Swing Kids (2018) - full transcript

The story of Ro Gi Soo, a tap dancing North Korean soldier who was held captive in the Geoje prison camp during the Korean War.

Please note that this news is
made based on strict fairness

June 25th, 1950.

With the sudden invasion of the North, South Korea was
instantly pushed to the southern part of Nakdonggan River,

faced with the imminent
threat of losing the war,

However, with the participation
of the ally, US Army,

and it was expected that the
war would come to an end soon.

However, with the participation of a
massive Chinese Communist Army

the fate of the war became a mystery.

In fact, the Korean War turns into
a war between two great powers.

In the process, around 140,000 prisoners of
war from the Northern China came about.

And a massive scale POW
camp was made in Koje Island,

the southernmost part of the
peninsula to isolate the prisoners.

Under the Geneva Convention that puts
POW's human rights on the 4th run,

POWs were guaranteed free time, such as
vocational education and leisure time,

receiving better treatment than South
Korean civilians and soldiers at the time.

During the process, a great number of free repatriates
rise, who don't wish to return to the North after the war.

However violent communist
prisoners formed on groups to claim

total repatriation where all prisoners
should return to North Korea.

With this, they engage on a ruthless war
massacre against the Anti-Communist.

And we call this war between the
POWs: the 3rd War in Koje Island.

As situation gets worse, the US Army controlling the
Prison Camp tries to repress violent communist POWs

a total of 31 died and 164 were
seriously injured on the prisoners' side.

Whereas 1 died and 14 were
wounded among US soldiers.

It drew stark criticism from
the international community,

going so far as to getting the commander
of the Prison Camp being thrown out.

On the one hand, based on the reports from
Pyokdong Prison Camp from North Korea,

the POWs from the ally forces
are having a good time,

protected under the Geneva Convention.

It's as if there is
no trace of war there.

Which is nothing shown of a stark comparison
to Koje Prison Camp that's out of control.

Violent Riots in Korea POW Camp

Fabricated propaganda.

Of course.

It seems there's no warfare.

That's how you start the
second half, gentlemen.

Eat well, high well.

Any thoughts?

Sir, I've been in these parts
for a good year now and

these people won't listen
without a sound beat.

Sorry! Sorry!

It's OK, it's alright...

It's OK, don't worry.

What was your name again?

Your name?

Me, Roberts.

You? Name?

Sam-shik. Sam-shik.

That's it, Sam-shik. Sam-shik.

Where was I?

You were explaining the importance
of the second half, Sir!


Victory in the second half is a game of numbers.
Couple of bad seeds, we whip 'em into shape.

When you run out the entire herd,
gotta lure 'em in with something.

Get 'em addicted to that
sweet taste of freedom.

Right, Sam-shik?

No English.

Nothing else to it, gentlemen.

Voluntary repatriation is victory.

Total repatriation is failure.


Yes, sir!

Alright then, let's
change up the game here.

Show 'em this camp under new management.

Throw in a few special
pardons while you're at it.

Who should we pardon first?

Who's the worst troublemaker you got?



Here. Take it. It's yours!

Comrade Ki-soo!

Comrade Ki-soo!

Comrade Ki-soo!

ROH Ki-soo! ROH Ki-soo!

Comrade Ki-soo!

HWANG Ki-dong!

Let me go!

Do I smell a hero here, Comrade Ki-soo?

I smell trouble with your yankee look!

Comrade Man-chul.

When you're polished like me,
the yankees won't slight you.

Try it, comrade.

Fill me in on the news
out here that I missed.

It's crazy.

The new commander is a damn weasel!

He made talent shows and job trainings.

He's luring the weak
fools to seek capitalism.

Damn bastards!

Know who this is, damn traitors?

He's ROH Ki-soo!
Our hero ROH Ki-jin's brother!

You yankee ass kissin'
worthless traitors!

I gotta vent it out like that.

Yankees call it getting rid of s...

Hey, you! You fucking

Hey, whitey!

Lights out, asshole!

- Let's go!
- Get all the goods!

Stinky little bastards...

I'll get you again.

Stressed you out, huh?

Yeah, you should be!

Damn yankees!

Hey, give that back!

Thank you!

Thank you? You fuckin' ass! Prick!

What the fuck do you
want, yellow midget?

Fuck you!

Kill that little...

So your cheeks got chubbier
because of this yankee shit?

You got me all wrong.

What's the basic rule in war?

You blow the enemy's supplies.

