throw them away.

I am just telling you to donate it. That's it.

I turned my entire world around, Ruhi, for you.

And you can't empty a single closet for some of my stuff.

Alright now. Don't get emotional.

Of course, I can spare a closet for you.

In fact, I can spare two closets for you.

So you can put your stuff in one...

...and I'll take you shopping to fill the other one.

Okay. - Okey.

By the way,

where do I fit in all this stuff?

I am really glad that you moved in.

Me too.

You made me work very hard for it.

I was just trying to make sure whether you're after my money.

Oh really?

So did you get your answer?

Still looking.

"Can't say how I spent my days."

"Each moment was like a century."

"Like a vagabond..."

"...my heart feels detached."

"Your memories keep me together."

"You became mine..."

"...my prayers were answered."

"Can't say how I spent my days."

"Each moment was like a century."

"Like a vagabond..."

"...my heart feels detached."

"Your memories keep me together."

"You became mine..."

"...my prayers were answered."

"Can't say how I spent my days."

"Such should be my punishment..."

"...you be the only reason for living."

"Such should be my punishment..."

"...you be the only reason for living."

Excuse me.

You've got a light.


Nice car.

Thank you.

Wow...amazing. Must be pretty expensive.

Want a drag?


I don't smoke up.

So...keeping secrets before the wedding.



You're not smoking publicly.

No. No secrets.

How can you work after smoking up?

Oh please.

These boring parties, these show-offs.

I can't handle this sober.

This makes me good at my job.

I mean a party should be stylish.

On the beach. Feet in the sand.

Booze flowing. Loud music.

You know...

What to do?

My fiancé is a bit old-fashioned.

You wanna play a game.

Okay, let's try it.

Close your eyes.

Open your mouth.

What are you doing?


Whether you're ready for commitment or not.

But I guess you are.

I should leave.

So...I was wrong, huh. Always a bachelor.

I go to this place every Friday.

If you ever want to meet then just drop by.

Now I should seriously leave. I'll see you.

- Hi. - Hello.

Mojito, please.

So, ready for your bachelor party?

Maybe I shouldn't have come here.

I knew it.

I shouldn't have worn this dress.

Too sexy, nah!

Actually, you're looking beautiful.

You're looking stunning.

For the lady.

- I'll take care of it. - Definitely not.

Tonight is on me.


- Cheers to your bachelor party. - Cheers.

Shall we sit down?

- Sure. - Come.

I don't even know your name.



Tell me something about yourself.

What do you want to hear?

Any boyfriend?

What do you think?

Should I have a boyfriend or not?

My will doesn't count here.

The truth won't change.

Oh S**

I was just asking.

I am sorry if you felt offended. We can talk about something else.

That's not it. Shall we go someplace else?


Just like that. No special reason.

Come on, please. Let's go somewhere.

But where will we go?

Don't know.

Let's get adventurous. Let's go.


Hey, she's the same girl who conned me.

- Do you have a car? - Yes.

- Where did you park it? - There.

S*** Hurry up.

What happened? Why did you stop?



He's here.

Who was he?

My ex-boyfriend.

I met him in the same place.

He still misbehaves with me.

Where did you learn to drive like this?

There are many things about me that you don't know.

Just drop me here.


I stay close by. This way I'll get to walk.

Wanna see some magic.

Now put this coin in that box.

Where did it go?

That's the magic.

Am I that bad?


You're too good.

I gave you my number in case you want to meet.

Or call me.

And you...

The restlessness in your breath...

...the serenity in your eyes.

May this not be some kind of mischief...

...which I feel to be love.

The smile, the formality...

...I hope I don't get used to it.


you're a magician, a poet, also a good driver.



it's been a pleasure.

It was magical.

If you ever want to call...

you could use magic.

He had some pretty wild moves.

Where is he from?

Don't know.

But he's a tough guy and a sexy driver.

Sexy, huh?

Are you okay?

Yeah, everything is under control.

'In case you ever want to call...'

'...you can use magic.'

Text from Neel.


What is he saying?

He wants to meet me tomorrow morning.


Z and I will be ready tomorrow.

Good job, Myra.

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't say no."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't make me wait."

"My heart says..."

"...steal me away and spend every moment with me."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't say no."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't make me wait."

