Swing Kids (1993) - full transcript

A close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany listen to banned swing music from the US. Soon dancing and fun lead to more difficult choices as the Nazis begin tightening the grip on Germany. Each member of the group is forced to face some tough choices about right, wrong, and survival.

Oh, Peter, come in.

- Swing heil, Joseph.
- Swing heil.

Ow! Oh ho ho!


Anna, we have to dance tonight.

- OK.
- There they are.

you've got Shaw...

- Hey!
- The Clambake 7...

- Herr Hitman. Otto.
- Peter.

- What's doing, you reefed-up...
- Thomas.

Try to understand this.

Dorsey's trumpet is great
when he's playing sweet.


But he doesn't ride, man.
Do you understand?

Let's work tonight! Yeah!



Thomas, come and dance.

What do you say?
- Whoo!

Yeah! Whoo!




Yeah! Whoo!


Thomas, we'll miss the tram.

- Take it slow, Otto.
- See you, Otto.

What, you didn't like Helga?

You know Herr Hitman
seemed to hit it off with her.

What? I did not.
I was just being nice.

"I was just being nice."

Hell, we've already missed it.
We're walking again.

You want to race down
to Macken Bridge?

No, let's just walk.

- Well, I beat you last time.
- That's not true.

That is true.
I believe I beat you right...

I beat you last time.

I believe I beat you
right down to your socks.


Last one on's an H.J. pansy!




Damn it.


- We're gangsters.
- We're cowboys.

You're idiots.


Oh, come on, Herr Hitman.
We love you.

Leave me alone.

You didn't have to wait for me.
I can take care of myself.


Oh, you think it's funny?

- Yes, please.
- Aha!

All right. Come on.

I have to unload.

En garde. Try it.
Come on, try. You can't...

When I was kid
'bout half past three

My daddy said,
son, come here to me

Said things may come,
and things may go

But this is one thing
you ought to know

Tain't what you do

It's the way
that you do it

Tain't what you do

It's the way
that you do it

Tain't what you do

It's the way
that you do it

That's what
gets me through

Ma ma ma my

On the floor! Stop!

- Stop where you are now!
What the hell?


Stop there!

- Are you all right?
- I'm OK.

Gestapo. Watch out.

Hold it!

Don't let him get away!

Get to the other side!

Stop there!


Peter, let's get out of here.

Come on, come on.

Come on, let's go.

- Morning, Mama.
- Morning.

- Morning, Mama Klara.
- Good morning, boys.

What happened to your face?

I was trying a new dance step,
and I fell.

Who were you fighting with?

Mama, I wasn't fighting.
I was dancing.

You told me you wouldn't become
part of something dangerous.

I fell. It's a wild dance.
Here, let me show you.

No, no, no.
Not on me, you don't.

Over the... boom. Into the back.
Ah. Ah. Mmm.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Mmm.

Looks to me like you have
to go to the bathroom.

Mama Klara, no!

Oh, that butter
has to last us a whole month.

It's not for you
to gorge yourself on.

Oh, I'm so glad
you're all amused.

- I'm off.
- Peter.



maybe Thomas's parents
are so well-placed...

they don't care what kind
of trouble he gets into...

but if you lose your place
in school...

you'll end up working
at the factory like me.

Mama, I'm going to university.
I'm going to be an engineer.

There's a great need
for engineers now.

The Nazis
don't get everyone, Thomas.

I'm telling you,
he never had a chance.

Here, let me give you
a bag. Let me help you.

I got it. I'm fine.

What did I tell you?

At least he tried to escape.

He didn't just wait for them.

- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler.

Gestapo. Let's go. Come on.

Hey, they haven't caught us,
have they?

Well, they will.

We got out of the H.J., but
we won't get out of the army.

Nobody gets out of it.

Hey! Willi.

Peter, what's
your brother doing here?

Come here.

What are you following us for?

I can be sleazy.
Just give me a chance.

We don't need some pink-eared
midget hanging around.

Go home to Mama.

A couple of H.J.'s
are beating up a swing boy...

in the alley around the corner.

You better not be lying.

In here. In here.

- They were beating him up.
How many were there?

Playing cowboys and Indians?

Can we play, too?

What's the matter?
Four against five.

That's still not a fair fight.

There's five.
Let me fight. I can fight.

Willi, go home.

What about one against one,
swing heine?


What are you, a kike lover?


He's Jewish.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You keep helping them,
and we'll deal with you...

the way we deal
with all traitors.

I'm not a traitor!

I'm a cowboy,
and you're a pansy!

Get out of here!

I'm going to get you,
swing boy!

Looked like a swing boy to me.

How was I supposed to know?

Come on, Willi.
We'll be late for school.

Swing boy.

Hey, Peter! Thomas!
Quiz time.

What is an icky?

Someone who's stupid, not hip.
Can't collar that jive.

- Jive?
- Talk. What they say in Harlem.

Too easy. Um, faust.

Oh, a book by Goethe.

- Icky.
- Even as we speak, two ickies.

- Icky, icky, icky, icky!
- A faust is an ugly girl.

Like that faust you went for
at the Bismarck the other night.

Boys, could you go for these?


Ooh, I like these.
Look at those breasts.

- Otto, where did you get these?
- I got 'em.

What would you call that?
Cupcake size?


Ooh, look what we have here.
Peter's priss.

- Have you talked with her yet?
- Who said I'm interested?

Your tongue was on the floor.
Didn't we see you pigeons...

at the Cafe Bismarck
the other night?

We wouldn't be
caught dead there.

Especially not with you,
Thomas Berger.


- Well, you missed it.
- Why? What's so great about it?

Well, it was
the swingingest party ever.

- Right, Peter?
- Swingingest. Supermergentroid.

Super what?

Come on, Evey.
They talk gibberish.

No. It's a secret language
we're not allowed to know.

It's all too secret.
Ha ha!

