'Swing it' magistern (1940) - full transcript

At school, a music teacher is testing the pupil's ability to sing. The 16-year old Inga Danell starts to sing a song so catchy that everybody in the classroom starts to sing. The singing is interrupted by the principal, who thinks that jazz and swing dancing is awful. Inga then starts performing at a nightclub, where her music teacher happens to be the pianist.


Prime chalkto make you hoarse!
Two for a farthing, or chalk it up!

Wait till you see the new
song teacher, he might be dishy!

Don't kid yourself. They always have
glasses, galoshes and an umbrella!

Hey, fix your own chalk!
- Acke!

Good morning!

- Prime chalkto make you hoarse!
- No, thanks.

- Don't you want to skip singing?
- No.

- Has Inga converted you?
- Don't be silly, Acke.

Want some?
Where's your solidarity?!

Hey, don't mess your sister up,
she's got a film star voice!

Have a piece of chalk!
- Prime chalk!

Good morning! What's that?
Chalk?! Naughty, naughty!

Singing auditions today, eh?
The bell! In you go!


Agda Lofbeck's Comprehensive...
and who founded it? You or l?

- You, of course, Agda dear.
- Exactly. And who is Agda Lbfbeck?

- You or I?
- Definitely not me.

I just became a pedagogic
prince consort on our marriage.

- With no authority!

William, no red herrings! You were
a fool to hire that song teacher.

Don't be so sure, Agda.
You only said "hello" to him...

That was quite enough! I sensed
immediately that he's unreliable!

He'll cause trouble,
you mark my words!

Done your homework?
So you don't falter like yesterday?

- No... yes... yes!
- Good!

He's coming!

No, no, no!

The new song books are here.

You can buythem from me,
in the caretaker's room.

What, is there any chalk left?
I thought you ate it all.

What a guy, eh?!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I'm the new song teacher.
In case anyone hasn't realized...

- Bravo!
- Give over!

Don't bother...

Be seated, please.
So we'll...

Well, l never!
"Welcome, sir." Thank you.

Very kind. So, my name's Bergman.
If that really matters...

I suspect it's as it was in my day,
you give teachers other names, eh?

- Yes!
- So let's get that out of the way.

Anyone got a good nickname
for me, then?

An'! Suggestions?

Don't be shy, now!

Right, here we go!

Oh... nothing there?

- Yes? Go ahead.
- Can we call sir "Tango 'Tache"?


Well, I'm no good at the tango...

Any other suggestions?

Your entrance made quite a buzz.
We should call sir "Buzz".

Yes! Yes!

That's very flattering. Do you think
l should be called "Buzz", then?

Yes! Yes!

Right, then. Theme song:
"Need a hand? Give me a Buzz!"

And now to business. Song auditions.
When I call your name-

- you come up here and sing
something you know, and like.

I'll start with Anderson... Ebba.

Don't be shy. Stand here...

Sing for me, please.

- "Sleep, my little willow bud..."
- Shush!

Thank you, Ebba, dear.
We'll let the willow bud sleep...

Yourvoice is breaking. Sit at the
back, we'll have non-singers there.

Next: Anderson... Tu re.

"See Black Rudolf, a-dancing,
he bows his head and smiles..."

Excellent. Block-busting notes.
Anderson can be an opera-singer!

- I intend to!
- Sit on the singers' bench, then!

And then we have
Blomqvist... Beda.

"Falling in..."
—Yes... "in..."

again, neverwanted to,
Can't help it.

A sweet little voice. Go and "help"
Black Rudolf over there, Beda.

Right... Danell. Axel...

Sing of the joys of student days,
Rejoice at the spring of youth.

Some day! Open wide...
White spots... I wonder why?

- My voice is breaking.
- Singers' bench!

- Really?!
- You'll be fine, "Chalkie"...

And then Danell, Inga...

Siblings? Does hoarseness
run in the family?!

- Oh, no.
- You may begin.

Once upon a time there was
a school teacher of song-

-a kind and gentle soul was he.

Excellent! Carry on...

The only thing the pupils sang
were scales, yes, all day long

Lessons became a bind.

But then one day a pupil
she really did see red.

Found courage and
she stood right up and said:

Swing it now, teacher, swing it,
It's the modern melody!

Be like us, gay and free,
Don't say no to all this energy!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!

This is the modern song,
Everybody, alljoin in:

Re-de-da, de-la, de-la-da-za-za!

Ba, ba, black sheep, there...
No, no, that's not at all for us!

No! Shadela-dada, do-zey, do-zaza
skideli-vadelada is the only stuff!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!

"in the forests lurk wild beasts
such as bear, wolf, elk, lynx-"

"and marten, the latter
particularly in Eastern Siberia."


What's this nonsense?!
Study this chapter till I come back!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it.
This is the modern song.

Everybody, alljoin in:
Ra-da-da, dela, dada-da!

Ba, ba, black sheep, there.
No, no, that's not at all for us!

No! Shadela-dada, do-zey, do-zaza
skideli-vadelada is the only stuff!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!
It's the modern melody.

Rhythm andjoy and party mood!
Listen now, try it out:

Swing it, swing it, now teacher,

- What's going on here?!
- Well, itwas me, I... I...

- Sorry, it was me...
- Quiet! - I'll talk to Mr Bergman-

- this afternoon.
- Afternoon.

Affnoon... This afternoon!
— Quiet!

Ah, well...

Don't worry, sir,
she's always like that.

Well, well... got yourvoice back?