I loved it.


Just perfect.

I am glad.

It's been a decade since I last came here.

So you bring all the girls here to impress them.

Of course, I impressed all my girlfriends here.


this is the first time I brought someone here.

So is this your secret hideout?

I don't hide.

You know I like your life.

Ruhina Malik's fiance by night...

...and out here by the day.

I really like it.


- are you hungry? - Very hungry.

Shall we go to my home then?

Your home.

Only if you're comfortable.

Generally, girlfriends break up with boyfriends after hearing this.

Don't worry, Ruhina won't be there.

Shall we?

Let's go.

Have you always been coming here?

This guy is full of surprises.


on the road, in the sky.

We're going to get sc*** man.

What place is this?

This isn't Malik house.

I know.

What do we do?

Shall we check? She might be in trouble.

Z, Myra knows what she is doing.

You know what, go back to the garage.

I'll wait for her.

- But, Sam... - Z...


That way.

My life started here.

This is my house.

Before moving in with Ruhina I used to live here.

What would like to eat?

Omelettes, pancakes.

I am a good chef.


are you alright?

Maybe it's a little awkward.

If you're uncomfortable then I can drop you home.


It's an accident scar.

Speeding accident?

Sort of.

I'm sorry. I can't do this.

I am sorry.

I brought you back here for breakfast, and I just...

It's fine. Really it is.

I should leave. I should go.

But how will you go? I will drop you.

I'll manage. Don't worry about it.

Thank you for today.

- I'll manage. - Will we meet again?

I'll call you.

Myra, you knew it wasn't the Malik House...

...so what took you so long?

It wasn't easy to get out.

I didn't want him to suspect me.


He's dancing to your tunes, Myra.

And we'll keep trying until he isn't completely in your grasp.

I don't want to do it.

Excuse me.

- What do you mean? - I mean...

I don't want to do it.

You want me to keep playing with his feelings...

...until he doesn't take me to his fiancé's mansion.

Right, Sam? Isn't that what you want?


Stop the car, Sam.

I said stop the car!

Myra, why are you doing this?

He took me to his bachelor pad.

Where he lived alone?

Do you still think he'll take me to Malik House?

Damnit never!

Sam, all this is a giant waste of time.

Look, I've grown tired of all this.

I can't do this anymore.

I can't handle all this anymore.

Please take me somewhere far away from here.

I want to go somewhere far away from this place.

I am tired.

I...I am so tired.

It's okay, baby. Calm down, Myra.

Baby, calm down. Look at me.

Look at me.

I promise we'll leave all this behind and start a new life...

...and I promise you this.

And trust me, let's forget Neel and the Malik House.


But to start a new life we'll need our one last job.

Last job.

- Okay. - Last job?

I swear one last job.

Come here.

He's a builder.

I've done my research. Everything in place.

He's throwing a huge party next week.

That will be the best time to target him.

It's cut-throat.

Don't you have anything else?

Yes, I'll update my status on Facebook.

Coming to rob you. Who is up first?

I am sure we'll get a couple of volunteers.

I still don't understand why we aren't targeting Neel?

Don't try to make sense of things, Z.

That's not your strongest point.

This builder is our new target.

And you focus on my car.

The race with Pacha isn't far away.

Okay, boss.

Hey man, come on. Always busy working.

Come on.

I tried to forget you.

I just can't get you out of my head.

"I know we went our separate ways..."

"...but it was fate."

"You came back to me..."

"...it was destiny."

"I am your heartbeat..."

"...it's my desire."

"Let me dwell in your heart."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't say no."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't make me wait."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't say no."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't make me wait."

"My heart says..."

"...steal me away and spend every moment with me."

"Just shower me with your love..."

"...don't say no."

"Just shower me with your love..."

I know you think that I just come and go.

But to meet again I must leave.


Still no answer?

I don't know, Ruhi, something doesn't feel right.

Something's wrong.

He must be stuck.

That's normal.

And I know you don't like it when I say that...

...look at the financial difference between you two.

Zara, how many times do I tell you?

Neel isn't after my money.

If he loves you so much then why isn't he here?

This engagement dinner was his idea.


Why aren't you starting the race?


The race will start when Pacha gets here.

Didn't you give him the call time?

