Swing Away (2016) - full transcript

Following a meltdown on tour that results in her suspension, professional golfer Zoe Papadopoulos travels to her grandparents' village in Rhodes, Greece, to escape the harsh spotlight of the international sports world. Between baking bread and eating baklava, she meets and mentors a ten-year-old girl who is determined - against all odds - to become the next golf sensation. Along the way, Zoe rediscovers her Greek heritage, her love of the game, and the hidden strength within herself as she inspires the townspeople in an epic showdown against a greedy American developer who threatens the course and the town.

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- Back at the Seaview resort

for Shoprite LPGA classic,

just outside Atlantic city,
Galloway township, New Jersey

where we have a beauty
on our hands right now.

Zoe Papadopoulos
trying to break back

into that winner's circle
for a very promising career

that has gone a little
wayward of late,

trying to hold off,
or actually catch in this case

Nicole Castrale, a prolific
winner on the LPGA tour.

It's not a tough putt.

She's got a lot out
of her game today

and made plenty of putts

on these inconsistent
Greens at times,

but this is a big
one here, final hole.

For the win, did she hit it?

Oh, but she left it just short.

That's a certain par,
tap-in for Nicole Castrale.

Now, all the pressure switches
back to Zoe Papadopoulos.

She now has three feet
to force a playoff

and we'll see if she can get
those nerves under control.

Trying to settle herself down.

It's just a routine putt,
it's only three feet,

it's straight uphill.

She could make it
with her eyes closed.

Not a word being spoken.

You could hear a pin
drop in the gallery.

Oh, hit the lip again.

Oh my word.

- Damn.

- She just
buried the putter in the green,

that's an unforgivable
sin for golfers

and the worst display of
sportsmanship I have ever seen.

This is a complete meltdown.

No, burying that
putter in the green

is almost a certain suspension
for a very long time.

- Okay.

Not so fast.

- Where are you going?

- Okay.
- Thank you.

- Calling to drop me, Derek?

- Drop, no, why,
because of the thing?

- Yes, Derek, because of
the humiliating myself

and ruining my
career thing, Jesus.

- Everybody wants
you, everybody.

- What are you talking about?

- ESPN, GMA, Jimmy
Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel,

Kelly Meyers, the list goes on.

That little meltdown
you had, it went viral.

Everybody wants a
piece of you, honey.

- No, no way.

- No, no way, everybody thinks
you went a little crazy.

I try to keep a little low,

but if you go on these shows

and show you a little humility
and a little contrition...

- don't use words
you don't understand.

- Hey, hey, doll
face, it's my job

to turn this into
a positive, okay?

Go home, have a dr...

- this is good here.

Holy mother of god!


You give a heart attack, Zoe.

I didn't know it was you.

- I'm sorry, Yiayia

- who is it?
- Your granddaughter!

- How did you get here,
why didn't you call?

- Hi, Pappous.

My love!

- How did you get here?

Why didn't you call?

I would have come
to the airport.

I asked her this already.

- I know, I know, I'm sorry.

It was just a spur of
the moment decision.

I just really wanted
to see you guys.

This place hasn't
changed at all.

That's because someone
doesn't fix what he's asked to fix.

I work all day long, woman.

- All day long with the newspaper.
- Whatever.

- But where is the boyfriend
you wrote us about, Zoe?

- He's not in the
picture anymore.

- Why, what did the bastard do?

Take Zoe's things to her room,
this is none of your business.

That's what I'm doing.

- Oh, no, it's okay,
Pappous, I got it.

- It's okay.

I have to fix these steps.
Someone might kill himself.

Watch your step.

Come on.

Unpack and we'll eat
when you're ready.

Very good, Pappou.
I'll be there.

Good morning.

Good morning!

- We were going to
send for the doctor.

Oil the tray.

- I'm sorry, is
there any coffee?

- Coffee.

- It smells amazing in here.

It's the sugar cookies.

- You must eat something.

Athletes need energy.

- Athletes.

What are you grumbling about,
old man?

- Now, I know you never
wanted to believe it, Pappous,

but golf is a sport.

- We have missed our little Zoe.

It was been too many years
since your last visit.

I hope you can have a long
stay with us this time.

- Oh, I can stay a week,
10 days at the most.

A week? What kind of visit is this?

Stop it.

- What your Pappous means
is it's wonderful to see you

and we will enjoy whatever
time we have together.

- Hey!


You need to be more safer.

Golf is played in a green grass.

Not the sea where you can
make people dead.

You speak Greek?

- I do, but I think you don't.

- Why aren't you
playing on a golf course

like a normal person?

- I'm not allowed to play there.

- Probably 'cause
you're a hazard.

- No, I know how to play,

better than anyone
in this village.

- Oh, really, and who
taught you the game?

You know, you really
should be using a wedge.


A skip shot.


- Father.


- Excuse me, Marcos, a moment.

- You remember my famous
granddaughter from America?

- Of course I do.

- We have been following
your career somewhat, Zoe,

nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, too.

- Zoe, father Anthony
also knows the golf.

- Hardly.

I spent some time in America

and some of my friends
there are big golfers,

not pros like you, of course.

- Zoe is on her way to play
a pro tournament in Dubai.

- So, your suspension was a
short one, that is a good news.

- Suspension?

Tell me of this suspension.

- I meant to tell you about
all of this earlier, Yia Yia.

I'm really sorry, I needed
to clear my head first.

