Swingers (2020) - full transcript

Observational documentary unlocking the doors of Britain's hidden swinging scene via access to one of the country's most popular swinging clubs and candid interviews with the club's founder, staff and clientele.

We had about 170 people
in last night.

They were queuing up like...

..they were waiting for a bus.

Not unusual.

Oh, God.

They've moved the bed!
The bed's moved.

Oh, I'm going
to have to do it with some gloves.

It's not nice picking up
other people's used items,

but this is all, erm,
part of the job.


Liberty Elite can I help you?
'Hi, there.'

It's February at Liberty Elite,

one of Britain's most exclusive
swinging and fetish clubs.

We don't put them out unless we've
got somebody there to supervise.

Boasting over 12,000 members,
it's the 'go to' place,

for nonmonogamous couples
and randy singles

craving no-strings sex
with strangers.

Located just off the A5 near Rugby,

the club attracts up to 200 guests
a night.

Which means a substantial
clean up job for the staff.

It's a lot of bedding, 250 towels,
60 sheets,

but you just keep it rolling.

40 degrees again.

What do you think's
on all these towels?


..body fluid.

It's no different to
changing your own beds, is it?

The only thing is
you've got probably

an accumulation of different DNA.

Oh, dear, missed one.

They get
caught up in the towels and that.

We cater for all age groups.

Mature Mischief,
which is Wednesday.

And then you've
got the younger crowd. Hot Wives.

But the people are great.
Some of them are that nice,

they're as nice as the people you
meet, going to Asda or Morrisons.

Wife swapping
became popular in the late '60s,

and today there're over
one and a half million Brits

on the scene, desperate
to spice up their sex lives.

Come on, let's get this right.

Cashing in on our erotic desires,
is Liberty's head honcho.

78-year-old, John.

I don't drink, I don't smoke,
I've been divorced since 1974.

The two main hobbies in my life,
one is making money

and the other one, of course,
is young ladies.

Or ladies,
which I'm very passionate about.

I've been on the swingers scene
since the late 1960s.

20 years ago this complete
building was up for sale.

I bought it. I've probably spent
one and a half million on it.

Liberty is one of over 200
swingers clubs in the UK,

all vying to be number one
for the discerning swinger.

We try and have equipment
that people don't have at home.

This sort of thing is quite
difficult to explain to the family,

but the lady would be
lying just with her legs,

sort of resting gently
and just relaxing.

It moves with you,
nice rocking movement.

Have you ever used this?

Only a few times.

We're going into the main play area.

The first time I swung, 50 years
ago, we were at a house party.

People started pairing off
and we thought well, OK, let's...

let's pair off, and we did.
It works wonders for your sex life.

What I designed here
is there's two sliders,

so that what you can do, you can
restrain someone using those.

And turn them over without
having to release them.


How often do you have sex?
Oh, gosh!

I'm down to perhaps two or
three times a week now, but no more.

Swinging is a way of life.
I'm not sure that anybody

was designed to have sex
with just one person

for the whole of their life.

Nice, isn't it?
I hate Valentine's Day, I do.

One of the worst things
in the world.

Aw, it's nice. Stop being so soppy.

At least twice a week,
the club hosts themed events.

Yeah, that looks nice. Does it?

Receptionist Sheree
and club manager Chanelle

are busy preparing for one of
their biggest nights of the year,


All of our events are a big deal.

It's just nice to make an effort.

That is vile.

What is it?

We try and cater for everybody,

from all walks of life.


..your single guys...

..single ladies.

Everyone's got needs.

When was the last time you had sex?

Oh! A good couple of months ago.

Cos I know this event is coming up

and I know I'm just going to get
fucked left, right and centre!

People get the wrong perception
of the people that attend this club.

It's just normal everyday people.

It's just that they choose to do
something different

with their social life.

This one has been
inside Hannah's vagina.

Why are you holding it
that way around?

Because that's the way it went!

Engineer Justin
and stay-at-home mum Hannah

live with their two young children.

We met about seven years ago,
and when I was actually pregnant

with my second child,
food cravings didn't happen for me.

I got more sexual cravings instead.

I just turned around to Justin
and was like,

"I fancy adding a third person
to the bedroom department."

After we had kids the frequency that
we had sex did go down quite a bit.

Like many new onto the scene,

the pair joined a partner swapping
website to find their first hook up.

It started off with a single female.

She came over for some pizza
and it sort of evolved from then.

And we made him sit and watch.

I think they were going at it
together for...

