Switched (2020) - full transcript

Tired of being bullied, Cassandra Evans prays that her nemesis, Katie Sharp, the queen bee of social media, would know what it's like to walk a day in her shoes. Her prayer is answered in an unexpected way when they get "Switched."

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Katie Sharp.

Will she be the new
face of Glam Slam's?

Cassandra, I'm ready.

Just a minute.

You have
to go to school!

♪ Dear baby bird ♪

♪ Dear sparrow ♪

That was beautiful, honey.

Juilliard would be
crazy not to enroll you.

Mom, I can't do it,
I'm so stressed out.

You can do it.

You earned this
because you sent them

an incredible audition.

Ok, but that was a recording

and I can't have a music
career behind a curtain.

We're working on it.

I almost got the curtain open.

I'll be the only person in
the symphony that's in a box.

People gonna say, oh who's
the amazing guitarist

in the box?

You're not gonna be in a box.

It's just stage fright.

Yeah, but it feels
like I'm gonna throw up.

Like my stomach is
turning inside out.

Your talent's too
beautiful not to share.

It's a gift trying
to erupt out of you.

Yeah, but it won't be the
only thing erupting out of me.

Oh I have
to work late tonight.

Clay will pick you up
or you can take the bus.

Thats humiliating.

I'm a junior.

And good thing New
York has subways,

you won't have to worry
about driving or a car.

Oh we are gonna miss you so
much when you go to Juilliard.

Don't worry, at this rate
I won't be going anyway.

Thousands of people
audition for Julliard

and only a handful get in.

Besides if I don't get the
scholarship, I can't go anyway.

Just have to join Clay
at the community college.

Hey, don't knock
community college.

You'll get it, Cass.

Honey, I wish you
could play with your heart,

not your head.

Then it wouldn't
matter who's watching.

You don't have
to be psych-ward mom right now.

I'm a nurse,
not a therapist,

but I'll give you a
penny for your thoughts.

Cassandra, you're spin cycling.

I wanna be someone else.

Why, that breaks my heart.

Who would you be?

Someone who can play a
guitar in front of people.

Someone who can drive and
actually have a license.

Honey, you can get your
license whenever you want.

Whenever you're ready.

Someone who can pay for
college, and who is popular

that everyone likes.

with millions of followers.

I wanna be like Katie Sharp.


She has everything.

She's popular, she's beautiful
and confident in her life.

Her life is perfect.

Isn't she one
of the mean girls?


I wanna be her, I don't
wanna be like her.

I hate Katie Sharp.

We don't hate people.

Besides, you don't wanna
be one of the brad pack.

And, honey, Katie Sharp
doesn't have everything.

Mom, she is everything.

I bet there are things you
have that Katie would want.

She just needs to get
to know you, that's all.

Yeah, like what?

Well, you have
a beautiful heart.

Well, everyone likes her.

Did you hear what I just said?

You need to love others
as you love yourself.

Yes, Mom, I know.

As you love yourself.

That's the heart of the matter.

Okay, I'm sorry.

It's just everyone always
talks about Katie Sharp.

Well, maybe You should talk
to her instead of about her.



love You.

love You.

Oh honey, you
forgot your coffee!

Thanks, Mom.

How will we live today?

Lead with love.

Oh, your shoe is untied.


Yes, you got it.

Look at her.

Oh, no, oh poor girl.

She looks like she got
her clothes from the dump.

She should start
a GoFundMe campaign.

Oh I would donate.

Actually it's an idea
for video I wanna do.

Kids who forgot to
look in the mirror

before they leave the house.

That sounds good.

I know.

Oh Olivia looks so ditzy
in that short uniform.

- Hello.
- I know.


Did you guys see my blog

on this new jewelry
line I discovered?

No, I must have
missed that one.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I forgot my lab binder.

I'll be right back.

Yeah, okay.

Literally nobody
reads her blog.

She just really
wants to be like you.

Yeah, but I hope that
jacket's not real leather.

Hey, babe.

Hi, Hayden.

So I was thinking maybe
you could make a video

about me being your boyfriend.

You know, like me working out.

Throwing the ball around.

That sounds riveting.

I'll think about it.

Yeah, yeah, cool.

Is he still trying to
be in one of your videos?

Like what cloud chaser.

I dated him because he's hot
nor to get him followers.

Hi, Katie.

Hey, I just wanted to wish you
luck on your Glam Slam job.

Because that's so cool and you
might already have a career.

These are designer shoes.

Oh my gosh, are you okay?


Let me help you clean them.

Don't touch me.

Sorry, it was just trying.

You can wear my shoes.

I know we wear the
same size shoes.

because I watched your
favorite shoes videos...


I wouldn't be caught
dead in your shoes.

Looks like someone forgot
to look in the mirror

when they left the house.

We don't wanna see your
face for the rest of the day.

Or your ugly shoes.

Did you wake up in
some alternate universe

where we are friends
with Katie Sharp?

I was trying to be nice.

Okay, kids.

Last time we talked
about saprotrophs

and how they help the
process of decomposition.

Decomposition is an important
part of the life cycle.

The change that one living
organism has on another,

creates room for new life.

As you see here, I
have beakers of milk

and they all have
different dates

and are in various
stages of decomposition.

Yeah, very unpleasant.

So can anyone tll me,
why does milk spoil?

Katie Sharp!

Because you don't have it
in a refrigerator.

Who cares about
being nice to her?

Love your neighbor.

She lives on the
other side of town.

She's not your neighbor.

Cassandra Evans?

The saprotrophs in
the milk are bacteria.

They're eating the milk.

It's their waste that
makes the milk smell bad.

That is correct.

Good job, Cassandra.

Kids, if you're gonna be
distracted in my class,

you better at least
have the right answer

when I call on you.

Oh boy.

How's guitar practice?

Don't remind me, the
audition is coming up so soon.

So I'm really freaked out.

Want me to come over
tonight, be your audience?