Pacha is known only by two words.

The king of races.

Not just you guys even time waits for him.

Welcome, Pacha bhai. Welcome.

Greetings. Greetings.

How are you?

Pacha is known only by two words.

Not just us, even time waits for him.

Cynical, wild, ferocious.

He's completely unpredictable.

Racing is his passion and he never accepts defeats.

Sorry. Sorry.


I made you guys wait too long.

Very bad. Very bad.

That's not true, bhai.

How can we start the race without you?

Yeah...that's right too.

And anyway, Pacha doesn't need this race...

...this race needs Pacha.

So shall we begin?


Good luck to you.

I knew it.

Congratulation Mr. King of Races.

I know you would win.

Didn't I tell you in the morning today is your day?

I love you.

Not bad.

First time someone defeated Pacha in a race.

Good man.

Thank you.

I've never seen you here before.

I was preparing for this race.

I like your confidence.


You know I always say confidence is like a beautiful woman.

If it supports you, then it can take you places.

And if it shows attitude, then...

Good. Good.


Here...your winning money.


when will you race for me?

I don't race for others.



Then let's race again.

But just you and me.

One big one.

For big money.

One on one for one million dollars.


Crapped your pants?

Okay, fine.

That's more like it.


So my guy will get in touch with your guy.

But when is the race?

Leave the date and time to Pacha.

Just prepare for the race.

And remember Pacha doesn't like to lose.

Get ready for some fireworks.


Sam, are you sure that you want to do this?

Baby, we've enough.

It's just another race.

Another race?

Okay, one last race.




What happened to your car this time?

There was some sand on the road.

Otherwise this time...

Come on, let's take a selfie with the King of Racing.




Ruhi, hi.

I am so sorry I am late, Ruhi.

You're early.

Ruhi, I...

I so sorry, Ruhi. I completely forgot.

Last night I had one drink too many.

And your phone. Was it high too?

Zara, please stay out of this.

Ruhi, let's go.

Ruhi isn't going anywhere.

Zara, you go home.

I'll talk to you later.

What's wrong, Neel?

What the hell is wrong with you?

I don't know.

Don't know.


Then do me a favour.

Let me know when you find out.

And while you're thinking...

...give this marriage some thinking too.



What are you doing here?

I wanted to meet you.

Tell me clearly what's your game?

And why should I tell you?

We spent some nice moments together, didn't we?

And then...you disappeared.


What was your game?

Come on, Neel, just cut it out.

Excuse me. Am I disturbing you two?

Of course, not.

And you look familiar.

Are you a customer or friend?



Oh yeah, you're Neel Khanna. The famous racer.

I was. Not anymore.

I am just Neel Rai.


F3 racer two-times champion.

You also pocketed a lot of money from your sponsors. I know.

But if I am not mistaken you also met with an accident two years ago...

...after which you stopped racing?

Why? Got scared?

Wow...you know everything about me.

I am impressed.

But I guess you're right.

Racing is impossible for me.

Maybe I was scared.

Nothing is impossible, Neel.

Anyway, I am Sam.

And if you ever need anything from our garage...

...then let me know.

Thank you.

But I guess I should leave.

- Nice to meet you. - Same here.


Now, this is one really-really nice car, man.

horsepower. 0-100 in less than 4 seconds.

And a top speed of 310 km/ps.

That's really-really impressive.

Can I hear her?


Yeah-yeah...come on.

Yeah, that's it. Hit it! That's it.

This is really-really cool.

Come on, let me buy you a couple of beers.

Go inside, Neel. I'll join you.

What are you doing, Sam?

I just want to get to know him.

If he isn't interested in you...

...then why did he come to the garage to see you.

Sam, why don't you try to understand?

Neel really loves his fiancé.

They are getting married in a month.

He likes me but just for a one-night stand.

He will never take me to Malik House.

Relax. Relax, Myra.

Where love didn't succeed friendship will.

Anyway, you won't understand any of this.

Baby, I'll see you at the garage. Go

Baby, I'll see you at the garage. Go.


- Cheers. - Cheers.

All well?


She gets jealous when I spend more time with her friends.

You know how women are.

So...you like Myra, don't you?

Are you sure you want to talk about this?

Oh yeah, why not?