- Clear your head of
what, what trouble?

- What is going on?

- Zoe was suspended.

- Okay, how do I
say this in Greek?


I lose game.

I go crazy.


Then I make myself the ass.

I wanted to see my family...

because I feel too bad.

Sit down, sit down.

- It's okay, Zoe, it's okay.

Don't worry about this
golf, it is nothing.

No, no, golf is very important for Zoe.

We want to hear, tell us.

- I could sum it all up in
one sentence, I have the yips.

- Yips?

- What are yips?

- It's a kind of golf curse.

It means I can't putt,
if I can't putt, I can't play,

there's no more tour for me.

- Well, maybe the
time for golf is over,

maybe it's time
for something new.

- What your Pappous
means is we want you

to stay here as
long as you like.

We have golf course
here, you 'member?

- How can I forget?

It's the first place dad
ever took me to play.

I haven't been there is so long.

- Yeah, you don't wanna
go there, trust me.

It is owned by a rude American
and run by a Greek idiot.

- What does it matter,
it's still a proper golf course

where Zoe can practice her yips.

Eh? Eh?

- Well, this is quite
a golf course, Panos.

- I'm glad to hear it, sir.

- Kinda like playing
in your own backyard.

Got the whole place to yourself.

- Privacy is very important, sir

- you know what it
reminds me of, Panos?

Peeing in a dark suit.

You get this warm feeling,
but nobody notices.

- Yes.

- You see, I didn't
pay a small fortune

to have my own
private golf course.

I bought this thing because
I wanted to make some money.

- Yes, yes, making money
is very important, sir.

- Will you explain to me how
I'm suppose to make some money

when there's not one
blessed golfer out here?

Oh my god.

Are those sheep, really?

I've got big plans
for this Panayiotis

and if you wanna be involved,

then you get this house in order

and you turn this ship around.

- I'm really sorry, sir.

I just didn't know when you
want to begun the renovation,

but now I know it and
from tomorrow morning,

I will start
renovate everything.

We can hire a golf
professional or...

- do I look like
the guy who gives

a rat's ass how you do it?

Next time I come back here,

I wanna see this place
filled with paying golfers.

- Excuse me, sir.

- Don't make me sorry
I hired you Panayiotis.

- I apologize, everything
will be better, I promise.

Why did you bring the sheep here!

You're killing me!

What do you want? Money?
Always money?

Oh! Come on!
How did you get in here?

Thank you.

- How did you do it?

- Oh, hello, again.

- Father Anthony said you're
professional golfer from LPGA.

Is it true?

- This is true.

My name is Zoe Papadopoulos.

- I'm Stella.

- Well, nice to
meet you, Stella.

Now, how did I do what exactly?

- Hit the shot the other day,
I want to know how you did it.

- Well, that's a tough question.

I mean, you never quite know

how good a shot's
gonna be, do you?

You can do all the preparation

and line everything up
just right and poof,

you get a fat shot into
the rough, you know?

Or, practice.

- I practice everyday,
but it's hard to come perfect

because I don't have
a course to use.

- Oh, right, you said
you weren't allowed?

It can't be because you're young

'cause I was about your
age and I played there.

- No, you have to pay a lot
of money if you wanna play.

- But what about clinics?

Don't they have free
golf lessons for kids?


- This book is in Greek,
but you don't speak Greek.

- So you keep reminding me.

I used to speak and
read it pretty well.

I spent many summers
here growing up,

but now my Greek is you know,

I think I've managed to get
through two whole pages.

- Okay, I'll help
you with your Greek

and in exchange, you will
give me golf lessons.

- Oh, Stella, I'm sorry,
but like you said,

we don't have a
course to play on

and I'm afraid I'm not gonna
be here much longer anyway.

You know what I could do,

I could work with
you on your swing,

we don't need a course for that.

- Hello, miss.


- Hello.

- Hello, hi.

Hi, my name is Panayiotis
Manalakis, people call me Panos.

I'm the manager of
colossus golf course.

You're Zoe Papadopoulos, right?

- Right.

- Well, it's a great honor

to meet a golf superstar
such as yourself.

- Whoa, easy there.

- I have a proposal for you.

I want to invite you to run
a golf clinic for the summer.

- Oh, I'm not gonna be here...

- okay, you're a big star

and we can use your
expertise, but...

I hear also you have
putting problems, right?

- It's nothing I can't manage.

- Listen, listen, if you
come work at the course,

you will be able to practice
your game without pressure

and then when your
suspension is over,

you can return to the
tour better than ever.

You see, good for me
and good for you.

- Look.

I appreciate the offer,
but no, thank you.

- Listen, we have great
plans for this place, listen.

Just come and visit the course.

You may change your mind.


- Zoe.

- Yeah?

- What is a matter with you?

Are you making down again?

- Yia Yia.

Yiayia, this Galaktoboureko
make me dying of the happiness.

We used to make it together
when you were young, remember?

I do.

I remember the entire
kitchen smelling like sugar

and everything in the
world just seemed right.

- Yes.

- That's why I married her,
her cooking tricked me.

- Hey, do you guys know a little
girl in town named Stella?

Cute girl, maybe 10 or
11, extremely serious.

Could it be Stella Roussos,
Marcos' daughter?

- Ah, Marcos Russos,
yes, the widower.

- He and his daughter live
near the prophet Ilias,

why do you ask?