Maybe I should
apologize to Katie again.


Do not talk to Katie Sharp

- They're coming.
- or the brad pack.

The last thing
you need right now

is draw more
attention to yourself.

Bro, no way!

No way.

Oh, she's.

Oh, no, no, no.

Oh man.

I can't really handle it.

It smells like pig.

I hate her so much.

I despise them all Cassandra.

She is not gonna
get away with this.

No, we shouldn't hate people.

I said despise.

Here, I scavenged these
from lost and found.

I'm going to the
principal right now.

No, no, please.

It'll only make it worse.

It's over.

Let's go.

Sis, I'm so sorry.

I don't want to talk about it.

High school kids are so mean.

I can't believe they
did that to you.

Wait, how'd you
know what happened?

I watched it.


- No!
- I thought you knew.

She didn't!

What did
you do about it?


You gotta stand up
for yourself Cassandra.

How would you know?

You practically ran this school.

You were popular.

You were never a nerd.

Cassandra, you're not a nerd.

Stand up for yourself.

I thought I was supposed
to lead with love.

leading with love doesn't
mean you don't have boundaries.

Love tells the truth.

It's not OK what
they did to you.

But I don't know
how to do that.


Looks like someone got
milk on their shoes.

Dear God, please show
Katie Sharp what it's like

to walk a day in my shoes.

Walk a day in my shoes.

Walk a day in my shoes.

Walk a day in my shoes.

Walk a day in my shoes.

Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

Your kale smoothy's done.

I have to go.

Excuse me.

You are not leaving this house

without your hair make up done.

It's unacceptable.

Hey sweetie, somebody
missed our

five o'clock run this morning.

Are you feeling all right?

Yeah, that's it.

I'm just feeling very strange.

I'm gonna go to the doctors.

Key's on the shelf.

I'm sorry, didn't
I just tell her

she is not leaving
house like that!

Well, why don't you stop her?

Oh wow.

Katie Sharp, please don't
kill me for driving your car.

What are
you doing with my car?

Sorry, your parents
gave it to me.

What's going on?

Why am I you?

You have my face!

Don't touch me!

This Is impossible!

I think I did this.

What are you babbling about?

what's going on?

That's my mom.

We need to get out of here.

Give me the keys.

Give me the keys!


Okay, how do I
get my body back?

I don't know, why
are you asking me?

Don't bite my finger nails.

You're gonna ruin my manicure.

This has to be some kind of
hallucination or something.

A dream?

That's it.

I need to wake up.

Okay, okay.

Wake up, Katie!

Wake up, Wake up!

- Okay, stop!
- Wake up!

Stop, that's gonna
leave a mark on my face!

Besides, what if I'm dreaming?

I'm dreaming.

Right, of course.

Wait, Stop.

Ok, okay, wait stop.

I think I might know
what's going on.

Last night, when I got
home, I was really upset,

because of what
you guys did to me.

Okay, get on with it!

I prayed to God to show
you what it's like to be me.

Actually, the exact words were,

please show Katie
Sharp what it is like

to walk in my shoes.

You're kidding.

I'm not.

I'm sorry.

That is impossible.

I don't even believe in God.

I mean, if just because
you don't believe,

doesn't make Him not real.

Actually, that's
exactly what that means.

Well, then how do
you explain this?


we really need to go
to the emergency room.

Oh, no, I can't miss school!

I have perfect attendance.

You're me now, dummy.

What would we
tell the doctors?

I don't know maybe they've
heard of something like this.

People could switch
bodies, don't you think

you would have heard of
something like that before?



What I mean is, no one's ever
switched bodies in history.

We would've seen it on the news.

No one will believe us.

Or worse.

They will believe us.

Why would that be worse?

If people could switch bodies,

mean they would wanna
do experiments on us.

Put us into a lab.

They would put us
in a peewee dish?

It's a Petri dish.

They would cut open our
brains and look inside.

I'm way too beautiful
to be cut up into pieces.


We can't tell anyone.

Then what are
we supposed to do?

Go to school.

Pretend to be each other.

I can't pretend to be you!

Well I don't think we
really have a choice.

Just until we figure
out what's going on.

Give me my phone.

And I can't show up at
school in my pajamas.

Okay, okay, let's go.

What are you doing?

I'm just getting my things.

Why is your stuff in
someone else's locker?

Who's locker is this?

Is this Cassandra
Evans's locker?


Cassandra Evans is digging
through your locker!


Oh, I get it.


We'll take care of her.

What do you
think you're doing?


I'm having a horrible day.

Yesterday you thought
you could talk to us

and now you are
in Katie's locker?

I can't you.

Listen to me!

Excuse me.

You listen to me.



Hey, Wait!

Where are you going?

Look, yesterday is over.

Whatever happened between
you and Cassandra is

between you two.

Leave me out of it.

You'd just abandon
me like that?

You're supposed to
be my best friend!

Sup, babe?

Oh, hello.

Beautiful, what's wrong?

Do you think I'm beautiful?

Katie, you are the most
beautiful girl in my universe.

I have to go.

See you at lunch then.

What did you take
out of this locker?

Put it back.

What are you doing?

Meet me at the
lockers after school.


You must think I'm an idiot.

I need to talk to you.

It's really important.

You don't understand.

You still smell
like sour milk.

Now get out of here before
I call the principal.

I don't know what you
think you are doing,

but if I ever catch you doing
something like this again

you will regret it for
the rest of the year.

You are just looking
for trouble, Cassandra.

Cassandra, Katie,
could please return

to your assigned seats.

I can't believe she
didn't learn from yesterday.

What should we do to her today?

My milk samples
have gone missing.

So, we are going to skip
to the next chapter.

Can anybody tell
me what mimicry is

and the four types
of resemblances?

Miss Sharp?

Miss Sharp, could you
please answer the question?

Oh, me.

If you have time in your
busy schedule to join us.


