Swing Girls (2004) - full transcript

A tale of delinquent and lazy school girls. In their efforts to cut remedial summer math class, they end up poisoning and replacing the schools brass band.

Viva Summer Vacation!!
See you in the fall

Summer Make-up Course
Japanese History

Summer Make-up Course
Japanese Classics

...equals 3

Oops, is that really a 3?

Oh, I got it right

If X is greater than 1, the top one,
if it's less then the bottom one

Summer Make-up Course Math 13 Students

Molten Cheese!

More like sludge


Go, girl

Check this out


Lucky them

Oh, I wish they'd lose the game

Why, when you're going to
play for them

My friends invited me
on a trip to Hawaii

Oh, I wish I could go

Quitting the Band
Oh, I wish I could go


Did you contact them?

We can't be late
. We've got to go

Oh, sure, you're right
I'm sure it'll be fine


Give 'em hell!

Cream Yoneyama!

Has it already left?
The brass band bus?

Huh? Yeah, it just took off...

What about the lunches?

I have a wake to cater.

What's up?

Um, teacher, the Inches
for the brass band

The guys got some other delivery
I think we should take care of them

They're really stuck
without their lunches


Hey what's up with this?

They treat the brass players
like royalty

Gimme a bite

Hey, me, too

I'm from Class #1
How about you?

We're all from Class #3
Our teacher's "The Hag"

You've got Kubota, right?
Lucky you

I'm on a diet,
so I'll just have a little bite

Me too!

Hey! You can't do that!

They won't notice one missing lunch.

Is this where we get off?


Shit! Get off! Get off!

The lunches!

Open up


Nakamura! You again!


Come see me after the game!

Oh, sure

Where are those lunches, Nakamura?

We can't keep playing,
we'll starve

Sorry, they'll be any minute now

There's a train back in an hour

What do we do?

It's so hot
Got anything to drink?

Drink from the rice field

Where's a vending machine?

My makeup's sweating off

I'm getting a sunburn

Want some sun block?

Me, too

Put some on my hand

Weren't you into tanning salons?

Shut up, I've got a new philosophy

I've had it!

I’m a mud puppy

Look, it fell out

Where were you guys?
They said you left school ages ago

You've got real attitude for a loser

Gratitude's one thing,
but skip the scolding


We brought these to you
out of pure team spirit

Oh, I get it, that's enough
Please pass them out already

Why should we pass them out?

Oh, all right,
so we'll do it ourselves

Finally, lunch

Hey, what about me?


We're missing one

What? Don't look at me

Let's go Karaoke!

Yeah! Yeah!

What's wrong?

It's just...

What happened here?

Banzai! Banzai!

No real guys are this cool

Can you make a flyer for
the town meeting on your computer?

It's real easy, right?

Yeah, but not for me
Don't know how to use it

My Lovely Computer
You hounded your grandma

You hounded your grandma

'til she bought it for you

The manual's so badly written,
I can't understand it


Can't you stick with anything?
I'll never buy you anything again

Now, now

Hello, this is the Suzuki's

Oh, this is Sasaki,
is Tomoko san at home?

Oh yeah, it's me

Oh, it's you
Hey, turn on the TV, the news

What? Why?

Just hurry

You can't do that!

during the Northeastern High School
Baseball Championship game,

all members of the 42 piece
Yamakawa High School brass band

and their music teacher, were
hospitalized for nausea and stomach

It seems their lunches

What happened?

Come see this!
Tomoko's school her school!

school officials are in no mood
to celebrate their victory

Our cameraman, on hand
to shoot the game,

captured images of the students
on their way to the hospital

Initially the stadium area was
mobbed with ambulances,

but the game finished
without major disruptions

Oh. Hawaii.

Did you catch that?
Ha ha ha

So I just got word
that since the whole band

is laid up and can't make
the next game

they're looking for substitutes
Powwow at the music room 9AM

But... I've got make-up math

Oh, that's right
But who'd be dumb enough

to give up 10 days of vacation
for brass band!

In light of today's severe
summer heat,

officials suspect that the lunches
were improperly stored

Inoue, Coach wants to see you

Quitting the Band


You here for the brass band?