Right, Svensson is now charged.
Watch his hair... - Don't be scared.

I'm positive. In fact, I'm positive
that I'm positive...

And Svensson is negative, has been
ever since he started school...

Master, a staff meeting
at 4 o'clock.

- At four? I'll be departed then...
- Departed?

- "Bon shoe, monsieur".
- No, no, Greta. "Bonjour..."

- A staff meeting at four, master.
- Not "stuff", Gustafsson, "sta-aff".

No, no, quieten down,
or I'll tell the Headmistress.

Headmaster, staff meeting at four.

- That's more like it!
- Miss Jonson, staff meeting at four.


- Miss Larsson, staff meeting at four.
- What's up now'?

- The new song teacher blundered.
- And he looked so nice...

Offwith you now, then.
No, here...

From the beginning...

Why so upset, Agda, dear?
"Ba, ba, black sheep" is delightful.

Yes, but the way she sang that sweet
ditty: "Ba, ba, black sheep..."

swing." Come along...

we can talk about it tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Headmistress has the floor...

- Will I be expelled, sir?
- No, it's not that bad... - Goodbye.

But there can be trouble...
What if sir has to leave?!

We'll both stay, don't worry.
- Goodbye...

Hallo! Hallo!

May I have the bill... the floor.

I find it pointless to judge a case
we've not heard. My dear sister did-

- try to imitate the Danell girl,
but it reminds me of the man-

- whose son went to America
and heard the great Caruso.

On his return he imitated him,
and the father said: "How awful."

- Carl-Otto, don't try to be funny.
- Lt's not me, it's the story!

I suggest we call in our colleague
Bergman and the Danell girl-

- and have them sing this "dreadful"
ditty, and then we'll discuss it.

- Splendid. What do you think?
- No. But if Carl-Otto can't see...

Send Bergman and the girl in.
- Stop smoking that nasty cigar.

- It's a good one, cost fourpence.
- Lt stinks. No smoking. Put it out!


- Well, Mr Bergman and Miss Danell...
- You're to play and sing that ditty-

- you executed earlier. Exactly
as earlier. There's the piano!

Once upon a time there was
a school teacher of song-

-a kind and gentle soul was he.

The only thing the pupils sang
were scales, yes, all day long

Lessons became a bind.

But then one day a pupil
she really did see red.

Found courage and
she stood right up and said:

Swing it now, teacher, swing it,
It's the modern melody!

Be like us, gay and free,
Don't say no to all this energy!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!

This is the modern song,
Everybody, alljoin in:

Ra-da-da, de-la, de-la-da-za-za!

Ba, ba, black sheep, there...
No, no, that's not at all for us!

No! Shadela-dada, do-zey, do-zaza
skideli-vadelada is the only stuff!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!
It's the modern melody.

Rhythm andjoy and party mood!
Listen now, try it out:

Swing it, swing it, now teacher,

Bravo! Bravo!

Quiet! - Mr Bergman and Inga,
wait in the corridor.

Great! Superb! Awonderful girl.
I've never had such fun in here!

Keep your emotions to yourself,
we need to judge this seriously.

Lam serious. A delightful girl!
And the song was bright and gay.

The school should be proud to have
such a songbird in it's "cage".

That's quite enough, Carl-Otto.
What does Master Furu béck think?

I have to agree with my colleague
Léfbeck. Mademoiselle Danell is-

"une chanteuse de|icieuse"...
- Say "cute", so we all understand.

When we need a translation,
we'll ask! - And?

She reminds me ofa French girl
l met at the Sorbonne, called...

- Thank you. No student tales!
- "Pardon".

- Miss Jonson?
- L thought it was a jaunty tune!

That's my opinion. Ask me about
beef stew or omelettes, "my" domain-

- and you expect an answer, but on
morals and music, I'm "impossible"!

Well said!

Does Miss Larsson have any views?

Well, I'm hardly a "swing fan", but
those who practice that art form-

- should be free to do so.
- Art form?! "Bla-bla-blibbedy-bla."

Bravo, Agda! Marvellous!

Singing swing in music lessons might
be questionable, but to talk of-

- expelling little Inga is like
shooting bugs with a canon.

And such a sweet little bug!

If it disturbs you, Headmistress,
a word from the Head would suffice.

Ah, a motion at last. Miss Larsson
proposes we address the matter-

- with a spoken warning to the song
teacher and the pupil Danell.

- Are we agreed?
- Yes... Yes...

- We've decided Mr Bergman can stay.
- "We"? Who?

- Really?!
- Mn-yes.

- Sorry, sir, but I'm so happy.
- No harm done. On the contrary!

Mn-right, we're staying!


Well, l never! Sold out already?

No, it'sjust an advertising
gimmick. To boost sales.

We haven't sold one yet.
We kick off tomorrow.

Lots of bookings, though.
Mums and dads, aunts and so on.

- But I'll get my usual tickets?
- Of course, Mr. Gustafsson.


- Ah, good, sir...
- What's this? A show?

Our usual Autumn Show. Actually,
the society is meeting after school.

- We wondered if sir could attend?
- Me? Can I be of any help?

- Sir might have some useful views.
- Really?

Absolutely. We hoped sir might help
polish up ourtalents.

- Song, music and bits and pieces.
- I can help with the song and music.

- The bits and pieces I leave to you!
- Thanks a lot, sir!

- So Danell is chairman?
- You bet. Entrusted by the society.

- Almost unanimously...
- Only "almost"?