You go to my head

And you linger
like a haunting refrain

And I find you
spinning round in my brain

Like the bubbles
in a glass of champagne

What did you do today?

Did you and Thomas
go down to the docks?

Yeah. We went
down there after school...

but no new records came in.

So, what are we doing tomorrow?

Are we going to go
to the Hall Club?


I saw you looking at me.
You can't deny it.

What are you doing?
Don't touch her!

- Mama!
- Goddamn you!

Leave him alone!

No, don't! Peter! No!

Peter, no! Don't! Don't!

No! I'm all right.

I'm all right.

Herr Hinz was just leaving.

I thought a woman
of your special background...

would value my protection.

Your boy needs a haircut.

- That's our business.
- Perhaps not.

We have nothing to fear.

For six years,
I've proven my loyalty.

The new order
demands absolute loyalty.

Youth of his sort
belong in a work camp.

Good night.

Herr Hinz, wait.

Please, wait.

- Who are you expecting?
- No one.

tell whoever it is to go away.

- Mama.
- Do what I tell you.

Good evening.
Is Frau Muller at home?

Who is it?

- Heil Hitler.
- Heil Hitler. Who are you?

I am the block leader.

I was collecting for the relief.
May I be of some service?

No. You may go.

May I help you?

- Frau Muller?
- Yes.

I'm so sorry to disturb you.
I'm Herr Knopp.

Are you all right?

Yes, it's nothing.

- Are you going to take my mama?
- Willi, it's all right.

No one is going to take away
your mother, young man.

Though with so beautiful a lady
it is quite tempting.

But really,
you should see to that cut.

You have some iodine?

- Please allow me.
- It's not necessary.

- He's in the Gestapo.
- Don't worry. It's all right.

We've done nothing wrong.
Just be quiet.

I've found it.

Please sit down.

Let me... let me see.

Now, this will only sting
for a moment.

Ah, yes.

There. There.

That didn't hurt too much,
did it?

- It should heal in no time.
- Thank you.

Uh, I can see you're wondering.

Regrettably, I am here
on official business...

but I hope that we can conclude
that as quickly as possible.

Do you know a Karl Manglesdorf?

I did... a long time ago. He was
an associate of my husband's.

Mmm. Then you have not
seen him recently?

No. The last time
was probably six years ago...

before my husband passed away.

Oh, I am so sorry.

What has he done?

Oh, it is unimportant.

Uh, have any other
of your husband's associates...

tried to contact you?


Since his death
I've had nothing to do...

with any of his friends.

I took a job
at the Farben factory...

and have devoted myself
to the reich and my children.

Well, you have raised
two fine sons.

I see the resemblance.

Or is it just
a family proclivity...

for facial abrasions?

Do you have news of my son?

Excuse her. She's not feeling
well. Wilhelm is dead, Mama.

Dear lady, it is I
who must excuse myself.

I have all the information
I need.

So, if anything else
occurs to you...

or if I can help in any way,
any way at all...


- Good night.
- Good night.

- Here.
- Oh, thank you.

Good night.

When I was a kid
about half past three

My daddy said,
son, come here to me

He says, things may come,
and things may go

But this is one thing
you ought to know


Was Papa a Communist?

Where did you get that idea?

I don't know.

I mean, isn't that why
they arrested him?

He wasn't a Communist.

Then what'd he do?

Do you think I know everything?

It was six years ago, Willi.
I don't remember.

Well, you remember
more than I do.

I was only three.

I remember
they took him away...

and then he came back
after a long time...

and he was sick.


Did they make him sick
in prison?

I don't know. Go to sleep.

I have to work in the morning.

But he loved us...

didn't he?

- Ah, Peter.
- Herr Schumler.

Make sure
you don't take any side trips.

I can't afford to keep
my older customers waiting.

They're the only ones
who read anymore.

Everyone else is too busy
going to parades.

Yes, Herr Schumler.

Don't you need the addresses?

Distracted today.

Nasty bruise.

What happened?

Good morning. I'm looking
for a rare edition of Faust.

Wait one second.
I think I have just the thing.

Peter, here it is.

Just terrible.


I'm taking the radio.
I want that bureau as well.

I'll be back for it.

This one?

Delivery from Herr Schumler.

- Frau Linge?
- Yes.

The book for my mother.
She's bedridden.

How very kind of Herr Schumler
to send it. Thank you.

That's Beethoven...
Piano Trio in B Flat Major.

Are you a student
of classical music?


My father...
I think he's the violinist.

Wilhelm Muller?


He was a great musician.
You must be very proud.

Well... good-bye.


Ah, I found it.

- You can use the booth.
- What?

I'm finished with the booth.

You can use it.

Can I help you find anything?

I know this store like
it's my own private collection.

No. Thanks.


- That's the best.
- Isn't Benny Goodman the best?

That is... this is Benny Goodman.

- No, it's Gene...
- Oh, no, Gene Krupa is...

Benny's illegal, so they
relabel all these jackets...

to get them by the censor.

The authorities don't know. It
takes them forever to catch on.

You know, they haven't banned
Arshawsky yet...

Artie Shaw... and he's Jewish.

- Mm-hmm.
- And Count Basie.

You can still get Count Basie.
He's a negro.


They probably think
he's the head of a country.

You don't know anything
about swing, do you?

Of course I do.

Just not a lot.

Come here.

Get ready. You're about
to really blow your wig.

Well, I should just...

Let me... I'll close the...


That's Bunny Berigan on trumpet.

Actually, it's Pee Wee Erwin.

Maybe it's Ziggy Elman.

I thought you knew everything
about swing.

- Ah!
- Aah!

Ah, what a burn!

He's just got the greatest
solid send of jive.

He just swings it out.

- Supermergentroid.
- Yeah.

- Do you jitterbug?
- No.

Do you want to learn?
I just...