- Well, I've seen her
at the beach a few times

and she says she's
teaching herself golf.

- I thought she
was a bright girl.

- Pappous.

So, where exactly do they live?



Stella lives this house?

My Yiayia says true but don't know.

- Yes, you definitely
don't know.

- Thank god you speak English,

I'm not even sure
what I just said.

- What matters is that
you're in the right place.

- Oh, good.

- You are Zoe Papadopoulos
the famous professional golfer

and my daughter's new hero.

I'm Marcos Russos, pleasure.

- It's nice to meet you.

I keep running into your Stella,

so I just thought
I should come over

and properly introduce myself.

- Well, thank you.

Well, she tells me she
will be teaching you Greek.

- Yes.

- From what I can tell
it's a great idea.

- I know, it's so embarrassing.

- Look who's here.

- Oh, hi, Stella.

- Hello.

- She tells me you have
the most perfect golf swing

she's ever seen.

- Oh, wow, I don't
know about that,

but thank you,
I'm very flattered.

You know, she's quite the
little golfer herself.

- You wanna come in?

- Okay, thank you.

I can't believe I'm eating
another piece of this,

it's obscene.

- So, you were born in America?

- Chicago, but my
father's from here.

We used to come here and visit
my grandparents every summer.

Actually, the first time
I picked up a golf club

was here at colossus.

- Oh, yes?

And how long are you
staying this time?

- Long enough to help
me with my drive, Baba.

We have a lesson
set for tomorrow.

- Really?

- Yes, well, your
daughter is very focused

and very persuasive.

- Yeah, that she is.

Okay, love...

say goodnight to miss Papadopoulos
and go finish your homework.

Goodnight, Zoe.
Thank you for the dessert.

- You're so welcome,
I'll see you tomorrow.


- I feel I should thank you.

- Well, I'll pass it
on to my grandmother.

I can't take credit
for her Galaktoboureko.

- No, no, I wanna thank you

for your kindness
towards my daughter.

- Well, it's my pleasure.

She's a very bright
and dedicated girl.

- I just don't want you to feel

that you have to spend
all of your time with her.

You're here visiting
your family.

- No, no, don't worry, it's
just hitting a few golf balls.

It'll be fun.

- Relax.

Come on, let's try again.

- Are you sure you
wanna keep playing

with just this one club?

- I have no choice, it's
the only one I have.

- Really, where did
you get it from anyway?

- Some tourist boy
left it behind.

- I don't know, Stella.

I mean, you really need
a course to play on

and a full set of clubs.

I mean, this cliff
and that five iron

are only gonna take you so far.

- I told you...

- I know, I know, but listen,

if you truly wanna learn, you
have to believe there's a way.

Never give up, okay.

Now, I can't promise anything,

but I think I
might have an idea.

- Thomas.


- Where's the fire?

- I'm not paying
you to read, okay?

- I hardly notice you were
paying me at all to be honest.

- You're very lucky to
have a job, we are lucky.

So, you're gonna clean this up

and to have discussion
for improvements,

Henderson wants this
place filled with golfers.

- This place, this place
filled with golfers?

Oh, it's a crazy dream.

- It's not a joke.

We have two months to start
showing a profit, okay?

Otherwise we're out of business.

- Okay, I'll get right on it.

- Hi.

- Oh, hello, you must be lost.

- Ms. Papadopoulos, welcome.

I'm so happy to see you again.

Ms. Papadopoulos is
a professional golfer

from the United States.

- Oh, the cavalry come
to save us, good luck.

- And Thomas is our greenskeeper

and have a lot of work to do.

Go, Thomas.

So, when can we start?

- Oh, wait, hold on,
not so fast, I have...

- excuse me, it's Henderson

and give Ms. Papadopoulos a tour

and I'll be right
back, I'm sorry.

- So, you wanna have a look
around our little sinking ship?

- Oh, Mr. Henderson.

How nice to hear from
you this fine day.

- How about we cut
the crap, Pano?

Are things shaping up out there?

- Of course, sir, I've
just hired a golf pro.

- What's his name?

- His name, sir?

- Yeah, tough question,
what's his name?

- His name is

car, Carter, Zach
Carter, yes, Zach Carter.

- Where did you find him?

- Well, this is a
very interesting

and complicated story, sir.

- Well, how about you give
me the three second version?

- Yes, of course, sir.

He was working in
Elle's club in Dubai

and he needed a
change of scenery,

so I hired him immediately.

- Excellent, excellent,
but you know what, Pano?

I just decided I'm
not gonna fire you.

- Oh, thank you very
much, Mr. Henderson,

thank you, really,
very much, thank you.

- I'm all in.

- You are all in.

- The course looks
a little different than I remember it.

- How do you remember it?

- Beautiful, no?

- Well, you certainly
can't beat the views.

On the other hand, that
clubhouse could maybe use

a fresh coat of paint.

- Fresh coat of paint?

Yeah, well, that is viewing
the glass half full.

- So, have you thought
about my offer?

- I have, yes.

- And?

- I'm interested.

- You are?

- If we can make a deal.

- What did you have in mind?

- A few things.

I'm free to go whenever I want,
no contract, no commitments.

- Deal.

- I can use the course
whenever I want.

- Deal.

- I run all the
clinics by my own rules

and I take a 10% commission.

- Deal.

- But.

- Always there's a but.

- None of the
villagers have to pay.

- Well, what?