I'm not addicted to yankee
shit, but destroying it.

Hold on.

Ki-soo? Chug this down.

We steal the enemy's goods
to build our strength.

That's the plan.

Good. Drink it.

The black man is at it again.

The yankees call that tap dance.

I it wasn't for the war, you'd
be dancing before our Leader.

- Right?
- Shut up.


Stay back. It'll topple over.

Who said to go this way?


Yes, In-ja?

I mean Linda.

If you mess up the
dances again, you're out.

I'll be good.

In English?

No problem.

Are you all studying English?

I can't translate for you forever.

I'm sorry.

Sorry. Sorry.

Hey, Newbie!


Watch and follow us
carefully on your first day.

What's your name again?

YANG Pallae, ma'am.

YANG Pallae...

We use English names here.
How about Candy?

I'm Candy.

Then... Julia?

It's taken. Right.

Just go with YANG Pallae.

Ms. Linda?

What's matter you?

Do they give us food?

We don't act like war refugees.

Where are we?


Who are we?

Beautiful American girls!

Music start!

Baby, we're on fire!

Step! Touch!

Go Koje! Go America!


2 bucks if you set up us nicely.


2.50 then.

I said 3.


Boy, I'm gonna finally
meet Jesus tonight.

One, two! One, two!



Woo-hoo! Yeah!

What are you doing?

What is this? Come on!

Let's go.

Push hard!

One, two, three!

Damn racket.

What's your name?


Oh, wow.

Hey, stinky armpits!

Nice ass that you had.

Let go!

Let's make money!

Let's dance!

Oh, shoot! It's a fire!

Jimmy, we gotta get outta here!

Hey, you, I gotcha!

High, son!

Run, Sam-shik!

I heard you threw quite a
ball yourself, Sergeant.

Little shame I missed it, though. Seems
my invitation got lost in the mail.

I apologize, Sir.

Oh, no, no, I didn't call
you here to apologize.

See, I understand you used to be a
dancer on Broadway before enlisting.

Tap dance, wasn't it?

How's about putting together a little dance
team here? With some of these prisoners.

Call me these POWs, Dance
to the Dance the Free World.

Makes one heck of a punchline, eh?

I don't know, Sir.

What don't you know?

I'm not so sure Asians
can tap dance, Sir.

That's an awfully kind of
statement coming from you, son.

Same kind of prejudice that got
you kicked off Broadway, isn't it?

I understand you got a kid back in Okinawa.
When the Japanese go,

well she's an Asian too, isn't she?

Just fooling around.
Pull a little snafu...

Once I get transferred back to Japan,
I'll formally marry her.

And who exactly is the man
to make that happen for you?

You're just one pick of shoulder to being
dropped to Corporal and shipped back home.

If I were you, son, I'd be out there digging
haystacks for my ticket back to Okinawa.

That is why you're saving
up so hard, isn't it?

With dollies, unauthorized dance
parties, trading with the... domestics.

Just put a fun little show that will
grace all the front page headlines.

I'm looking forward to it myself.

You get it, Samdori!


You, you, and you...

Everyone failed.

You, you, and you.


No, they all failed.

What's matter you? No problem.

You all pass!

- Yes!
- Thank you, sir!

Do you even speak English?

I know I am number one beautiful girl.
Long time no see.


Thank you very much.

Watch out!

- Duck!
- Get down!

Any other moves?

He says go faster.

Ask him if he knows something else.

He wants you to try harder.

That's enough, he's about to die!

Everyone clap!



Stop! Somebody stop him!

- Nancy! Nancy!
- Yes!

All right!

Who's next?

- Me!
- I can dance!

Nice to meet you, Jackson.

Thank you very much.

Girls! Let's go home.



I heard civilians can join?

Best English I've heard all day.

Come back when you've grown some, kid.

Then you need a
translator, I can do it!

No need for one without a dance team.

I can't form a dance
team with these clowns.

4 dollar one month,
at any time you want.

Try me for a day then
fire me if you don't need.

OK, 3 dollars.


Audition's over.

I heard you're looking for dancers.

Where is everybody?

The auditions are over.

This is all the music?

What does he want?

He's Chinese, I think he
wants to show you dance.

I lived in Manju so I
can speak Chinese, too.

I speak 4 languages.

Korean, English, Chinese,
and also Japanese.

The last one is occupation hazard.

It's 4 dollar because I can speak 4 languages
but I give you special discount, 2 dollar

and today's translation free.