Myra and I have known each other for years.

So...how does it work?

Will I need your permission to call her?

By the way, you don't have a chance with Myra, Neel.

And why is that?

You're not just her type.

She likes a little spoilt, unmannered, daredevil type guys.


What kind of daredevil?

One who can look in the eye of his fear and face it.

And you're not that guy, Neel.

And why do you think I am not.

I don't know.

You tell me.

Are you the brave kind?

Someone who's got his fears under control.

Someone who can face his fear.

You even stopped racing out of fear.

Come on, let's drive away your fear.



- What do I have to do? - See that aeroplane.

You got to race with it.

And the race is simple.

See that mark...

That's where the aeroplane will take off.

And you've to switch your car from this side of the runway...

...to that side before it takes off.

That's it. It's very simple.

Are you crazy?

Okay, fine. I'll do it.

You know what, you sit on this side.

Come on.

And anyway, most people are happy sitting here.

That's the difference between you and me, bro.

I am not afraid of my fears.

Let's do it.

That's my boy.

But remember Neel, timing has to be just perfect.


When I say.


Go. Go. Go.

Wait a go. Well done. So proud of you my boy!

- Thank you, Sam. - Ready to race?



Z, this is Neel.

Neel this is Z.


He's racing with us next week.

I see...

I made no such promise but I'll think about it.


So Mr. Engineer, take a look at his car and tell us how it is.



Top of the line, huh.

I'll check the onboard computer.


I'll rewire and reset the speed limiter.

Basic tech-check and I think he'll be good to go.

The car is full-on, bro.


Z...he's a friend.

So the car should be our standards.


This one's on us.

There's no need for that.

Come on, Neel.

You're racing with us for the first time.

I mean thinking about racing with us...

...it's the least I can do with you.

So...all pumped up?

Ready to race again?


Let's see.

- But thanks for today. - You're always welcome, bro.

- Always welcome. - Really.

Freeze! Hands up!

Do you recognise any one of these?


They are thieves.

This girl flirts with rich men, enter their house...

...and robs them.

We've been following them for a long time.

Now, do you remember anything?

I am sorry.

I can't help you.


If they contact you or if you change your mind.

Give me a call.

This is my direct number.


I didn't want to trouble you that's why I didn't tell you anything.

You said you'll never race again.

That you've quit for good.

And now...

illegal races, Neel.

Isn't our life enough complicated already...

...that now I've to pick you up from the Police Station in the morning.

I was...

I was just having a rough time.

And it's not about racing, it's about me.

Ruhi, to live is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people just exist.

And I want to live.

I want to live.

Who is she?

No one.

This is because of our wedding, right?

Wedding jitters.

You're scared that's why the first girl you met...

Or is it serious?

What are you saying?

If it's not a girl then tell me what's the problem, Neel.

A man can't change overnight.


But maybe this is the truth. This is real.

The real Neel Rai Khanna.

And what does this mean?

Ruhi, it's not wedding jitters.

It's not about that.

It's about everything.

This house, the office, my life...

It's bloody everything.

And we're with each other because we've grown used to each other.

Is that true?

Yes, Ruhi, that's the truth.

We're getting married because that's the right thing to do.


Who is she, Neel?

Do I know her?

Do I know her?


You don't know her.

Listen to me, Neel,

if you want me in your life put me there.

I don't want to fight for a spot.

I never thought I'll say this.

I never thought I'll give you a chance.

But you've to decide, Neel, you've to choose.

Her or me.

Ruhi, we should go our separate ways.

So you want to say that you're doing a favour by breaking up with me?

Get out of my house!

Get out right now!

And keep the keys.


You were not my habit.

I really loved you.

Why can't we just stick to the plan?

- Z...stop it. - Stop it.

I should stop it?

Neel came to the garage and you took him out for a race.

What else is left?

I don't get this.

I don't understand a thing.

Even I don't understand anything, guys.

Even I don't get this.

What's going on?

How many more stupid people like me did you take advantage of?

Neel, calm down.

Take it easy, bro.

With you?

Oh yes, the usual textbook theory, right?

The promise of love.

The pain of loss.

And the joy of redemption.

Give him a toy and watch him dance.


Listen, Neel, let me...

Enough! Shut your trap.