- Look, you can charge tourists

and out-of-towners anything
you want, I don't care,

but locals play for free.

- I'm afraid that's
impossible, Ms. Papadopoulos.

- Well, I'm afraid it's
non-negotiable, Mr. Malakis.

I mean, Mr. Manalakis.

- Pano, Pano, what
are you worried about?

Come on, the villagers
hardly ever play golf anyway,

even when the town
owned the course.

I mean, I'm sure they'd be happy

to live out the rest of their
days never playing golf.

- Don't worry, I can bring
you some paying customers.

It's just not gonna
be the locals.


Good morning!

Good morning!

I thought I'd be
up before you guys.

- This is nothing
to wish for, Zoe,

the earlier you riser, that
means the older you are.

It's a fact.

- You want to help
us with the bread?

- Absolutely.

But you're gonna have
to remind me what to do.

It's been a while.

- You never forget
how to make bread.

It's like riding a bicycle.

Just throw your hands
in, there's no wrong way.

- Okay.

You guys must have
hands of steel.

You have to use your
whole body and you won't get tired.

- It is supposed to be an
"Agonas" Zoe,

you know "Agonas" struggle.

The dough is like life you see,

you give it everything you have

and after you've done all
you can with it, then what?

You release it into the fire,

so that something
new can become of it,

something better, bread,

but this transformation is
only possible with a struggle,

then after that, the letting go.

- I hope for nothing,
I fear nothing, I am free.

- Bravo.

- Thank you.

- Stella.

- Baba.

- Is that haralambous's bread?

- It is, would you like some?

- Please, thank
you, it is heavenly.

- You know,

we should hit some
balls sometime, father.

I'd love to see you play.

In fact, I'm running
a clinic this weekend.

- Clinic, do
you mean at the colossus?

- It's a temporary position.

- I could definitely use
a few pointers, but...

- a few pointers about?

- Well, I'm teaching a clinic
this weekend at the golf course.

Stella's invited, of course,
if she wants to come.

- Well, there's no
question of her wanting to.

- Well, it's free for locals.

It'll be fun.

- Does Panayiotis
know about this?

- Of course, he loves the idea.

- Well, then, I gladly accept.

- Good.

- I can safely say that
Stella gladly accepts, too.

Come on, let's go to bed.

You are drunk.

- Hey, there I am.

- So, wait, you're telling
me that your illustrious

if presently somewhat
compromised career began here?

- Yeah, that's my dad.

I guess that's why I can't help,

but have a soft
spot for this place.

I just want everyone to
love it as much as I do.

- Yeah, well, good
luck with that.

- What, you don't
think that we can

bring people around to
caring about colossus?

- Oh, whoa, what's this
we business, Ms. America?

Firstly, it's your
fool's errand,

should you wish to pursue it,

and secondly, I think
these people care too much.

It's pride.

There lies the problem.

- There are people
here for your clinic.

Two people on the course, zero
euro in the cash register.

- Hey!

- I remember the first
time that I watched a game.

It was so quiet, so much focus.

It felt like the players

were all having a
religious experience.

I had to see for myself
how hard can it be

to hit a ball into a hole.

Well, of course,
I soon found out.

Well, any idea how we get other
locals to come out and play?

- It might be a little tricky.

The course belonged to
the villagers, you know,

and even though most
people didn't play here,

we have always been
very proud to own it.

It was a terrible
blow when the crisis

forced us to sell
it to Mr. Henderson.

So, people might not like it

if they think you're
working on his behalf.

- But I hardly think
offering free clinics

is working on
Henderson's behalf.

I mean, I just love the game,
I wanna share it, that's all.

- Let's see what we can do.

I would like to remind
you that next week

we have organized a trip
to Panormitis at SIMI.

And for everyone
who may not know,

Zoe Papadopoulos has begin to
offering a free golf clinic

for everyone who wants
to learn to play golf

at the lovely local course.

And I understand there
will be free food

and free drinks at the clinic.

- So, what do you think?

Was that a positive response
back there or negative one?

- No, time will tell.

I'm going to Aliki's house, okay?

Yes, but be back at three.

No, please at four...

- Three, my love!
- Okay, at four it is!

- How about you?

Any interest in coming
to one of my clinics?

- Me?
- Yeah.

No, thanks, but no,
it's not for me.

Stella enjoyed herself
very much, though.

- I just thought that
maybe your daughter

would've infected you
both with golf-mania.

- I'm afraid I don't have
the Patience for such a game.

You have to be so quiet

and it takes all day to play.

- Yeah, my dad was the one
who played golf in my family.

He taught me and
my mom the game,

not just the rules and
how to swing the club,

but the philosophical
aspects, too,

what he called the
soul of the game.

- The soul of the game,
that's very poetic.

- Yup, that's my dad,
a true poet philosopher.

I miss him and my
mom every single day,

but I like to think
that the golf gods

wanted them to be together.

- The golf gods?

- Yeah.

My father decided that all
of the ancient Greek gods

now watch over golfers.

You know, since they don't have

anything better
to do these days.

It's kinda crazy, right?

- Yeah, but a good kinda crazy,

the crazy that
lightens the spirit.

I could have used that back

when I was an
attorney in Athens.

Oh my god, I was so serious,

and even though I was married,

it was as if I had nothing
else to do in my life but work.

- I know that feeling.

So, when did you make the
transition from lawyer to teacher?