Got music for this?

My chest...

My heart...

He says heart... maybe
he has sickness...

I need rest. I'm okay.

Why did only Ki-soo get
placed to work there?

Comrade Ki-soo totally destroyed
the yankee dance club alone!

ROH Ki-jin in the frontlines
and ROH Ki-soo in this camp!

The hero brothers at large!

So they're making him fix
the hall all by himself?

Damn yankees always
want to give and take.

An eye for an eye, you know?

The black man in charge there
asked for Comrade Ki-soo.

He must want revenge.

- Did he say anything else?
- Yes.

- What?
- It was English. I don't know.

How can our hero follow
a black man's orders?

- Don't go.
- Right.

Damn westerners are all wicked.
Be careful.

Don't worry.

Real soldiers aren't
afraid of the enemy camp.

Be careful of one black man?

I can pound him down
like a hammer any day.


What the hell are you saying?

Never mind.

This is tap dance.

Fun, isn't it?

Comrade Ki-soo! Watch me.

I made a new dance. Watch me, please?

Pound hard!

Hit 'em! Wash 'em clean!

Pound harder!

So... if you...

I mean, if we...

do well...

things will be good. And
they're gonna go well...

So to make things good,
we have to do well.

So, let's do well.

Any questions?

He says let's do well.


How well? Can we go places?

Like tours?

We go on tour?


We will.

How far can we go?




Like where?

Be specific.

Wherever. Anywhere
just means everywhere.



So, we'll be famous, right?

We become famous?


How famous can we be?

How famous?


And snacks?


You'll get some.


How much?

What kind of snacks, how famous?

Extremely and all kinds.

A lot.

Thanks for picking me.

Yes! Lots, loads, plenty!!

you, you be famous, you go to Japan,
America, and finally get out of...

I get what he's saying.

A wicked, black yankee,

an anti-Communist loser...


A playgirl.

Watch your language!

Why you little...

Nice to meet you.

You come to our country
and trample all over it.

Then you take some weak fools
and teach 'em to be yankees?

You're asking for it!

I'll show you how
strong our Republic is!

Translate, girl.

No way, commie.

Watch it, girlie!

I was born in '33!

How old are you?

Think you're old? I was born in '31.

You look young!

I was born in '28.

Get lost, anti-Communist jerk!

Forget dancing!

Or in the name of socialism...

You want start up a fight,
you do it over dance.

Why can I understand this black man?

That hitting the ground
dance ain't much.

I challenge you in tap dance.

If I win, no dance team.

Why do you wanna be famous?

To find my wife.

If I get famous, she can come to me.

If she's alive, that is.

Why don't you dance with us?

There's no pay in dancing.

You don't dance to make money.
You just do it.

How about you?

Dance? Why?

Why ask why? You just dance if you can.

See? He says the same thing.

Too bad about your weak heart.
You breathe heavily.

It's because you're overweight.

It's because of malnutrition.

How can you have malnutrition!

It's true! Touch here.

I have big bones. It's not fat.

You understand each other?

That's all for today.

Step. Tap.

Right foot first, then left.

Right foot first.

Step. Tap, tap, tap. That's it.

Long Live the Republic!

Away with America! Unify Korea

You lost weight!

Hey, kid.

You're not very tall so you
should make your movements bigger.

Hey, old man!

Looks to me like your
picture being dancer?

I can't pay you for
dancing, don't forget.

- Let's eat!
- Sure thing.

Don't betray the Republic

Remember our heroes
who died for unification

Isn't that a yankee dance?

I saw it in a yankee film.

Tap dance is American, right?

Silly pea brain!
Why would I do a yankee dance?

Can you teach me?

If you do, I won't tell anyone.

A man keeps his promise even
with a knife to his throat!

What are you yappin'
about so late at night?

Why'd you hit me?

Don't talk back to your
elders, little twerp!

Don't hit him.

Kids are the hope of our Republic.



Then come with me.

Will they be ready by next week?

No problem.

Today, no size. One shoes.

Next time, you position, me position.
Time same, same. You okay?


Okay, thank you so much.

No problem. No problem.

Shut your damn mouth!

Don't kill me! It hurts!

Sam-shik, you little bastard.

Sucking up to yankees...
Call that a life?

Son of a bitch.

Cut out 'traitor' on his forehead.

You little bastard.

Please! I beg you!

That's for cutting food.
Let's not dirty it.