- 47 to 1.
- Who voted against you?

My sister. She nombinated Svenne
Holmkvist, she had a crush on him.

- Just between the two of us.
- Right. Strictly confidential.

- But who did you vote for?
- Well, for safety's sake, sir...

- I bet the Prime Minister does that!
- Most probably!

Welcome at four o'clock, sir!
I must dash, I'm so busy...

Don't let me detain you...
Mr. Chairman!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Pipe down over there!

- Excuse me, sir...
- What...?

- Sorry, Mr. Chairman.
- Don't mention it.

I declare this meeting open!
- Note that in the minutes.

I bid you welcome, especially
Mr. Bergman and Miss Larsson.

A hearty welcome!

You're well aware of our meeting's
business: the Autumn Show.

We've advertised giant attractions
and surprises from start to finish.

So get on your high horses;
best foot forward.

The debate is now opened.

- Mr Chairman?
- Smutte Lindstrbm has the floor.

Can't we borrow the horse
from Karl Gerhard's Revue?

- Did it do any tricks?
- No, it was a wooden horse.

Mum and Dad said it was sensational.
The police took it!

Excuse my interrupting, but that
Trojan Horse is nothing for us.

- It was a political statement.
- No, Smutte. No politics at school!

We want a fun show.

- Mr Chairman!
- Olga Patterson...

- I thinkwe can borrow uncle's pony.
- Ls it Swedish?

- Born on Gland.
- Good, neutrality's important.

Note: Pony, Swedish nationality.

- Mr. Chairman!
- Mr. Chairman!

Sorry, sir, Shorty Sjiiberg
was first. Yes, Shorty?

Well... I...
I agree with the last speaker...

- Oh, no...
- Order!

Silence, or I'll throw you all out!
Sir has the floor...

I haven't been here long and don't
know how you do your Autumn Shows.

But why not start with an overture
by the boys' orchestra?


Followed by a gymnastics display
by Miss Larsson's excellent girls.

That's no fun!
Gymnastics is boys' stuff!

Filip Johansson, leave this meeting!
Out! Interruptions are not allowed!

I'd better watch my words,
so I don't get thrown out.

Micke, your mum's here,
you have to go home.

Say I'm in a meeting,
can't be disturbed.

Have you thought that we have
a future singing star, Inga Danell?

- She sings well, eh?
- Yes!

- She should be a main attraction!
- Yes!

Inga, do "Swing it, teacher!"

No, the Headmistress wasn't amused.
Better choose something else.

And anotherthing... Did you know
your physics teacher Liifbeck-

- is a great magician?
- Is he?!

Ask him nicely,
and he'll do a conjuring number.

Thanks, sir, I'll talkto
him tomorrow.

- Mr. Chairman!
- Sonja Holmkvist...

My aunt yodels well.
Can she be in it?

- Girls shouldn't speak at meetings!
- What did you say?!

If they must speak, we shouldn't
attach any significance to it.

You're rotten!

Mr. Chairman!

Yes? The speaker did not
include Miss Larsson there!

Mr. Bergman spoke of
a gym display...

Micke, come straight home! Dinner's
on the table, and Dad is furious!

- Bye, then.
- Will the vice-secrete ry take over?

Sit down.

- Ready?
- Sure!

Continue, Miss Larsson. Sorry about
the interruption, but Mums are Mums!

The gym display, I have an idea.
|fyou'|| entrust us two-

- to put our heads together,
we might think up a surprise.

- Yes!
- Thank you. A brilliant suggestion.

|'m sure that if you put your heads
together real hard-

- it will be an enormous success,
of hitherto unseen proportions!

That concludes item 1,
the Autumn Show.

Mr. Bergman and Miss Larsson have
no interest in our other items...

- So you'd prefer we left...
- Exactly.

On behalf of the society,
thank you very much.

- Yet another enjoyable meeting.
- "Welcome in, welcome out." Kids...

- I'm glad they threw us out.
- Oh, why?

- So I can talkto you.
- You do that every day!

- "Good morning, Miss Larsson..."
- Once I asked: "How are you?"

- And you replied: "Fide, thadks."
- l had an awful cold!

Kids make friends so easily,
we just stare at each other...

- What do we do about that?
- Play "Hop-Scotch"!

Let loose, have some "chow",
as my boys would say.

- "Great", my girls would say!
- What time do you get hungry?

- Six o'clock.
- L'm hungry all clay! But I'll wait!

- I agree with the Headmistress...
- Surely not... Er, what about?

- You're not the music teacher type.
- L'm not? What's wrong with me?

Nothing. On the contrary.
But you're just not the type.

- One's more inclined to think...
- To thinkwhat?

- That you're just a jazz musician.
- "Just". I see...

- Goodness! I forgot my meeting...
- You're not leaving?!

- Shame. The Teachers' Association...
- l've seen no notice...

Did they forget you?
No, it's male teachers only...

My bill, please!
Where's ourwaiter?!

Could you please settle the bill
for me... here's 20 Crowns...

What a pity I have to go.
Such pleasant company...

It's my loss. Thanks for your
kindness. Goodbye... Don't be angry!

- What's this? Where's the pianist?
- He'll be here any minute...

We start at nine. And he missed
rehearsal. We have a new soloist.

- He'll manage...
- Ah, there you are!

- Sorry, I got held up.
- This had better be the last time!


Ladies and Gentlemen,
May l present my latest little find-

- who I'm sure will sing her way
straight into your hearts.