What did you want?

My car?

Ruhina's money?

Or did you have a bigger plan in mind?

What did you tell the Police?

What should I have told them?

It's true, Neel.

We were after your money.

Now what?

Now what?


Since you know everything about us.

We'll move on.

- You're no longer our target. - Really.

Is that so easy?


You'll forget about my money so easily. Wow!


Don't trust him. He just got back from the Police Station...

Relax, Z.


Don't you have anything to say?

What do you want to hear?

The truth.

It wasn't real.

I was just playing the game.

I know, it wasn't real.

It was just a game.

And this is losing.

You two.

Take care, Neel.

And yeah, now since you're one of us...

...make sure you don't screw us over.

"My eyes are filled with tears..."

"...lost in the sorrows of shattered dreams."

"My eyes are filled with tears..."

"...lost in the sorrows of shattered dreams."

"I loved you a lot..."

"...but you broke every promise made to me."

"Who else can you give your heart to, beloved?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to leave my hand..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Whenever I think of you..."

"...I can't stop my tears."

"Whenever I think of you..."

"...I can't stop my tears."

"The pain is unbearable."

"Can't explain in words."

"Try to read my silence..."

"...without you, I can't live."

"You made me lonely..."

"...leaving just a shadow behind."

"Yet my heart chases after you."

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to leave my hand..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Whenever I think of you..."

"...I can't stop my tears."

"Whenever I think of you..."

"...I can't stop my tears."

"You're the one I trusted..."

"...I loved you more than myself."

"You left my midway..."

"...and I kept waiting."

"I loved you a lot..."

"...but you broke every promise made to me."

"Who else can you give your heart to, beloved?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to leave my hand..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"Did you mean to break my heart..."

"...or was it just a mistake?"

"My eyes are filled with tears..."

"...lost in the sorrows of shattered dreams."

You? Why did you come here?

- You're looking damn cool, man. - Cut the crap, Sam.

Why are you here?

I thought we can sit and talk. Sort out things.

Like civilised human beings.

Civilised human beings?

No need to worry, Sam. I won't go to the Police.

Now just leave. And leave me alone.

Neel. Neel. Neel.

I know...I know you won't go to the Police.

That's why I came here.

You got yourself arrested to save me.

Give me a chance to do something for you.

Let's step out. Have a couple of drinks.

Let's talk. Let's forget about everything.

Forget about what, Sam. Myra loves you.


Yes, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to meet you.

By the way, she's waiting downstairs for the both of us in the car.

There's a party in the suburbs.

Let's go there. Have a couple of drinks. Talk.

You won't give up.


"My sweetheart..."

"Sweetheart...you're my world."

"You're my pain and my cure."

"O sweetheart...you're my world."

"You're my pain and my cure."

"Let me smoulder in your breath..."

"...and shatter in your arms."

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You're my passion."

"Let me smoulder in your breath..."

"...and shatter in your arms."

"You will give"

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You're my passion."


"You're my love"

"How can I trust your love?"

See that girl in black?

She's the famous singer Lisa.

Her convertible is parked outside.

And the keys are in her red purse.


All the best.

"How can I trust your love?"

"How do I say how much I love you?"

"Let me smoulder in your breath..."

"...and shatter in your arms."

"You will give"

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You're my passion."


Did it.

I did it.


- What a feeling. - Did you enjoy that, bro?

It was amazing.

Are you okay?

I am in heaven.

And I'm looking at an angel.

Myra, so beautiful.

You're so beautiful.

Come on, Neel.

Sam, let him go.

She's good.

Come on, Neel. Come on.

You're drunk, bro.

You're wasted.

Now get some sleep.

Good morning, Neel.

Good morning.

Where are you?

Don't worry about that.

You've got bigger problems to deal with now.

And the car you're comfortably sleeping in is stolen.

What are you saying?

And guess what...

you stole it yourself.

And it gets better from now.

The club you stole the car from...

...have CCTV footage of you stealing the car.

And now Dubai Police is overseeing this case.

Now listen to me carefully.

Never trouble us again.

Do not bother us, Neel Rai Khanna.

And most importantly stay away from Myra. Is that clear?

Yeah...it's clear.


He'll never come to the garage again.

And he'll never think about going to the Police?