How dare you smile!

Please don't kill me!

I'm KANG Byung-sam.

What's your name?

No need for a traitor to know.

I'm not a traitor.

I just got on the wrong truck
and ended up down here.

No need for names at a POW camp.
You're a traitor or not.

Jackson said Communism or
Capitalism don't matter here.

Only dancing matters.

Just dance.

- Black yankee's name is Jackson?
- Yes.

And the Chinese soldier's
name is Xiao Fang.

He has malnutrition.

And her name is YANG Pallae.

Not interested.

Remember, I'm older.

And you do look old! My mistake.

Stop sneaking glances at me.

Got a crush on me?

You don't stand a chance
against our Republic's beauties.

How do they look?

A beautiful woman has
an egg-shaped, white face.

Half-moon shaped eyes,

a pointy nose,

and soft, supple, thin lips.

Her clothes are red...

Go away!

- Your face is red!
- No way!

Is it because you're a commie?

- Stop it!
- Tell me!


What's that?

I don't know.

Dancing with these on will help
you hear your steps better.

Be easy, though.

What about his?

These shoes are meant for dancers.

Not gangsters.

Damn yankee!

Why did he leave Ki-soo out?

After telling us to dance like him?

Poor kid.


You wanna dance?

Commie boy wants to dance our dance?

What the hell?

I'm busy, pal. Lock up before you go.

And wash your armpits, yankee!

Have you seen moves like this?

Get up, boy! Let's see your dance!

Come get some of this, boy!

Hey! Let's go four on four!

Outta my way.

Come on!

That's tap dance, fool!

Tap dance!

What now?

That's low! Let us go.

You lost, man!

You okay?

You son of a...


You bastards!

That hurts!

Fuckin' assholes!

Let go!

Let me go!

It's nothing out of the ordinary
about a man losing his leg in war.

Commie bastard!

- Let me go!
- Stop!

I said stop, Corporal!

Christ, what do you want?!



What do you think you're doing?

What do you think I'm doing?

I'm cracking down on a commie.

Ain't that what we came here to do?

He's not a commie, Corporal.
He's a part of my team.

They all are.

Let them all go.

If I don't wanna?

That's an order.


And since when do we start
taking orders from niggers?


This is the military.

And Negroes orders orders too.


I must've forgotten.

That's it, right?


No problem!

I have lots.

No problem! No problem!

Sorry. It's nothing.

Let's see the package.

"Annihilate Americans!"

You're under arrest.

One, two, three!





What shall we do about Sgt. Jackson?


What's that now?

Jackson, Sir. The dance team.

Ah. Jackson, fine.

Pull the plug.

Send Mr. Jackson back on
home after the event is over.

States, not Japan.

These boys are pretty damn good!


Let's work after the rain!

Let's go!

Did you eat?

How's your chest?

I'm fine.


When's he coming out?

Not for a while.

I made a new dance.

It's called, 'I want to dance'.

I want to find my wife soon,

and show her our dance.

- Think I lost weight?
- Your face looks smaller!

- I crave kimchi pancakes.
- You eat that in China?


Yankee reporters are here.
We should do something.

Hey, kid!

Looks like all that chocolate got
you dancing like a damn yankee!

But I learned this by
watching Comrade Ki-...

Stupid little twerp!

Why would our hero do a yankee dance!

Stop eating yankee food!

Damn kid!

Why's that traitor here?

Why come get me like that?

I'm sorry. I had no choice.

Go inside. Hurry!

- What are we doing here?
- We have a plan.

Reporters are here.

If we put on a good show,

we can get Jackson out
and dance again.

Let's dance!

You're doing it to find your wife.

The Chinese guy is
doing it to lose weight.

Pallae is doing it for money.

But I got no reason to dance.

Good luck.

Of course, you have a reason!

Then why are you so good!

You're the best I've ever seen!

You're our ace dancer!

He's going for the goal!

And kick!




I'll be back after a
drink and a pee break.

Let's hear it for our players!


Don't worry!

It's just mud!

Just do the drill!

Go left!


What's with you!

One, two, three, four! Jump!

Why jump on three?

Are you okay?

What happened?

One, two! One, two!

One, two, three!

Here I come!

I can't see!

It's been fun knowing you.


Are they GI's prisoners?

Well, I can't lift the can
of the back just yet but, um,

they will be performing
again on Christmas,

Bet you'll be stuck in
for long, Commander.

- Thank you!
- Sorry.