- Well, Stella came
first into our lives,

so we wanted her to
grow up near family,

we move back to the village

and that's when
I started working

at Panayiotis' law
firm in rose town.

- Wait, Panayiotis
Manalakis, he was a lawyer?

- Yes, actually,
a very good one,

but then the crisis took many
things away from all of us,

so I start teaching

and I love it.

So, I'm right here.

I guess I'll see you again.

- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I'm so sorry.

- Sorry.

- Good.

Make sure your
arms and shoulders

move as one like a pendulum.

Grab another.


- Yay, almost, very nice.

- Keep the putter between
the two lines, grab another.

- How she doing?

- We're getting there.

Good, just don't
break your wrists.

- Have you
ever hit a hole in one?

- Yes, many times,

but it's always a
surprise when it happens.

- Do you have a
favorite course to play on?

- Really, my favorite
course is always changing.

Right now, I'd say pebble beach,

but if you ask me again,
it might be some place else.

You're going to tire Zoe
with so many questions.

No, I don't mind, what else?

- Why did you go crazy?

That is not a nice thing to say!

- I'm so sorry.

- No, you know,
it's fine, I did go crazy

and I've been at
this game a long time

and when you work so hard

at something you
really care about,

the bad times can
get a bit dramatic.

- Okay.

- Okay.

My god, I'm so sorry.

- I hope for nothing,

I fear nothing,

I am free.

Are you okay?

- I'm not sure Henderson
is gonna be okay

with any of these changes.

- You are joking me?

This place is
virtually a palace now

compared to what it was.

People are no longer embarrassed
to be seen playing here.

Look at the reservation book.

- 90 rounds this week.

Six new annual memberships.

Plus 40 reservations
for next week.

How did this happen?

- Mostly the remodel and
I called in a few favors.

Oh, and I got you
a little writeup

in golf digest online, too.

- Oh, I could kiss you both.

- I'll pass on that.

- Hey, has anyone shown
up yet for the clinic?

- Well, no, of course not.

- The who does what?

- It's football.

- Zoe!

- Hey, everyone.

- Thomas, Thomas.

- I'll be at the bar.

- Just a reminder that we
still have the free clinic

going on at the
golf course right...

So, they lost, big deal.

- Football is a game we
care deeply about, Zoe.

- Okay, but golf should be, too.

- Name one good reason.

- Besides the fact
that it's a sport

you can actually play your
entire life unlike soccer.

- Football.

- Football, and on a
golf course right here

in your own village nonetheless,

I'll give you all the best
reason there is, it's Greek.

- Oh god, someone's
more pissed than me.

- Oh, no, no, no, hear me out.

Greeks invented
everything, right?

- Not everything.

- Most everything.

- Well, golf is one of
the things they invented.

- Well, as a subject of the UK,

I do feel compelled to point
out it was actually the Scots.

Well, a kilt looks an awful
lot like a fustanella to me.

- Yeah, actually, bagpipes
are mentioned in the odyssey.

- Yes.

And the name Scotland
comes from the Greek "Skotia"

which is the Greek word
for the land of darkness.

Their patron Saint
is our San Andreas

and his cross
appears on their flag

which happens to have the
same colors as our flag.

- I think that's
stretching it a little bit.

- And if you go back even
further before Scotland existed,

you've got the development of
geometry, philosophy, physics,

all concepts rooted
in ancient Greece,

all essential to
the game of golf,

and then there's the
influence of the Greek gods.

I mean, you have Hephaestus
who forges our mighty clubs

and Athena who gives us the
wisdom to choose our shots

and Apollo who guides our aim.

- Dionysus who inspired

this brilliantly insane
conversation, allow me, Zoe.

- Please.

- Poseidon who tests
and tortures us

with his hazardous water.

- Ares who gives us energy.

- Yes, Pappous.

- You're aware we no longer
believe in these gods?

- Not literally, maybe,

but they're still a part
of the Greek psyche.

- Then why don't the
Greeks play golf?

- I don't know.

I mean,

maybe we get so
caught up in our past,

sometimes we forget to
appreciate the present,

but in golf,

the present is all that matters.

Nothing else exists.

No failures.

No disappointments.

It's just you and

the ball, the green,

everything else falls off.

Anyway, do you
really want the Scots

to take all the credit
for this glorious game

when everything it represents

is key to the Greek
mind and soul?


What about Henderson?

I mean, he might own colossus,

but he doesn't own golf, right?


Right, so make the game yours.

I want you to go out
there, hit some balls,

and rediscover your roots.

- Yes.

- Here are the purchase
orders you asked for.

Oh, and I'm taking these,

so just take 'em out
of my commission.

- Do you want tsipouro?

It's good for hangover.

- God, no, I'm never
touching that stuff again.

- Okay, but I'm telling you,
dog's hair is the only cure.

- Well, I rather
suffer, it'll pass.

- Some suffering does not pass.

The Henderson kind of suffering,

working for this man

is worse than any hangover.

- Then why do you do it?

- Money.

If I could make the
course profitable,

I could be an equal partner.

- Well then, why
are you so upset?

You have more customers now

than you've probably ever had.

- Everybody hates me,
the whole village, I have no one.

The only girl I ever loved
married somebody else,

my parents are long gone,
my brother is abroad,

and last year, my dog, she left,

I have no one except Henderson,

this greedy snake, a lying pig.

- Panayiotis, you either
had too much of that stuff

or not nearly enough.

- Wow.