Mimicry is the similarity
from one creature

to another creature or objects

that similarity
gives an advantage

to the creature in some way.

The four types of
resemblances are appearance,

behavior, sound and scent.

That's right.

Miss Williams, can
one creature turn

into another creature?

Like, could I wake up one day
and be a cat or something?

You laugh, but that
is completely possible.

It is?

Yes, of course.

Take a butterfly.

Spends the first
half of it's life

as a completely different
creature before it cocoons

and morphs into a butterfly.

If you didn't know that
that was the same creature

you would never think
if that was possible.

Could you put
somebody's thoughts into

That's not possible.

Not yet anyway.

Although, I have heard
of these experiments

that are happening where they
are putting a computer chip

into the brain to do just that.

But we are many
years and tests away

from that being possible.

Lots of lab work
to be done first.

Okay, let's turn to page 68.

What are you guys doing?

Oh, sorry, I'm
walking too close?

I warmed up your
seat for you babe.

You know I love it when
you play hard to get!

Did you get my text about.

You can't sit with me!

Hey, Abby.

Looks like there's a
glitch in the system.

Sabotage time?

Hey, what if we just
all try and be friends.

That is not going to happen.

Don't worry, we would never
be friends with you guys.

You're like not
cool, kinda losers.

No we aren't!

Yes, you are.

Who are we talking about?

I'm serious.

Maybe we should just try
to be nice to each other.

Katie, aren't
you a vegetarian?

Do not eat that.

You're the vegetarian, not me.





Yeah, don't mess with us.

One second.


If you're going to be me, you
need to do a better job at it.

I don't eat greasy pizza!

And I don't wanna be friends
with you and what's her face.

Stop making me look bad.

I'm sorry.

Stop saying sorry.

Katie Sharp does not apologize.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry
for saying sorry.

You need to wear my clothes,

you need to start
acting like me.

You need to look good.

OK, I understand.

But you have to be
nice to my friends.

You don't have friends.

Well, You have to
be nice to my friend.


If you can keep it together
and not destroy my reputation,

I'll try to be nice
to your friend.




Her name is Abby.

If we wanna pull this off,
you have to get it too,

just like me.


I'll be nice to Abby.

But don't mess it up
with my boyfriend.

And also, don't touch him.


Wait up.

You didn't take any
of my books home!

They're heavy.

How are you gonna do homework?

Wait, how do we suppose
to do with homework?

No one told me
to do any homework.

Nobody gave you any homework?

I always have homework!

Cassandra has homework.

I don't.

You'll ruin my GPA!

Then I'll give
you the assignments.

I already have homework.

As you!

Then copy mine from yours.

This is your fault anyway.

So you do believe me?

Okay, let's get this straight.

I don't believe in God.

But I do believe this is your
fault, because you said so.

So, fix it.

You can't drive as me.

I don't have a license.

Well, I do.


You don't.

I really don't want you
to go to jail as me!

This is ridiculous.

Why don't you have
a driver's license?

I have social anxiety.

I lose my nerve, and
I get really panicked.

It's the worst that I have to
perform in front of people.

Whatever, I don't care
about your personal problems.

If a cop pulls you
over, you're gonna get me

in a lot of trouble.


Then how we get home?

Wait your parents are gonna
see some random girl digging

to your room.

I don't wanna get
arrested for that either.

Well but how do we get
to our own rooms then?

I guess we'll have to sneak in.


What happens when our parents
gonna tell us good night?

Your parents say
good night to you?

Like, in your room?

My mom does.

Hey sis, Ready to go!

He's talking to you.

Your brother is Clay Evans?

Yeah, Cassandra Evans.

Clay Evans.

I would have
never guessed that.

He looks so cool.

Okay, don't forget you are me!

You know?

Maybe I'll be okay going
back to your house after all.

That's my brother!

And you have a boyfriend!

Hey wait, I'm coming
with you guys.

Sorry Katie, you're
not welcome after

what you did to my sister.

Why are you talking
to Katie Sharp now?

You know who, you
know who Katie Sharp is?

I forgot how famous I am.

She is.

No, she's infamous.

Yeah, she's awesome.

Infamous isn't
awesome, Cassandra.

Famous is being well
known, but infamous

is being well known
for bad reasons.

Katie Sharp is infamous.

Did she apologize?

For what?


What's with you?

Well, she'd suppose, I mean,

there was coffee spilled
on someone's shoes.

But that was an accident.

Enough about Cassandra.

Let's talk about Clay.

You're like a legend
at that school.


You were captain
of the soccer team.

Highest goal count to date.

Everyone still talks about you.

Even Katie Sharp.

Listen high school
doesn't really matter

after high school, you know?

Look, you really
do need to stand up

for yourself against her.

Today, Cassandra
Evans totally stood up

to Katie Sharp.

And high school is everything.

See you later, sis!


You're leaving?

I've got to get to class.

Oh my gosh, I just saw the
video Katie Sharp put up.

Are you okay?

What should I do?

Should I Call the school?

Call her parents?


Isn't that Katie Sharp?

Sort of.

Do you wanna let her in?


We are pretty upset with you.

I was about to
call your parents.

I'll go to my room.


Cassandra, we need
to deal with this.

Now is the perfect opportunity
for Katie to apologize

and for you two
to work this out.

Oh, I completely agree.

It was very big of
Katie to come here.

I agree.

She is the best.

Katie, You are
my daughter's idol.


I mean.

Mrs. Evans.

And it would mean
a lot to Cassandra

if you would apologize.

It really would.

Cassandra you are not helping.



Thank you, Katie.

Oh, I wasn't saying sorry for.

This isn't right!

It's supposed to be
the other way around.

I hardly think that
my little accident

requires an apology.

After what you did.


I didn't know that
this would happen.

OK, is it settled?

Be kind to each other.

If you learn this
now, it will save you

so much grief in the future.


It's time for us to go
to my, your house, Katie.