Aren't you ashamed, Sam?

Aren't you even a little guilty?

My anger out way ism guilt, Myra.

You're such a bastard, Sam.

Why didn't you tell me about this plan?

If I had told you then you would've never come along.

Is that how much you trust me?

You tell me, Myra.

Can I trust you?

Sam, what's going on?

What are you doing?

I am going to race with Pacha.

Are you out of your mind?

We don't have a choice, Myra.

We don't have time to look for a new job.

We can't trust Neel because he can go to the Police.

You and I and all of us need to get away right now.

Sam, this is enough.

All this needs to stop now.


This is just the beginning, Myra.

Don't be crazy, Sam.

There will be other races...

No more races, Myra.

Myra, such opportunities don't come again.

We need to grab this opportunity.

Are you understanding what I am saying?

What if you lose?

My money's on the line too.

Who am I doing all this for?

Who am I doing all this for? For you. For our future.

For us?

Do you even care what I think about this race?

Of course, I do. Baby, What's wrong with you?

Of course, I do.

Look, Myra, I've planned everything.

And trust me nothing will go wrong.



Never thought I'll see you again.

I am sorry I am late.

Doesn't matter. There's a first for everything.

First time I lost to someone. First time I waited for someone.

Do you know why?

Because I like you.

I like you.

You came alone.

No support group.

No cheerleader.

He's offended.

Don't bother about it. I was just asking.

All good in hurt.

No trouble in paradise.

Shall we start the race?

Of course.


Doesn't it look short?

Are you waiting my time?

dollars for my car and my garage.

No, no...

Just when I started to like you.

Pacha doesn't make deals.

When you lose I want my full money.

Because I never leave my winning money.

And this time no mercy.

You'll have to go separate lanes for the race.

Whoever reaches first, wins.

Simple, isn't it?

Shall we begin?

Sh** Sh**


Hey...what's wrong with you? What was that?

It was a race.

And it was a good one.

Separate lanes. And those were your rules.

Then why did you cut me off in the middle?

Follow your own damn rules, man.

Ohh...such a sore loser.

Come on, Sam.

If you're not man enough to lose...

...you're not man enough to win.

Last time I lost this time it was you.

That's it.

Whatever the rules...

...I reached the finished line first.

So I win.

But that was not the rule.

These were not the rules.

Let's race again.

No. No. You lost, Sam.

Fair and square.


Now I want my money.

Let's give you some time.

Day after.

I want my one million dollars by the day after.

Get it?

Just a sec.

You? Why are you here?

Stop this.

Stop playing around.

- Neel. - Just leave.


I just wanted to see whether you're alright.

I...wanted to apologise. I still do.

What do you want to see?

Whether I am fine?

I am absolutely fine.

I left my fiancé for a thief. I am bloody perfect.

You left Ruhina.

My life, my business, everything...

For you.

And you left me out there to die.

Just leave me alone.

Are you ready to run away with me?

Tell me, Neel.

I know I screwed up everything.

This is not the way I thought things would turn out to be.

I...want to live with you.

I love you.

And Sam?

I only love you.

Neel. Neel.


Someone's at the door.

You? What do you want now?

There's nothing for you here now.

Come on, let's go.

Myra isn't going anywhere, Sam.

This is none of your fu**** business, you stay out of it, Neel!

This is my house and this is my business.

Come on, Myra...


Get out.


Just get out of here.

So you want to stay with this loser?

You heard her, Sam.

Sam! Stop this charade!


Myra, I swear I will quit everything.

I will quit everything. The cons, the races, everything.

I'll quit everything from today.

I know I never took care of you. I always ignored you.

But baby, everything is over now.

Nothing has changed, Sam!

You still think I should do what you want me to do!

You can't just walk in here and ask me to follow you.

Go away.

You know that you'll come with me.

I'll wait for you at the airport at 6 o'clock...

...and I want to see you there. Is that clear?

And you.

Do you know why she will come with me?

Why don't you tell me?

Because she still loves me.

You're just a toy for her.

I'll deal with you later.

Just wait.

Going somewhere?

I wasn't going anywhere.

I see...

Then why did you go to the airport?

Just for a stroll.

Wow...two tickets to Istanbul.

But you're alone.


Forget it.

What's the point?