..a good hour or so.

Every time
I came near they pushed me away.

I did want him to get involved.

But I thought
I'm having my fun first.

I did feel a bit left out, yeah,
cos for the majority of the night

I wasn't able to do anything.

The couples situation
is more suitable for us

because then we both get
something out of it.

I've always been self-conscious
of my body, felt overweight,

unattractive. I'm just not
a very confident person.

I was never one of the popular kids.
I used to get bullied in school.

They used to pull my hair,
laugh at me.

They used to think that
I was a bit of a nerd.

It wasn't a really, fun time.

When Justin tells me
that I look beautiful,

it just doesn't feel
like it's enough.

Our relationship wouldn't have
survived if he'd have said no,

because obviously, you know,
you have feelings for that person

and you take their feelings
into consideration.

But I want other people to look at
me and think, wow,

she looks really sexy,

to make me feel that I still got it,
even after having children.

After two years
of swinging from home,

the party will be their first
visit to a club.

So what are we taking then? Well...
Mm! Not a great deal to them.

They're probably going to come
off by the end of the night anyway.
if not by me, by someoneelse.

This Valentine's Day we're going
to go have sex with a load
of other people.

What could be more romantic?

Having sex with other people,
it gives me a thrill.

The more that I go
down the swinging route,

the more I can be the woman
I want to be.

You'll never be fully happy until
you've fulfilled needs and stuff.

We do provide a good spread.

We do a selection of sandwiches,
smoked salmon and prawn ring.

No expense spared.

Yeah, that looks good. Yeah? Yeah.

When John first opened this club

there weren't a lot of
swingers clubs around.

Now there's probably one
in every town.

Some people might not even realise
that there's one on the doorstep.

Fanny Cradock, eat your heart out!

To help stand out
in a crowded market, the club

boasts 12 four-star hotel rooms,
which guests can stay in

for 60 quid a night.

I didn't think I would be somewhere
like here for Valentine's,

not that I'm complaining.
I've come alone

so I can just do what the hell
I want, when I want.

We're all here to have
a bloody good time.

And maybe a good fuck, I don't know!

That's what I'm here for!

Men, don't want one,
haven't got time for one.

I haven't met a decent one
in 33 years.

Single mum Malika works as a dancer
to support her young daughter.

I have trust issues, cos I've
been treated so shit by men,

do you know what I mean?

When damage is done
and trust is broken,

you lose trust in everyone, really.

Since a messy break-up, Malika has
turned her back on relationships.

Maybe if I'd been treated like a
princess all my life, I wouldn't

feel like I just want to use
and abuse them all the time.

I was in a full-on relationship
way too young.

I was with him for ten years.

He was always controlling,

My dream was to be
a professional dancer.

He was holding me
back from my dreams.

When I found out
he was cheating on me,

I packed our stuff
and never went back.

Now I call the shots.

Lap dancing makes you feel strong,

I love the power I have over men.
It's quite a turn on.

When you're at a swinging party,
it's a really free vibe.

If it's there on a plate
I'm just going to go for it.

Why the hell not?

I know like to see you
enjoying yourself.

With guys and girls? Or just girls?

Whichever you want. Oh!
Whichever takes your fancy.

Sounds like an experience
is going to happen. Mm!


It's the day of the Valentine's
Party at Liberty Elite,

Britain's premier swinging
and fetish club.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Gone all out, haven't I?

I can see what's been done.

I'll go and switch everything on.

Tonight, eager guests are arriving
from across the country

in search of some fun
between the sheets.

Very sexy.

The swingers community
is quite substantial.

On your street, there will be
somebody in the swingers scene.

For seasoned swingers

and husband and wife of 13 years
Simon and Carolyn,

it's their second visit to Liberty.

Swinging cannot save a marriage

that is on the downhill path.

But it can make a good relationship

Some people might think this is
an odd way to spend Valentine's Day,

but we're not ordinary people.

This is more of a roll of the dice.

We don't have to play if we don't
want to

and it's nice to kind of be
picky, really, a bit.

Yeah. I'm sharing my husband
with people.

It's like lending your car out to

You wouldn't just let
any old stranger have a, like,

drive around the block in it.

I told him I was bisexual really
early on

to make him aware of things

that I don't think I'd ever be
prepared to let go of.

I didn't want to get to, like,
my old age and not ever have lived.

It was when my mum sadly passed
away a few years ago,

that really impacted me
because my mum loved life

and we just really felt that it was

to live life to the most,

why not try different things and see
how it feels?