Great shot, Agapi.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- I thought I'd find you here.

Marcos, you on the other
hand I didn't expect to see.

What brings you
to Stella's cliff?

- I wanted to show
Baba my special place.

- I see.

I have something here for you.

- Really?

- That's too generous
of you, Zoe, thank you.

- No, Stella deserves them.

So, wanna have a
little lesson today?

- Can I please, Baba?

- Sure, sure, I'll just
stand out of the way.

- Let's see.

Okay, I want you to
grab the seven iron.

Today's lesson is this,

you're gonna tee off
with your eyes closed.

- What, that's impossible.

- Nothing's impossible,
you can do this, Stella.

You just have to believe
it, close your eyes.

Go ahead.

Ok, Now, I want you to feel
the sun on your face.

Hear the sound of the waves.

Smell the salt in the air.

And imagine yourself
hitting the perfect shot.

If you can envision yourself
taking the perfect swing,

really seeing and hearing
yourself connect with the ball,

anything is possible.


See the shot in your head.

Take a deep breath.


And swing away.

- Bravo.

Great shot, bravo, Agapi!

- Baba, did you see, I can
golf with my eyes closed?

- How did you know

she can hit the ball
without looking at it?

- I have a confession to make.

I actually didn't know for sure.

- What?

- Yeah?

- Come on, that could
have been a disaster.

- Yeah, I know,
I know, but, I mean,

don't you find that
the best things in life

come when you're one step
away from catastrophe?

You know, like when
you take a risk.

- Yeah, I think
I know what you mean.

- Pappous, what are
you all doing here?

- We are here for the clinic.

And the free food!

- Okay.

Before we begin let us
bow our heads in prayer.

Dear lord, guide this
flock of virgin golfers

to replace their divots.

Teach them to not stand
in front of other golfers

when they're hitting.

Remind them to rake all traps.

Compel them to yell "fore"

when they ball may
strike someone's head.

May they enjoy the fruits of
the game and not kill anyone.


- Amen.

- Let the chaos begin.

- Please stop with your balls.

Hold your balls.

So how do you win a golf game?

I'll tell you...

You throw your balls,
they get in the hole, and if...

What if you throw too hard
and it goes really far?


So you throw it 900 feet away
and then what?

- Then you lose...
- No, you get another ball.

- You either win or lose...
- No, it's very simple...

You throw it from here,
it goes over there...

Then I get my ball
and I run like hell...

We try to get the balls into the holes!

- Oh my god, it's him.

- Who?

- Henderson.


Get out of here now! All of you!

- What's going on here, Pano?

Who are all these people?

- Hi, you must be Mr. Henderson,

can I get you something
to eat or drink?

- Who are you?

- I'm your pro,
Zoe Papadopoulos.

- Zoe Papadopoulos,

you hired Zoe Papadopoulos
as the golf pro?

The meltdown queen of the LPGA?

What were you gonna do?

To hold a clinic
on golf etiquette?

- Everything okay here, Glenn?

- Yeah, everything's fine,

this has nothing to
do with our deal.

- Deal?

What deal, sir?

- You know, maybe today
really isn't the kinda day

we should be doing this.

We'll try it again tomorrow.

Antonopoulos would
you take these guys

back to the yacht, please?

- Deal, what are you
talking about, sir?

- None of your goddamn business.

- I thought we were partners.

- Oh, we're not partners.

You're fired.

- What?

- And that goes
for Ms. yips, too.

You can relax because
your little village

is about to become a
world-class destination.

I'm selling this property
to those two gentlemen there

and they're gonna build
a five star golf resort.

- You're selling.

- Sir, you just bought it.

- It's gonna be a kind
of a club med here.

We're gonna have a hotel,
shopping, resort, restaurants,

there's even gonna
be a waterpark,

and maybe you could find
yourself a job flipping burgers

at one of the many
convenient poolside cafes.

As for the rest of you,

get the hell outta here.

This place is closed.

- Wow, you really know
how to liven up a party.

- Are you okay?

- Of course not, son of a bitch.

- Panayiotis, we can fix this.

- Oh, come on, how
can I fix this?

He has the money,
the power, the glory.

- You have the
power of your own.

We all have the power!

- Sorry, what are you
guys talking about?

- Come on, don't you remember?

All the work.

- Come with me.

- What, where we're going?

- Panayiotis, what is this mess?

- What exactly are
you guys looking for?

- My weapon.

- What?

- I'm going to destroy him.

- Look, this is not a solution.

Violence isn't the answer.

- Here, I found
it, the contract.

Panayiotis represented the
town in the land purchase.

It's the last deal we
made before closing the firm.

- I'm done with him,

this cheap, lying,
gambling-addicted bastard.

Be quiet, please! Quiet!
Sit down! Quiet!

Shut up!
The mayor is speaking!

Come on, mayor.

We're here to discuss...

The options to Mr. Henderson's
development plans.

What are our legal rights?


What rights could we have after that idiot
Panayiotis signed them all away?

I have the contract.

Quiet, you! You're the one
who got us into this mess.

- Come on, let him
talk, give him a chance.

- The contract says,

"notwithstanding the
sale of the property

"by the buyer at
any future date,

"all development right are
hereby exclusively reserved

"by the village named herein

"and therefore any and all new
development of the property,

"both now and in
perpetuity shall be subject

"to the full approval
of the same."

Understand it?

What the hell does that mean?