Cassandra, you need
to do your homework

and get some guitar practice in.

Can I stay for dinner?

Can I sleep over?

Sorry, not tonight, Katie.

I think we need
some family time.

I guess I'm stuck here.

I forgot my address.

Press the home
button on the GPS.


I'll go get dinner ready.

Mrs. Evans?

Can I get a hug?

I need you to bring me some
clothes to school tomorrow.

Bring some outfits.

Katie, your kale
salad is in the fridge.

Boy, this family
eats a lot of kale.


Your latest video
outperforming everything.

You watched that?


But the analytics are amazing.

I tell you what girl,
you keep that up

and you're a shoe-in
for the Glam Slam job.

A shoe-in.

What video do you have
planned for the night?

I'm not Katie Sharp.



That would gonna really
confuse your audience baby

or your followers,
I'm not Katie Sharp.


No, This is rally
hard to explain,

but I don't wanna be
that kind of Katie Sharp.

Oh, boy.

Here we go again.

What do you mean that
kind of Katie Sharp?

You listen to me young lady.

Katie Sharp is working.

Katie Sharp has a video
due on that screen tonight.

I don't have anything planned.


This is your job honey.

I don't wanna be a
bad, mean Katie Sharp.

Answer your phone, okay?

Katie Sharp is a very
successful brand.

Yes, it is.

And your father and
I gave up our jobs

to manage your career.


I know that it
can feel sometimes

you're putting on a show honey,

but that's just our business.

People love Katie Sharp.

Yes and this was
settled this last summer.

it's a career decision
and it's working.

So, honey don't get caught
up in your feelings.

It's just business.

Yes exactly.

So I tell what you do.

All right!

You get yourself through
the Glam Slam interview

and get the job by
being Katie Sharp.


You do your videos including
the one you have do tonight.


Listen to your mother.

Listen to your father.



Cassandra Evans is a
wonderful, smart, amazing girl

and you should all
be kind to her.

I'm Katie Sharp and I
approve this message.

I'm Katie Sharp.

I'm Katie Sharp.

you bring the stuff?

Yes, of course.

It's right here.

You didn't put any
outfits together.

You made my hair
look so pretty.

What are you wearing?

We talked about this.

Couldn't you have to do
a better job at being me.

I tought this looks good.

I use those
clothes to sleep in!

Forget it, we'll talk
about it tonight.

I said no pony tails.

And you have
destroyed my manicure.

And what were you thinking?

Changing my Social password?

Yes, I did.

I deleted your mean video
and I don't want you

to be able to re-upload it.

I know, and you
posted a video.

You can't be making those
sort of decisions without me.

Katie Sharp would never
make a post like that.

She does now.

This is not a game.

This is my business
you are messing with!

Tell me the password.


Excuse me!

Why are you wearing
those ridiculous shoes?


I, Katie wore these
shoes last week!

Do you see her
wearing them now?


That's because
they are last week.


That's enough.

Let's leave her alone.

You were serious
in your video?

You want us to be nice to her?



Hello, Cassandra.

Your hair is so pretty.

Oh, and soft.

I'd like you're vest,

if you're going on a
Safari or something.

You guys.

I'm serious, let's be nice.

See you later, Cassandra.

You're welcome for
that, by the way.

Maybe you can even
have lunch with us.

We're allowed to
wear sweat pants now?

It's a social experiment.

Did you hear Jake's party?

I know.

I can't believe I get to go
to a party with you girls.

We're taking the
Porsche, right?

Yes, of course.

You can not drive
my car to that.

This can't be happening.

You told me to act
like Katie Sharp!


Well, maybe you're
too good at it.

OK, Katie, you don't like
being treated like that?


No one treats me like that.

Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Whatever, Cassandra.

Listen, I've been thinking
about how we can switch back.

What were you doing
that thing before bed?

The night this all happened.

I told you.

I prayed.

That's the last thing you
did before falling asleep?

That's the last
thing I remember doing.

I was praying and the next
thing I knew I woke up

in your bed.

I was reading this magazine.

But then things get all fuzzy.

Tonight, pray
before going to bed.

And I'll read this magazine.

I'd better wake up in my bed.

Me in my body and you in yours.

What happens if we don't?

We'd better put
some outfits together,

so at least you don't
look stupid as me.

don't putt my hair in ponytails.

It damages it.

I'll show you how
to do it nicely.

Come on!

You're really good at this.

Well, it's how I
became a Social star.

I thought you got famous
for making fun of people.

I started with
makeup tutorials.

I got really good at
it and people started

paying attention to me.

Then on one day I made one post

about a girl's bad fashion
choice and got tons of views.

Like more than ever.

But whatever, the point is I
started with makeup tutorials.

Okay, I need to make
a new video post

and you are gonna
do some VO for me.

What's VO?

Voice over.

OK, what's the plan?

Don't worry, I'll
talk you through it.

I've already got the video cut,
I just need you to intro it.

Just say what I tell you to say.


First you need to log me in.

OK, when I hit record, just say,

teens who left the house and
forgot to look in the mirror.

You should black
out their faces.

No way, that's part
of my video style.

You can still get
your point across

if you hide who they are.

It'll work.

Thank you.


Now I have a favor to ask you.

Tonight is youth group at my
house and I really wanna go.

Can I go with you?

What's youth group?

I think it's gonna be a way
for us to get switched back.


Well, a group of
us meet up and pray.

Ahhh, okay, Whatever, I'll go

if you give me my password back.


I'll give it to you after.

What are you doing at
Cassandra Evan's house?

How did you know I was here?

Don't you live here?

We tracked you
on the Social map.

Are you having a
party without us?

Katie this was one
of your best posts yet.

I loved that you
blacked the faces out.

'Cause one of them was me.

Sorry I'm late!

Class ran over and my
professor just lectures

on and on.

I don't think we've
officially met.


I'm Katie Sharp.

Your sister has told
me so much about you.