Miss Linda Loy!

Ling Lee from Japan,
and Susan, an American-

- the two of them were
oh, so deep in love.

But her darling Ling,
couldn't dance to swing-

- so our Susan sang
this little song:

Swing, Ling Lee, swing a leg now,
look at me, and you'll learn how.

Because if you can't swing, Ling Lee
Then you ain't nothing for me!

Swing, Ling Lee, get the rhythm,
follow me, promise given:

Swing Ling Lee, I'll make you mine
Yes, now it's all goin' fine!

Ling with roots in the Ming dynasty
At great haste, a swing enthusiast.

Swing, Ling Lee, swing a leg now
Look at me, and you'll learn how.

Swing Ling Lee, I'll make you mine,
'Cos now it's all goin' fine!

Swing, Ling Lee, swing a leg now,
Look at me, and you'll learn how.

Swing Ling Lee, I'll make you mine,
'Cos now it's all goin' fine!

Now it's all goin‘ fine!

- Promise not to tell at school, sir.
- I don't like you performing there.

- How did you end up at Shanghai?
- I answered an ad, and gotthejob.

- Not surprising. What does Dad say?
- I only have Mum. She said "yes".

You see, private schools cost a lot.
Acke's and my fees, and books...

I see... Well, in away,
we're in the same boat.

- What do you mean, sir?
- L don't play at Shanghai for fun!

- L need extra income, Miss Danell.
- Don't say "Miss Danell", sir...

- "Miss Loy", then?
- No, just call me Inga.

- And what will Inga call me?
- "Sir", of course.

- Exciting, having a secret with sir.
- A secret?

- You promised, sir!
- Mum's the word!

Mr. Gustafsson, can you pass me
a hammer, please?

Girls! Keep time.
Watch Mr. Bergman.

No, no, no! What's this nonsense?!

Sorry, sir.
I had to test the curtain.

We might as well finish for today.
Off to the showers, girls.

- What do you think, Mr. Bergman?
—|t's looking really good.

- They're not as good as my boys...
- Don't insult my girls! I'm like-

- a tigress protecting her young!
- L'd best watch out for your claws!

- Oh, yes, I have money for you.
- For me?

Change from the 20 Crowns
you so kindly entrusted me with.

- So howwas the meeting?
- Boring. Mortifying.

I spent the whole evening thinking
of you. All the time I was playing.

- Playing?!
_Yes, playing... Did I say playing?

Yes, we played bridge.
We always do, after a meeting.

- Shall we finish that dinner today?
- And you dash off at nine?

I have to, sorry. Butl promise to
tell you the whole ugly truth, if...

No, don't walk underthe ladder.
It's bad luck.

- Do you really fancy a restaurant?
- Hardly. I hate restaurants.

- Let's eat at my place, then.
- What a great idea!

- Don't have any high expectations.
- Oh, I'm not demanding as to food.

- Dare you eat my cooking?
- L'm an intrepid type!

- Then you're very welcome!
- Thanks.

Goodness, Mr. Léfbeck,
what's this going to be?

Thatwould be telling!
You'll see at the show.

- Never pry into others' secrets!
- Oh, sorry. Good afternoon!

Good afternoon.

- Mum, my dress droops...
- What? Going out again tonight?

- L have a lesson again.
- Why wear your best dress, though?

That's none of your business!
- Thanks, Mum, dear.

- Can you put your knitting aside?
- Yes... But why?

- L'm worried about that girl, Mum.
- Really? Why?

Do you knowwhat time
she came home last night?

And you believe in lessons till
twrelve thirty? Know what you are?

- No?
- NaNe.

Don'tworry about Inga.
I'll look after her, Acke.

Mum, you're gullible. You don't know
the problems girls have at that age.

- Oh, but you do?
- L feel a responsibility.

DearAcke! It's nice for Inga and me
to have a man in the family.

You can rely on me.
Oh, could I have a few Crowns...

- To go to the cinema with Gbran.
- Just you Mo?

Sonja and Marianne want to go, too.
We hadn't the heartto say no.

I see...
Well, here's 3 Crowns.

- Enough to pay for Marianne, too.
- No, Sonja, of course!

- Hey, there... be home by eleven.
- Twelve, it's Saturday.

- Half past eleven. No later!
- Okay. Bye, Mum!

Here... "What a tasty morsel!"
"Your mistress is a good cook, eh?"

- No, Johansson!
- Johansson?

- Bad boy!
- Oh, the dog...

- What did Mummy say?
- Not on the sofa, she said!

- Excuse me serving out there...
- Not at all. Johansson and I agree-

- that you're a great cook.
The shrimps and the bloater...

I bought them from the shop, but
this I cooked myself, so watch out.

Yourself? I'm sure it's nice...

I have a huge appetite, don't be
alarmed when I polish it all off!

- It isn't tough, is it?
- No, blunt knife. I'll try this one.

- Itis tough.
- Oh, no. Tender as can be...

You can ogle, Johansson.
Envious, eh?

What about him... is he alone
daytimes... when you're at school?

- He's happy with the janitor.
- L see...

Oh, sorry, I forgot
to clear the starters...


Oh, Johansson, was it that tough?

- A drop more?
- No, thanks.

Funny howwrong one can be.
I thought you looked so strict...

- I had such respect!
- But no longer?

- Oh, no! Well, yes...
- l see.

But nowl know you,
you're just like the other girls.

- Oh, thank you very much!
- An ordinary sinner like myself...