He wouldn't share a pizza, so
nothing took me by surprise more

than you agreeing to have a go
at that kind of lifestyle.

So did you just get into swinging

because you were worried about
Carolyn running off with a woman?

No, no, not at all!

I was possibly the most jealous
person that I've met

before this scene.

You never know what's going to make
you jealous, though,

and sometimes it can just be a kiss,
sometimes it could be

your wife just wants to fuck someone
with a massive cock.

But actually, it was really

More than having sex,
it was about building a connection.

Are you sure? Yeah, quite sure!

The couple got onto the scene
four years ago

and they're members
of a wife-swapping website

boasting over 200,000 users.

So we've had a new message.

"I'm 38 I love teasing females.
I can - but not essential -

"tie, restrain and tease their pussy
and ass

"until they have multiple orgasms.

"Even better if they can squirt".

Interested? No.

We like someone that has
read about what we're into,

what we're interested in,
that can actually use English,

full stops, commas. You know,
a semi-colon would be orgasmic.

Yeah, should be OK, I think.

There's an hour to
go before the party kicks off.

OK, I'm happy enough with that.

And the guests are dressing
to impress.

It's time for Mum to have
her playtime.

Wow. All right?

You look lovely. Ta-da!

That looks stupid, right?
No, it doesn't, it looks good.

For partners of seven years
Justin and Hannah,

tonight will be their first
time inside a swingers' club.

Never know, might be a couple that
we can join. Yeah.

It can be quite
daunting for first-timers.

It's exactly the same as visiting
your local tennis club.

When you first go in,

you wonder who you're going
to have a game of tennis with,

who to have a drink with
and what to do.

You ready?
I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Come on, then, let's go.

Everything's fine.


Come on in,
welcome to the club.

Please be aware of the step.

To ensure the club
brings in suitable clientele,

guests are vetted before they arrive

and couples pay a £20 a year
membership, as well as an entry fee.

We welcome people from all walks
but they have to be quite nice,

and I don't mean particularly

I just mean they have to be nice

Does it help if they're attractive?

Well, I think in all walks of life,
it helps if you're attractive.

Hi, guys.

Thank you!

People do have a misconception
of what a swingers' club is like,

dirty old men just perving
over women.

There she goes. Kerching!

They're quite surprised when they
walk straight into a posh wine bar.

It may look like a swanky wine bar,

but for those who play their cards
right, a few hours from now

they could be having sex
with a beautiful stranger.

Now, before we go
through to the playroom,

just so you know, we don't allow
you in there fully clothed.

You look like you're panicking,
don't panic. Underwear is fine.

Just not fully clothed.

I don't swing.
It's just not for me.

I couldn't imagine seeing my partner
with somebody else.

I think I'd be more likely to punch
them than anything else!

Something strong.

Can I get a Jameson's
and lemonade, please?

Can't beat a good Irish whiskey.

I'm not much of a rum fan.

It's a good ambition.

You'll be fine.

I do get nervous meeting new people.

I worry about whether they're
going to be interested in me.

I just want to make a good

For some, club nights
are an opportunity to satisfy

an insatiable appetite for sex.

We do have some ladies
that go to the extreme.

I do know one lady that's had 18,

in a night.

Don't ask me how, cos
I have absolutely no idea.

18's rather a lot, isn't it?

Can I come
and say hello to you guys?

67-year-old Siobhan has been
on the scene for the past 10 years.

Are you the owner?

I wish, my dear, I wish.


No, I'm just visiting.

This is different to the ones
I normally go to.

Yeah, the Jacuzzi, I'd worry
about that, you know what I mean?

That's why I'd go in there
now, before the cum starts.

Just don't swallow anything.

Plenty of sucking,
but no swallowing.


Valentine's Day is lovely for me,
being a florist,

because I can make money.

But personally,
it passes me by, like Christmas.

Having never settled down,

Siobhan has lived
alone for much of her life.

Nice and firm.

Just as we like it.

One reason why I might not have

is that I think I might get bored
just with one person.

When was the last time
someone bought you flowers?

Er, a few weeks ago, actually.

A friend of mine came around with a
nice bunch of lilies...

..er, for an inspection.

What's an inspection?

to check out the size of his cock.

Right, come on, then.

This is my playroom.

Bigger, the better. I invite lots
of bi boys to come around and play.

One there and one here.

One in the middle and one there.

And then one over there
and one there.

And then we'd have two at the end...

..watching and wanking, probably,
and then we all swap round.