Can you play anything?




Our band split up
We're itching to make some noise

We only play these, but if
they work for you, we're on

Um, there are no guitars
or basses in a brass band

You say something?


This is hopeless


You've got some damned nerve
laughing and chattering like that!

It's all your fault...

How come I'm the only one
stuck in this mess!

Did you get the word?

Your make-up teacher's been told
you all have to join the brass band!

Why the hell do we have to do that!

It's obvious! You're the ones
who ruined those lunches

Where's your proof!
Maybe they were already bad

That's right

They even said so on the news

I know your secret
You guys ate one on the way

Isn't that suspicious?

Your little secret will be safe
if you join the brass band

Hey, time for class
Get back into class

What's up?

Oh nothing...


What are you gabbing about?

It's too hot
Talk one at a time

Um, can any of you read music?

Anyone play an instrument?

Huh, please listen

A brass band needs at least
25 players

We're still way short
Any of your friends play instruments?

Look, look

Praying mantis kung fu!

Wonder if it's true that drumming
burns the most calories.

You here to mess us up?

You're lousy on cymbals but
a real piano whiz

Um, no, I just practiced as a kid...

Wow he's so cool

A fair showing
Who knew you had it in you

Um, but.

You know the score, right?
As seniors, this is our last chance

There's no way we'll win
without the band

I've got a shot at the starting line-up
I'm counting on you!

You know, there are two kinds
of people in the world?


People who succeed and people
who are quitters - which are you?


Hey, what've those got
to do with a brass band?


What'd you do?

What's up with this?


it's just the style I had in mind

You've heard this in school, right?

This stuff.

is called Big Band jazz

You aren't enough for a brass band,
but enough for Big Band

But jazz is for fuddy-duddies

For intellectual-types
swirling brandy snifters.

Can't we do something cooler?

Who's holding out for cool,
when our baseball team's on the line

I say you gotta do
what you gotta do


You're completely hopeless

It takes natural talent

Ouch, my cheeks hurt
I bet something's stuck in there

Your lung capacity's pathetic
Why are you in such bad shape?

We're gonna have to practice like hell

Are you guys really up for Big Band?

Of course...

Hey, how come
they don't have to run?

You're scared of 'em

Don't be stupid! They can play,
they don't have to

I've had it

Me, too

I should've stayed put
in that make-up class

It was all your idea!

"Fake rehearsing, then out out

"Get out of make-up class, too
Kill two birds with one stone'

You're the one making eyes at
that senior baseball player!

This practice is just
a big waste of time

I'm wiped

Blow at the tissue and keep it up
against the glass, as long as you can

I've got my own damned tissues!

This is so ridiculous

Just do it

OK get into position



1, 2, 3...

That's it!

Inhale from your stomach,
not your chest

You spotters back there,
make sure their stomachs fill up

Three sets of 30 sit-ups and
back extensions

When you're done,
bottle-blows and mouthpieces


Getting a jazz band together?

They're all useless

No, they're doing their best

What's the point?
They just want to cut make-up class

They're not serious about music

Nice catch!

You're hanging in there
We're counting on you


What on earth do you see in him?

But he's so cool
With his shaved head

All the baseball players
shave their heads

Let's split while he's away

C'mon, OK!

Where do you think you're going?


Liar! You really have to practice

There's only a week left
'til the game!

Won't even let us pee!

Give it back!

You're the loony one!

There's no way this kind of practice
will make us musicians

We were hopeless to start

That's right

Look! How come Sekiguchi
can do it and you guys can't?

I think I'm getting the hang of it

Right! Try it backwards now

Starting to enjoy it?

Of course not!
There's just no alternative

Gee, thanks

No big deal

What's up with this?

I went and bought it
I'm bringing it to the game tomorrow

You a rich kid?


Get it together

Not bad, huh?
Not bad?

We're actually performing for people
I'm getting butterflies

Oh, here you are


Um... You're all better now?


We've heard all about what
you've done. Thanks so much

Been practicing Big Band, right?

Not a bad idea,
coming from you, Nakamura

I'm sorry we sort of forced
you guys into this

But we're fine now
Leave the rest to us, OK?