It's easy,
and I could teach you.

Anyone can do it.

You can't listen to this
and not dance.

It just sends you. Yeah!


Yeah! Yeah!


Pow! Pow!

Pow! Pow!


This isn't
one of your dancing clubs.


This isn't
one of your dancing clubs.

We were... we were just listening.

What about buying?

I don't know why I bother
stocking those swing records.

They are more trouble
than they are worth.

I'll buy it.

All right, you hep cats.

Get ready to jump up and down.

Here's one of your own
who can really break it down.

Herr Hitman meets Count Basie.

Herr Django, man!

Shout and feel it

Shout and feel it

Shout and feel it

It's sounding hot tonight.

Go ahead! Take it!

- Bop, bop!
- Hey!

- Ha!
- Ha!


One, two...

The H.J.s are coming!
Hurry up!

Oh, scheiss patrol.

- Killer diller, man.
- You were great.

Thanks, Helga.

- Murderistic, Herr Hitman.
- Thanks.

Look at those pansies.

They're all training
for the Gestapo.

How did they know
we were here tonight?

Probably beat it
out of some swing kid.

- That's Emil.
- Where?

So, it's true.

Goddamn traitor.

He was probably forced into it.
It is compulsory, after all.

Oh, some excuse.

Those creeps are too busy
marching up and down all day...

to keep track.

Arvid's right.
Emil couldn't be a traitor.

He was the original hep cat.

No. No one who likes swing
can become a Nazi.

Aw, who needs him anyway?

Come on, let's have some fun.

- Keep that blindfold on.
- Blindfold's on.

I'm sorry, Otto.

I grooved this platter
from the first lick.

Recorded September 14, 1937.

Teddy Foster, trumpet.
Freddy Gardner, alto...

Hey! You guys are not going
to believe what just happened.

This H.J. rode by me
and whistled the signal.

This H.J. rode by me and
whistled It Don't Mean a Thing.

- You're joking.
- He must've been a hep cat.

It's like Herr Hitman said.
A hep cat can't be broken.

No. What if he learned it
from Emil?

You know, he might have
been trying to trick you...

into telling him
where the next party is.

Come on. It took you a year
to learn how to whistle that.

Well, what's that
supposed to mean?

It means what it means.

Quiz time. "Joint is jumping."

Um, what it isn't in here...

Can't we find something
a little more exciting to do?

I say we go down
to the red light district.

Make some new friends.

I could go for some ladies.

Those kinds of friends
cost a lot of money.

I was thinking about...

using some of that dough
you've got stashed away.

Oh, no. I'm saving that money
for the shortwave radio.

I'm not going to spend
that money on some tart.

That's because even if you paid
her, you couldn't get one.

Maybe the reason
you're so bored...

is because you just
don't have any idea...

which platters to pick.

All right.
Put on that blindfold.

- What?
- Put it on.

I see. We go right into it.
Come on. Come on, Thomas.

Pick any record in the room...
any record.


I believe I hear activity
over in the Gene Krupa section.

I think that could be.

I'm waiting. I'm waiting.

No, no.

It's too easy.

- I'm sorry. My hand slipped.
- You did that on purpose.

Don't be an ass. I'm sorry, OK?
I'll replace it.

You will? From where?

Alberti doesn't have
anything left.

I got to go down to the docks.

Besides, you have absolutely
no idea what to look for.

Oh, well, I'm sorry
I'm not as smart as you.

You know, the only reason
you know all these hits...

is because
you can't dance to them.


Get out. Get out!

Arvid, it was a mistake.
His hand slipped.

Why do you always have to
go along with his stupid jokes?

I'm not going along.
It was an accident, Arvid.

- Get out of here... everybody.
- Why make so much of it?

This is my hot club,
and I want you all to get out!

- Go!

OK. To hell with you.

Just sit around here all day
with your records whacking off.

OK? Come on, Peter.

You shouldn't have said
that thing...

about him not being able
to dance, Thomas.

Why not? It's true.

I'm sick of him
acting like he's smarter...

than everybody else
all the time.

Look at that son of a bitch.

They all think they can get
away with whatever they want.

He stole that radio
from someone they arrested.

I saw him give it to this tart.

What if we lifted it?

Next time he comes in
for his hot loaves...

he gets the cold shoulder


We could give it to Arvid.
Pick up Benny live.


Can you imagine the look
on that little creep's face...

when we walk in with it?

What do we do?



Fraulein. Fraulein.

- Help me. Help me.
- Oh!

I'm bleeding!
A gang of H.J.s stabbed me.

Help me! I'm bleeding!
I'm bleeding!

Get a doctor!
I don't want to die!

- Oh, my God!
- Aah! Aah!


They hurt me so badly.

No, no. Wait there.
Wait, please. Don't leave me!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!
No, no, no! No!

Let go!

Hey! What are you doing there?


He stole my radio!


- Ha ha ha!

Damn, pounders.

You must stop them!

They stole my radio!

- Help!
- Hey, stop!

Hey, hey, stop!

Hey! Stop!

- Move!
- Go! Go! Move!

Hey, you! Stop!


- Unh!
- Unh!

Stop that truck!

Come on, Peter!

Give me your hand!

Come on! They're right
behind us! Come on!

- Come on, Peter!
- I can't!

Peter, drop the radio!

Drop it! Drop the damn thing!

- No! Come on!
- Leave it!




Where are you taking me?


Does my mother know?

I think so.
She's the one who called me.

Lucky for you she did...

you could be on your way...

to a juvenile home
or worse by now.

I don't care.

However small your concern may
be for your own well-being...

you might want to consider
that there are others...

who might be endangered
by your recklessness.

What do I have to do?

Only the same
as most boys your age are doing.

I've informed the local H.J.
commander of your situation.

I'm not joining the H.J.

Well, of course.
It's your decision.

I'm just trying to help.

I don't want your help.