Pacha, I'll pay your money.

I swear I'll pay back your money. Just give me some time.

I really will pay your money back. Just give me some time.

You want time.

No. No.

Pacha, not my hand! Pacha, not my hand!

Pacha, not my hand! Pacha, not my hand!

Pacha, no! Pacha, no! Pacha, not my hand!

I'll get the money from you.

Because Pacha never always gets his money.

But it's not about the money.

You refused to race for me.

Now you can't race for anyone.

Not even for yourself.



What are you thinking?

Just that it's such a perfect morning.

I want to start all my mornings with you.

It's a text. Check it.

Not important.

I won't feel bad, Myra. Check it.

Check it yourself.

Are you sure I should check it?

Go on.

What happened?

It's okay.

Sam! Sam!

Sam! What happened?

Who did this?


Come on, get up.

Let's go.


Get up.


- Myra. - Open your eyes, Sam.

Get in the car.


Myra, get in the car.

Oh, nice.

- Get in the car. - Grab the beauty.

Just leave me. Let me go.

Leave me you ba***

Let me go.

Leave me.

What's going on? What the hell is going on?

Isn't she beautiful?

Take a good look at her.

Because I am going to...

I am not that bad.

I won't even touch her for two days. Promise.

But after that first,

I'll clip her ears.

Then chop her hands.

Then her legs.


Please. I don't get it.

What is going on?

And I thought you're the smarter of the two.

Look, bring money take honey. Simple.

But this time I don't want one million dollars.


I want 10 million dollars Mr. Neel Rai Khanna...aka Malik.

But I need some time. How am I going to do it?

I need some time.

I gave you time. Two days.


Now I know you're smart.

But don't be over smart and inform the Police.

Otherwise she...

You get the drift, right?

What mess did you get me in?

Where will I get 10 million dollars?

You must have money.

But not so much.

But you can arrange it?

In 48 hours?


Maybe you didn't hear Pacha carefully?

We'll have to arrange the money to save Myra's life.

I swear Sam if anything happens to Myra I won't spare you.

I didn't drag Myra in this intentionally.


You know what, you're a coward.

You're a bloody coward, that's what you are.

We can talk over this all night but that won't save Myra's life.

We need to come up with a plan and now.



Who did this to you, Z?

I went on a lunch date...

...with Pacha and his goons.


Pacha has kidnapped, Myra.

- What? - Yes.

And if we don't give him 10 million dollars tomorrow, then...

I guess you were right, Sam.

We need a plan.

But how will we get the money?

There's just one way, Sam.

One last job.

The biggest job of your life.

The biggest job?

But Neel, we're not ready. We'll get arrested.

What's the matter? Scared?

Remember Sam, one day you helped me get over my fear.

Now I'll help you do the same.

Be the man Myra wanted you to be.

The daredevil type.

Showtime, buddy.

Are you ready to switch?


Sorry for disturbing you.

But I need to get some of my stuff from Malik house.

I'll send all your stuff over.

Ruhi, please.

It's important.

No, I don't want to see your face.

Only 30 minutes.

I am leaving the city tomorrow.

And I want to see you before I go.

I know my mistakes aren't worth forgiving.

But please.

For old time's sake.

Only once.

My flight leaves tomorrow evening.


Only 30 minutes.

So, what's the plan?

I'll signal you.

And also handle Ruhina.

But remember one thing.

None of you will lay a finger on her.

Not even a scratch on Ruhina.


Ruhi, can I come inside?

I don't know, Neel.

I am not so sure about this.

Please. One last time.

And anyway, I'll be going far away after today.

Please, Ruhi...

- Would you... - Can I have something to drink?


I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Neel, please...

Don't even try to move or I'll blow your brains out.

Who are they?

Where is the safe?

There is no safe here.

Where is the safe?

There is no safe here.

For the last time where is the safe?


Back there.

- Open the safe! - You're hurting her.

Open it.

Come on.

Open the safe.

Open the goddamn safe now.

- Please. I can't do it. - Can't do it?


Open the safe or I'll blow his brains.

No, no...

Okay. Okay.

Move back. Move back.

Lower the gun.

Ruhi, you're making it worse.

Open the safe, Ruhi.

Everything is covered with insurance.