But, um...

Thank God! I was terrified
we'd actually have to play

Make-up courses are just over
and it all worked out

What! Was that really your scheme
all along?

Of course it was!
And you fell for it

Why take this stuff seriously,
when it's such a dead end!

What a relief

Enough already

Thanks, guys


Sekiguchi, what are you doing?

Um, I...

Forget it, c'mon!
Forget it

What's their problem?

Thank you.
For excusing them from make-up

What happened?
Did your teacher die?


We just ran into each other

Two outs in the last inning, huh?

This is hopeless

Inoue, #15 is up at bat.


Inoue! Go for...


Go for it!

Bring it on!



It's your last shot! Swing!

Inoue! Swing hard!

It don't mean a thing
if you ain't got that swing!

One more pitch and you're out!

One more pitch and you're out!

Here it comes!


You OK?


What's wrong?


You're all still spacey from
summer vacation. Get with it

What's up? Come in


Where's Nakamura Takuo?

Oh, he quit


You want to join the band, too?





Yoshie what's the hold up?
Let's go

Up we go

350,000 Yen!

Want the tenor sax?

No, I'm just looking

Do you have any used ones?

Used ones.

Pawn Shop Ebisuya

30000 Yen

30000 Yen
Of course I won't buy you
anything that expensive

Of course I won't buy you
anything that expensive

Why not? C'mon

You’ll never stick with it anyway


This is cheap useless

I'm home!

Play Station open!

What's this?

Mommy, my game's missing


There it is!

I'll get a job and buy it back!

Where are you going with that?

You! That's enough!

What's going on?

Stupid, idiotic sister!

But listen, what about instruments?
Can we borrow them from the band?

Not a chance

Steal 'em?

Buy 'em

But aren't they expensive?

If you buy 'em used,
there's lots of cheap ones

I'm not convinced about used ones.

They may be damaged, or retain
their former owners quirks

Then how will we get instruments?

Buy new ones like you,
you rich brat!

That's unfair

"That’s unfair"

I don't talk that way

"I don't talk that way"

You idiot

"You idiot"

Sure, I'm an idiot

You finally caught on

How about a sponsor?

The way soccer players wear
corporate logos?

You know of any booming
corporations around here?

My Dad's business is booming

I'm not wearing
"Kubo Gynecology' on my back

There's no point in our marketing
anything anyway

Not very realistic

Kayo, your Dad works in a bank
Can we get a loan?

They'd fire him for that

Um, I...

Not you

There's lots of part-time jobs
at the supermarket

My sister just got hired as a cashier

That's it!

Off to make money, make money...

That's 1,000 Yen change
Thank you


50% Discount

Me, too

Will you try or new, local wine?

Delicious, I'll take it

Thank you

Please try it

Please try it


Hurry, it's closing

Watch this

Horse Racing News

The curry flavored one's great

So's the cheese-topped one

Try the chocolate one

We could get in serious trouble
for this


Let's add a little wine

I don't think you should

Why not!
It'll give it class!

Say, you jazz gals.
Are you all working hard?

One of these days you can
perform live outside the store

Let me try one of those

Oh, we're just about to steam them...

What about our salaries.

Not a chance

Don't you ever come back

We're screwed. We'll use what
we've got to buy the best we can

How come?

You're the only ones who got fired
Besides... right?

I already bought some Alba

I bought a Vinton bag and pooh

Tasaki pearls

Our money's almost gone, right?

That's right

Are you serious about the band?

It just seems like such a hassle.

You what's up?

Time to go bowling

Oh, hi, sorry, sorry

Yoshie wanna play?

I can't

Oh, yeah?
Anybody else wanna bowl?

Did you know, there are two kinds
of people in the world?


People who can chill and have a blast
and people who can't... which is better?

I'll go with having a blast!

I've had it!
We'll start our own jazz band

We're stuck.
Can't we get another job?

Um. I.

When I was little, I gathered matsutake
mushrooms on grandpa's mountain

for a really good allowance

Why didn't you tell us?

Got one!

And why am I stuck doing this, too?

It's dangerous for a bunch of girls
to be in the woods

Especially me
I'm definitely pervert bait

More like bear bait

How dare you!