I feel like I've
known you forever.

Great, you can take a seat.

Now I see why we are here.

This party has a snack.

Please grab a paddle.

I'm gonna read a
list of statements.

After each one, answer
using your paddle.

Here we go.

Everyone has the right
to their own opinion.

Everyone can do what they want.

I'm your neighbor.

What does this
have to do with God?

What kind of party is this?

Well, Cassandra,
you are my neighbor.

Not just because we grew up
down the hall from each other,

but because we are people.

We are called to love our
neighbor with all our passion,

muscle and intelligence,
as ourself.

I think my neighbors
steal my newspaper.

I think they
drive a white Lexus

with tan leather interior.

Yeah, I've seen them.

I mean, they are rich.

Why don't they just
buy the newspaper?

My neighbors have
a Mercedes 250SL.

It's sick.

I think their name
is the Dearbins.

How do you know
Katie's neighbors?

I think you might
be missing the point

of who your neighbor is.

The Bible tells a story of a man

who was attacked by robbers.

They left him for dead.

After a little bit,
three guys walked by.

The first one was a priest.

He didn't stop to help.

He was afraid the man
might be contagious.

The Priest didn't wanna get
contaminated so he left him.

The second man was a foreigner
he didn't wanna get involved,

so he crossed the
road and kept going.

The final man stopped
and helped him.

He not only got him to safety

but her paid all his
medial bills and expenses.

the story teaches us that
all people are our neighbors.

Even people that
shop out of dumpsters?

You can't shop out of
a dumpster, it's free.


It's about breaking
down barriers.

The first two travelers
didn't stop because the man

who was hurt was
different from them.

The third man stopped
regardless of their differences

and he saved the man's life.

Take a minute and
answer these questions.

How will you love yourself
and others this week?

It was great to have
Katie here tonight.

She may be a pretty girl,
but her insides are ugly.

You think my, Katie's
insides are ugly?

Well, where your treasure
is, your heart will be also.

That seems judgmental.

Anytime people are
mean it's usually

because they are insecure.

I'm not.

I mean she isn't insecure.

And how would you know
what Katie treasures.

What she did to you
alone speaks volumes.

I can only imagine what
she has done to other kids.

You probably don't remember
but when we were younger,

anytime we would
leave the house,

even if it was to just
go play in the backyard,

dad would say, lead with love.

It's one of the only
things I remember.

Why don't I remember that?

You were just so
little when he died.

Family hug time!



You don't have to stop.

It's beautiful.

No, I can't play
in front of people.


I have social anxiety.

Yeah, you told me?

But why?

Last year I was playing
in a solo competition

and this one judge just
ripped me to shreds

in front of everyone.

Oh you got trolled.

That happens a lot
to me all on line.

You just have to ignore that
and get your confidence back.

You've a talented girl.

Don't let anyone take
that away from you.

Yeah, I'm also
really insecure.


That's what Clay said about me.



No, no way!

You can do anything.

You're gutsy.

Yah, maybe I'm a little
too gutsy sometimes.

All right.

I did my good deed for today.


Please don't be mean as me.

Katie, come on
girl, you're late!

For what?

For what?

For your workout.

Come on, you're
late, get up on this.


Let's go, let's go,
push, push, push.

By the way I got a call
from Glam Slam this morning.

The audition is
going to be live.


That means that the audience
is going to pick the winner.


Are you even listening to me?


What is the matter
with you girl?

It's like you aren't not
even yourself lately.

You're turning Your video late.

You usually ride
on it, ride on it.

Come on girl.

I think I'm gonna
have a heart attack.

That's because you have
been missing your workouts.

I think you might
have a heart attack too.

You might wanna slow down.

I'm not gonna
have a heart attack,

I don't have time to
have a heart attack.

By the way they moved the
photo shoot to tomorrow.

Photo shoot?

For what?

You don't remember?

I didn't forget.

Refresh my memory, please?

Never mind.

Just make sure you're
ready to leave this house

by six a.m. in the morning.

Six a.m.?

Tomorrow is Saturday!

Yes, it's Saturday,
so we work harder.

Come on girl, you got it.

Race me to the wall.

I don't wanna
go into the wall.

What are you doing?

They have people to do
that for you at the shoot.

Oh thank goodness.

I can't do this.

Oh, honey!

It's just like the shoot
you did for the song shop.

Do you remember
how fun that was?

I'm Katie Sharp.

Yes, you are.

I'm gutsy.

Let's do it.

Look at the fans
are here for you.

Are all those
people here for me?

Well, yeah.

You are Katie Sharp.

By the way, that milk
video was brilliant.

You liked that video?

Glam Slam loves
5.4 Million views.

That many people
saw the video?

Keep up the great work and
you'll fit right in here.

By the way, I'm Skyler Stone,
editor-in-chief of Glam Slam.


What is this photo shoot for?

We're shooting all
of the influencers.

This competition is
great for Glam Slam

and our online presence.

And I'm a shoe-in.


Well yeah, you're a huge star.

I don't know what to do.

Yes, you do, honey.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know why Katie
is acting like this.

Honey, not every
shoot can be private.

This is really
stressing me out.

We'll snap out of it.

Katie, meet Christiana.

Christiana is one
of the most talented

photographers in Europe.

We flew her in just for
today's photo shoot.

Katie Sharp.

Your reputation precedes you.



Capturing her school persona!

Now, wind.

Honey, remember you have
to face towards the wind.

It blows your hair.

There you go.

Wind off.

Okay, I'm just gonna go
fix her hair for a second.

I don't know what's
going on with you,

you are definitely not yourself.

I think this might
be a very good time

to take that mother-daughter
shot that we've talked about!

This is just about Katie.

All right, whatever.

Okay, go ahead girl.

Maybe stand straight up, honey.


I mean, thank you.

Well, you're welcome.

You're learning from the best.

Still sleeping?

Are you ready to practice?

Where am I?

I can't believe
how fast it's coming.