I just love watching them
suck each other's cocks.


When I first did this,

I couldn't believe that a

would want to have sex
with a 60-something-year-old,

erm, but they do,
and I'm happy to oblige.

Do you think sex would be better
if you were in love?

Possibly, but then
it could also be boring.

Would I choose to be swinging
or in an unhappy marriage?

No question, is it?


One big bag of toys.

This is probably my biggest.

That goes up the guy's bum.

And that goes inside me.

Now, not many guys can take that.

The most sessions I've
had in a day would be three or four.

Breakfast, lunch, tea...

..and possibly even supper.

It won't turn off!

I'll have to use it then, won't I?

I would be disappointed if I didn't
play with one person at least,

but I'd be very happy if I sucked
his cock, he licked my pussy,

he shot his load and I had multiple
orgasms. Perfect.

Siobhan. Are you staying?

Yeah. Yeah.

On the scene,
single ladies like Siobhan

are known as "unicorns",

considered as rare as
the mythical creatures themselves.

Hiya. Hi! Welcome to Liberty Elite,
there's your locker key.

Tonight, two have come at once,

as 33-year-old single mum
and fellow unicorn Malika arrives.

For years, I was the most prudish
person you could get in the bedroom.

I was a shit fuck.

In the last couple of years,

I've been scored quite high.

I don't have a type,

I'm just looking for somebody fun
who I can have a laugh with.

Are you going in the Jacuzzi?

With the party in full swing,

a group has caught Justin
and Hannah's eye.

I love a Jacuzzi, I do.

It's my favourite place
in the world.

In an ideal scenario,
we'll both end up playing.

I'd like to find a single girl

or a nice couple that we can have
some fun with.

To be able to just go wild

is going to be quite an incredible

Scrub up, we'll see you in there.

Let's go, come on.

Oh, my God, I'm so nervous.

I did a couple of blow jobs

with some guys with some serious

Oh, my God!

Too big to go in there.

And definitely too big to
go in there.

Oh. I'll just plonk
myself down here for a second.

Husband and wife Carolyn and Simon

are on the lookout for a "full
swap", sex with another couple.

Yes, yes,
we've been 20 years together.

We are always looking for a girl.

OK. That's your dynamic?
For her interest, for my interest.

I've identified as bisexual,
since, oh, my God,

yeah, for, like, nearly 22 years now

and he's happy for me to do what we

I like the adrenaline rush,
like that thrill of a chase.

You get to flirt with somebody, you
get to feel that chemistry building

that you don't really ever get
to replicate

in a long-term relationship.

What are you guys looking for?
What's the deal?


How's it going, guys? I think
we're with that group right now?

Yeah, seem to be. You all done?

I'm still getting to grips
with the whole scene.

I feel like if I enjoy it too much,
something's going to go wrong.

We'd both be open
to the idea of an orgy.

The more people, the better,

because it would make me
feel more sexy,

just give me more confidence
in myself.

This programme contains
strong language, nudity
and sexual content throughout.

Have you got the dips?

It's halfway through
the big Valentine's Day party

at Liberty Elite, and the guests
are still hungry for action.


It looks lovely.

Olives? Yeah. OK.

Our buffet's out, if you're ready.

The key ingredient of a pleasant
night at a swingers' club

is your ability to socially
interact with other people.

It's a lovely club.

Thank you, thank you.

If you can't socially interact,

you're not going to get
a sexual encounter.

You're very attractive, which might
scare the bloody death

out of a lot of chaps,
but once you start talking you go,

"All, right? I'm from Norfolk."
You become much warmer.

Ah, thank you.

I wish I was 40 years younger,

I'd tell you exactly how much of a
gem you are.

Would you like another roll of meat?

I've got two, I'm fine thank you.
All right.

The buffet isn't the only thing
husband and wife

Simon and Carolyn have their eye on.

What's the best scenario for you?

You love playing with the ladies.

I love playing with the ladies,
you love playing with the men,

that's our ideal situation.

Could have a little
poke around soon?


It's a common question,

"How can you love somebody
and yet be on the swingers scene?"

Lots of people would never
dream of being unfaithful.

However, they do quite like the
occasional different sexual partner.

What does love mean, then?

I have no idea.

Some nights, the club provides
a variety of fetish contraptions

for guests on the kinkier side to

It feels nice.

MAN: I'll give anything a go once.
Twice, just in case. You never know.

Swinging is now a big
part of my life and took me

in a completely different direction
that I never thought I'd go down.