Found another one!

How many do we have?

I'm starting to feel faint.
We should've started with this

I found one, too!

No, that's different

That mushroom's poisonous

That's the prized matsutake

Amazing, does your family own
this whole forest?


Just how far can we pick?

How far?

Don't these woods belong
to your grandpa?

No, they belong to my mother's friend's
cousins grandpa

He isn’t really your grandpa!

Japanese can be so vague.

Is this actually legal?



Warning! Trespassers will
be fined 500,000 Yen

Shit! Run!

What about the mushrooms?


I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I’m really sorry! Sorry! So sorry!

Well done

"In Appreciation for Tanaka Naomi'

Curtains for the Big Boar
5 High School Students Triumph

"Who conquered the boar that
had been ruining crops

"Herein, we express our gratitude.'

We did it! Amazing!

Now we can buy those instruments

Should we find another boar?

I felt a little sorry
for that poor boar

He was raiding fields.
It was God's justice!

I told you, used instruments
work just fine

Hey! What are you doing?

Oh, no!

The pits

It won't budge

What are you doing?


What? What?

Where'd it go! Where'd it go!

This is exactly. what I meant
about used instruments

Then why didn't you say so
before we bought them?

You're the only one who has a clue!
Get with it!


Don't "but' me

We spent all our money!
What do we do now!

You might be able to fix it.

Don't tell me...

Oh, my, he's kinda cute

These the chicks?

You chose them over us?

That's a helluva attitude

You've got a helluva nerve
showin' up here

You tell 'em

You're the band breakers

You said you'd repair stuff

Yeah I did.
That's why I told you to come here

I'm still crazy about you

I'm so over you

I know that.
But that's OK

Long as you know my feelings

You, too, bro?

I don't feel shit

You giving up?

Shut up!

You chase your own dreams, Hiromi

I'll root for you from afar

Cut the crap! I hate it when you
wimp out like that

Things are kinda complicated.

Now you're crying again.
Kick the depression, be a man

That's why your looks
don't match your music

That's why we quit the band

But that's OK

Just getting to see you
again is plenty

We decided to form a folk duo

We've even got a new song
Will you please listen to it?

All right, we'll listen
That's what you want, right?

It's called...

"You Ditched Me but I Love You'

"Do you mind

"if I weep out loud?

"I'm sorry
thinking of you again,

"brings tears to my eyes

"Cry baby wimp, coward

"God I'm hopeless"

This is great

Look, look, this is pretty

This? How's this?

It's 1.5mm short

God, you're picky
Who cares?

No, find a perfect fit

Look what I found

Watch it

Watch it

Cut the noise

You're a community menace

What the hell! Cut it out!

Why the hell not?
We paid for the Karaoke room

Using my electricity, too!

The other guests are
complaining about the noise!

Dammit! Where are we gonna go?

Listen, you could play
that stuff at my place

Hip Jazz from the Swing Girls

- Cut it out!
- Sorry

You call that crap jazz!

If you wanna play at band
do it at school

Cut it out, cut it out

Your music's wrecking my business
Never should've asked you

Give a call if you get another gig

Not very likely

Where's Sekiguchi?

Thank you

Who was that?

I can't see very well...
Some guy I don't know... I think

He said we gotta have swing

Swing? What does he know?

That hitting the same groove
matters more than the notes

Oh, yeah?

Wait a second!

Hey hurry

Pack up

Somebody help

After him!

Wait, mister!
Mister, wait!

Hey, wait!

He's getting away

That's not a very good idea.


He's really swirling brandy.

Um... why'd you run away
from us before, teacher?

I hate kids

Besides, when I hear you
massacre the music.

it ticks me off!

Don't touch!

You have to handle records with care

This album's by the sax player
Cannonball Adderley

It's called "Poll Winners'

It's a rare one,
you can't find in Japan

I'm sorry

This is Eric Dolphy,

recorded live at a New York club
called the Five Spot,

back in 1961

Playing in his band,

Booker Little, on trumpet,
on piano...

He's so cool

On bass, Richard Davis,
on drums...

Jazz 101
Get Really Good Really Fast

You mean, you got this for us?