What's coming?

Come on!

We don't wanna lose all day.

Lose the whole day to what?

To practice your guitar.

Mrs., mom!

Are you feeling all right?

It's just I can't
play the guitar.

No, I really can't play.


You wanna tell me the truth now?


You can stop pretending.

You know?


You haven't been
yourself lately.

A mother can tell.

What do we do?

How do we fix it?

We cancel the audition.

You aren't enjoying yourself.

Music is about joy,
pleasure, passion!

Not about stress,
fear and anxiety.

No, you should not
cancel the audition.

That's a really bad idea.

You used to play
all the time for fun.

You loved it.

But ever since the
incident last year

it isn't fun for you anymore.

It's OK to not put yourself
under all this pressure.

You would do that?

Of course.

Do you still want this?

No one really ever
asks me what I want.

What do you want?

Let's go have some fun today.

I'll get it.



I can explain that.

There's this girl, she's
really obsessed with me

so I saved my name
as her contact.

It's just...

It's perfect.


It's metaphysical.


That was perfect timing,
because we have a meet and greet

at the mall.

Oh this is great.

Honey, who are you calling?

You have been on
the phone all day.

Let's just have some
mother-daughter time.

I don't skate.

Since when?

Since always.

Since the last time
we were here, you mean?

Size six?


Size six, right?


I can't wear these!

Don't be ridiculous.

They have been on
other people's feet!

You have socks on.

I wouldn't do that.

Honey, I love that you
painted your nails,

that will help you
not to bite them.

Yeah, that's
not a problem now.

So, who is so important
that you're calling all day.

Just a friend.

Do you have a boyfriend?


I mean, no.

It's complicated.

Well, I would love to meet
Mr. Complicated some time.

So, did our little talk
with Katie Sharp help?

Are you two getting
along better?

Yeah, you can kinda say that.

You know, it is so true
what I said the other day.

About learning this stuff now.

You're gonna say
it's just high school

and it doesn't matter
in the real world.

No, not at all.

Cassandra, when I
was in high school,

I was part of the Cool Crowd.

We were so mean to this
one girl, Emily Ross.

She had greasy hair and
acne, the poor thing.

We teased her mercilessly.

I still think about it.

Could you ever just
apologize to her?

You know, find
her on The Social?

Make things right?

Well, after we graduated
I wrote her a letter

but never heard back.

That's a good idea.

The Social is a great way
to reach out to her again.

Thank you.

You know what?

I wanna get the drivers license.


That's great!

And contact lenses.

Wow, look at you,
changing everything up.

Yeah, I'm just trying to do
something nice for Cassandra.

Well, Sarah would
like to skate.

I could do it.

Yeah, I told you you
knew how to skate.

The love
of Jesus changes everything.

Like water reflects the face...

wait, wait, wait.

- I wanna hear it.
- so one's life

reflects the heart.

He is love.

Therefore, I should be loving.

If you think about it, Jesus
came to earth to walk a day

in our shoes.

Hey Jake, I can't
wait for the night.

Have you seen
your Social numbers?

You're viral.

Oh, really?

Oh, yeah, of course.



Why haven't you returned
my calls this weekend?

Things just got real.

Your mom is going to cancel
your Juilliard audition.

She is busy at the moment.

Come here.

Did you just hear what I said

about the Juilliard audition?

Your dream?

Flushed down the toilet.


What are you doing, talking
like that in front of people?

Hello, I'm trying to help you,

your mom is going to
cancel your audition.

Why would she do that?

Because I can't play
and she thinks I'm you!

I know I said I don't believe,
but if this is a God thing,

you better start praying.

I like being you.

You don't you miss
your mom and Clay?

Don't you realize what you have?

You know what?

I think I'm better at being
Katie Sharp than you are.

Here you are babe.

When did you start eating cake?

When I became the
new and improved Katie.

So, when can we get
a video up together?

I mean, I really wanna
get my followers.

Who invited her?

She's gonna a lot
of nerve showing up.

Maybe we can find some
spoiled milk somewhere.

That's so last week.

We're supposed to be
nice to her, Katie, right?

Because you're
friends with her now?

You guys are my friends now.

I'll wait for you here.

So are you going to vote
for Katie on Glam Slam?

I heard it's now
a live interview.

I can't wait to watch.



Where's Katie?

Over there.


Why didn't you tell me about
the Glam Slam live video vote!

What the heck?

Doesn't matter anyway.

You aren't anything
I didn't make you.

You are nothing.

I made you.

it's my face.

It's my life.

You stole it from me!

You can't have it back.

It's mine now.

We are leaving.

I'm not going
anywhere with you.

Seriously, we are leaving.

Stay away from me or I will
cut off your precious hair.

You wouldn't dare!

Try me.

I'm not scared of you anymore.


If you touch one hair on my
head, and I will tattoo 'loser'

across your forehead.

Right here.

In big block letters.

Go for it.

It's your forehead now.

Hey, stop this.

Don't touch me.

What are they talking about?

This is dope.

It's exactly what I need.



Look around.

Everyone is filming us.

Let them.

I don't care.

Well I do, we're
humiliating ourselves.

You've already
humiliated me, Katie.

A hundred times.

And if it wasn't me,
it was someone else.

Everyone in this room has
been hurt because of you.

You don't wanna to be videoed?

When did they ever
have a choice?

You just did whatever you wanted

and now that you don't have
control you don't' like it!

We don't care that
you're humiliated.

It's your turn now.

You need to calm down.

And we need to leave.

I'm not scared of you
anymore, Katie Sharp.

You and these stupid girls

who follow you around
like ducklings.

You and your little ducks.

Yeah, like your
loser friend, Abby.

Who always wants to
sit with us at lunch.

The only reason that
you're even allowed

to be around us is
because of Katie.

You shouldn't even be here.

I was talking about you!

Don't touch my friends!

Oh, yeah.

Cassandra, We're leaving.