You smoke, you... What a delicious
liqueur, did you make it?

- At least something I made is nice!
- That's cruel.

- Honestly, the steak was tough.
- To be honest, yes, a bit too tough.

- Poor Johansson.
- No, he's used to my cooking!

It wasn't your fault.
Blame the ox, for being so old!

Thanks for a lovely dinner.
Nowforthe washing up.

- Oh, no! I'll do it.
- We're colleagues. I always help.

- Suit yourself, it's hardly fun.
- It is!

- What a lot of food left!
- Shame. I have a tiny appetite...

- What's the time?
- Nine.

Gosh, I must dash to Shanghai!
Best I tell you that ugly truth now!

- L lead a double life.
- So exciting!

Daytimes I'm a simple music teacher.
But at night, when shadows lurk...

It's cap down, collar up,
and you peddle liquor!

No, it's not that awful. But nearly.
I get changed and rush to Shanghai.

- The jazz place? You go there?
- L have to. I play in the band.

- Is that so awful?
- Lsn't it?

- You only play there...
- You're sweet.

Imagine the Headmistress' reaction!
Actually, I'm a qualified-

- cathedral organist, but there
are so few cathedrals...

- So I have to work at Shanghai...
- Maybe it's more fun.

Never! I'd much rather sing psalms
with little kids. Bye, I must dash.

- Oh, the washing up...
- L'll do that!

You are sweet. Goodbye,
my dear... colleague. Bye!

It's quarter past!
We'll miss the news and Donald Duck!

- See the matinée tomorrow, you baby!
- Very funny!

- Girls are never in time, you know.
- Hey, they're coming...

- Hi!
- At last!

- Nice boys say "Good evening"!
- Acke's mad at missing Donald Duck!

- Thinking ofa cinema?
- And you?

- Have you heard of Shanghai?
- Dancing to a great swing band!

- So what?
- Let's go tonight.

- You're mad. Think ifwe're seen!
- No, it's on the Southside. - Géran?

- Sure! Forget Acke, he doesn't dare.
- What cheek! You bet I dare.

- Good! Like to dance with me, eh?
- But I told Mum the cinema...

- Who didn't?
- And it sounds so expensive...

- We girls pay for ourselves.
- Never, I'm a gentleman!

Here comes the trolley bus!

Grey skies and showers

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

Rain-laden tree tops

bow down their heads

It all looks so dead without you

The little bird that sang

no longer sings at all

The ballad that I wrote

now makes me feel a fool

Grey skies and showers

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

- And how old are you?
- 18.

- 16.
- So you're all over 15?

- Oh, yes!
- Fine.

You go ahead, we'll get the tickets.

- For Marianne and me.
- Great.

Four, please.

- Sorry, dear, this is too little.
- But 4 times 1:50 is 6...

- Yes, but it's 2 Crowns tonight.
- Why?

- We have a singer.
- I see... - What do we do new?

- Borrow from the girls.
- Why me?!

- L can't! Hurry, before they go in.
- Just a minute, miss...

- Nice here, isn't it? - Eh, Acke?
- Not bad at all. But, Sonja...

- Have you got 1:50 or 2 Crowns?
- Oh yes, I think so...

Kind of you.
The cashier had no change...

- But that makes it 4:50 now...
- You'll get it next week.

- What happened, Inga?

- This fell on the floor...
- You scared me half to death!

Sir, can I sing that song
at the school show?

- Which one?
— "Grey skies".

- You like it, eh?
- You really did a goodjob on it.

Thank you. But can't you sing
that triplet right, like I've said?

"Grey skies and showers,
are all I see..."

- "No sun in the sky, without you."
- But that's wrong...

"No sun in the sky..." More feeling:
"No sun in the sky, without you."

- Finish eating, and then try it.
- "No sun in the sky, without you."

That's it!
Oh, I'm on again now!

Sir, I promise to sing that song
like I've never sung before!

Marvellous, Inga.
Don't forget the triplet.

Help yourself, Marianne...

- Thank you. - Not bad, eh?!
- Smashing!

- Take the big one, Acke. I've eaten.
- Thanks. Don't smoke in here.

- Nervous?
- L've been around.

You could fool me.

- Hey, he looks like our artteacher.
- Yes!

Let everyone know
you're a schoolboy!

Here they come!

Look! It's "Buzz".
Let's make ourselves scarce!

- Did he see us?
- I didn't dare look!

"Buzz", ajazz... pianist!
What a sensation at school.

Not a word! If I find out you've
told, you're in for a bashing!

Don't fight. You know
that... Giiran wouldn't tell.

- Now what do we do?
- No idea. 2 Crowns...

- I didn't touch my cake...
- Can we go somewhere else?

- L'm no millionaire!
- A pity you didn't see Donald Duck.

Cut it out! Come on...

- Lnga!
- Ssh! Mum...

- I want to talk to you.
- What is it?

- Is this a proper time to come home?
- My lesson...

Lessons with a night watchman?!
Try it on with Mum, but not me!

- Is it a boy?
- Acke... I'm in love.

I thought as much.
Is it on with Svenne again?

- No...
- Who is it?

- I can't say. But it's wonderful.
- Ls it?

- When I see him, ljust tremble.
- Like this...

Silly! It's nojoke, it's serious.
But you're too young to understand.

- L've been in love!
- Have you?

Sure! Butl didn't tremble.

I didn't sleep a wink last night
forthinking of him.

- And l'll lay awake tonight, too.
- You'll be too tired for school!