Yeah, yeah.

Figured that'd be a good place
for you guys to start

I knew it, you're going
to teach us, jazz. right?

Way to go!

Please, teacher

Oh, no no


Guess I'll go with free improv...

That's enough

Forget about that stuff until
you've mastered the basics


That was just a big mess

How long have you been
playing sax?

Jazz 101

I ordered the sax and the book
together 3 years ago,

and practiced for a week,
but I never got anywhere

There's a lot of men like that

They just do it to get girls

Why'd you decide to
take it up again?

I have my reasons.

I bet it's for a woman

You know it

For sure

It's not like that this time!

What’s wrong with you two,
belittling me!

Calm down, now

But you don't read
a note of music, right?

I'm sorry

What an idiot!

With my technique,
even a beginner,

can learn to play very well.
Trust me

For starters
let's focus on the beat

Jazz is played to a unique rhythm...

You accent the backbeat

With most music,
you accent the top of the beat

But, in jazz, it's the opposite

Just follow that beat,
you can jazz up anything

Try it

No, no
All wrong


What are you doing?

Is this jazz?

Are you nuts?

No, it's not

Wow! It sure is jazz now

Mom, who are they?

Don't look

On Sale Today

So this is jazz...

Just like street hawkers.

Thank you, thank you

And now for our one-day

300 grams of pork for just 198 Yen!

That's just 198 Yen

88 Yen for a pack of eggs!

The price is only good today

Tomoko dinner's chicken-egg rice bowl
After 7, we'll eat without you

You mean pork-egg

Leave me alone...

Aki, we're going inside the store

I'll watch my sister play

See you tomorrow

What the hell,
those chicks ditched us.


For real?

They added an extra zero in there

What do you want?

Got any used ones, right now?

Sell those designer rags you're
wearing and you can by new ones

Look at this!

Student Music Festival
Band Application

What? You already knew?

We just found out.
An annual music festival in the city

The city! It's our chance to play
a big concert hall! We have to!

Of course we do!

Say, teacher, you'll conduct, right?

What? Um...

If you insist...


But not so fast

We haven't been invited just yet

We have to audition with a
performance video

Audition? You mean there's a jury?

They usually accept you,
unless you're totally hopeless

Oh, good.

How pathetic if we don't make it

When shall we do it? Today?

While we're at it might as well
find a pretty background

Right on

Here, all yours

I'll send it off.
Thanks for coming on a Sunday

No big deal

Um, teacher,

about that last part,
are you sure that was OK?

I always feel like I hold back
on that high note

It's this spot, in the song
Could you coach me privately.

But you know...
I thought you were fine

Oh, teacher...

How dare you!


I'm pissed!


How about this look?

I wanna look cool

Really sharp and grown up


What a shock

How long have you been here?

From the start

You were checking out our uniforms?

I hear you guys auditioned, too?


As a jazz band?

That's classified

No, any magic tricks?

We all get cut in half

It's Big Band jazz

Oh, right of course

To a classical musician,
jazz is like

It's hard to catch the rhythm
or get into the music

What? Then what about all those
jazz albums on the shelf?

Oh, about 2 or 3 years ago,
Ozawa, the math teacher,

started leaving an album there
every day

You mean he liked you.

He was so dedicated,
I invited him to play with us,

but then he suddenly
stopped coming

I wonder why?

I wonder

Say, we heard back from
the Musical Festival have you?

Not yet.

There aren't ever many applicants,
I'm sure you'll get in

Just don't copy us, OK?

Music Festival Application Video

I'll live my life loving my trumpet

That's impossible

No, it's not, not at all
I kiss it every day!

I just remembered something

What? Let's go home together

You promised to take me
to a great noodle shop

Next time, OK next time?

Do you have a stomach ache?

I know you're going
to get noodles alone

That's not it
Leave me alone, idiot!

What's wrong with her

Please be on time!


Why can't I hit it?

What a shock!

I got it! I hit it!

Hey, where'd he go?

How does this look?


YAMAHA Music School

I can't take it!

I've told you repeatedly

you have to play with the same feeling
as the others

I've never had anyone
take so long to get it

From the start, then

You're lousy!
You pest!