Hey there.

Come on!

We are Swing...


We nailed it during practice...

What was that?

You screwed up!

- Let me see! Give me that!
- No way!


Can we really go on tour?

Are you kidding me?

Once this war's through we
really can go to America.

Everyone of us.

- They're awesome!
- Give 'em back!

Okay, okay.

Never got a gift like this, huh?

Work harder!

We gotta beat the dirt out clean!

Damn! Not the yankee...

That's it!

Hey, kid! Call that a turn?

Watch carefully.

What's that?

Why you little!

Come back here!


Take a seat, Sergeant. Sit down.
Take a seat.

That's a mighty fine playing there.
Enough to make a man goddamn homesick.

You're making it
alright in this country?

Yes, Sir.

Your transfer papers to Okinawa.

Seems Red Cross heard about little dance group
from the reporters. The expectations are high.

You put on a good show Christmas Eve, you be
spending Christmas with your family in Japan.

Signed and sealed.

Good boy's gonna wait til
Christmas morning, right?

Is that how it goes?


What's to become of my team, Sir?

Your team?

Is that how you see 'em? Your team?

Hey, Jackson.

Missing home, huh?

I heard America is nice.
Take the team and go.

Speak English.

I'm not going on tours.

Why would a hero go around with
traitors doing the yankee dance?

Shit. That's a lie.

Tap dancing makes me crazy!

The sound of it makes my heart race.

I know I shouldn't,

but it makes me want to
go to America someday.

Then I can contend with other
tap dancing yankees like you.

Thinking about it gives me chills.

When we're at peace, I'll come to you.

Take the team and dance till you drop.

For me, too.

What a motor mouth.

Carnegie Hall.

Man, we'll all be up on that stage.

And that means you too, kid.

The grand stage of Carnegie Hall.

Just picture.

A stage 10 times bigger
than the one we have here.

With a big band of close to
a hundred down in the pit.

Thousands of seats packed full of people
just waiting to see us dance.

And all those lights? Picking
up every single movement.

Is Carnegie Hall!

I mean, all the grace from there?

Bojangles, Benny Goodman,

Sony Terry, Duke,

Jean Cooper and The Bird!

One, two!

Can you hear it?

Thousands spring to their
feet in a standing ovation!

So you go faster!


What's so funny?

You call that dancing?

You dance like this!

Now, forget about Carnegie Hall.

Come back, man.

I'll teach you!

Watch and follow me.

That's it!

That's it!


My wife's name is Mae-hwa!

If you ever meet Mae-hwa,

tell her KANG Byung-sam is alive!

That's me! KANG Byung-sam!

From Hwanghae!

Anyone from Hwanghae?

Where are you from?

Anyone from Hwanghae?







A dozen yankees charge at
us holding great swords.

Suddenly, a man jumped in
front like a big tiger!

Then the yankees' heads
dropped and rolled all over!

Who's the tiger?

ROH Ki-soo's older brother!

The Republic's hero,
comrade ROH Ki-jin!

Comrade Ki-soo and I
went to school together.

A Soviet dancer teacher once came
and chose us for the national team.

Ki-soo was first. I was second.


Though I'm like this,
I can still dance.

Like this.

I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat?

Eat this!

So, this is chocolate?

I heard it's so sweet and
good, it numbs your senses?

Have it all.

Where are you from?

Sariwon, Hwanghae.


I heard women are pretty there.
Your wife must be, too.

My daughter is pretty.

She resembles her mom.

Know how it's like there now?

Traitors and yankees attacked
and razed the place.

Then what?

Damn motherfuckers are probably
raping your wife and daughter.


If they scream, the bastards
will cut their throats.

No way!

It's true! You son of a bitch!

When you're losing your
minds over this yankee bait,

your families back home

are being slaughtered by
Capitalist motherfuckers!

You ignorant, worthless traitors!

Fight with your lives!

Take over this camp,
then join the frontlines!

Don't just sit there because
the command didn't come!

For our Leader and country!

How dare you cross legs like yankees
before our Leader's portrait!

Cut 'em off! They're tainted!

If yankees ideas got to
your heads, cut 'em off now!

Long live our great Leader!





Shout it with your lives!

Annihilate the yankee invaders!

Annihilate the yankees!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

I could get used to this.

We love freedom!

- Kill the traitors!
- What's wrong? No!

- Kill the traitors!
- Kill them!

I'll teach those commie
bastards not to mess with me!