- L just long for school!
- So it is one of the boys there!

- L'm not saying.
- Don't. I'm going sleep. 'Night!

- Acke... Do you knowwho it is?
- No...

- lt's "Buzz"...
- What?! You're in love with him?!

- Promise not to tell.
- Promise. But he's a bit shady.

- Not at all.
- He's a double nature. Evenings-

- he plays the piano at a jazz club!
- How do you know?!

We were there, but left the second
we saw him. Don't tell Mum!

- Promise. Didn't you see me?
- Were you there, too?!

Listen, Acke. I sing there
in the evenings. Linda Loy is me.

Well, I'll be blowed!
Is that why you come home so late?

Yes! He's driven me home.
He called me "Miss Dane||..."

- Good. Then you are decent.
- What do you mean?!

- L've been worried...
- No need, laddie!

- Remember your promise.
- Trust 0l' Dad here.

Good night.

Headmaster's Office

Come in!

- Good morning. ls the Head in?
- No. What is it?

- Oh, it doesn't matter...
- Yes, come in. Come, come!

- What is it?
- Nothing, just something I heard...

What, exactly?
Tell me now...

- Quaok, quack, Ala-Kazam: no duck!
- So interesting. How do you do it?

Can't tell you. Magicians' secrets.
I got that number from Dante.

You'll see on Saturday.
And the mouse...

- Sorry, I have work to do...
- Say nothing to Agda!

- No, I want a quiet evening!
- L reckon you need it.

Telling tales is shameful, Gbran...
What was that den called?

- Shanghai.
—That'|| be all, then.


- What did he want?
- Some leave. For a trip.

- Shanghai? ls he going to Shanghai?
- No, but I might go there!

Well, it's your decision...

Do sit down, Danell.
Not there. On the sofa.

- Well... what can I offer you?
- L'vejust eaten, thanks.

What gives me the honour
and pleasure of yourvisit?

- The honour is mine, sir.
- And the pleasure mine?

- You probably knowwhy I came, sir.
- The School Show, I suppose.

What? No... do sit down, sir.

- It's my sister Inga.
- Oh?

She's told me everything
and I want to hear yourviewpoint.

- She's so young, not even of age...
- Exactly.

- You'd have to wait several years.
- Wait for what?

To get married!

- Speak freely. lt'sjust between us.
- That's nice.

- How is your financial standing?
- My...?

- In a situation like this...
- l do understand.

- Can you support a wife, sir?
- Well, I think so...

- Does your sister know of our chat?
- No, she'd go wild!

- She'd stop my cinema money!
- That would be awful!

- L'll talk to your sister, then...
- Sorry fortroubling you, sir.

Not at all. Most enjoyable
trouble... l mean "pleasure"!

Nice with a heart-to-heart between
us men, just the two of us...

What a terrible place, Miss Jonson.
Is that supposed to be him?

- Sit here. You'll see better.
- Really?

- What would you ladies like?
- Gosh!

Nothing, but ifl must,
I'll force down a cup of tea.

A large coffee, and lots of buns.
Here's the coupon, blow it all!

- What does it cost?
—|t's included in the admission fee.

A nice place!

- Not many birds here.
- Her with the French pleat, then?

Worth a try, perhaps.

- Would you like to dance?
- Shame on you.


- My, my... I wouldn't have said no!
- Really!

- You're not going to smoke?!
- I do like a puffwith my coffee.

Look, it is him.
He mustn't see me!

Don't look over there now!

- He's so nice!
- Ugh!

Ladies and gentlemen: Shanghai's
little darling, Miss Linda Loy...

Hey, I can't see!

- Gracious! Do you see who it is?!
- Quiet!

Everyone 's fa vourite man

We've got a little 5-year-plan
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

You wouldn't call him a dresser,
no dinnerjacketortails

But as team left back he never fails
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

What he wants
hejust gets, sure and quick

And I know
that he'll make it big

He's only a simple boy
but what a terrific guy

And when he turns on the charm
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

He's not at all poetic
No odes of love for me

When he says "you're hot, girl"
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

He hasn't the eyes of Boyer
nor the profile of Barrymore

But my, does he have Sex Appeal,
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

By and by, we'll have a cosy nest
And some kids, two or three is best

His manners aren't so fine
No kisses on my hand

But all the more upon my lips,
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

- L've had quite enough. Come on!
- No coffee and buns?

No! Come on.

- Leaving already, ladies?
- Definitely. What's the girl's name?

- Miss Linda Loy. Delightful, eh?
- Herreaf name!

- Linda Loy.
- You dirty old man!

Miss Jonson!

Headmaster's Office

- Well?
- A black mark for Behaviour.

- So what?! Anything else?
- L can't perform any more.

- Not even at the School Show.
- What? That ruins the whole thing!

She thought "Buzz" had talked me
into it, but I put her right there!

- Think if they sack him?!
- He'll be okay. What about the show?

- Don't cry, come to the coffee shop.
- Never, ever a coffee shop again!

Calm down...

No more about the girl!
Discussion over!

Lknewthis would happen. The minute
I heard the din at that awful place-

- I felt removed to Africa'sjung|e,
monkeys screeching, hyenas howling!

There you sat, like a Tarzan.
You jazz-Hottentot-trotter!

I raise money for missionary work
while you transform my sweet pupils-

- into black savages! It won't do!
- L have to earn extra money...

Do it decently! You have
such a fine education in music.

I've seen your credentials.
Or were they forged?!