Wait, Clay!

I'm Cassandra.


You're not.

You're Katie Sharp.

Dude, I just got a hundred
new followers from that post!

Me too.

I'm still growing!

Oh, yeah.

I don't wanna be
Katie Sharp any more.


it's a whole different thing

when you actually see yourself.

You are a kind person.

You lead with love.

Whatever you were doing in there

was not the Cassandra I know.

I was just trying to fix it.

Can you start it please.

Oh boy.

Well, well, well.

Glam Slam called and guess what?

They canceled your interview!

What do you have
to say for yourself?

I don't really care sweetheart

what she has to say for herself.

And I don't know why
you would either.

You know what honey, I agree.

Don you not care about
your father and I?

Do you have any idea how bad
this video makes us look?

I mean you've ruined
our reputation.

How do we suppose
to repair your brand?

Your brand that your
mother and I worked so hard

to develop in the first place.

Not even Glam.

What is it?

It's Glam Slam.

Not even Glam Slam
approves of assault.

Ken there has to be a
way for us to fix this.

We've wanted this since
you were a little girl.

Long before that.

I can't lose this now.

I mean we can't lose this now.


We're taking away your car!

No, that's very bad,
bad for her image.

- What's she gonna do, right?
- I know, I don't want that.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm sorry, you're right.


We're not gonna
take away your car.


I don't care.

Take away my car.

I don't care about Glam Slam.

Have you either of you
even thought to ask

what I do care about?

Because all you care
about is your own agenda!

You were perfect for this
job, absolutely perfect

for this job Katie Marie Sharp.

You're right.

I am.

Because Glam Slam
is for mean people,

who do mean things.

I am Cassandra Evans.

We are all Cassandra Evans.

We have all hurt or
and hurt by someone.

I am sorry to everyone
that I've hurt.

I'm sorry, I started
a fight tonight.

It's really easy to judge
someone but before we idolize

or bully them we should
take a minute to imagine

what it's like to
walk in their shoes.

Instead of talking
about each other,

we should talk to each other.

That's how we should live.

I am Cassandra Eva...

I'm Katie Sharp and I
approve this message.

I'm so sorry.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for how
mean I've been to you.

And then I went into
the exact same thing.

I'm sorry.

Stop saying sorry.

So what do we do now?

I have a plan.

We really need your help.

Hypothetically speaking if
two people could switch bodies,

how could they switch back?

I prayed for Katie to
know what it was like

to walk in my shoes.

And it worked.

I've walked in her boots
for an entire week.

All I wanted was
for Katie to know

what it was like to be me.

Which was really
selfish actually.

Honestly, I've
always wanted to know

what's it like to be you.

Listen guys, I
still don't follow

this identity crisis you're
having just love one another.

Oh, we gotta go!

So what do we do?

I think all we can do is make
things right for each other.

Starting with getting your
Glam Slam interview back.


I think not.

We have five days.

Five days.

Five days to learn the guitar.

Isn't that impossible?

Seems like anything
is possible lately.

What about the video?

What are you going to make?

I don't know, I need
to think about it.

But your last video
was on the right track.

I follow your lead.

Next on the agenda, apologies.

And one break up.

I agree.

I think he's only with
you to gain followers.


Did you want me
to do that now?


I got it.

Hey, Hayden.

What do you want Cassandra?

I hope you got the
followers you needed

from that video post.

And I hope you got the fame
you were looking for, too.

Because unfortunately
you'll go down in history

as Katie Sharp's ex-boyfriend.

Wait what?

I'm breaking up
with you for Katie.

That's kind of
middle schooler.

yeah but I like kind of
act like a middle schooler,

so I thought it was appropriate.



I'm so sorry I pushed
you at the party.


Cassandra, it's just that you,

really taken this wanting to
be popular thing way too far.

I've gotten carried
away in the past.

but that is the past.

I've changed.

I am really sorry.

I mean, you've
just been hanging out

with Katie Sharp all the time.

You ditched me.

I did clean spoil
milk off of you.

Actually, I've been a
good influence on her.

Come sit with us, you'll see.

Katie has really changed.

And she could use
a friend like you.

I'm so sorry Abby.

All right, you're up.

Wish me luck.

I'm wishing you a lot of luck.

Don't even think
about sitting with us.

We don't care if you're
famous and everything.

We don't want anything
to do with you anymore.

We all make mistakes.

Even me.

Looks like you
found your new crowd.

And that's where you
belong, with the rejects!

Have you ever
taken a second to get

to know those kids over there?

You can call us
whatever you want.

We don't care.

But we're not rejects or losers.

We're friends.

And I would never let
anyone push them around.

Like you pushed
us at the party?

I know.

I'm sorry.

That's why I came over
here to apologize.

I made a mistake.

I really mean that.

You're more than welcome
to sit with us anytime.

Who knows, you might even
make an unexpected friend.

Tough crowd.

Yeah just give them time.

Old habits die hard.

I would know, I made them.

Made them mad.

I mean.

What Katie say when you talked

to her about the
Glam Slam thing?

She don't really wanna talk

but I think we need to find out.


Dad time.



What did you decide to do
about the Glam Slam thing?

We're patiently
waiting, honey.

You guys are
constantly spin cycling.

No, spin class is on Saturday.

Today we're doing the
Tracy Anderson Method.

No, I mean spin
cycling in your heads.

Thinking about the same
thing over and over

and obsessing over it.

Maybe that's because
it's so important.

To who?

Well, to us.

I mean all of us,
the whole family.

Look I know that You guys
are really health conscious,

and you know worrying
about what you eat

and working out which is
great for your health,

but also have you ever
just taking a minute

to think with your heart,
and lead with your heart.

Oh, honey I'm
not good in theory

but I'll be honest with you,
you've become everything

I have wanted to be.

Please don not blow
this opportunity

because it doesn't
hppen every day.

I know that you guys
don't watch my videos,

but the last one I
posted was really good.