Let's attack 'em! Follow me!

Prepare the weapons!

Let's bury 'em in shit!

Don't kill us!

I am sorry! Help!

Open up!

Damn commie bastards!

Jesus Christ...

That damn yankee is mine.

If you wanna dance again,
pretend you're dead.

We believe they were under
direct orders from the North.

In a half-decent game plan,
we'd had my head on a platter.

This is missing that certain panache.

The least we can do now send the
ball back over, don't you think?

Perhaps we should put in a
request for tanker armor vehicle?

I keep telling you, leave the artillery to the
boys in the front, this is a battle of the wits.

What do you suppose would make
your day, if you were a prisoner?


Wouldn't they wanna see their family, Sir?

Damn straight. Damn straight.

So one commie is all we need.

We find the loneliest, most homesick
sucker of 'em all. We nab him.

We show him just how
sweet life can be.

Yankees are camped out at
places we planned to attack.

There must be a mole among us.

Split up the weapons and hide them.

Leaders refrain from being together.

Remember, a spy is close by.
Keep watch on each other.

Comrade Ki-soo!

I heard ROH Ki-jin is missing.

But don't worry, he's invincible.

I'm not worried.

I haven't seen you knocking off
yankees' heads these days.

And I heard the yankee you
stabbed is walking around fine.

But I guess yankees all look the same.

Get to the point.

Set an example as the
brother of a hero.

By doing what?

Show us if the black man's
blood is red or black?

Piece of cake.

All is vain.

Life is futile.

Oh, excuse me...

How dare you!

Get out, bitch!

You worthless shit!

Nice to meet you, bitch!

Get up!

Who says you can work
without our permission?

- I did it to survive.
- What the hell are you saying?

People die in war!

Just die, bitch! Die!

Die! Die!

Try and kill me, bitches!


I'll kill you, whores!

She's a commie!

She's a damn commie!

She was ordered to come
and spread the plague!

No! I'm not a commie! I'm South Korean!

She's a commie! Get her!

I'm not a commie!


Did you eat?

You won't be able to work for a while.
You could use some money.

I didn't work. I will not take it.

Just take it.

That's on New Year's Day.

Just so happens, I'm completely broke.

Thank you very much!

How did you end up here anyway?

They say only trouble-making
soldiers get sent to Korea.

Back in America being black
makes you a troublemaker.

What? Don't complain.

You should try living here as a woman.

Bad as it seems, being black is worse.

No, being a woman is more worser.

Being a black man amongst
white people is...

- What about in the middle of war...
- You...

What about dance?

Can we dance again?

You know well enough too many of that.

We're restricting civilians
entry until things settle down.

What about ROH Ki-soo?

You think he kill people too?

I don't know.

Pretty much kill or be killed in there.

Communism, capitalism.

If nobody knew what they were

no one would kill or be killed.

Well maybe after a while you'll all remember
you're one people and stop fighting over ideology.

Fucking ideology.

Fucking ideology.

You know what?

These are magic shoes.

When I wear them,

war, food, miserable things

they all just disappear.

I bet they feel the same.

There's a song staying in my head

I can't explain it but maybe I can

show you.

Cold noodles.

Pickled halibut.


Didn't you already say that?

Fish platter.

I was going to say that!

Stop it!

I saw that if you list
off the food you crave

or say what you did before war,
you'll be the first to die.

Hello, leaders.

I brought some snacks.

What did you do before the war?

I was a school teacher.

You remind me of my teacher.

And you?

I owned a restaurant.

His dream was to become an artist.

I wanted to become a poet.

That's why you're so
good with speeches!

When we return home
after winning the war,

let's all gather at your
place and have a drink.

The drinks will be on me.

I used to be a singer.

Make sure you call
me for a drink, too.

I'll sing you a song.

Great idea!

How about a song for us now?

Stop! I saw somewhere...

Good boy!

Translate that.

Yes, Sir!

What did he yap about?

Damn bosses always talk too
much no matter what race.

Drink it. And have some cookies.

Thanks for leading us
to their weapons.

But he worries the
commies are too quiet.

Damn whities are chicken.

Fuckin' bastards.

He wants to root out the
rebels once and for all.

He wants the leader who
gets orders from the North.

If I spilled on the weapons,
they said I'd meet my granny.

How would I know the
secret commander here?

Hold on.


He asks us that we
keep our promise, Sir.

Don't throw it, asshole.

I don't get why I'm
working under them.