Six months ago, my heart was broken.

Me and my ex-partner
planned this holiday,

but the relationship broke up.

I decided, "I'm going on my own
anyway, I'm going to make the most
of it."

I'd stumbled across the swinging
site while looking through dating

There was one section
for Gran Canaria.

I had the best holiday I've ever

I had sex around 15 times.

Five different women in six days.

Nice and fresh.


34-year-old divorce Martyn

has suffered two major break-ups in
four years...

Hey, up son, you all right?
Yeah, you?

..and lives at home with dad Ty,

who split with Martyn's
mum 12 years ago.

When my most recent relationship
ended, it did hit me very hard.

I was broken for a little bit.

It hurt.

I am definitely done with love.

Right now, I'm about going out,
having fun

and making the most of it.

All right? Yeah, you?

Glad to be home.
Oh, I bet.

Despite only recently finding
out about Martyn's new lifestyle,

Ty has been fully behind him.

I have had my heart broken
enough times.

And you could see that.

You have pretty much jumped from one
relationship to another

to another, and I don't think you
probably ever had that just

time with you, and understanding
what it is

you want from a relationship.

You know, I had you very young.

And you do look back sometimes and

"Well when was life ever about
me as an individual?"

So I think it really is important
that you take a direction.

And whatever direction that is,

all I can say is I'm there to
support that.

If you'd have asked me
six months ago

whether I would have preferred
someone to love

or someone to give me great sex I'd
have said somebody to love.

Come and join you.
Hi! Join our little party.

But, currently, good sex.

Have you been here before?

No, this is the first time I've ever
been here.

It was not something I kind of
thought about, to be fair,

until six months ago.

My first experience would have been

about five, six months ago too,

So what brought you into it?

Well, I'm single and I've got needs.

That's got to be by choice surely?
That you're single. Yeah.

The thing is, it's hard to make
friends when you get older

unless it's through work.

Everything's just bloody dating
apps, and I'm quite old-fashioned.

I like just going in a room with no
distractions, and just talking.

I'm going to visit
the little boys' room.

I was going to say,

I need the toilet as well, actually.
OK, we'll be back in a sec.

He's attractive.

He's fuckable.

She's beautiful.

Once we've sat and had a drink,

we're going to go and sit in the hot

Single ladies that don't want
the commitment,

they can get what they need
and leave safely.

They socialise, they have a drink,

they get fed,
and then they get pleasure.

Malika has been single since
a ten year long relationship ended.

I was just young and dumb then.

It changed me, lowered my

I wouldn't tolerate
behaviour like that from a man now.

Would you like to be loved?


I just don't feel like I have to be

and I need somebody to love me,
and I need somebody to want me.

I'm not seeking that, I don't need

Would you like a boyfriend?



I don't want a boyfriend,
I don't want a husband.

What do I want one of those for?

Oooh! Two fluffy towels.

Oooh! Wow! Look at them,
underneath there.

My Valentine's outfit.

Oh, yeah! Lady in red!

67-year-old Siobhan hasn't got lucky
so far, but that doesn't stop

her slipping into something
a little more comfortable.

So you're from Norwich?
Norfolk way, yeah.

Yes, that's where my sisters
live, in Norfolk.

Do you go up sometimes or..?

No, cos we don't talk.
Oh, OK. Fair enough.

They don't understand my lifestyle
or florist by day,

porn star by night. I love that!

Sod it, I'll just jump in at the
deep end.

We've measured it, it's bigger than
a wine bottle.

We've tried a wine bottle. Yeah, I
got the head in.

I'm still working on the rest.

Here she is!

Sorry, I'm Martyn. Hello, Martyn.
Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

You smell lovely.

Thank you very much.
Mont Blanc.

I shall bear that in mind.

Yeah. Jump in the hot tub?
Jump in the hot tub, I think.

OK, we're going through.

These two, they're lovely.

Sexy guy.

She's gorgeous.
Who wouldn't?

I thought they'd just go off

but they want me to join them.

That's how it happens, isn't it?

Get a bit friendly.

All innocent, harmless fun.

With a couple of hours to go

until closing, time the playroom
begins to fill.

because nobody wants me I'm being
serious, nobody actually wants me

When we have a bad experience,
it really does

lower my self-esteem,
it makes you think you're not

attractive, or you're not what
they're looking for.

People shouldn't come here
expecting to get action,

because then you just get
disappointed if it doesn't happen.

We can have a little threesome.