You know, Peter...

you may not believe this...

but I was once
very much like you.

I know how confusing
things can seem...

when a young boy
loses his father.

Mine died
when I was only nine...

in the war.

I couldn't understand it.

I blamed everyone,
including myself.

I dropped out of school,
left home...

drifted from one job
to the next.

Then one day...

I heard a man speak in Munich.

I felt somehow
he was speaking directly to me.

Somehow, he understood
the helplessness I felt...

the yearnings I had.

That day,
I learned I was not alone.

And while I'd been helpless
to save my father...

there was still
much I could do...

to help save something
far greater...

the fatherland.

You don't have to be alone,

Are you all right?

I'm sorry, Mama.

I'm supposed to join the H.J.

Then you must.

It was a mistake to allow you
not to join in the first place.

I just couldn't bear to see you
in that uniform.

But you have to think
of your future.

They're pigs, Mama.

I've told you.

You must learn
to steel yourself.

You cannot let your feelings
overcome you.

I won't join.

Do you want them to start
watching the house again?

Do you remember
what it was like...

all of us jumping
at every knock?

I'd rather die
than go through that again.

He's always
giving instructions.

Hey, swing boy!

Thomas? Ha ha ha!

What are you doing here?

Did you think I'd let you have
all this fun by yourself?

This is not going to be fun.
You shouldn't have done this.

Well, you'd have done
the same thing.

We can't let them
split us apart.

Anyway, think about it.
It's the perfect cover...

H.J. by day,
swing kids by night.

You look ridiculous.

Come on.

The German people
once again rest easy...

that there is nothing to fear
from within.

But let them not rest too easy.

Like a plague,
the Jewish infestation...

stays ready
to strike a death blow...

to the heart
of Germany's resurgence.

The Jew cares nothing
for Germany.

From early childhood,
its young are taught...

to follow the lead
of the Jewish elders...

whose stranglehold
on the world's economy...

Germany has only now
started to break.

Flat foot floogee
with the floy floy

Flat foot floogee
with the floy floy

Flat foot floogee
with the floy floy

Floy doy, floy doy,
floy doy

Ha ha.

Don't let us interrupt you,
swing boy. Keep dancing.

Hey, what you got there?

Oh, Benny Goodman.


I was right about you. You're
just a bunch of Jew lovers.


You call us pansies.

Even my girlfriend doesn't
wear her hair that long.



A cripple, too.
Pick him up!


What's your name?

Django Reinhardt.


Your name.

Duke Ellington.

I know his name.









Let's hear you play
that nigger kike music now.


- Oh, no!
- Arvid, it's all right.

- Hey.
- Arvid, it's Peter and Thomas.

Calm down.
- Arvid, it's OK!

Calm down. It's OK.

- It's OK.
- No!

- Leave that alone.
- Leave me alone!

He said I'd never play again.

But he forgot about Django.

Django Reinhardt
played with two fingers.

So can I.


They look just like his.

He didn't need
these two fingers.

Who did this to you?

Who said
you'd never play again?

Schaufuhrer Lutz
was the boxing champion...

this year in your division...

and he will be instructing you
in the basic techniques.

I'll leave you to it.

Yes, bannfuhrer.

Will someone volunteer
to demonstrate...

or do I have to pick?

I'll volunteer.


I'm glad to see
a new recruit so eager.

Heh heh.

Let's see how you do when
you're not fighting a cripple.

Keep your punches
close to your shoulder...

otherwise, you leave yourself

Attacking your opponent's body
will bring his hands down...


making his head more vulnerable.

Whoo! Good one, good one.

Never be caught
against the ropes.

Thank you, Herr Berger.
You've been most helpful.

Go to hell, traitor.

I am not a traitor.
I just wised up.

You will, too.

We'll need another volunteer
to help me demonstrate...

Schaufuhrer, watch out!

Go, Thomas, go!


That's it!

Get off the ropes, Thomas.

Come on, Thomas!
Out of his way! Move! Come on!

Emil. Stop it!

- Enough?
- No!

- Uhh!
- Stop!

Come on! Come on!

You proved your point, Thomas.



Just stay down.


Emil, that's enough.

That's enough!

You all right?


Lesson's over, swing heine.


It don't mean a thing

If it ain't got that swing

Doo wah, doo wah,
doo wah, doo wah, doo wah

Doo wah, doo wah,
doo waaaah

Yeah, swingin'

Aw, yeah, man

It don't mean a thing

If it ain't got
the swing...

Pow, pow, pow!
Three to the stomach.

Thomas won't go down.
The tables turn.

Doof, doof, doof, doof, doof!

Right to the fa...
you have to see Emil.

- Emil's face is bent sideways.
- You look pretty bad yourself.


It was murderistic.

I can't.
They smell your breath.

Well, maybe we shouldn't
play this music.

They might listen to your ears.

So, what's it like anyway,
the H. J?

- Oh, it's...
- It's stupid as hell.

All we do is memorize...

the fuhrer's period of struggle
and all this other stuff.

Almost as boring as it is here.

You don't have to be here.

Don't you have
some marching to do?

We didn't want to join.
We had to.

He had to. What's your excuse?

Well, I'm his friend.

So am I.
You don't see me joining.

No. They wouldn't accept you.


Arvid, you'll
never guess what I found.

I was over
at Silke's house, and...

Oh. Hi.

- Hi, Helga. Come on in.
- Hi.

What's the matter?

Everyone in here
looks sadder than a map.

When did she become a member?

If we can let H.J.s in,
we can let her in.

What is that? I went after
Emil because of what he did...

and all the thanks I get
is a bunch of superior remarks?

I never asked you to fight him.

What's the matter with you?
Emil almost killed you.

So we're even.
Now we can all be friends.

Oh, you're fitting right in...

listening to the same songs...

wearing the same clothes,
getting into the same fights.