Listen, listen.

Henderson cannot go
through with his plans

unless we allow it, okay?

- That hotel and the new
building and the parking lot,

the last thing they
do is put it in.

All right, Roland,
stay with me on this.

I'm thinking luxury
suites right here

to take advantage of the
five star oceanfront view

and then we go shopping,
shopping, shopping,

and then on that pad,
that one up there,

is where the Aegean sea finally

comes to face to face with its
natural enemy, the waterpark.

Oh my god.

It's the village people.

It's like a scene
out of a movie,

but they usually come with
torches and pitchforks.

Excuse me, people, you are,

Antonopoulos, come here.

Would you please tell
them in gibberish

that they're trespassing
on private property?

He wants you
to give up your own land.

The barbarian.

Thank you very much, that was
very heartfelt, what he said.

- You might want to read again
the contract, Mr. Henderson,

there is a clause in it

that protect this
land even from you.

You cannot hammer a single
nail without our permission.

And we do not give him
the permission. Do we?


- Bullshit.

All right, it's a technicality.

I'm willing to deal
with some legal issues.

- That's your choice,

but I can personally guarantee

we will keep you in
courts for years.

- Is that so?

Well, I'm guessing
that by the time

you Greeks get
your shit together,

I will have made this sale,

they will have filled in
this place with concrete

and we'll all have ourselves
a really nice ribbon-cutting.

- I hear you're a gambling
man, Mr. Henderson.

Maybe there's another
way we can settle this.

- And what would that be?

- I don't know,

maybe a simple golf
match between you and me.

- How stupid do I
look, you're a pro.

- A pro with questionable
mental health

as you so kindly put it
and a bad case of the yips.

- Unless maybe you're
afraid of losing to a woman.

- All right, I'll bite,
what are the stakes?

- You win, you make your sale,

and they can build
whatever they like.

- And if I lose?

- Ownership of the property
reverts back to the village.

Do we have a deal?

- One change.

I want somebody who will
properly represent the village,

somebody who's got a
little skin in the game,

somebody who was born here.

Where you born here,
Ms. Papadopoulos, I think not.

- It's a little unfair given
they just learned the game.

- Yeah, isn't that a shame?

Their player for their
property, that's my deal.

Any takers?

I didn't think so.

So, if you don't mind,
I'm gonna excuse myself

and I can call and
have you arrested

or you can turn around and
leave the way you came.

- Wait.

I'll play you.

- Stella.

- I can win, Baba.

- You've got to be kidding me.

You people are pathetic,
you're embarrassing yourselves.

- You're right, why
don't we ask the village?

How do you feel about
Stella representing us?

- Yes!
- Yeah, of course.

- I think you have your answer.

So, do we have a bet?

Goodnight, Baba.

I want you to know
I'm very proud of you.

You're much braver than I am.

I wish mama could be here
to see me beat the American.

She'll be watching you
from above...

And she'll be proud of you, too.

Goodnight, my angel.

Goodnight, Baba.

- I must be out of my
mind letting her do this.

If she loses...

- she won't lose.

- He's an adult, Zoe,
he's a mature man

who has been playing this
game for who knows how long,

the whole idea to
me is really absurd.

- Wait, listen, I've been
doing a lot of research

on Glenn Henderson's game,
at best, he's a five handicap,

and Panayiotis said he didn't
even shoot par at colossus.

- Say it in English,
what does this mean?

- It means that she
can take him, Marcos.

She has a chance to win.

- Hi, Derek.

- Finally, you pick up,

I've been trying to
reach you forever.

- I know, I'm sorry, I just
really needed to unplug.

- I wanted to let you know
your suspension is over.

- Really?

- Yeah, they
dropped it a week ago,

so come into my office tomorrow,

I've got a few dates lined up.

- I kind of have
tournament here tomorrow.

- Where is here?

I don't know what you're doing.

- Relax, Derek,
it's not a paying gig.

- Is this charity again, Zoe?

I hate when you do charity.

- Derek, besides,
I'm not even playing,

I'm just being a caddie.

- Oh god, this is
worse than I thought.

- Would you stop?

- Okay, call me when you get
back, hopefully that's soon.

- I will.


- Ouzo, I love the
way that sounds.

- I want this
business deal done.

- Roland, you're
getting all of this

pristine oceanfront property
for 20 cents on the dollar.

I've gotta be crazy for selling
it to you for that price

and you know that.

You work your developmental
magic on this,

you're gonna have
a piece of property

that's worth 10 times what
you paid for it, 10 times.

- Shall we begin, Mr. Henderson?

- All right, come on, gentlemen,
let's go have some fun.

Well, it looks like we've
got ourselves a gallery.

Stand aside, everyone,
I take large steps.

- Welcome, everyone and

- "Kalimera".

For today, format will
be an 18 hole match play

between Mr. Glenn Henderson
and our very own Stella Russos.

I will serve as today's referee.

Now, we shall flip to
see who goes first.

- Why don't we dispense with
the formalities there, padre?

I'll tee off first.

Owner's prerogative.

Keep that close.

I'd bet you'd like
a piece of that.

- It's called
sportsmanship, my friends.

- Just go play your game,
Stella, you got this, okay?

- That had so much box.

It's okay.

- Do you wanna sweeten
the pot a little bit,

say, $100 a hole?

I'll just play for
a box of thin mints.

Oh, like a god.

Don't hand out titles easily.