How'd we end up under them?


There's no future here.

They're bringing your granny.

Have her live in luxury
before passing away.

You're the mole?

Let go!

It was you? You killed Gwang-guk!

Let me go!

Anti-Communist bastard! How could you!

You should talk!

What about you?

I did it to save my family.

My granny... I did it to meet her.
But what about you?

Dancing like a yankee!

Will that bring back your dead
mom or help you meet your brother?

That's why you went crazy tap dancing?

How did you know?

You tap dance in your sleep!
How could I not?

You're crazy about it!
You should know!

Communism or Capitalism!

The Americans an Soviets
made them for them!

What's that got to do with us!

Because of their ideology, why does...

my granny have to die?

You've lost your mind.

Brainwashed and killing people
because of ideology is crazy!

I'm fine as hell!


I'll do what I have to.

You do what you want.


Do you know Mae-hwa?

Tell her KANG Byung-sam
is looking for her!

Did you say, 'Mae-hwa?'

You're looking for Mae-hwa?

She's up ahead.

Comrade Mae-hwa!



Get down, prisoner!

Back to your track!

Get back, commie!

I don't know English!


Sorry! Forgive me!
I thought she was my wife!

Don't kill me!

ROH Ki-jin!

ROH Ki-jin!

ROH Ki-jin!

ROH Ki-jin!


They say it's an honor.

There hadn't been many soldiers that wracked
up as many close combat kills as you have

in the history of warfare.
Truly extraordinary.

Would you like to meet your brother?

He's doing quite well here.


Yes, Sir!

I wasn't listening to the fool!

Just keep pacing!


I'm told that your brother has
been a tremendous assistance.

Give me food!

I don't think the prisoner ROH Ki-soo would
be able to continue with us, Commander.

Now, what did I tell you in the beginning?

'Communist dance to the
dance of the free world'.

Now that's the game plan here. That little pecker
is the only reason this dance group exists.

The risk is too high.

Sounds like you got something
fogging up your noggin', Jackson.

It's not a matter of one-time
circus freak show, anyhow.

It's much more complicated.


I can deal with complicated, son.
What I don't need is complication.

Commander, I'm...


Look around. Smell the coffee.

These people turning up
commies left and right.

Relatives, neighbors, hell...

even the dog down the street gets labelled
communist if the wind blows strong enough.

Now what do you think what'll
happen if they don't perform?

Especially that North Korean boy.

You see, that's what
really complicates things.

Get him on that stage, it's the only
thing that's gonna keep 'em alive.

Let's disband.

What dancing in the middle of war?

I only did it to find my wife.

I'm done with it.

If only my wife...

If only she's alive...

I just wish she's alive.

I'm sorry.


Leave it on.

This should kill off all the traitors.

It's not enough.
Hurry up and make more.

We must kill all the anti-Communists!

How much?



Food okay?

Food okay.


"Dear grandson..."

Not me!

After all the traitors I...

We suspect the Communists are receiving orders
through a senior colonel hiding on the grounds.

Perhaps now would be the time to finally set
the bait, Sir, if we're going to weed out

the bad seed before Christmas.

Release ROH Ki-jin.

Comrade Ki-soo!

Did you hear?

Hear what?

Comrade Ki-jin got released!

Damn yankees don't
give without a reason.

What give and take are they...


It's gotten a lot colder.

Warm up by the fire, comrade.

Comrade Ki-jin? Come here.

It's been a while. Shouldn't
you two meet up close?

I was an actor before
joining the army.

Know what role I usually played?

Isn't it obvious? The village dummy!

Sorry, sorry!

No English. Thank you. Sorry!

Your kicks must be hard from
all the tap dance training.

Who are you, comrade?

Who do you think?

The commie the commander
is dying to catch.

The leader getting
orders from the North.

Like tap dancing?

Forgive me, sir!

Don't be.

Wasting your talent is a sin.

Keep doing your best.

Speaking of tap dancing...

Get on stage at Christmas when
the Red Cross people come.


What good is killing 100 small fries?

The top guy is important.

Shoot the commander in the
head and become a real hero.

Comrade Ki-jin.


I mean shoot yourself
in the head, comrade.


I'll put a hole through
your brother's head.

Don't do it!

Isn't the war great?

How else would a nameless actor
like me become a commander?

How could comrade
Ki-jin become a hero?

He's a giant with the IQ of a toddler.

Bang! Bang!

Die! Bang!