It's almost like being
a swing kid, isn't it?

Though if you never liked
the music to begin with...

I guess there's no difference.

- All right, you bastard.
- You want to start something?

You like that, don't you?
Take a swing at me!

- Come on!
- Do it! Do it!

Let go! Arvid. Leave it.

That's enough.

Damn it, Arvid.

What's the matter with you?

What do you want us to do?
He joined because of me.

Because of me.

If anyone's changed
around here, it's you.

- No. I haven't changed.
- Yes, you have.

You sit in here all day. You
never go out with us anymore.

There's a party
at the Trichter tonight.


Well, we have to practice.

Hitler's a madman.

He's trying to get us into
a war with the whole world.

The army
will put a stop to that.

Oh, tch.
We must rely on the army.

I wish you would stop
talking politics.

What do doctors know
of such things?

My father always said,
a man with a family...

shouldn't even think
about politics.

When did your father
ever think about anything?

Who's there?

Thomas, is that you?

- Thomas?
- Yes, Papa.

Well, come in and say hello
to our guests.

what happened to your face?

Thomas, you remember
Dr. and Frau Keppler.

- They're here from Berlin.
- Dietrich.

Perhaps I had better get my bag.

you haven't said hello yet.

Dr. Keppler, Frau Keppler.

- Dietrich, for God's sake.
- I'm all right, Mama.

He's more than all right.
He's in his element.

This is exactly
what I'm talking about.

But they all look wonderful
in their uniforms, don't they?

Our little Adolphi is no fool.

Is that why you voted for him?

You don't know
the first thing about it.

Now go upstairs
and get cleaned up.

I suppose
if I think about my family...

I should hope that the Nazis
stay in power forever.

With them in charge,
even a misfit like Thomas...

might have a chance
to make something of himself.

- Hey!
- How you doing?

Peter, Thomas.

- Good to see you again.
- Swing heil.

Have fun. Swing heil.


Sabina, let's jitterbug.
Up you go.

Go, Thomas!
You're the king of Harlem!

Swing line!

Come on, everybody!
Back up, back up!

Swing line!

Swing heil!

Let's go, hepcats.

Come on,
that's the way to swing!


Go! Go!

Come on!

How do I look?

Like gold.


Whoo! Whoo!


Quiet! Quiet!


We are closing this club!

We are closing this club!

You must leave immediately!

You must give your names
at the door!

Leave immediately!

- What do we do?
- It's OK. It's OK.

Oh, my God!

Come on.

Where's Thomas?

Pete, it's me!
I'm on your side.

Goddamn them!

- No!
- We're H.J.s.

If we get caught here,
we're dead.

Come on, out the back.
The alley.

- Come on, come on!
- Leave her alone!

We'll be all right.


Down the stairs.

Let's go.

Heil Hitler.

That is the Jews’ trick.

The Jew wants you to look
at him as just another person.

But he does not look at you
that way.

He is your enemy.

Do you know why?

Because you are superior to him.

You are special.

You belong
to something special.

He is your brother.

All of you are brothers.

The same blood
runs through your veins...

the blood of the greatest race
on the face of this earth.


I just wanted to say that...

I guess I still have something
to learn about boxing.

You showed me
that strength of spirit...

can be just as powerful
as technical skills.

Heil Hitler.

Heil Hitler.

Look what we have
done in just six short years.

Every day
you must carry it with you...

the knowledge of who you are.

You will carry it with you.


- All right!
- Nice!

All right.

Great. Absolutely great.


Peter. Good.

I wanted to have
a word with you.


- We'll go in a moment.
- Yes, sir.

- Where are we going?
- Oh, nowhere.

I just wanted to tell you...

that the reports on your
progress have been very good.

Your training sits well on you.

- How do you feel?
- Fine. I feel very well.

I'm most gratified.
I knew you would take to it.

I was also thinking
about your grandmother.

Maybe what you all need
is a trip to the country.

The strength through joy

provides these vacations,
you know.

I could submit an application.
What do you think?

Then I will arrange for it.

Thank you.

It's my pleasure.
That's everything.

I just wanted to tell you
how pleased I am...

and keep up the good work.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Uh, there's one more thing.

I think it would be wise...

if you stopped working
for that bookseller.

- What's his name?
- Herr Schumler.

What has he done?

- What did you do for him?
- I just delivered books.

Didn't it seem
at all strange to you?

Don't most people come to
pick out books for themselves?

It was for old people
who couldn't go out.

How did you know
they were just books?

Did you ever open them?

It's better to know...

what you're agreeing to,

before you become
part of something.

It was just a job.
We need the money.

Of course.


if you did
go back and check...

and it turns out
that there's nothing...

well, then, you might help
to clear him.

Of course,
you mustn't let him know.

You keep up the good work.

I have great hopes for you.

Well, good night.

Good night.

Ah, Peter.
I've been wondering about you.

Herr Schumler.

Your mother told me...

that you wouldn't be coming
to me for a few weeks...

but I was beginning to think...

you were never coming back.

- I have time again.
- Really?

Don't they keep you very busy
with all those activities...

and competitions?

I don't always have to go...

and I don't always go
even if I have to.

Well, I don't have any
for you today, but when I do...

Thank you.


Excuse me. Can you watch
the store for a moment?

Oh, yes, we just got one in.

I assure you...

Then we have no choice.


No, no.

Don't come here.

I understand, of course.

Year and date of birth.


I have my messenger boy here.

I can send it
right over to you.

It's my pleasure.
I hope you both...

will be feeling better soon.


You're in luck, Peter.

I have a delivery
for you.

Ah, Peter. Thank you.

Is she feeling better,
your mother?

I'm afraid she's in the
hospital, but this will help.

Would you like to come in?

Have some tea?

Perhaps talk about music?

I'll just put the kettle on
and get another cup.

Do you play?

- No.
- Never?

I don't anymore. I used to.