You might wanna watch it.

I think you'll be really proud.

That looks pretty fun.

Oh yeah, it is.

Come and join us, honey.

Tracy Anderson made
this routine up for you.

Tracy Anderson is Katie
Sharp's personal trainer?

Seriously you're gonna keep up

this whole third person thing.


Bad habit.


Let's do this.

I think we should have her
come to a private with us.

I don't know if I
could handle that.

Well, we gotta
burn out that kale.

I hope Glam Slam likes this.

I don't care.

It's what I wanna post.

I don't wanna
cancel my Juilliard audition.


I've been working on my
song, I wrote it for you.

For me?


That touches me right here.

Okay, but you won't be
able to put the judges

behind the curtain.

I know.

But I want you to hear it.

No peeking.

OK, honey.

♪ Dear baby bird ♪

♪ Dear sparrow ♪

♪ You look a lot like me ♪

♪ When I lost my wings ♪

♪ Dear baby bird ♪

♪ Don't be discouraged ♪

♪ Maybe freedom doesn't come ♪

♪ In touching the sky ♪

You wrote that for me?

That's really beautiful.

By the way, I found Emily Ross.


We are now friends
on The Social.

Is it Mr. Complicated?

Oh, it's complicated.


May I please speak
to Katie Sharp.

This is Katie.


Hello Katie.

I didn't recognize your voice.

Yeah, I'm just, I'm
getting over a cold.

Well, I hope you feel better.

This is Skyler Stone
from Glam Slam.

I convinced my board to let
you back in the running.

Thank you so much.

I'm really happy that
you liked my new video.

Well, we're happy
you apologized.

It's great for PR.

But, look, we want
the Katie Sharp

who brings in 5.4 million views.

Don't let me down Katie.

Feel better.

Is it not
complicated any more?


It's more complicated.

Tell me over dinner.

I'll make your favorite.

I miss you mom.

I like
your hair today Abby.


Yours is good.

Hey, I'm learning.

We really liked
the video you posted.

It was really good.

Thank you.


You guys can sit with us.

I did not get any
sleep last night

and I know I'm not gonna
be able sleep tonight.

Yeah, you tell me about it.

I was up all night
practicing the guitar.

I'm so nervous to be live
in front of all those people.

Oh yeah, Katie, your
Glam Slam interview!

Yeah, the big day for me.


Becausee I have my
Juilliard audition too.

Oh, good luck.

Yeah, break a leg.

Juilliard is an
amazing school.

Yeah, you must
be really talented.

I am!

I have something
I wanna give you.

What's this?

Open it.

Now we will always
share a heart.

I love it.

You know you can go and
play and get into Juilliard

as Katie Sharp.

No, you have to sign
up for an audition.

You are signed up.

And maybe if
Cassandra doesn't go,

Katie Sharp could
always take her place.

What about Glam Slam?

Oh don't worry
about Glam Slam.

You need to take
this opportunity.

You go, girl!


I wanna do the interview.

I wanna do this for you.

Good luck.

You too.

Thank you, Reilly.

Miss Sharp, right this way.

God, give me the
confidence to speak

in front of the judges.

Dear God, miraculously
give me the gift

to play this guitar.

I believe you can
do the impossible.

Please help me do this for her.

Help me do this for her.


Miss Sharp?


If you choose me for your
Glam Slam representative,

I promise to deliver.

♪ Dear baby bird ♪

♪ Dear sparrow ♪

♪ You look a lot like me ♪

♪ When I lost my wings ♪

♪ Dear baby bird ♪

I know that I am infamous
for making fun of people.

♪ Don't be discouraged ♪

♪ Maybe freedom doesn't come ♪

♪ In touching the sky ♪

But I don't wanna
do that anymore.

♪ You can fly ♪

♪ In the ocean ♪

♪ You can soar ♪

♪ In your soul ♪

Everyone loves to
watch a train wreck

and I have definitely
taken advantage of that.

♪ You don't need ♪

♪ Wings ♪

♪ To feel free ♪

My videos have made you laugh,

but they've also
hurt a lot of people.

♪ I know you can fly ♪

♪ Dear Sparrow ♪

From now on, I want my videos

to leave the world
a better place.

I wanna lead with love.

♪ Dear Sparrow ♪

♪ You look a lot like me ♪

♪ When I lost my wings ♪

Thank you for
being there for me.


I haven't seen you shine
like this in a long time.

She's here.


Here she comes.

Young lady.

I'm, I'm

proud of you.

You are?

We watched your videos
for the first time.

We had no idea what we've
been pushing you into.

But that last one you made
was absolutely beautiful.

It was.

Good job.

And the
analytics were fantastic!

Great for business.

It sure is.

Can we do a family hug.


Why not?

Family hug.



Hi, I'm Katie Sharp and
my first official interview

for Glam Slam is featuring
the very talented

Cassandra Evans,
who was recently

just accepted to Juilliard.

Which is a very
prestigious music school,

if you didn't already know!

Thanks, Katie!

And congratulations
on being voted in

as the new face of Glam Slam.

So, my very first
question is what is it like

to walk a day in
someone else's shoes?

Well, we all know
that old saying

Do unto others as we would
have them do unto us.

and walking in
someone else's shoes

really puts things
into perspective.

Until then, I didn't
realize how selfish I was.

When your heart changes it
changes your perspective.

Well, how can my
viewers do that?

How do you start that discovery?

Well, imagine what life
is like for someone else.

Put yourself in their shoes!

Pick a person who you
think needs some love.

And create your own video.

Show why that person is special.

Record yourself in the first
person and as if you were them.

Like this, hi,
I'm Cassandra Evans.

I'm patient, kind and I am
a very talented musician.

I also have an
extremely loving family.

And I'm Katie Sharp.

I'm gutsy, loyal and
a killer dresser.

Then ask someone
else to do the same.

Let's start a love revolution.



We did it.