Oh, that's a shame.

She's been spraying that
ball all over the frontline,

legs are probably getting
a little tired now, too.

Hey, Roland, see the
top of that hill,

that flat pad up there,

that is where you
put the waterpark.

- Oh, nice.


- Wait, there's a
word I recognize.

Defeat sounds the
same in any language.

You'd know all about
that, though, wouldn't ya?

Zoe with the sign of a Z,

washed up has-been pro
that's relegated now

to caddying for a child.

Boy, I'd say your life
has hit an all-time low.

- Yeah, well, you're
an all-time low.

- After nine holes, Mr.
Henderson is four up.

What happened? Why is she angry?

- What is that, the ancient
Grecian rattle torture?

- God and I both saw
that, Mr. Henderson.

- Really?

Well, I'll tell you what,
I'll deal with god later,

how about a small
donation to your church

that says you didn't?

- I'm afraid it
doesn't work that way.

- Come on, padre,
do we have a deal?

- Now, you'll be hitting your
second shot, Mr. Henderson.

- They will never
find your body.

- No, my five iron
for everything.

- Everything?

- Yes, have a
little faith, okay?

- I don't have a little faith.

I don't even have
a lot of faith.

What you have, Stella,
is all of my faith.

- You're Goliath and I'm
David, I will watch you fall.

- Feeling any
pressure, Henderson.

- I don't feel pressure.

Some people get headaches,
I like to give 'em.

Give me a nine iron.

Get down.

Get down.

Get down.

- Out of bounds.

Out of bounds.

You're killing me!

- I asked for a nine
iron not a six iron.


- That is a one stroke penalty.

You'll be hitting your
first shot from the field.

- You son of a bitch.

- All even with only
one hole to play.

- Whoops.


What can I say, it's a gift,
and I've gotta share it.

- Okay, you might be in the
bunker, Stella, come on.

- Now, that's why
god made a nine iron

because that's how far
it's supposed to go.

- Relax, you can hit
the green from here.

It's okay, you can
still make the putt.

Stella, Stella!

Stella, what happened?

- What happened, Agapi?

- I hit something
hard under the sand.

- Come on, let's get
you out, come on.

- Great, can't dig
anywhere in this country

without discovering
an ancient city.

- How good are you at
lining up a gimme, padre?

- The child is hurt.

The game is over.

- Gentleman, let's
go sign a contract.

- Wait.

Let me hit the putt.

- You?

- And I'll sweeten the deal
with a little side bet.

All of last year's
tour earnings if I miss

and I'll use the five iron.

- Oh, this is like
the perfect storm?

- Come on, you're
a gambling man.

What, are you afraid of me?

- Afraid of you?

You're on.

You don't mind if I just
finish my birdie, do you?

- Be my guest.

- My par.

All yours, Princess.

I hope for nothing.

I fear nothing.

I am free.

- Shit.


Guys, hold on.

"A golf star is born"

- good morning, hotshot.

Good morning!

- Good morning!

- Is she okay with you?

- Yeah, of course.

Actually, I wanted to
talk to you anyway,

might be my only chance

before all your admirers
start crowding in.

You can keep that.

- That's okay, my father
bought about 25 this morning.

- I bet he did.

- What do you want
to talk about?

- Well.

It's just that...

It's time for me to leave.

I gotta go back out on tour.

- When?

- Tomorrow.

Love, do you want
a lemonade or something?


- What happened?

- My suspension got lifted.

I told her it was
time for me to leave.

- Okay.

- Stella.

- She'll be fine.

She just needs more time.

- I didn't mean to upset
her, I feel really terrible.

I just thought it'd be best
if I told her the news myself.

- Of course it was, Zoe.

You had to be the
one to tell her.

You see, for Stella,
when people leave,

she can't help but think
it's going to be forever.

- But it's not gonna be forever.

I plan to come back
a lot more often.

- It's only fair that
you follow your dream,

not just for yourself,
but for others you inspire.

Like Stella.

- Look, I don't know
how to explain it,

but the game means
everything to me.

But I'll miss everything.

- She'll miss you.

I'm gonna miss you.

- Here, this is
for your journey.

As you know, when we make bread,

we don't think of anything else,

the bread is all that exists,

it is also the same
with golf, is it true?

- Yes, Pappous, it's true.

It's the soul of the game.

- Okay, you two.

It's time to go.

Have a good trip!


Take care, Zoe!

Don't forget us.

Come back soon!

Have a safe trip!

- Could you pull over
for a second, please?

Just right up here.

Could you pop the trunk, please?

When friends are
about to be separated,

it's a golf custom
that they make a wish

and hit balls at the same time,

so they cross each other in
the sky and Grant our wishes.

- It grants wishes?

- That's what my
father always said.

- When will you be back?

- As soon as the
tour season's over,

so no more skipping school
like you did today, okay?

- Okay.

- Otherwise your dad's
not gonna let you

help me run my next
clinic and I need you.

- Okay, I promise.

- Remember when you asked me
what my favorite course was?

- Yes, you said it
was always changing.

- Not anymore.

- One day, we will
never be separated.

- How is that?

- When I turn pro,
you can be my caddie.

- Ah, I see, you
better pay me well.

- Half of what I get and
I will never fire you.

- Caddie for life, huh?

- Well, we'll be like partners

except I will get
all the trophies.

- Partners.

I like that.

Okay, ready?

Now, close your eyes.