Why not?

I wasn't any good.

I doubt that.

The tea will be ready
in a minute.

Who is this?

That was my husband.

Do you recognize him?

He was a student
of your father's.

His name was Carl Bohlgren.

After he was killed, I changed
back to my maiden name.

It was safer.

Ah, the tea.

We just heard he'd given
a speech at the university...

after the expulsion
of all the Jewish professors.

Did you know my father?

No, unfortunately.

I met my husband while
he was studying in Berlin.

We didn't move here until
after your father's death.

He was a brave man.


Why do you say that?

Well, he had to know what they
would do, what would happen.

The Jews weren't his problem.

Maybe he didn't see
them solely as Jews...

but fellow human beings
and colleagues...

who were being
unjustly persecuted.

And what did they
ever do for him?

- Maybe they were just using him.
- Who told you that?

No one. It just makes sense.

They probably deserved
to be expelled.

Peter, they didn't do anything.

Well, I don't know that.
How do you know?

They were expelled.
They must have done something.

I'm sure it's all been
very difficult for you.

If your father could...

My father left us
without anything...

and my mother had to go work
in a factory.

Don't tell me
about things that I know!

I have to go now.

It's better to know what
you're agreeing to, Peter.

they didn't do anything.

Maybe they
were just using him.

How did you know
they were just books?

They must have done something!

You must learn
to steel yourself.

You cannot let your feelings
overcome you.

OK, swing boy, you're dead!


I had you pissing
in your pants.

- Damn it, Thomas!
- Hey.

You can be
a real bastard sometimes!

Hey, relax. It was a joke.

- It wasn't funny!
- All right, I'm sorry.

- Calm down. I'm sorry.
- All right.

I was just riding by.

Do you want to know
what I was riding by on?

Look. It's mine.

Where did you get it?

Emil got me
into the motorized H.J.

They just gave it to me.
Can you believe that?

I know it doesn't look like
much, but it can really fly.

You want to take a spin?

No. Not right now.

It's been like I said,
hasn't it?

We have it both ways.
What could be better?

I don't know.

There's nothing to know.
It's easy.

We just play along,
we get whatever we want.

I know, Thomas.

Did they tell you
to talk to me?


Did they tell you
to talk to me?

What's the matter with you?

What did you say that for?

Are you losing...
what did you say that for?

You've just been listening
to Arvid too much.

You know, Arvid looks
at everything backwards.

He's a weirdo.

Yeah, maybe.

No, not maybe.

Come on.
Just once around the block.

No. Some other time. Really.

All right.


don't throw yourself in.

Herr Kehler,
the store owner...

is always grousing
and complaining...

about the lack
of raw materials.

He said they're being
used up by the army...

and that this is hurting
all the small businessmen.

Very good, Stahlecker.
Thank you. Berger?

I've overheard
my father many times...

speaking out against the Fuhrer.

He says he's a madman
who's dragging...

the whole country
down with him.

Did he suggest...

any course of action
to remedy this?

No. My father's too weak.
He just talks.

Hmm. Talk can spread. Muller?

I have nothing to report.

Throughout Germany today...

there was a feeling of
great pride and appreciation...

for the Fuhrer's bold action...

to ensure the safety
of our German brothers...

in the Sudetenland.

The Czech army
offered no resistance...

to the overwhelming strength
showed by our forces.

There have also been
numerous reports...

of spontaneous celebration
by the Czech people.

Many poured out into the street
to greet our brave soldiers...

and to express gratitude and
relief for their liberation.

Today, a meeting was held...

between Foreign Minister
Von Ribbentrop...

and the president
of Czechoslovakia.

Von Ribbentrop expressed
that in the Fuhrer's words...

it should now be clear
to all nations...

that Germany stands ready
to protect...

members of the German race...

no matter across what border
they may live.


Go, Hitman!

He's his old self again.

He's supermergentroid...

but he still can't play
ascending octaves.

Ow! Smooth!

Hey, fly boy!
You have any dog fights yet?

No, but we'll get
our chance soon enough.

Can you imagine that?
Just up there flying around.

I'd get dizzy.

The Luftwaffe would
like to request a song...

and I want you to play it.

Peter, what about it?

Wait a minute.

Tell them we play
what we want to play...

and if he doesn't like it,
he can go someplace else.

You'll go someplace else
after tonight...

but right now I am paying you,
and you will play what I say!

let's just play the song.

Think of the band.

I don't play for money.

That's good...

because I'll see to it you
never play any clubs again!

Hey, what's the matter
with you?

We liked your music.

We only wanted to hear
one good German song.

There are no more German songs,
only Nazi songs.

Let's just go, Arvid.

Wait a second!

You want to hear a song
for the Fatherland?

Play it yourself.

Take it.

Take it!

What's the matter
with all of you?

Can't you see what's happening?
Are you afraid to look?

We are murdering Austrians.

Next, it will be the Czechs
and then the Poles...

not to mention
the Gypsies and the Jews.

It's unmentionable!

You think that just because
you're not doing it yourself...

that you're not a part of it?

Well, I'm sick and tired
of doing my part!

And now you want
to hear a song.

You need someone to lift
your morale! Well, I won't!

I won't.

Herr Hitman, wait up!

- Djangoman...
- Arvid!

My name is Arvid!

Djangoman, Herr Hitman...

how could I have been
such an idiot?

What do you mean?

You've been practicing
for tonight for weeks.

They only wanted
to hear one song.

It's not just one song
or that song!

Don't you see?

Anytime you go along with them,
anytime you try to help them...

it just makes it easier!


What the hell's
the matter with you?

What was that speech all about,
the Jews and the Gypsies?

What about the cripples
and the retards?

You know,
that's who you belong with.

I would rather belong
to anyone... anyone...

than belong to the Nazis
like you do.

That's because you've
got everything backwards.

You always said
I was the stupid one.