I never learn anything new!

I'm embarrassed,
but do you mind,

not letting the others in on this?

I swear I won't tell them

If I tell them the truth,
they'll lose faith.

I'll give up conducting
for the music festival

You guys are on your own

It's here!

Thank you!

This year, due to the unusually
large volume of applicants

we accepted bands on a "first come
first served' basis. Unfortunately.

Make me sexy, OK?

That's impossible

Kubo Gynecology
My family's money, huh?

Kubo Gynecology

Kubo Gynecology
Family money.

What's that?

A good luck charm

There, done


What's wrong?
You've been strange all day

Um. Um

What about your hair, Tomoko?

If you're not cutting it
at least bleach it a little

Oh, I'll pass

Oh, bleach my hair!

You seem really down

There's something I haven’t told

Tanaka, did you try your jacket on?
I can let it out if it's tight

All right, I'll try it

Tomoko, do you feel bad?

Oh, I know you'd understand.

Sekiguchi, go check
the train schedule!


Um! I really need to tell you this!

Listen up

Our conductor, Ozawa, can't
make it to the festival tomorrow

Oh, no!

Yoshie, I just ran out of bleach

Oh, no!


Morning. The brass band
always gets royal treatment

See you at the Hall

Let's swing!

C'mon, Tomoko

Take off your jackets
We've got to alter them

I want to keep it on longer

Did the train make you sick?

Wow! A confession of love!

I always get sick
from riding the train

so I didn't have breakfast

But lunch is so far away,
maybe I should eat something

Maybe I shouldn't.
What do you think?


I've got something important.

A tree fell across the track
because of the snow

There's no telling
how long it'll be blocked

Oh no! What'd we do!

Hey we'll walk let us off

That's impossible

Call taxis on our cell phones?

Oh, no, I've got no signal!


This is hardly the time to
get lovey-dovey

Listen up everyone

About today's music festival.


I can't believe it
What'd we work so hard for.

Oh, no, I can't take this!

It's completely ridiculous

I should've known things were going
way too well for this gang

Shit! Ridiculous!

Everybody, quiet!

Hey you guys!

The snow held up another band,
so you get their spot

What a shock.
We raced around looking for you

You came just for us?

Even I have my moments

Oh, no! I left our uniforms
on the train!

No time to go back
It's too bad

20th Annual Student Music Festival

You get this?

They're so late

As for the Swing Girls from
Yamakawa High School,

who won a last minute spot,

their train has been
delayed by weather...

How lame

Impossible? Can't make it?


and so we conclude
today's Music Festi...

Wait! We'll play!

The Swing Girls will play

Oh, wonderful
They made it

Um, please listen

There's no time, later

No, um.

So, as our final act

a Big Band jazz ensemble,
rare among high school bands,

The Swing Girls

One two three... five

Just wait!

You tell 'em.
Go Jazz girls!

They're tuning up

I wonder if their instruments
got too cold

There's more music?

Love you, love you, love you


There are two kinds of people
in the world

People who swing and
people who don't

I taught them!

My students! My students!
I taught them!

I thought you'd taught them

Jazz... it's cooler than I thought

Juri Ueno

Yuta Hiraoka

Shihori Kanjiya

Yuika Motokariya

Yukari Toyoshima

Miho Shiraishi

Naoto Takenaka

Fumiyo Kohinata

Eriko Watanabe

Mtsuko Sakura

Kei Tani

Produced by Chihiro Kameyama
Yoshishige Shimatani, Ryuichi Mori

Executive Producer: Shoji Masui

Co-Executive Producers: Kazuyoshi Seki
Masamichi Fujiwara, Takehiko Chino

Producers: Daisuke Sekiguchi
Shintaro Horikawa

Script Consultant: Junko Yaguchi

Music: Mickie Yoshino
Hiroshi Kishimoto

Director of Photography:
Takahide Shibanshi

Lighting Director:
Tatsuya Osada

Sound Mixer/Editor:
Hiromichi Kori

Production Designer:
Norihiro Isoda

Ryuji Miyajima



Written and Directed by
Shinobu Yagchi

English subtitles:
Linda Hoaglund