Whether he remains a hero

or an idiot with a traitor
brother is all up to...

I'll do it!

I'm itching like crazy
to tap dance anyway!

I'll go on stage.

While I'm up there, I'll
shoot the commander!

You're a traitor from now on.

I've been one for a while.

One who's crazy about
the yankee dance.


If things go wrong,
I'll tattoo that for real.

Listen to my command!

Our goal is to get them to
think we fell for their trap.

Let them think they wiped us
out to loosen their security.

Make the commander
think he succeeded.

Easy ball...

- Long live North Korea!
- Long live Communism!




Focus! Bury him quickly!

There are corpses everywhere!

What did I miss?

Do it from the start.

Come on!

Christmas is around the corner!
Let's practice.

That's enough for today.

you put yourself at risk
if you go on that stage.

I want...

just dance.

- I'm serious!
- What do you mean?

Once you're addicted to
yankee shit you can't stop.

- Ki-soo is no exception.
- Shut up!

He can't be.

Is the food ready?

Is it true?

Are the rumors true?

What's that? Let me see.

- What is?
- It's American...


Out of my way!

You fuckin' little...

You better get that back.

You goddamn bastard.

I'm warning you fuckhead, I got
a gun there. I'm gonna use it!

Your mom is pretty.

You must take after your
dad, so nasty looking.

No, no, no, stop, stop!

I'm sorry! I didn't mean that.


You're lucky.

You got a home, a mom,
and a country to go back to.

And you can dance.


Did it hurt?

Good job, staying alive.

Sorry I don't have
any rewards for you.

That's for kids!

The Republic's hero
looks stupid doing that.

When the war's over,
ask for a pretty wife.

They should reward a hero, right

You wife, too.

I did everything already.

I held hands.

I even kissed her till
my teeth almost fell out.


A rooster?

A pig!

A car!

Don't you know?

Grandpa Rudolph takes
Santa the reindeer to...

Found you!

How do you divide up a piece of Spam?

8 times!

Thank you!


Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!

You're still alive?

Well, it's Christmas...

Thanks for everything, Sam-shik.

Thank you. Mr. Roberts.

So when they plan to bring
out the fun guns, Commander?

Oh, they're up next, just
a hell of a show, huh?

Unless you want to return
to your family as a traitor,

pay your dues.


I'm everywhere.

Mr. Roberts.

Thank you, thank you.

Oh, no, no. Sit, sit. Sit down.

Enjoy the show.

Relax! Don't get nervous.

Jackson! Loosen up!

One, two, three! Start with your left.

Good evening.


When the show's over,
run straight to your wife.

This stage...

this dance is about

longing for freedom.

Prisoners of war fighting communism...

When we're done, take
them and run out of here.

We're touring together.
Don't think of leaving.


Longing for liberalism...

I apologize,

first I'd like to give my sincere
gratitude to Brig. Gen. Commander

Norman B. Roberts for giving
us this opportunity tonight.

So according to the Commander's orders, we
prepared a colorful spectacle for you all to see.

A real circus.


This team is...

who made up of a Chinese prisoner who would've been a
brilliant choreographer if it wasn't for the war;

a bright, confident, strong-willed young
woman who's forced to provide for her family

after losing both her parents;

a civilian who became a prisoner only because
he was wrongfully accused of being the commies;

a Communist dancer who could've stood on the stage of
the Carnegie Hall if it wasn't for political ideology;

and a humble black man

who has found his only friends
in life in this four individuals.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are...

'The Swing Kids'

and the title of this
performance is...

'Fuck Ideology'.

Jackson! I love you, man!

What's going on?

Son of a bitch!





You fuckin' bastards!

You motherfuckers!

Mr. Roberts?

Okay? Okay?


He's with me. He's with me!

Step aside.

You fuckin' bastards!

Murderer! Murderer! Move!

Get up.

Come on.


Get up.



Here we are, you've come a long way.

Please watch your steps, gentlemen.

Yes, please come on off.

We'll now be entering the
Historic Park of Koje POW camp

which is our last.

Lastly we're gonna watch a movie related
to the history of the Koje Island. Oh, yes,

and look at this
building to your left,

it was closed when a group of terrorist
which pose as a dance performance team

tried to kill the commander but
they didn't tear down the building.

And back then, Commander Roberts
was all about having a free life in the...

Hey, Jackson!

Not admitting you lost
is worse than losing.

You don't know, do you?

Screw you!

I haven't started yet.