Nazis go anywhere they want,
do anything they please.

Everybody gets out of our way!

So who's the smart one, eh,

You know, if I were you...

I wouldn't worry
about anybody but myself...

because we're coming
after you next.

Quiz time.

"Got your glasses on."


Means you don't know
who your friends are.

I can't believe I used
to feel sorry for that traitor.

You're a real bastard.

What the hell's
gotten into you?

What's gotten into me?

Yes, you!

What the hell
was that all about?

- Those things you were saying...
- I was saying?

I can't believe that was you!

You don't really believe
all that propaganda, do you?

Peter, he's the one who's got
his head full of propaganda.

Did you hear him? He was
actually defending the Jews.

But... but Benny is Jewish.

Yeah. And see what that music's
done to Arvid?

It's perverted his brain.
Look at him.


I can't believe this.

Arvid's right about you.

- Oh, you always take his side.
- I'm not taking his side.

You always take his side,
whether he's right or wrong!

Well, he is right!
Listen to yourself!

You're turning into
a fucking Nazi!

Oh, so what if I am?

Oh, that's right.
I'm sorry, I forgot.

Your father was a Jew lover,
too, wasn't he?

Come on!

I'll kill you!

Peter, stop it! Thomas!

- Get your hands off me!
- Come on!

Let go!

Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou preparest
a table before me...

in the presence
of mine enemies.

Thou anointest my head
with oil.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me...

all the days of my life...

and I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.


So I sent out my driver...

admittedly a mistake,
and he brings back...

French sausage, Polish wine...

and Greek chocolate.
Ha ha ha!

The delicate matters you must
always attend to yourself.

I can't remember
when we've eaten so well.

I don't know how to thank you.

It is entirely my pleasure.

It's not often that I get
to share the hospitality...

of such charming company.

Thank you.

And thank you again
for the beautiful radio.

We've all been enjoying it
so much.

Well, I know how fond
this family is of music.

You've hardly touched
your food.

I'm all right.

Are you sure your mother-in-law
wouldn't like to join us?

Yes. It's not that.
It's just that...

none of these rich foods
would be good for her.

But she's so looking
forward to our vacation.

Good. To the Reich.

To the Reich.

Can I have some wine?


Well, surely it
wouldn't be terrible...

to let him try a little...

just this once?

All right, now.

Just a little.

You drink it slowly, son.


Ha ha ha!

Heh heh heh!

Peter, won't you join us,

Have some wine.
It's a curative.

Keeping the body free
of foreign elements...

whatever they might be...

is the central principle in
our Fuhrer's "Weltanschauung."

Drink makes us weak.
Strength comes from purity.

Well, it's gratifying to know
that the Hitler Jugend...

is still training
their recruits so effectively.

If only I was a little younger.

I'd have not acquired
all these bad habits.

Comfort is the curse of age.

Everyone in Germany,
regardless of age...

must aspire to...

the highest principles
of National Socialism.

- Peter, don't be rude.
No, no.

He's quite right.
Go on, son.

What else about me
do you have objections to?

Polish sausage, French wine,
Swiss chocolate.

I would be more satisfied
with just good German fare.

And the music!

What kind of loyal
National Socialist...

would listen to anything else?

I won't have you talking
this way to our guest.

You must apologize.

Oh, no. No apologies.

He has found me out.

Well, Peter,
you must report me.

For surely they
would not allow me...

to remain at my post
if they knew.

How I envy the young.

For them,
everything is so clear.

Things seem to be
either one way or another.

It's only with a little age
that you begin to see life...

as a series of compromises.

But, even in compromising
one must draw a line.

And I see that I have strayed
from duty far enough.

Thank you, Peter.

It is true
what our Fuhrer says.

In Germany today, it is
our youth who lead the way.

Now, regrettably, I must leave.

Dear lady,
it has been delightful.

- You won't stay for the coffee?
- Excuse me. No. I must go.

- I'll see you to the door.
- Thank you.

Good night.

I don't know
what's come over you.

He's done so much for you.

For us!

Herr Hinz, I could understand,
but Herr Knopp? He's a good man.

Mama, he's a Nazi.

And what's wrong with that?

The whole country is Nazi.

He asked me to spy
on Herr Schumler.

Then he must have had a reason.

I will not have him sitting or
sleeping where my father did!


You want to end up like him?

All his great principles.

What good did they do us?

What good did they do anyone,
including him?

In the end, he couldn't bear...

to look at his own face
in the mirror.

By the time
the Gestapo had finished...

he was a hollow little man,

willing to say or sign anything
to stop the pain!

They're gonna take you away,
just like they took Papa.

Come here.

Nobody's going to take me away.

gonna be all right.

I've got you to protect me.

And I would.


Gestapo. Where's Dr. Berger?

Heil Hitler.
Dietrich Berger...

you'll come with us
for questioning.


About what?
There must be a mistake.

No mistake.
You'll come with us now.

What's happening?

You can't just
take him with you.

Shh, shh, shh.
May I get a few things?

No, no.
You won't be needing anything.

You'll be back in the morning.

Heil Hitler.


Deutsche Hitler Jugend.

National Socialism...

is humanity's
greatest experience.

Man's salvation
is in our hands.

And the Hitler Jugend are
the guarantors of that future.

You are the lifeblood
of Germany.

Woe to those
who do not understand.

Three times woe
to those who oppose you!

Sieg heil!

Sieg heil!

- Sieg heil!
- Sieg heil!

- Sieg heil!
- Sieg heil!

They gave me
this great bike.

Did Peter tell you about it?
It's beautiful.

Want to take a look
at the knife?

Be careful.

Did you ever
hurt someone with it?


Hey, where you been?

Hi, Peter.

I've been waiting for you.

Did Mama get back yet?

No. Thomas was just
showing me his knife.

Give it to him.

Give him back the knife!

Give me the knife.