You just have to make a phone call, that's all.

Ruhi, just open the safe and they will go away.

What are you saying, Neel?

Open the safe! Open the bloody safe, now!

Come on. - No...

He's going to die. Open the safe.

Hurry up.

That's all there is.

Not this one.

The other one.


The other safe. The real one.

You ba***

Look at me.

Look at me.

How much did you sell my life for?

If the situation wasn't this bad I would've never done this.


Try to understand.

This is the question of someone's life and death.

- Please. - And me, Neel?

My life?

Enough of your sobbing. Come on.

Open the vault, now!

I told you, you won't hurt her.

- Relax. - Forgive me, Ruhi.



"Oh, baby..."

We can build an entire city with this.

Oh wow...

There's much more than we need.


- go and get the bag. - Wait a minute.

Z, go get the bags, please.


Okay, boss.

I love you, Benjamin.

Neel, don't just stand there, fill the bags.

Wait, Sam.

We'll take all the money.

Otherwise, we'll not take anything.

How will we move so much money?

Your car?

My car.

My car will get noticed.

It's too risky.

You two...

arrange for a second car.

Till then I'll pack the money.

What are you looking at?

I brought you two here.

I don't care about this money. I only care about Myra's life.

Go on.

Arrange for another car.

That was fast.

The rest of the bags are inside.

Welcome. Welcome.

I knew you won't disappoint me.

Love is a weird thing.

Where is Myra?

A true businessman.

Remember what I said, give money take honey.

Where is my money, dude?

You can see your money but I don't see Myra.

Let me see her.

And all is yours.


I am not that bad, am I?

People just give me a bad name.

I don't want to let her go.


Your lover has a lot of attitude.

True love.


to the car.

Let's go.

Come on.

They left so early.

No hi, no bye.

- Why? - How fast can you run?



Now we'll go far away from here.

Trust me.

We can go wherever we want.


Where are we going?

One last stop.


Your freedom.

I wish he loved me just as much.

Stay happy you two.

I hope we never meet again.

Thank you, Ruhina, Zara.

I could've never pulled this off without your help.

What is all this, Neel?

All this money.

Remember this little beauty.

We need a plan. One last job.

Can I come inside?

We'll take all the money.

I sent Sam and Z away to look for a car.

And that's when the action started.


Zara, I need your help.

- I don't want to talk to you. - Zara, Ruhina's life is in danger.

I want you to come to Malik House immediately.


What are you doing?

Let me explain.

Zara arrived. I woke up Ruhina and told her the truth.

Give all the money to Pacha and get Myra back.


The money's all here, Ruhi.

And they won't go anywhere.

But I need your help.

Ruhi. Ruhi, are you okay?


What is he doing here?

Long story.

Just do as he says.

I'll tell you everything later.

Look at the coin box carefully.

The vault's design was like this box.


Zara, Sam and Z are here.

You should leave.

Please don't forget to call Ajay uncle. It's very important.


Uncle, come to Malik Mansion immediately.

Pacha's men stole everything. Ruhina is unconscious.

Don't move. I am coming.

When Ajay uncle arrived with the Police the vault was empty.

Malik House is always covered with burglary insurance.

If there's ever any theft in that house...

...Ruhina will get more money than stolen.

The Police found no clue of foul play.

Even the insurance agents were baffled.

There's was no doubt that she was robbed.

Your claim will be settled immediately.

We left many clues behind.

Cameras. Fingerprints. We left our marks everywhere.

No one had a reason to doubt Ruhina.

Everyone made one mistake.

Everyone taught the vault was empty.

Ruhina will get her money from insurance.

And this...is my cut.

Sometimes being greedy pays off.

All thanks to my little box.

But...the money that you gave Pacha?

They were fake.

Where could we go after giving the money to Pacha?

We had no option to get out.

The Police would've found us.

Where could we go?

How long could we run?

This was our only chance.

This was our switch.

"I'll steal you away from the world..."

"...and take you far away."

"Let the world keep searching..."

"...but they will never find us."

"I'll steal you away from the world..."

"...and take you far away."

"Let the world keep searching..."

"...but they will never find us."

"Let me smoulder in your breath..."

"...let me shatter in your arms."

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You will give"

"You will become"

"You're my passion."