What happened with you? Because you

"Oh, my family didn't get me and my

and then you went from that to...
I was brought up a Catholic...

Right. ..and then - I was a bit
rebellious -

and then I met these Christians
and got really heavily into it,

and you couldn't have sex
outside of marriage.

So you don't go to church
and that any more, then? No.

Basically, I had a load of shit
in my life, from when I was young.

Oh, OK. Yeah.

Have you always liked sex?

No, basically.

I don't think I did like sex until I
was 57.

Being gang-raped
when I was 17 really didn't help.

Got in with the wrong crowd.

There were seven of them.

They would take one of us
into the wood and, basically,

all rape us, one by one.

And then you'd go back,

and then they'd take the next girl
and do the same with her.


And you could fight and scream
as much as you want, but you're in

a wood, nobody could hear, so there
wasn't a lot you could do with it.

It just screws you up, really.
You learn not to trust men.

You have all those feelings that you
had when it was happening -

anger, fear, pain, all of those -

and they stay with you, you know?

I became a Christian, I joined a
local church,

I didn't have sex for 40 years.

I prayed, you know? "Please, dear
God, help me with this."

And there was nothing.

And I got to the point
when I thought, "I don't even know

"if there's a God and, if there is,
he don't give a shit about me."

Right, just get naked
and get in the hot tub. OK.

Swinging, I have to say, is very

Now I am in control of my life,
and swinging is part of that life.

The main thing is being in control
of my sex life.

I know that I can say no to
something, and they accept that.

I can I tell them to fuck off, and
they'll fuck off.

Do you trust men?
Yeah, I do now.

If you didn't trust men,
you wouldn't do it.

But it has to be on my terms.

I am happier than I have ever been,

I'm just slightly disappointed
I had to wait so long

to find the happiness.

This programme contains
strong language, nudity
and sexual content throughout.

Those ladies look nice over there.

At Liberty Elite, there's just
an hour to go before closing time,

and the play room is hotting up.

When you first go onto the scene,
you may decide it isn't for you.

But, for a lot of people, it becomes
a much bigger way of life

than they could imagine.

Without a doubt.

The thing is, I have to sort of be
comfortable that they want me there.

We were just hoping that it might
have made us a bit more confident.

I think I've done well,
wearing what I'm wearing now.

You have, you have.

I don't expect to get any
action tonight.

Sometimes it happens
and sometimes it doesn't, you know?

You can't force these things.

But the important thing is that
you just have fun.

And if you can connect with
people in whatever way, it's good.

Haven't even done a blowjob.

I'm slipping.


Do you want to put your head in?

We'll just have a little wander.
Shall we have a look?
See what's going on.

Having spent all night in the bar,
Simon and Carolyn decide to find out

what they're missing.

Shall we go out again? Yeah.

It's too hot already for him.

Would you like a nightcap, dear?

There's probably only one element of
that relationship that would appeal.

I think you saw her
and was like, "Whoa, I like this."

I did. I know, I know.
You're right.

But... But, then not
so much the other side.

Yeah. You shouldn't ever
settle for something

just because you're in an
environment which promotes that.

Having sex with other people doing
the same thing, turned me on.

I don't know about you. Yeah.

It helps that I've got such
an amazingly attractive woman here.

If you say so. I do say so.



I believe you.

The thing I like about swinging
as such is, it isn't 100% about sex.

It's slightly more than that.

It's little relationships
all the time.

I think it's rather lovely.

Our marriage would be amazing,
with or without the swinging,

but I do feel there's probably
lots of benefits.

Got your tea? Yeah, I've got my tea.
OK, come here. I'm happy.

It's kind of like the cherry on top
of an already great relationship.

It makes me fall in love again.

It sounds corny, but it really does.

A bit disheartening. Yeah.

I don't think it's put us off,

Oh, no, definitely not.

Once we get a chance
to come to another one,

we're definitely going to go for it.
We're not giving up.

No, we're not giving up, no.
No, we're not giving up.

Come here, then.


Good night?

Yeah. Yeah, it was a good night.

I definitely want to fuck him again.

One night wasn't enough for me.

He was awesome.

And she was also
equally as awesome.

He's cute, isn't he?


Deep down, I would like somebody
to come home to.

I just can't go through another

It just hurts too much.

I like to have my fun when there's
no strings, no emotions,

all that crap.

I catch flights,
not feelings.

Does an experience like that put you
off the world of swinging?


Sex... Sex is very important.

If I had it my way,

on my grave stone I would have
"She shagged until the very end."

Good for her.