- Definitely not!
- L hope not.

Your decision, then. Choose between
Shanghai and me... the school.

- Well, Headmistress...
- lmagine the scandal.

Think of our school... choose me.
I mean, choose the school!

Headmistress, I've never had doubts
as to my choice. The school.

- Ah, we're agreed, Mr. Bergman.
- Thank you, Headmistress.

- Well? Was she furious?
- Little Agda? No, quite charming.

- She almost curtsied.
—Nojoking, now!

- L feared she was going to hug me!
- What did she say?

She kindly let me choose
between her and Shanghai.

- And your choice?
- You!

- Me?
—Yes... Lena, I...

- Mr. Bergman, are we not agreed?
- You and I are in total agreement.

- But Miss Larsson and I aren't.
- L'm sure Miss Larsson understands.

I'm not sure, it wouldn't seem so.
But we can discuss that later.

- Goodbye, then.
- Good bye.

Where are your meeting manners?!

If Inga can't sing at the show,
it's catastrophe for our society.

The audience demands a refund, we're
left in debt. We must do something!

Acke, speak to the Headmistress.
Use your charm.

Charm? Only rat poison would work!
I've tried. The old girl's hopeless.

- Can't we do it without Inga?
- Give up our main attraction?

- Not on your life!
- No!

- So what do we do?
- L have a plan. Risky... but good!

Guess who does it? The cause
of the trouble, the one who told!

—Right. Or else he gets a bashing!


- So what's the plan?
- Shut the door. Strategic secrets.

Well, the audience pours in,
the music starts...

- Sir! A full house!
—|'m nervous. What if I'm a fiasco?

- You'll be a success. Betcha!
- What?

- Betcha you're a success.
- Betcha... Oh, my heart.

Acke, have a look!
The Headmistress!

Now| can't perform.
- Course you can.

- You said she wasn't coming.
- I said she wouldn't be here.

There's a huge difference...

Well, how about it? Or else!
Get moving.

- A pity the girl won't be in it...
- The subject is closed, William!

- A word with you, Headmistress.
- Don't disturb us. Wait till Monday.

- That's too late.
- What is it?!

Not in here, come outside.
Only a moment.

- Is it that important?
- Yesm

Back soon, William.

It worked!
Are the boys in place?

- You bet!
- We're on now!

- What a bind, down here all night.
- They must have started by now.

Someone's coming!

What are we doing here?
In there? What's this all about?

- What was that?
- The door slammed shut.

Shut? Open it, then.
Go on!

- Oh, it's filthy here...
- lt's locked.

- Locked?
- Use the key!

- From the outside.
- What's going on here?!

Treachery! You've locked me in!
Let me out!

Hallo! Let me out!
It's the Headmistress!

Look! A horse!



I bid you welcome to our show,
especially the Head and his spouse.

The whole audience,
Mums, Dads, Aunts and kids...

- Go away!
- Are heartily welcome!

Poor as church mice are we,
but freedom is paramount!

I steer my steed to free,
Olympic heights.

Follow me, forget all sorrows,
and enjoy our show!

Listen to a lovers' duet,
be amazed by our conjurer-

- admire the girls' grace,
and the boys' bold marches.

Applaud now and then, we pray,
dear Mums and Dads and Aunts!

It's Sonja!


Fear not, sweet maid

Come to my palace now

It lies nearby there yonder

Come with me a while

No, I dare not, dear sir

No, I should not go there

My heart is all a-tremble

In case a wrong I do—o—o

In case a-a wrong l-l do

You are all myjoy, sweet maid

Say then what I should do

You cause me grief, sweet maid

Alack, how am I to know?

All right... I'm coming, Ducky...

- Sir?

- Where's the duck?!
- The duck...? Overthere, sir!

Come here, Ducky dear!

Be a good birdy...

- Headmistress! In the boiler-room?!
- Not for long!

- Give the scoundrel a good hiding!
- Oh, yes.

- Do I get a beating now'?
- No, I'm going to stoke the boiler!

- Where have you been?
- The boiler-room.

- Why?
—Later! Be quiet.

She's here again!
The Headmistress!

Whatsha||we do?!
- Coming...

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present our main attraction:

The world famous conjurer,
Ali-Ben Liifbeck!

Ali-ali, Solimandante-fivus-dextrus,

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
I tear up this Ten of Hearts...

Like this...

And roll it into a little ball,
"let's have a ball"...

I blow on the ball, unfold it...

And it's "ganz he|"...

A new Ten of Hearts...
Slower, so you can see properly...

And roll it into a little "puge|"...

A nice little "puge|"...

I blow on the little "puge|"
again... Unfold it...

And it's whole again!

While I rest my fingers, I shall
perform my strongest card...

That is, a world-famous number.
With my magic powers-

- l shall make someone disappear!
Preferably a lady, a pretty one...

Would some pretty lady volunteer?

Ask the Heaclmistress. Please, sir!
I'll explain later.

Not a bad idea...
- No volunteers?

Why not ask the school's First Lady,
my sister the Headmistress?


The Headmistress!

B ravo!

- Oh! It's not dangerous, is it?
- Ali...

No peeking!


Ali-ali, Solimandante sixus-dextrus,
Ali-ali-ali! Ladies and gentlemen:

The Headmistress has disappeared.
The bird has flown!


He must teach me that trick!


We'll carry her out now...
Thank you, sir.

- Don't mention it.
- Thank you so much.

What's up? Offwith you...