Willi, Peter and I
need to talk for a minute.

Go on.

He's gonna make
a fine soldier someday.

I hope not.

Yeah, well, the way we walked
into Czechoslovakia...

he'll probably never
even have to fight anyone.

- What do you want?
- Nothing. I just wanted to talk.

About what?

I'm just worried about the way
you've been acting lately.

I know Arvid's death
shook you up...

but you've got
to forget about it.

Forget about it?

Yeah. You've got to.

He's just one person.

He was our friend!

It doesn't matter.

Peter, you can't
save everybody.

There are more
important things now.

Any time, we could be at war!

If you side with the Nazis,
then we're at war.

You and me, Thomas.

I'm not going to forget
about Arvid.

They murdered him!
They murdered my father!

Wait a second.
What are you talking about?

Arvid killed himself.

Arvid was a cripple.
He didn't belong.

What's happened to you?

He was a cripple?

He killed himself because he did
not want to become a murderer.

Don't you see that's what
they're trying to turn us into?

Stop, Peter!
Stop talking this way!

Just stop it!

You gotta go along,
make the best of things.

They want us to spy
on our own parents!

Don't you understand?

God knows
what else they'll do!

Peter, we're not in charge.

We can't know
what's really going on.

They're evil, Thomas!

Shut up!
I'm not hearing this!

You don't know
what you're saying!

Do you want me to re...

Just go along.

Just make the best of things.

It is an honor to be chosen
for this detail, Herr Muller.

You will answer no questions.

Just make sure
you deliver these packages...

to whom they are intended.

Heil Hitler.

Heil Hitler.

Frau Bachman,
you are to have this.

You are to take it.


Give this to your mother.

Is it a present?

Bibsi, who are you talking to?

What do you want?

You are to have this.

What is it?

Is it something
to do with my husband?

When is he coming home?

What have you done to him?

You are to take it.

Heil Hitler.

Oh, my God!

No! No! No!



Frau Linge!

It's Peter Muller.

Frau Linge, please!

I can't see you right now.

- Please, I have to talk to you.
- What is it?


All right, come in.

Slowly. Slow.

They killed all their fathers.

What, Peter?


I delivered their ashes.

My friend k-killed himself.

And my mother doesn't...

But I was so scared,
I didn't know what to do. I...

- It's all right, Peter.
- It's not all right!

It's not all right!

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

God, the night they came
and took my father away...

we were in the middle
of dinner.

We were in the middle of
dinner, and they just came in.

And we didn't do anything.

He told us not to do anything.

He was so calm.

He... he didn't seem scared
at all, and... and...

when they brought him
back four months later...

I wasn't sure it was him.
He looked so different.

He... he was so weak
he couldn't even speak.

And he didn't go near
his violin.

He was so scared...

he wouldn't leave the house
and pick up the telephone or...

And I...

I just... I don't...

I don't know what they
could have done to him.

My papa. He...

he was so brave.


he was...


I found something after
you left the last time.

It's a letter
from your father to my husband.

Shall I read it to you?

"We must all
take responsibility...

"for what is happening
to our country.

"If those of us
who have a voice...

"do not raise it in outrage...

"at the treatment
of our fellow human beings...

"we will have collaborated
in their doom.

"It is not good enough to raise
these voices in our homes.

"Many Germans do this.
But outside their doors...

"all they hear
is Hitler's voice of hate...

his promises of glory."

He goes on later in the letter
to talk about you.

"Every day...

"I look at my son, my Peter...

"and he's grown
a little bit bigger.

"He's already becoming a man.

"And what curiosity.

"Always asking questions.
Question after question."

"Until he fully understands
the answer."

"The sight of his small face,
strong and hopeful...

"awakening to the world
around him...

"is what keeps me going.

It is when I think of him..."

"that I know what I'm doing
must be done."

You must go now, Peter.
I must go.

And you must be strong.

We'll meet again.

Take me with you.

Stay and wait for Mama.

I don't want to stay here.
I want to go with you.

I can't take you
with me, Willi.

I wish I could.

This is a letter from Papa.

He did love us.

Never think he didn't.

Bei mir bist du shon

Please let me explain

Bei mir bist du shon

Means that you're grand

I could say,
"Bella, bella"

Even say, "Wunderbar"

Each language
only helps me tell you

How grand you are

I tried to explain

Bei mir bist du shon

So kiss me
and say you understand

I could say,
"Bella, bella"

Even say, "Wunderbar"

Each language
only helps me tell you

How grand you are


Everybody out of the truck!

Move, move, move, move, move!

Everybody out of the truck!

Move, move, move!

On my signal.

Come on, pound him!


Stop it!
You leave him alone!

All right, keep moving!
Let's go!

OK, come on!
Let's go!

Let go of me!

Let him go!
Where are you taking him?


Uhh! Aah!

- Uhh!
- Aah!

Aah! Uhh!

Go on.

Get out of here.

You said they'd never
split us apart.



You! Stop there!


Go on!

And then what?

H.J. by day,
swing kid by night?

You don't understand.

They'll send you
to a work camp!

They won't let it go this time!

It doesn't matter.

I know who my friends are.

I'm not alone.

You two!
That one over there!

You're not a murderer, Thomas.

You're not like them.

Come on, swing kid.

They're waiting for you
right over here.

If he comes over here,
tell him where I am.


Bring that one here.

Into the truck. Come on.

I didn't do anything!

Get down there!
Get down! On the ground!

Such a waste.

So much passion, for nothing.

It don't mean a thing

If it ain't got that swing

Doo wah, doo wah,
doo wah, doo wah

Doo wah, doo wah,
doo wah, doo wah


Swing heil!

Swing heil!

All right. Settle down.
Get in the truck.






It's OK, Willi!

It's OK!

Swing heil!

Swing heil!


Swing heil!

Swing heil!



Swing heil!

Swing heil!