Ladies and gentlemen, one empty hat.
"Ganz |er" as they say in Germany.

But not so "ler", anyway. A subtle
movement, and we have a hankie.

And another... a whole factory...

Marvellous! And some flowers,
very decorative...

Fellahs! In the boiler-room!

I forgot my cuffs...

Will that do? Isn't sir dishy
in his white dinnerjacket?

- And what a lovely pairthey make...

- Who?
- He and Miss Larsson.

- Not at all. And whyher?
- They're always together after work.

I didn't know... And I don't care.
Stop fussing and go! I'm nervous.

- What a prima donna!
- Excuse us!

- Is Inga there? Inga!
- Yes, sir?

- What a lovely dress.
- As if you care.

- Of course I do. What is it?
- L don't want to sing that song now.

- You asked to, and lwas so happy.
- That was before...

- What's up? Boyfriend trouble?
- He's no boy...

- He's a man.
- Oh, dear. But you're only 16.

Too young to fret. You have
yourwhole life ahead of you.

There'|| be someone other
than me... him... whom Inga...

- Has Acke said something?
- No!

There, there, sweet girl...

Oh! Excuse the interruption...

Lena! Wait...

- I admit it looked a bit odd...
- Feel free to talk to her!

She refuses to sing, I had to
talkto her. She... I...

- Nice when men like children.
- Why are you being so nasty?

- L must talkto my best pupil!
- Well, don't mind me!

- You soundjealous!
- Why should I bejealous?

No idea. But it sounds like it.
It's hardly unusual that-

- a pupil has a crush on a teacher.
Surely it's happened to you?

- Oh, yes...
- You see! What? It has?!

- Do you still fancy him?
- Well, yes...

- Does he know?
- Well, he's said nothing...

I see! What does he look like?

- He has a moustache...
- A moustache? What? Oh...

- You don't mean...
- Yes!

Lena, I've had no chance, I'm always
in a hurry, and I'm on again now...

But I must tell you that I'm in...
fernal interruptions!

- L need my hat and coat.
- Well, get them.

- You want it on?
- Yes, please.

Oh no, I'm no wardrobe attendant!

- Lena, I'm...
- Sir, the violins have no parts.

Yes, they do! I'll be right out,
I knowwhere they are...

Well, I'll be...!

- Hallo? Anyone there?
- What is it?

- Anyone there?
- No!

- Help! Help me!
- Who is it?

- Me!
- Which "me"?

- The Headmistress!
- But you disappeared up there!

- Yes...
- And still here?

- I can't get out! Help me.
- Where are you?

In here!

I must go on now,
the choir's waiting.

- Sorry, sir.
- Yes?

Ljustwanted to say I'd like
to sing "Grey Skies".

- There you are!
- Yes, but where have you been?

- It's your fault that I disappeared!
- Really?

- And got locked in the boiler-room!
- What?!

- Don't laugh!
- That wasn't me. Unfortunately.

Now listen to me. Do you know
what you are? A grumpy old maid!

- Yes, an old maid!
- Ssh!

You forget you were young once.
Remember when we were small?

I was a big boy, and you were
a sweet little girl... Remember?

- You were nasty to me.
- I wasn't! Bler-bler-bler...

You're nasty, to your pupils.

Instead of respect and affection
for you, they're scared of you!

- They should be!
- No! They should love you.

- Take our new music teacher...
- Him?!

He understands children,
you ought to learn from him!

Or you and your school
are done for!

- They should sing lovely, old songs.
- Of course!

But there are lovely new songs,

- Grey skys and showers
- Listen...

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

Rain-laden tree tops

bow down their heads

It all looks so dead without you

Grey skies and showers

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

A love song so sweet
you once did sing

soft and tender, to me

but you are gone and I'm alone

just waiting here for you

Grey skies and showers

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

Rain-laden tree tops

bow down their heads

It all looks so dead without you

The little bird that sang

no longer sings at all

The ballad that I wrote

now makes me feel a fool

Grey skies and showers

are all I see

No sun now for me without you

Inga... What is it? You're a great
success, go and take a bow!

I can't go out there...

- Why are you crying, Inga?
- L'm so upset...

But I'm not angry with you any more.

- That's not why I'm crying...
- But today is all fun and joy!

I was unfair, didn't understand you,
but that's all changed...

l want you to sing that song
all the staff loved, except me...

- I've learned to like it too, now.
- Really?

Really. Sing loud and clear!

Agda! On stage! I have to
bring you back again!

- Dry your eyes, I'll call you in.
- There, there...

Ali-ali, Solimandante, fivus-sixus-

I've brought back the Headmistress
as good as new! Almost! Ali-ali!

Ladies and gentleman, my turn now,
to ask the school's little songbird-

- to sing a very popular song,
that I myself love... at last...

Inga, my dear, come in.
You knowthe song I mean.

- And so do you...
- What?

Nice dinnerjacket...

"Swing it, teacher"...

Swing it now, teacher, swing it
It's the modern melody

Be like us, gay and free,
Don't say no to all this energy!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!

This is the modern song,
Everybody, alljoin in:

Re-de-da, de-la, de-la-da-za-za!

- Ba, ba, black sheep, there...
- No, no, that's not at all for us!

No! Shadela-dada, do-zey, do-zaza
skideli-vadelada is the only stuff!

Swing it now, teacher, swing it!
It's the modern melody.

Rhythm andjoy and party mood!
Listen now, try it out:

Swing it, swing it, now teacher,

English subtitles: Barbara Westin